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Walk your talk, Imran Khan asks Nawaz Sharif

PPP takes back what was left with Babar Awan

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wednesday, 2 may, 2012 Jamadi-ul-sani 10, 1433

9-judge bench to be formed if PM appeals: CJP Justice Chaudhry says three judges have refused to be part of any bench that takes up Gilani’s appeal g




HIef Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Tuesday said a nine-judge bench will be formed if the government files an appeal against Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s conviction of contempt. Justice Chaudhry made the remarks while addressing a bar association at Sibi in Balochistan. Noting that a seven-judge bench had given the verdict against the Prime Minister, Justice Chaudhry said: “If there is an appeal by the government, then a nine-member bench will hear it”. However, he said three judges have refused to be part of any bench that will hear such an appeal for certain reasons. An additional judge and two ad-hoc judges will be called to complete the nine-member bench, the CJP said. TV news channels quoted their sources as saying that Justices Ghulam Rabbani and MA Shahid Siddiqui will be the ad-hoc judges and Justice Umar Ata Bandyal will be the additional judge. The apex court convicted Gilani of contempt on April 26 and gave him a symbolic sentence of less than a minute for refusing to act on orders to reopen graft cases in Switzerland against President Asif Ali Zardari. The court has so far issued only its short

KARACHI: Angry residents attack a police van during a protest against the Lyari operation on Tuesday. online | story on page 04

order in the case. Gilani has said the government will decide on filing an appeal after the apex court issues its detailed order. He has refused to resign following his conviction, saying he can only be disqualified by the speaker of the National Assembly. The apex court has been pressuring the government to reopen alleged cases of money laundering against Zardari since December 2009, when it struck down a graft amnesty issued by former military ruler Pervez Musharraf. Gilani has refused to act, saying the president enjoys complete immunity in Pakistan and abroad.

Jcp to consider appointment of 3 Judges | page 05

Punjab govt’s ‘long march’ will amount to treason, warns Gilani ISLAMABAD APP

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Tuesday said no province could launch a long march against the federal government because it was unconstitutional and unjustified and it would amount to be treason. He was speaking in a TV programme “Prime Minister Online” jointly telecast by PTV and Samaa TV. Replying to a question regarding the long march announced by the Punjab

government, the prime minister said such act could be considered as “treason” as it would be a step of the provincial government against the federal government. “It is totally unacceptable,” he added. Referring to the attitude of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders, he said they had no principles. The PML-N and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) are making statements without any justification against the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), he added.“I have full support

of all the coalition partners and the long march will not be supported by other political parties,” he said. He said, when he was summoned by the Supreme Court for the verdict in contempt of court case against him, he was mentally prepared to go to Adiala Jail. The premier said the sentence was just for few seconds as it was till rising of the court and the whole process was completed in just five to six minutes.

nawaz says won’t let pm mock sc | page 04

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wednesday, 2 May, 2012





Coal reserves sufficient to generate electricity and gas: Dr Samar Begging mafia gaining ground in Gujranwala

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PPP takes back what was left with Babar Awan

ISLAMABAD: In the ongoing process of sidelining former law minister Babar Awan from the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), the party leadership on Tuesday decided to take away his last official post within the party folds. The party leadership has decided to replace Awan with Rukhsana Bangash on his current post of secretary finance of the PPP. Awan’s name has also been removed from the party’s website and he is no longer a member of the party’s Central executive Committee. PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari has also issued orders to remove the camp office which was stationed at Awan’s residence. The former law minister has sent back the security convoy of the Rangers and the police and also returned his bullet-proof car to the establishment Division. Meanwhile, Awan’s brother farooq Awan, who was working as a special adviser to the prime minister, has also submitted his resignation to the prime minister. Babar Awan had drawn the ire of the PPP leadership ever since his refusal to appear before the Supreme Court to testify in the contempt of court hearing against Prime Minister Gilani. Gilani’s lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan had asked the court to summon three key witnesses in the case – including Awan and two high-ranking bureaucrats. However, Awan was reported to have promptly refused to appear – despite many saying that his testimony would have made the prime minister’s case stronger. President Zardari has also rejected an apology by the former law minister for not supporting the PM in court. Meanwhile, Online reported that Awan had also sought a personal audience with the president in a letter in order to remove “the misunderstandings”. In his letter, the former law minister expressed solidarity and loyalty with the PPP but President Zardari refused to meet him at all. STAff REPoRT

Labourer sets himself on fire on May Day BADIN: A labourer, aged 45, struck with continued unemployment and poverty, set himself on fire on Labour Day. The incident occurred in Ward number four, as the labourer, Abdul Razzaque Ansari, sprayed petrol on his body and set himself on fire. Although critically burnt, Ansari was rescued by passers-by and shifted to the Civil Hospital. Ansari is the father of six daughters. He was employed in a sugar mill and had lost his job four months ago. oNLINE

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Little Muslim support for al Qaeda: poll WASHINGTON INP

Muslim majorities in an arc of five countries from egypt to Pakistan have little good to say about al Qaeda one year after American commandos killed the terror group’s leader, a poll shows. Most of the views expressed by Muslims in egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Pakistan were overwhelmingly negative in the poll conducted as part of the Pew Research Centre’s Global Attitudes Project, released Monday. The organisation cautioned that findings in Pakistan, where US Navy SeALs killed Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011, did not include responses from areas holding 18 percent of the population; these districts were too dangerous for pollsters to operate. The poll found overwhelmingly unfavorable views of al Qaeda in egypt at 71 percent compared to 21 percent who held favorable views; Jordan, 77 percent to 15 percent; Turkey, 73 percent to 6 percent; and Lebanon, 98 percent to 2 percent. The areas of Pakistan polled found 55 percent negative, and 13 percent positive. Pew said support for bin Laden had been ebbing considerably before his death. In Jordan, for instance, 61 percent of respondents told pollsters in 2007 they had confidence that the terrorist leader would do the right thing. The next year, after al Qaeda suicide attacks against Amman, Jordan’s capital, that number fell to 24 percent. By last year, it was lower still at 13 percent. The margin of error on the latest polling varied according to the country but ranged from 4.2 percentage points to 5.2 percentage points. The polling was done in late March and early April.

KARACHI: The information board at Cantt Station shows late arrival of all trains expected to reach the city on Tuesday. ONLINE

Gilani urges opposition to observe political maturity ISLAMABAD



RIMe Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Tuesday urged the opposition to demonstrate “maturity”, adding that haste and confrontational posture in politics will undermine the politicians as a class and democracy alike. Gilani expressed these views during a meeting with Balochistan cabinet members who called on the premier to express solidarity with him. Balochistan cabinet was led by Chief Minister Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani. The visiting delegates highly appreciated the stand taken by Gilani to firmly uphold the cause of the constitution and democracy in the country. The chief minister and the cab-

inet members said they had come all the way from Quetta to Islamabad to show solidarity as they have no other item to share with the prime minister except, to demonstrate the support to the prime minister in tangible terms when democracy and the constitution of

the country was being threatened. They added that the prime minister was constitutionally elected by the mandate of the people of the country. Addressing participants at the Labourers’ Convention held here in connection with Labour Day‚ the

prime minister directed for regularization of services of contractual workers in the PTCL‚ Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Higher education Commission. Gilani directed the concerned ministry to formulate a new labour policy envisaging more relief for the poor workers. He said the government also gave ownership to the employees in the public sector entities by giving them shares to them under the Benazir Stock Option scheme. He said so far shares worth 100 billion rupees have been distributed free of cost amongst the workers of different organisations. To give shelter to the workers‚ he said the government also has launched several housing schemes and so far 1128 flats and 603 houses have been given to the workers on ownership basis.

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wednesday, 2 May, 2012

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Politics of ultimatums Sarkozy goes for broke but Le Pen scorns his advances Abida Parveen to undergo heart surgery in India former cricketers not in favour of Yousuf return The PML(N) is within its rights to protest. Pakistan and the US

The US has ignored Islamabad’s justified demands.

Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi says: Another political crisis: Pakistan is entering highly volatile period of domestic politics.

Umair Javed says: Morality, Merit, Middle Class: Gross generalisation? Well, yes.

Moeen Qureshi says: A historic wrong: Mr Bhutto was a highly controversial figure.

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For Pakistanis, Osama’s death anniversary sparks ... nothing Pakistanis are ambivalent about the al Qaeda leader, and view his death as a foreign issue g religious parties, however, may use anti-US sentiment in upcoming elections g


Shelling in orakzai takes three lives ORAKZAI oNLINE

Three people were killed during security forces’ shelling in the troubled Orakzai Agency on Tuesday. Using heavy artillery, security forces attacked the area of Khan Mir Garhi, near Mamonzai. A shell fell in a garden, killing three civilians instantly. The deceased were identified as Murree Khan, Shoaib Ullah and Khaliq. Two others, namely Hameed Khan and Luqman, were severely injured and were rushed to the hospital. The residents of Mamonzai started evacuating the area due to the frequent shelling and aerial assaults by security forces. Most of the families were forced to live under the open sky, where some of them were moving towards Danda Toro after traveling through a harsh mountainous route. The political administration has failed to establish any relief camps for the IDPs.


year after Osama bin Laden was killed by US Navy SeALs in Pakistan, few Pakistanis consider his demise to be a call for change inside Pakistan and a small minority profess support for his remnant Al Qaeda, a report in the Christian Science Monitor said on the eve of the terror group leader’s killing anniversary. According to a new poll by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project, 13 percent of Pakistani Muslims hold a favorable view of Al Qaeda, 55 percent an unfavorable view, and roughly onethird offer no opinion. Though individuals on the street seem to hold mixed and strong political opinions from everything from the Pakistan government’s involvement in the raid to the future of Al Qaeda, analysts don’t think the bin Laden raid will affect elections here in the coming months because few consider his actual life or death a domestic issue. “Al Qaeda or bin Laden will have no role in forthcoming elections because people generally vote on domestic issues like economy, poverty-alleviation, and employment,” says Rahimullah Yusufzai, a Peshawar-based political and defense analyst. Mustaqeem Zafar is a high school student about to graduate and a resident of the town where Mr. bin Laden’s compound was situated. Mr. Zafar, and most of his friends say they do not have much sympathy for bin Laden. But, they’re quick to add that they disapprove of the US operation on Pakistani soil. Mr. Zafar says that bin Laden was a reaction to “US policies,” but he did nothing good for Pakistan, aside from inspiring a series of suicide bombings and armed attacks on military installations in different

ABBOTTABAD: A family passes by the demolished compound of Osama bin Laden on Tuesday. aFp

parts of this South Asian Muslim state. Nasarullah Mehsud, a Pashtun who moved to Karachi from the tribal area of South Waziristan along the Afghan border, says that the killing of bin Laden is not the end of Al Qaeda. “Al Qaeda is no more an organization. It has become an ideology, which is [being fed by US actions in] Afghanistan, and other parts of the world,” says Mr. Mehsud, who used to teach at a local school in his hometown. His school has been closed for the past few months due to fighting between Taliban and security forces. “Osama was a symbol of resistance against modern colonialism, and his elimination cannot put off this resistance.” Shakir Khan, another Pashtun, who owns a small transport company in Karachi, is more concerned with domestic issues. “My suggestion to all those who admire Osama and company, and vow to follow him: You should wage

al Qaeda’s europe attack plans found hidden in porn WASHINGTON oNLINE

Hundreds of internal al Qaeda documents embedded inside a pornographic movie on a memory disk has revealed plots of carrying out attacks in europe similar to the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, US media reported on Tuesday. Terrorist training manuals in PDf format in German, english and Arabic were among the documents found, according to intelligence sources cited by CNN, which said it

had obtained details of the documents. The German newspaper Die Zeit was the first to report on the discovery of the documents by German cryptologists inside the memory disk found on a suspected al Qaeda operative arrested in Berlin last year, it said. Interrogators questioning a 22-year-old Austrian named Maqsood Lodin, who had recently returned from Pakistan via Budapest, Hungary, and then travelled overland to Germany were surprised to find a digital storage device and memory cards hidden in his un-

derpants. Buried inside them was a pornographic video called Kick Ass and a file marked Sexy Tanja. Several weeks later, German investigators discovered encoded inside the actual video a treasure trove of intelligence - more than 100 al Qaeda documents. One document called future Works appears to have been the product of discussions to find new targets and methods of attack, CNN said. German investigators believe it was written in 2009 — and that it remains the template for al Qaeda’s plans.

a jihad against poverty and illiteracy, and help the country out of economic and military reliance on US,” he says. Pakistan ranks 145 out of 187 countries on the UN Development Program’s human development index. The organization calculates that about half the country is living in poverty. With the economy stuck in low growth for several years, political observers don’t see the bin Laden raid as influencing elections, which could be held as soon as the end of this year. “Neither the ruling coalition is taking credit for Osama’s killing nor are the religious parties [going to embrace] Al Qaeda in public, because they both know that opposition or support for bin Laden is not going to favor them in elections,” says Mr. Yusufzai. However, Yusufzai says, religious parties are likely to build on anti-US sentiment and give a tough resistance to secular parties in the ethnically Pashtun areas of Khyber

Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan provinces, both of which border war-wracked Afghanistan. Such sentiments have been powerful in the past. A six-party religious alliance, Muttehida Majlise-Amal (MMA) had rode anti-US sentiments to power in both regions in 2002, but it could not maintain its popularity in 2008 elections due to internal rifts. “If the religious parties mend their differences, which I believe they will, then they can once again give a tough time to ruling alliance in these two provinces as the people do not seem to be happy with the governance of [the current] ruling alliance,” Yusufzai says. In Punjab, the country’s most populous and rich province, and in southern Sindh province, Yusufzai doesn’t see religious parties making inroads. Secular and moderate mainstream parties, like the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), and opposition Pakistan Muslim League (N), still manage to hold onto their grip.

Bilal Town for statue of peace at the site of Osama’s compound NEWS DESK Residents of Bilal Town in Abbottabad where Osama Bin Laden was killed last year have asked the government to build a “statue of peace” or a beautiful monument at the site of his compound to remind the world that there is no place for such a terrorist mastermind, Daily News and Analysis reported. Ahead of the first anniversary of the death of the alQaeda chief on May 2, security forces have been put on high alert across Pakistan to counter any possible terrorist attacks. “We have written to the Pakistan government to build either a statue of peace or a beautiful monument at the site where Laden lived illegally. “By doing so, we should give a message to the world that the man who was the symbol of terror is no more along with his philosophy. His elimination will bring peace to the world,” Zubair Ahmed, a

resident of Bilal Town neighbourhood where bin Laden’s compound was located, told PTI on phone. Ahmed, a banker by profession, said he had heard that a playground would be built at the site of the compound, which was demolished in february. “These days, boys playing cricket there,” he said. Bin Laden lived at the compound in Bilal Town with his three wives and several children for about five years before he was killed in a unilateral US military raid early on May 2 last year. The operation embarrassed the Pakistani security establishment, which was dogged by questions about whether senior officials had been aware of bin Laden’s presence in a compound located a stone’s throw from the elite Pakistan Military Academy. even a year after the US operation, certain restrictions continue to affect the lives of residents of Abbottabad district.

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wednesday, 2 May, 2012

Nawaz says won’t let PM mock judiciary LAHORE YASIR HABIB


A K I S T A N M u s l i m League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said his party was fully charged to launch a protest march to save the judiciary from humiliation at the hands of convicted Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani. . “earlier, we launched a long march to get the judges reinstated and now we will do the same to save them from disgrace,” Nawaz said while addressing a May Day function that was held to hand out keys to labourers for houses constructed by the Punjab government. Pressing the words “enough is enough”, Nawaz said, “We tolerated the PPP government and Gilani for four years but we will not put up with courts’ insult anymore.” “The decision to resort to protests is painful, but the government has left no other option for us but to swing into action to get the court’s decisions implemented,” he said. Justifying the planned long march, the PML-N chief

said if no action was taken against the derogatory attitude of the convicted PM, anarchy would prevail and would lead the country towards a miserable end. Commenting on media discussions on the political scenario, he said certain sections of the press were painting the PML-N’s upright stance against the PPP as a return of politics of 1980s and 1990s. “I want to make it clear on them that this time we are not receding rather proceeding,” he added. He called the war for keeping the SC’s dignity intact a war for the survival and integrity of Pakistan. “I was taunted with sarcasm of playing a fixed match with Zardari. We tolerated such criticism with a large heart and reason behind it was that the PML-N did not want Pakistan to become a laughing stock of the world,” Nawaz said. He said had the central government been working better, the PML-N would have been standing with it in the progress of the country. However, the PPP-led government dashed all hopes, he added. Commenting on bad governance, the PML-N

india, afghanistan kick start strategic partnership pact NEW DELHI NNI

India Tuesday assured that its assistance was neither ‘transitory’ nor in ‘transition’ to Afghanistan, which said it was looking forward to increasing training and capacity building of its security forces apart from equipping them with Indian help. The two countries also set in motion the implementation of the Strategic Partnership Agreement, inked last year during Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s visit here, by launching the Partnership Council, co-chaired by external Affairs Minister S M Krishna and his Afghan counterpart Zalmai Rassoul Tuesday in New Delhi.

The Afghan minister also briefed Krishna on the peace process and said ‘the cooperation partnership is not only good to our two countries but also important for promoting peace, security and prosperity in the region’. ‘Let me assure you that while it is a time of change and transformation in the region, India’s commitment to Afghanistan is neither ‘transitory’ nor in ‘transition’,’ Krishna said at a joint press conference. Asserting that India would continue to partner the Afghan government to ensure that it is a source of regional stability and does not become a target for extremist forces, Krishna said, ‘Afghanistan’s defence of its own territory is of extreme importance to us.

president said Gilani’s government had blown the lid off corruption. “Corruption is so rife that sons and cousins of influential people are being named in kickbacks and embezzlements,” he added. He said that if the people elected good people through votes in the future, the situation would turn from bad to good. Nawaz said the PML-N had also taken revolutionary steps for the welfare of labourers from 1990 to 1993. He said those raising slogans of roti, kapra and makaan have made these three things out of reach of the people. He said the PMLN had taken revolutionary steps for the welfare of the people during its previous governments and launched various welfare projects, like the three-marla scheme, Jinnah Colony and Mera Ghar Scheme. Nawaz said Pakistan had excess electricity in his tenure and was planning to export it to India. Nawaz said if the nation “makes correct decision in the coming elections, problems of the country will be resolved, the country will progress and people will become prosperous”.

2 killed in bomb attack on fC convoy in Quetta QUETTA STAff REPoRT

Two people were killed and 16, including five personnel of paramilitary forces, were injured in a bomb attack on an fC Balochistan convoy on Sariab Road on Tuesday. The fC convoy was escorting officers and their families to Quetta from Sibi and was targeted with explosives planted in an abandoned car parked along the road. four auto rickshaws were completely destroyed in the blast, while three fC vehicles and two private cars were partially damaged. There were also reports about the killing of two fC soldiers but the information could not be confirmed.

KARACHI: Working women carry candles as they march for better wages and conditions during a May Day rally on Tuesday. aFp

Constable, gangster killed as lyari operation enters fifth day KARACHI AAMIR MAJEED

A police constable and a gangster were killed in Lyari operation in the last 24 hours ending Tuesday midnight. The operation in Lyari entered its fifth day on Tuesday and the death toll has steadily climbed to 33. On Tuesday, law enforcement agencies (LeAs) faced severe resistance due to rocket and hand grenade attacks by gangsters in the Nawa Lane and Cheel Chowk areas. The LeAs advanced in Baghdadi Telephone exchange, Lea Market, Saifi Lane and Purana Dhobi Ghat areas, but faced stiff resistance from armed miscreants. Various areas of Lyari, including Nawa Lane, Kalakot, Ghareeb Shah Road and Juman Shah have been deprived of electricity and water for the last four days.

Communication has also been disrupted as LeAs have installed cell-phone jamming devices in the area to disconnect the communication of miscreants. exchange of heavy fire between police and criminals took place and an explosion was also heard in Afshan Gali area of Lyari. Talking to Pakistan Today, City Town SP Nasir Aftab said a police constable and a gangster were killed during the last 24 hours. He said the police constable of Sindh Reserve force (SRf) was killed when miscreants targeted him in a rocket launcher attack at Cheel Chowk. The policeman was identified as Tufail and the body was sent to Sukkur, his home town, for burial. The gangster killed in an exchange of fire between LeAs and criminals in Afshani Gali was identified as

Tariq alias Sayyapa. He said 10 people were injured when a rocket launcher hit the upper floor of Al-Majeed Hotel in Lea Market. The injured were rushed to Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) for treatment where doctors have said the condition of the injured persons was stable. Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief SSP Chaudhry Aslam, who is heading the operation, said 75 percent of the operation had been completed. He said LeAs had killed a notorious gangster Tariq alias Sayyapa in Afshani Gali, adding that gun battles were on between miscreants and LeAs at Saifi Lane, Singho Lane and Gul Muhammad Lane. He said the LeAs needed a couple of more days to wrap up the operation. Meanwhile, the Sindh government invited all gangs

involved in the Lyari violence for table talks if they agreed to surrender and lay down arms. Briefing reporters, Sindh Information Minister Shazia Marri said the provincial government was willing to offer some “concessions” to the warring gangs of Lyari if they surrendered. On Tuesday, hundreds of demonstrators carrying sticks blocked traffic going from Shaheed-e-Millat Road to Korangi Road to protest the Lyari operation. They pelted vehicles with stones to block the traffic. The protesters, including children, women and men, blocked the Baloch Colony flyover and forcefully closed shops in Mehmoodabad. Also, the Sindh government announced a head money of up to Rs 3 million for over a dozen criminals, including six members of the People’s Aman Committee.

india ferry disaster leaves 100 dead, 100 missing GUWAHATI: Indian rescue teams hunted for bodies in the Brahmaputra river on Tuesday after a ferry sinking left at least 105 dead, with more corpses feared to have been flushed downstream into Bangladesh. The vessel was split in two while navigating the fast-flowing river in India’s northeastern Assam state, and police said about 100 passengers were still missing. Despite an operating capacity of 225, some 350 people were believed to be on the two-deck boat when it broke up mid-stream during torrential, pre-monsoon rains. The boat sank near the riverside town of Dhubri, about 25 kilometres (15 miles) from the border with Bangladesh. “I appeal to Bangladesh to help us in retrieving any dead body or survivors who could have reached their territory,” Assam state chief minister Tarun Gogoi told reporters, saying a formal request had been made to the Dhaka government. The Brahmaputra, which is eight kilometres wide at the scene of the accident, flows through northeastern India into Bangladesh and out into the Bay of Bengal. Gogoi added that an inquiry would be launched, but rescue efforts remained the priority. AfP

Obama, Karzai sign US-Afghan strategic pact on eve of Osama’s death anniversary KABUL AGENCIES

US President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday signed a strategic partnership accord that charts the future of US-Afghan relations beyond the end of the NATO combat mission in the country. Obama, on an unannounced visit to Kabul, acknowledged that there will be difficult days ahead for Afghanistan, but said the

Afghan people were taking control of their own future. “The wages of war have been great for both our nations,” Obama said, adding that he looked forward to a future of peace. The two leaders shook hands after the signing, which took place in Karzai’s palace in the Afghan capital. The US president, making only his third trip to Afghanistan since taking over as commander-in-chief in 2009, arrived at 10:20 pm (1750GMT) and was also to

address the American people from Bagram airbase at 2330 GMT, an official said. Obama’s last trip in December 2010 lasted only a few hours when he flew into Bagram air base, outside Kabul, to meet US troops but he did not meet with Karzai. Ties between Kabul and Washington have strained since last May amid a series of bloody massacres and incidents by US troops against Afghan civilians as a 130,000-strong US-led NATO force fights a fierce

Taliban insurgency. The last of the remaining 87,000 American troops in the country are due to pull out by the end of 2014, some 13 years after a US-led campaign in late 2001 to oust the Taliban Islamic regime accused of harboring bin Laden. Relations between Pakistan and the United States also plunged over the May 2, 2011 raid that killed bin Laden, tracked down to a compound in the Pakistani military town of Abbottabad

after a decade-long global manhunt. Obama’s top counterterrorism aide, John Brennan, on Monday argued Al-Qaeda was losing “badly” amid a US drone campaign in the Pakistan-Afghanistan region, and that its core leadership would soon be “no longer relevant.” The campaign had left the terror groups seriously weakened, and unable to replace wiped-out leaders, he said. Bin Laden had also been

frustrated by the demise of his group, which was behind the September 11, 2001 attacks against the United States, and vented his anger in documents seized from his compound by the SeAL commandos. “He confessed to ‘disaster after disaster’” for AlQaeda, Brennan said, noting some of the captured material would be published online this week by the Combating Terrorism Center at the US Military Academy at West Point.

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wednesday, 2 May, 2012

Country can’t afford another crisis, says Shujaat Hussain PESHAWAR



P P O S I N G politics of agitations and confrontation, former prime minister and chief of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain on Tuesday said that the country and its people had suffered a lot and could not afford another crisis now. “All politicians are active, but they should ignore and oppose calls for rallies and marches against the government,” Shujaat said while talking to reporters in Peshawar. earlier, Shujaat addressed a well attended labour rally arranged in connection with the Labour Day at Nishtar Hall. The rally was organized by Pakistan WAPDA Hydro electric Labour

Union on the call of Pakistan Workers Confederation. Beside Shujaat, the Labour rally was also addressed by Gohar Taj Khan, Iqbal Khan, Mustajab Mazdooryar, Raja Imtiaz Ranjha, Nighat Orakzai, Syed Qasam Shah, Intikhab Khan Chamkani and Malik Arshad Aziz. Talking to reporters, Shujaat maintained that all opposition politicians, including Maulana fazlur Rehman, Imran Khan, Qazi Hussain Ahmad and Prof Munawar Hassan, were very competent, talented and peace loving. “They are well aware of the nefarious designs behind the so-called marches and agitations,” he said, adding that, “I am hopeful that they will not become part of such politics based on confrontation. Referring to PML-N chief Nawaz

News 05

Sharif’s threats of arranging a long march against the government, Shujaat said, “March has passed, we are in May and heading towards June.” There will be no more long marches in the country, he added. The PML-Q avoided commenting on the Supreme Court’s decision against Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, saying, “I will be in a better position to say some thing after going through the detailed judgment.” While addressing the Labour Rally earlier, Shujaat praised the labourers for their contribution to national development. He announced handsome packages for the labourers and lowpaid employees of various departments on behalf of the government. He assured the WAPDA Labour Union regarding the construction of Labour Hall and offices for labourers in Peshawar.

action-packed na session likely as PML-n to continue protest ISLAMABAD STAff REPoRT

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) will continue with its protest in parliament to press PM Yousaf Raza Gilani to step down after the apex court declared him guilty in contempt of court, as both Houses of parliament are separately meeting today (Wednesday) after a break of one day. According to PML-N sources, the party parliamentarians would also protest in the Upper House where Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Monday vented his anger against the PML-N and the judiciary. On the occasion, the PML-N senators did not interrupt the PM, though party MNAs virtually halted the proceedings of the Lower House as they declined to acknowledge Yousaf Raza Gilani and Dr Asim Hussain as the prime minister and federal minister, respectively. On the other hand, PPP sources said the ruling party had also devised a strategy to counter the opposition party members, as they planned the PM’s appearance in the House. The PPP has sought support of its allied parties at this critical juncture, the sources said. According to the plan, the PM will join the NA session at the very onset and he will leave the House before the opposition starts protest. On Monday, the PML-N resorted to a strong protest in the House and demanded Gilani to respect the SC decision and step down immediately.

PESHAWAR: Children play in mud at a slum in the provincial capital on Tuesday. inp

Mna’s brother, two policemen injured in kidnapping attempt SHEIKHUPURA APP

Two unidentified gunmen fired at and injured two police officials and former Sheikhupura district vice chairman Mian Amjad Latif, while they attempted to kidnap him early Tuesday morning. According to the police, the gunmen entered the house of Mian Amjad, the brother of MNA Mian Javed Latif, and

kidnapped him, after beating up the residents of the house when they resisted the kidnappers. The gunmen also injured Mian Amjad. The kidnappers were taking Amjad to their hide-out towards the Sharqpur Road on their motorcycle, when a police van gave chase to the vehicle and then hit it. The gunmen fired and injured two policemen and managed to escape. SHO Rai Nasir Abbass Kharal recovered the motorcycle and weapons from the

scene of the incident. Later the supporters of the MNA protested at a main bypass of the city and blocked the roads going towards faisalbad, Gujranwala and Sargodha by burning tyres on them. Later in the afternoon the police claimed to have arrested one of the two accused of the incident. He was identified as Aziz-ur-Rehman, a resident of Bati Chowk, Sheikhupura.

nawaz sharif keeping cards close to chest CoMMent NADEEM SYED

Will the Sharifs go for the kill against the PPP government to force PM Gilani to step down in compliance to the SC judgment? This is a question that everyone wants answered, especially the political forces with a stake in this or future political set up. But even the folks from the PML-N have no definitive answer. Probably even its top leader, Nawaz Sharif, is not sure how far he can go against the government, though he does not seem to be in a hurry despite pressure from his own party and hostile media. The political analysts say Nawaz could bring the PPP government to its knees within no time if he wanted to or if he was ready to create a constitutional crisis for the PPP government. They be-

lieve that anything less than a constitutional crisis would not affect the PPP government. According to them, Nawaz could trigger a constitutional crisis within no time if he orders his party to come out of the assemblies. But this will be the most difficult thing for the Sharifs to do, as this means sacrificing the Punjab government. But could the PML-N hold its own without its government and that too in the biggest province in election year that is so vital for its political future, which is already threatened by the PTI’s ascendancy in politics. Without the backing of the Punjab government, it would be harder even for the PML-N to mobilize the masses for the long march it intends to launch against the PPP government in case of its defiance of the SC verdict. Of course, any desperate or extreme measure at this point when election is

around the corner could be harmful for the entire democratic political system, something Nawaz would never like to happen being a democrat himself. But sources are adamant that this time around, the Sharifs would not spare the PPP government and would try to create conditions witnessed at the time of long march for the restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. They said it would be highly damaging for the PML-N if the party squandered this opportunity to take the PPP head on. But independent politicians know that the Sharifs have a different take on the issue, quite blunt as well. They believe very strongly that the PML-N would let the PPP go off the hook even this time as it did in the past. Some parliamentarians claim that the PML-N would let the PPP complete its five years and it would itself do the same in the Punjab instead of taking things to

the point of no-return. Moreover, if past conduct of PML-N is an indicator, it has always cooperated with the government when the latter found itself in dire need of its support. In recent times the PML-N lent the government a hand in pushing a unanimous resolution through parliament when the government was in great difficulty over fixing its relations with the US. After adopting the resolution, it seemed as if all parties were at the back of the government in determining new rules of engagement with the US. Meanwhile, experts expect an exchange of firework, playing to the public galleries and point-scoring between the government and opposition. The temperature is already rising a bit, with the PML-N leadership upping the ante against the government and PPP paying it in the same coin for the first time after the split between the two parties.

JCP to meet on 7th to consider appointment of three SC judges ISLAMABAD MASooD REHMAN

In wake of the expected appeal to be filed by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani against his conviction in the contempt of court case and subsequent shortage of judges in the Supreme Court to hear the appeal, Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has summoned a meeting of the Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP) on May 7 to consider appointing one acting and two ad-hoc judges in the apex court, sources told Pakistan Today on Tuesday. The CJ heads the JCP. The prime minister will reportedly file an appeal against his conviction soon after the issuance of the detailed verdict by the apex court in the contempt of court case against him. The sanctioned strength of Supreme Court judges is 17 (including the chief justice of Pakistan), but there are currently 16 judges only. The seven judges of the Supreme Court’s special bench – Justice Nasirul Mulk, Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, Justice Sarmad Jalal Osmany, Justice ejaz Afzal Khan, Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Muhammad Ather Saeed – who convicted the prime minister, cannot hear the appeal against PM’s conviction under the rules. When the prime minister files an appeal against his conviction, a separate larger bench would have to be constituted for which the required number of judges is currently not available. Therefore, keeping in view the shortage of judges to hear the expected appeal of the prime minister as well as other matters, the CJ summoned a meeting of the JCP on May 7 to consider appointing at least three judges in the Supreme Court, the sources said. They said the appointment of one acting judge, from any high court, would be considered against one vacant post, whereas the appointment of two retired judges of the Supreme Court on ad-hoc basis for a year would also be considered. They said the appointment of three judges that would be considered by the JCP in its meeting was imperative to hear the expected appeal of the prime minister against his conviction as well as some other matters. They claimed that the JCP would consider names of Justice (r) Mahmood Akhtar Shahid Sidiqqui and Justice (r) Ghulam Rabbani as ad-hoc judges. “Justice (r) Ghulam Rabbani has already worked as an ad hoc judge in the Supreme Court for two years,” they said. Of the 16 available judges, Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan is also functioning as the acting chief election commissioner and remains busy in the affairs of the commission of Pakistan, whereas, there are two other judges as well of the available 16 judges, that will not be available for hearing of the expected appeal of the prime minister due to various reasons.

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06 News

wednesday, 2 May, 2012

People reject nominal decrease in PoL prices ISLAMABAD oNLINE

People from different walks of life on Wednesday rejected the downward revision in the prices of petroleum products by terming it a cruel joke played with the price stricken masses of the country. During a survey conducted by Online, people expressed concern over the nominal decrease and said the repressive policies and unjust taxation is bleeding the economy of the country and masses dry while the rulers remained totally indifferent. Ayyan Ali, a businessman, said the harsh policies and unilateral decisions were systematically destroying the economy while the business community continued to suffer in a crippling environment. He stated that the infamous decisions have left the business community dysfunctional and dejected as country’s economic progress has slowed down. He said the incompetent government has taken a huge electoral risk by triggering unrest while the ‘friendly’ opposition continues to cheat the masses on every issue. Akbar Mehdi, a government employee, said the government’s supporters have failed to convince the masses that a major reduction in petroleum prices was not possible. He stated that the government drastically increased prices but failed to bring them down by a significant amount. He said when the incumbent government took charge, petrol was priced at Rs 63 per litre and now it has crossed the historic mark of Rs 100 per litre. Oil companies earned billions of rupees in profits, but the petroleum ministry is still employing tactics to maximise the profits of the oil mafia, he said. He demanded the government to provide relief to the masses by decreasing the prices by a significant amount. Yasmin Rehman, a housewife, while expressing concern over the recent decrease said the government is plundering the country’s resources. She said it was difficult to cover household expenses but the decision makers of the county were not concerned with the situation. She demanded complete withdrawal of the price hike. Abrar Mustafa, a social worker, said increasing the petroleum prices has put national security in danger. He said the masses were being milked through indirect taxation to provide luxuries to the ruling elite. Abrar added that the people of the country will have to come forward to find a solution to their issues and to bring a positive change in the country.

ISLAMABAD: Civil Aviation workers on Tuesday remove the rubble of the Bhoja aircraft which crashed near Islamabad airport on April 20. online

137,405 Pakistanis deported in 3 years ISLAMABAD



LMOST 137,405 Pakistanis have been deported from various countries on different charges during the last three years. Pakistani expatriates have mostly been deported over visa violations and their alleged involvement in drugs or narcotics trafficking-related crimes as well as illegal human trafficking. Well placed sources privy to the Interior ministry, revealed to Online on Tuesday that 42,435 Pakistanis were deported in 2009 and 43,854 in 2010. 51,120 Pakistanis were sent back home in 2011 by different governments.

Sources said the federal Investigation Authority (fIA) had taken stern action against human traffickers, smugglers and facilitators and subagents to control human trafficking activities. According to sources close to the fIA, the Inter Agency Task force (IATf) was established and the Prevention and Control of Human Trafficking Ordinance (PACHTO) promulgated in 2002 for this purpose. Moreover, Anti-Trafficking Units at provincial police headquarters were also established for combating internal human trafficking. The fIA Anti-Trafficking Sub-Circle, Gujrat was also established. Similarly, the Personal Identification Secure Comparison and evaluation Sys-

tem (PISCe) was replaced with the Integrated Border Management System (IBMS). Machine Readable Passports were also introduced. Sources said human traffickers had been blacklisted and an Immigration Liaison Office in Muscat, Oman set up. furthermore, the Human Trafficking Information System and the Case Monitoring System were also installed. Public awareness campaigns were initiated in collaboration with NGOs, by conducting meetings, seminars and walks. To avert human trafficking bids, the capacity building of immigration checkposts and staff were carried out, along with the installation of the Immigration Intelligence Unit at fIA headquarters,

Begging mafia gaining ground in Gujranwala GUJRANWALA STAff REPoRT

Highly-organised beggary has attained the form of a mafia interrelated with prostitution and narcotics in Gujranwala, Pakistan Today has learnt. Pakistan Today learnt that beggars have highly organised business network with area allocation which is allotted through monetary deals with the influential people governing this mafia. Saifullah, a beggar who is the resident of Bahawalnagar but working in Gujranwala along with his family said, “Whenever we come in another area we are always inquired by contractors working for the influential people and grant permission to beg in their area after the monetary deal of giving half the share of what we earn their through begging.” He said some areas like Gujranwala by-pass, Satellite town market, Model Town market and Sailkoti Gate were only allotted to old employees who had been begging on their behalf for many years. “I have been working for Asmat who is the head of this hidden business in Gujranwala

for last five years and I am working in the Southern region of Gujranwala city.” He said, “My area starts from Chanda Qilla and after passing through various main areas of the city including Khiali, Alam Chowk, Awan Chowk, Rahwali by-pass, small state and go all the way back to Chanda Qilla. He said his whole family was addicted to “booti” and “we also sometimes transport drugs given to us by our heads”. He said he knew many beggars who were involved in production, packing and sale of the narcotics on the instructions of their heads working for hidden mafia governing this network. He said beggars were given duties according to a pattern as the handicapped were given important areas and they were mostly permanent working for heads in their respective localities. He said handicapped beggars were provided with a separate person if needed to drag the cart. He said “they are mostly involved in sale of narcotics and whenever they get into some problem their heads step in to solve it. He said sometime “Child Protection Bureau takes our children and we sent message to our head Asmat who

with the help of the British High Commission and Australia. Sources close to the Interior ministry said the fIA had successfully launched the IBMS (Integrated Border Management System) at the Islamabad and Peshawar airports and installed the edison System at other major airports. The IIU and the Transnational Crime Unit have also helped to reduce the number of people deported due to the possession of fake documents. Sources said Pakistan got upgraded from the Tier-II Watch List to Tier-II in the Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP Report 2010) published by the US State Department and maintained the same status during 2011, in a list of 188 countries.

Mardan police arrest six khateebs of afghan origin MARDAN STAff REPoRT

solves the problem and after that our children are never taken by the bureau again”. Saima, 28, is the resident of Rajistan and works in Gujranwala as a beggar. She told Pakistan Today that she was alone and had no family member, adding that she worked with Naseem, her broker who forced her into prostitution and to sell narcotics. “He gets his share from our

earned money whether through prostitution or beggary,” she said, adding that there were hundreds of women like her who were involved in prostitution and drug trafficking on the instructions of their head. She said, “We don’t know the exact residence or the dera of our head but there is a complete hierarchy in this industry… but I am working for Naseer who is managing the

northern part of Gujranwala.” Gujranwala CPO Ahsan Tufail while talking to Pakistan Today said “No doubt beggars are mostly seen involved in crimes but to fight this mafia the common man needs to help police to trace the network.” He said people should support the police by contributing information. He said, “Unfortunately due to lack of resources police cannot do anticipatory work.”

Police on Tuesday said it had arrested six prayer leaders of various mosques in Laundkhwara area of Mardan district. The arrested khateebs belong to Afghanistan and were found without proper traveling and temporary residential documents. The police officers said all the men had been arrested under section 14 of foreigners’ Act. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has already asked all illegally residing Afghan nationals in Peshawar to go voluntarily return to Afghanistan by May 25. After Peshawar, a similar deadline will be announced for repatriation of Afghan nationals living in other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The provincial government earlier announced conducting a detailed survey of mosques and madrassas, where a large number of Afghan nationals are either employed as prayer leaders or studying. After the completion of the survey, the government plans to make a final decision regarding the fate of all such Afghans. According to Mardan police, the arrested khateebs were identified as Ali Haidar, fazle-Haq, Noor Mohammad, Ghulam Dastagir, Mohammad Ari and Taj Mohammad. Police said due to presence of these prayer leaders, action against militants proved a futile exercise, as authorities believe that almost all militants take shelter with these khateebs.

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wednesday, 2 May, 2012

Government urged to ensure pubic representation in iPo STAFF REPORT ISLAMABAD

ISLAMABAD: Members of Labour Education foundation chant slogans to press for their demands. staFF photo

Capital workers observe Labour Day ISLAMABAD SALMAN ABBAS


IKe other parts of the country, International Labour Day was also observed in the federal capital on Tuesday with a large number of rallies taken out by various organisations working for the rights of labour. In this connection, a joint rally by the labourers of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Pak PWD, OGDCL, ZTBL and several others organisations was organised. It started from Aabpara Market and culminated near the parliament house. A large number of labourers participated in the rally. They paid homage to the sacrifices of Chicago martyrs, saying that they had set a glorious example for all times to come for the working class. The labourers were of the view that the Chicago martyrs had created history by sacrificing their lives with-

out compromising on principles. Speaking on the occasion, CDA Mazdoor Union General Secretary Chaudhry Muhammad Yaseen said that the labour community in the country had been working in the insecure environment due to the anti-poor policies of the leaders. “It has now become difficult for poor labourers to even feed their families due to the rising inflation, load-shedding, terrorism and unjust privatisation of the state run institutions,” said Yaseen. The labour leaders went on saying; “The people sitting in the parliament take no interest in the plight being faced by the people who earn their livelihoods through hard work”. The labour community demanded of the government to increase their salaries in the next fiscal budget according to the rate of increase in inflation. A separate rally was also taken out by the Awami Party Pakistan to press the government for accepting the demands of labourers serving in the gov-

ernment organisations. Speaking on the occasion, human right activist farzana Bari said that the government would have to take some practical steps for the welfare of the labour community as well as the poor of the country. She said that free education, health insurance, electricity, gas and other basic amenities were responsibility of every state and the Pakistani government should not deprive its citizens of these basic rights. It is pertinent to mention that the International Labour Day is the commemoration of the 1886 massacre in Chicago, which occurred after an unknown person threw a dynamite bomb at police as they dispersed a public assembly during a general strike for the eight-hour workday. In response, the Chicago police fired on the workers, killing dozens of demonstrators and several of their own officers. In 1889, the first congress of the second international meeting in Paris for the centennial of the french Revolution called for inter-

national demonstrations on the 1890 anniversary of the Chicago protests. May Day was formally recognised as an annual event at the second congress in 1891. CAr THIeveS’ GANG BUSTeD; 2 CArS SeIzeD: Aabpara police busted a gang of car thieves and recovered two cars and as many CNG kits from three gangsters, a police spokesman said on Tuesday. He said that a team of Aabara police, headed by SHO Khalid Mehmud Awan, managed to bust a gang of autothieves and recovered two cars from three gangsters identified as Nisar Ahmed, Saeed and Afzal. The thieves confessed during the initial investigation that they had taken away seven cars from various areas, including Sector G-6 in Islamabad. The police have so far succeeded in recovering two cars and two CNG kits of vehicles from their possession. further investigation is underway from them.

Female elephant dies at Murgahazar Zoo ISLAMABAD SALMAN ABBAS

The only zoo of the federal capital, Murgahazar Zoo, faced a major blow on Tuesday when its most valued female elephant ‘Saheli’ expired, apparently due to the carelessness of the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) staff. However, exact cause of its death will be ascertained after the postmortem report of the animal. The female elephant of the zoo was found dead on early morning of Sunday in its enclosure. All the Marghzar Zoo officers reached the elephant’s enclosure and the zoo’s veterinary officer examined the animal and declared that the animal had expired. Sources in the CDA, seeking anonymity, told Pakistan Today that the female elephant was suffering

from an injury in one of its legs but this may not be considered as a reason behind its death. A CDA

official confided that it was also feared that the animal had been poisoned as it was not for the first

time when it received an injury. “It was not such a serious injury that anyone can term it a cause of its death; it is something else behind its death,” said the source. Another official said that the male elephant of the zoo has also become dangerous for the staffers and even for the visitors of the zoo as it often tried to free itself from the chains. CDA Chairman farkhand Iqbal has ordered an inquiry into the incident, headed by Administration Member Shoukat Ali Mohmand. He has also suspended two officials of the zoo, Bilal and faiz Mohammad, who were deputed to look after the animal. The elephant was donated by Bangladeshi Prime Minister Begum Khalida Zia in 1992. Thousands of people, including Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and his two sisters, Asifa and Bakhtawar, had had a ride on it when they were kids.

Welcoming the promulgation of Intellectual Property Ordinance 2012, Centre for Culture and Development (C2D), has urged the government to ensure public representation in the policy board of the Intellectual Property Organisation (IPO). According to the C2D, the board, to be constituted under the ordinance containing, 15 members overwhelmingly of federal bureaucracy and corporate sector would lack public representation to act as watchdog for the interests of the people in matters related to intellectual property rights in Pakistan. The C2D also said that apart from public representation, the IPO policy body must also include parliamentarians, academics, technocrats, and civil society, as their presence is vital to public awareness regarding intellectual property rights issue. “One of the reasons for setting up the IPO given in the preamble is for the awareness of intellectual property rights in Pakistan. The C2D observes that it stands contrary to the spirit of the preamble that representation in the board is lacking from such critical quarters that can analyze, strengthen and represent the public opinion. This would include parliamentarians, academics, technocrats, and civil society, who could help achieve the objectives of creating awareness of intellectual property rights in Pakistan”, C2D said in a press release. The C2D further emphasised that all the under trial cases in different courts regarding IP laws would be transferred to tribunals, headed by special judges, drawn from existing judiciary as well as fresh recruits from the lawyers, eligible to be the judge in Pakistani courts. Tribunal would act as an appellant authority against the decisions of the IP institutions such as Copy Right Board, Trade Mark Office, Patent Office, etc. “No special procedures have been created for the enforcement of IP laws.

Man kills married sister for honour ISLAMABAD STAff REPoRT

A 19-year old married girl was killed in Islamabad allegedly by her brother who suspected that she had developed illicit relations with a man in her neighborhood. The incident took place near Railways Station Colony in the limits of Golra police station. According to the police, Nadia Shaheen, 19, was forced to get married to her first cousin, Muhammad Akram as her brother, Iqbal Mahmood, was married to Akram’s sister. But she couldn’t adjust herself with Akram and after having differences she left his house and started living in her parents’ house. Police sources said that some months ago Shaheen eloped with one Noor Anwar, claiming that she had been married to him before Watta Satta marriage to Akram. According to the police, Shaheen’s brother managed to bring her back at home and started persuading her to live with Akram and not with Noor. But she was not ready to live with Akram. Subsequently, a couple of weeks ago Shaheen once again eloped with Noor and this time too Iqbal managed to bring her sister back to home. However, this time he took strict notice and seriously warned her not to establish any further contact with Noor. On Monday night both the sister and the brother exchanged hot words over the issue. As a result, Iqbal got furious and, all of a sudden, he opened fire at Shaheen who received two fires and died on the spot. The Golra police, following a complaint of Shaheen’s husband, Akram, registered an fIR. In his application Akram told the police that on Monday night Iqbal killed his wife. The police are conducting raids to arrest the killer.

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08 Islamabad

wednesday, 2 May, 2012

weatHer UPDateS

29 °C High 15°C Low

SUnny interVaLS

tHUrSDay 31°C i 16°C



33°C i 16°C

33°C i 20°C

Prayer tiMinGS fajr Sunrise 03:58 05:26

Zuhr 12:06

asr 16:56

Maghrib 18:47

isha 20:13

City DireCtory eMerGenCy HeLP PoLiCe eMerGenCy aMbULanCe reSCUe HiLaL-e-aHMer eDHi foUnDation boMb DiSPoSaL fire briGaDe Centre CiViL DefenCe

15 115 1122 9250488 2827844 9270698 16 9262830

HoSPitaLS MaHroof int PiMS PoLy CLiniC CDa SHifa internationaL aLi DiStriCt HQS ULtraSoniC CLiniC HoLy faMiLy

2222920 9261170 9218300 9221334 4603666 4444435 5556311-14 2824862 9290319

bLooD banK PiMS bLooD banK PoLy CLiniC bLooD banK

9261272 9209123

CoMPLaint waPDa SUi GaS

111-000-118 1199

raiLwayS City Station (enQUiry) reSerVation raiLway PoLiCe

117 9273614 1333

airPort fLiGHt enQUiry Pia reSerVation

114 111-786-786

ISLAMABAD: A vendor displays mosquito protection nets at his roadside setup. inp photo

Wheat procurement to begin from 5th RAWALPINDI / ISLAMABAD AGENCIES


HeAT procurement in Rawalpindi Division will be started from May 5 while the supply of the gunny bags (bardana) to the farmers has been started said Commissioner Rawalpindi Division Amdad Ullah Bosal. He said that 12 centers have been set up in four districts of Rawalpindi division (Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Chakwal and Attock) for the procurement of 5000 metric tones wheat which would be purchased from the farmers. He said that food department Rawalpindi would procure wheat on subsidised rate of Rs 1,050 per 40 kilograms on wheat purchase centers set up for this purpose. In addition to this Rs 7.50 would also be paid to the farmers as delivery charges on 100 KG wheat. Bardana for up to 50 bags could be obtained on personal guarantee and this would be given on "first come, first serve" basis, he said.He informed that the representatives of DCO Rawalpindi would also be present on wheat procurement centers to look after the procurement process and to facilitate the farmers. He said that procurement process of wheat would be com-

pleted in a transparent manner in accordance with the policy of the Punjab Government. The complaints of the farmers in this connection would be addressed at the spot by a committee which would also have the representatives of the farmers, he added. He said that the procurement centers for district Rawalpindi have been set up in tehsil Gujar Khan and tehsil Taxila while the focal persons for these centers would be Assistant Commissioners A comprehensive plan in this regard has been formulated while formation of monitoring committees at district level is aimed at providing the farmers all possible facilities and to make the process transparent. He added the government has set 1,000 metric tons target for Rawalpindi district.He said the growers would be provided all possible facilities with full payment of the support price of their produce. WorLD ASTHMA DAy oBServeD: Asthma Day was observed on Tuesday to improve asthma awareness and care around the world. The theme of the World Asthma Day 2012 is "You Can Control Your Asthma." Asthma control is the goal of treatment and can be achieved in the vast majority of the patients with proper management. A person's asthma is under control when he she has: no asthma symptoms, no wak-

ing at night due to asthma, no use to use "reliever" medication, the ability to do normal physical activity and exercise, normal lung function test results and no asthma attacks. Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, reversible airflow obstruction, and bronchospasm. Symptoms include wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. FooD DepArTMeNT rAIDS FLoUr MILLS: The Rawalpindi food Department raided 42 flour mills, sent samples to laborites for quality check and announced strict action against offenders. The department announced that after reports are submitted, strict action would be taken against those who are involved in poor quality production. The violators will be issued show cause notices and heavy fines imposed on them. The authorities concerned said that the department’s first priority is to provide quality food to the people. CLeANLINeSS projeCT CoMpLeTeD IN poToHAr ToWN: The Potohar Town administration has cleaned eight garbage plots on the instructions of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Opposition Leader in NA Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. Commissioner Imdadullah



Bosal and DCO Saqib Zafar monitored the campaign conducted by nearly 1,500 sanitary workers. A total of 65 sanitary vans and loaders took part in the drive. The members of national and provincial assemblies were also part of the coordination committee. Union councils of the city, Municipal Services eDO Imtiaz Ahmad and Solid Waste Management DO Dr Mazhar Azeem visited the cleaned areas. They appreciated the workers and administration for their work. The eDO and the DO requested the people of the locality to coordinate with the staff. IIUI To HoLD DISCUSSIoN ToDAy: Islamic Research Institute (IRI) and faculty of Islamic Studies of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) are jointly holding a panel discussion on ‘Problematics of Qur’anic Translations in the Subcontinent’ today (Wednesday). IIUI Rector fateh Muhammad Malik would be the chief guest on the occasion. Dr Muhammad Khalid Masood, director general, Islamic Research Institute, Dr Muhammad Al-Ghazali and Dr. Muhammad Makhlof, Dean faculty of Arabic, IIUI would also participate in the panel discussion. The panel discussion would be held at seminar room of the Central Library, New Campus, Sector H-10, and Islamabad.


CoLLeGeS / UniVerSitieS internationaL iSLaMiC UniVerSity 9260765 baHria UniVerSity 9260002 nUML 9257677 QUaiD-e-aZaM UniVerSity 90642098 ariD aGriCULtUre UniVerSity 9290151 fJwU 9273235 riPHa internationaL UniVerSity 111510510 nCa rawaLPinDi 5770423 PUnJab Law CoLLeGe 4421347

Date: aPr 20 - May 10 at 6 to 8 PM VenUe: Serena HoteL, iSLaMabaD.

Date: aPr 24 - May 05 at 5:00PM VenUe: KHaaS art GaLLery (free)

Date anD tiMe: 05:00 PM, weeKLy eVent VenUe: tHe Centre for artS & CULtUre

this group exhibition showcasing the work of iqbal Hussain, ahsen asif, amna ilyas, isma Hussain, amra Khan, amna tariq, faten anjum Suleman, anmal fatima Uppal, Sehar Hashmi and annem Zaidi will run from april 20 - May 10, 2012.

"My Past Love" by Mohan Das & Zahra Malkani opens at Khaas Gallery. Do join us for this experimental two person show that continues till 5 May 2012 and meet the artists in person. Please spread the word and bring your friends!

our drumming circle is a (free!) ongoing event and is held every friday from 5pm to 6pm we are having a great time, and want to share the good time with you! our drumming circle has children ...

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wednesday, 2 May, 2012

Islamabad 09

world Press freedom Day to be observed tomorrow ISLAMABAD: World Press freedom Day will be observed on May 3 across the world including Pakistan focuses on the importance of the freedom of the press and freedom of expression. World Press freedom Day to inform the international community that freedom of the press and freedom of expression are fundamental human rights. This day reminds people that many journalists are braved death or faced jail to bring daily news to the public. World Press freedom Day gives people the chance to pay tribute to media professionals who risked or lost their lives in the line of duty. Many communities, organizations and individuals take part in this day through various events such as art exhibitions, dinners featuring keynote speakers and awards nights to honor those who risked their lives to bring news to the world. World Press freedom Day was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in December 1993 as an outgrowth of the Seminar on Promoting an Independent and Pluralistic African Press. This seminar took place in Namibia in 1991 and led to the adoption of the Windhoek Declaration on Promoting Independent and Pluralistic Media. The Windhoek Declaration called to establish, maintain and foster an independent, pluralistic and free press. APP

Dilapidated roads in rural areas irk residents ISLAMABAD: Dilapidated streets and roads in the federal rural areas are creating inconvenience for residents while the authorities concerned are playing the role of a silent spectator. According to a survey conducted by Online, the streets and roads in the federal rural areas are creating problems for residents. The local government department has reconstructed the broken roads, but due to use of substandard material the streets again got damaged. The poor sanitation system is creating problems because water remains present on roads and streets. oNLINE

Sale of substandard wheat flour in full swing ISLAMABAD: The sale of substandard wheat flour is on the rise in different parts of the federal rural areas without any fear while the residents have demanded of the authorities concerned to take strict action against the dealers of wheat flour and flourmills. The residents complained that sacks of substandard wheat flour are being sold at very expensive rates. oNLINE

bari imam turns into felony centre ISLAMABAD: Bari Imam is becoming a crime centre due to negligence of the local administration and the police. The residents of Bari Imam and Noorpur Shahan have expressed their grave concern over the situation. The Online has learnt that there are a number of suspects in the vicinity of Bari Imam and Noor Pur Shahan, who openly display arms, creating fear and panic among the locals. Muhammad Aamir, a resident of Bari Imam, told Online regarding the ongoing illegal activities in the area and added that drug activities were also on the rise around the Bari Imam shrine and drug peddlers are playing with the lives of the people. The locals have demanded of the authorities concerned to take immediate action against the drug dealers and other suspects. oNLINE

ISLAMABAD: Labourers of fruit and Vegetables Market protest in favour of their demands. staFF photo

Coal reserves sufficient to generate electricity and gas, says Dr Samar ISLAMABAD



HAR-COAL Project Chairman Dr Samar Mubarak Mand said sufficient coal reserves and natural resources are available in Pakistan to generate cheap electricity and gas for meeting growing demand of the consumers of this region. Talking to a private news channel, he said there is serious need to focus on exploiting the natural resources for producing cheap electricity and gas. Dr Samar said that Thar coal project will become operational in December 2013 and the project would bring prosperity in the country. “Pakistan has enough coal reserves that can provide electricity to the country for more than 500 years,” he said. Dr Mubarakmand said that the success of the Thar coal project would lead to investment from the leading international companies. He said several foreign companies wanted to participate in the project and had shown interest. With the completion of this project, the nation would get cheap and sufficient power supply to resolving the current pestering energy crisis, he added. He said the new growth strategy of the country is being emphasised on power generation through coal. He said that Pakistan holds a big amount

of coal which is more than the Middle east petroleum resources. Replying to a question he said that many countries, including Australia and China multi-national companies are taking keen interest in the energy sector of Pakistan. He said, “We will give an advertisement for inviting the local and international companies to invest in the energy sector.” Replying to another question Dr Samar Mubarak said “We have sufficient coal reserves in the country which can be utilised to produce electricity and gas, for 700 to 800 hundred years.” Dr Samar said it is for the first time in Pakistan that coal gasification has been launched on commercial basis and abundant and cheap electricity would be available if it gets through. He said the coal gasification was already producing 50000 MW around the world, as the cost of electricity per unit is relatively low. rAWALpINDI poLICe BUST kIDNApperS’ GANG, ArreST FIve: The Rawalpindi police have busted a kidnappers’ gang and arrested its five members including two women. According to a police spokesman, the police managed to arrest the kidnappers’ gang members identified as Mirza Javed alias Asad, Jhanghir alias Ali, Asif alias Zabi, Zaheer, Shamila and Kinza alias Shazia. He informed that the gang which had abducted a person namely Muhammad Siddique on April 20 for ransom, has been busted, as

the police after registration of the case, traced the kidnappers while they were arrested. The kidnapped man was killed by the gang and the body was thrown in Gulzar-e-Quaid area in the airport police precincts. The Airport police investigated the case on scientific lines and arrested the accused. The vehicle used for the crime was also recovered. The physical remand of the accused has been obtained from the court, while further investigation is underway. 33 LAWBreAkerS ArreSTeD: Rawalpindi Police have claimed to arrest 33lawbreakers including, one drunkard, three gamblers and seized illegal weapons, drugs, and liquor.on Tuesday According to Police spokesman, Police seized 2,330 grams charas, 189 bottles of liquor, nine pistols 30 bor with 22 rounds, one revolver 32 bor with two rounds and fireworks items from the arrested accused. The spokesman further informed that acting on a tip-off Peerwadhai police conducted a raid at a gambling den in Zia Colony and arrested three gamblers namely Ali, Rizwan and Imran. Police also recovered Rs 3000 stake money with four mobile phones and other items from their custody. All the outlaws apprehended in different raids have been sent behind the bars, he said adding, separate cases have been registered against all the accused while further investigation is underway.

CTP launChes oPeraTion againsT one wheeling RAWALPINDI APP

City Traffic Police (CTP) under grand operation launched against one wheeling, have arrested eight youngsters. CTP have launched special drive against wheelie and made several arrangements to curb the activity said City Traffic Officer (CTO) Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Ghulam Abbas Tarar. He said those found involved in the activity are being sent behind the bars under section 99/A. He said though, the activity was already being checked by traffic officials deputed on the city roads but special arrangements were made to control rash and dangerous driving and one wheeling in the city he added traffic

police officers were directed to keep a vigilant eye on the one-wheelers so that action in accordance with the law could be taken against them. Under special arrangements, traffic officials were deployed at various points. The traffic officers and circle heads had been directed to take stern action against the one-wheelers without discrimination and no one should be spared if found involved in this dangerous act, which is a cause of deaths and severe injuries for the riders. He said one-wheelers are not only playing with their own lives but they are also a threat for other road users. He said the traffic wardens were directed to take effective measures in this regard. Under efforts to curb the activity, those who found engaged in one-wheeling were also

fined. He said the citizens particularly parents should come forward and play their role to curb the activity as one wheeling, rash and negligent driving are the main causes for fatal accidents 519kG NArCoTICS SeIzeD By ANF: Anti-Narcotics force (ANf) has seized 519 kilograms of narcotics from Rawalpindi and Sukkhur during April last. According to an official report, on April 12, ANf Rawalpindi recovered 237kg of hashish from unattended nylon bags near motorway at Rawalpindi. While on April 13, ANf Rawalpindi, recovered 12kgs heroin at Islamabad Airport. Similarly, on April 18, ANf intercepted a truck and recovered 270kg hashish at Sukkhur. One person was arrested on the spot. UpS DeMAND INCreASeS DUe To

LoAD SHeDDING: Due to unscheduled power outages in the twin cities, the demand for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units and generators has increased around 20 to 30 percent as compared to the last year. According to survey conducted by APP, shortage of batteries has also increased the miseries of the customers, as 200 ampere battery is being sold in black market for Rs 14,500 while its company price is Rs 11,500. According to the wholesalers and retailers the demand of UPS has increased, as people are expecting the worst load shedding during this summer. This year, UPS prices range between Rs 7,000 and Rs 18,000 depending on capacity of the unit. Various varieties of UPS are available in the market.

Abdur Rehman dealer of imported and local-made UPS, said the demand for the locally made UPS has almost doubled while the demand for Chinese UPS is low, mainly because it is costly while on the other hand repair charges of it are also high.When asked about the demand of these items, he said it is increasing day to come and he is selling 10 to 15 UPS daily.Most of the consumers said that they have to cut their expenses to save money to get new power back-up equipment as there is no foreseeable solution to the energy crisis and the government has failed to fulfill its promises. Sohail Ahmed, a customer, said that despite other charges the dealers also charge Rs 1,000 to 2,000 as an installation fee for the UPS.

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10 Islamabad

wednesday, 2 May, 2012

Personality dictates body weight ISLAMABAD APP

Personality traits may play key roles in body weight. Researchers examined data compiled over 50 years on nearly 2,000 generally healthy and highly educated people in America to determine how their personalities might affect their weight and body mass index. The participants were assessed on the so-called big five personality traits openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism-as well as 30 subcategories of these traits. They were also weighed and measured over the course of the study, BBC reported. Although people tend to gain weight as they age, the study found those who are impulsive were the most likely to be overweight. People who scored in the top 10 percent on impulsivity weighed an average of 22 pounds more than those in the bottom 10 percent. Previous research has found that impulsive individuals are prone to binge eating and alcohol consumption. These behavioural patterns may contribute to weight gain over time. It was found that people who are impulsive, cynical, competitive or aggressive were more likely to be overweight. And those who are highly neurotic and less conscientious are likely to see their weight go through many ups and downs. Individuals with this constellation of traits tend to give in to temptation and lack the discipline to stay on track amid difficulties or frustration. To maintain a healthy weight, it is typically necessary to have a healthy diet and a sustained programme of physical activity, both of which require commitment and restraint. Such control may be difficult for highly impulsive individuals. Those who are risk takers, antagonistic, cynical, competitive and aggressive also had greater weight gain. On the flip side, it was found that conscientious people are typically thinner and their weight did not trigger changes in personality during adulthood. The pathway from personality traits to weight gain is complex and probably includes physiological mechanisms, in addition to behavioural ones. further research is however needed so that by more clearly identifying the association between personality and obesity, more tailoured treatments can be developed. for example, lifestyle and exercise interventions that are done in a group setting may be more effective for extroverts than for introverts.

RAWALPINDI: A vendor displays sugarcanes to attract customers at his roadside setup. inp

Work on Mareer Chowk widening project to begin soon RAWALPINDI



ONSTRUCTION work on the Mareer Chowk widening project would be started soon after the release of funds and final approval from the government as the PC-I of the project has been sent to the government. District Coordination Officer (DCO), Saqib Zafar said the work on first phase of the mega project of Chur Chowk widening has been started which would be completed with an estimated cost of Rs 475 million. The work for widening of Peer Wadhai Mor would be started in second phase which would be completed with an estimated cost of Rs 1650 million. Zafar said with the special development funds from Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif as a part of the city package, various mega development projects had been completed while construction work on some projects is continuing and few new projects are in the pipeline. He said the flyover on Chandni Chowk had been completed with the

cost of Rs 1.26 billion and the widening of Roads from both sides at Chuhar Chowk has been started. This road would be made signal free. Similarly, the underpass on Pirwedhai Mor to connect the traffic of G.T. Road from Taxila side with I.J. Principal Road would be started soon after the receiving the development funds from the government. THALASSAeMIA Week BeGINS: The weeklong activities to create awareness among masses for prevention and treatment of the thalassaemia disease and encourage patients to involve in normal life activities would start here from today (Wednesday). The Thalassaemia Week is being arranged by Thalassaemia Awareness and Protection in Pakistan (TAPP), Thalassamia federation of Pakistan, Cure to Children, Jameela Sultana foundation, Thalassaemia Welfare Society and some educational institutions of twin cities ofIslamabad and Rawalpindi. Thalassaemia is an inherited blood disorder in which human body does not produce adequate amount of Hemoglobin in the red blood cells resulting into severe anemia. Children suffering from the diseases re-

quire blood transfusion every month to save their lives in addition to treatment for iron overload due to the excessive number of transfusions. “The weeklong activities would commence with a cooking competition to be held at Islamabad Model College for Girls f-7/2 in which female girls of Major would participate,” President TAPP Ayesha Abid said. She added an essay Competition would be held on May 3 at Rifah International University Rawalpindi in which the thalassaemics would exhibit their skills by writing on `thalassaemia-free Pakistan.’ On May 4, a painting competition among the Thalassaemia patients would be organized at Thalassaemia Welfare Society Rawalpindi. The Society has already started pasting informative stickers on vehicles for awareness among the people. As part of weeklong activities, a two-day conference would also be held on May 5 and 6 at International Islamic Medical College Rawalpindi. Talking to APP, Principal IIMC Masood Anwar said the two-day event would be addressed by doctors, patients their parents and executives of civil society organizations working for awareness and prevention of Thalassaemia.

reconstruction of footpath demanded RAWALPINDI oNLINE

The footpath at sixth road Satellite Town has been in dilapidated condition for several years and causing inconvenience for the people. The broken footpath leading towards Siddiqui Chowk is creating problems, especially for students going to their schools and colleges. The footpath is situated in thickly populated area of Satellite Town while the residents of the area used the footpath for walk and jogging purpose but fractured footpath is causing inconvenience for them. The footpath was reconstructed several times, but due to use of substandard material, it gets damaged again and again. The residents say they had been using the way for two years and found the footpath always in broken condition while scattered bricks and sand cause inconvenience for them. They added that the broken footpath gives clumsy and embarrassing look to the diplomatic enclave. The people have demanded of the administration to reconstruct the footpath on priority basis and ensure use of standard material.

Poor sanitation causes diseases RAWALPINDI oNLINE

ISLAMABAD: Activists of Defence of Human Rights and relatives of missing persons pack their luggage after the end of their protest outside the National Press Club. online

The poor cleanliness system and clogged sewerage lines in Cantonment Board, Chaklala, are causing different diseases in the area. The residents of Chaklala Scheme-3, Dhoke Chiragh Deen, Purani Tahli Mohry, Ghousia Chowk, Dhary Hassanabad, Lala Aar, Tulsa Chowk, Chamanzar, Gulshan Safi Chungi Number 22 and Harley Street complained that heaps of garbage remained scattered in the area. Ali, a resident of Gulshan Safi Chungi No 22, complained that sewerage lines are clogged and uncovered gutters are oozing and are spreading smell. The poor cleanliness system is

causing eye diseases, typhoid and other diseases amongst the children of the colony. The residents have urged the authorities concerned to ensure cleanliness system in the area. Heaps of garbage in Jinnah Super Market are providing favourable conditions for the growth of dengue mosquito and increasing the chance of spreading dengue virus in the city. The residents are concerned about the poor cleanliness conditions in this market as the CDA staff collects and throws the garbage on the roadside. According to traders, they pay substantial revenue to the CDA, but the management is playing with the lives of traders and the commuters.

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wednesday, 2 May, 2012

Editor’s mail 11

first anniversary of May 2 It is one year since the US Navy SeAL commandos invaded a compound in Abbottabad and killed OBL, apparently without much resistance from his side. A night-time secret operation while keeping the Pakistani military in dark, no photos of the deal man in public domain and hasty burial at sea – all were good enough to provide a kick start to conspiracy theorists. Since then everyone is using the raid to his (or her) advantage. Conspiracy theorists went up to claiming that there is no real thing called Al-Qaeda, even if there is one, OBL is not a real person but an elusive character from historical novels, some claimed that OBL was never ever present in Abbottabad and Americans killed no one and all that happened on May 2 was a pre-planned stage drama. However, Pakistan’s action to detain Dr Shakil Afridi on treason charges

Help nGos should have silenced most of the conspiracy theorists. It is alleged that Dr Afridi arranged a fake vaccination campaign to obtain DNA samples of OBL’s off-springs to ascertain his presence in the compound. Pakistan government also appointed a judicial commission to look into the May 02 fiasco: how come OBL kept living in Pakistan without the knowledge of intelligence agencies and why air defence system couldn’t track the intrusion by the Americans. Since June 2011, this commission has been deliberating on May 2 raid, had interviewed more than 100 military and civilian high profile personal including journalists and political leaders. One may question such a delay in report issuance (report still awaited); obviously whatever is the conclusion it’s a hard choice between complicity and inefficiency on the part of intelligence agencies. The May 2 incident also gave birth to

memo scandal wherein an American citizen forwarded a memo to Gen Jones (for Admiral Mullen) that said that the Pakistan government is in dire need of the US support in the wake of Pakistan military’s reaction to May 2 raid. As per Mansoor Ijaz who authored the memo, he worked as per advice of Pakistan ambassador to the US. So far this issue has also not been concluded other than wasting of hundreds of precious man hours on the part of three high court chief justices and country’s top lawyers. If May 2 has proved disastrous for Pakistan, its government and military, it is being successfully used in President Obama’ election campaign to boost his ratings. To keep the American public’s interest alive, selected material seized from OBL lair is being published online. Democrats are drumming up Obama’s decision to launch the OBL raid while discounting alleged indecisiveness on the

part of his Republican rival – Mitt Romney. Regardless of tall claims by the Americans of weakening of Al-Qaeda with the death of OBL, its splinter groups are quite active and may be more dangerous as are not under a central command. Such splinter groups who derive their ideology from Al-Qaeda include Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Yemen, Al-Shabab in Somalia, Bo Ko Haram in Nigeria and Jamiaa Islamia in Indonesia. May 2 is a day not to celebrate but ponder upon the upcoming dangers. OBL might have died but his philosophy is very much alive. Such a philosophy which is based on hatred is keeping the world away from becoming a peaceful place for all the communities regardless of their religious beliefs. MASOOD KHAN Jubail, Saudi Arabia

education budget Our literacy rate is 34 to 37 per cent and the standard of education is lower than in western countries. There are many factors for this problem but the main one is that the annual education budget of Pakistan is very low. The government should enhance the expenditure for the educational sector to increase the socio-economic development. It should focus on higher education. The current expenditure in the higher education sector is 0.18 percent which is less than regional countries. Also, we have to prioritise our education to compete with other developing countries. IBAD AHMED Karachi

our labourers My heart cried when I was enjoying a holiday of Labour Day while labourers of my city were busy in hard work. When I asked a labourer about holiday, he said he could not afford any holiday as he needed money to fulfil his needs. I got upset when I found innocent angels doing hard work. I want to apologise to all my labourer brothers and especially the child labourers who are the future of Pakistan. I am guilty that I enjoyed a holiday that they deserve. I want to convey a message of labourers to the so-called champions of democracy in our country that our labourers don’t need any holiday; all they need is respect and fulfilment of basic needs. M MOHSIN SHAHBAZ Lahore

Mass communication The mass communication has played the central role for the spread of knowledge, information and awareness among our young generation. Persons of my age were not so lucky in ‘50s-‘60s as we were not aware of the names of the sons of our rulers. Liaquat Ali Khan, Khawaja Nazimuddin, Ghulam Muhammad Suhrawardy, Ch Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ali Bogra, Malik feroz Khan Noon and as many more. Z A KAZMI Karachi

our energy crisis We face an energy crisis since gas and oil resources are diminishing. Pakistan’s economy faces a major hurdle in the shape of its domestic energy crisis, according to a report of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Subsidies of billions of rupees have to be doled out to Wapda to bear losses. This would affect the national exchequer heavily. Pakistan’s energy sector comprises of major sources with share of 50.4 percent of gas, followed by oil 29 percent, hydro electricity 11 percent and coal 7.6 percent. We need a solution to overcome the crisis. firstly, Pakistan needs to focus on hydel energy and setting up of dams and run-of-the-river projects. Secondly, coal is one of the cheapest ways to produce electricity. Pakistan has one of the largest coal reserves in the world. Thirdly, nuclear power stations should be used. We need a government who focuses on these issues. SAIMA SHAHID Karachi

Violation of constitution The Chief Justice of Supreme Court has admonished authorities of the four provinces over undue delay in holding of local bodies’ election. He asked all the four provincial secretaries of local governments to inform the apex court about the date of next local bodies election by May 3, 2012. The Chief of Army Staff has declared support for the democratic system and emphasised that all national institution should work according to the defined responsibilities and functions described in the constitution. The prime objective of the democratic system is to ensure welfare, happiness and increased dignity of the people so that a balanced society is established. In such a society, every citizen could get equal justice and opportunities. Why one should hope and expect that incompetent, corrupt, unprincipled, and tested politicians will heed to the advice of two chiefs of powerful national institutions? The politicians are likely to prove again that they are not interested in strengthening the democracy. Are they not in politics to have power to use the national wealth for self

energy shortage Speaking at the Private Sector energy Roundtable arranged by LCCI, Senator Ishaque Dar has said that resolution of the ongoing energy crisis lies in launching short and long-term projects simultaneously because acute energy shortage would ultimately lead to food shortages. former Wapda Chairman Tariq Hameed said that small projects of 500 MW would not resolve the power crisis. There

glorification and to enrich themselves? Do politicians have any vision or plan to put the country on the right direction? How the corrupt can uproot corruption? Only those who respect the law can establish rule of law. The strengthening of state institutions, depoliticised police force and civil bureaucracy are imperative to make Pakistan a progressive modern state. To solve the political issues, the right forum is the parliament and not the streets. Unfortunately, the PML(N), instead of demanding the election of local bodies and defeating the PPP in the elections, wants to make mockery of the democracy by again repeating the politics of confrontation of the 1990s. The PML(N)’s leadership should not forget the result of its confrontation politics. If PPP had not implemented the Charter of Democracy, why is PML(N) ripping it off? Both PPP’s and PML(N)’s leadership should heed to the advice of Army Chief and CJ. Otherwise, their leaders should be prepared to take the responsibility of derailing democracy. S T HUSSAIN Lahore

is a need to initiate projects that give quantum jump to the power generation. He said that in order to ensure sustained supplies in future, the government should at least start two mega hydro electric projects immediately. former finance minister Dr Salman Shah said Kalabagh dam is the only short-term option to ensure cheaper electricity to the consumers, overcome the energy crisis and revive the country’s stagnant economy. He said it was a feasible project and could be constructed in

just four years to produce 4,000 megawatts of electricity at a rate of just Rs 1.5 per unit. It is high time PML(N) senators started talking openly about Kalabagh dam. At the same time, they must assure the smaller provinces that their rights have been fully protected under the Water Apportionment Accord of 1991 by entrusting river water distribution to the federal body IRSA, having a higher representation from Sindh. AHMED JAWAD MIRZA Karachi

Pakistan has more usage of ambulances than any other country. Currently, the need of ambulances is fulfilled by some good foundations like Chippa and edhi but the main problem suffered by the people with these ambulances is that these ambulances are outdated in equipment. The government should have a separate budget for these organizations which are helping people for many years. The government should import highly equipped ambulances and distribute free to these foundations so people could be helped in a better way. FAISAL KHALID SIDDIQUI Karachi

Unethical practioes It takes me into the custody of grief, to quote an incident of last September, which was more than tragic, traumatic and heart breaking. A boy, Mehr Ali of Rawalpindi, about to enter his teen-hood reached his final destination much early. It was his teacher, who allegedly gave him a strenuous punishment, causing him to lose breath, and fall from the eighth step of stairs of the school building. The result of this was pathetic, as he got his spinal cord damaged badly and eventually the hopes died. Although Mehr Ali, an apple of his parent’s eyes has departed for good but has left us with the silent message explaining the drastic effects of corporal punishment in schools. This message speaks of the violent drills, which most of the school teachers give, without knowing the pros and cons. Knowing the physical attributes of the child, they sometimes increase the drill period. The basic reason of writing this is not to measure the time limit, but to request the government of Pakistan to ban all sorts of physical punishments in government and private schools. The teachers should be repeatedly given training about to help the students in building up a good future, and not play with it. Children are entitled to care, security and a good upbringing. They should always be treated with respect and love, and not with corporal punishment or any humiliating treatment. M IBRAHIM TARIQ Lahore

acid victims There has been an alarming rise in throwing acid on women. The southern part of Punjab has taken lead on this inhumane crime. The victim of acid burn suffers not only physically but also mentally. Most of the victims do not survive but those who do survive have to go through a long painful recovery, the victim’s rehabilitation is also a tedious and difficult work. The burn wards of different hospitals in Pakistan are full of these victims. The majority of the acid throwing victims are women, less than one percent are male. To know about the sufferings of these poor victims a tour of civil hospitals burn ward was taken. The most common thing among them all or in most of the victims was that the crime was usually done by family member of these poor women. Illiteracy and poverty are the root causes of this problem which in increasing in Pakistan. It is requested to the higher authorities to look into this matter and high level of punishment should be given to those who commit these crimes and destroy the lives of many, not just the victim but also the victim's family. AROOBA HASSAN Karachi

Leaders wanted, not politicians This is with reference to Malik Tariq Ali’s letter published in Pakistan Today on 30 April regarding Imran’s leadership test. No doubt the people of Pakistan, especially youth, are anxiously looking towards Imran Khan to lead them in this hour of crisis. Imran Khan has leadership qualities which he exhibited in SKMT cancer hospital, Nimal University, construction of model villages in flood affected areas and even during his tenure as Pakistan cricket team captain, whereas the other politicians are the ones who can be truly termed as hypocrites who have done

nothing except corruption in the last 25 years. Malik sahib’s letter does not depict the factual position and is based on assumptions rather than facts. I am following Imran Khan’s politics since the last fifteen years and have noted that unlike the other traditional politicians, he is not only honest but is also a genuine leader. He was the first leader who identified and pursued the missing persons case in 2002 and later on, through Yvonne Ridley raised the issue of a woman held captive in Afghanistan

which was later identified as Aafia Siddiqui. He and his party are continuously supporting missing person case and even he visited their camp at Islamabad last week. As far as issues of Bhoja air, ephedrine, Shaheen air are concerned, Imran Khan has rightly pointed out that such cases will surface again and again as all our institutions have collapsed due to lack of accountability. These issues will not be resolved by only condemning them, we have to change the system by making supreme the rule of law and making the top people accountable.

Would Malik sahib tell us: “In which capacity Nawaz Sharif used the Punjab government’s plane to visit Siachen?” Three million rupees incurred on this trip were taken from taxpayers’ money. We, the so-called educated class, should not appreciate politicians who are consuming public funds for their own projection. The use of taxpayers’ money for their own and party projection should not be appreciated but should be condemned by all. KHALID KHAN Lahore

Send your letters to: Letters to Editor, Pakistan Today, 4-Shaarey Fatima Jinnah, Lahore, Pakistan. Fax: +92-42-36298302. E-mail: Letters should be addressed to Pakistan Today exclusively.

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12 Comment Politics of ultimatums on the warpath


ld habits die hard. In the case of senior politicians, however, this aspect of human frailty can lead to disastrous results not only for them personally but also for the system. One had hoped that Nawaz Sharif who had acted responsibly for over four years of the present government would be able to keep the PML(N) firebrands under control, instead of being swayed by them. This would have created a new record of letting a peaceful transition of power to take place. The press conference on Monday has therefore dismayed those who supported the right of the governments to complete their tenure. The old impatience was back. A final ultimatum was delivered to Gilani to quit or face the PML(N)’s wrath. A call to arms was issued, “If people do not come out (in streets), there will be chaos and anarchy in the country.” Many think there could be chaos and anarchy if they did. An invitation was issued to other opposition parties to join hands “to save Pakistan”. Nawaz said those who did not come out to save the country would be committing treason. This is political hyperbole that characterised the 1990’s, an era one had hoped would never recur as the politicians promised that they would never repeat the mistakes of the past. Meanwhile Gen Kayani who had left politics to politicians has sounded a note of warning to all stakeholders in the system calling on them to resolve their differences while remaining within the constitutional limits. Recalling that the sole purpose of a democratic system is welfare and prosperity of the masses, he has called on everyone not to forget it. This is a reminder that notwithstanding the army chief’s promise not to meddle in politics, the military remains the final arbiter in case the situation takes a nasty turn. The PML(N) is within its rights to protest but it must abjure a recourse to extra-constitutional means of removing the government. It would do well to wait for the detailed SC judgment and the final disposal of Gilani’s appeal before deciding on the legality of his tenure. In the meanwhile, there is a lot of other work for the PML(N) to do. This includes reaching an agreement on a permanent chief of election commission.

Pakistan and the US Time to move forward


aying that the state of the relationship between the US and Pakistan has not been ideal for quite some time now would be an understatement. Both have a serious trust deficit and reservations against each other which somehow do not seem to ebb down. Pakistan feels let down and unjustly dealt with while the US feels that Pakistan has not been entirely straight with them where eliminating Al-Qaeda and its affiliates from its lawless tribal areas is concerned. International relations are perhaps best not served with any emotional baggage, but with a certain transactional understanding which states can mutually agree upon and benefit from. When Pakistan agreed to become a frontline state in the US war against terror, it never expected to become a target itself. In the decade that went by in yet another war waged by the US, it seems the US somehow relegated Pakistan’s status to being a part of the problem instead of a part of the solution. And that is what has bothered Pakistan’s political and military leadership most. The US has consistently ignored many of Islamabad’s justified demands, like that of halting the drone strikes which cause considerable collateral damage. The recent drone strike in North Waziristan that came after about a month has only upped the ante. An attack on Pakistan’s border check posts in Salala last year proved to be the proverbial last straw. Pakistan retaliated by closing its border to Nato supplies and ending all sorts of cooperation in the war on terrorism, at least until a review of its terms of engagement with the US. An apology, release of CSf payments, a complete halting of drone strikes, and some other terms were put before the US for a renewal in the relationship. The apology is the part that is the most important one because of the public outcry here in Pakistan over the incident, and unfortunately, that is also the part the US seems to be reluctant in accepting. The rest have been agreed upon and a new course is being charted in the light of the new terms of engagement.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

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another political crisis A new one for every new day


akistan’s politics moves from crisis to crisis. The Supreme Court judgment on April 26, 2012, has plunged Pakistan into another political crisis. The federal government and the opposition are at each other’s throats. The opposition views the judgment of the Supreme Court as yet another opportunity to pull down the federal government. The federal government is in another fight for survival. Politics in Pakistan has invariably faced serious crises as a consequence of the assertive role of non-elected state institutions. In the past, the military used to take action against elected leaders and institutions either by imposing its direct rule or by joining with the president to remove the elected prime minister (1988-1999). This time, it is another non-elected state institution, the Supreme Court, that has asserted its role against an elected prime minister. In the past, a section of the political elite always supported the military’s assertive role in order to get rid of the political adversary. We are witnessing a similar support for the judgment of the Supreme Court. No doubt, the Supreme Court adopted a middle course strategy of asserting the authority of the judges by convicting the prime minister of contempt of court but gave him symbolic punishment. However, this caused the two political crises. first, despite the conviction of the prime minister, the federal government is not expected to write the letter to Swiss authorities to revive corruption cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. even if the ruling coalition changes the prime minister, the new incumbent is expected to adopt the same position on writing of letter. The root cause of divergence beBy Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi tween the federal government and the Supreme Court will persist. Second, a new confrontation has started between the government and the opposition because the latter wants to knock out the prime minister on the basis of the judgment of the Supreme Court. This controversy will shift the attention of the federal and provincial governments away from socio-economic problems that adversely affect the common people. The on-going governmental and societal decay will accelerate. There are six major ways to get rid of the prime minister: 1. The Supreme Court specifically disqualifies him from staying as the member of the National Assembly or removes him from the office of prime minister. Apparently, the Supreme Court does not have power to directly remove him.

2. The prescribed disqualification procedure is adopted that involves the role of the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Chief Minister. If this procedure declares the prime minister disqualified, he loses his job and membership of the National Assembly. 3. The PML(N) and other opposition parties resort to nationwide sustained agitation for a couple of weeks. This also results in violence, paralysing the federal government and the PPP governments in the provinces. 4. All opposition parties resign together from the two houses of the parliament and the provincial assembly. The PML(N) will have to take the lead in this case. However, it will also lose its government in the Punjab. 5. The four-party ruling coalition decides to change the prime minister in order to deflect the opposition pressure. They can nominate a new leader of the house and seek the confidence of the National Assembly. 6. The ruling coalition at the federal level breaks down. Some partners decide to join hands with the opposition for street agitation against the federal government. Much will depend on the future of the ruling coalition at the federal level. If the ruling coalition stays intact, the chances of the survival of the prime minister appear bright. They can however, ease political tension by replacing the prime minister with another person of their choice. The opposition is expected to pursue two-option strategy. Their preferred option is to cause the collapse of the PPP-led federal government. The fallback option is the replacement of the prime minister. A shouting match has already started between the supporters of the federal government and the opposition inside and outside the parliament. This will turn the TV talk-shows into entertainment as the “drum-beaters” of different parties try to outwit each other. The PML(N) has taken the lead in demanding the resignation of the prime minister forthwith. They have declared that they do not recognize Gilani as prime minister and Nawaz Sharif has threatened to adopt all possible methods to remove the government. The adoption of such a hardline position right from the beginning is

likely to create problems for the PML(N). It is doubtful if the PML(N) alone can launch a sustained nationwide agitation to remove the federal government. Open and total confrontation cannot be the opening strategy, especially when the PML(N) does not have a good track record of partnership with other political parties. The PTI of Imran Khan also demanded the resignation of the prime minister. However, unlike Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan has adopted a cautious approach by maintaining that his party would wait for the completion of the appeal process on the part of the prime. If the prime minister continued to stay on afterwards the PTI can opt for street protest. He made his demand effectively without going straight–away for street confrontation. He has kept his options open. The PML(N) can pursue street protest in the Punjab where it controls the provincial government. But this will not succeed unless other political parties join it. Another factor that can influence the future direction of politics is the disposition of the army. Whether it maintains a non-partisan disposition or gives encouraging signals to the opposition by, once again, building pressure on the federal government? Pakistan is entering another highly volatile and bitterly contested period of domestic politics. The budget session in the parliament is going to be very stormy. The federal government would like to give a people’s friendly budget because of the forthcoming elections. The opposition will contest this bitterly if the federal government lasted till then. All this adds to uncertainty about the future direction of Pakistani politics and will continue to raise question about its capacity to address its internal and external problems. The on-going crisis in the Pakistan-US relations will fester as Pakistan’s federal government faces the new survival threat in the domestic context. This will make it difficult for Pakistan to attract external financial support that will in turn undermine the capacity of the federal government to address the on-going socioeconomic crisis and internal stability issues. The writer is an independent political and defence analyst.

foreign Press

the Syrian nightmare Khaleej Times


yria continues to burn, despite the so-called ceasefire implemented April 12 and the UN observers. Amid reports of suicide blasts and further clashes between government and the rebel forces filtering in, the viability of Kofi Anna’s sixpoint pace plan remains questionable. To date, despite the official implementation of the ceasefire and the presence of the UN observers — expected to reach a total of 300 — the violence in Syria has maintained a steady level. Any hope that both sides would respect the agreement after a dip in fighting was witnessed in the early days, have been dashed subsequently. Therefore the realistic assessment of the head of the UN observers’ mission, Major General Robert Mood on arrival in Syria must be taken with a grain of salt. General Mood’s blunt appraisal highlights the futility of even a 1,000 unarmed observers on ground unless both sides halt all armed violence. As witnessed over the past two weeks, the ceasefire terms are being violated by both sides — the government and the opposition backed free Syrian Army have not desisted from using

violence against each other amid allegations and counter allegations. Irrespective of who is to blame, the two, caught up in a vicious cycle are continuing to act in a manner that negates the whole purpose of the ceasefire in the first place. The ceasefire itself is pivotal to the peace plan, whose success can only come about once a cessation of violence is achieved. While this is extremely unfortunate, the bigger question facing the international community is; what to do next? The only alternatives left are hard-hitting Security Council sanctions and/or an external military intervention. A lot has been said about Russian and Chinese opposition and their threat of vetoing a Security Council resolution, but would these hold ground in the present circumstances? Moscow and Beijing have been urging patience and time for the implementation of Annan’s peace plan but the ensuing circumstances since the ceasefire came into effect have only seen a steady deterioration. each passing day has resulted in more killings. It is a gruesome reality that brings additional responsibility on all those involved in finding a resolution to this crisis. So unless the Syrian government and the rebel forces hold fire, drastic action will have to be taken to forcibly stop them. This is the least desirable action but one that may have become necessary now.

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Comment 13

Morality, Merit, Middle Class a historic wrong People present must atone for sins past

All with a capital M, of course

By Umair Javed


or a country suffering from a permanent dearth of academic work in the field of humanities and social sciences, it comes as no surprise that there has been almost no known attempt in trying to understand the contemporary class composition of Pakistani society. All we have are labels: The Landlord, The Industrialist, The Peasant, The Labourer. But between all of that, we have this one catch-all label called the Middle Class. If you don't fall into one of these four categories, you're part of the middle class. It's the ultimate anti-definition: you're middle class completely based on the reality of what you are not, as opposed to what you are. The closest we come to any revelation about the dynamics of this middle class is that it's a constitution following, tax-paying, merit abiding, urbanized, group of people, who of course, aren't landlords, peasants, industrialists, politicians, or wage laborers. Hypothetically speaking, the guy who rents out auto-rickshaws to wage earning drivers, is neither an industrialist nor a landlord. He doesn't pay any taxes because his entire business runs on cash, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't follow a merit-based criterion in choosing who gets to work for him. He probably earns the same amount of money as a midlevel banking professional, and in all likelihood owns a total of 2 refrigerators, 3 TV's and his own house somewhere in Samnabad. His children attended a public-sector school and are now (barely) doing their Bachelors in Computer Sciences from one of the many private colleges scattered over the city. If he's doing good business, his kids will probably share a Mehran between them, otherwise his son has a Honda CD 70. When Mr Transporter gets into trouble with the cops, he'll have no problem dishing out a hefty bribe,

and when one of his biraderi members asks for a favour, he'll do his best to pull as many strings as his fingers will humanly allow him to. Oh, and he thoroughly believes that Khilafat is the cure for all ills faced by this country. Gross generalisation? Well, yes. But is there a label for this guy? Well, no. What if we were to consider the possibility that there are more people like this guy than there are of the LUMS going, O/A Level giving preppy school sorts? The point that I was trying to make here is that there is no one middle-class in Pakistan. The appropriate term that should be used is the middle-classes. The second conclusion is that if you've attended a private school, gone abroad, or to one of those really expensive local places, for university, you're not part of the middle class by any stretch of the imagination. You don't become middle-class simply by paying taxes and not being part of a landed/industrial family. You are, by all definitions, part of a different elite, an elite that is wage-earning, apparently apolitical, but elite nonetheless. Now it's time we paid attention to the second aspect of the 'middleclass' syndrome, i.e. this obsession with morality. Let's continue with our example of Mr. Transporter. He actually does believe that Khilafat is the antidote to every disease plaguing our society. In his mind, though, the ultimate disease is immorality: the loss of family values, growing westernisation, Indian movies (which he still enjoys), the Internetz (which he has), the growing influence of this dratted thing called cable TV, for which he duly pays 250 Rs. every month, etc. His son might not imbibe the world-view of his dad, but when push comes to shove, when India flexes its muscle, or when some random Danish cartoonist defames the Prophet (PBUH), he will become a foot soldier in the defence of Morality (with a capital M). Now let’s go to Mr Urban english Speaking Self-Professed Middle Classiya. He's just come back from foreign lands armed with a degree in something floozy like development studies. He is filled with uber-nationalistic pride and wants to help the country by using his floozy skills to eradicate poverty and fight illiteracy. How can he, (this apparently apolitical self-professed Middle Classiya), find a way to bring about

change. Join the government? Too much corruption. Join politics? Don't have the money, the family name, the requisite amount of land? Or the permission from MummyPapa. If only things here were done properly. If only we didn't have conmen for presidents, and lying illiterates for legislators. If only policy-making was being done by technocrats, selected on the basis of Merit (with a capital M). The case with the narrative of Mr Urban english is that it proposes a moral order as well. It asks for a complete change in the way the system is currently being run. Moreover, it asks for a complete overhaul of our political and social culture. A new morality is required; a morality, not determined by the size of one's beard or his caste or the fact that people consider him to be their representative, but by the weight of one's modern-western education. Sadly, Mr Urban english is also slightly deluded. You see, the problem is that for 63 years, this country has, in fact, been run by people of the same ilk. Bureaucrats have academic and professional qualifications by the bucket-loads from some of the finest institutions in America and UK. Heck, even Generals are required to sit through war-courses and strategic studies degrees. for a second, just think about our foreign Policy, our defence policy, our finance policy, our trade policy. each and every one is being made by senior bureaucrats, technocrats, consultants or generals. Policy-making in this country has been the domain of the educated classes. There is no denying that fact. So, Mr. Urban english, if he does ask his Mamoo/Chachoo for a sifarish, will simply be another educated babu working the same way that many others have before him. Urbanisation and a perceived sense of morality seem to go hand in hand. It might take on different shapes, depending on the individual under question, but there is no mistaking the high-ground position of appearing to know what is right and what is not. Why exactly does this happen? I'm still waiting to find an adequate explanation. The writer blogs at him at, or send a tweet @umairjav

By Moeen Qureshi


n the 33rd death anniversary of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the Central executive Committee of the PPP, due to the unending pressure of its supporters and the general public, forced the president and co-chairman of the PPP to send a reference to the Supreme Court of Pakistan under Article 186 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan asking the apex court to revisit Mr Bhutto’s case, who according to the public perception was eliminated through the judicial process by General Zia-ul-Haq and his coteries in collusive arrangement with Justice Maulvi Mushtaq. Mr Bhutto was a highly controversial figure who was a hero for his followers but an opportunist and condemnable person for his opponents. Capitalists, industrialists and big landlords of this country were against him and wanted to get rid of him at all costs. He had nationalised all the key industries and had drastically reduced the land holdings through land reforms. Therefore, the industrialists and feudal landlords of this country became his enemy number one whereas on the other hand the labourers, teachers, farmers and people belonging to the poor strata of society considered him their saviour. He still continues to be a divisive figure as the reference sent by the president has come under lot of criticism from one segment of society while earning a lot of appreciation from other segments. The people who criticise the reopening of the case maintain that the revisitation would not bring any fruitful result 30 years after his hanging; rather, it will open a Pandora’s box as a result of which our entire judicial system including the process of investigation, prosecution and the conduct of different judges (those who conducted his trial and those who heard his appeal) would come under sharp criticism which may bring our judiciary into disrepute. Conversely, there is a very large segment of the society that argues precisely the opposite. They say that correcting a historic wrong will in actuality restore the pride of the judiciary and erase an ugly blot on its stature. Many people want to know the real conspiracy behind the killing of their most beloved political leader through the judiciary so as to forestall any such occurrence in the future and preventing the current political leadership from being subjected to a similar treatment. It is commonly believed that death penalty to Z A Bhutto was set by the Zia-

ul-Haq regime. That is why he specially constituted the full bench of the Lahore High Court headed by Justice Maulvi Mushtaq. In the entire history of this country, no murder trial has ever been directly conducted by the high court. The High Court, being an appellate court, does not have the jurisdiction to conduct a murder trial, the original jurisdiction of which lies with the court of sessions. Therefore, this will be the primary moot question before the Supreme Court while revisiting Mr Bhutto’s case. The second question which may call for the attention of the court would be why was he deprived from at least one more forum of appeal? This is probably the main reason on account of which the public at large calls it a "judicial murder". While revisiting Z A Bhutto's case, the apex court may come across innumerable fatal legal lacunae like the abuse of the law in the form of admitting legally inadmissible evidence, rejecting admissible evidence, not giving the benefit of doubt to the accused etc. Numerous deviations from the principles of law and norms of justice can be pointed out which the apex court must make part of the record so as to stop their repetition in future trials as the same could cause a serious miscarriage of justice. It is the irony of fate that, after the hanging of Z A Bhutto, no principle of law enunciated in his case is accepted as precedent by the superior courts of Pakistan (whereas, in the normal course of things, any principle of law laid down in a previous case is binding on all courts in Pakistan as per Article 189 of the constitution for any accused facing a similar situation). Since the legal fraternity has to face this embarrassment daily in the courts besides the judges conducting the murder trials, it would be prudent to get rid of it once and for ever. And it is not just a matter of practicality but a matter of principle. If some wrong stood committed from the judges of the superior courts in the past - particularly in those days when the entire judiciary was in the clutches of the military regime - then what is the harm in admitting some wrongs and setting them right. Institutions that learn from their follies are institutions that grow and strengthen. Pakistan’s judiciary has come a long way and is ever assertive in the new socio-political landscape of Pakistan. It would do well to correct its historic wrong. Z A Bhutto’s case was a grievous miscarriage of justice at the behest of a military dictator. The judiciary must restore its honour by removing this heinous mistake from its record.

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SOCIETY KaraCHi: Dr fouzia Khan and Syed Mohammad nawab hosted a dinner reception in honour of Mna Khushbakht Shujaat who was awarded the Sitara-e-imtiaz. pr


f the summer 2012 movie season were a film in its own right, there can be little doubt it would be a sequel-or a reboot-and in either case, it would likely feature a superhero. Hollywood’s summer season kicks off with the release of ‘The Avengers’ and as with recent years, the four-month period is dominated by superheroes, sequels and franchise reboots featuring epic battles between good and evil. Movies based on characters and stories that are well-known, such as those in comic books (‘The Avengers’ and ‘The Amazing Spider-


Man’), or games (‘Battleship’), film sequels (‘Men in Black 3’) and remakes (‘Total Recall’) reach audiences of built-in fans that typically turn out in droves. Summer kicks off with ‘The Avengers’ combining popular Marvel characters such as Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor and Captain America among others into one adventure film that has so much pentup demand box office watchers think its opening weekend sales could top $160 million. The studios hope ‘Avengers’ will set the tone for other comic book flicks to follow, including ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and the third instalment of director Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise, ‘The

Dark Knight Rises’. for the first time in 15 years, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprise their roles in ‘Men in Black 3’. Aliens wreak havoc throughout the summer in films as ‘Battleship’, based on the board game of the same name, ‘Prometheus’, Ridley Scott’s is-it-or-isn’t-it prequel to ‘Alien,’ and the comedy ‘Neighbourhood Watch’. ‘Total Recall’, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ and Pixar’s ‘Brave’ also join the fray. Comedy always finds a place in summertime, too, with Johnny Depp starring in ‘Dark Shadows’ and Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg team up for ‘That’s My Boy’. finally, on June 15, a film version of the smash Broadway musical ‘Rock of Ages’ debuts, boasting a cast including Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand rocking out to music from the ‘80s. “It’s the perfect musical for guys,” said director Adam Shankman, who also made ‘Hairspray’. “The music is all classic rock. It’s literally the only musical in history that every straight man will know all the words to when they walk in.”

LAHoRE: Designar Toseef Ahmed presents his creations. PHOTOS bY NADEEM IjAz

Abida Parveen

to undergo heart surgery

Fia, Qasim and Saim

Nina, Fozia, Uzma and Suhail


Sbah Wasy

in India ReNOWNeD Sufi singer Abida Parveen was admitted in Delhi’s private hospital and would undergo heart surgery this week. Parveen, who was born at Larkana in 1954, was admitted to hospital last evening after complaining of chest pains, here she would undergo for angioplasty, doctors said. Pakistani ambassador to India Shahid Malik visited hospital and enquired after her health. Malik also presented her flower bouquet on behalf of Presi-

dent Asif Ali Zardari. earlier in 2010, Abida Parveen had undergone angiography and angioplasty after suffering from a mild cardiac arrest in Lahore. The singer also has millions of fans in India, which she often visits for performances. Parveen began her career with Radio Pakistan and gained new fans following her appearance in ‘Coke Studio’, a television music programme that showcases collaborations between classical and rock artists. oNLINE Anam and Rameez

It's not risky to work with new directors: Akshay MUMBAI: He takes pride in saying that he gave some of his biggest hits with new directors and even today bollywood star akshay Kumar feels there is not much risk involved in working with debutants. "i have given some of my best films with new directors-abbas-Mustan in ‘Khiladi’, Guddu Dhanoa in ‘elaan’ and naresh Malhotra in ‘yeh Dillagi’. there is a long list of newcomers i have worked with. in recent times, i have worked with Sajid Khan in 'Housefull'," akshay said. the 44-yearold also worked with Sabir Khan in his directorial ‘Kambakhat isqh’, but it didn't work. So is there any risk factor involved in working with fresh talents? "it is not at all risky to work with newcomers... they have the greed, they want to do something, they want to prove themselves. i like working with newcomers because they have new ideas. with due respect to all other directors, who also make good films, i enjoy working with newcomers a lot," he said. in fact, one film old director neeraj Pandey is directing him in the upcoming movie ‘Special Chabbis’. "the whole idea is to do different films with different directors. My responsibility in ‘Special Chabbis’ as an actor is to follow my director thoroughly without giving any inputs," he said. “‘Special Chabbis’, ‘once Upon a time in Mumbaai again’ and ‘oMG’ are the films i will be proud to be associated with,” he added. AGENCIES

Noor and Jogan

Is Ekta Kapoor afraid of

Aamir Khan? MUMBAI: if the word in the town is to be believed, tV czar and bollywood financer ekta Kapoor recently steered clear of a head on clash with another titan of the industry, also known as the ‘perfectionist’aamir Khan, to avoid any dent to her new production. Sources confirm that aamir had planned the release his forthcoming film ‘talaash’ on november 30 and didn’t want any other big film to release on the same date. Meanwhile ekta had planned on releasing her much-awaited ‘Shootout at wadala’ on December 7, 2012, a week after the release of the aamir Khanstarrer. However, now news has it that the balaji team has decided to postpone their release to January 18, 2013. not that aamir Khan and ekta Kapoor are not good friends; in fact, they share a great rapport especially after aK’s ‘Delhi belly’ trailer was ferried along with ‘ragini MMS’ last year. but the think tanks of balaji including ekta, leading man John abraham, director Sanjay Gupta, and tanuj Garg, Ceo of balaji Motion Pictures decided that it’s wise to shift the release dates a little more ahead. AGENCIES

Qasim and Iram

Madhuri Dixit



MUMBAI: Get ready to watch the demure and politically correct Madhuri Dixit nene use expletives. as a part of her act in anubhav Sinha’s ‘Gulabi Gang’, Mads will be required to use colourful language and push the envelope like never before. a source reveals, "Madhuri is super excited about the role and is ready to go all out to get in the character and play it as real as possible. She's watched ‘ishqiya’ and recent bolly films to know that the tone of films has changed in keeping with the times." Her comeback film is loosely based on the life of Sampat Pal, the founder president of the Gulabi Gang, a group of women dacoits dressed in pink saris that operates in a Mumbai locality. AGENCIES

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He Hunger Games tributes are beyond fierce, but taking on Bridesmaids could be just as daunting as any challenge they faced in the arena. Nominations for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards just came out and the two blockbusters are up for the most Golden Popcorns, snagging 8 nods a piece, including Movie of the Year. Both are up for prizes including best cast, breakthrough performance and movie of the year. Of course, some supernatural stars are also in the running for best picture. ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’ and ‘Harry Potter and the


Deathly Hallows: Part 2’ also picked up noms for top prize at the hip awards show. Rounding out the best picture category is ‘The Help’, which is up for three

additional Golden Popcorns. The flicks up for best picture also duke it out in a few more categories: Jennifer Lawrence, emma Watson, Rooney Mara

and Kristen Wiig are all up for Best female Performance. Leading lads Daniel Radcliffe, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling and Josh Hutcherson received nods for Best Male Performance. The winners will be decided by public vote. The awards ceremony is on 3 June. There are 12 categories this year, of which six are new including best on-screen dirtbag and best gut-wrenching performance. Nominees were previously selected by the public but this year they were chosen by a panel of actors, producers, agents and industry insiders. The MTV Movie Awards ceremony takes place at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Los Angeles.

Sharmila, Khoshbakhat and Dr Fuzia

HoLLYWooD: Eva Longoria, William Macy and wife felicity Huffman arrive to the series finale of ‘Desperate Housewives’. AFP

LoS ANGeLeS: emma Watson, Jason Segel and David Krumholtz have joined the fast-growing cast of ‘The end of the World’, Seth Rogen's apocalypse comedy that already features James franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson and maybe even Rihanna. Per THR, like those actors, Watson, Segel and Krumholtz will play variations of themselves in the new film. Based on the short ‘Jay And Seth Vs. The Apocalypse,’ ‘end of the World’ is about what happens to some of your favourite Hollywood celebrities when the apocalypse strikes. The action will reportedly take place during a party at James franco's apartment, which could account for why stars like Watson and Rihanna would be hanging out with Team Apatow during end times. Cheekily, THR claims that not all the famous faces will ‘make it out alive’. “The one thing that I can say -- that was my pitch, my idea, that I think we'll end up doing, because it would be foolish not to -- I want a recurring joke, because it takes place in Los Angeles, and there's a lot of famous people in Los Angeles, I want a bunch of cameos, but I just want them to be corpses,” he said. Rogen and evan Goldberg (‘Superbad’) wrote ‘The end of the World’, which is scheduled to hit theatres next summer. AGENCIES

Singers Katy Perry and Nicole Scherzinger are the big names in consideration to fill Kelly Rowland’s spot in Britain’s ‘The X factor’. Rowland, who had been on the judges panel last season, has left the show and now the organisers are in search for a new judge, Daily express reported. “I’ve worked with Nicole and Katy before and I would love to work with them again, they were fantastic," said Louis Walsh. According to reports, five celebrities are in contention with Melanie Brown, Anastasia, current ‘X-factor’ judge in Australia, and Sharone Osbourne who has previously been a judge on the show. "Mel B knows the format so well. Anastasia has sold millions of records and is a big star and I would give anything to work with Sharon again," Walsh added. Started in 2004, ‘X factor’ will soon go on air for its season 9.


NEWS DESK N1, the band which made headlines with their debut music video ‘Inqilaab-The Revolution Song’, earlier this year, has just released their second music video ‘Jalwa’. ‘Jalwa’ revolves around a young man’s dream of a mysterious woman, who keeps disappearing after showing her ‘Jalwa’. It’s a lover’s appreciation of some very powerful emotions like mystery, drama, love and a desire for divine beauty. The beauty of this song is in its almost tangible feel of an early morning dream that takes the viewers’ imagination to a different world. ‘Jalwa’s video features leading fashion industry icon Sara Gillani and

Action takes a back seat

in Bollywood MUMBAI: while promoting 'Players', abhishek bachchan told the media that he was moving away from experimental cinema (like 'Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey') because action movies were his real calling. Saif ali Khan produced 'agent Vinod' because a good bond-like thriller gave him an adrenaline rush like no other. and ajay Devgn feels action can never go wrong. Honestly, is there any truth to this? the first quarter of 2012 has been a disaster for the stylishly mounted action bollywood films that have brought in the best foreign stunt directors, shot extensively overseas and left no stone unturned in their media blitzkreig. 'Players' shot in new Zealand, russia and even the north Pole. 'agent Vinod' toured the world - starting from russia, Latvia, UK, South africa, Morocco and Pakistan. 'tezz' brought in the stunt director who worked on major Hollywood projects. yet to what avail? what is also interesting to note is that while action has taken a beating, experimental cinema like 'Paan Singh tomar' (above average), 'Kahaani' (super-hit) and 'Vicky Donor' (hit) have actually kept the bollywood flag flying high. Guess when it comes to cinema, formula doesn't always work. AGENCIES


music industry icon, DJ Shahrukh. The video has been directed by Shahrukh Sheikh, with post work by Murtaza Ali, while the music production has been done by DJ Ali Mustafa. “N1 is working on two music albums simultaneously. ‘Inqilaab’ was our debut release from our first album on revolution. ‘Jalwa’ is our debut release from our second album that focuses on commercial music. The song has an almost dreamy feel to it and we hope it will do well on the charts,” said Naimul Ab, front-man for N1-The Band. Currently, ‘Jalwa’ is being exclusively aired on AAG TV and Radio 1 fM 91. However, N1 has confirmed that the song will be released by the band on their facebook very soon.

The romantic comedy ‘Think Like a Man’ topped the North American box office for the second weekend in a row. The ensemble date movie based on the bestselling book by actor and radio talk show host Steve Harvey made $17.6 million in its second week despite mediocre reviews. In second place was ‘The Pirates! Band of Misfits,’ a children's stop-motion animated film. Smash action hit ‘The Hunger Games’ remained in third place in its sixth week on the big screen. In fourth place was tearjerker drama ‘The Lucky One,’ starring Zac efron as a US soldier back from Iraq. ‘The fiveYear engagement,’ starring emily Blunt and Jason Segel, opened in fifth place. In sixth place was another debut, the Jason Statham action flick ‘Safe’, followed by yet another new movie with mediocre reviews, ‘The Raven’. Rounding off the top 10 were ‘Chimpanzee’, ‘The Three Stooges’ and ‘The Cabin in the Woods’.

It’s action time

for Sonakshi Sonakshi Sinha, whose second release ‘rowdy rathore’ is just as action-filled as her debut opposite Salman Khan in ‘Dabangg’ (2010), will be doing some action in the climax of the film. "i have some action, but very little," says the actor. "i am there through the climax, so there is definitely some action. but i can't reveal much as the film is still in the process of editing." Sonakshi has also shot for Shirish Kunder's sci-fi drama, ‘Joker’, with akshay Kumar, but says she enjoys the action genre more. She says, “‘Dabangg’ was an action film, though i was not very physically involved, and now it's ‘rowdy rathore’. it's great fun to be part of it.” Produced by Sanjay Leela bhansali, designer Shabina Khan and UtV Motion Pictures, ‘rowdy rathore’ will mark the comeback of akshay Kumar as an action hero after ‘Khakee’ (2004). Sonakshi says, "the kind of action he does is tremendous-without a body double at that. there is so much to learn just being with him." Since she has worked with akshay in two consecutive films, Sonakshi is now very comfortable with the star. She will work with him once again in director Milan Luthria's sequel to ‘once Upon a time in Mumbaai’ (2010). She is also shooting for the sequel of ‘Dabangg’ and director Vikramaditya Motwane's ‘Lootera’ opposite ranveer Singh. Does she find it difficult to shift from one character to another in such quick succession? Sonakshi says, "i am very comfortable working on multiple projects simultaneously." the movie is distributed in Pakistan by iMGC and Pr is done by encyclomedia Pr. NEWS DESK

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16 Foreign News

wednesday, 2 May, 2012

26 dead in syria hours after new un ceasefire call DAMASCUS



eN civilians killed by regime mortar fire and 12 troops died in clashes with rebels were among 26 dead in Syria on Tuesday just hours after a new UN call for all sides to respect a troubled truce. UN chief Ban Ki-moon said it was vital that government and opposition alike cooperate fully with a hard-won UN observer force as it fans out in its mission to shore up the ceasefire agreement that took effect on April 12. But despite his appeal, human rights monitors reported no let-up in the violence, a day after a series of blasts condemned by Ban as “terrorist bomb attacks” killed more than 20 people.

Nine members of a single family were among the 10 killed in the regime bombardment of a village in northwestern Idlib province, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. A mortar round slammed into their home in Mashmashan village near the town of Jisr al-Shughur, the watchdog said, adding four women and two children were among the dead. elsewhere in the same province, random gunfire killed a 13-year-old boy in the town of Maaret al-Numan. Outside Damascus, gunfire from a minibus belonging to the security forces killed an 80-year-old man in the town of Qatna, while regime shelling killed a civilian in a village of central Hama province, said the Observatory. In Deir ezzor province in the north-

east, 12 soldiers were killed in clashes with rebel fighters, said the watchdog. One civilian was also killed during the fighting in the Busayra area of the province, in which troops responded with missile and heavy machinegun fire, it added. Ban called on all sides to work with the UN observer mission as it expands from the current advance party of 30 to a promised full complement of 300 in the coming days and weeks. “While noting improvements in areas where UN monitors are deployed, the secretary general remains gravely concerned by reports of continued violence, killing and abuses in Syria in recent days,” a statement said. He called “for armed violence in all its forms by all parties to cease immediately and full cooperation of all parties with the

work of UN Supervision Mission in Syria as it expands its presence on the ground.” Two observers are already deployed in Idlib, a province bordering Turkey where rebel fighters of the free Syrian Army have been active. There are none in Deir ezzor. Two observers each have been deployed in three other protest centres — the flashpoint central cities of Hama and Homs, and Daraa province, south of Damascus and cradle of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime that broke out in March last year. The other 22 remain based in the capital. In Monday’s violence, bombings rocked Idlib city and the Damascus suburbs, with the deadliest hitting security buildings in Idlib. “The blasts targeted two security headquarters, one housing air force intelligence and the other mili-

tary intelligence,” Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman told AfP. The official SANA news agency said “terrorists” were behind the attacks by “suicide bombers.” Meanwhile, an Islamist group that has claimed several bomb attacks in Syria said it was responsible for a blast in Damascus last week that targeted security forces and an Iranian cultural centre. The Al-Nusra front said in a statement posted online that one of its members had attached an explosive device to an army vehicle and that it detonated at the cultural centre in Marjeh Square, “hitting two targets in the process.” Police said three people were injured in the April 24 blast. In his statement, the UN chief condemned what he called “terrorist bomb attacks” in Idlib and Damascus.

tens of thousands join May 1 protests in crisis-hit Greece ATHENS AfP

More than 18,000 people took to the streets of cities around debt-stricken Greece on Tuesday to join traditional May 1 labour protests, which this year come five days before a general election. The May Day protests are usually marked by a general strike in Greece, which for the past two years has been forced to adopt severe austerity measures to obtain eUIMf bailouts and avoid bankruptcy. The main private workers GSee union and the public employees’ Adedy union had called for rallies to be held in the capital Athens and in the second largest city, Thessaloniki. Police said some 7,000 people turned up in the northern city of Thessaloniki, while in Athens, about 1,500 people answered the unions’ call, with another 2,000 supporters of leftist groups rallying in the centre of the capital. “No one alone, all together we will succeed,” proclaimed the unions’ banner at the rally site. The protesters marched toward the parliament, escorted by police before dispersing peacefully. A 24-year-old sociology student, Aquelos Nestoras, said he was “a bit disappointed that there weren’t more people at the demonstration.” “I think that people are afraid to come out in the streets because of the rise of the far-right,” he added, referring to a small neo-Nazi party Chryssi Avghi, which polls show has between 4 and 5 percent support in the upcoming elections which would give it seats in parliament for the first time. “Punish the parties of austerity and the neo-Nazis”, read another banner of the small radical leftist party Syriza with about 10 percent in opinion polls, double its support in 2009. The biggest reported rally drew more than 8,000 supporters of a workers’ movement close to the Communist party in Aspropyrgos, about 35 kilometres (22 miles) from Athens, site of a steel plant of the Hellenic Halyvourgia group, where workers have been on strike for several months to protest against salary cuts.

SANABIS: A Bahraini Shia Muslim woman shouts anti-government slogans during a Labour Day pro-democracy protest in the Manama suburb of Sanabis on Tuesday. aFp

Mali junta says counter-coup defeated BAMAKO AfP

The soldiers who staged a putsch in Mali five weeks ago said Tuesday they had defeated an overnight counter-coup by foreign-backed forces loyal to ousted president Amadou Toumani Toure. Gunfire had erupted at the national television and radio station, the airport and at the garrison town near the capital Bamako that is the headquarters of the rebel soldiers led by Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo. An employee of the TV and radio station, which had been held by rebel soldiers since the March 22 coup, told AfP that “there were deaths” in the gunfight, without giving casualty figures.

The resurgence of fighting dimmed hopes for a quick return to order in the west African country where political chaos has allowed Tuareg rebels and Islamists to seize swathes of the vast desert north. A soldier reading out a message on television on behalf of Sanogo said “foreign elements backed by dark forces from inside the country carried out these attacks,” adding that some of them were arrested. The coup leaders, under intense regional and international pressure, have allowed a civilian interim government to take over but have kept making arrests, which witnesses said sparked the latest violence. The fighting followed an attempt by junta loyalists to detain Abidine Guindo, the former chief of staff of toppled president Toure. Guindo was the head of the “Red Berets” presidential guard.

Murdoch unfit to run major company: British lawmakers LONDON AfP

Rupert Murdoch showed “wilfull blindness” about phone hacking at his News of the World tabloid and is not fit to run a major company, a British parliamentary committee said in a scathing report Tuesday. The committee said the tycoon’s British newspaper arm News International had misled parliament, adding that the 81-year-old tycoon and his son James, 39, should take corporate responsibility for wrongdoing at the paper. “Rupert Murdoch is not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company,” the cross-party culture, media and sport committee said in its long-awaited report on the scandal.

“In failing to investigate properly, and by ignoring evidence of widespread wrongdoing, News International and its parent News Corporation exhibited wilful blindness, for which the companies’ directors — including Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch — should ultimately be prepared to take responsibility.” The committee approved the report by six to four, split between members of the opposition Labour party who backed its findings, and Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservatives, who opposed them. The 121-page report also singled out three ex-Murdoch aides — former News International executive chairman Les Hinton, News of the World editor Colin Myler and legal manager Tom Crone — as having deliberately misled parliament. The panel said

it was now for parliament’s lower House of Commons to decide “what punishment should be imposed” on those it thinks have treated the committee with contempt. Broadcasting regulators said meanwhile they would consider the report as part of its probe into whether satellite broadcaster BSkyB, which is part-owned by News Corp., is still fit to hold a licence in Britain. News Corp. said it was “carefully reviewing” the report and would “respond shortly”. “The company fully acknowledges significant wrongdoing at News of the World and apologizes to everyone whose privacy was invaded,” it said in a statement. Murdoch shut the News of the World in July 2011 as the phone-hacking scandal exploded with revelations that the tabloid had accessed the

voicemails of a murdered schoolgirl. Rupert and James, 39 — who stood down as executive chairman of News International in february but remains on the board of BSkyB — both gave evidence to the committee on July 19 last year. Murdoch senior was attacked with a shaving foam pie by a comedian during the hearing. The lawmakers on the panel accused News International of a wide-ranging cover-up. “Their instinct throughout, until it was too late, was to cover up rather than seek out wrongdoing and discipline the perpetrators,” the report said. “Corporately, the News of the World and News International misled the committee about the true nature and extent of the internal investigations they professed to have carried out in relation to phone hacking.”

bahrain’s Khawaja to stay on hunger strike DUBAI AfP

Bahraini activist Abdulhadi alKhawaja, looking frail but alert, said he will keep up his hunger strike, the BBC reported on Tuesday after becoming the first media outlet to meet him in military hospital. BBC security correspondent frank Gardner and producer Mark Georgiou who said they were allowed to see him for five minutes “with his consent,” described Khawaja as “thin but alert.” “Khawaja said he would continue his hunger strike,” BBC reported. “Khawaja said his medical treatment had been good ‘except for the force-feeding’,” a claim denied by authorities, BBC reported. In a picture of the meeting on the BBC website, Khawaja was sitting at the edge of his hospital bed, with a bowl and a cup at the night table next to him. Concerns have mounted over the activist’s life after he announced he will refrain from drinking water. But BBC reported that Khawaja, on hunger strike since february 8, was “drinking fluids, and hospital staff said he was also drinking regular nutritional supplements.” The BBC interview comes after Bahrain’s highest appeals court on Monday ordered the retrial of 14 opposition activists, among them Khawaja.

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wednesday, 2 May, 2012

Foreign News 17 Putin, Medvedev toast May Day at Soviet pub MOSCOW AfP

Russia’s leaders Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev rolled back the years Tuesday as they took a round of May Day drinks in a Moscow pub popular for beer-drinking since Soviet times. The Zhiguli pub just off the central Arbat street is a Moscow institution, known for its cheap and plentiful supplies of beer on tap and copious portions of greasy stomach-lining food. “I’d never been here before,” admitted outgoing president Medvedev as he entered the pub with president-elect Putin after they jointly led the biggest May Day celebrations in Moscow for years. “The one thing that is really different from before (in Soviet times) is that there are many different kinds of beer. Then, there was just one,” said Medvedev, apparently fascinated by the array of beers on offer. After ordering their beers they then went to the self-service counter to take their plates of food — Putin went for boiled potatoes with cod and Medvedev for fried potatoes and lamb sausage. Joined by a handful of MPs and trade union leaders, state television showed them toasting May Day with mugs of beer at a table laden with traditional Russian salty snacks beloved by beer drinkers across the country.

ISTANBUL: Thousands of Turkish protesters gather at Taksim square during a May Day rally in central Istanbul on Tuesday. aFp

Japan FM warns on Iran strike at start of Israel visit JERUSALEM AfP

Japan’s top diplomat on Tuesday reiterated Tokyo’s concern over a strike on Iran’s nuclear programme in an interview published as he began a two-day trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories. “Japan is very concerned over the Iranian nuclear issue,” foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba told the top-selling Yediot Aharonot daily, in remarks translated into Hebrew. “The international community, including Japan, is putting unprecedented pressure on Iran, and the renewal of talks between the world powers and Iran is a result of this pressure,” he said. Six world powers, known as the

P5+1 grouping of diplomats from the United States, Russia, China, Britain, france and Germany, held a first round of talks with Iran over its contested nuclear programme in Istanbul last month, with a second round due to take place in Baghdad on May 23. Israel says a nuclear Iran would constitute an existential threat to the Jewish state and has not ruled out a pre-emptive strike on Tehran’s nuclear facilities. “The military option will not only give Iran an excuse to expedite its nuclear programme, but could also increase the instability in the region, which would threaten Israel,” Gemba warned. The minister’s remarks reiterated concerns that both he and Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda had raised in mid-feb-

ruary during a visit to Tokyo by Israeli Defence Minister ehud Barak. At the time, Noda warned that military action could be “extremely dangerous” as it risks “escalating” the current situation. And Gemba raised similar concerns, saying: “Using a military option would not only provide an excuse to Iran but could unite the Arab world against Israel.” On Monday evening, Barak said he had little confidence that the P5+1 talks would succeed in resolving the standoff over Tehran’s nuclear programme. “The P5+1 engagement with Iran, however, does not fill me with confidence. I may sound pessimistic but the state of Israel cannot afford to be duped,” he told reporters at a foreign Press Association meeting in Jerusalem.

He said that “all options to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons” were on the table, although he admitted that the military option would be “complicated.” “But a nuclear Islamic Republic of Iran would be far more dangerous,” he said. Gemba was due to arrive in Israel around midday for a twoday visit, which will see him meeting his Israeli counterpart, Avigdor Lieberman in Jerusalem. On Wednesday he was to meet senior Palestinian officials in the West Bank city of Ramallah. The UN Security Council has slapped four rounds of sanctions on Tehran over suspicions harboured by Israel and much of the West that Iran is seeking a militarised nuclear capability — a charge which Tehran denies.

Palestinians warn of backlash if hunger strikers die NABLUS AfP

Palestinian prisoners minister Issa Qaraqaa on Tuesday warned there would be a major backlash if any of the detainees on a mass hunger inside Israeli jails were to die. “We will not accept our prisoners returning in coffins from the occupation’s prisons,” Qaraqaa told a 3,000-strong crowd demonstrating in solidarity with the prisoners in the West Bank city of Nablus. “If anything happens to any prisoner, the explosion will not stay inside prison walls but will extend to the outside,” he said. Around a third of the 4,700 Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli jails are currently on openended hunger strike, according to the Israel Prisons Service, which puts the number at 1,450. Most have been refusing food for around two weeks, but eight of them are at an advanced stage of their hunger strike and two — Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahla — have gone 63 days without eating.

Sarkozy goes for broke but Le Pen scorns his advances PARIS AfP

Nicolas Sarkozy took his re-election bid to the streets of Paris on Tuesday, seeking to hijack the french left’s traditional May Day show of force but failing to win over a scornful far right. With five days to go before the french presidential vote, the country’s three main political movements were on the march, with three competing street rallies in the capital battling for the electorate’s attention. Marine Le Pen, flag-bearer of the far-right anti-immigrant National front seized on her party’s traditional May Day homage to Catholic martyr Joan of Arc to launch another fierce attack on both remaining candidates. She had won just under 18 percent of the vote in the first round on April 22, trailing Sarkozy and the Socialist frontrunner francois Hollande, who now face each other in a televised debate Wednesday and the run-off on Sunday. Sarkozy has embarked on a determined bid to recruit her supporters to his cause, stressing again and again his promises to cut immigration, withhold voting rights from foreign citizens and

oppose gay marriage. But a triumphalist Le Pen scorned his overture, damning Sarkozy and Hollande equally as creatures of the same party duopoly she blames for france’s economic woes and loss of sovereignty to europe and international finance. “Who between francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy will impose the austerity plan in the most servile way? Who will submit the best to the instructions of the IMf, the eCB or the european Commission?” she demanded ironically. “On May 6 it’s not a president who is to be elected, but a simple employee of the european Central Bank, a Brussels sub-controller of finance, charged with applying the Commission’s decisions without question,” she said. “And, forgive me, with regular reports to Angela Merkel’s Germany,” she added, as the crowd booed. Le Pen reminded her supporters that they are free to vote as they choose on Sunday, but said that she would cast a blank ballot so as not to endorse either candidate and strongly suggested that they should do the same. She declared that the National front had set the agenda of the presidential

PARIS: french far right party front National (fN) former presidential candidate Marine Le Pen arrives to give speech during the fN’s annual celebration on Tuesday. aFp election and imposed itself as the “compass” guiding french politics, and she urged her supporters to back the party in June’s legislative election. “This movement we have launched cannot be stopped, our victory is inevitable. Nothing will ever be the same again,” she said. Polls suggest many of Le Pen’s sup-

porters will vote grudgingly for Sarkozy, although not enough to return him to office, and many of the hardcore party members in the crowd in Place de l’Opera disagreed. “If I was obliged to vote, with a pistol to my head, I’d probably vote Hollande, because five years ago Sarkozy said he had killed the National front,”

said Jean-Marie Cojannot, 66, who had come from the far south. Sarkozy was to meet thousands of his own supporters gathered at his last major rally in the capital across from the eiffel Tower at the Trocadero, hoping for a last-minute surge to defeat a confident Hollande.

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Wednesday, 2 May, 2012

tiger says he has fixed Masters swing woes Page 20

PCB looks into ways to make T20 league a reality LAHORE



He Pakistan Cricket Board has on Tuesday taken another step ahead in the holding o the Pakistan Premier Twenty20 League by inviting proposals from companies for making their plan a reality. According to reports eight companies, including Ten Sports, Nimbus and Geo TV, have already made their pitches to the PCB, while another three are expected to do so this week. "The purpose of the sessions was to hear the ideas and concepts and each one came with in-depth studies," eSPNcricinfo quoted Subhan Ahmed, chief operating officer as saying. "We have no fixed ideas, and are being open minded, but one thing we know is that we do not want a clone of the IPL or BPL. Our product won't re-

Malik, afridi to lead charity match teams at Gujrat

semble the conventional type of league and even the name won't be the Pakistan Premier League (PPL)." Ahmed said the board would evaluate all the proposals once the presentation process ends next week. The board is believed to want to hold the tournament in October, but security concerns could force them to adjust their dates. No international cricket has been played in Pakistan since the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009 and the possibility of having international

players participate would depend largely on the level of security provided for the tournament. Ahmed said the board has informed the government of their plans at a preliminary level and that they have been assured of the government's support in this regard, but a detailed security plan will only be put together once the structure of the league has been determined. "Let things be chalked out and then we will take the government on board at a higher level for the detailed security plan for the event." He also said that there are parties who have offered to

Former cricketers not in favour of yousuf return LAHORE STAff REPoRT


Pakistan’s top national players will be seen in action in a T20 exhibition-cimcharity match at Zahoor elahi Stadium Gujrat on May 4. The match will roll into action at 2 pm and the team will be led by Pakistan’s former captains Shoaib Malik and Shahid Afridi Malik will lead Pakistan Blues comprising Imran Nazir, Rana Naveed, Abdul Razzaq, Shoaib Akhtar, Abdur Rehman, Shahid Yousuf, Naved Latif, Shakeel Anjum. Afridi will lead the Pakistan Greens team having Aizaz Cheema, Kamran Akmal, Umer Akmal, Adnan Akmal, Azhar Ali, Rao Iftikhar, Taufeeq Umer, Imran farhat, Saeed Ajmal and Sohail Tanveer. Talking to this scribe, the organizer of the match, Rana Naved said that the purpose of holding it is to raise money for the school and and cricket academy he has plaed to establish at Sheikhupura. “We would not only educate the children over there but also train them at the academy,” he maintained. He further stated that all the cricketers have confirmed their participation and the city district government is collaborating with them in the holding o the match. “Afridi is out of Pakistan for personal reasons and he told me that he will be back on May 3 and join the other players the following day at Gujrat. “The city-district government is providing around 400 security officials including lady police and special arrangements are being made for the players welcome in the city.” He further said that he plan to hold similar matches at faisalabad and Sialkot and would ask other cricketers to arrange such matches to raise money for education and training young cricketers, he added.

bring in "foreign players as a part of their support to Pakistan". The PCB is keen to launch a league of its own because there is plenty of interest from the business community in the country. "They understand how much money is involved in it and they are ready to invest and endure the cost of such a league," Ahmed said. "So realistically there is less of a chance that we have to look outside Pakistan to generate money for the event." The concept of a T20 league in Pakistan was first raised by former PCB chairman Naseem Ashraf who wanted to launch a league to rival the IPL in 2009. However, the idea was dropped after then president Pervez Musharraf was removed from power. Pakistan players were part of the inaugural IPL in 2008 but have not played in the tournament since the terrorist attack on Mumbai later in the same year.

former Pakistan cricket captains Zaheer Abbas and Moin Khan have said the national selectors should stick with young players in the team instead of recalling senior batsman Mohammad Yousuf for the upcoming tour of Sri Lanka. “The Sri Lanka tour has many matches and it must be used to groom new faces and younger players. I am sure coach Dav Whatmore, with all his experience, will do a good job with them,” Zaheer was quoted as saying on Monday. Zaheer added that Yousuf should not expect direct selection into the national team without proving his match fitness in domestic cricket. “He has not played domestic cricket for a while, so he needs to play domestic first-class matches to prove his match fitness,” Zaheer reported to have said. Moin also felt that Yousuf should first play domestic cricket before hoping to get selected for the national team. “Yousuf is

a great batsman. If he is match fit, fine, he can be considered for selection. But first he must be asked to play domestic cricket because selecting a player directly is injustice to those who perform well in domestic cricket,” he said. Zaheer said it was time for Pakistan to start giving more exposure to younger players. “We need to find and groom players who can serve the national team in any format for the next 10 years. The Sri Lanka tour is perfect for this purpose. Whatmore is an experienced coach and he and selectors must take bold decisions,” he said. Moin also advised captain Misbahul Haq to stop playing Twenty20 cricket and focus on Test and one-day cricket. “I think Misbah must take this decision himself. He needs to move away from T20 cricket and give way to a younger player and captain,” he said. Moin backed giving the Twenty20 captaincy to Shahid Afridi and said if he was not willing to lead the side, then Shoaib Malik should be given the job. “It is time we started looking ahead to the future and planning well in advance,” he said.

Umar akmal wants to play up the order


Umar Akmal, the Pakistan batsman, has said he needs to bat higher up the order to covert his double figures scores to three figures. He scored his only ODI hundred three years back in Sri Lanka and has pressed for the chance to make more when Pakistan return to the country in June. Pakistan's ODI line up is currently in transition with Umar moving around the middle order. He has been tried from No 3 to No. 7 with most of his success coming at No 6, where he has scored 935 runs in 28 matches at 40.65, and at No. 5, where his record stands at 811 in 21 matches at 40.55. But Umar believes that a rise in the order will improve his record and he is making no secret about his ambition. "It's a matter of the batting order that I'm not able to score a hundred," Umar told reporters in Lahore. "When I am batting down the order, sometimes I have to bat in a crisis when the top order has stumbled and sometimes I get fewer overs to bat otherwise I have the tendency to score in three figures." Apart from the first three, Pakistan are flexible with their batting order, sending in batsmen accordingly to the state of the game. Cricinfo quoted Umar as saying: "If I bat at the top of the order, mainly at No. 4, then it would be easy for me to extend my innings and convert my 30 and 40-odd scores to a hefty innings. "I am doing all the necessary training with the coaches in the Academy and playing club matches to apply my learning. I am building myself to get ready for the Sri Lanka series where I had a wonderful debut. I am setting my target to be the man of the series." Umar, 21, scored his maiden ODI hundred in his third match of his career while, on the third day of his debut Test, he hit a century, becoming only the second Pakistani to score a hundred on debut away from home.

Whatmore asked to explain Yousuf's fitness test LAHORE STAff REPoRT

Days after Mohammad Yousuf passed the fitness test at the NCA raising speculations that he might make his way back into the team, the PCB has sought an explanation from coach Dav Whatmore as to what prompted him to allow the senior cricketer to appear for the test. Reports quoting source said that a senior official of the PCB had a word with Australian import Whatmore after the media and some former players questioned his decision to apparently "support" Yousuf's comeback. "The official asked Whatmore what was the reason behind allowing Yousuf to train at the National

Cricket Academy with the Pakistan team and also to allow him to take the fitness test that led the media and former players to speculate that the coach was planning to bring back Yousuf into the national side," the source said. "The official also inquired from Whatmore whether he had taken the national selectors into confidence before allowing Yousuf take the fitness test," he added. According to the report, Whatmore explained that Yousuf had come to the NCA and asked him whether he could train with the other players. "The coach explained that given Yousuf's seniority and standing in Pakistan cricket as a former captain, he had no option but to give him the permission."

"Whatmore also claimed that it was Yousuf, who insisted on taking the fitness test and that he (Whatmore) didn't push him about it," the source said. The source said that there was also a slight altercation over the Yousuf incident between Whatmore and one of the selectors present in Lahore. "The board took notice and acted immediately to end the speculations," he added. Yousuf, who has not been selected for Pakistan since late 2010, has however claimed that he was not looking for any shortcut into the national team and that he would appear in domestic cricket as per the wishes of selectors to prove his fitness and would also wait for his turn.

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wednesday, 2 May, 2012

Sports 19

Deccan complete double over Pune CUTTACK


CUttaCK: Pune warriors india's captain Sourav Ganguly(C) congratulates bowler Marlon Samuel (L) after taking the wicket of Parthiv Patel during the iPL twenty20 match. aFp

UNe Warriors succumbed to the tournament's whipping boys, Deccan Chargers, batting them out of the match for the second time in less than a week. It wasn't a flawless win for the Chargers' though, as their ground fielding and catching continued to look sloppy. Their saviour was an explosive stand of 157 between the two experienced hands - Cameron White and Kumar Sangakkara - which took them to 186. The Warriors slumped to their third consecutive loss and remained third from bottom in the points table. The experienced hands of Kumar Sangakkara and Cameron White gave Deccan Chargers an imposing score of 186 to defend with some power hitting in the last eight overs against Pune Warriors. Chargers got off to a poor start when they lost Parthiv Patel first ball, dragging Marlon Samuels onto his off stump. Cameron White said after their previous defeat that the lack of meaningful contributions from the Indian players was bringing the team down,

new Zealand coach Wright to resign


New Zealand coach John Wright will step down from the national side in August after rejecting an offer to extend his contract, New Zealand Cricket (NZC) chief executive David White said Tuesday. In a move White described as "disappointing", he said Wright will leave the Black Caps after the upcoming tour of the West Indies. "John has been an outstanding servant for cricket in New Zealand over a long time and it is disappointing to lose someone of his

calibre," White said in a statement. "We were keen to see him continue his head coach role, however understand and respect his decision to look for another challenge." A gritty former opening batsman and one-time India coach, Wright took over a Black Caps outfit in disarray and guided them to the semi-finals of last year's World Cup, as well as a rare Test win over Australia in Hobart. The statement gave no reason for Wright's departure, although he has reportedly had a tense relationship with Australian John Buchanan, who was appointed NZC's director of cricket in April last year. "I appreciate the offer to extend my contract but after much consideration I feel it’s the right time to move on and look at other opportunities," Wright said in the statement. No immediate replacement was announced. "We are keen to fill this critical role as soon as possible but are conscious that we need to take the time to find the right candidate who can take us through to the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup," White said. New Zealand will tour the West Indies in July and early August.

Real out to clinch La Liga crown in Bilbao


Real Madrid visit Athletic Bilbao on Wednesday knowing a win would give them their first 'La Liga' title in four years, breaking the domination of Barcelona forged by the departing Pep Guardiola. With three games remaining Madrid's


seven point lead over the Catalans mean one more win is all they require, and the trophy would go some way to make up for the disappointment of losing last week's Champions League semi-final to Bayern Munich. for Madrid coach Jose Mourinho it would be the fourth country in which he has achieved such a feat, he is currently level on three with Louis van Gaal who includes two titles in Spain with Barca in his personal haul. It would also be an incredible seventh championship in 10 seasons for the Portuguese coach who started with two titles in his native country with Porto before going on to win two at both Chelsea and Inter Milan. To add to the growing list of achievements Madrid need to win their three remaining games to reach 100 points and break the record set by Guardiola's Barca in 2009/10 when they got 99 points to beat Madrid by three, then led by Manuel Pelligrini. Mourinho continued his boycott of the Spanish media after Sunday's 3-0 victory over Sevilla but his assistant Aitor Karanka talked of the potential of winning the league at his former club.

and the script didn't change at the top. Shikhar Dhawan, who has been consistent this season, got going again today but flattered to deceive after trying to swing Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, losing his middle stump. The pressure increased on the inconsistent White and out-of-form Sangakkara, who brought himself back after sitting out the last match. The first ten overs was a slow and steady build for the Chargers, who struggled to get the runrate above six. Sourav Ganguly brought himself on in that period to take further pace off the ball on a slow pitch, making batting all the more difficult. Sangakkara didn't look convincing at the start, playing and missing and also getting an under-edge off a drive. Chargers managed only five boundaries in the first nine overs, before a straight six by White off Murali Kartik in the tenth over gave the Warriors a sign of things to come. It was as if the Chargers began on a fresh slate. The run-rate began creeping over six after the 12th over, the point from which Chargers took control. The 15th over was Sangakkara's turning point in this tournament as he smashed four boundaries off Samuels.

He lofted inside out over extra cover, edged to third man, smashed one over the bowler's head and swept past short fine leg. Sangakkara brought up his fifty the following over with a chip to short fine leg after which he pumped his fists. Ganguly, who had conceded 15 off two overs, brought himself back on to stem the runs but it turned out to be a tactical blunder as his meaty offerings cost the Warriors 25 runs. White slogged three consecutive sixes over the on side before clipping one to fine leg for four, in the process outscoring Sangakkara. Sangakkara then took on Nehra, showing the confidence to innovate by shuffling at the crease and fetching four boundaries, including two sixes. Attempted yorkers turned into friendly full tosses, which Sangakkara pounded over the leg side. Chargers ransacked 50 off two overs before the pair fell off successive deliveries. They smashed 95 off the last six overs and gave themselves a shot at beating the Warriors for the second time. Scores: Deccan Chargers 186 for 4 (Sangakkara 82, White 74) beat Pune Warriors 173 for 5 (Smith 47*, Ganguly 45) by 13 runs.

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wednesday, 2 May, 2012

two matches played in U-22 Soccer LAHORE STAff REPoRT

Another two matches were played in the National U-22 football Championship2012, at Bahawalpur’s Dring football Stadium. Balochistan and Karachi Port Trust played a two-goal draw with goals coming from Balochistan’s Riaz (fW) 1 Goal @ 66 Mnt and Rehmat Ullah 1 Goal (fW) @ 74 Mnt and KPT Muhammad (fW) 1 Goal @ 68 Mnt and Arslan (fW) 1 Goal @ 86 Mnt. Similarly KPK and DfA Bahawalpur scored one goal each at the same venue. KPK’s Tariq (fW) 1Goal @ 25Mnt and DfA Bahawalpur’s: Zeeshan (fW) 1 Goal @ 47 Mnt were the scorers.

Port Qasim develop lead in Patron’s trophy final LAHORE STAff REPoRT

Port Qasim Authority built on the lead on day three of the four-day Patron’s Trophy Grade-II 2011-12 final against KeSC at the Iqbal Stadium, faisalabad on Tuesday. After bowling out KeSC at 263, PQA made 376 for nine in its second innings making things difficult for the rival team. Scores: Port Qasim Authority (first Innings) 343-7 in 83 overs: (Shadab Kabir 68, 115 balls, 12x4s, Daniyal Ahsan 57, 136 balls, 10x4s, Muhammad Salman 48, 73 balls, 3x4s, Atif Ali Zaidi 45, 77 balls, 5x4s, Muhammad Sami 43*, 31 balls, 4x4s, 1x6, Tanvir Ahmed 24*, 16 balls, 1x4, 1x6, Rizwan Khan 4-100) and 2nd innings 376-9 in 107.2 overs: (Muhammad Sami 79, 135 balls, 12x4s, Kamran Younas 71, 125 balls, 10x4s, 1x6, Muhammad Salman 45, 93 balls, 00364s, Azam Hussain 38*, 65 balls, 4x4s, 1x6, Tanveer Ahmed 34, 48 balls, 4x4s, Atif Ali Zaidi 29, 69 balls, 3x4s, Mir Hamza 4-95) KeSC (first Innings) 263 in 72 overs: (Saad Ali 64, 107 balls, 3x4s, 1x6, Ahsan Ali 55, 88 balls, 8x4s, Usama Basharat 38, 40 balls, 5x4s, Javed Mansoor 34, 53 balls, 4x4s, Muhammad Sami 4-47, Azam Khan 3-69) Overnight Score: Port Qasim Authority (2nd innings) 56-2 in 18 overs Toss: Port Qasim Authority, Umpires: Javed Ashraf and Aftab Gillani, Referee: Iqbal Sheikh, Scorer: Tahir Suhaib.

azarenka, Sharapova still 1-2 in rankings DAYTONA BEACH AGENCIES

Maria Sharapova broke her finals losing streak to Victoria Azarenka and pulled closer to reaching the women's tennis world No. 1 ranking for a fifth time. Sharapova beat the top-ranked Azarenka Sunday 6-1, 6-4 in winning the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Germany. That improved her 2012 record to 22-4. Two of the losses were to Azarenka, 29-2 this year, in the finals at the Australian Open and in Indian Wells, Calif. She also lost a pair of finals to Azarenka in the last two years. The win at the Australian Open put Azarenka into the No. 1 spot in the rankings, a position she's held for 15 weeks. Sharapova has been ranked No. 1 four times -- most recently in June 2008 -for a total of 17 weeks. Azarenka has 9,020 ranking points, still well ahead of Sharapova's 8,280. No. 3 Petra Kvitova has 7,170 and fourth-ranked Agnieszka has 6,710. They were the other semifinalists in Germany. Samantha Stosur is fifth with a total of 5,825 points followed by Carolina Wozniacki (5,330), Marion Bartoli (5,020), Li Na (4-940), Serena Williams (4,300) and Vera Zvonareva (3,775).

Retirement not in plans for Hopkins despite loss LOS ANGELES



eRNARD Hopkins has no plans to retire from boxing after losing his World Boxing Council light-heavyweight crown to Chad Dawson. Instead, boxing's oldest-ever champion wants to win another title. Hopkins -- who is 47 -- dropped a 12-round majority decision to fellow American Chad Dawson on Saturday at Atlantic City. Two judges scored Dawson a 117-111 winner and the third saw the fight as a 114-114 draw. But Hopkins, who became the oldest man to win a major world boxing title when he defeated Canada's Jean Pascal last year, said Monday he intends to win a new crown to break his own age mark, one he took from legend George foreman. "I fought hard and feel the fight was closer than two of the scores reflected," Hopkins said. "Regardless of the result, I will continue my career and challenge any champion in my division. "I might be older, but I don't feel a decline in my skills or abilities in the ring. I love to fight and am still competing at a level where boxing cannot deny me the opportunity to succeed." Other light-heavyweight champions as targets for Hopkins, 52-6 with two draws and 32 knockouts, include Britain's undefeated Nathan Cleverly in the World Boxing Organization, unbeaten American Tavoris Cloud in the International Boxing federation and Kazak fighter Beibut Shumenov in the World Boxing Association. "He can still beat anyone else in our division," Dawson said.

Japan beat azerbaijan in olympic qualifier

Dawson dethrones veteran Hopkins ATLANTIC CITy: Chad Dawson took the World Boxing Council light heavyweight crown from veteran Bernard Hopkins with a majority decision on Saturday at the Boardwalk Hall arena. Dawson improved to 31-1 with 17 knockouts as he won the rematch of their controversial clash in Los Angeles in October by scores of 117-111 on two of the judges' scorecards. The third judge scored it even, 114-114. "I feel great," Dawson said. "I took a lot of head-butts. My head is hurting right now. "He is a great fighter and he is going into the Hall of fame. But I stepped my game up another notch." The biggest question now for the 47year-old Hopkins is if this marked the final fight of his career. Hopkins' age began to show, starting from the sixth and seventh rounds as Dawson became the aggressor. The early rounds were marked by a bad cut Dawson suffered in the fourth over his left eye as a result of an accidental head butt from Hopkins. The cut brought Dawson's corner into play as they battled successfully to stop the bleeding between each round. Dawson said the head-butts were part of Hopkins' game plan. "He is a dirty fighter that old man,"

Dawson said. "I knew the head-butts were coming. "You could hear our heads clash together. The head-butts were blatant but I kept my composure." An incident at the end of the fifth round recalled the odd finish to their fight in October. As the bell sounded to end the round, Dawson grabbed Hopkins with both hands around the waist and swung him across the ring and almost through the ropes. Hopkins returned the favour with one minute left in the 11th round by wrestling Dawson to the floor as the fight deteriorated and the clinches started to outnumber the punches. Hopkins, who fell to 52-6-2 with 32 knockouts, was seeking to defend his title against Dawson six months after their first title clash was cut short in round two as Dawson lifted Hopkins by the leg and tried to throw him to the canvas. The fight was halted with Hopkins saying he suffered a left shoulder dislocation. Referee Pat Russell awarded the fight to Dawson, saying no foul was committed, but the result was overturned to a no-decision and the rematch ordered. AfP


Miyuki Nakagawa scored twice to lead Japan to a 4-1 win over Azerbaijan Tuesday, putting the Japanese top of the table in the women's hockey Olympics qualifiers. Japan conceded their first goal of the tournament when Taejeong Han opened the scoring in the sixth minute. But defender Ai Murakami pulled the team level with a penalty stroke in the 12th minute before Nakagawa put Japan ahead in the 23rd minute. Sachimi Iwao and Nakagawa added one more each to consolidate the victory. With one more game left in the six-team round robin, Japan now lead with 10 points from three wins and a draw, followed by Azerbaijan on nine points, and Belarus and Chile on seven points. The top two teams will face each other in the final, vying for the last ticket to London. earlier in the day, Chile came back from a goal down to beat Malaysia 2-1, while Belarus defeated Austria 5-0 to keep their hopes alive in the last game of the day.

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Tiger says he has fixed Masters swing woes CHARLOTTE AfP


IGeR Woods said he has solved the swing problems that led to his worst professional Masters finish in a video posted on his website Monday in which he answered questions from fans. Woods accepted questions on his Twitter and facebook pages, and answered a select few in a 14-minute video, with one of his responses touching upon the troubles off the tee that doomed his bid at Augusta National three weeks ago. Woods, a 14-time major champion chasing the all-time record of 18 majors won by Jack Nicklaus, said he and swing coach Sean foley have solved his problem entering his start this week at Quail Hollow. "At the Masters, I was kind of struggling with my ball-striking a little bit," Woods said. "Sean and I fixed it. It had to do with posture. My setup

wasn't quite right as well as my takeaway. I just needed to do hundreds of reps. I'm getting dialed in." Woods, who has not won a major since the 2008 US Open, finished on five-over par 293 to share 40th place at the Masters -- his worst pro finish and 72-hole pro score at Augusta National, where he has won four times. The 36-year-old American said he has changed his swing over the years to ease the strain on his left knee, which has been surgically repaired four times. "Let's just end it at four and have a nice, healthy happy life," Woods said. Woods, who said he did not touch a club for a week after the Masters, had not won since the eruption of his infamous sex scandal until he captured the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill in March to end a 17-month win drought. Woods, whose 72 US PGA titles are 10 shy of Sam Snead's all-time record, said his favorite major trophy is the Claret Jug from the British Open be-

cause of "the history and what it represents." Woods said the best putt he has ever made on tour was his par putt from just inside four feet on the 72nd hole at the 1997 Masters to win his first major title, which he won by a record 12 shots with a record score of 18under 270. "To set the record, all the history it meant at the time, to have my dad there at the back of the green, by far it was the biggest," Woods said. Woods said he feels he has a chance to win at Quail Hollow and later in May at The Players Championship, noting he has won at both host courses. "I feel like if I do the things that we have been working on, and get my posture and takeaway dialed in, then yes, I feel like I have a good chance," Woods said. "You have got to hit the ball really well there at those two tournaments to give yourself a chance and make a few putts at the same time. I'm looking forward to that."

Mcilroy ready to defend Us open crown SAN FRANCISCO AfP

tendulkar 'MP' says cricket comes first NEW DELHI AfP

Batting superstar Sachin Tendulkar said Tuesday he was "honoured" to be nominated to India's parliament but stressed that cricket would remain his priority as long as he keeps playing. Last week, Tendulkar was offered one of the 12 seats in the upper house of parliament that are reserved for those who have distinguished themselves in various fields such as the arts, sciences or social services. "When you get nominated because of your contribution in your field, it's an honour. I was excited to be nominated," Tendulkar, 39, told a televised press event in Pune in western India. "I don't think I will stop (playing) cricket and go straight into politics. I will keep playing cricket. Cricket is my life and will always be," he added. Tendulkar has not formally accepted his nomination, but such honours are rarely handed out without the prior agreement of the nominee. It is unclear exactly when Tendulkar might take up his seat. The "Little Master's" nomination has raised eyebrows in India, with questions over how the cricketer, who has previously steered clear of politics, could balance his sporting commitments with his duties as an MP. Some former players have also wondered if the batsman may lose his universal popularity in India as the proposal to nominate him came from the ruling Congress party. Opposition parties were quick to criticise the move as an attempt by the beleaguered government to distract attention from its difficulties over a series of graft scandals and accusations of policy paralysis. "What is Tendulkar going to do in the Rajya Sabha? He has no scope there," Bal Thackeray, head of the regional Shiv Sena party, told reporters in Mumbai.

Rory McIlroy will defend his US Open title in June on a course he has never played in a major championship that has not surrendered a repeat crown to the same player since Curtis Strange in 1989. McIlroy, dethroned as World No. 1 on Monday by england's Luke Donald after his second two-week stay atop the rankings in as many months, said on Monday he is excited to see San francisco's Olympic Club, where the 112th US Open tees off on June 14. "I'll go up there the week before and familiarise myself with the place," McIlroy said. "from what I've heard, it's a really good setup. I'm excited to get up there and see what it's like. "It's the toughest test that we face all year and I'm not sure why there hasn't been a repeat champion (in so long) but obviously I'm going to try my hardest to make that happen this year." McIlroy won last year at Congressional Country Club near Washington in wet conditions with a 16-under par 268 total. The usual narrow fairways, dense rough and fast greens were muted somewhat by conditions. "It was pretty wet and the course

played pretty soft," McIlroy said. "The only thing that made the scores so low at Congressional last year was the fact that they just got so much rain beforehand and they were never able to dry the course out the way they would like. "I'm expecting this year ... it will be fast and running. It won't necessarily be a long ball hitter that will play well. You just really need to control your ball. "If the weather permits this year in San francisco, we'll get the golf course firm and fast and it will be tricky. You'll

really have to think about where you need to land your ball on the fairways and on the greens and I'm expecting it to be a really tough and tricky test this year." The 7,170-yard, par-70 Olympic layout features a 16th hole that is a 670-yard par-5, the longest par-5 in US Open history. A long and difficult test is in order for whichever of the more than 9,000 entrants get to play. "You just really have to mentally prepare yourself for the type of golf that you're going to have to play," McIlroy said.

watch it Live GEO SUPER Royal Challengers Bangalore v Kings XI Punjab 07:30PM

oeiraS: Maria Koehler of Portugal returns to ayumi Morita of Japan on their estoril open. aFp

Del Potro free-wheeling prior to estoril start ESTORIL AfP

Argentine drawcard Juan Martin del Potro took time away from training for his first serious 2012 test on clay Monday, with the top seed lured out on a brief bicycle tour of the Atlantic coast resort town where players are staying during the estoril Open. The 12thranked South American took a spin over the cobblestone streets of Cascais, 20 kilometres from Lisbon along with second seed Richard Gasquet of france, Del Potro, who arrived at the weekend from South America, will be making his pre-Roland Garros start when he plays in the second round after a bye against one of two Portuguese, wildcard Pedro Sousa or 90th-ranked Rui Machado. Del Potro won the title here a year ago over Spain's fernando Verdasco. He owns a trophy this season indoors in Marseille. Since arriving from home, the 2009 US Open champion had put in multiple practise sessions to get accustomed once again to the conditions which he will face over the next four weeks until the May 27 start of the french Open. "I'm feeling fit and ready to play," said Del Potro, winner of two Davis Cup matches on the surface in Buenos Aires during Davis Cup a month ago. "I'm thinking only about getting my form for this week. "I'm not looking ahead yet to Roland Garros. I need to work hard before I start my tournament."

CAS rules British Olympic doping code invalid LAUSANNE AfP

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on Monday ruled the British Olympic Association's (BOA) lifetime ban on drugs cheats contravened the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code. CAS's decision gave the green light to the likes of British sprinter Dwain Chambers and cyclist David Millar, previously guilty of doping offences, to take part in the upcoming London Olympics should they achieve the qualifying standard and/or be selected by their national governing body. "The CAS Panel has ruled that the BOA bye-law related to the selection of British athletes for the Olympic Games was not in compliance with the World Anti-doping Code," CAS said in a statement. "Such decision confirms the jurisprudence established last year in the case between the US Olympic Committee (USOC) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC)." BOA chairman Colin Moynihan re-

acted to the CAS verdict by saying WADA had won a "hollow victory". The CAS ruling had been widely expected since the IOC lost a similar case in November after their Osaka rule -banning drugs cheats from the next Olympics even if their suspension was completed -- was challenged. The case was brought by USOC on behalf of their 400m runner LaShawn Merritt. WADA had fought the BOA's policy of imposing life bans for the Olympics, arguing it contravened their own code. John fahey, the president of WADA, welcomed the CAS ruling but slammed the BOA for "the many hysterical and inaccurate public statements" it had made during the case. "The decision totally rejects the BOA

appeal and upholds the WADA foundation board's declaration of non-compliance," fahey said."WADA has spent the last decade harmonising the fight against doping in sport across the world by creating one set of rules in consultation and in accordance with the wishes of all its stakeholders, both sport and government. "They are not based on emotive arguments or the wishes of any one signatory or individual." former european 100m champion Chambers, who won 60m bronze in this year's world indoor event in Istanbul last month, was banned for two years after testing positive for the anabolic steroid THG in 2004. Chambers's lawyer, Siza Agha ac-

cused the BOA of "colonial arrogance" and said his client would take take time to consider CAS's decision. "In my view as hosts for the 2012 Olympics, this delicate and emotive issue required international diplomacy, foresight and responsibility. "What we have received has been a crude and defiant display fuelled by misguided statements such as 'We have standards and the rest of the world doesn't'. "It has in my view been an exposure of colonial arrogance that even the most extreme and blinkered should have realised could only serve to marginalise British opinion on the international stage. "In complete contrast WADA have in my view been the model of professionalism and dignity in the face of the most extreme provocation. Lessons should be learned by their example." Agha added: "Having not been party to the CAS case, Dwain and I will now need to take time to privately digest and consider the reasoning behind the decision." Millar also served a doping ban in 2004.

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Anti-austerity anger sweeps Europe on May Day MADRID



eD up with high unemployment and austerity, May Day protesters took to the streets across europe on Tuesday in a wave of anger that threatens to topple leaders in Paris and Athens. from the eye of the eurozone debt storm in Madrid to the streets of Paris and Athens, where tottering governments face elections within days, marchers spoke of job losses, spending cuts and hard times. More than two years after the eurozone sovereign debt crisis erupted, frustration with austerity is boiling over across

the continent as voters wait in vain for signs of the economic pay-off. In Spain, suffering the industrialised world’s highest jobless rate of 24.4 percent in the first quarter of 2012, the major unions called protests in about 80 cities. Tens of thousands massed in central Madrid’s Neptuno square, decrying the jobless queue, new labour reforms that make it easier and cheaper to fire workers, and a budget squeeze in health care and education. “They are going to destroy more jobs with the labour reform,” complained 28-year-old graphic designer Sonia Calles. “Already in Spain almost everyone is an intern up to the age of 30. And now employment insecurity is going to hit those in

their 30s and 40s,” she said in the capital. Thousands more rallied in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities around Greece, five days ahead of cliffhanger general elections with voters fed up with years of austerity. “No-one Alone, Together We Will Get There!” read a banner draped on a stage in Athens’ central Kotzia square. Polls indicate that Greeks are fleeing the main parties for smaller groups in revenge over a european Union-IMf economic recovery plan that has brought repeated waves of pay and pension cuts. In Paris, the french presidential election race overcast the day as three powerful political movements battled for attention

with competing rallies five days before polling day. In contrast to Western european rallies, more than 100,000 people held a Soviet-style march through Moscow to celebrate labour day and show support for president-elect Vladimir Putin ahead of his inauguration. Accompanied by kitsch brass music and surrounded by multi-coloured balloons, Putin and outgoing President Dmitry Medvedev led the march through a central Moscow avenue. Police said around 120,000 people took part in the “Holiday of Labour and Spring” march in Moscow. elsewere in europe, people showed

growing frustration with an era of crushing economic hardship. Across Poland and in the Czech Republic’s capital Prague, people protested against unemployment, homelessness, and the dogged pursuit of austerity policies. Some 100,000 Social Democratic Party supporters rallied in Vienna for better education and a fairer distribution of wealth, and some 2,000 packed Bulgaria’s capital Sofia urging the conservative government to resign. In Turkey, tens of thousands from all political parties packed the emblematic Taksim Square in Istanbul. Some 20,000 police mobilized in the city to ensure security in the marches.

WALk YOuR tALk, ImRAn ASkS nAWAz Pti chief says willing to talk to PML-n only if it resigns from assemblies g


QUETTA: People mourn a dead relative who was killed in a car bombing targetting a security convoy on Tuesday. inp | story on page 04

Labourers benefit from PPP,-PML-N’s bid to outdo each other ISLAMABAD/LAHORE STAff REPoRT

It was a happy May Day for labourers indeed, as they saw their basic wage rising by up to Rs 2,000 in the ongoing tussle between the Centre and the Punjab government to outdo each other. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Tuesday announced an increase in the minimum wages of labourers to Rs 8,000, a 20 percent increase in their pension and handed over regular appointment letters to employees of CDA, PTCL and HeC. In response, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif announced to increase the minimum wage of labourers in his province from Rs 7,000 to Rs 9,000. Speaking to a charged crowd at a May Day function at the Convention Centre, Gilani also announced an increase in the death grant for labourers from Rs 150,000 to Rs 500,000 and increase in labourers’ children’s wedding grant from Rs 70,000 to Rs 100,000. He also directed the ministry concerned to announce Labour Policy 2012 and Implementation Commission of Industrial Relations Act (IRA-2012). Meanwhile, the Punjab CM inaugurated a project in Lahore consisting of 1,296 residential flats for labourers on Defence Road. He said that provision of residential flats to the labourers free of cost through transparent balloting was an important step towards making the country “Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam”.

‘Divergent strategic interests affecting pak-Us cooperation’

Responding to Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz President Nawaz Sharif’s announcement that he was willing to approach all opposition parties, including the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to form an alliance against the government, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said on Tuesday he would talk to the PML-N only if their members resign from the national and provincial assemblies. Addressing a press conference, Imran said the PML-N had lost its credibility as it betrayed the PTI and other parties on several occasions and backed off from its stance on the ‘memogate’ scandal. He said the PTI would launch Pakistan’s largest protest against Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani if he refuses to accept his disqualification. “We will wait until the election Commission completes the process of Gilani’s disqualification,” said Imran.

Imran acknowledged Gilani’s right to appeal against the court verdict and said that the PTI will respond only after all the legal processes are completed. The PTI chief said that he had formed a three-member committee consisting of Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Javed Hashmi and Dr Arif Alvi to hold talks with different political parties regarding the future course of action. Meanwhile, INP reported that PTI has decided to file a reference with the Supreme Court against Prime Minister Gilani. The decision was taken during the meeting of PTI Central Working Committee. The PTI would file the reference regarding the qualification of the prime minister after his conviction and would seek SC direction on whether Gilani could still remain a prime minister after being convicted. The meeting also decided that the party would hold a rally on Constitution Avenue outside the Parliament House on May 6 to express solidarity with the apex court.

Pentagon tells Congress Pakistan is wary of indian influence in afghanistan g

NEWS DESK Pakistan is wary of Indian influence in Afghanistan and continues to support insurgent groups and provide terrorist safe havens so as to have its influence inside the wartorn country, the Pentagon told the Congress on Tuesday, according to a Times of India report. Pakistan’s selective counter-insurgency operations, passive acceptance of insurgent safe havens and its unwillingness to interdict materials such as IeDs components undermine the security of Afghanistan, it said in a congressionally mandated report. The Pentagon informed Congress that because of “pervasive mistrust, long standing tensions and divergent strategic interests” continue to make genuine co-operation with Pakistan very difficult for the United States. “Insurgent efforts, including assassinations of Afghan officials and attack on Afghan coalition forces emanating from the safe havens in Pakistan (particularly

those sheltering the Haqqani network and other Taliban affiliates), continue to threaten the emergence of a durable and stable political solution in Afghanistan,” the report said. The Pentagon said that Pakistan continues to seek a stable, secure Afghanistan, an Afghan government with primacy for Pashtuns and limited Indian influence. “To this end, Pakistan has allowed an insurgent sanctuary in its border to persist, offering a safe haven to Afghan Taliban and associated militant groups including the Haqqani Taliban Network in the North Waziristan Agency,” it said. “Pakistani leaders have tolerated this due to their concerns that Pakistan will be left alone to confront an unstable, an unfriendly, or an Indian-influenced Afghanistan on its border. “Accordingly, Pakistan seeks to play a key role in the peace and reconciliation process to advance a political settlement that considers Pakistani interests,” the Pentagon said.

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