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Friday, 6 May, 2016

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Great performance of national team

Thawing frosty Sino-Japanese relations No ambiguity allowed in bi-lateral ties

Sultan m hali


HE relationship between China and Japan has at best been frosty despite Chinese overtures of friendship towards its neighbour. Both countries have a history, which led to the bad blood between them. imperial Japan occupied China during the Second world war and wreaked havoc, slaughtering Chinese civilians, raping their women and plundering with impunity. Japanese occupation of China ended with the surrender of Japan to the Allied forces of which the liberation struggle of China was a part of. Unfortunately, imperial Japan refused to render an apology to the nations; it had once occupied and subjected to its tyranny and oppression. To make matters worse, the current Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe has made it a point to rub salt in the wounds. in total disregard of international sentiments, he blatantly paid homage to the Yasukuni, which is a Shinto shrine located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. it was founded by Emperor Meiji to commemorate individuals who had died in service of the Empire of Japan during the Meiji Restoration. Controversies and political tension with China and South Korea arose due to the enshrinement at Yasukuni of many war criminals from world war ii, including 14 Class A war criminals who committed heinous crimes to the victimised people. The Japanese leader’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine is, in nature, an attempt to whitewash the history of aggression and colonialism by militarist Japan, overturn the just trial of Japanese militarism by the international community and challenge the outcome of wwii and the post-war international order. Another point of friction is Japan’s annexation of the Diaoyu island along with the affiliated nan Xiaodao and Bei Xiaodao through its illegal purchase and subsequent nationalisation of the islands, which is unlawful and contrary to historical facts. Recorded legal documents indicate Chinese possession since ancient times. The islands were discovered, laid claim by the Chinese and its territorial waters have been exploited by Chinese fishermen since primeval era. Records of these islands date back to as early as the 15th century. Japan contested China’s ownership but remained inactive till 1968, when United nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East (ECAFE) identified potential oil and gas reserves might be found under the sea near the islands, prompting

Fourthly, in terms of regional and international Japan to lay stake over the Diaoyu islands. Since the advent of 2012, Japan has stirred up affairs, the two sides should respect each other’s the issue and things came to a head on 18 August, legitimate interests and concerns, and communiwhen a flotilla of four boats carrying about 150 cate and coordinate with each other in a timely Japanese activists organised by right-wing group fashion, reiterated the Chinese Foreign Minister. Japan should cast aside the confrontation menganbare nippon arrived at the islands. The activists stated that they wished to commemorate Japanese tality and work with China to maintain peace, staworld war ii deaths in the area. when the activists bility and prosperity in the region. There is still a lack of trust between the two were denied permission to land, several of them swam to the islands, making an unauthorised land- sides although the China-Japan relations have shown signs of improvement, but in the opinion of ing on Uotsuri, where they raised Japanese flags. China’s Foreign Ministry protested the event wang, the root cause for twists and turns in bilatstating that unilateral action by Japan on the is- eral ties is Japan’s outlook on history and China. Kishida’s visit to China is of positive signifilands “is illegal and invalid.” China also lodged a formal complaint, and urged Japan to prevent fric- cance but China has bent backwards to accommotions from escalating further. The flotilla incident date its neighbours including Japan since it at the archipelago also set off anti-Japanese rallies believes in the ancient Chinese proverb that “A in major Chinese cities demanding that the Japan- good neighbour cannot be traded for gold.” The onus now lies on the Japanese side to demonstrate ese leave the islands. As the world celebrated the 70th anniversary of sincerity, square its words with deeds and put the the end of world war ii in 2015, China observed bilateral relations back on the track of sound dethe occasion befittingly. one of the highlights was velopment with concrete actions. next year marks the 45th anniversary of the a magnificent military parade held in September 2015. Chinese President Xi Jinping also hosted a normalisation of China-Japan diplomatic ties; and reception and a gala during the event. All world the year after next, the 40th anniversary of the signleaders including the Japanese Prime Minister were ing of China-Japan Peace and Friendship Treaty. invited to witness the military parade, but Shinzō These are important milestones and opportunities Abe spurned the invitation and lost a golden oppor- for the improvement of China-Japan relations. The Japanese Foreign Minister highlighted that tunity to bury the hatchet and atone for its occupaChina’s development means opportunities for tion of parts of China before and during the war. in this backdrop, China’s invitation to the Japan- Japan, saying that the Japanese side commends ese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida to visit Beijing China for its positive role and contributions in many international and rewas a sign of magnanimity. gional affairs. As the world’s Chinese Foreign Minister wang third- and second-largest Yi made a four-point requireeconomies, Japan and China ment on improving Chinashoulder more responsibilities Japan ties during talks with his for the development and prosJapanese counterpart. He reiterThe Japanese on their perity of Asia and beyond. ated that firstly, in politics, the part are keen to reaffirm The Japanese on their part Japanese side should stick fast to the four political documents that China and Japan are are keen to reaffirm that China and Japan are partners rather between the two countries, face partners rather than than threats to each other, and up to and reflect upon history according to their Foreign and follow the one-China polthreats to each other, Minister, Japan is willing to icy to the letter. no ambiguity and according to their follow the four political docuor vacillation is allowed when ments and the four-point prinit comes to this important politForeign Minister, Japan cipled agreement between the ical foundation of bilateral ties. is willing to follow the two countries. Kishida reasSecondly, wang Yi spelt sured that on the basis of reout that in terms of its outlook four political documents flecting upon history and on China, Japan should transand the four-point pursuing peaceful developlate into concrete actions its ment, Japan stands ready to consensus with China that the principled agreement join the Chinese side in buildtwo countries are cooperative between the two ing mutual understanding and partners rather than a threat to trust, expanding exchanges and each other. Japan should take countries. cooperation across the board. a more positive and healthy atit is important for Japan to titude to the growth of China come forward work willingly to and stop spreading or echoing work with China in properly “China threat” or “China ecomanaging differences and nomic recession” theories. Thirdly, in terms of economic exchange, the crises, and broadening the positive dimension of the Japanese side should establish the concept of win- bilateral relations to build a Japan-China relationship win cooperation, discard the outdated idea that in the new era. Both China and Japan are not only one side cannot do without the other side, or one important Asian countries but also have to play their side depends more on the other side than the other role to join forces to make the world a better place. way around. Sultan M Hali is a retired Group Captain and instead, Japan should enhance equal-footed and pragmatic cooperation with China based on author of the book Defence & Diplomacy. Currently he is a columnist, analyst and tV talk show host. mutual benefit.

i wish to applaud the Pakistani team for jumping to third spot in iCC Test team rankings after benefiting from the annual update. only india is one point ahead of Pakistan which is present at 2nd position while Australia has opened up a six-point gap at the top of the standings. According to a report the annual Test update has seen South Africa drop from third to sixth after conceding 17 points, news report further disclosed that the update has also affected the west indies, who have retained eighth place but have seen their points drop from 76 to 65 and it is also means that the gap between the west indies and ninth-ranked Bangladesh has been slashed from 29 to eight points. i appreciate the team for its hard work in test and we hope that in next update green shirt will come at first position not only test also other two sides T20 and 50 over. BAkHtIyAr BAlOCH kech turbat

Protection of journalists JoURnAliSTS play a paramount role in developing a nation. They put their lives in danger to provide us with information. They put their lives in danger to go through many challenges during the course of their work and face threat like kidnapping, murder etc. Journalists are victimised everywhere in the world. According to Un figures, over the past decade 700 journalists have been killed world over during the course of discharging their duties. However, Pakistan is among top five dangerous countries for journalists. As it is estimated by Pakistan Press Foundation more than 70 journalists and other media workers have lost their lives since 2001 in Pakistan. it is unfortunate that killers in Pakistan always go unpunished. if one turns over the pages of history then numerous journalists have lost their lives but none received justice with the exception of Daniel Pearl and wali Khan Babar. one wonders, why the remaining murders have gone unnoticed? weren’t they journalists like Daniel and Babar or just their blood were cheaper? Journalism is the most dangerous profession in Pakistan and journalists play an essential role in our daily lives, but their precious lives are always in danger. i humbly request the government to take serious measures for the protection of journalists and must apprehend the perpetrators. MAHnOOr GM tUrBAt

Connectivity woes ACCoRDing to a recent PTA survey, the performance of cellular phone networks is not satisfactory, especially in term of call connectivity, coverage and voice quality. it seems people are paying money for convenience and are instead getting only problems. Almost every mobile user is using more than one SiM which shows that a single operator is not providing enough services and people have to go for other options. when it comes to voice quality and call connectivity, a traditional communication through landline phone is definitely better because it does not depend upon signal strength, especially when people need to connect with people living in far flung areas. Affordability and reliability are always plus points for landline phone and in Pakistan PTCl enjoys the monopoly in landline infrastructure. Another benefit of having a landline phone is that people can stay in touch even when there is a ban on mobile signals. i would request PTA and other relevant authorities to take appropriate measures and make sure that mobile operators offer better services rather than focusing only on profitmaking. So far mobile internet is not quite affordable. Every student and office worker cannot use it as per their needs and has to go for fixed line broadband which is far better in terms of service and pricing. The role played by telecom companies is still commendable. The telecom sector is vital for sustainable economic development but it needs considerable improvement. ZAMIr ASADI Islamabad

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