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Fingerprint tool assists Punjab Police in arresting criminals LAHORE MONEM FAROOQI

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) developed identification tool, Criminal Record Identifier (CRI) installed in most of the police stations in Punjab, has so far recorded seven thousand fingerprints in seven months. On average 30-40 individuals get matched per day, it was informed on Thursday. Officials told Pakistan Today that CRI is a co-product of the Punjab Police and PITB. It is a fingerprint-based identification tool that compares the suspect’s fingerprint with the central database of fingerprints. The central database server contains information on criminals from all over the province. The tool can accurately find 20 million matches per second. Currently, the CRI being used by the Punjab Police since November last year has so far matched 9258 fingerprints with the police criminal identification record. The system is being actively used in 142 police stations in the major cities of the Punjab province. So far 67812 fingerprints have been gathered. The officials claimed that the tool has helped in arresting suspected elements as in the recent robbery case in the area of Mansoorabad where a habitual robber with three criminal index cards was arrested. Officials said that PITB and Punjab police were constantly working to add more powerful features to CRI that will make this tool even more useful in future. They said that Sindh Police has already started digitization of their criminal records. The officials also pointed out that soon Sindh and Punjab police would be sharing their database of criminals. PITB implemented Criminal Record Management System and established an independent server for Sindh Police in order to record and identify criminals on the basis of their biometric details. They said that over 50 thousand criminal cards have been digitized and registered into this newly established system. In the case of adaptation of this technology by other provinces and the federal capital, the criminals could be identified from all over the country from any station. They said that the use of CRI would help to reduce the crime rate in the entire country.

PM has written new history by appearing before JIT: Shahbaz Sharif LAHORE

LAHORE: Women sell new currency notes near State Bank ahead of Eidul Fitr. oNLINE

345 bIllIOn allOcaTed FOr educaTIOn In 2017-18: Shahbaz SharIF LAHORE



UNJAB Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that durable promotion of education sector is the basis of sustainable development of the nation and different developed nations have earned a niche globally due to their developed educational systems. For this reason, he said, Punjab government has promoted education as its priority and that the most comprehensive and composite reforms have been introduced in the education sector to make it compatible with the international standards. He further said that Punjab government is ever-ready for bringing improvements in the education sector because it is only education which helps in dealing with different issues including poverty, unemployment, and ignorance.

Much like previous years, Punjab government has recommended various innovative steps for the promotion of education in the upcoming fiscal budget. It has, therefore, allocated huge funds for the education sector in 201718 amounting to Rs 345 billion. That is around Rs 33 billion more than current year’s funds. It is for the first time in the history of the province that such a colossal sum has been provided for the education sector. He said that Rs 230 billion have been provided for District Education Authorities while girls’ stipends have been enhanced in 16 less-developed areas under Zawar-e-Taleem Programme. A total of 462, 000 needy girls are fully benefiting from this programme. An amount of Rs.6.5 billion has been provided for this programme in the next financial year. He said that thousands of additional classrooms are being constructed in public sector schools under Khadim-e-

Punjab School Programme. Rs 6.5 billion will be spent on this programme and a total of 36 thousand new classrooms will be constructed in primary schools situated in different districts of the province. He hoped that these beneficial steps will go a long way in enhancing the enrollment ratio in schools. Further, Rs 3.5 billion will be provided for the provision of free textbooks in government schools, he added. The chief minister also said that solar panels will be given in schools without electricity under Khadim-e-Punjab Ujala Programme adding that billions of rupees would be allocated for that endeavor. He further said that this programme will be initiated from southern Punjab schools where thousands of educational institutions will be lighted through solar energy. The chief minister said that 2.5 million deserving students have been enrolled in partner schools of Punjab Education Foundation (PEF). 300, 000

needy students will also be given the opportunity of free education in PEF partner schools by 2018. This unique initiative has altogether transformed the educational scenario in the province, he added. The chief minister further said that a comprehensive policy has been adopted to mould the educational system according to the modern-day challenges. Different proactive steps including merit-based appointment of teachers, Zawar-e-Taleem Programme, teachers trainings, reimbursement of fees, increase and up-gradation of schools and colleges, enhancement in science and computer labs, promotion of IT through TEVTA, distribution of laptops among brilliant students, study tours of students of different international educational institutions as well holding of literary contests and other useful initiatives are a clear proof of education-friendliness of the Punjab government, concluded the CM.


Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has written a new history by appearing before the JIT, adding that Pakistan Muslim League-N has always respected national institutions. He said that the PM has played a historic role with respect to the supremacy of law and strengthening of institutions. He pointed out that Nawaz Sharif had willfully presented himself and his family for accountability, despite the fact that the harshest critics cannot blame any corruption on him. He said that the PM has saved billions of rupees of the nation in development projects, while the policy of transparency of the government has also been commended by international institutions. He pointed out that due to the policy of transparency of the government, a foreign investment worth billions of dollars has been made in the country. He said that Nawaz Sharif is a dauntless and fearless leader who has wriggled the country out of a quagmire of problems and put it on the road to development and prosperity.

Orders for sacking 25,000 teachers on contract withdrawn

Enrollment up by 300 pc at TEVTA in 30 months

LAHORE: The decision for sacking around 25, 000 teachers in Punjab upon expiry of their 5-year contract has been withdrawn and the summary for extending their contract for further five years has been approved. The city district education officers have been ordered to pay the salaries of the teachers on time before Eid-Ul-Fitar besides extending their contracts. Additional Secretary Education Muhammad Akhtar said that the teachers will not be dismissed whereas government is reviewing the matter for regularising the educators who were hired in 2009 on a contract basis. He also said actions shall be taken against the District Education Officers who will not extend the contract on time and send report thereof. ONLINE

LAHORE: Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) Irfan Chairman Qaiser Sheikh has said that steep increase of 300 percent has been observed in the enrollment of students in technical courses being offered by TEVTA. While addressing a meeting of TEVTA officials on Thursday Irfan Qaiser Sheikh observed that in the last 30 months, there has been a massive increase in the enrollment of students in courses of technical and vocational education at TEVTA institutes across the Punjab. He added that when he took charge of the authority, there were only 60 to 65 thousand students enrolled in these courses. However, the number has now increased to 190 thousand. This increase is around 300 percent which is record enrollment since the inception of the authority, he said. Irfan further said, “Our first target was to win the trust of parents and we have been successful in this regard”. Another reason for the increase in the enrollment is the demand driven courses being offered by the authority as TEVTA has started several courses which have a scope in the market and the industry, he said. He added that these courses were started after taking all stakeholders on board; students now after completion of the courses do not require any reference for getting a job. He further revealed that on job apprenticeship had also increased in this time period from 9000 to 59000. These courses attracting thousands of students include Chinese Language, Hospitality Management, Construction, Industry, Automobile, IT, Security, Beautician, and Financial Market. STAFF REPORT

Cybercrime incidents increase by 42 pc in Punjab LAHORE RANA HAIDER

Incidents of cybercrime have increased by 42 percent across various districts of Punjab. In a year, about 5000 institutions, women, and children have been targeted in these activities. FIA has verified more than 3000 incidents and began verification. On social media, groups that upload

obscene images and videos of women and children remained active. Several members of groups that perpetrated blasphemous content, criticism of military, fake documents and propaganda against security agencies, were arrested by FIA’s cyber crime circle. However, owing to only two stations reserved for cyber criminals, hundreds of criminals are yet to be prosecuted. Despite new regulations for this department has been in place for

more than 10 months, the government has been unable to arrest international criminals targeting Pakistani citizens. Between May 2016 and May 2017, 5021incidents of cyber crime took place in Punjab, especially against young women and children. Most complaints were lodged in Lahore’s police stations, much like in Rawalpindi police stations where hundreds of complaints have been filed. Sources have told that lack of modern tools avail-

able to National Response Centre has been a limitation in arresting cyber criminals. In Punjab incidents of cyber crime are greater than the ones registered. Every three months, FIA receives more than 400 complaints. With respect to this increase in cybercrime, FIA has recommended the government to form 9 new police stations across the country. A letter has been sent asking for facilities in Punjab, in Gujranwala, Multan and Faisalabad as well.

Sources reveal that FIA has not been facilitated by the government through arrangements with America and European countries to arrest foreign criminals that incite religious division and attack the military in Pakistan which is why their negative activities persist. FIA spokesman said that FIA has arrested several groups and individuals that harass women on social media and will continue its operation against cybercrime.

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