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Left with no option, but to summon PM: SC

World media reacts to ‘strange’ NawazTrump conversation g

Release of transcript by Pakistan violation of norms, say analysts


Information apparatus kept FO out of loop in this faux pas



In Pak interests to crack down on terrorists

HeARt OF ASIA cOnFeRence

Pak will attend despite Indian negativity: FO g


Sartaj Aziz to attend Amritsar moot on 3 Dec

uS congratulates Bajwa on becoming cOAS STORY ON PAGE 03




India signs $750m deal for BAE howitzers g

India, world’s number one defence importer, is updating its military capabilities with hardware worth tens of billions of dollars. STORY ON PAGE 02

Balochistan govt more loyal to Raiwind than province itself: Bilawal g

Addresses conference of PPP workers from Balochistan



Friday, 2 December, 2016





HE exchange of pleasantries between heads of state calling to congratulate each other on their victories and successes is the norm. What set the telephonic conversation between prime minister Nawaz Sharif and US president-elect Donald Trump was the release of the transcript of the conversation between the two by the Pakistani government. The release of the transcript is said to be a violation of diplomatic protocol and has been criticized in the international media. “Entirely inappropriate for the

Pakistani government. If they had done that to me, I would be on the phone with their press secretary chewing him out,” said a former state department on CNN. The standard practice on the Pakistani side is for the Foreign Office to prepare a transcript of the press release that describes any conversation with a foreign dignitary. Rarely, if ever, does the information department release it, as was the case here. Even in that rare scenario, the said release is routed through the Foreign Office. Sources within the Foreign Office, on the condition of anonymity, told Pakistan Today that the FO was completely out of the loop here. The transcript released by the Pak-


Left with no option, but to summon PM: apex court ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Thursday asked the government to provide a date for a census by December 7 or it would be left with no other option but to summon Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif himself. A threemember bench, led by Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali, was hearing a suo moto case over delays in the conduct of a national census. In his remarks during the hearing, the chief justice stated that the court had no other option but to summon the prime minister. “The prime minister should appear in the court and say that the delay is being caused by the provinces,” he added as he asked the government to submit a written assurance that the census would begin on March 15 and end on May 5. Justice Jamali also observed that a democratic system depended strongly on population census. He stated that a prank was being played with the nation by delaying the census, adding that the government’s intentions were not sincere in this regard. The chief justice also remarked that this status quo suited all political parties. STAFF REPORT

Pak calls for peaceful settlement of IsraeliPalestinian conflict UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan has underscored the need for settling the Israeli-alestinian conflict to accomplish peace in Middle East and to deal with some of the drivers of extremism and terrorism. Speaking in a debate on Palestine in General Assembly in New York, Pakistan’s permanent Ambassador to UN Maleeha Lodhi said this conflict had contributed most significantly to the anger and frustration in the Arab and Islamic world. She said the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was essential for peace and stability throughout Middle East. She said the continuing expansion of illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands, the blockade of Gaza, the provocations around the Al Aqsa Mosque and the continued imprisonment of Palestinians represented real obstacles to a two-state solution. The envoy said despite countless United Nations resolutions, nothing had been able to transform that grim reality. APP

istani government reads as follows: “Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif called President-elect USA Donald Trump and felicitated him on his victory. President Trump said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif you have a very good reputation. You are a terrific guy. You are doing amazing work which is visible in every way. I am looking forward to seeing you soon. As I am talking to you Prime Minister, I feel I am talking to a person I have known for long. Your country is amazing with tremendous opportunities. Pakistanis are one of the most intelligent people. I am ready and willing to play any role that you want me to play to address and find solutions to the outstanding problems. It will be an honor and I will personally do it. Feel free to call me any time even before 20th January that is before I assume my office.” The office of the US president-elect, on the other hand, was a lot more muted in its report on the conversation. “Presidentelect Trump and the Prime Minister of

Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif spoke today and had a productive conversation about how the United States and Pakistan will have a strong working relationship in the future. President-elect Trump also noted that he is looking forward to a lasting and strong personal relationship with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.” ThE NOrM: The following is a snapshot of how major international media outlets reacted to the conversation between the two leaders. ThE WAShINgTON POST: Lavishing praise on the Pakistanis would be a major turnaround for the president-elect. In 2012, Trump took to his favorite social media platform, Twitter, to denounce Pakistan. Sharif, the Pakistani prime minister, is markedly less loved in his country than Trump’s praise would make it seem. He is dogged by allegations of corruption, and the release of the Panama Papers last summer appeared to confirm many Pakistanis’ suspicions.

‘Balochistan govt more loyal to Raiwind than province itself’ LAHORE STAFF REPORT

Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that his party would restore the belief of the people of Balochistan in democracy and lashed out the current Balochistan government for being more loyal to Takht-eRaiwind than the masses of Balochistan. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was addressing the conference of PPP workers from Balochistan on Thursday as part of Party’s 49th Foundation day celebrations week being celebrated in Bilawal House, Lahore. Hundreds of workers from different parts of Balochistan province attended the workers conference while a cultural troupe with traditional Balochi instruments and costumes performed folk music at the ceremony. Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari also attended the musical event.

He said that there has been some statements of leaders from Punjab but nobody mentioned about the provinces rights in CPEC and on National Action Plan. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said there had been back-room deals with Nawaz Sharif by some politicians from Balochistan and decisions taken had been concealed from the people of Balochistan. He said that current or previous governments in Balochistan were more loyal to Takht-eRawind than the masses of the province. PPP Chairman said that there is going to be Bhutto’s organizations in Balochistan upto Tehsil level and pledged that there will be a Baloch Chief Minister of PPP in Balochistan after 2018 general elections. Former Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, besides leaders and workers of PPP from Balochistan addressed the workers conference. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in-

Six suspected terrorists held with arms in Balochistan QUETTA INP

Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) arrested six suspected terrorists and recovering arms from their possession during search operation in

termingled with the PPP workers from Balochistan following his speech and exchanged greetings who took selfies with the Chairman. Meanwhile, the Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari conducted interviews from the candidates from three districts including Quetta, Gwadar and Loralai finalized by the Coordination Committee Balochistan. Newly-elected office-bearers of PPP Balochistan including President Ali Madad Jattak, General Secretary Iqbal Shah, Information Secretary Sardar Sarbulund Jogezai were also present on the occasion. Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, MNA Faryal Talpur, former Vice Chairman Senate Sabir Baloch, Senator Sardar Fateh Mohammad Mohammad Hasni, Senator Rozi Khan, Senator Yousuf Badini, former Federal Minister Sardar Umar Gurgez, CEC member Sardar Baz Mohammad Khetran, former Provincial Ministers Ghazala Golo and Jaffer George were also present on the occasion.

various districts of Balochistan on Thursday. FC spokesman said that the paramilitary force along with the sensitive agency personnel conducted operations in Panjgur and Turbat. Four suspects allegedly belonging to a banned outfit were held in Panjgur along with four rifles and two telescopes. Two suspects were held in Turbat and rocket launchers and explosives filled tin were recovered from their possession. Suspects arrested in both incidents were being interrogated by the LEAs.

India signs $750m deal for BAE howitzers NEW DELHI AGENCIES

India has signed a $750 million agreement with the United States to buy 145 howitzer artillery guns from BAE Systems, an official said Thursday, its first such deal in three decades. India, the world’s number one defence importer, is updating its military capabilities with hardware worth tens of billions of dollars in the face of longstanding tensions with regional rivals China and Pakistan.

It has been in discussions since 2012 to buy BAE Systems’ M777 ultralightweight guns through the US Foreign Military Sales programme. “India has signed the letter of acceptance which formalises the contract between India and the US for the howitzer guns,” a defence official told agencies in New Delhi. The deal, worth nearly 50 billion rupees, will see 25 guns being delivered in ready-to-use condition with the rest being assembled in India, the official said on condition of anonymity.

The howitzers, with a maximum range of 30 kilometres (17 miles), will be used by the army’s mountain artillery divisions along India’s high-altitude frontiers. India has fought three wars with arch-rival Pakistan since independence in 1947, but China is increasingly seen as the main focus of its ambitious military modernisation and procurement policy. India last purchased howitzers for the army in 1986, when it bought 410 field guns from the Swedish arms giant AB Bofors. The Bofors deal be-


came mired in corruption allegations and cost then Congress Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi the 1989 national elections. BAE Systems said in February it had chosen India’s Mahindra group to build a plant for assembling the artillery guns. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said he wants foreign manufacturers that win lucrative hardware deals to invest in India by partnering with local firms. “The first two howitzers should be delivered within the next six months,” the official said.

VOx: It’s hard to imagine some Pakistani bureaucrat making up Trumpy lines like “Pakistanis are one of the most intelligent people” — which, come to think of it, begs the question of who the least intelligent people are. Also, it’s worth noting that these “most intelligent people” would be blocked from entering the United States under Trump’s “Muslim ban.” ThE INDEPENDENT: Donald Trump has never met Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. But he knows he has a “very good reputation”, and understands he is a “terrific guy”. In fact, Mr Trump feels such a connection with the Pakistani leader, whom he hopes to visit soon, that he feels like he is “talking to a person I have known for a long time”. TIME: The penchant for hyperbole that Trump often exhibited in off-the-cuff campaign speeches came through in the phone call, during which Sharif congratulated him on his election victory and invited him to visit Pakistan.

UN says record half a million Afghans displaced by war AGENCIES With daily battles between the government forces and Taliban insurgents, the number of people who have fled their homes for safer parts of Afghanistan has hit a record high, the UN said Wednesday. As of November 30 more than half a million Afghans ─ 515,800 people ─ had been internally displaced by fighting, surpassing a previous record of 471,000 set last year, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA). The figure has more than doubled since 2014, pointing to a sharp increase in the number of people leaving their homes due to escalating violence in the war-torn country. “I am concerned these record figures show not just an alarming number of new IDPs, but a longer term crisis where increasing numbers of families in Afghanistan are facing prolonged displacement,” Mark Bowden UN humanitarian coordinator said in a statement, referring to internally displaced people. Combined with the more than 600,000 Afghan refugees who have been forced to return to the country from Pakistan this year, the mass migration to safer urban areas is draining local resources, UNOCHA said. Massive internal displacement has plagued Afghanistan for years, beginning with the Soviet invasion in 1979. But with the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the Taliban launched a bloody insurgency that has since spread to previously safer parts of the country. The violence has been driven in particular in the past two years, by Taliban’s repeated assaults on Afghan cities, which puts more civilians in the crosshairs. According to UN data, a record 198 out of 399 districts of Afghanistan are now reporting conflict-induced displacement, and for the first time, all 34 provinces are hosting IDPs. The UNOCHA said it had received 54 percent of the $152 million in emergency funding it needs to address the immediate needs of internally displaced people in Afghanistan. They said it was crucial to ensure “vulnerable displaced families not just receive lifesaving, emergency humanitarian assistance, but support that delivers a real opportunity for IDPs to rebuild their lives for the long-term,” Bowen said.

Friday, 2 December, 2016




AKISTAN, “despite India’s negativity in scuttling SAARC process”, would attend the Heart of Asia Conference due to its commitment to Afghanistan’s peace and stability. Speaking at the weekly press conference at the Foreign Office, Spokesman Nafeez Zakaria said that “India has been instrumental in scuttling the SAARC summit, and Pakistan, despite all negativity of India is going to participate in the Heart of Asia Conference.” The Prime Minister’s Adviser on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz, will attend the Heart of Asia Conference being held on December 3-4 in Amritsar, India. Spokesman Nafees Zakaria said that Pakistan believed in a peaceful neighbourhood and regarded dialogue as the best option for resolution of issues. However, he categorically said that Pakistan would not accept any pre-conditions for holding dialogue with India. It is always India that is putting up conditions for dialogue with Pakistan, he added.

PAKiStAN to AtteNd deSPite iNdiAN NegAtivity, SAyS Fo The Spokesman said the Heart of Asia Conference would follow the previous agenda as the 14 countries would take stock of the progress. “Every country has its own share of bringing stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s participation means its commitment for peace and stability in Afghanistan,” he said. Zakaria said the current phase of indigenous self-determination movement in Indian occupied Kashmir had entered into the fifth month and was continuing in the face of worst violations of human rights of defenceless Kashmiris at the hands of Indian occupation forces. “The world has before it the unending sufferings and misery of those over a thousand Kashmiris, including children, who have been deliberately blinded,” he said. The Spokesman mentioned the British daily The Guardian’s touching report of November 8, which said

“There is no recorded instance of a modern democracy systematically and willfully shooting at people to blind them.” He said the doctors in Indian occupied Kashmir expressed their dissatisfaction and rejected “as ambiguous” the report compiled by the Ophthalmology Pathologists in India, suspecting that there was something else about the pellet shots, which were causing the insides of the eye to turn into a charcoal-like substance. Zakaria said that Pakistan had been insisting on ‘independent fact finding mission to the IoK’ and similar demands from UN High Commissioner in Geneva, OIC and OIC Contact Group’s Members had not been met. On India’s growing relations with Israel and Bangladesh, the Spokesman said that Pakistan without out commenting on bilateral relations between any two countries,

however stressed that ties should not affect the third country. On Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement refuting media reports of negotiations with Pakistan regarding its inclusion in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the Spokesman said “the statement is self-explanatory”. Whether Pakistan could unilaterally offer other countries to join CPEC, Zakaria said “CPEC is the project of both China and Pakistan and both countries would decide as how and what sort of indulgence and participation of other countries would be made in CPEC and CPEC-related projects”. He said that Pakistan-Russia relationship was growing steadily and “we give high importance to it”. The Spokesman expressed shock over the tragic plane crash of Brazilian Soccer team and said Adviser Sartaj Aziz, in his letter to Brazilian Foreign Minister, had conveyed condolences.


The United States on Thursday congratulated General Qamar Javed Bajwa on his appointment as Chief of Army Staff. In a daily press briefing by the State Department, Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner said: “let’s give this gentleman a chance to get up to speed, but we certainly congratulate him on the appointment and welcome his – the transition to a

new chief of army staff.” Toner said that US maintains a close cooperation with Pakistan on counterterrorism operations. “With respect to our counter-terrorism cooperation with Pakistan, that’s ongoing. We work with them quite closely,” he said. The deputy spokesperson further added: “They’re aware of some of our concerns, which include a safe haven for some terrorist groups that are active in the region.” He concluded: “Pakistan’s also paid the price of terrorism. It’s in their interests, obviously, to crack down on any terrorist group that may be finding safe haven within its borders.” Pakistan and US are declared partners in the War on Terror, for which the former has also been receiving substantial financial compensation. The relation-

PML-N suffers defeat in Jhang by-poll JHANG: Independent candidate Maulana Masroor Nawaz Jhangvi has won the PP-78 by-election by beating Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) candidate Azad Nasir Ansari, according to unofficial results. Jhangvi, who was being backed by the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ), bagged 48,562 votes. Surprisingly, PML-N candidate Azad Nasir Ansari, who was being tipped to win the provincial assembly’s seat, stood second with 35,468 votes. The Punjab Assembly’s constituency had fallen vacant after the Supreme Court disqualified Rashida Yaqoob of the PML-N for concealing assets while upholding a decision of an election tribunal in October. She was elected to the assembly in the 2013 general elections. Runner-up candidate Mr Ludhianvi had challenged her election. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) later announced it would hold by-poll in the constituency on Dec 1 for which Ludhianvi as well as Ms Yaqoob also filed their nomination papers. STAFF REPORT

ASWJ leader detained in Karachi KARACHI: A leader of the banned Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) was detained in Karachi on Thursday. According to party spokesperson Umer Mowavia, ASWJ Karachi president Allama Rabnawaz Hanafi was apprehended by Sindh Rangers from his residence in Khamosh Colony of Liaquatabad. The spokesperson accused that the provincial government had gone berserk and was targeting supposed political rivals. He also claimed that his party had always condemned terrorism. There was no official confirmation of Hanafi’s detention by the paramilitary force though. The government has decided to tighten the noose around members of the banned organisations, under-observation suspects and human traffickers by cancelling their passports and blocking their national identity cards. STAFF REPORT

ship between the two countries, however, has been strained since some years now and elements within the US establishment, along with the Afghan government, allege that the Pakistani state is creating safe havens for the terrorists to operate out of. The Pakistan government routinely denies these claims but occasionally does admit to the presence of the Afghan Taliban leadership within Pakistan. Matters were expected to be strained further still, with the election to the office of the President in the US of Donald Trump, who has been very vocal about his distrust of Pakistan’s role in the War on Terror. He tweeted, way back on the 6th of July, 2012. “When will Pakistan apologise to us for providing safe sanctuary to Osama Bin Laden for 6 years?! Some “ally.”

MPs unhappy over delay in probe of NBP Bangladesh scam ISLAMABAD SHAH NAWAZ MOHAL

National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics and Privatisation on Wednesday showed displeasure over National Accountability Bureau (NAB)’s delaying of investigation against National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) officials involved in NBP Bangladesh scam. The scandal came to fore back in January 2014. Initially, the amount of loan was estimated to be around 11 billion rupees, which later expanded to 18.5 billion rupees. The scam ran for 12 years from 2001 to 2013, and during this period the NBP Bangladesh branch gave loans valuing $185 million without securing collaterals. In March 2015, the NAB authorised investigation into the conduct of some officers of NBP accused of abusing their powers in the processing and sanctioning of credit limits, avoiding proper valuation of securities offered by borrowers and resultantly causing losses of $185 million to the national exchequer. Members of the committee directed

NAB to complete its inquiry at the earliest and recommended that on its next meeting on December 22, the NAB will present its inquiry report and the details before the committee. The committee members also showed their concern about the appointment and promotion policies of the National Bank of Pakistan. Chairman Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh informed the members that the NBP has adopted discriminated policies for appointment and promotion. “Candidates from LUMS and other elite universities are given preferences over other”, he said. The members also asked the NBP to furnish its appointment and promotion policies before the committee. PTI MNA Asad Umar expressed concern on the advertisements published in the newspaper regarding marketing of property in UAE. “We should call the State Bank of Pakistan and get a briefing on the transfer of funds by the individuals or companies to UAE and how the whole mechanism works”, he said. The members unanimously decided to summon representatives from State Bank of Pakistan and Press Information Department (PID) in the next meeting.



Marriyum for effective media role in implementation of social sector projects ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb Thursday stressed the need for more effective media role in oversight and implementation of social sector projects. She was speaking as chief guest at the inaugural session of a two-day National Roundtable on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Parliamentary Reporters Association (PRA) here. The minister said that targets set in Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) could not be achieved as parliament and media could not play any constructive role in the creation of awareness among the masses. The minister said that objective of the course was to guide the media persons about the SDGs importance. She said under the GSP Plus, journalists would be provided training and added she had also talked to European Union ambassadors for capacity building of the media professionals. She opined that parliament and media had to play important roles in the achievements of SDGs. She said that in 2012, it was decided that each country should focus on two sectors and Pakistan selected health and education. The minister said that one of the biggest problems for Pakistan were the census and the SDGs Secretariat would write a letter to the prime minister that this issue should be included in the agenda of next Council of Common Interests meeting. She said nonavailability of authentic population data was an impediment to the achievement of social sector’s targets. She said that in 2013, Pakistan became the first country to have a full-fledged parliamentary secretariat and a task force, and both federal and provinces assemblies. She said one feature of the parliamentary oversight was that all ministries and departments related to a sector sit together in integrated sectoral meetings to sort out the issues. She said that during the last two years, the members of parliament had been touching the health and education issues in their budgetary speeches and the credit goes to the SDGs Secretariat. She said that all the license holders of PEMRA were bound to give some time to create awareness on social and public issues, but that was not being done. She said that beat reporters could do advocacy on areas of health, education, women empowerment, climate change, etc. by highlighting the issues in these areas. She said that the members of SDGs task force had been given a scorecard to contain data of funds, ongoing projects and problems being faced by their respective constituencies. She said that the members of parliament got a good response from the voters. APP

imran Khan mocks Nawaz-trump conversation Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that it is good that Nawaz Sharif has spoken to President-elect Donald Trump but even a letter from him cannot save Nawaz from Panama case. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called Donald Trump yesterday to congratulate him on his victory. The two leaders had a pleasant conversation, according to the transcript released by the PM House. “President Trump said, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, you have a very good reputation. You are a terrific guy. You are doing amazing work which is visible in every way,” said the statement. Mocking the conversation, Imran Khan tweeted: “Good news is Trump spoke to Nawaz Sharif. Bad news for NS is this won’t save him from Panama scandal – not even if a Trump letter arrived!” The Supreme Court is hearing the Panama Leaks case on the petitions filed by the opposition parties including Imran’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. After Wednesday’s hearing, the PTI leadership was upbeat about the outcome of the case. NEWS DESK


Friday, 2 December, 2016

UAE celebrates 45 years of astonishing progress The UAE is a young country with a young population. As the nation celebrates its 45th National Day much of the energy of the country is looking ahead to a bright future that the leadership and people are united in building for themselves. There is an exciting emphasis across the nation on the importance of people-focused topics like innovation, and their willingness to seek new challenges. No country that is mounting its own mission to Mars can be in danger of getting stuck in its past. And the government has clearly demonstrated its determination to serve the future aspirations of the people by appointing new ministers for Youth, Future and Happiness. This is why the UAE does not see its heritage as an impediment to embracing the inevitable technological changes, transforming the way mankind will live, and in fact sees its heritage as a tremendous asset to be cherished. Education: The UAE understands the importance of education and training people’s minds because it has come a very long way in only 45 years. The UAE

had a very rudimentary schooling system when the federation came together: There was no nationwide network of primary schools and there were no colleges other than two technical schools. This meant that education was very patchy across the nation, and the country launched into the century of the knowledge economy with only 40 graduates and had to scramble to find the necessary numbers of people to start to run a modern state. This is why such importance today is placed on replacing the curriculum that was introduced at that time, but had to rely far too much on learning by rote and accumulation of facts. The new pedagogical thinking is to encourage the young Emiratis to think for themselves and tackle problems on their own, which is essential training for the knowledge economy that dominates the world of the 21st century. institutions: After 45 years, the UAE can take just pride in the strength of its institutions. The federal system that came together

in 1971 was very much a work in progress and had to develop rapidly as the country started to operate as a single entity. There were testing moments when those who backed a more centralised system based around a unitary federal government clashed with those who sought a more devolved system based on leaving substantial areas of authority with the seven constituent emirates. The impasse was finally resolved in 1979 when the leaders met and agreed to a more devolved system but required the emirates to commit fully to the federal ideal. This compromise is the heart of the system that has allowed the UAE to move forward with vital flexibility that allowed effective responses to changing circumstances. HEritagE and idEntity: A substantial part of the UAE’s underlying confidence as it deals with the modern world is its ease with its unique heritage as an Arab and Muslim nation in the Gulf. The UAE sees it as an asset rather than a problem.

BANK ALFALAH – THE WAY FORWARD Bank Alfalah Limited is the fifth largest private bank in Pakistan. It is owned and operated by the Abu Dhabi Group. The bank currently operates through over 600 branches across Pakistan. Besides Pakistan, the bank also operates in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain and UAE. Bank Alfalah was incorporated on June 21, 1997 as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance 1984. Its banking operations commenced from November 1, 1997. The bank is engaged in commercial banking and related services as defined in the Banking Companies Ordinance, 1962. Bank Alfalah is engaged in extensive and comprehensive banking operations including branch banking, consumer banking, electronic banking, corporate banking and Treasury & Investment. The Bank provides financial solutions to consumers, corporations, institutions and governments through a broad spectrum of products and services including corporate and investment banking, consumer banking and credit, securities brokerage, commercial, SME, agri- finance, Islamic and asset financing. The bank has been constantly expanding its operations as well as innovating and digitizing its operations in order to establish a distinctive position in the market. Bank Alfalah hasone of the leading Is-

lamic banking networks in Pakistan. The bank has taken special incentive to promote Islamic banking in Pakistan. Bank Alfalah offers a wide choice of deposit accounts that are Shariah compliant, designed in strict adherence to Shariah principles. From basic banking accounts, term deposits, foreign currency to structured savings products, choose the option that best suits your needs and start enjoying your daily banking services through the Bank’s vast branch network and self-service banking solutions. Bank Alfalah has formed innumerous collaborations with other businesses and institutions to launch various products and services for its shared customer base. These digital financial products and services are designed and modeled to usher in ease and convenience as well as expedite the process of financial inclusion i.e. banking the unbanked. From car insurance, home loans and easy and convenient credit card offers, Bank Alfalah have it all covered for its customers. Bank Alfalah runs a magnanimous Corporate Social Responsibility Programme to contribute to the social developmental process of the communities it serves. From reaching out in face of natural calamities to contributing to the socio-economic development of the communities, Bank Alfalah stands besides its customer base in every field of life.


Friday, 2 December, 2016




HE UN’s aid chief warned Wednesday that Aleppo risked becoming a “giant graveyard” after more than 50,000 people were reported to have fled intense fighting between government militias and rebel forces. As the Security Council held emergency talks on the fighting in New York, Syria’s opposition urged the UN to take immediate steps to protect civilians. A government offensive to retake all of Aleppo has pounded the city in recent days, with shelling of an opposition-controlled area reported to have killed at least 26 civilians. Artillery shells rained down on one southeastern rebel-held district. The motionless body of a girl lay crumpled in the street, her arm severed and her head pierced by shrapnel. Rescue volunteers carried her body away on a motorcycle. Speaking to the special Security Council session by video-link from London, Stephen O’Brien, the UN humanitarian chief, appealed for action to stop the fighting. “For the sake of humanity we call on — we plead — with the parties and those with influence to do everything in their power to protect civilians and enable access to the besieged part of eastern Aleppo before it becomes one giant grave-

yard,” he said. Civilians have poured out of the besieged rebelheld east, battered by air strikes and heavy artillery fire by the advancing forces of dictator Bashar al-Assad. On a visit to Paris, a local council leader east Aleppo called Wednesday for safe passage for desperate civilians, warning the UN would be “signing the death warrant of 250,000 people” if it failed to act. “Let the civilians leave, protect the civilians, put in place a safe corridor so they can leave,” Brita Hagi Hassan said after meeting French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault. Government troops and sectar-

ian allied fighters have seized around 40 per cent of the rebel-held east of Aleppo since they began an operation to recapture all of the city just over a fortnight ago. They now fully control the city’s northeast and pressed their offensive Wednesday on Aleppo’s southeastern edges, advancing in the Sheikh Saeed district, according to state media. The loss of Aleppo would be the biggest blow for Syria’s opposition since the conflict began in March 2011 with anti-government protests, before spiralling

into a civil war. ‘BARBARIC OFFENSIVE’: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group, said Wednesday that more than 50,000 people have fled Aleppo’s rebelheld districts, including at least 20,000 to government-held territory and another 30,000 to Kurdish-controlled districts. Many others have travelled south into the remaining territory held by rebels. Among them was Fawwaz al-Ashaari, 56, who left Sakhur district for a reception centre in government-held Jibrin, about 10 kilometres (six miles) north of

Aleppo. “I have lost my eldest son, my job, my house… The rest of my children only want to live in safety. They have seen death several times. I want them to know life,” he said. The UN has for months sought access to the east, but a plan it presented this month to deliver aid has yet to be approved by the government. The Security Council session in New York was to later hear from the UN’s peace envoy, Staffan de Mistura. Syria’s opposition National Coalition said it was working with France on a

draft UN resolution seeking an immediate ceasefire in Aleppo, though regime ally Russia was likely to veto such a proposal. Coalition head Anas al-Abdeh on Wednesday urged the UN to “take immediate, definitive steps to protect civilians in Aleppo and stop the barbaric offensive against them.” “This escalation is a war crime and a crime against humanity, another item on the Assad regime’s long, bloody, barbaric list,” Abdeh said. A source close to Syria’s rebel factions said opposition forces held talks as recently as Monday with Russian representatives in Ankara on a potential truce for Aleppo. A member of Russia’s general staff, General Sergei Rudskoi, said Wednesday that Moscow had not carried out any air strikes on east Aleppo for more than a month. “Since October 18, in other words for the past 44 days, Russian planes have not flown over Aleppo”, he said. ‘WAITING FOR DEATH’: On Wednesday, at least 26 civilians including seven children were killed in government artillery fire on the Jubb al-Qubbeh district in east Aleppo, the Observatory said. The White Helmets rescue group, which operates in rebel-held areas, published pictures of the attack’s aftermath, showing an apocalyptic scene with bodies, pieces of flesh, and suitcases strewn across the street. A young man wept next to two bodies, their top halves obscured by blankets. The feet of one body were clad in pink socks, the other wore red boots done up with white laces. The Observatory says more than 300 civilians, including 33 children, have been killed in east Aleppo since the latest government assault began on November 15. Another 48 civilians have been killed in west Aleppo, according to the monitor.

Slovakia toughens church registration rules to bar Islam AGENCIES Slovakia passed legislation on Wednesday to effectively block Islam from gaining official status as a religion in the near future in the latest sign of growing anti-Muslim sentiment across the European Union. The former communist state has fiercely resisted EU efforts to cope with a big influx of mainly Muslim migrants into Europe since 2015, in part by opposing quotas to share out asylum seekers among EU members. Prime Minister Robert Fico’s government has said Islam has no place in Slovakia. Parliament adopted a bill sponsored by the Slovak National Party (SNS), junior member in Fico’s coalition, that requires a religion to have at least 50,000 members, up from 20,000, to qualify for state subsi-

dies and to run its own schools. The change will make it much harder to register Islam, which has just 2,000 adherents in Slovakia according to the last census and no recognised mosques. The Islamic Foundation in Slovakia estimates the number at around 5,000. The SNS said the new law was meant to prevent speculative registrations of churches, such as the satirical Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which has amassed followers worldwide. “Islamisation starts with a kebab and it’s already under way in Bratislava, let’s realise what we can face in five to 10 years … We must do everything we can so that no mosque is built in the future,” SNS chairman Andrej Danko said earlier. There was no immediate comment from the Islamic Foundation. The law was approved by a two-thirds ma-

jority in parliament comprising both ruling and opposition parties. Lawmakers turned down a proposal by the opposition far-right People’s Party-Our Slovakia to raise the religion membership bar to 250,000. The small central European country’s population is 5.4 million; 62 percent of it is declared Roman Catholic. Danko had called for steps to prevent the registration of Islam and ban the wearing of burqas in public and the construction of mosques and minarets. EU difficulties in absorbing over 1.36 million new migrants since the start of 2015, and a series of Islamist attacks, have stoked anti-Muslim feeling across the EU and boosted the appeal of far-right, anti-immigrant parties, prompting a rightward shift of governing centrists ahead of key elections next year.


Putin says Russia not ‘looking for enemies’ MOSCOW AGENCIES

President Vladimir Putin adopted a conciliatory tone to international rivals in a key speech on Thursday, saying Russia has “never looked for enemies” in the international community. “We do not want confrontation with anyone. It is not needed — not by us, our partners, the international community,” Putin said during an address on the state of the nation. “As opposed to some of our foreign colleagues who view Russia as an adversary, we are not looking, and have never looked, for enemies. We need friends.” In a pointed aside, Kremlin strongman added that Russia would nevertheless “not allow its interests to be infringed upon.” Russia finds itself locked in its worst standoff with the West since the Cold War over its 2014 annexation of Crimea, the conflict in Ukraine and lingering disagreements about the conflict in Syria. Putin on Thursday reiterated Moscow’s readiness to work with Donald Trump’s administration once the president-elect takes office in January. “It is important to normalise and start to develop bilateral relations on an equal and mutually-beneficial basis,” Putin said. “We have a collective responsibility to ensure international security and stability.” He added that attempts to disrupt this “strategic parity” are “extremely dangerous and can lead to a global catastrophe.” Putin also called on Russia to remain united to thwart any internal political conflicts that could destabilise the state. “Recently we have seen many countries in which this situation has paved the way to opportunists, coups and ultimately anarchy,” Putin said. “The result everywhere is the same: human tragedies and victims, decay and ruin, disappointment.” Putin also called on Russians to ponder their turbulent history — including the 1917 February and October revolutions that saw the Bolsheviks seize power — to learn lessons from the past that could help prevent a similar scenario in modern Russia. “We need the lessons of history first of all for the reconciliation, the strengthening of the social, political and civil harmony we have reached today,” he said. “It is unacceptable to hold on to the rifts and rancour, resentment and bitterness of the past in today’s life.” The Kremlin has repeatedly warned against so-called colour revolutions, the name given to pro-Western movements seen in some former Soviet republics over the last several years, which Moscow believes were fomented by the United States.

FBI TO GAIN EXPANDED HACKING POWERS AS SENATE EFFORT TO BLOCK FAILS AGENCIES A last-ditch effort in the Senate to block or delay rule changes that would expand the US government’s hacking powers failed Wednesday, despite concerns the changes would jeopardise the privacy rights of innocent Americans and risk possible abuse by the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump. Democratic Senator Ron Wyden attempted three times to delay the changes, which will take effect on Thursday and allow US judges will be able to issue search warrants that give the FBI the authority to remotely access computers in any jurisdiction, potentially even overseas. His efforts were blocked by Senator John Cornyn of Texas, the Senate’s second-ranking Republican.


The changes will allow judges to issue warrants in cases when a suspect uses anonymising technology to conceal the location of his or her computer or for an investigation into a network of hacked or infected computers, such as a botnet. Magistrate judges can currently only order searches within the jurisdiction of their court, which is typically limited to a few counties. In a speech from the Senate floor, Wyden said that the changes to Rule 41 of the federal rules of criminal procedure amounted to “one of the biggest mistakes in surveillance policy in years.” The government will have “unprecedented authority to hack into Americans’ personal phones, computers and other devices,” Wyden said. He added that such authority, which

was approved by the Supreme Court in a private vote earlier this year, but was not subject to congressional approval, was especially troubling in the hands of an administration of President-elect Trump, a Republican who has “openly said he wants the power to hack his political opponents the same way Russia does.” Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware and Republican Senator Steve Daines of Montana also delivered speeches voicing opposition to the rule changes. The U.S. Justice Department has pushed for the changes to the federal rules of criminal procedure for years, arguing they are procedural in nature and the criminal code needed to be modernised for the digital age. In an effort to address concerns, U.S.


Friday, 2 December, 2016





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UN calls for proactive efforts to check violence against women

RAWALPINDI: Woman selecting decoration stuff in connection with Jashn-e-Eid Miladun Nabi (PBUH). INP


Pims colony doctors not Paying For own accommodation ISLAMABAD



ESPITE enjoying perks and privileges, doctors at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) colony did not pay even a single penny for their accommodation for the last many years. According to the documents available with Pakistan Today, a number of doctors, who were allotted houses at PIMS colony Islamabad, did not pay penny during the last several years, despite the fact that as per the set rule they were bound to pay an amount of Rs. 3995 per month as house rent. They were directed to deposit the outstanding amount in State Bank of Pakistan under head of account No, CO-2701-Works Building Rent or send a cross cheque in favor of Joint Estate Officer (Accounts) estate office government of Pakistan, Islamabad. Proceedings will be carried out against the doctors under Rule AAR 2002 if no action has been taken by the concerned authority within seven days, the papers read.

According to the documents, the House No 2/5-E, G-8/3, PIMS Colony, Islamabad was allocated to Dr. Muhammad Tariq; however during scrutiny of record of rent recovery an amount of Rs. 511,365 has been found outstanding against him for the period from March 11, 2006 to November 30, 2016. The papers read that the House No 1/5-E, G-8/3, PIMS Colony, Islamabad was allocated to Dr. Aminullah Khan Sherazi. During scrutiny of record of rent recovery an amount of Rs. 489,737 has been found outstanding against him for the period from September 13, 2006 to November 30, 2016. “The house No 3/4-E, G-8/3, PIMS Colony, Islamabad was allocated to Dr. Faisal Khan. During scrutiny of record of rent recovery an amount of Rs. 202,414 has been found outstanding against him for the period from September 11, 2012 to November 30, 2016,” the documents reveal. Similarly, house No 2/8-E, G-8/3, PIMS Colony, Islamabad was allocated to Dr. Farrukh Kamal, however during scrutiny of record of rent recovery an amount of Rs. 273,465 has been found outstanding against him for the period from March

Final round oF lB elections in PunjaB to Begin From dec 9 ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday announced the schedule for the final round of the Local Bodies Election in Punjab. According to the schedule, the final round of the local bodies’ election will start from December 9, in which mayors, deputy mayors, chairmen and vice-chairmen will be elected. The nomination papers will be received on December 9 and 10, whereas the scrutiny process will be held on 11th and 12th. The appeals against rejection of the nomination papers can be filed till December 14 and the candidates can withdraw their nominations till December 15. The polling will take place on 22nd December and the election results will be announced on 23rd December, the election commission said. Election Commission of Pakistan will notify the winning candidates on 28th December and the elected candidates will take oath on 31st December.

18, 2011 to November 30, 2016. House No 3/3-E, G-8/3, PIMS Colony, Islamabad was allocated to Dr Zafar Iqbal Malik, but during scrutiny of record of rent recovery, an amount of Rs. 483,395 has been found outstanding against him for the period from November 22, 2006 to November 30, 2016. According to the documents, the house No 2/4-E, G-8/3, PIMS Colony, Islamabad was allocated to Dr. Mutahir Shah, however during scrutiny of record of rent recovery an amount of Rs. 272,047 has been found outstanding against him for the period from March 29, 2011 to November 30, 2016. The House No 1/3-E, G-8/3, PIMS Colony, Islamabad was allocated to Dr. Nasreen Butt. During scrutiny of record of rent recovery an amount of Rs. 117,853 has been found outstanding against him for the period from September 16, 2014 to November 30, 2016, the papers added. The documents reveal that the house No 1/8-E, G-8/3, PIMS Colony, Islamabad was allocated to Dr. Muhammad Ali; but during scrutiny of record of rent recovery an amount of Rs. 123,377 has been found outstanding

against him for the period from April 18, 2014 to November 30, 2016. Joint Estate Officer Aamir Ali Khan, in his letter directed that the doctors should deposit the said amount in National Bank of Pakistan/State Bank of Pakistan under head of account No, CO-2701-Works Building Rent or send a cross cheque in favour of the joint estate officer (accounts) estate office government of Pakistan, Islamabad. He warned that if no action is taken against them within seven days, the proceedings will be carried out under Rule AAR 2002. However, he said that if they have already paid the above amount, the evidence of same may send to his office. When Pakistan Today contacted PIMS Vice Chancellor Dr Javed Akram, he said he knew nothing about the issue, but told that the house rent is automatically cut from their salaries. However, he said that in case the rent was not deducted from salaries, they received a copy and later had to deposit the amount. The VC said that the matter was not directly related to him, but the doctors are bound to pay the amount.

United Nations (UN) Pakistan Resident Coordinator Neil Buhne has stressed the need for a proactive role by the society to check violence against women. Talking to Radio Pakistan's News and Current Affairs Channel, he said the violence against women was a global phenomenon, which was affecting about one thirds of the women around the world. Violence against women limits choices for women, and it can affect the health of the society, he said. He said the UN has launched a program in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to help women easily report the incidents of violence against them to the police. Women police officers should be recruited for the purpose, he added. Neil Buhne said the '16 days of Activism' campaign by the civil society, which was adopted by the United Nations in 2008, is run across the globe for ending violence against women. UN Women Country Representative Jamshed Kazi said that the campaign titled ‘16 days of Activism’ provides women an opportunity to highlight their issues, and added that a lot of efforts have been made in Pakistan to check violence against women. He said the Punjab government has decided to include a subject on gender-based violence in the curriculum from Grade 8 to 12 in educational institutions. National Commission on the Status of Women Chairperson Khawar Mumtaz also said that a systematic approach needs to be developed to address the issue. She said the most important areas should be taken up on priority, adding that it is important for women to develop understanding of the issue and also start speaking about it.

Special body to discuss report implementation on GIDC Bill-2015 ISLAMABAD APP

Senate Special Committee will discuss implementation of report on the Gas Infrastructure Development Cess (GIDC) Bill-2015 on Friday. Earlier, the body had recommended that the bill should be treated sector wise and noted that all sectors were ready to pay but not retrospectively. The ministry was of the opinion that GIDC Act 2015 as passed by the parliament provided that the cess collected by the company from gas consumers under the GIDC Act 2011 and GIDC Ordinance 2014 would be valid under the provisions of the GIDC Act 2015. "Therefore, the question of not paying the cess retrospectively does not arise”, the ministry said. The body is in the process to find a mechanism for identifying the entities/sectors that had collected GIDC from consumers, but did not pay to the government. The committee, headed by Ilyas Ahmad Bilour, has Abdul Qayyum, Islamuddin Shaikh, Professor Sajid Mir, Muhammad Zafarullah Khan Dhandla, Saleem Mandviwala, Osman Saifullah Khan, Muhammad Ali Khan Mohsin Aziz, Muhammad Talha Mahmood, Hasil Khan Bizenjo, Hilal ur Rehman, Saeed Ghani, Saeed Hassan Mandokhail, Muhammad Usman Khan Kakar and Muhammad Mohsin Khan Leghari as its members.

Seminar calls for end to plagiarism in academic research ISLAMABAD APP

Speakers at a seminar held on Thursday at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) called for taking effective measures to curb plagiarism in academic research, through ‘smart use’ of new technology. AIOU Vice Chancellor Dr Shahid Siddiqui said researchers need to adopt creativity and innovative approach in their academic pursuits, while inaugurating the seminar that was organised by the university's Office of Research, Innovation and

Commercialisation (ORIC), in collaboration with Quality Enhancement Directorate. Quaid-e-Azam University Chief Librarian Anwar Ejaz delivered key-note address at the seminar and underlined the need for effective use of turnitin software' for plagiarism detection in research. Dr Shahid Siddiqui said the university was focusing on promotion of meaningful and applied research that could leave positive impact on the society and helps to resolve community-related socio-economic problems. Eight research journals


were published and a number conferences and events were arranged during the last two years to motivate students to serve the society, through their research at the higher education level. An incentive package was also given to encourage the faculty to undertake this task as their first priority. Dr Siddiqui said the university was taking foolproof measures to check unethical practices in research. Latest and most advance software is being introduced for this purpose, he said, and expressed the hope that the re-

searchers will ensure making contents of their research free of plagiarism. The research will remain on the top of their future academic agenda, since universities are known by creative work and new innovations at their end, he added. Earlier, Dean Sciences Dr Naghama Rashid briefed the participants about the objectives of the seminar and the importance of turnitin software. She said that research without honesty and fairness becomes meaningless, adding that plagiarism should be discouraged at all levels.


Friday, 2 December, 2016

US envoy vows support for people with disabilities Islamabad: US Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale met with 25 Pakistani disability rights advocates to discuss the achievements of individuals with disabilities in Pakistan, America, and elsewhere around the world. The group also discussed how to address challenges that individuals with disabilities still face in society today, such as difficulty accessing mainstream education and health services. “At the State Department, led by our Special Adviser for International Disability Rights Judith Heumann, we campaign to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities,” said Ambassador Hale. He said that in conjunction with the Paralympics, the US embassy started a campaign earlier this year titled ‘Without Limits.’, which aimed at ensuring that people with disabilities are employed on an equal basis with others. The American embassy recently concluded a one-year $375,000 program, managed by the Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP), to support Pakistani women with disabilities. Under the program, STEP organised more than 90 training sessions, TV talk show discussions, and provincial workshops to increase public and Pakistani government awareness about the rights of women with disabilities and to provide livelihood training for women with disabilities. STAFF REPORT

Over 50 held with arms, drugs in Peshawar PEsHaWaR: More than 50 criminals were held with arms and drugs during a search operation in Peshawar on Thursday. According to details, heavy contingent of police including female police personnel conducted search operation in Phandu and Chamkani localities of the provincial capital. At least 300 houses were searched during the operation. More than 50 criminals were apprehended and arms and drugs were recovered from their possession. The police confiscated the recovered arms and after registering cases against the nabbed criminals at respective police stations, have started the investigation. INP

Arms recovered from vehicle in DI Khan dERa IsmaIl KHaN: The police arrested an accused after recovery of arms and ammunition from vehicle on Thursday. The police responding to a tip-off regarding presence of arms, intercept a vehicle near Chandda area of Dera Ismail Khan. During search of the vehicle, seven pistols and more than 9000 bullets of different bores were recovered and an accused was arrested. The police impounded the vehicle, confiscated recovered weapons and after registering a case against the detainee started an investigation. INP

ISLAMABAD: American Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale addresses the opening ceremony of an exhibition displaying photos of recently rehabilitated section of National Highway (N-25) connecting Chaman to Kalat through Quetta, Balochistan. INP

eu oFFers 15m euros to Pakistan For Fair general elections ISLAMABAD



UROPEAN Union (EU) Ambassador Jean Francois Cautain said that European Union (EU) will be offering 15 million Euros to Pakistan or conducting the next general elections in more efficient and transparent manner. He expressed these views in a meeting with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Thursday.

The envoy told that the EU is preparing to offer an Electoral Reform Package of 15 million Euros to train and assist the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to manage the next elections in the most efficient and transparent manner. The minister said that the electoral reforms committee has also done extensive work with participation from all political parties and wide consultation with the members of the civil society and it is expected that there will be a positive development in the introduction of a comprehensive law re-

Committee formed to settle disputes, demarcate land around Margalla Hills National Park ISLAMABAD SHAH NAWAz mOHAL

In order to preserve the natural flora and fauna of Margalla Hills National Park and demarcation of land in the adjoining areas, Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Sheikh Anser Aziz has constituted a 10-member committee comprising officials from ICT Administration, CDA, Survey of Pakistan and Punjab Forest Department. Recently, many disputes came to fore about ownership and possession of adjacent land of Margalla Hills National Park by multiple stakeholders including multiple housing authorities, Rawalpindi Development Author-

ity (RDA), Punjab Forest Department, ICT Administration, CDA and other private owners. In order to resolve them amicably, Environment Department Director General Dr Sheikh Suleman has issued a notification announcing formation of the committee which will hear and settle all complaints regarding the boundary disputes among different owners. The committee comprises assistant commissioner, tehsildar revenue, ICT, Islamabad, divisional forest officer, divisional forest officer demarcation, Punjab Forest Department, Rawalpindi, assistant director or representative of Survey of Pakistan, Rawalpindi Deputy Director (Land Survey Di-

vision), CDA planning wing, Assistant Director/ Tehsildar, Land Directorate, CDA director environment (regional), CDA and assistant director (forest). Margalla Hills National Park came into existence back in 1980, under the Wildlife Ordinance. It is located in Zone-3 of Islamabad. There had been reports in the past of limestone crushing activities on the western side, despite the ban. Last week, Islamabad High Court (IHC) took notice of private encroachments on the park. However, the civic authorities have failed to take action against the influential encroachers who have caused irreversible damage to a national asset.

garding the electoral process in Pakistan soon. The minister, while lauding the ambassador’s efforts, said that Pakistan regards the EU countries as good friends and excellent trade partners as the country’s exports to the region have been multiplied after the GSP plus status given to Pakistan. Ishaq Dar assured the envoy of his support and assistance to strengthen the bilateral relations between Pakistan and the EU. He also said that he hopes that the relationship of Pakistan and European Union will also improve further in the future.

Islamabad Shopping Festival to kick-off tomorrow ISLAMABAD APP

The public excitement is at peak as thousands have registered themselves to participate in the first ever two-day mega discount event, ‘Islamabad Shopping Festival’ to be kicked off on Saturday (tomorrow). Organised by the international company Penflux Consulting (pvt) Ltd, the event to be held at Pak-China Friendship Centre is expected to attract more than 100,000 visitors. Penflux Executive Director Tariq Iqbal Khan said that it would be a mega business activity as we are expecting more than 50,000 people per day. Talking to APP, Tariq said, "Our objective is to boost the business growth and to display positive image of our country." Under the slogan, ‘Meharban Pakistan-Yes we are united’, the event aims to promote Pak-


istani brands and culture at national and international level. "In our future events and seminars, we would run the recorded documentary of the festival to portray the bright side of Pakistan around the globe," he added. The event along with discounted shopping includes a chocolate festival, kids’ arena, food court, pet show, live concert and much more. Pakistani singer and creator of animated series Burka Avenger, Haroon Rashid tweeted, "Burka Avenger screening at HUGE discount! This Saturday and Sunday at Islamabad Shopping Festival." A young fashion designer, Mehreen Khalil is ready to display her women-clothing designs at the festival. "It will be a great event and I will be surely there with my new collection." The anticipated visitor Kiran told APP, "I am super-excited for the discounted shopping, especially the pet-show at Islamabad festival."


Friday, 2 December, 2016

Abe’s “Trump Shock”

Nawaz-Trump telephone talk Hands across the water


T was a good gesture on the part of the Prime Minister to phone President elect Donald Trump and congratulate him over winning the presidential election. It would not do however to present common pleasantries as a breakthrough. Some of the views Trump expressed during the election campaign were by no means complimentary to Pakistan. The reference to Shakil Afridi had evoked a strong response from Pakistan’s Interior Minister. Under the circumstance there is all the more need to try to mould Donald Trump’s opinions and one would appreciate Nawaz Sharif’s efforts in the direction. For this there is a need to take stock of the major differences between the two countries that have marred their relations in the recent past. Washington accuses Pakistan of failing to take action against the haqqani network and Afghan Taliban some of whom supposedly still operating from Pakistan. It has called for action against JuD and JeM and demanded Shakil Afridi’s release. The US is apprehensive of some of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons falling into the hands of the extremists. Influential US lawmakers, both Republican and Democrat, have increasingly taken up the issues. In September some of the lawmakers belonging to the GOP which now dominates both the Senate and the house besides being in control of the White house, signed a petition calling on the administration to declare Pakistan a terrorist state. Pakistan is unhappy over the US forgetting the sacrifices in human and material terms the country made while fighting terrorism. It blames the US for denying the promised F-16s and of nearly choking off the funding needed to carry on the fight. Many in Pakistan consider the US a fair weather friend who turns its back after achieving its strategic aims, leaving Pakistan to cope with the negative repercussions on its own. These differences need to be resolved as both the US and Pakistan will need each other’s help. But these cannot be wished away through exchange of pleasantries between Nawaz Sharif and Trump or through family to family relations between the two leaders.

The Textile Industry Discriminatory treatment and tariffs


he textile industry of Pakistan contributes around 8.5% to the GDP and accounts for around 57% of the export revenue the country generates. These figures have been falling for the past three years and there has been little effort on part of the government to support this vital sector. In this fiscal year alone there has been 7.7% decrease in total exports from the textile sector. The All Pakistan Textile Mill Association (APTMA) has been urging the government to take necessary steps to support this industry that is facing stiff competition from neighbouring countries that are more competitive due to lower cost of production. The textile mills of Punjab in particular have felt the brunt of the situation that pay close to 120% more gas tariff as compared to Sindh making them uncompetitive locally and abroad - mills have to substitute electricity with gas due to severe load shedding in commercial areas. After repeated requests to address their concerns having fallen on deaf ears the APTMA has now decided to stage protests against the unfair treatment meted out to them. It is typical of this government to delay a serious matter to a point where protests become the only way to be heard. This same government receded when traders hit the streets against taxes on banking transaction and has done the same with the huge amnesty scheme that is set to whiten almost 7 trillion rupees of black money in the real estate sector. So why then does the government refuse to listen to the textile sector that pays its taxes, employs a significant portion of the workforce and earns vital revenue for the country through exports? The government should genuinely consider the demands put forth by the APTMA so that they are able to continue production. The government may not be able to help the mills with the exchange rate but surely they can take steps to bring down their cost of production, preferably starting with reducing the gas tariff to rational levels.

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The future of Abenomics and US-Japan relations

Dr AhmAD rAshiD mAlik


S President-elect Donald Trump would most likely to pursue a different course of foreign policy initiatives toward Asia-Pacific countries. Many countries in Asia are wary of these policies. Japan, a close US ally, is wary and shares many concerns when Trump would implement his first 100 days policies in the White house. Japan faces the “Trump Shock’’ after the “Nixon Shock’’ of the 1970 when the United States recognised China without consulting Japan. Trump passed unfavourable comments about Japan during the election campaign. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe fairly invested in ‘’Pivot to Asia’’ and “Re-balance’’ approach since 2012 as well as in the US-led Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Abe’s reasserted Japan’s security role as described in Article 9 of the Constitution. These were Japan’s core interests in its new foreign policy since 2012. Abe had a meeting with Trump on 18 November before former’s taking of office and discussed important issues, and above all, the US-Japan security alliance. Abe did not disclose details of these discussions to the media. Reports were based upon analyses and speculations. he hoped to continue to “trust’’ in

US-Japan relations. Both might have discussed the cost of the US bases in Japan. Japan bears US$ 1.7 billion annually for the military cost of these bases. The actual cost is more. Trump wants Japan to share the entire cost, otherwise Trump would withdraw all American troops stationed on Japan’s soil, as he disclosed during the election campaign. This also poses a challenge to the already exhausted Japanese finances and if Abe’s agrees to share the entire cost, there might be a public backlash and opposition might launch movement against the presence of US troops on Japan’s soil. Trump is a multi-billion businessman and he knows the art to do business with Japan. Abe is on a thin rope and see how he will save the military alliance with the United States. Trump suggested Japan to have its own nuclear weapons to defend its interests. During World War II, the United States crushed Japan nuclear capability and brought it under its own control so that it should not be a perpetual thread to global peace. The two atomic bombs were dropped on hiroshima and Nagasaki. It seems that Trump might adopt a fundamental shift in US foreign and defence policy toward the postwar Japan. Looking at the gravity of geo-security situation in Asia-Pacific and Japan’s confrontation with China and North Korea and inking of the Indo-Japanese nuclear deal, could easily deteriorate peace and stability in the region. General public strongly averts to Japan’s nuclear possession and deals with foreign countries. Trump tenure in office would a testing time for Japan to change its defence and security policy. Japan’s intends to adopt an economic policy to challenges posed by the rise of China under its One Belt One Road (OBOR) and a number of related challenges. Changes in security policy would likely derail Japan in responding to China’s economic ascendance. Trump objects to the TPP and his intention to withdraw from the trading alliance once he takes office. The TPP looks a real set back to Japan as its house of Representatives has

passed a bill on 4 November to go ahead with the deal, which is now laying with the Upper house of Councillors. After Trump’s victory and Abe’s discussion with him, it looks that the TPP deal is at limbo in Japanese national Diet. Within the next couple of months, it would be clear that what course of action would be adopted by Japan. The TPP excludes China while promoting the free trade in the Asia-Pacific region. President Obama thought that China should not dictate rules of business in Asia-Pacific. China counters the TPP by supporting the ASeAN initiative of the Regional Comprehensive economic Partnership (RCeP). To counter China economic ascendance, Japan strongly favoured the TPP. The TPP is against ground realities. China is major trading economy and by isolating it, no primary objective could be achieved. however, now Abe is not a strong position to save the TPP when the United States withdraws. Moreover, formers in Japan oppose the TPP as it forces Japan to withdraw agricultural protection given to the farmers. So Abe faces a front at home too. Yet it is difficult to assume that which way the TPP would go and how Japan would save its interests. Trump’s tenure in office is also a setback to stagnated “Abenomics’’. Abe prefers devaluation of the yen to sell more goods to the United States and other countries and to create more jobs at home by increased production. These are “Abenomics’’ responses to the economic rise of China too. Trump wanted to impose sanctions on countries that manipulate currencies and raise import tariffs to protect domestic job-seekers. In this situation, strategic management of the “Abenomics’’ would remain un-addressed. Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad. He is an expert on Japan, China, and East Asian affairs.

Pakistan, FMCT and the strategic compulsions Trigger happy neighbours make for tense relations

s. sADiA kAzmi


AKISTAN has been facing a serious asymmetry vis a vis India when it comes to the fissile material stocks and growth in conventional arms and capabilities. This is further augmented by India’s provocative “Cold Start” doctrinal gestures. There is no ambiguity about this doctrine which aims at ultimately capturing Pakistani territory. The added arms sophistication achieved by India in terms of nuclear triad, the ABMs, and other destructive weapons, has given it a natural edge over Pakistan. Although the major powers have stressed upon having peaceful relations between India and Pakistan but their own biases and inclination towards India, serve as source of threat for Pakistan. It is a known fact that the US, Israel and Russia are the biggest arm supplier and security provider to India. In this very complex situation where the proponents of peace have their clear biases in favour of India, Pakistan constantly feels the need to make its case and resort to taking security measures aimed at safeguarding and ensuring its own security and regional strategic equilibrium with India. At the same time one should keep in mind that this fact has been globally acknowledged that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state. Nonetheless it still needs to keep reiterating its own position as a confident and responsible state which is fully committed to the basic aims and

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objectives of non-proliferation. On the other hand India has most of reactors outside the IAeA and there is also no adherence to previously agreed upon objective of separating civilian and strategic nuclear facilities. Pakistan in this regard adheres to the basic principle of non-proliferation and likes the major powers to abide by this principle of non discrimination and equal dealing extended out to all the states. The exemptions and preferential treatment meted out to India is a clear violation of this non-proliferation principle and also raises genuine concern about the credibility of the regime and its autonomous status. Pakistan has maintained its position of supporting and contributing to the nuclear safety and security at most of the global forums. This has been achieved in concrete from by introducing extensive national measures. It rightfully believes that all states have equal rights to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy but through transparent and fool proof mechanism. Pakistan also holds some genuine concerns with regards to Fissile Material Cut off Treaty (FMCT). By staying fully committed to the ideals of non-proliferation and disarmament, Pakistan maintains that the FMCT should include the existing stock of fissile material instead of just aiming to cut off the future production. Not only would this be an incomplete and ineffective effort towards disarmament rather it would also not contribute in maintaining the strategic equilibrium between the two nuclear states India and Pakistan, as has already been mentioned that there is a huge imbalance in the existing capabilities of the two. So in order to avoid such a lopsided equation between India and Pakistan, which obviously only increases Pakistan’s security concerns, there is a need that the treaty looks at this particular dimension too. Such a measure will essentially prevent the vertical and horizontal spread of nuclear weapons technology and inclusion of past production of the material along with the existing stockpiles will contribute to nuclear disarmament as well. hence, there are obvious strategic compulsions which explain Pakistan’s position on FMCT. Pakistan stands for the treaty that takes into account the existing asymmetries and equal security for all the states. This should be taken up and dis-

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cussed in parallel with the other core issues of Negative Security Assurances, and Prevention of Arms Race in the Outer Space (PAROS). So a comprehensive and a balanced approach is what Pakistan believes in and rightfully expects. Pakistan has never negated the idea of negotiations in this context. Dealing with the issue through talks and developing a mutual understanding is the best way out for all. even handed approach would demand that the NSG exceptions and probable membership are made possible for Pakistan as well just as it was allowed for India too. If weighed objectively, one would find that Pakistan holds all the required credentials better than India on the basis of which India is being given exemptions. Pakistan’s nuclear program remains to be the essential element in determining its national security. hence the security and safety of its nuclear program is its major concern, much crucial to Pakistan itself than any other state. For this reason it has the most sophisticated Command, Control and Security mechanism in place. All of its facilities are subject to internal monitoring, improvement and effective maintenance. The relevant authorities have ensured strong strategic export controls and strict measures to keep the assets safe and secure from all the possible internal and external threats. hence it is only logical that Pakistan be given same exemptions that are being offered to India or otherwise India should be made to follow the same standards rules as the ones set for the other states. India should be made to put its unsafeguarded power reactors and breeder programs under the safeguards. In fact this should have been made the pre requisite for any favour or exemption given to India. But this was deliberately over looked while keeping the focus on building India’s strategic and commercial capabilities. This once again makes the case for Pakistan to not yield unless its genuine security concerns are duly addressed and satisfied. Until then Pakistan has no alternative but to maintain the fissile material production capability to meet any foreseeable challenges. S. Sadia Kazmi is Senior Research Associate at the Strategic Vision Institute Islamabad and also pursuing PhD research work at the National Defence University, Islamabad. I



Friday, 2 December, 2016

Editor’s mail

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Regarding Modi’s claim on water MR. Modi has claimed that he would not let a single drop of water to flow in Pakistan from rivers. In fact, water distribution has been decided in the Indus Basin Treaty with Indus, Chenab and Jhelum river waters as share of Pakistan and Ravi, Sutlej and Bias going to India. how come Mr. Modi claims all rivers to belong to India as if there was no treaty? This bombastic claim of India should not be allowed to go unchallenged. It would engender war with no holds barred which would be suicidal for India and not only Pakistan as it would result in mutually assured destruction as codified by word ``MAD``. Instead of giving bombastic statements Mr. Modi should climb down to earth and be more realistic as Pakistan in not so weak that Mr. Modi can kill all humans in Pakistan without any consequences for India. DR. MUHAMMAD YAqoob bHAttI Lahore

Timely ambulance service

Questions regarding Pakistan-India relations Like, why was there an Indian sub lurking in Pakistani waters? ing at Gawadar. India has long been wary of Chinese naval presence in Gawadar, which is not only a deep sea port but is strategically located in the Arabian Sea. The bulk of Indian fuel supply from the Gulf countries passes adjacent to Gawadar. India perceives this as a threat and believes that it could enable China to choke Indian fuel supply and its cargo passing in the sea lanes of communication (SLOC) near Gawadar. It is possible that Indian intelligence sources had provided it advance warning of the Chinese Naval vessels approaching Gawadar and the IN sub was prying for more information. Former Indian diplomat, MK Bhadrakumar, currently a columnist and analyst, in his recent Op-ed ‘Chinese naval ships at Gwadar port call sultAn m hAli for a rethink of India’s regional policy’ has made an interesting assessment of the situation and renWO weeks back, Pakistan Navy (PN) dered some invaluable advice to Indian foreign stated that it had prevented Indian Navy policy mandarins. The seasoned Indian external affairs expert submarines from entering Pakistani territorial waters. According to the official re- gives the impression that the presence of the Chiport, the Indian Navy (IN), in order to nese naval vessels at Gwadar was “startling news fulfill its nefarious designs, was deploying sub- for India”. he does admit that India would have marines. PN, ever alert and using its extremely had some intelligence tip-off, which probably professional skill, prevented Indian submarines explains the mysterious episode on November 14 from entering Pakistani waters. Reportedly, the of an Indian submarine lurking in the vicinity of unsuspecting submarine was detected, localised Pakistani territorial waters. It was brusquely south of Pakistani coast and forced to flee. Appar- shooed away by the Pakistan Navy. The recently concluded bilateral exercise beently, the IN sub was detected when it came up to the surface to recharge its batteries which may tween PN and the Peoples Liberation Army-Navy have become exhausted. Subs are required to rise should have been a pointer in this direction. The joint maneuvers encompassing harbour and sea up to periscope depth to recharge their batteries. It is no coincidence that the IN sub was caught phases conducted in the North Arabian Sea depict lurking in Pakistani waters on the same date that the need for intense naval collaboration between the first cargo ships were setting sail from PN and PLA (Navy) in the backdrop of the CPeC, Gawadar, carrying a shipload, which had been in order to effectively handle complex challenges brought in the shape of a convoy from Kashgar. in the maritime domain. Little wonder then that the The event marked the accomplishment of the sea phase of the exercise covered a wide spectrum China Pakistan economic Corridor (CPeC) pilot of maritime and naval operations performed by project. The IN sub must have been dispatched to ships, helicopters, maritime patrol aircraft, joint snoop on the progress of CPeC, which India has boarding operations by special forces, air defence exercises, communication gone to great lengths to sabdrills and joint maneuvers by otage and fail even before it the surface combatants. was operationalised. The arThere should be no rest of senior RAW operaqualms about Chinese and tive Commander He surmises that Pakistani naval forces coopKulbhoshan Yadav, earlier this year had spilled the Bogdanov reportedly sought erating to safeguard the beans on Indian machinaa formal Russian-Pakistani CPeC in which China is investing more than 45 billion tions in Balochistan. The incollaborative tie-up US Dollars. carcerated Indian spy not It is unfortunate for India only confessed to establishover the CPEC. that it spurned the Chinese ing a network to sabotage offer to participate in the CPeC, but also provided CPeC and instead tried to graphic details of how his disrupt it. It went to the exnetwork managed to entrap Baloch youth, lead them to the path of insurgency tent of investing heavily in the Iranian port of through sedition, train them in subversion, arm, Chabahar and even in constructing a highway, the equip and launch them to wreak havoc in the strife Delaram-Zaranj highway, a 218 km roadway in torn province of Balochistan. The aim was to dis- the Nimruz Province of Afghanistan connecting rupt CPeC as well as discourage the Chinese en- the Delaram District in Afghanistan to the northgineers, investors and experts to quit the project ern border of Iran. The aim was to provide and also stay away from Balochistan and Gawadar. Afghanistan and the Central Asian States an alterIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his nate to CPeC and Gawadar. Regrettably for India, Independence Day address, admitted to support- Iranian President approached the Pakistani Prime ing the so called separatist movement in Balochis- Minister and requested for Iran to join the CPeC. According to Bhadrakumar and some other tan. This left no doubts to India’s odious plot. The real reason for the IN sub trying to infil- media reports, earlier in November, Gawadar also trate in Pakistani waters became obvious when the received Russia’s Federal Security Services chief media carried reports of Chinese Navy ships dock- Alexander Bogdanov. The former diplomat claims


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his Independence Day address, admitted to supporting the so called separatist movement in Balochistan. This left no doubts to India’s odious plot.

that it was a hush-hush inspection tour aimed at assessing the efficacy of Russian ships using the port during their long voyages, to assert Moscow’s return to the global stage. Bhadrakumar asserts that this is the first visit by a Russian spy chief to Pakistan in over two decades and it took place just as America elected a new president, Donald Trump. he believes that perhaps the timing is coincidental, but more likely, it is not. The Russian diplomacy invariably moves in lockstep. he stresses that Bogdanov’s visit was scheduled just a few weeks before the planned trilateral strategic dialogue between Russia, China and Pakistan, ostensibly regarding the Afghan situation, in Moscow next month. he surmises that Bogdanov reportedly sought a formal Russian-Pakistani collaborative tie-up over the CPeC. Russia has denied it but the writing on the wall for India is clear. By trying to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, India appears to be alienating its erstwhile ally Russia by cozying up to the US. India was snubbed on its home turf Goa at the BRICS summit when it tried to browbeat Pakistan but was tersely ignored by both China and Russia. Russian support to Pakistan’s entry in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) and Russia holding its first ever military ever joint military exercise with Pakistan despite India’s request to call them off in the wake of the Uri attack, for which India blamed Pakistan, should be an eye opener for India. The advice that comes from India’s former diplomat Bhadrakumar in the wake of the developments enumerated above, which hold profound implications for India, especially against the backdrop of the unraveling of the United States’ pivot strategy in the Asia-Pacific, is that some hard conclusions need to be made. India should reconsider its animosity towards the CPeC and President Xi Jinping’s “One Belt One Road” project, which includes the Maritime Silk Route since it can benefit immensely from these initiatives. New ground realities and alliances are emerging, if India is left out of the loop, it will be the loser. Narendra Modi will have to put his extremism under control and call off the dogs of war unleashed on Pakistan. The sooner India takes cognizance of these harsh realities, the better it will be for the entire region. Sultan M Hali is a retired group Captain and author of the book Defence & Diplomacy. Currently he is a columnist, analyst and tV talk show host.

DeSPITe the tremendous efforts of edhi Foundation and Chippa, there is a shortage of life saving ambulances in Karachi. The ambulances are usually not technically updated due to which the patients’ lives may be at stake during their journey to the hospital. My uncle suffered a heart attack so we called 1021 for immediate medical help and the yellow van of Aman Foundation was at our doorstep within a few minutes. We placed him in the ambulance and he was given the essential treatment in the van only which helped him sustain till we reached the hospital. I was pleasantly surprised that this particular ambulance service was extremely good and the vehicle was equipped with updated medical equipment. If the service by Aman Ambulance was not provided to him, we could have lost him. I would like to thank them for providing citizens a better service and saving lives. MUHAMMAD RoHAIL HASSAN Karachi

Fighting against HIV WORLD AIDS Day, observed on 1st of December every year, is a day dedicated to raise awareness and understanding of the pandemic disease of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) caused by the spread of human Immunodeficiency Virus (hIV) infection. This day acknowledges the need for worldwide unity in the fight against hIV, support for people living with hIV and to commemorate those who have died of hIV. This day is important as it reminds us that hIV has not gone away and there is still a vital need to fight against it by increasing awareness and education about how to prevent ourselves from this disease. In a manner of speaking this day provides us with an opportunity to learn the facts about hIV and put our knowledge into action. Notwithstanding the various scientific advances made in the hIV treatment, people still do not know the facts about how to protect themselves and others from hIV, and stigma and discrimination remain a reality for many people living with hIV. Since more than 100,000 people are hIV infected in Pakistan, making it one of the most destructive pandemics, therefore it is hoped that the government along with the civil society would be sincere in their efforts and endeavor wholeheartedly for a full fledged awareness campaign to protect the future generations of Pakistan from this widespread disease. SYED ALI qASIM Lahore

Illegal parking I want to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards illegal, double and triple parking on the streets of karachi. There are no proper parking areas in local bazaars so drivers park their vehicles in front of shops, oblivious to the problems they cause to passing cars. huge traffic jam occurs at various times of the day and night because of parked vehicles blocking roads and leaving little to no room for other cars to go through. There are numerous places where the relevant authorities, especially the traffic police, do not take action against drivers. Secondly, people abuse one another for unlawful parking, resulting in big fights. It is the responsibility of every citizen to park in an appropriate place. Be it the malls, parks, restaurants or any other public place, there should be a separate parking area for vehicles and, if people still park illegally, they should be fined or punished according to the traffic law. JUgDESH KUMAR Karachi

Kissan Package The Punjab Government’s announcement of Rs39 billion subsidies on fertilisers under the Kissan Package is welcoming. The move calls for applause as it will help increase productivity and benefit poor and small farmers. Since agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy therefore, every effort should be made to help the ailing agriculture sector. It is hoped that the government would continue its efforts to help this sector grow and develop which consequently would pave the way for socio-economic development of the country. DANIA ALI Lahore




SX index jumped high early in the day and touched the highest for today (Thursday, December 1st) at 43280.43 points. After that, the index started deteriorating before closing at 42907.36 points. Total traded volume for the day was around 1,263 crore shares at the value of approximately Rs18.5 crores. According to the Intermarket Securities Limited report, the only interesting segment for today’s trading was crude oil. The year is coming to a close with all sorts of unexpected happenings for almost all facets that could affect the stock market. Brexit, US presidential elections as well as OPEC’s willingness to a production cut, the market was caught unprepared for all these events. The report said, “With OPEC being able to pull out a “Trump Card” (no pun intended) from under its sleeve and a subsequent 10 per cent rally in crude oil prices turning the table on oil bears, our local investors celebrated the jovial mood as per expectations.” The exploration and production (E&P) remained in spotlight for the day with all four E&P companies trading at upper locks. Some profit taking was seen with OGDC (+4.06 per cent), POL

Friday, 2 December, 2016

PSX DelightS iNveStoRS, theN thwaRtS

(+4.79 per cent) and PPL (+4.48 per cent) closing well into green, but all of these were a tad bit below their intraday highs. Overall, the index opened with a gap (+410pts or +0.96 per cent) and closed up only 284.99 points (+0.66 per cent). Most of the downward movement after the early high was seen amid profit taking and unyielding foreign selling. However, the index performed better than previous readings, both in volume and value comparisons. The initial push in the index came pri-

marily from Textiles, Cements, Fertilizers, Oil Marketing Companies and Banks. On the flipside, Autos, Steel and Banks could not perform well and exerted downward pressure in the index. Banks showed negative movement including some notable names like MCB (-1.09 per cent), HBL (1.47 per cent), BOP (-4.46 per cent) and NIB (-3.27 per cent.) The Steel manufacturers also had a bad day with MUGHAL (-2.22 per cent), ASTL (-0.59 per cent), ISL (-3.42 per cent), INIL (-1.19 per cent) and ASL (-3.62 per cent). The segment it-

self faced significant pressure as Steel futures fell sharply after Beijing stepped in to curb speculation. In the Autos industry, majority of investors chose to book profits which led to PSMC (-0.07 per cent), HCAR (-0.51 per cent) and INDU (-0.45 per cent). Following the announcement on DLTL package which fell short of investor expectations, the Textile sector also showed a halt after back to back selling in the past few days. However, some of the textile manufacturers still managed to stay in the positive with NML (+3.18 per cent), NCL (+0.99 per cent), GATM (+1.71 per cent) and KTML (+1.52 per cent) trading well into green. In the star sector of today, PSO ($10mn), OGDC ($9.81mn) and POL ($7.98mn) topped the list of most value traded stocks. The IMS report said, “Technically speaking, the 100 index staged a reversal to close above its 10EMA (42,740).”The index showed almost a reactive close, taking away most of the gains made before afternoon. According to the report, the index could further garner resistance at 43k. “Immediate supports are now at 42,583 (Yesterday’s low) & 42,447 (20EMA). Immediate resistance is 43,297.41 (all-time intraday high),” the report concluded.

CPI increases by 3.8% in November vs 4.2% in October 2016 KARACHI

FBR extends return filing date till December 15 ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has extended the date of filing of returns for the tax year 2016 up to the 15ht of December. The date of filing of returns of total income/statement of final taxation, which was earlier due on September 30th, was extended up to November 30th and now the date has been further extended till December 15th, 2016. The date of filing of returns of total income or statement of final taxation of companies’ returns has also been extended till December 15th. APP

Pak, China start direct rail and sea freight service BEIJING: Pakistan and China embarked on their ambitious and effective project to link China’s southwestern province Yunnan with Pakistan’s largest port in Karachi, on Wednesday. According to the Chinese media, the first cargo train from Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, left with over 500 tonnes of commodities for Port Qasim in Karachi on Wednesday. This marked the opening of the new route between both the countries. These goods are then transported to all parts of the world from the Karachi port. The Chinese experts say the new route will prove costeffective in the sense that it would reduce transportation costs by as much as fiftypercent compared with past services. AGENCIES

NBP awards customers for sending remittances through legal channels


The Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation increased by 3.8 per cent on year-on-year basis in November 2016 as compared to 4.2 per cent in the previous month and 2.7 per cent in November, 2015. On a month-on-month basis, the CPI increased by 0.2 per cent in November 2016, as compared to an increase of 0.8 per cent in the previous month and an increase of 0.6 per cent in November 2015, as per the data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistic on Thursday. The analysts said that the inflation is likely to increase in December this year as it is directly linked with the fuel prices, which had enhanced by Rs 2 in Petrol and Rs 2.60 diesel prices. The government and the oil marketing companies will further enhance petrol price in January as the many companies are still selling lower quality high octane fuel at their pumps. The data said that core inflation measured by nonfood non-energy CPI (Core NFNE) increased by 5.3 per cent on (YoY) basis in November 2016 as compared to 5.2 per cent in the previous month and 4.0 per cent in November 2015. On (MoM) basis, it increased by 0.2 per cent in November 2016 as compared to increase of 0.9 per cent in previous month, and an increase of 0.1 per cent in corresponding month of last year November, 2015. Core inflation, measured by 20 per cent weighted trimmed mean CPI (Core Trimmed) increased by 3.8 per cent on (YoY) basis in November, 2016 as compared to 3.8 per cent in the previous month and by 2.9 per cent in November 2015, the data said. On (MoM) basis, it increased by 0.2 per cent in November 2016 as compared to an increase of 0.6 per cent in the previous month and an increase of 0.2 per cent in corresponding month of last year November 2015.

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), in its monetary report said, “after bottoming out in October 2015, CPI inflation has been following a rising trend, with sporadic seasonal diversions.” This anticipated rise is explained by stability in commodity prices against earlier sharp decline, phasing out of second-round impact of oil prices, and some uptick in domestic demand. These movements are also partially mirrored in the IBA-SBP survey of November 2016 that shows improvement in current and expected economic conditions along with a moderate rise in consumer confidence and inflation expectations for the next six months, it said. According to the data, SPI inflation on YoY in-

creased by 0.6 per cent in November 2016 as compared to an increase of 1.3 per cent a month earlier and an increase of 2.1 per cent in November 2015. On MoM basis, it increased by 0.3 per cent in November 2016 as compared to an increase of 0.7 per cent a month earlier and an increase of 1.0 per cent in November, 2015. WPI inflation on YoY basis increased by 2.6 per cent in November 2016 as compared to an increase of 2.8 per cent a month earlier and a decrease of 1.7 per cent in November 2015. WPI inflation on MoM basis decreased by 0.2 per cent in November 2016 as compared to decrease of 0.0 per cent a month earlier whereas no change is observed in corresponding month of last year November 2015.

ISLAMABAD: National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) distributed prizes to its Remittance Customers who used NBP services to receive their remittance payments. According to a press release issued here Thursday, the Prize Distribution Ceremony was held in Lahore where Motor Bikes, LCD TVs, Gold Bars, Laptop Computers and many other gifts were distributed to the lucky winners. This was the first of many Prize Distribution Ceremonies which will take place in many of NBP’s regions to award its loyal customers. During the ceremony, the Head of Remittance Business at NBP, S. H. Irtiza Kazmi thanked the customers for receiving their Remittances from National Bank of Pakistan and emphasized the importance of sending Home Remittances through legal channels. He said with the help of PRI at State Bank of Pakistan, and hard work of the banks in Pakistan, the Remittances to Pakistan have risen to $20 billion dollar in FY 2015-2016 and there was still room for growth. He also highlighted the steps that NBP has taken to facilitate its customers in Pakistan by creating relationships with banks and exchange companies across the globe so that the remittances can easily be received in Pakistan within minutes. He said that NBP is positioning itself to be the market leader in Remittance Business in the upcoming year. During the event, the top 3 remittance paying branches of NBP in Lahore were also awarded shields by NBP’s Regional Head Lahore - Tariq Zafar Iqbal. APP


After jumping the most in nine months, oil is expected to climb further after OPEC beat the odds to agree on an output cut. Just don’t expect the rally to last. Morgan Stanley sees more U.S. shale drilling and increased investment from Asia to the North Sea limiting oil’s upside, setting the market up for disappointment in late 2017. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. forecasts prices will retreat back to $50 a barrel in the second half of next year after possibly rallying higher than $60. Japan’s Mitsui & Co., which owns U.S. shale assets, sees oil slumping to the $40-range it’s been stuck in most of the last six months. “Oil could go up to $60, but then the shale drillers come out and the price will likely come back down,” Keigo Matsubara, chief financial officer of the Japan-

ese trading house said in an interview Thursday. “Oil can’t continue over $50.” The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries sent crude oil prices soaring Wednesday after agreeing to its first production cuts in eight years, a deal designed to drain record global oil inventories. The pact overcame discord between the group’s three largest producers -- Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq -and ended its pump-at-will policy started in 2014 aimed at protecting market share and driving out high-cost drillers. West Texas Intermediate surged 9.3 percent after the deal was announced, the biggest gain in nine months, to close at $49.44 a barrel on Wednesday. Prices were up 0.3 percent as of 8:18 a.m. London time on Thursday. Warnings of a short-term rally echo comments made before the pact was finalized by International Energy Agency

Executive Director Fatih Birol, who said any oil price surge triggered by a successful agreement could be snuffed out as global supply surges back. The output boom could put downward pressure on prices again within nine months to a year, he said Nov. 24. U.S. shale fields could raise production within four months, said Antoine Halff, at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy. First to pounce should be drillers in the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico, home to gushers prolific enough to spur a recent land rush. “We do not believe that oil prices can sustainably remain above $55 a barrel, with global production responding first and foremost in the U.S., but also through greater brownfield spending elsewhere,” Goldman Sachs analysts including Jeff Currie wrote in a report Wednesday. OPEC’s deal was targeted more at re-


ducing excessive global inventories rather than seeking higher prices, the Goldman Sachs analysts wrote. By eating away at the global glut, the forward price curve flattens, reducing hedging gains by high-

cost producers and helping lower-cost suppliers grow market share. Targeting elevated oil prices above $55 would be “self-defeating,” Goldman analysts wrote.

Friday, 2 December, 2016





HE Pakistan Ship Breakers Association (PSBA) Thursday appealed to the Prime Minister to revive Pakistan’s ship breaking industry. It was closed down in the wake of the unfortunate fire incident that occurred at the Gadani Ship Breaking Yard on Nov 1, 2016, in which 26 persons lost their lives, in addition to many being injured. Addressing a Press Conference, the Pakistan Ship Breakers Association said that while the enquiry committee that had been constituted must act as per the law of the land, the whole industry and inter-linked industries should not be affected. The PSBA appealed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Nawaz

Sharif as well as the Chief Minister of Balochistan, Mr. Sanaullah Zehri, that they should take personal interest in the matter and issue orders to revive the industry. It was also emphasized that the closure of the ship breaking activities at Gadani was causing huge losses to the economy and that hard-working labourers were being deprived of their jobs. While the government constituted a high-powered committee to investigate the fire incident, it also imposed Section 144 in the area at the Gadani ship breaking yards, putting an end to all ship-breaking activities. Since the ship breaking industry contributes around 12 billion rupees in taxes on an annual basis, this closure is causing a huge loss to both the federal and Balochistan governments. In addition, the closing down of the industry has rendered thousands of la-

oil industry deregulation good for consumers: abbasi

borers jobless and the supply of steel to the rerolling mills and other allied industries has also stopped. The PSBA expressed its profound sympathies for those who lost their lives as a result of the unfortunate fire incident on the tanker and announced a compensation package for the workers. This would comprise Rs. 4 lakhs per person under the laws of the Balochistan Government and Rs. 11 lakhs from the PSBA by way of assistance to each affected family. Furthermore, a compensation of Rs. 1 lakh was announced for each person injured in the fire incident. A loss of some 1 lakh tons of raw material in the steel industry had been created due to the industry’s closure. All those ships that had arrived at the Gadani beach for breaking and had paid all government dues under the Pakistan government rules and had obtained permission from all relevant government departments, are also affected by the closure of the industry. The PSBA emphasized that under the recommendations of the committee, all due measures should be taken and it must be ensured that in future such incidents are not repeated. Closure of the ship breaking industry and non-supply of steel to the construction industry would have adverse effects on the important projects coming up as part of CPEC and this would negatively affect the image of Pakistan. Representatives of the FPCCI, the Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) and the Re-Rolling Mills Association were also present at the press conference to express their solidarity with the PSBA.

habib Metro Bank conducts ‘Cash it with Money gram’ campaign


Minister for Petroleum & Natural Resources Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that by de-regulation in the fuel industry, the government was aiming to bring international quality standard fuel to Pakistani consumers through competition in the market. He was addressing a ceremony in which Shell unveiled its new fuel ‘Shell V-Power’. Jam Kamal Khan Minister of State for Petroleum also attended the ceremony. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said Shell’s new high performing fuel will bring choice to market which is the goal of government. The government’s aim is to bring better choices to the Pakistani consumers, which it can attempt through deregulation, he said. Three months ago, the government had allowed private oil marketing companies to set prices of fuel independently in order to bring competition. “Being a race driver myself, I am happy to see a bit of improvement in the fuel market” Jam Kamal Khan said while speaking on the occasion. Shell V-Power is a premium formulation designed to protect against gunk and corrosion. Jawwad Cheema, Managing Director, Shell Pakistan Limited said de-regulation of the fuels market gives Shell an opportunity to serve Pakistani customers a world class offering like Shell V-Power. The industry was grateful to the Government for the decision to improve Main Grade offering and deregulating the Premium segment, which was a clear testimony of its commitment to improving the customer value proposition and bringing the Pakistani Fuel Market at par with international markets, he added While answering to a query Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said petrol prices were to increase by 4 rupees due to enhanced quality of new petrol but their government increased it only by Rs2 in order to give relief to the public. “You can Google this fact” he suggested while making the argument that among the importing economies of the world, petrol prices were one of the lowest.

KARACHI: HabibMetro Bank conducted ‘Cash it With Money Gram’ campaign in collaboration with Money Gram International, wherein remittance recipients during the period of 7th June(1st Ramadan) to30thSeptember 2016 contested for the prizes offered. In a ceremony held earlier this week, 25 winners were selected by a raffle draw conducted by Mr. Reza Samad, MoneyGram Country Head MEPA. Customers from HabibMetro Bank’s GhallaMandi Branch in Multan,Khanna Branch in Rawalpindi, South Park Avenue Branch in Karachi, I-10 Markaz Branch in Islamabad and Township Branch in Lahorewon cashrewards of Rs. 200,000, Rs. 150,000,Rs. 100,000,Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 50,000 respectively. In addition to this, cash rewards of Rs.10,000 eachwere announced for 20 other customers. PRESS RELEASE

alFalah strikes deal with Mastercard

KARACHI: Bank Alfalah struck a strategic deal with Mastercard to capitalise on its well-known rewards system in order to develop a first-of-its-kind enterprise-level loyalty and rewards programme in Pakistan. The agreement was signed by Bank Alfalah President and CEO Atif Bajwa and Khalid Elgibali, Division President, Middle East and North Africa, Mastercard. PRESS RELEASE


BUSINESS 11 CORPORATE CORNER Nishat linen sponsored hum Style awards 2016

KARACHI: Over the years, Nishat Linen has created a name for itself that is based on quality and trust. Its loyal clientele in Pakistan as well as overseas is the inspiration to create clothing items for men, women and children which are fashionable, comfortable and above all, exceptional in quality. Nishat Linen is the pioneer of the fashion industry, having set the standards for fashion and quality for others to follow. Nishat’s contributions in the industry were also highlighted in the function, with Naaz Mansha receiving an award for her tireless efforts in making Nishat the benchmark for style and fashion. Hum Style Awards is a platform which recognises efforts made in the fashion industry. The first Hum Style Awards were held in Karachi on October 28, 2016. The star-studded affair was sponsored by Nishat Linen and was a memorable event for everyone. Nishat had also installed a photo booth as an engaging platform for the guests. The photo booth featured witty quotations and pop culture references in words for the attendees to stand in front of and get their pictures taken. Leaders in the fashion, film and television industry were in attendance. The show was opened by the talented Ahmed Ali Akhbar, who was later followed by an act by Meesha Shafi, Ahmed Ali and Umair Jaswal. A plethora of lively performances were put up by Ali Zafar, Sohai Ali Abro, Zahid Ahmed and Saba Qamar and Zaid Ali also put up a special performance. PRESS RELEASE

aBl islamic Banking and CiF-lUMS sign MoU

LAHORE: Allied Bank Islamic Banking and Centre for Islamic Finance of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) here at Lahore. Both premiere institutions of the country shall share their resources and efforts to promote Islamic Financing in Pakistan. Allied Bank Limited (ABL), leading commercial bank and Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), a top ranking educational institute of the country have joined hands to develop research and innovative products of Islamic Banking. Allied Bank will share its banking industry experiences spread over 70 years with LUMS to collaborate on various joint activities including development and launch of specialized training and development programs for senior managers in the field of Islamic Finance. It will also work to develop innovative Islamic Banking products and conduct research studies and trend analysis on global standards. The MoU signing ceremony was held at LUMS on Monday, November 21, 2016. PRESS RELEASE

Sindh Bank signs agreement with vowpay

KARACHI: Sindh Bank and Vowpay signed an agreement to facilitate Pakistanis working abroad for sending their home remittances. Vowpay in co-ordination with Sindh Bank launched an international money transfer app for sending remittances from the United Kingdom to Pakistan. Remittances from other countries of Europe and South Asia will also start soon. The app is available on both iPhone (iOS) and Android mobile. The App provides the option of either payout cash facilities or direct account transfers to recipients in Pakistan. This eliminates the need of visiting agents or banks and sends money to loved ones by only a few clicks on the smart phone. This also means instant transfers, Zero fees and more competitive rates of exchange. Money will be transferred immediately to the beneficiary’s account in any member bank in Pakistan. In case the beneficiary does not have an account in Pakistani bank he/she may receive cash from any of the 260 branches of Sindh Bank in 125 cities across Pakistan. On the occasion Tariq Ahsan President/CEO Sindh Bank said that Sindh Bank is eager in facilitating disbursements of home remittances by providing convenience of disbursements through the use of technology and serving customers through its network of 260 branches. PRESS RELEASE


Friday, 2 December, 2016



he Cipher Brief: What are some of the biggest challenges the next US administration will face in Afghanistan? Ronald Neumann: The overarching challenge for the incoming Trump Administration is to make clear its policy and to keep to it. One of the biggest problems in the Obama Administration has been the constant, almost yearly policy reviews and policy changes, which lead people to think we are leaving or to not understand what’s going on. That undercuts the support we have given and encourages the enemies, and the Taliban in particular, to keep fighting. If the Trump Administration is going to stay in Afghanistan as I think they should, they need to settle in for the long haul. TCB: What steps can the next administration take to repel recent Taliban advances across Afghanistan? RN: One of the things they need to do is maintain the current rules of engagement that allow the US to use its airpower. Remember, the Obama Administration stopped that for nearly two years. We do not need big combat forces. Some of the problem is in the Afghan Security Forces, some of who are fighting very well, like the commandos, and some of who are not. They need to improve senior command at the level of the ministries and a couple of their core commanders. The US needs

to make sure it’s advising at every core – right now we don’t even reach every core with our advisors. We also need to keep working with them on cleaning up the police. The army itself is still fairly good, the most respected institution in Afghanistan. We need a slight expansion of our advisory support. We should not be taking over the war from them as they have not asked us to do that. TCB: Should the next administration increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan back to where they were before President Barack Obama’s most recent drawdowns? Do you think there are sufficient intelligence resources? RN: The current US troop levels are about right. If you look at the NATO assessment of required troops, it would be 2,0003,000 more. But we should not get caught up too much in a numbers game. There are a few clear shortages. We don’t have enough advisors to have an advisory team at every core; we probably should have a few more advisors at the brigade level. That’s not big numbers, so it’s close to right. TCB: how can the next US administration put pressure on Pakistan to push the Taliban toward participating in negotiations with the Afghan government? RN: The new administration must understand that Pakistan is potentially a friend and certainly not a state we want to see col-

lapse, but that the Pakistanis have given shelter to the Taliban and continue to do so. You’re going to need to put gradual pressure on Pakistan – perhaps with more attacks in Pakistani territory, such as the US drone strike that killed Taliban leader Mullah Mansour. At the same time, we ought to be prepared to increase our assistance and support for Pakistan if they were to cooperate. TCB: What are we to make of Pakistan’s new army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa? Will he continue former army Chief General Raheel Sharif’s policies? RN: The good news is that General Sharif is stepping down at the end of his term without an extension – the first time in probably ten years that a Pakistani commander has done so. Not much is known about his successor. The Pakistanis have begun a very active campaign against some of the extremists in Pakistan. They need to broaden that campaign out to take on the Afghan Taliban. I hope they do it, but we don’t know yet. TCB: What advice would you give to the next US administration with regard to Afghanistan? how important of a security issue is it for the US? RN: Afghanistan is an important security issue. It’s lost press focus, which isn’t the same as losing importance. First of all, of the six wars the US is currently involved in, which I think is a bit much, Afghanistan is the one

where our people are really welcome. That is different from Iraq and Syria, where we may find ourselves less welcome. Secondly, Afghanistan is where the fight with Islamic extremism began. I believe that it is still a fight worth winning. In fact, if we lose that fight, I think we will give the sense that god is on the other side, as Osama bin Laden said, they can bring the Americans in, wear them out, and push them away. That would be a very bad message for us to reinforce. Also, Afghanistan provides the US its only ally in all of eastern-central Asia, from Pakistan north, so it’s a very important place to stay. TCB: What is the level of friction between the Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan? RN: The two groups are competitors, although remember that the Taliban was giving support and locations to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. So we shouldn’t be looking at the Taliban as a benign force. But the two are competitors. They are fighting for position. It’s a dangerous situation because ISIS provides the natural rallying point for the most radical people in the Taliban. In fact, many of the current ISIS supporters fought in the Taliban. I don’t think the numbers we know about the groups are hugely significant, but we don’t really have a good handle. At one point last year I believe, we discovered a very large

Ronald E Neumann is the President of the American Academy of Diplomacy, an organisation of former senior US diplomats dedicated to improving American diplomacy. He was Ambassador to Algeria (1994-97), Bahrain (2001-04), and Afghanistan (200507) as well as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East and a senior officer in Iraq (2004-2005). He is the author of “The Other War; Winning and Losing in Afghanistan.”

al Qaeda base that had been in place for six months before we found it. We should be very careful about assuming that the numbers of people we are talking about have any great reality. TCB: Is there any message the next administration could send to demonstrate that it is not walking away from Afghanistan? RN: Yes, but first of all, the new administration has to make that decision. Then they have to make it clear that that decision is good for a while. The Obama Administration made that kind of decision, but because they kept putting timelines on it and re-examining it, they kept it in doubt. If the Trump Administration does decide that Afghanistan is worth fighting for and we should remain, then they should make

that decision without putting a timeline on it, because the enemy gets a vote. TCB: What can the US do to help improve the state of Afghan governance? RN: Afghanistan has a big problem in dealing with corruption and improving governance. Part of that is it has come out of more than 30 years of war, and people function in a survival mentality. We have to keep pressure on for better governance. The Afghan government needs to continue moving against corrupt officials. They have begun this, but they need to go after more senior figures. The Afghan people need more proof that their government is working for them. But we should not expect that this could be done quickly.


Even as the Secret Service takes unprecedented steps to protect Donald Trump’s midtown Manhattan tower from terrorist attacks, security experts warn that numerous other Trump-branded properties offer prime targets that will be difficult and expensive to secure. But unless a Trump administration takes the highly unusual step of deploying federal security services to guard private properties, either Trump himself or the many property owners paying to use his name would be saddled with any added costs. Trump owns or leases his name to dozens of office buildings, condo towers, golf clubs and resorts around the US and abroad. The properties prominently feature the name TRUMP in large letters, frequently on high floors and thus visible for miles around. “I think the Trump brand itself, based on the president-elect, certainly raises the profile and certainly places those properties in a much elevated threat matrix,” said Fred Burton, chief security officer of the intelligence consulting firm Stratfor. The Secret Service takes the lead on security issues directly involving the president, but experts and officials doubt the agency will deem it necessary or practical to help secure every property bearing Trump’s name. The Secret Service is already securing Trump Tower in Manhattan, where it may lease two floors at an annual cost that the New York Post estimates at $3 million. But the cost of any security upgrades — if only for the peace of mind of nervous guests and tenants working, living or staying in buildings with the Trump name — is not likely to be a federal expense. “Private companies are responsible for their own security,” said one senior Obama administration official. The Secret Service declined to comment. In the US, Trump-branded properties

operate in such cities as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Florida. Overseas and elsewhere, the president-elect’s name graces facades in places like Istanbul, Bali, Toronto, Baku, Mumbai, Batumi and Dubai. Some of those cities have been the sites of major Islamic radical attacks. In many cases, however, Trump does not own the sites under his name. For a handsome fee, Trump frequently leases the rights to display his name to properties owned by others, although under those arrangements Trump’s company often manages the properties. It is not clear whether the Trump Organisation might bear some or all of the costs of security upgrades deemed necessary at buildings and resorts it manages, relative to the property owners. Questions sent to Trump’s business in New York did not elicit a response. Prominent structures overseas with some connection to the US have long been considered targets for terrorists looking to send a symbolic anti-American message. But Trump’s incendiary rhetoric about Muslims — widely branded as bigoted in the Muslim world — may create extra motivation for would-be Islamic radicals contemplating targets, terrorism experts say. A site of particular concern is Trump Towers Istanbul, a residential and commercial project in the Turkish city’s business district. Trump’s name — leased by the project’s owner, Dogan Sirketler Grubu Holding AS — appears in giant gold letters in several places around the complex, including atop a 39-story tower. In recent months, Istanbul has been the target of several terrorist attacks linked to

the Islamic State. In September, the State Department warned of “specific and credible threats” to US-branded hotels in the Turkish resort city of Adana. Trump branding has already been the subject of controversy in Turkey. After Trump called for a halt to Muslim immigration into the US earlier this year, Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoðan, called for Trump’s name to be removed from a pair of residential and office towers in Istanbul. Er-

doðan said that Trump “has no tolerance for Muslims in America” and that his name “must be swiftly taken down” from the towers. Dogan Holding also threatened to excise the Trump name from its property. “The Trump name has become a political brand, associated with values that — like the Turkish public and millions around the world — we don’t share and we don’t want to be associated with,” the company’s vice chairwoman wrote to Trump in December. Trump’s name was never removed from the buildings, and there is no sign of a renewed effort to do so since his election victory. Some experts believe that the Secret Service and US intelligence agencies and diplomats, even if they don’t offer physical protection, may keep closer tabs on sites carrying the Trump name. “The Secret Service and entire United States intelligence community is now going to be scraping the world for threats because any potential threat against a Trump-branded property is also a threat against the president,” said Burton, a former deputy chief of counterterrorism at the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service. It is not clear at what point, if any, a threat to a property bearing the American president’s name would become a matter of federal interest — and possible taxpayer expense. Any government help with security at Trump properties might further entangle Trump’s business interests with his role as president. But the government could play a role in passing along potential threats to the Trump brand overseas. The State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security operates an Overseas Security Advisors Council, which is responsible for coordinating “specific and credible threat warnings to US private sector organisations under the Department’s ‘duty

to warn’ mandate,” according to State Department guidelines. It is not clear whether the US government would pass threat intelligence to a non-American company, however. Many of Trump’s overseas holdings are owned by foreigners. Two other places that have seen Islamic terrorism are home to buildings that currently or soon will prominently feature the Trump name. In Bali, a tropical island in Muslim-majority Indonesia, a local development group leasing the Trump name will soon open a “six-star” luxury resort and residential development on a cliff facing the Indian Ocean. In October 2002, an Al Qaeda-linked suicide bomber killed 202 people, mostly Westerners, in a Bali tourist district. And in Mumbai, Trump’s name will grace a 75-story, golden-collared apartment complex built by Indian developers. That city was the target of a November 2008 Islamist attack that left 164 dead. Its targets included a luxury hotel. Many Trump properties already come with extensive security. The Mumbai tower reportedly will be “tightly protected by a seven-tier security system,” including surveillance cameras and “an army of private guards.” An employee with the developer behind a Trump tower in Pune, India, told BuzzFeed this week that the luxury apartment complex has “taken additional precautionary measures and people are aware” since the election. It’s unclear what effect heightened security concerns might have on business at Trump properties, which could also experience a post-election boom. During the presidential campaign, some residents at Trump-branded properties openly worried that they could be in danger. “I’m worried about a terrorist attack against the building,” an employment lawyer who owns an apartment in Chicago’s Trump International Hotel & Towers told the Chicago Tribune in December. “I wish he’d shut up.”

Friday, 2 December, 2016


MUMTAZ HAYAT MANEKA Bilawal Bhuttoo Zardari ka " Lahore " mein " Balochistan " Workers convention se khitaab. How ironic.

SOMEONE FINALLY You know who's having the worst 2016-ending ever? The Bhakts who did puja for and celebrated Trump's win now hearing about his Pak call

MAHWISH BHATTI got lectured by a ninja at passport office for not covering myself properly with a dupata. "ap corruption phaila rai hain society main" - ok

CHAOTICPERFECTION I sit on the couch next to my child: 0 words exchanged I go get in the shower: child knocks on the door 29 times to tell me something

MAX LANDIS I heard someone describe Westworld as "really feminist" and blood came shooting out of my eyes

CoCa-Cola live ConCerts to regale Coke studio fans KARACHI



oCA-Cola Pakistan is all set to regale the citizens of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi with live concerts in the 3 cities, featuring Coke Studio artists Meesha Shafi, Umair Jaswal and

Noori. In the spirit of inclusivity, Coca-Cola aims to encourage music enthusiasts to experience Coke Studio’s specific brand of music, live on stage! Devout Coke Studio fans will have the rare opportunity to see and hear their favourite artists live on stage in what promises to be a high energy event, with Coca-Cola bringing back live concerts and giving the fans a unique and one of a kind experience of Coke Studio. This is perfectly aligned with the global onebrand marketing strategy of Coca-Cola, which aims to celebrate that no matter who the audience or what their association with Coca-Cola, the brand makes any moment more special! Speaking about the Coke Concerts, Director Marketing of Coca-Cola Pakistan, Ali Akbar stated, “our strong tradition of connecting with the people through music, has transformed into a unique phenomenon of making moments special while listening to music. We believe that music is for all and

HSY joins hands with OPPO as first brand partner ENTERTAINMENT DESK Global technology brand oPPo is set to pioneer a new partnership in Pakistan, introducing fashion personality Hassan Sheheryar Yasin [HSY] as the first brand partner. “It gives me immense pleasure to announce Hassan Sheheryar Yasin as our first brand partner for Pakistan,” said CEo oPPo Pakistan, George Long. “This is the first time that a multinational smartphone company has joined hands with a fashion designer in Pakistan. The fact that HSY is not only a fashion designer but a style icon is completely in tune with our brand ethos where art and haute design and principally important along with innovation in technology,” he added. “I am thrilled to be working with oPPo in Pakistan; a company which is about bringing exquisite design and innovative technology together. My association with oPPo is the proof

to our belief in the brand’s philosophy of fusing style with technology. After all, smartphones in today’s day and age are seen less as simple electronic devices and more as lifestyle statements and facets of one’s personal style. I look forward to working closely with the brilliant brand team of oPPo” said designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin. Though the exact details of the partnership are not known as of now but it is expected that going forward into 2016/2017, HSY’s fans will be able to see him as part of key product launches and campaigns for oPPo in Pakistan. oPPo is a leading global technology brand dedicated to providing consumers across the Americas, Africa, Europe, oceania and Asia with pioneering products that inspire and excite. oPPo has also joined forces with America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 22 in 2015, to bring a range of stylish devices to the popular reality TV show.

thus, we also successfully launched Coke Studio for the Deaf this year, providing the opportunity to the hearing impaired to feel the magic being produced on Coke Studio’s sets. These are the reasons that motivated us to bring the Coke Concerts experience live to our audience.” Coke Studio, Pakistan’s biggest music platform, has not only contributed to the revival of

Archie comics to get mysterious makeover in CW’s upcoming show ‘Riverdale’ ENTERTAINMENT DESK Here is something exciting for Archie comic fans. As its 75th anniversary draws near a CW series, Riverdale, is set to release in January coinciding with the anniversary date in which viewers can expect to see characters depicted in the book. The new American teen drama series is set to release on January 26th, 2017 and the promo already has fans excited. It shows a more mysterious side to Archie Comics. Fans were also expecting a much darker and mysterious teaser, reports The Huffington Post. Several of the lead roles are said to be played by relative newcomers, however, a number of notable faces will also be seen among the cast. Luke Perry is to play Archie’s dad, while Madchen Amick will play editor of the town paper and Robin Givens as the mayor of Riverdale.

INDIAN COURT ORDERS CINEMAS TO PLAY NATIONAL ANTHEM BEFORE FILMS India’s supreme court has ordered cinemas across the country to play the national anthem before film screenings to encourage citizens to “feel this is my country and this is my motherland”. Indians weary from weeks of standing in queues at banks and ATM machines will get no reprieve at the cinema: the court also directed that moviegoers should “stand up in respect” while the anthem is played. The decision by the country’s highest court on Tuesday is one of number of recent developments that have drawn India’s cinema industry into disputes over patriotism and national identity. The panel of judges was responding to public interest litigation that claimed the national anthem was regularly being dishonoured, including in cinemas, where it was already


required to be played before films in the states of Maharashtra and Goa.

“People should feel that they live in a nation and show respect to the


national anthem and the national flag,” the court said. Too much disrespect of national symbols had been indulged in the name of “individually perceived notions of freedom”, it added. The Indian flag should be displayed and the doors of cinemas should be closed during the rendition to prevent people from entering or leaving, the court said. It also banned anybody from dramatising the national song, printing it on an “undesirable object”, singing an abridged version or making money from it. The anthem, Jana Gana Mana, was last ordered to be played in cinemas acrossIndia after the country’s 1962 war with China, but its strains were largely ignored by most moviegoers, and the practice was eventually discontinued. AGENCIES

its music industry, it has also inspired a sense of ownership and pride amongst Pakistanis. Similarly, Coca-Cola live concerts are a step towards the revival of the live music experience of the audience. These concerts will enable the attendees to live in the musical moment and enjoy live music in a unique way that has never been experienced before.

Urwa Hocane makes debut in singing industry ENTERTAINMENT DESK Urwa Hocane after the success of Udaari, where she plays the role of a singer, she tried her hand at singing earlier this year and in all honesty, we were quite taken aback but appreciated her efforts to make her debut in the industry. But her full throttle declaration of stepping into the music industry has left many questions for us. Titled ‘Ao Le Kar Chalay’, the song appears to be a call for listeners to discover themselves, tap into their potential and seek what gives them joy. The heavily auto-tuned song starts off with Urwa’s director not being satisfied with the progress of whatever they are directing and then Urwa realises that she can fix it instantly by singing Ao Lay Kar Chaloun. She breaks into some questionable dance moves and the video highlights atrocious backgrounds as the new singer sings her tunes. Ao Lay Kar Chaloun‘s music is directed by Adrian Emmanual and the video is helmed by Parmesh Adiwal. And we feel that this is officially the beginning of the end. Urwa recently played a talented singer in Udaari opposite her fiance, singer/actor Farhan Saeed, but she decided to embark on her musical journey solo.

From Ferguson to Hulk Hogan, Sundance documentaries dig into headlines LOS ANGELES AGENCIES

From the uprising of Ferguson, Missouri, citizens after the police killing of an unarmed black man to Hulk Hogan’s legal war on media outlet Gawker, documentaries at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival are diving deep into this year’s headlines. The 16 films unveiled in the independent film festival’s documentary competition on Wednesday will debut during the annual 10-day gathering in Park City, Utah, in January. Four of the documentaries delve into the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement that rose out of high-profile killings of black men by police in various U.S. cities in the past two years, renewing a national debate about racial discrimination in the American criminal justice system. “Whose Streets,” premiering on the first day of the festival, goes directly to the heart of the issue in the aftermath of the August 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson.


Friday, 2 December, 2016




It may seem as if you've been coloring within the lines for too long, but now you remember what it's like to be your creative self. Today's showy Leo Full Moon highlights your 5th House of Fun and Games,

Your professional stability may be under stress now, especially if you also have to manage inescapable domestic responsibilities. The Leo Full Moon falls in your 4th House of Foundations, shifting your.

You might try to remain incognito today, but casting the spotlight on your contributions isn't such a bad idea. You could even turn out to be a hero if you're willing to take a risk and make a splash.




Trouble could be brewing if you recently made extravagant purchases that were not within your budget. Your self-esteem is at stake, so you might go ahead and spend more, even if you don't really have the.

Hiding your needs is a futile endeavor today, for they -- along with your idealistic dreams -- are creating observable ripples on the surface. This Full Moon in your sign increases the magnitude of your.

You could sour a sweet moment by giving it too analytical of a spin today. Just because you are anxious over the lack of clarity, there's no need to ruin a thrilling experience with so many details that.




Avoid overstated dramatic gestures today, for it's more important to be in touch with your own feelings than to put on a show for someone else. Anything can happen now, but stress could quickly grow out.

The difference between what you want and what you must do is greater than normal and you may believe that you've lost your way. The Leo Full Moon illuminates your 10th House of Public Responsibility, heightening.

Those closest to you are amused and amazed at what comes forth from your mind today. You could be on a roll and believe there's no limit to what you can do while the lively Leo Full Moon brightens your.




You may be less certain than usual about your destination, yet, oddly enough, you could be more confident about getting there. Additionally, you are easily confused by other people's outrageous ideas now.

Although you might want to sidestep messy emotional involvements, withdrawing in fear only creates more tension. Stay fully present while others express their feelings, even if you aren't sure where the.

Make use of the vibrant Leo Full Moon's presence in your 6th House of Daily Routine to improve your overall wellbeing, especially if you recently experienced a health concern. Even if you are at the top.


ACROSS 1 Male demon — nightmare — obsession (7) 8 have a share (in) (7) 9 Bedroom (7) 10 Canadian province, capital Edmonton (7) 11 Conspicuous success (5) 13 Waters surrounding Corfu and Paxos (6,3) 15 Small, non-upright piano (4,5) 18 Piece of turf dug out of the fairway by a golf shot (5) 21 draw (7) 22 Suppose (7) 23 knickers (7) 24 Region of Pisa and Siena (7)

woRd sEaRcH

DOwn 2 Bad-tempered person (5) 3 Ink-drying material (8,5) 4 Injure a joint by twisting its ligaments (6) 6 former name for Chennai (6) 12 Shrub whose leaves are chewed in the Andes as a stimulant (4) 14 Greek nymph, spurned by Narcissus, who pined away until only her voice remained (4) 15 What a hero must drink, according to dr johnson (6) 16 Superhero — Turkish province and city (6) 17 Bacon, for example? (6) 19 here it is! (5)







white tO PLAY AND MAte iN FOur MOVes 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1









Today’s soluTions

bRIdGE cRItIcal tHInkInG

sUdokU crossword solution sudoku solution

1.Rxd7 Bxd7 2.Ng5 Bc6 3.Bxc6 Qxc6 4.Nce4 * chess solution

How to play fill in all the squares in the grid so that each row, column and each of the squares contains all the digits. The object is to insert the numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once.

Friday, 2 December, 2016

LRBT Ride for a Cause 2016 - celebration of World Sight Day 2016 KARACHI PRESS RELEASE

The LRBT Ride for a Cause 2016 marked the celebration of World Sight Day with special emphasis on awareness of cornea donation in Pakistan. The event was held on November 13 in partnership with DHA at DHA Sport Club Moin Khan Academy amidst great hype and fervour. A one of a kind event with unique offerings never witnessed before. With over 1,000 people attending the event on a Sunday morning is a success in itself. The event kicked off early Sunday morning with CMK – a team of 200+ cyclists - riding in support of LRBT around DHA Phase VIII, completing a ride of roughly 20 kms. Following this was the children’s cycling event, with participants from various schools and across the city taking part in the first of its kind children activity lead by CMK Juniors. The kids ride was a shorter circuit of 2kms around the venue. After they finished their activity, the runners - led by the Karachi Run Forum - lined up for their exciting run of 5 kms. Following the runners and joggers were the participants who walked for LRBT Walk for a cause. Each team was led by team leaders and the route was secured by DHA S&V and an emergency backup Aman Foundation Ambulance. Things got exciting at the ‘LRBT Ride for a Cause’ main hub as display partners came into action with the entry of the VCCCP team with their wonderful array of vintage and classic cars. For the first time ever, attendees were allowed to have pictures taken as well as ride in these beauties. The proceeds were donated by Team VCCCP to LRBT.

Amir’s comment on dropped cAtches drAws criticism from mAnAgement p SPORTS DESK

AKISTAN’S left-arm pacer Mohammad Amir was cautioned by the team management on Thursday over his earlier comments on dropped catches during the New Zealand Test series. According to reports, the management mulled over Amir’s comments

that “dropped catches off his bowling disappoint and frustrate him but affect the team more”, and instructed the pacer to refrain from issuing such statements in the future. Amir, in an interview to an Indian sports website during the second Test in Hamilton, had expressed his frustration at the many catches dropped off his bowling in the series. The pacer had three easy chances missed off his

bowling in the Hamilton Test: two in the slips and one at midwicket. “Yes, it affects the bowler when you run from 22 yards and your catch is dropped – you’re disappointed and frustrated,” Amir had said. “But it affects the team more than the individual. I’ve been very unlucky, but I try to be a team man. “It’s difficult to keep count, but I think at least 12-13 catches have gone

PSL franchise Quetta Gladiators have signed Pakistan's Abdul Razzaq as their assistant and bowling coach. He will join the team for the second edition of the league, replacing Englishman Ian Pont, whose one-year contract wasn't extended after the first edition. Officially, Razzaq is still available for international selection, but his appointment could be a foray into professional coaching, which he has never done before. However, it has sparked a controversy as Pont took to Twitter to express his frustration about not being told that he was replaced after a

SPORTS DESK Cricket Australia announced a 12-player squad to face Pakistan in a three-day, day-night tour

match in Cairns starting next week. According to a press release, the squad contains some of Australia’s best emerging talent, in-

cluding seven players with full state contracts and four statelisted rookies. The pink-ball match will be played from December 8 to December 10 at Cazaly’s Stadium in Cairns ahead of the first daynight Test of the three-match series against Pakistan, which begins on December 15 at The Gabba in Brisbane. The squad will train in Cairns on Tuesday and Wednesday ahead of the match. Squad: Will Bosisto (c), Jake Carder, Alex Gregory, Josh Inglis, Ryan Lees, Arjun Nair, Jimmy Peirson, Matthew Short, Mark Steketee, Cameron Valente, Cameron Wheatley, Jake Winter. Coach: Brad Hodge.

successful stint in the first edition. "I have just found out on social media, that I have been replaced as assistant and bowling coach for 2016 PSL runners-up, Quetta Gladiators," Pont wrote in a statement released on his Twitter account. "Naturally, I respect the franchise's decision to bring in someone else. That is their right. "I do find it highly unprofessional not to have seen contacted by anyone from Quetta Gladiators about this beforehand, and only to discover the fact from a tweet by Abdul Razzaq who has been roped in as my replacement. "Worse still, it is extremely late for me to approach another franchise in the PSL and had I been told what Quetta was

planning, I could have at least had the chances to do so. The PSL is a really good competition and it was Shahid Afridi who personally advised me to go into it. I hope it goes from strength to strength. "Putting my own disappointment aside, I wish Abdul very well in his new role. I am sure the fans will welcome him. Perhaps he can go one better and help win the PSL. Cricket is rife with poor communication and muddled thinking. However, remaining professional is a prerequisite regardless." Quetta were reluctant to address the matter in public, hoping to sort the issue with Pont in person. ESPNcricinfo learnt that Pont's agent was given a hint that the team was unlikely to extend his contract but did not get a confirmation until Razzaq's appointment. The PSL management has also intervened to address this issue on its own. Quetta were the runners-up last season, losing the final to Islamabad United in the UAE.


down off my bowling in Tests and about six-seven catches have been dropped in the shorter formats as well,” he had said. The Pakistan team management, however, did not take these comments well and instructed Amir to refrain from giving such statements. Since his return to international cricket after suspension, Amir has had at least 11 catches dropped off his bowling in Test matches.

Australia announces 12-member squad for pink-ball tour match against Pakistan

Razzaq joins Quetta coaching staff amidst controversy COURTESY ESPN


Akram was joined at the SCC by Sri Lankan legends Aravinda de Silva and Chaminda Vaas, both of whom had

played against the Pakistan swing king. Vaas, a former seamer, was recently tasked with identifying fast bowling tal-

Legendary Pakistani paceman Wasim Akram said that Sri Lanka had a promising crop of fast bowlers despite their traditional reliance on spin after holding a coaching session with the islanders on Thursday. After spending several hours with the national team’s main established strike bowlers and promising youngsters, Akram said there was no lack of raw pace, but they needed to develop their ability to swing the ball. “Most of the bowlers had a pace of 130 to 140 kmph,” said Akram, who himself bowled at a similar pace in his prime in the 1990s. “The idea is to teach them how to believe in themselves and how to fox out the batsmen.”


ent across the cricket-mad island. Regarded as one of the best leftarm pacemen ever to grace the game, Akram took 414 Test wickets and 502 in 356 one-day internationals — both still a Pakistan record. Sri Lanka Cricket Chief Thilanga Sumathipala said they invited Akram to mentor local players in the next two years and visit the island at least twice a year. “We have invited him to be with us in the next two years as our consultant in pace bowling,” said Sumathipala. Sri Lanka, who have just completed a clean sweep of Zimbabwe, are to embark on a tour of South Africa later this month where they will play three Tests, three T20 matches and five ODIs.

Zidane’s son scores on debut in Real Cup rout MADRID AGENCIES

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane’s son, Enzo, scored on his senior debut as the European champions brushed aside third tier Cultural Leonesa 6-1 to progress into the last 16 of the Copa del Rey 13-2 on aggregate on Wednesday. Enzo, the oldest of Zidane’s four sons, all of whom play at different levels in Real’s youth teams, was introduced by his father, a legendary former player for Real and France, at half-time. The 21-year-old, who was previously coached by Zinedine at Real’s youth side Castilla before he took the top job at the Santiago Bernabeu in January, showed a glimpse of his father’s talent with a fine low finish from the edge of the area just after the hour mark. “If I take off my hat as a coach then I am happy for him as a father (too),” said Zidane. “But, in saying that, I watch what he does on the field as a coach and I am happy with how they all played.” With the tie over as a contest following Real’s 7-1 first leg win and El Clasico away to Barcelona to come on Saturday, Zidane made nine changes from the side that started the 2-1 win over Sporting Gijon last weekend. Norwegian starlet Martin Odegaard, 17, was also handed his full debut, but it was Dominican international Mariano Diaz who got Real off to a flying start as he slotted home the first of his hat-trick after just 23 seconds. James Rodriguez headed home the hosts’ second before Mariano smashed in a third, but Leonesa did have a moment to savour when Yeray Gonzalez fired into the top corner from long range in first-half stoppage time. Enzo was then handed his longawaited bow by his father, but ensured there was to be no claims of nepotism when he finished off a flowing team move with a classy right-footed finish. Mariano completed his hat-trick two minutes from time before a Cesar Morgado own goal. Yannick Carrasco scored twice as Atletico Madrid also hit Guijelo for six in the first leg of their last 32 tie. A Saul Niguez penalty and Sime Vrsaljko’s first Atletico goal gave the visitors a 20 half-time lead before the Belgian struck twice in five second-half minutes. Angel Correa and Roberto Nunez rounded off the scoring. Sevilla and Villarreal also took huge strides towards the last 16 with comprehensive first leg wins. Joaquin Correa scored a hat-trick in Sevilla’s 5-1 win at Formentera, whilst Villarreal cruised to a 3-0 victory at Toledo. Second division Cordoba produced the only upset of the evening with a 2-0 win over Malaga. Holders Barcelona were later held 1-1 at Hercules.

SPORTS Friday, 2 December, 2016

We are 'not begging' bCCi for bilateral series, says shaharyar P


AKISTAN Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shaharyar Khan said that they are not begging Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCC) for a bilateral series, but instead are pushing them to honour the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which was signed by both the parties, where it was decided that the arch rivals will play at least six bilateral series, four of which were supposed to be played in Pakistan.

“We are not begging them to play us,” Shaharyar was quoted as saying by an Indian news agency as he was talking to the media after attending a meeting of the national standing committee for sports. “Please don’t get that impression. But they [BCCI] signed a proper MOU with us to play six bilateral series between 2015 and 2023 and they didn’t meet their commitment. “It is our right as a cricket nation to push them to honour the MOU. They immediately owe us at least two home series as the last full bilateral series was

played in India in 2007. In the MOU, Pakistan was to host four series between 2015 and 2023.” Shaharyar, who was recently elected as the chairman of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), further said the PCB are in consultations with their lawyers over the issue, and will bring the issue up in the next meeting of ACC. “We have been consulting our lawyers on this issue of the MOU and we will be taking up this case of bilateral series at the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) meeting this month,” he said.

Australia’s Test woes are irrelevant to ODI side, says New Zealand coach SYDNEY AGENCY

New Zealand coach Mike Hesson said that the troubles plaguing Australia’s Test side will have little bearing on their one-day side’s performance in the three-match series against Black Caps. Steve Smith’s Test side have been pilloried by fans and their own media after they lost their latest series 2-1 at home to South Africa. That defeat came on the back of a 50 ODI series loss in South Africa and a 3-0 Test series defeat in Sri Lanka, leading to plenty of questions being asked about administrators, management and the players. However, Hesson said Australia’s one-day unit was far more settled than the Test team and his side could not presume such turmoil would be evident at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Sunday. “It has been remarkably consistent barring the South African series,” Hesson told reporters in Sydney on Thursday. “They have been very good for a number of years and are currently

number one in the world. “I don’t think the unsettled nature of the Test side will carry over to the one-day side,” he added. The timing of the one-dayers, which includes matches in Canberra

on December 6 and ends in Melbourne on December 9, has been questioned by some Australian pundits, with it falling between Test series against South Africa and Pakistan.

Smith also told reporters in Sydney on Wednesday it was not “ideal” but his team would just need to adapt, something Hesson agreed with. “Both teams have been aware about that calendar for the last 18 months so I don’t think it has snuck up on anybody,” said Hesson. “We are all aware that we have to rotate from one form or another on a weekly basis and that’s just part of being an international cricketer.” Hesson added with the international retirements of players like former captain Brendon McCullum, Grant Elliott, Daniel Vettori and Kyle Mills, his team were in transition from the one that lost the 2015 World Cup final against Australia. “We are missing some key players. We lost over 1,000 international games (of experience) since the World Cup,” he said. “Replacing that experience is a real challenge, but we have got a few new guys who are unknown. Lockie (Ferguson) is one of those,” he added of the uncapped fast-bowler.

ALL-ROUNDER AGAIN: HAFEEZ JUMPS OFF THE BANNED WAGON SPORTS DESK Muhammad Hafeez is an all-rounder once again after the International Cricket Council (ICC) allowed the seasoned cricketer to bowl after he cleared his bowling-action test. The ICC announced on Wednesday that the bowling action of the off-spinner was found to be legal during his biomechanics test in Brisbane on November 17, meaning he can resume bowling in international cricket with immediate effect. “It was revealed that the amount of elbow extension for all his off-spin deliveries was within the 15-degree level of tolerance permitted under the ICC regulations for the review of bowlers reported with suspected illegal bowling actions,” read an ICC statement. The governing body, however, added that umpires will be free to report Hafeez “if they believe he is displaying a suspect action and not reproducing the legal action from the reassessment”. The all-rounder was first suspended from bowling in November 2014 and was permitted to bowl in April last year after clearing his reassessment. However, he was once again reported during the Galle Test against Sri Lanka in June 2015. Subsequently, Hafeez was suspended from bowling for 12 months in July 2015 — for being reported for an illegal bowling action for the second time in 24 months. “If he is reported again, he will be required to undertake further analysis of his bowling action at an ICC accredited testing centre,” added the ICC. Hafeez sets sights on becoming number one all-rounder again The 36-year-old was an automatic choice in the team before he was reported for a suspect bowling action and had made the top rank in the ICC’s all-rounder rankings his own.

Hafeez was retained in the side as a batsman following his bowling ban but failed to convince with the bat and was dropped from the squad following the tour of England earlier this year. Subsequently, he was overlooked for the series against the West Indies in the UAE and the tour of New Zealand. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shaharyar Khan had recently stated that it will be difficult to include Hafeez in the team just as a batsman and the development on his bowling test has delighted the all-rounder. “I am happy to resume bowling,” he said after clearing his test. “I will work hard to become the

number one all-rounder again.” Clearance a plus for Hafeez: selector Selector Tauseef Ahmed has welcomed the development, saying the selection committee will monitor Hafeez’s performances in domestic cricket. “It’s a breakthrough for Hafeez,” Tauseef told The Express Tribune. “Hafeez was one of the top all-rounders in the world and we are hopeful that he will regain the same status again.” Hafeez, along with Kamran Akmal, was in contention for the upcoming three-Test series against Australia before the selection committee decided to stick with the squad, which toured New Zealand for two Test matches.

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot # 7, Al-Baber Centre, F/8 Markaz, Islamabad.


Woodburn helps Liverpool reach League Cup semis LONDON AGENCIES

Liverpool reached the League Cup semi-finals after 17year-old Ben Woodburn enjoyed a night to remember by becoming the club’s youngest ever goalscorer when he wrapped up a 2-0 victory over Leeds United on Tuesday. The youngster volleyed powerfully into the net from close range in front of the Kop in the 81st minute to double Liverpool’s lead and simultaneously erase former England striker Michael Owen from the club’s record books. At 17 years and 45 days, Woodburn was 98 days younger than Owen, when he found the net for the first time in 1997. “Another record taken from me!!! Congratulations BenWoodburn on becoming the youngest ever scorer for LFC at 17yrs and 45 days. #KopEnd,” Owen tweeted. It had been a testing evening for Liverpool, who were frustrated for the majority of the tie at Anfield and were outplayed at times by their second-tier opponents, with Leeds pegging them back and striking the woodwork in the second half. However, the hosts’ Divock Origi slid home the opening goal after 76 minutes before Woodburn struck four minutes later against the Anfield side’s old rivals. “We all know how young Woodburn is, but it doesn’t look like this in training sessions,” Liverpool boss Juergen Klopp told Sky Sports. “It’s a nice story and all the boys are really happy for him. Everybody is smiling in the dressing room.” Liverpool reached the semifinals of English football’s second-tier cup competition for the fourth time in the last six years. The Reds lost the final to Manchester City last season and won the trophy in 2012. They will be joined in the last four by Hull City, who got past Championship (second-tier) leaders Newcastle United as the visitors missed three penalties in a 3-1 shootout defeat after the match had finished 1-1 at the end of extra time. Before kick-off, Liverpool’s Brazilian captain Lucas and his team-mates, all wearing black armbands, stood for a minutes’ silence following the plane crash that killed 71 people, including members of the Brazilian Chapecoense team. With a host of injuries to deal with and a congested festive fixture schedule looming, Liverpool coach Klopp rang made eight changes from the side that beat Sunderland in the Premier League on Saturday and gave several youngsters an opportunity to shine. There was a makeshift feel to the way Liverpool played in the first half as Leeds enjoyed the best chances with Hadi Sacko forcing a superb early save from Simon Mignolet and Kemar Roofe curling a beautiful effort against the post after the break. It was not until later in the second period that the hosts began to find some rhythm, with Georginio Wijnaldum striking the post minutes before Origi slid in to poke a brilliant cross from another youngster, Trent Alexander-Arnold, in at the near post. Woodburn’s moment arrived five minutes later with Origi’s cross to the far post finding the young striker unmarked. He smashed the ball high into the net and wheeled away in celebration in front of a jubilant Kop. A drab encounter that finished 0-0 after 90 minutes at Hull sprang to life in extra time as Newcastle took the lead when Mohamed Diame prodded home in the 98th against his former club.

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