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Islamabad Edition Sunday, 2 March, 2014 Rabi-us-Sani 28, 1435

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Jamshad Dasti is walking a tight rope!

Expert urges PM to probe ‘shady’ LNG import deal with Qatar

Turkish parliament delivers blow to schools run by Erdogan rival

Spirited Afghanistan shock Bangladesh

Rahul Gandhi’s kiss proves fatal for Assam woman

National Assembly (NA) Speaker Ayaz Sadiq on Saturday said the House would decide to take action against Jamshed Dasti if he failed to provide evidence in the Parliament Lodges matter. He said this while talking to a private TV channel. He said Dasti has levelled baseless allegations and he was enacting drama only to win cheap popularity... PAGE 05

With the ongoing debate over the reported import of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Qatar allegedly on higher prices as compared to the international market, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been approached by an energy expert, asking him to look into the alleged shady deal which may bring a bad name to his government... PAGE 05

Turkey’s parliament passed legislation to shut down private preparatory schools, many of which are an important source of income and influence for an Islamic cleric that prime minister Tayyip Erdogan accuses of running a covert campaign to topple him. Lawmakers late on Friday set a deadline of September 1 2015 to close the schools... PAGE 04

The indomitable spirit that has characterised Afghanistan's sharp rise in world cricket hadn't glowed brighter than it did in Fatullah. Playing in the Asia Cup for the first time, Afghanistan not only defeated Bangladesh, the Testplaying hosts, they almost managed to sneak out a bonus point too. Bangladesh, who took 28 matches to register their first-win... PAGE 16

A woman, who kissed Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi during his recent two-day Assam tour, was burnt to death allegedly by her husband, reports said on Saturday. Reports said that a quarrel occurred between the couple over the kissing incident, following which the husband set his wife on fire. The lady’s husband is also said to have suffered... PAGE 02


Sunday, 2 March, 2014

Rahul Gandhi’s kiss proves fatal for Assam woman


GUWAHATI: A woman, who kissed Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi during his recent two-day Assam tour, was burnt to death allegedly by her husband, reports said on Saturday. Reports said that a quarrel occurred between the couple over the kissing incident, following which the husband set his wife on fire. The lady’s husband is also said to have suffered 40 percent burn injuries and is currently hospitalised. It is still unclear whether the unfortunate incident is linked to the kissing incident. The police are investigating the case and there has been no official confirmation on this. Rahul Gandhi, who is touring different parts of the country in order to revive his party’s fortunes, was welcomed with kisses on his cheek and on his head during his visit to Jorhat in Assam on Wednesday. Rahul Gandhi was interacting with a huge gathering of women, when two women came closer to him, kissed on his cheek and forehead respectively, slightly embarrassing the young Congress leader. Despite the unprecedented but pleasant gesture, the Gandhi scion, however, sportingly met all the women supporters who came forward to shake hands with him. Rahul met over 600 self-help groups and Congress members in Jorhat and interacted with them wholeheartedly. ONLINE



NDIAN External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid on Saturday said India wanted to bring composite dialogue process on track but such situation has emerged in Pakistan which has led to change the scenario. He said this while addressing a ceremony held in New Delhi. “Positive vibes are emanating from our neighbouring country in connection with composite dialogue

process. But any haste on this count stands ruled out now. All the problems cannot be resolved overnight,” he remarked. “The Pakistani prime minister has suggested for initiation of composite dialogue process immediately. Thais is propitious move. But no miracle can be expected even after restoration of dialogue process and warmth in relations. The problems cannot be addressed overnight or within a few hours, he observed. I cannot expect any miracle to happen. We will have to move ahead slowly. We will have

to wait and give time to each other that Pakistan wants dialogue in what environment,” he observed. He said that certain channels have been activated so that door to dialogue is kept open. “We will have to

improve our relations with neighbouring countries and better relations with neighbouring countries are in our own interest,” he stressed. About export of electricity to Pakistan, he said decision has yet to be taken on this matter. Pakistan has proposed to import electricity from India while his country has decided that fullfledged assistance will be extended to Pakistan to pull it out of crisis like situation, he added. 500 megawatt of electricity would be exported to Pakistan in the first phase under which electricity lines will be laid, he said.

UN readies help for displaced North Waziristan people ISLAMABAD: About 20,000 people, mostly women and children, have been displaced during the army operation against the TTP in North Waziristan and the United Nations is ready to help them. UN Secretary General’s spokesman Martin Nesriky told reporters at a briefing: “Although the Government of Pakistan has not requested international assistance so far, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is in contact with the authorities and is following the situation closely.” He said some local non-government organisations are providing emergency aid including food supplies and medical assistance to the displaced. The OCHA said its team in Afghanistan reported on Friday that more than 90 people have crossed from northern Pakistan into Afghanistan. AGENCIES

BANNU: Police officials checking luggage of North Waziristan IDPs at a check post. INP

Hard talk aside, little desire by West to leave Afghanistan: report FORMER US OFFICIAL SAYS NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES ‘WANT US TO STAY’ BRUSSELS INP

Listening to the Western defence officials gathered at a NATO meeting on Wednesday, it would be easy to think that the United States and the rest of the international military coalition in Afghanistan have shifted into a full-speed withdrawal from the country by year’s end. After all, the statements from NATO officials all picked up where President Obama left off on Tuesday. He abruptly announced that he had instructed the Pentagon to begin planning for a complete withdrawal because Afghan President Hamid Karzai was continuing his refusal to sign a bilateral security

GEN DEMPSEY SAYS WESTERN THREATS TO FULLY WITHDRAW ARE WEAKENING AFGHAN FORCES’ RESOLVE agreement that would allow Western troops to remain past 2014. But as all the withdrawal talk has hardened, another message can be read that may be a truer gauge of what Western officials really want to happen in Afghanistan. Rasmussen sent that other message too, when, after warning about a full withdrawal, he quickly qualified it, “Let me stress, this is not our preferred option.” And there, defence analysts say, lies the truth that makes the Western ultimatum to Karzai look more like posturing than policy, The New York Times in an analysis said on Thursday. Few of the interested parties — and especially not the Pentagon — really want to

cut and run out of Afghanistan after 13 years of war in which almost 3,500 coalition troops, mostly American, have been killed; an untold but exponentially higher number of Afghan civilians have died or been wounded; and $700 billion has been spent. The reason is simple: military commanders and policy experts say that without a remaining core of Western troops to support the Afghan government and continue training the security forces, the chances are high that significant swaths of the country will fall back under Taliban control, just as they were before the 9/11 attacks. After the blood and sweat of the past 13 years of war, that potential return to old realities is seen as a particularly bitter pill. “If we withdraw, and the international community withdraws its aid, you will see the potential for the Afghan government to collapse, the insurgency to gain momentum and territory, take over eastern Afghanistan, recreating a safe haven for terrorist elements that still harbor an anti-US agenda,” said Michèle Flournoy, a former top Pentagon official in the Obama administration.


“After all of this effort and all of this sacrifice and all of this progress, you’re back to a new safe haven for terrorists? It’s like, it just makes no sense.” American intelligence officials have warned in classified assessments that insurgents could retake key areas of Afghanistan in the south and the east in as little as a year after American troops are fully withdrawn. The assessments also warn that Kabul, the capital, could quickly come under more serious attack than it has in recent years. Such a turn could also lead to insecurity for India and Pakistan, foreign policy experts say, with each of the nuclear-armed South Asian nations entering a more aggressive proxy war in Afghanistan in a bid for regional influence and a trump card to play against the other. “The neighboring countries, they all want us to stay,” said David Sedney, former deputy assistant secretary of defence for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia. “If we were to leave, the consequences for Pakistan, for the Indians — these countries want a stable Afghanistan.”

American planners are thinking about what would happen if the US is forced into a full and final troop withdrawal. Part of that contingency planning, officials say, will include looking to other countries — perhaps in Central Asia — for air bases that would allow continued drone operations in the region. Gen Martin E Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that Western threats to fully withdraw were weakening the Afghan forces’ resolve, and that the impasse over the security agreement was encouraging the Taliban to be more aggressive. “It is having an effect on the enemy, and in some ways I think encourages them, and intelligence supports that,” he said in an interview. “I personally believe that Obama will not go with the zero option,” said Aryan Yoon, the head of the international relations committee in the Afghan Parliament. He added, “The Americans should know that the minute they pull out from Afghanistan without leaving a residual force, the country will plunge into a civil war and will go back to the ’90s.”

Sunday, 2 March, 2014






S Pakistan’s civil and military establishments ponder over a long-awaited military offensive in the tribal areas, particularly North Waziristan Agency, the banned terror outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan on Saturday announced that it was willing to cease fire for a month “to break the deadlock in talks with the government” and expressed “the hope that the government would give a serious consideration to the decision and move positively on the dialogue process”. TTP spokesperson Shahidullah Shahid, in a statement issued from an undisclosed location said that his organisation has decided for a ceasefire “in greater interest of Pakistan”. “The TTP Shura and our ameer Mullah Fazlullah have taken this decision and all factions are bound to follow the order so that the dialogue process can move forward,” he said. The half-page long press release, written in Urdu, said that the Government of Pakistan had given a positive response to the Taliban’s demands, and they hoped that the talks process would move forward keeping aside all political considerations. Sources said that earlier on Saturday, In-

Kidnapped Iranian border guards freed TEHRAN: Iran’s five border guards, who were kidnapped by the Jaishul Adl terrorist group, were released Saturday, according to Iranian parliament’s member representing Iranshahr, city of Sistan and Baluchestan province, Mohammad Saeed Arbabi. Five Iranian border guards were abducted in the Jakigour region in Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan province on February 6 and allegedly moved into Pakistani territory. Iranian officials had held Pakistan accountable on the issue. Jaishul Adl group had tweeted on February 26 that its religious court had sentenced five Iranian soldiers to death, after Iranian side executed one of the relatives of the group’s members in Iran. Pakistan has found the hiding place of the Jaishul Adl group, official with the Iranian foreign ministry, Mohammad Rafiei had said on February 25. INP


terior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan had telephoned Taliban committee head Samiul Haq, who is in Madina these days, to discuss the situation. Sami told Nisar that the TTP had accepted the demands of the government’s negotiating team and were going to announce a ceasefire later in the day. “Chaudhry Nisar termed the TTP decision a ‘good omen and assured Sami that the government would give positive respond to this gesture,” said the source, adding that the government and Taliban committees would meet in the next two days to discuss the future course of the dialogue. Sources said that after the development, government’s committee member Irfan Siddiqui telephoned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chaudhry Nisar and exchanged views over the Taliban announcement. Sources said that Prime Minister Sharif had welcomed the Taliban decision and was likely to announce a halt to the surgical airstrikes after discussing the matter with army chief General Raheel Sharif. The military launched aerial and ground raids on terrorists’ hideouts in the tribal areas after the Mohmand Taliban announced that they had executed 23 Frontier Corps personnel to avenge the killings of their colleagues by security forces. Sources said that Major (r) Muhammad Aamir from the government’s side and


Maulana Yousuf Shah from the Taliban committee had played an important role in the announcement of the unconditional ceasefire by the Taliban. Commenting on the development, Major (r) Aamir suggested that direct talks should now take place between the government and the Taliban, saying it was “high time for taking and making important decisions”. “I do not see any relevance now for the government committee as we have succeeded to convince the Taliban to come to the negotiation table and declare ceasefire,” Aamir said. “I have suggested having the army, the governor, the chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the interior minister involved in the dialogue,” he added. Defending his suggestion, he said since certain sensitive issues would come under discussion in the next phase, it should be carried out by the government and other decision-making institutions. “Their involvement is a must as to what to decide and when to decide,” he argued. “We now need serious efforts to make the process successful. The army should now be in the driving seat,” said the government interlocutor. MILITARY ACTION ON THE CARDS: On the other hand, security and defence analysts are sceptical of the Taliban announcement for a ceasefire, saying it was likely that the militants had taken the deci-

sion as part of its strategy to regroup or retreat in wake of an imminent army offensive in North Waziristan in March. The ground offensive is expected within weeks after hush-hush visits by top US officials in recent days. Airstrikes targeting hideouts belonging to the Pakistani Taliban have killed dozens of suspected militants in North Waziristan since late last week. The raids came just days after a quiet trip to Pakistan by CENTCOM chief Gen Lloyd Austin on February 19. CIA Director John Brennan was in Islamabad on February 21. Analysts said that the daily strikes by army helicopter gunships and fighter jets are intended to build momentum ahead of an attack involving thousands of troops. “A ground offensive by the military in North Waziristan is on the cards sometime in the middle of March,” said a security official, asking not to be named. Daniel S. Markey, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations think tank, told NBC Brennan and Austin’s meetings at the military headquarters in Rawalpindi suggested high level of cooperation with Washington.“A North Waziristan campaign is something the US has been pushing for, for years,” Markey said. Markey pointed out that Waziristan is also home to the dreaded Haqqani Network of Afghan militants.

MAJ AMIR SAYS GOVERNMENT AND TALIBAN SHOULD TALK DIRECTLY NOW The Haqqanis have long used Waziristan as a sanctuary, allegedly with protection from the Pakistani state, raising the question of whether that group will be targeted during the looming ground offensive. The Pakistani Taliban have an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 hardened fighters in North Waziristan, according to a military officer. Many previous attempts to dislodge militants from the area have been unsuccessful, according to Gareth Price, a senior research fellow at the London-based Chatham House think tank. “Since 2004 and 2005 you’ve had campaigns that haven’t been holistic or coordinated,” he said. “Often they just look like a facade with people firing mortars at empty mountainsides because the insurgents have moved on to the next tribal area, ready to return when the army leaves.” Major General Asim Bajwa, spokesperson of the military’s Inter-Services Public Relations, said that “over 150,000 troops are committed to fighting the insurgency in the tribal areas, compared to less than 100,000 on the Indian border, which reflects our resolve about how seriously we are taking this new, internal threat.” Bajwa added: “Over the years, we have cornered the terror elements ... in North Waziristan. Now, all we have to do is mop them up.”



As many as 12 people, including a child, were killed and several others injured in three bomb attacks on anti-polio vaccinators and personnel of security forces in Khyber Agency on Saturday. Several injured were stated to be in a critical condition. The explosions caused destruction to two vehicles.

An official said that unidentified terrorists targeted the anti-polio volunteers with an improvised explosive device (IED) in village Lashoora in Jamrud Tehsil of Khyber Agency. A child and a personnel of Khasadar force were injured. After sometime two more IED attacks occurred near the official vehicles. The official said that 12 people, including 11 Khasadar personnel and a child, were killed whereas around 15 others injured. Security

forces began a search operation in the area soon after the attacks. The official said that 15 suspects have been apprehended and were being interrogated. Personnel of Khasadar force are carrying out the anti-polio drive as teachers and Health Department employees had refused to conduct vaccination due to security fears. In recent past, terrorists have killed several anti-polio vaccinators, mostly volunteers from the education and health departments.

3 FC men slain in Kalat bombing Security forces kill six terrorists in Dera Bugti action

JAMRUD: Security personnel standing at the site after a blast near a Security personnel vehicle in Jamrud, Khyber Agency. ONLINE

QUETTA: At least nine people, including three security personnel and six terrorists, were killed in two separate incidents in Balochistan’s Kalat and Dera Bugti districts on Saturday. Frontier Corps (FC) spokesman Khan Wasey said that an improvised explosive device went off near a patrol vehicle in Kalat. He said six soldiers suffered serious wounds and the vehicle was destroyed in the attack. “Three personnel died instantly but forces were quick enough to shift the injured to a hospital,” Wasey said. In another incident, he said, six terrorists were killed during an exchange of fire in Dera Bugti. He said an armed clash between forces and terrorists erupted in Darinjan and Rustam Bazaar areas of Sui, a tehsil of Dera Bugti District. “Forces quickly responded and six militants were killed on the spot,” Wasey said. He said that the forces also seized huge cache of arms and ammunition from them. More personnel were called in the area to bring the situation under control. Prior to this incident, the FC spokesman said that the forces also arrested five suspects involved in blowing up gas pipelines in the area. Dera Bugti, Balchistan’s least developed and resource-rich district remained under the grip of violence for the last several years. Terrorists in the area have been targeting security forces and vital national installations. STAFF REPORT


Pakistan’s top leaders would not delegate advance authority over nuclear arms to unit commanders even in the event of crisis with India, a senior official said Saturday. The revelation might slightly ease global concerns about Pakistani nuclear arms being detonated precipitously in any future combat, though plenty of potential

hazards appear to remain, the Global Security Newswire (GSN) said. “The smallest to the largest - all weapons are under the central control of the National Command Authority, which is headed by the prime minister,” a high-level government official said on condition of not being named. The longtime worry has been that Pakistani military units might be tempted to use battlefield nuclear weapons as a last resort. One possible scenario for such a move might be if Pakistani troops are in danger of being overwhelmed in any future war against India, which has a larger and more capable conventional army, as per US officials. The two nations currently field roughly the same size nuclear arsenal, numbering around 100 weapons apiece. Prime Minis-

ter Nawaz Sharif, who was elected to office last spring, has moved to strengthen ties with his Indian counterpart, Manmohan Singh, following a string of border killings. The senior Pakistani official acknowledged, though, that ultimately any battlefield use of tactical nuclear arms is left in military hands, as would be the case in virtually any nation’s combat operations. “You must appreciate, in almost all the countries of the world, final operational control lies with the military, even here,” the Islamabad official said at the Washington gathering. “But the basic control remains with the civilian leadership, in consultation with the military commanders. And the usage will be controlled at the highest level, even if the smallest device in the smallest numbers has to be used”. The official noted that Pakistan’s nu-


clear arsenal “is primarily a deterrence mechanism,” and “the usage is a secondary thing.” The South Asian nation “is not very anxious” to use nuclear arms, but Pakistan sees the arsenal as necessary in “an imbalanced military relationship with our neighbours.” The senior figure was asked if Pakistani military commanders, once given emergency authority to detonate nuclear weapons, might set off the deadly devices rather than allow potentially dominant Indian troops to overrun and steal them. “I think principally I should take offense to this remark,” the official said. “We are not so naïve to handle nuclear weapons, to hand them over to a conventional army coming to our borders. There are no chances of that,” he said, adding that if Pakistanis can develop nukes, they can look

after them as well. Referring to the high caliber of both the nuclear technologies and the Pakistani troops, whose dedicated mission is to secure the atomic arms, the official said the Pakistani military commanders “would rather commit suicide than let this fall in somebody else’s hands who’s not supposed to have it”. Asked subsequently about the US concerns regarding Pakistani security over its stockpile - particularly after militants have attacked armed forces installations in recent years - the official said that nuclear safety is of paramount priority to the nation’s leaders. “If something like that happens, who is the biggest affectee? It’s us. If there is radiation, it’s us. It’s our people,” the official said. “So why would we risk our own people? We are very, very careful about it.”


Sunday, 2 March, 2014




KRAINE accused Russia on Saturday of sending thousands of additional troops to the southern Crimea region, which has a majority ethnic Russian population, and said it had placed its military in the region on high alert. Russia said unidentified gunmen sent by Kiev had attempted overnight to seize the Crimea region’s Interior Ministry offices and that people had been wounded in the attack. It accused

Kiev of a “treacherous provocation”. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk urged Moscow to cease what it called provocative actions, echoing a warning by US President Barack Obama who said any military intervention following the overthrow of Russian-backed President Viktor Yanukovich would have costs for Moscow. Armed men wearing combat uniform with no identification markings control two airports in Crimea, which hosts Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, and have taken over the regional parliament in what Kiev described as an occupation by Moscow’s forces. “It is unacceptable when armored Russian military vehicles are out in the centre of Ukrainian towns,” Yatseniuk said at the start of a government meeting in Kiev.

South Korea proposes regular family reunions with North SEOUL: South Korea’s president on Saturday proposed the rival Koreas hold reunions of Korean War-divided families on a regular basis, saying time was running out for the elderly separated by hostilities and politics. South Korea has made similar proposals in the past, but President Park Geun-hye’s latest overture came after the two Koreas last month held their first reunions of families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War in more than three years. “There are separated families in North Korea as well. I believe North Korea should also ease the anguish and pain of its people,” she said in a speech marking Korea’s 1919 uprising against Japan’s colonial rule. North Korea didn’t immediately respond to Park’s proposal. Analysts say North Korea has been reluctant to increase family reunions due to worries that doing so could open the country to influence from more affluent South Korea and threaten its grip on power. The latest six-day family reunions were arranged after North Korea began calling for better ties with South Korea in what outside analysts say is an effort to win foreign aid and investment. North Korea earlier threatened to cancel the reunions in anger over annual military drills between Seoul and Washington that it calls a preparation for invasion. The North let the reunions proceed after highlevel talks with South Korea, though the drills went ahead as scheduled. In an apparent protest of the drills, South Korea said North Korea fired four short-range Scud missiles into the sea on Thursday. Analysts said the launches weren’t expected to raise tension as the North routinely tests short-range missiles. Last week, North Korea also presented to the media a South Korean missionary who it says was arrested last year for allegedly trying to establish underground Christian churches in the country. South Korea urged North Korea to quickly release him. The Korean Peninsula officially remains at war because the 1950-53 Korean War ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty. AGENCIES

PT editor’s car stolen LAHORE: Pakistan Today Editor Mr Arif Nizami’s car was stolen in the Hanjerwal police precincts late on Saturday. Mr Nizami and his family were visiting a relative in the West Canal Bank area near Tech Society and had parked the vehicle, a black coloured Toyota Corolla number LRG51, outside the house. They noticed the theft when they were about to return home. The family immediately notified the police emergency 15. Lahore police chief Chaudhry Shafiq Ahmed said that they would make all efforts to trace the stolen vehicle. STAFF REPORT

“We do not give in to provocative actions, we do not use force and we demand that Russia stop its provocative actions and return the troops to base.” Russia says any movements by its military in Crimea are in line with agreements with Ukraine in the lease of the naval base in the port city of Sevastopol and accused Kiev of trying to destabilize the Black Sea peninsula. Russia’s Foreign Ministry said Kiev-backed gunmen had attempted to take over the offices of the Crimean Interior Ministry. It said people had been wounded but gave no details. There was no confirmation of such an action from other sources. “With decisive actions by self-defense groups, the attempt to seize the interior ministry building was averted.

Turkish parliament delivers blow to schools run by Erdogan rival LAWMAKERS SET A DEADLINE OF SEPTEMBER 1 2015 TO CLOSE PRIVATE PREPARATORY SCHOOLS ISTANBUL AGENCIES

Turkey’s parliament passed legislation to shut down private preparatory schools, many of which are an important source of income and influence for an Islamic cleric that prime minister Tayyip Erdogan accuses of running a covert campaign to topple him. Lawmakers late on Friday set a deadline of September 1 2015 to close the schools, news channels reported, which millions of students attend to prepare for entrance examinations to win limited spots at state

LONDON Rebekah Brooks, the ex-chief executive of News Corp’s British newspaper arm, told a London court on Friday she had paid a public official for a story about former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein planning to attack Britain with the poison anthrax. Brooks, who is on trial on charges of sanctioning such illegal payments, said she agreed to pay for the 1998 report when she was deputy editor of Rupert Murdoch’s Sun tabloid because there was an “overwhelming public interest” to do so. However, she denies approving almost 40,000 pounds in payments to a Ministry of Defence official for a series of stories for which she on trial. She also denies charges of conspiracy to hack phones and perverting the course of justice. On Thursday, Brooks admitted she had authorised payments to public officials,

high schools and universities. The government has accused cleric Fethullah Gulen, whose followers wield influence in the police and judiciary, of concocting a graft scandal to compromise Erdogan and his government. The scandal broke with police raids on December 17 but ties between the ex-allies have been tense for several years. The government’s initial moves to shut down cram centers late last year escalated those tensions ahead of the March 30 municipal election, seen as a critical test of support for Erdogan after 11 years in power.

Education is central to USbased Gulen’s Hizmet, or service, movement’s mission. Their respected prep schools help spread influence across a nationwide network, and shutting them will deprive Hizmet of a chief source of financing. Followers of Gulen, who preach respect for science, democracy and dialogue with other faiths, have forged a powerful socio-religious community network active. Gulen, who says he has no plans to form a political party, denies any involvement in the graft investigation. Erdogan remains by far Turkey’s most popular politician. In parliament he faces a weak opposition and, supporters argue, at the polling stations his success in driving Turkey’s economy could eclipse any damage from corruption accusations.

South Korea warns Japan over war sex slavery review SEOUL AGENCIES

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye on Saturday warned Japan would face “isolation” if it pushed ahead with a move to revisit an apology over wartime sex slavery. Her warning, in a speech marking the anniversary of a 1919 antiJapanese uprising, coincided with the opening of a rare exhibition on “comfort women” in Seoul, a euphemism for women who were forced into Japanese military brothels during World War II. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration is moving to reconsider a 1995 apology for comfort women, putting further stress on the already frayed ties between the two neighbours. “Historical truth is in testimony from the survivors. Japan would only bring isolation on itself

Ex-Murdoch British CEO Brooks paid official for Saddam anthrax story AGENCIES

This confirms the desire of prominent political circles in Kiev to destabilize the peninsula,” it said in a statement. Ukraine’s acting president, Oleksander Turchinov, said on Friday that Russia was following a scenario like the one before it went to war with fellow former Soviet republic Georgia in 2008 over two breakaway regions. The regions are now fully beyond the control of Tbilisi. Defense Minister Ihor Tenyukh told Saturday’s government meeting that Russia had “recently” brought 6,000 additional personnel into Ukraine and that the Ukrainian military were on high alert in the Crimea region. Several military transport planes and about 10 military helicopters had entered Ukrainian airspace on Friday without permission, he said.

something which is illegal, on a “half a dozen” occasions from 1998 to 2009, a period which covered her time as time as editor or deputy of Murdoch’s British tabloids, the Sun and News of the World. Appearing for a sixth day in the witness box at London’s Old Bailey court, Brooks said the public official, who was later revealed to be a chief petty officer in the Royal Navy, had called the paper about the threat from Saddam and the deadly poison anthrax. “They said they had reason to believe ... that the government or the security services were covering up a plot by Saddam Hussein to bring in anthrax into the country for the start of a terrorist campaign attack,” she said. “It was very quickly brought to my attention because it was a public official and they were asking for money in return for information.” She told the court that she was called to Downing Street for a high-level meeting with senior security and political figures who confirmed its veracity.

if it turns a deaf ear to their testimony and sweeps it under the rug for political benefits”, she said. Park called on Japan to follow Germany in repenting its past wrongs so that the two countries can put bitter memories behind them and “move forward for a new era of cooperation, peace and prosperity”. “I hope Japan extricates itself from denial of history and starts making a new history of truth and reconciliation”, she said. Hundreds of protesters were killed in a 1919 crackdown on widespread demonstrations by Koreans who were rallying for independence from Japan, which occupied the Korean peninsula from 1910 to 1945. In Seoul, a few hundred actors and citizens, many of them dressed up in colonial era costumes and as Japanese imperial troops, on Saturday re-enacted the bloodbath outside what used to be a prison where pro-independence activists were incarcerated.

Google loses bid to keep anti-Islamic video online during appeal SAN FRANCISCO: A US appeals court on Friday rejected Google’s request to put on hold an order requiring the company to remove an anti-Islamic video from YouTube while litigation around the issue continued. The order came from the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. AGENCIES

China rail station attack leaves 27 dead BEIJING: Attacks by “knife-wielding men” at a Chinese train station late Saturday left 27 people dead and 109 injured, the state news agency Xinhua reported. Police shot dead a number of the attackers at Kunming railway station in the southwestern province of Yunnan and sealed off a wide area around the site, according to the posts by local television station K6 on its official Sina Weibo account, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. Meanwhile ambulances delivered the injured to hospitals around the city, it added. Photos posted on the social media site showed blood spattered across the floor and medical staff crouching over bodies lying on the ground, although the authenticity of the images could not be verified. Crowds gathered outside the station among police officers and ambulances, the images also showed. Yunnan has no history of violent attacks and the motive for the stabbings was not immediately clear. AGENCIES

Woman killed on Israeli border JERUSALEM: A woman was shot and killed on the border with Israel, the morning after Israel said troops fired on Palestinians suspiciously approaching the boundary, said a Gaza health official on Saturday. It was not clear if the two incidents were linked. Ashraf Al Kedra said the body of a 58-year-old woman was retrieved Saturday morning. Gaza residents said there had been Israeli shooting in the area late Friday. The Israeli military said soldiers spotted Palestinians approaching the border and called on them to stop. It said when calls were ignored the troops fired warning shots in the air and later toward the Palestinians. Earlier the military said it carried out an airstrike in Gaza “to eliminate an imminent threat.” It did not elaborate. Airstrikes usually target Palestinian militants that fire rockets into Israel. AGENCIES

At least 13 killed in north Yemen clashes SANAA: At least 13 people died when Shi’ite Muslim fighters clashed with security forces in northern Yemen on Friday, government sources said, underlining the chaos still gripping the country two years after mass protests ousted its leader. The fighters were from the Houthi movement which is seeking to strengthen its hold on the north - one of a string of challenges facing an interim government also battling southern separatists, al Qaeda-linked militants and an economic crisis. AGENCIES


Iran’s president said the Islamic Republic has decided not to develop nuclear weapons out of principle, not only because it is prevented so by treaties. Hassan Rouhani told Defence Ministry officials Saturday that, if Iran wanted weapons of mass destruction, it would be easier for it to make chemical or biological weapons. Rouhani was reiterating a policy set by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who issued a religious decree banning the production and use of nuclear weapons. He has said holding such arms is a sin as well as “useless, harmful and dangerous”. “We are not after weapons of mass destruction. That’s our red line,” he said. “If Iran was after weapons of mass destruc-


tion, it would build chemical weapons. Those are easier to make. It would build biological arms, which are even easier than making chemical weapons.” He said Iran’s “beliefs” and commit-

ment to “ethical principles”, not merely the UN’s nuclear non-proliferation treaty, prevent it from making a bomb. Iran is a signatory to the NPT and says it will remain committed to its obligations not to build nuclear weapons under the treaty but will not compromise on its right to enrich uranium and produce nuclear fuel. “We signed these treaties to show the world we are not after such weapons,” he told military commanders. “Even if there were no NPT or other treaties, our belief, our faith, our religion and principles tell us not to seek weapons of mass destruction.” The US and its allies fear that Iran seeks to develop the ability to make a nuclear weapon, should it want one. Iran denies the charge, saying its nuclear program is peaceful and geared toward generating electricity and producing radioisotopes to treat cancer patients.

Sunday, 2 March, 2014






ITh the ongoing debate over the reported import of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Qatar allegedly on higher prices as compared to the international market, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been approached by an energy expert, asking him to look into the alleged shady deal which may bring a bad name to his government. Raising questions over the deal for import of LNG from Qatar, energy expert Engineer Arshad h Abbasi has alleged that the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources is acting like a “marketing agent” for Qatari LNG Company for this deal. Engr Abbasi said that the talks on importing natural gas have become just an excuse for a special shuttle service between Qatar and Pakistan as Pakistan is not negotiating LNG pricing from a position of strength and knowledge. he said that the media reports and state-



ments from the Ministry suggest a price of $17 per MMBTU for Qatari LNG while additional costs of re-gasification and charges of SSGPL & SNGPL and other taxes will likely push up its price to not less than $18 /MMBTU. The most compelling argument offered by the ministry in favour of buying LNG from Qatar has been that it is a cheaper fuel for electricity, but at anything more than $14/MMBTU, LNG loses its competitive advantage against oil, he added. “The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (MPNR) appears to have been transformed into a ‘marketing agent’ for the Qatari LNG exporting companies because of a lack of will to negotiate a lower price. Rather than driving a hard bargain based on the facts and trends in the global natural gas market, the honorable Minister, in fact, seems resigned to importing LNG at around $17/MMBTU. Indeed such a price is anticipated to be an outcome of the negotiations,” he said. “In fact, in a recent decision, India has commented that not more than

$12/MMBTU suits them: India is trying to diversify its LNG supplies geographically and to support this ambition, it is exploring East African suppliers for cheaper longterm LNG agreement after failure in Shale Gas unlocking initiative.” Arshad Abbasi argued that the question arises: Why is the ministry disseminating the price earlier than the bidding process, in a complete violation of standard procedure? Moreover, why does it want to put all its eggs in one basket (and that too at an exorbitant price) when there are 23 other LNG exporting countries? “In my earlier letter, I had suggested that the price of LNG should be ideally in single digits. I understand that this is an enormous challenge but I am sure that you will able save Pakistan’s economy as well save $ 5 billion annually if Pakistan purchases LNG at $9 per MMBTU instead of $17 MMBTU”. he said that both Iran and Qatar are supplying gas from the same gas-field, with the former routing it though IP Gas pipeline and the latter through LNG. “This gives

Pakistan a unique advantage to bargain at $ 9 MMBTU. Yet, we as a country, have failed to capitalise on this strategic advantage which would allow the country to import gas through pipeline or though LNG,” he asserted. Abbasi said that the Ministry of Petroleum seemingly did not consider the fact that the global LNG market will face serious competition in future and the biggest immediate challenge posed to LNG pricing is Shale Gas that has rapidly changed the natural gas pricing dynamics. “A major challenge that Qatar faces vis-à-vis its natural gas market competitor is contending with Iran. Iran, with the world’s largest reserves of natural gas standing at 1187 TCF, is ambitious to become a major LNG exporter, in the wake of recent developments on the diplomatic front, after an ease out on prolonged sanctions which inhibited access to Western technology. Estimates suggest that Iran will complete two under-construction LNG projects, LNG Persian and Iran LNG, based on the reserves of the South Pars gas field. Iran has boasted that in a few years 90 billion cubic meters per year of LNG will be

exported. Moreover, Canada’s Shale Gas production has surpassed 3.5 BCF, and may help it to transform into a major LNG competitor in the future”. “What Pakistan should note is that there is a divorce between oil and gas prices, and the new contracts reflect this pattern. In fact, India is going to import LNG from the US at a $10.50 MMBTU, which is a much lower price because of these changing dynamics in international gas sector”. he said that the Indian state-owned company GAIL’s contract with the US company Cheniere departs from oil-linked prices, and instead it is indexed to the henry hub with a premium, for a landed price of $10.95/MMBTU. In fact, data and reports from Argus and other sources now show the prices of long-term LNG contracts. Again, India imported LNG from Qatar at the rate of $10-12./MMBTU in 2013. he urged the prime minister to order an in-depth economic analysis of LNG which is the need of the hour. “I hope that Pakistan is able to negotiate a fair price for LNG, and we will be happy to provide any technical assistance for negotiations,” he concluded.

DASTI IS WALKING A TIGHT ROPE! NA speaker says House to decide MNA’s fate if he fails to prove debauchery charges against parliamentarians ISLAMABAD: National Assembly (NA) Speaker Ayaz Sadiq on Saturday said the House would decide to take action against Jamshed Dasti if he failed to provide evidence in the Parliament Lodges matter. He said this while talking to a private TV channel. He said Dasti has levelled baseless allegations and he was enacting drama only to win cheap popularity. “He should bring evidence and whosoever is found involved will be punished. If he fails to provide evidence then the House will decide to take any action against him,” he underlined. Expressing displeasure over a question from a journalist he said, “The country is confronting the menace of terrorism and economic down slide and you are running after such topics.” ONLINE ISLAMABAD: Families of Baloch missing parsons march on the Islamabad Highway on Saturday at the last stage of their long march from Quetta to Islamabad. INP



Around 407 people lost their lives in 192 terrorist incidents during February 2014, a report of Conflict Monitoring Centre said on Saturday. This includes deaths of 68 security forces personnel, nine razakars, 194 terrorists and 136 civilians. 516 others were injured, including 133 security personnel, 4 razakars, 49 terrorists and 330 civilians. Security forces arrested 143 suspected terrorists while 24 people have been kidnapped during February 2014. Balochistan witnessed highest number of incidents (83) but number of deaths in FATA outnumbered other provinces/ administrative units. In 49 violent incidents in FATA, 175 people died, including 24 security officials, one razakar, 132 terrorists and 18 civilians while 59 others were injured including 24 security officials, four razakars, 27 terrorists and four civilians, 44 suspected terrorists were arrested while one person was kidnapped. In terms of number of human losses, KP followed suit where 98 violent incidents caused 109 deaths including 14 security personnel, seven razakars, 27 ter-

rorists and 61 civilians while 180 others were injured including 11 security officials, 15 terrorists and 154 civilians. Injuries to civilians in KP outnumbered other provinces/regions. In KP, security forces also arrested 24 suspected militants while 6 people were kidnapped. In only incident in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), two people were arrested while no casualty or injury was reported. In 83 violent incidents in Balochistan, 68 people were killed, including seven security personnel, 1 razakar, 30 militants and 30 civilians while 72 others were wounded, including 31 security personnel, five terrorists and 36 civilians. 14 people were arrested but number of kidnapping stood tall in Balochistan with kidnapping of 17 persons. 45 violent activities were reported in Sindh in which 50 people were killed including 20 security personnel, four terrorists and 26 civilians while 191 peo-

ple were injured including 58 security officials and 133 civilians. Security forces claimed to have arrested 29 suspected terrorists. In 16 violent incidents in Punjab, 5 people were killed including three security officials, one terrorist and one civilian while 14 others were wounded, including nine security officials, two terrorists and three civilians. Security forces also arrested 30 suspected terrorists in various operations in Punjab. Among 292 violent incidents, 194 were terrorist activities and 98 actions were conducted by security forces. In 192 terrorist attacks, 256 people lost their lives, including 68 security officials, 9 razakars, 44 terrorists and 30 civilians while 478 suffered injuries, including 132 security officials, four razakars, 18 terrorists and 324 civilians. Three terrorists were arrested while 24 people were kidnapped. Among these 194 violent activities, six were suicide bombing in which 25 people were killed including six security personnel, six terrorists and 13 civilians while 75 others were injured, including 11 security personnel and 64 civilians. Three suicide attacks were recorded in KP while one each in Balochistan, Punjab, and Sindh. In 36 attacks, terrorists used grenades, mortar shells and rockets, killing 30 people and injuring 104 others. 27 activities were of kidnapping, target killing or kidnap and killing in which 45 people lost their lives including 29 security officials, one terrorist and 15 civilians. Violent activities by the terrorists (194) in February were marginally higher than the previous month (189 in January). Loss of security personnel has been recorded considerably lower; 68 as compared to 100 in corresponding period last month.

BEIJING: The Times of India on Saturday said that China has begun arming its two neighbours, Pakistan and Bangladesh, with submarines. China has also introduced new nuclear submarines that have caused a flutter in Washington, the paper said. Jane's weekly, quoting a senior Pakistani official, said China is set to sell up to six submarines to Pakistan by the end of 2014. China has also signed an agreement with Pakistan to sell two Type-035G ming-class diesel-electric submarines to Bangladesh, reports from Dhaka said recently. The New Age newspaper said the deal was valued at $206 million. China has promised to deliver the submarines to Bangladesh Navy by 2019. "Technical details are almost done. The present discussions are mainly about the financing details," a senior Pakistan official told Jane's. The journal said a second Pakistani official confirmed that "the contract is at an advanced stage and discussions won't linger on for too long. Realistically, we should have a deal by the end 2014”. Islamabad is expected to buy China's S20 or Yuan-class diesel-electric submarine (SSK). At present, Pakistan Navy operates five French submarines; three Agosta 90B (Khalid-class) submarines purchased in the 1990s and two ageing Agosta 70 (Hashmatclass) boats dating from the late 1970s. Myanmar is also using Chinese experts to train its submarine personnel. It also sent a contingent of its navy personnel for submarine warfare training in Pakistan in mid-2013, the Times of India claimed. INP


Sunday, 2 March, 2014




ISLAMABAD: Sessions Judge Wajid Ali Khan accepted the petition to exempt presence of former president Pervez Musharraf from the hearing of Lal Masjid cleric’s murder case for a day and summoned him on March 15. The court also ordered the police to present an interim challan of the case until the next hearing. Tariq Asad appeared in the court as lawyer of the Lal Masjid Foundation whereas Akhtar Shah represented Musharraf. Shah informed the court that his client could appear due to security concerns and should be exempted from the hearing. The court accepted the plea and summoned Musharraf on March 15. STAFF REPORT



AKISTAN Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday accused the Punjab government of targeting PTI workers and PTI candidate and his family in PP-81 Jhang where the byelection is to be held on Monday. According to a statement issued, PTI candidate Taimoor Bhatti’s cousin and chief polling agent Faisal Bhatti was arrested by the Punjab police on Saturday. The PTI chairman demanded that the Punjab inspector general take notice of the political harassment by the police. he should learn from the Khyber

Pakhtunkhwa IG police who faced no political interference in the performance of his duties, the PTI head said. he added that unless the police in the provinces are freed from political meddling and nepotism, law and order and justice could never be provided to the people. he said that this trend of harassment of PTI workers and candidates has been going on since the May 11 elections and was seen most brazenly in by-polls held in Punjab where the PTI was clearly seen to be in a winning position. he also called on the chief election commissioner (CEC) to stop the continuing blatant rigging on all fronts through the brazen use of the government machinery. he asserted that had the PTI demand

for verification of thumb prints in four Punjab constituencies been accepted and verification undertaken, the whole rigging exercise would have been exposed. Unfortunately, he said, because the thumb print verifications in the four constituencies have still not been undertaken, the Punjab government feels free to continue with the use of police and government machinery to continue rigging elections which they clearly are unable to win though a fair electoral process. Imran also said that the PTI secretary general would send letters to the CEC and the IG police to take a c t i o n against the pre-poll rigging and police harassment of the PTI candidate.


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) foreign affairs and planning committee on Saturday announced to quit the party. Giving reason for quitting the party, Munir Ahmed Khan said that he has been repeatedly giving suggestions and inputs to the party leadership for the betterment of the party but they have been ignored, adding that it is useless to stay in the party. He maintained that the current party leadership was doing politics against the policies of PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto and against the aspiration of the people, therefore he decided to part ways. INP

LANDIKOTAL: Trucks carrying NATO supplies cross into Pakistan from Afghanistan at the Torkham border after the lifting of the Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf’s blockade on the supply routes. INP


India became the biggest foreign buyer of US weapons in 2012, leaving behind Saudi Arabia, with an import of $1.9bn of military kit from US, British media has reported. According to research of Jane's Information Group of IhS Inc. published in UK daily ‘Financial Times, US remained the largest exporter of military equipment while displacing Russia as India’s biggest arms supplier. In total, the US exported $25.2bn of military equipment in 2013, compared with $24.9bn the previous year. India, with total defence imports of $5.9bn, became the most enthusiastic buyer from the US, knocking Saudi Arabia out of the top spot with purchases that included Boeing’s C-17A strategic transport aircraft and P-8I Maritime Patrol Aircraft, the report stated. “We are seeing trade patterns fundamentally change for the dominant players,” said Ben Moores, senior analyst at the security consultancy and the author of the report. “India is outpacing everyone.” According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which monitors the global arms trade, in 2010 India overtook China to become the biggest arms importer. Until now, however, most of India’s contracted arms purchases have been from

Russia, partly because it has needed to replace or upgrade equipment bought from its former ally the Soviet Union. India has struggled to create indigenous manufacturing of high-tech weapons systems, and depends on imports in its efforts to catch up with the better-equipped Chinese armed forces.

“It is a big capability gap that’s opened between the Indians and the Chinese,” said Mr Moores. “India is buying a lot of highend equipment from the Americans to address that gap.” In 2009 India imported $237m in military equipment from the US but this jumped to $1.9bn last year, as almost half

of its $13.4bn defence procurement budget went overseas. India accounted for nearly 10 per cent of the $63bn international defence market, outstripping much of the Middle East and China. Arms trade statistics can be volatile because of deliveries of high-value items such as aircraft. But the latest US-India data,

which measures deliveries rather than sales contracts, is significant because other western arms exporters have been unable to clinch deals with New Delhi in the face of periodic corruption scandals, slowing Indian growth and budget constraints. France’s Dassault, for example, is still waiting for India to finalise a preliminary agreement to buy Rafale fighter jets that could be worth up to $20bn. AK Antony, India’s defence minister, this month said his ministry had used up most of its budget for the year ending in March and would make no large acquisitions until the next financial year. “There is no money left,” he said. “All major projects have to wait until April 1.” The Middle East, meanwhile, continued to import military equipment at a rapid pace, and now represents one-third of the global arms market. Saudi Arabia, Oman and UAE together imported more than western Europe as a whole, buying $9.3bn-worth of equipment compared with $8.7bn for the latter. Saudi Arabia imported more than $5.4bn worth of equipment, more than double the $2.2bn it bought in 2009. By 2015 its imports are expected to increase to $7.8bn. The United Arab Emirates’ import programme is expected to more than double. By 2015 imports are forecast to total $3.1bn, up from a total of $1.4bn. American companies accounted for half of all defence exports to the region.

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Sunday, 2 March, 2014

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ASR 4:25

ISLAMABAD 07 Managing solid waste privately



Solid waste management contract of Rawalpindi awarded to private company RAWALPINDI: Government has awarded solid waste management contract in respect of Rawalpindi district to a private company due to poor cleanliness situation in all the areas of Rawalpindi city and cantonment. The responsibilities for cleanliness of the district have been withdrawn from City District Government and assigned to a private company namely Waste Management Company. Due to lack of interest by City District Government and Solid Waste Management Department, dilapidated machinery, non provision of funds, shortage of staff and lack of access to larger areas, most of the localities of Rawalpindi city and cantonment have turned into garbage dumps. Therefore, decision was taken to hand over solid waste management work to some private company on contract to avert eruption of any fatal epidemic in the city. Rawalpindi District Management has been directed to hand over all the work, powers, workers, equipment and machinery to Waste Management Company within 30 days. ONLINE ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Minority Alliance Chairman Tahir Naved Choudhry, Albert David and others offering prayers at the place of martyrdom of former federal minister for minorities affairs Shahbaz Bhatti on his third death anniversary. INP

PML-N didn’t do its homework in exile: Sheikh Rashid Says military garrisons will have to be set up in North and South Waziristan for peace to prevail ISLAMABAD: Chief of Pakistan Awami Muslim League (PAML) Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said PML-N leadership had not learnt any lesson from exile and was ruling the country with an old team. “PML-N government has started filling their pockets rather than addressing the problems facing the people. PML-N leadership has not learnt any lesson from their exile. The prime minister is ruling the country with an old team,” he said this in an interview with a private TV channel on Saturday. He underlined that PML-N and PPP were playing the role of brothers in the Parliament and both these parties would not hold each other accountable. He alleged that general elections held in Pakistan have become fully suspicious and those who “mended punctures” have been elevated to high posts. He went on to say that former president Pervez Musharraf’s case was meaningless. Democracy was better system in Pakistan, he added. Proxy war was going on in Karachi, he said. Situation in Karachi has deteriorated more than North Waziristan, he cautioned. The next month is going to sound like alarming bell for the rulers, he underlined. Government-Taliban talks have come to halt, he said. Situation in the country is further worsening, he cautioned. Establishment of peace is need of hour, he remarked. Military garrisons will have to be set up in North and South Waziristan and then the peace could prevail, he underlined. ONLINE




ECuRITy forces notched another vital success overnight when they apprehended at least seven extremists along with their firearms in the federal capital area of Tarlai. Crime Investigation Department (CID), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and police launched a joint sting operation in the federal capital area of Sodhran and arrested seven extremists following a brief exchange of gunfire with them. Two saboteurs managed to flee. According to Islamabad SSP Dr Rizwan, the security agencies undertook the action on a tipoff regarding the presence of criminals in the area. Police reports say that the miscreants were plotting a subversive activity in Islamabad and that they are involved in two targeted killings in Rawalpindi and extortion activities. Saboteurs including Sajid, Shah Hussain alias Mansoor, Anas and Kashif alias Imran hailing from Rawalpindi, Bagh Azad Kashmir and Waziristan respectively. Two motorcycles also were seized from possession of the miscreants.


Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has directed Central Board of

Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Society (CBR ECHS) management to cancel allotment letters of its phase-2 declaring the allotment illegal. As per an agreement, RDA had approved master plan of CBRECHS phase-2 Kot Kolian Rawalpindi. It was also settled in the agreement that management of CBR society would inform CBR in respect of membership and allotment of plot in accordance with the approved plan to RDA before issuing allotment letter. RDA was required to issue a registration number in respect of membership and allotment of plot and it was to be men-

Dress nicely, Metro is coming! Alternate roads of Murree Road to be fixed for the initiation of Metro Bus Project RAWALPINDI: In order to start the Metro Bus Project the district administration has decided to restructure and improve roads of all alternate routes of Murree Road. In this regard 49 schemes would be launched with an estimated amount of Rs 180 million under which all roads of the city would be fixed. According to sources, in order to complete the Metro Bus Project in stipulated time work would be done around the clock. To this effect Murree Road, the main road of the city, would be closed for all kind of traffic and alternate routes would be used till completion of the Metro Bus Project. ONLINE

Complaint resolved Mohrar, two constables of New Town Police Station suspended RAWALPINDI: An ASI ranked mohrar and two constables of New Town Police Station have been suspended for negligence in duty. It has been learnt that Operations SSP Mian Maqbool Ahmed suspended the said policemen for negligence in registering of cases on the complaint of a citizen. A departmental enquiry has been started against the suspended policemen. ONLINE

You can’t just keep allotting plots like that!

tioned in every allotment letter. This process was also aimed at preventing management committee of the society from illegal allotment of the plots. On the other hand CBR society started issuing allotment letters by printing dispatch number on its allotment letter on the pattern of dispatch No of RDA to give impression to its members that RDA approval is also included in issuance of allotment letters. The RDA has directed CBR Society management to give advertisement in two national dailies within two days for cancellation of allotment letters otherwise stern action will be taken against the society.



Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has directed Central Board of Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Society (CBR ECHS) management to cancel allotment letters of its phase-2 declaring the allotment illegal. As per an agreement, RDA had approved master plan of CBRECHS phase-2 Kot Kolian Rawalpindi. It was also settled in the agreement

that management of CBR society would inform CBR in respect of membership and allotment of plot in accordance with the approved plan to RDA before issuing allotment letter. RDA was required to issue a registration number in respect of membership and allotment of plot and it was to be mentioned in every allotment letter. This process was also aimed at preventing management committee of the society from illegal allotment of the plots. On the other hand CBR society started issuing allotment letters by printing dispatch number on its allotment letter on the pattern of dispatch No of RDA to give impression to its members that RDA approval is also included in issuance of allotment letters. The RDA has directed CBR Society management to give advertisement in two national dailies within two days for cancellation of allotment letters otherwise stern action will be taken against the society.


Sunday, 2 March, 2014




close aid to former president Pervez Musharraf and All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Central Information Secretary Aasia Ishaq on Saturday cautioned to launch a series of protests within the country and abroad against the alleged political and judicial victimisation of expresident and army chief. During an interview, APML leader accused that after getting exposed for being

involved in immoral and corrupt activities at Parliament Lodges, few politicians were attempting to drag Musharraf into the issue. “Their immoral acts have became public and videos and pictures are available now, so they want to drag former president of the state into the issue to protect their skins and to divert attentions,” she added. She said, “We do not have any hopes from the present judiciary as the evidences being provided and questions being raised during the trial of former president are intentionally rejected. These courts are biased and are impotent in providing justice.”

APML has decided to launch a series of protests with in the country and abroad to let the world know that Prevez Musharraf was innocent and was being victimised. Reacting over recent statement by Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in which he indicated delay of military operation against Taliban and other religious terrorist groups, Aasia Ishaq mentioned, there should be some principles for conducting dialogues. “Taliban and extremists are assassinating general public and armed forces,” Aasia mentioned adding, “and few of our leaders because of their specific ideologies and fear are preventing them on the name of dialogue.” Elaborating further she maintained, the state is now recognising Taliban as a parallel state, and has completely failed in establishing its writ. These groups of religious fanatics have caste the fake ballots of deceased people in favour of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf

(PTI) and now these parties are returning favour by protecting Taliban and their power in the name of negotiations, APML leader accused. To a question Aasia Ishaq told that Armed Forces have cordoned off these terrorists from past few months and because of interventions from the government they are

waiting orders to smash the fanatics forever. Responding to another query, AMPL Central Information Secretary termed Mama Qadeer as a terrorist, disclosing that the law enforcement agencies have footages and pictures of the meetings between Mama and anti-state actors and leaders.

Health minister highlights challenge presented by diabetes ISLAMABAD aPP

Minister of State for National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination Saira Afzal Tarar highlighted the urgency and the scale of the challenge presented by diabetes in Pakistan. She was addressing at the inaugural session of the Pakistan Diabetes Leadership Forum (PDLF) held at a local hotel on Saturday. The minister said that PDLF would be addressing not only one of the most critical public health issues in the world but especially in Pakistan. “Over the next two days, this forum shall seek to identify meaningful changes that can greatly im-

prove the lives of people with diabetes and help more people to avoid

diabetes through national and international prevention strategies,” the

Painting capital wide and deep STUDENTS TO PAINT 15 UNDERPASSES ON MAIN AVENUES OF CAPITAL ISLAMABAD ONLINE Through Beautification of Islamabad campaign Capital Development Authority (CDA) will embellish fifteen underpasses on main avenues of the capital city in collaboration with different educational institutions. Fifteen educational institutions including schools, colleges and universities will beautify one each underpass. The beatification work will include paintings and art work by students on concrete walls of the underpasses. CDA Engineering and Environment Member

Sanaullah Aman said this while inaugurating the campaign at Centaurus Underpass at Faisal Avenue. People from different segments of society including students from Global School of Integrated Studies (GSIS) were present in large number on the event. The campaign is part of an all inclusive plan of action with particular concentration on beautification of underpasses on main avenues of the city. A tree plantation drive is in the offing and will kick off from March 5, he further said. The event witnessed students of GSIS engaged in beautifying the concrete walls of the Centaurus Underpass at Faisal Avenue by their paintings and art work with full enthusiasm. The students of other educational institutions including schools, college and universities of the capital city will beautify other underpasses of the city.

Celebrate nature today at F-9 Park ISLAMABAD: World Wide Fund for Nature (WWFPakistan) has organised a Nature Carnival today at F-9 Park. The 16th Annual Travelling Nature Carnival would be held at Mehran Gate, Fatima Jinnah Park from 9am to 5pm. A number of interactive activities have been organised at the carnival including live musical concert, puppet show and fun games for KIDS, lucky draws. A food court will also be setup containing a variety of cuisines. Apart from that, a 3-D model making competition based on various environmental themes has been organised for students in which more than 100 schools across Islamabad will be participating. ONLINE


minister said. She thanked both the national and international participants for joining this important initiative to fight against diabetes. The minister emphasised that all of the participants attending the PDLF constitute the various stakeholders who need to collaborate to form a resolute response to diabetes through both policy and healthcare. “The challenges is both great in size and media alike,” she said. There are around 6.7 million people with diagnosed diabetes in Pakistan. It is estimated that this number will rise to 12.8 million by 2035, which puts Pakistan among the top countries with the highest number of population suffering from diabetes. The first panel discussion con-

sisted of high-level dignitaries such as International Diabetes Federation President Sir Michael Hirst, World Diabetes Foundation Chairman Prof Pierre Lefebvre and Novo Nordisk CEO and President Lars Rebien Sorensen. Concluding the first panel round, Sorensen said that diabetes is a major challenge to the healthcare system in Pakistan as well as to people’s quality of life. “We are here today to discuss concrete solutions for how to tackle diabetes in Pakistan going forward, how to better prevent the disease as well as increasing access to care and treatment,” he said. Continuing the first day’s discussion, various panel discussions were held to discuss diabetes pre-

vention and sustainable solutions for care including integrated approach to diabetes care and how to reach the Communicable Diseases 2013-2020. Both national and international speakers discussed the challenges and interventions needed in the health system to address the growing burden of noncommunicable diseases. International speakers also presented the International Diabetes Federation’s regional action plan and practical steps to support the development of national diabetes programs in the Middle-East and North African region. Local perspectives on how to build capacity and deliver integrated care to prevent complications in Pakistan were also shared.


Sunday, 2 March, 2014

Investors can be sure of decent returns: IT minister ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for IT Anusha Rahman Khan said that a majority of Pakistanis is still to be connected with broadband services which indicates an enormous opportunity for the companies to invest there with a surely of decent returns. The minister said this in a meeting with VimpleCom Chief Jo Lunder during Pakistan delegation’s official visit to attend Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, said a message. The Pakistani delegation comprised Minister of State for IT, secretary IT, chairman PTA, member telecom and executive director FAB. The minister emphasized that presence of 60 per cent youth in population demography of Pakistan makes certain the business case of broadband services for aspirant companies. VimpleCom is the parent company of Mobilink Pakistan. During the meeting, Rashid Khan, CEO Mobilink was also present. The minister ensured VimpleCom chief that the government and regulator (PTA) would support and facilitate the telecom industry on all relevant matters including tax rationalization. On the occasion, Jo appreciated Pakistan’s government for its keenness and seriousness to make available the latest mobile broadband technologies for the people of Pakistan. The IT Ministry has included additional spectrum in 1800 MHz band to be auctioned for catalyzing the proliferation of 4G services in Pakistan. The VimpleCom head brought into discussion the challenges which over the top services are posing to the business models of telecom operators around the world. It was, however, pointed out that mobile operators need to focus on innovation to be competitive with such services. APP

Iran cautions Pakistan on IP gas pipeline TEHRAN: Tehran has cautioned Islamabad over falling behind schedule in fulfilling its obligations with regard to a multi-billion-dollar pipeline project that would take natural gas from Iran to Pakistan. “Unfortunately, the Pakistani side has not taken any serious measures to deliver its commitments under the contract between Tehran and Islamabad,” Iranian Deputy Oil Minister for International and Trade Affairs Ali Majedi said. The Iranian deputy oil minister’s remarks came after Pakistan Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that it was not possible to work on the pipeline due to sanctions against Iran. “The Iranian side has completed more than 75 per cent of the gas pipeline on Iranian soil so far,” Majedi said. Iran has already built 900 kilometers of the pipeline on its own soil and is waiting for the 700-kilometer Pakistani side of the pipeline to be constructed. The IP pipeline is designed to help Pakistan overcome its growing energy needs at a time when the country of over 180 million people is grappling with serious energy shortages. INP

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Finance, Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar chairing the meeting of Infrastructure Project Development Facility. INP

Fiscal deficit to be brought down to 4 per cent: Dar ISLAMABAD INP


InAnCE Minister Ishaq Dar has said that our target is to bring the fiscal deficit to 4 per cent in three years and for this purpose it is essential to keep the Ministries ceilings within the fiscal limits. The Minister noted that all economic indicators are pointing to the fact that economy has begun to show

signs of revival moving in the right direction. The FM was chairing a meeting with Medium Term Budget Framework (MTBF) and Economic Reforms Units at the ministry on Saturday. The minister was informed that the three year Medium Term Macro-economic Framework 2013-16 has been strictly followed and benchmark commitments are being focused. The detailed discussion focused on result based monitoring, draft Public Finance Act and where the budgetary situation stands today and where

we want it to be by the end of fiscal year 2015-16. The minister said that we have to follow performance based budgeting and closely monitor growth and Public Sector Development Programme. He said that planning, budgeting and accountability should go hand in hand. He emphasised that transparency should reflect at every step of the economic reforms introduced by the government. He said, “We must ensure to cut the wasteful expenditure and allocations on social protections for poor and needy will be disbursed.”

FPCCI targets China market for exports KARACHI STAFF REPORT

The bilateral relations between China and Pakistan have been developing in steady and sound manner setting new example of the truly friendship which stood the test of time and dramatic changes in international arena. At present the growth of friendly cooperation between China and Pakistan is embracing new opportunities for bilateral trade and the blueprint of Economic Corridor between Pakistan and China in particular is of great significance and has broad prospects. This was said by Zakaria Usman, president FPCCI, in a meeting with Chinese trade and investment delegation of Zhongshan Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. The delegation visited the Federation House to meet the office bearers of FPCCI and the business

community. The president said the friendship of China and Pakistan was time tested, truly good and deeper than ocean and higher than mountains. “Our government always put Pak-China economic relations on priority to enhance partnership in all fields.” He said that the volume of the bilateral trade between both the countries stood at $12.41 billion in which the export share of Pakistan to China is $3.14 billion while export share of China to Pakistan is $9.27 billion. He also said the exchange and cooperation in various fields and particularly frequent commerce and trade activities both side are increasing and more than this it is encouraging that Chinese enterprises are keen to increase their investments in trade projects particularly in energy sector and infrastructure. He said that the Chinese had promised to get rid the people of Pakistan from power crises by investment of $20 billion in energy sector.

He further informed the delegation that during his tenure of Presidency China is the target market and during 2014, FPCCI will organise Pakistan’s participation in more than 10 Chinese exhibitions. He also said that the trade exhibitions are the modern tool to enhance bilateral trade economic activities. He said that FPCCI also planning to organize frequent visit of trade delegation to China and solo Made in Pakistan exhibition in Kunming and other cities. He added that FPCCI will also see the possibility of holding solo exhibition of Pakistan in Zhongshan city of China. The Chinese leader of delegation Cen Hongkai said that economic and trade cooperation between Zhongshan and Pakistan is still in the initial state and the Zhongshan Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation is confident that there will be broad prospects and huge potential for mutual cooperation for more frequent exchanges in the future.

CORPORATE CORNER Garnier engages students through BB Cream Campus activations

Zoe Viccaji performing at the Garnier BB Cream Concert. KARACHI: Garnier, Pakistan’s leading hair, skin and beauty care brand, has undertaken a series of interactive activations to enhance awareness of skin related problems and inculcate a habit of regular skincare within Karachi and Lahore based female students. The campaign has currently been undertaken at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi School of Arts and Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology (KIET) in association with ARY Musik and will be held soon in select Lahore campuses by the end of the month. Through the activations, Garnier has engaged female students of participating schools and colleges through a variety of fun-filled and interactive activities, including singing competitions, jump rope contests, quizzes and unique photo-booth installations where students could have their images taken and featured on the brand’s official Facebook page. As part of the campaign, Garnier partnered with ARY Musik to organise a concert with musician Zoe Viccaji for the students of IBA, Karachi. PRESS RELEASE

Dany unveils Genius Tab G5 KARACHI: The bustling cosmopolitan towns are buzzing with news of a new tablet being launched in the market. While it’s true that tablets are driving a new wave of adoption more quickly than that of laptops and smartphones, it is also facing a tough competition with rivals introducing new features on a regular basis. In the face of this tough competition, Dany has unveiled its truly innovative Genius Tab G5, which is your PC, your phone and your complete entertainment console. What’s more, it’s Dual Core, Dual SIM and Dual Camera makes it your perfect companion on the go. It offers a sleek design with a 6.5 inches live home screen that allows fast streaming of your favorite ISLAMABAD: CEO of Roots International Schools Walid Mushtaq, GM Islamabad Marriott Hotel Jan Verduyn, Javed Malik, PM’s Special Envoy for Overseas Investment, and Richard Quesnel President& CEO COLT Resources Middle East at Pakistan Business and Investment Seminar 2014. PR

content with its full HD resolution, photo gallery that brings your pictures to life with its true colors, and stereo speakers that ensure best sound quality. The tablet’s standout features are the enhanced multitasking capabilities. Users can view several windows from the same application in a magazine-like format and rearrange the layout of the windows. Genius Tablet G5 is powered by 1.3 GHz Dual Core Processor along with 1GB RAM and 8GB Built-in Memory that ensures fast processing to perform multitasking. With significant battery life and ultra slim design, this Genius Tab G5 is a true luxury with style offering an unparalleled tablet experience. PRESS RELEASE

International hospitality expert Rasikh Ismail wins award for Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Rasikh Ismail does it again! Having been in the hospitality industry for almost 20 years now and COO at MCR Franchisee of Pizza Hut Pakistan since 2011, Rasikh Ismail has added yet another award to his shelf. Having received an award from YUM earlier in 2004 for Franchisee of the Year and highest real sales growth and development, on 20th February’14 Rasikh received yet another shield from the YUM group. Yum! Brands is based in Kentucky, USA with over 40,000 restaurants in more than 125 countries and territories. They are ranked at #201 on the Fortune 500 list and their brands, Pizza Hut, KFC & Taco Bell are the global leaders in the chicken, pizza and Mexican style food categories. PRESS RELEASE


Sunday, 2 March, 2014





Your energy is meant to be shared today -- in fact, you are better off helping others than trying to take care of your own business. See if you can get a friend to admit they need your help.

A deeper understanding passes between you and a friend, coworker or loved one. This is a great time for you both to work together to strengthen your bonds and build a better future.

Clarity is allimportant today, but that may be hard to come by. Your energy is best spent on one person at a time, if possible. Make one solid connection and the rest should flow from there.




Your great energy makes today better than it ought to be -- even if your circumstances are already perfect! Enjoy the good mood and have fun doing whatever you've got going on today.

You've got a creative streak that would make Picasso green with envy, but maybe not enough time to express it all. Just take what time you do have and make sure that you're acting on your ideas.

Details are the bane of your existence today -- even though they are usually your best friends! It may be that you're relying on old data or that you need to take a closer look at that spreadsheet.




Your flexibility is tested -- maybe several times. It's easy at first, but after a while, you may start to get tired physically or mentally. You don't need to prove anything, so don't take on more than you can handle.

You're creating something new today -- whether or not that's what you mean to do. Your personal energy is powerful and makes it easy to bring your ideas to life. Move with confidence!

You need to think things through today -- otherwise you may find yourself dealing with unintended consequences for weeks or even months. A little planning is sure to go a long way.







Your social energy is perfect for networking or just heading out to a night of parties. It's a great time to meet new people and impress them with your wit and charm, so get out there and mix!

You may have to rethink your approach to someone or something early in the day. If so, try to err on the side of compassion. Your energy is perfect for taking on new volunteer jobs.

It's a good social day, so check in with your people and see if there's anything going on that sounds fun. Parties, hangouts and happy hours are all perfect for how you're feeling.





How to play fill in all the squares in the grid so that each row, column and each of the squares contains all the digits. the object is to insert the numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once.

gleams group hail hanger hatch intrude latch lavender olive refine rotten salve sheet store tots trawl yeoman

Today’s soluTions

play oR dEFEnd

cHEss white tO PLAY AND MAte iN fOur MOVeS 8


7 6 5 4 3 2







chess solution


2.Rd8+ Kg7 4.Qc7+ *


1.bxf7+ Qxf7 3.Qc3! Qf6


sudoku solution

2 harness item (4) 3 composition for two performers (4) 4 yearly (6) 5 foliage (6) 6 adolescent infatuation (5,4) 7 smooth-skinned variety of peach (9) 11 alpine plant celebrated in song (9) 12 fundamentally (2,7) 13 cathedral cleric (5) 14 put off till later (5) 18 yellow-flowered acacia tree (6) 19 delayed (4,2) 22 a.a. milne's first name (4) 23 nigh (4)

admire almond aloof bailiff balsam bribery broad clicks cola commodore constable deal deputy effect ensign exist formal giants

crossword solution

1 bit by bit (9) 8 sandhill (4) 9 leith football club (9) 10 bickering (4) 13 felt concern (5) 15 concerning teeth (6) 16 vendor (6) 17 lithe (6) 19 paradise (6) 20 african river or country (5) 21 fencing sword (4) 24 venetian boatman (9) 25 of that kind (4) 26 woodwork (9)

woRd sEaRcH

Sunday, 2 March, 2014





candlelit dinner works wonders for romance. Now scientists say it could also be good for your heart. Breathing in candle smoke causes beneficial changes in cardiac rhythm, they claim. It is thought that tiny salt particles released when the candle burns are behind the effect. The researchers monitored the hearts of 13 men and women as they breathed in air pumped into a small chamber. In some cases the air included smoke from candles in a second room. The volunteers didn’t know which type of air they were breathing, but when it included candle smoke, their heart rate variability improved. Everyone’s heart rate varies naturally all the time, beating a little bit faster when we breathe in than when we breathe out. This is perfectly healthy and a sign that the brain is alert and able

to regulate the heart. But this variation falls as we get older and if we develop heart problems. In the study, it was increased by inhaling candle smoke. Researcher Christina Isaxon from Lund University in Sweden said the concentration of smoke generated during the study was similar to that created by a candlelit dinner. As the volunteers could not see the candles and weren’t told what they were breathing, the effect could not be explained away by the calming effect of candlelight. Dr Isaxon said she thought tiny particles of sodium and potassium, which along with soot, make up candle smoke, could be responsible for the beneficial effects. The two elements are involved in regulating the heart’s rhythm and in sending messages between cells in the body. More salts are produced when a flame is still so she recommends

Polish official steps down after hailing Hitler while being drunk in Germany

A senior politician with Poland’s ruling party accused of drunkenly shouting “Heil Hitler!” at a German customs officer apologized on Friday and stepped down as head of his party’s group in the European parliament. Jacek Protasiewicz, by his own account, drank two bottles of wine on a flight from Warsaw to Frankfurt, and then got into an argument with the customs officer as he tried to leave the airport terminal. The incident heaped embarrassment on Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who has tried to build a new partnership with Berlin. A statement from Tusk’s Civic Platform party said Protasiewicz had informed the prime minister of his resignation from his roles as head of the party campaign for the European parliament election in May, and as leader of the Civic Platform faction in the European parliament. “The resignation was accepted,” the statement said. In a statement issued through Poland’s state news agency on Friday, Protasiewicz offered apologies to anyone for whom “my inappropriate behaviour caused distress.” Germany’s Bild tabloid quoted eyewitnesses as saying Protasiewicz had been drunk when he landed at Frankfurt airport, shouted “Heil Hitler!” at the customs officer. Protasiewicz had earlier this week defended himself, saying the customs official provoked him by addressing him rudely and shoving him. AGENcIEs

The end of scratched iPhone screens? Apple takes a leaf from LG’s book and files patent for self-healing coating It’s unusual for Apple to be playing catch up with its rivals, rather than leading the way, but its latest patent does just that. Apple has applied to add selfhealing technology to its iPhones and iPads, similar to the technology seen on LG’s G Flex handset launched in October. It describes a coating that can be used anywhere on the device, filled with a material that flows into scratches and marks to make them disappear. This coating could be as thin as 50 nanometers, according to the patent, and could also be used to stop scratches penetrating through lower layers of the phone. Apple’s patent, published yesterday by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), is called Systems and Methods for Preventing Light Guide Plate Scratching Artifacts. ONLINE

that candles are burned away from drafts. The study, carried out for her

PhD, did not find any negative health effects of the smoke – al-

though Dr Isaxon admitted said she did not ‘make a huge effort’ to find

any. Soot, which increases when the flame flickers, has been blamed for health problems in the past. The American Chemical Society has warned that paraffin wax candles, the most common type, release potentially harmful chemicals linked to cancer, asthma and eczema. It recommends using beeswax and soy candles. Dr Isaxon used candles made of pure stearine, a natural fat, in her study. Many other types of candle also contain some stearine. Dr Isaxon found paraffin wax candles which had stearine in them also released potassium and sodium particles. Stearine candles were first developed 200 years ago. They are very popular in Scandinavia and can be bought here from retailers including Ikea. Dr Isaxon recommended using candles that are as natural as possible and avoiding scents and dyes as they may give off dangerous chemicals when burned. Since we spend more than 85 per cent of our time indoors, what we breathe in at home is very important, she said. cOurtEsy DAILy MAIL

Microsoft may make Windows FREE Microsoft is considering releasing a free version of its Windows 8.1 software in a bid to persuade customers to upgrade to the latest versions. Reports claim a new version, called Windows with Bing, could be given away. The firm is also rumoured to be considering dropping the price or even giving away its Windows Phone software. According to reports, ‘Microsoft is currently experimenting with a free version of Windows 8.1 that could boost the number of people using the operating system. ‘Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the company is building ‘Windows 8.1 with Bing,’ a version that will bundle key Microsoft apps and services,’ the site claims. The firm has already made major changes to Windows 8 in a bid to make it more appealing to consumers. It is also believed to be planning to abandon its controversial ‘tile’ start screen and reverting to the classic windows desktop every time a user

switches on their PC, it has been claimed. The latest test versions of Windows 8.1 released to developers have this option on by default. Microsoft was also last year forced to reinstate the start button to Windows 8 following customer complaints. According to Russian developer known only as Wzor , the latest version now starts in the desktop rather

than Microsoft’s tile system, called Metro. The Verge claims sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have revealed to that the upcoming update for Windows 8.1 will enable this by default. ‘Like many other changes in Update 1, we’re told the reason for the reversal is to improve the OS for keyboard and mouse users,’ the site says. The firm hoped the system would

make it easier for touchscreen users, and is the same across Microsoft’s phones, tablets and PCs. However, many users were confused, and Microsoft recently reinstated the classic start menu on its desktop. ‘Let’s make it easier to start applications in the way we are used to,’ boss Steve Ballmer told its annual Build developer conference, to cheers from the audience. ‘We will bring back the start button, and you can boot straight to the desktop if you want to.’ ‘We have refined the blend of our desktop experience and our modern app experience.’ Ballmer also said the firm was not abandoning its start menu and said it was slowly beginning to attract app developers to Windows 8. ‘Within this month we’ll pass the 100,000 app mark in the Windows store,’ said Ballmer. Flipboard, Facebook and the NFL all revealed new apps. However, the latest rumours suggest Microsoft will allow these apps to run on the desktop. cOurtEsy tHE VErGE

STUDY: Children born to older fathers have a higher risk of autism and poor performance at school Children born to older dads run a higher risk of having autism, psychiatric disorders and performing badly at school, researchers have warned. They found children conceived when fathers were 45 and older were on average three and a half times more likely to have autistic problems compared with the offspring of men in their early 20s. The risk was even higher at 24-fold for bipolar disorder and 13-fold higher for ADHD, says a report in JAMA Psychiatry journal. Researchers warned that advancing paternal age posed a risk of ‘numerous public health and societal problems’. They said men should be advised about the potential problems in order to help their personal decision-making when it came to having fathering children at older ages. Mounting research suggests the older age of parents might be partly responsible for growing numbers of children with autism. Autism is an umbrella term for a range of developmental disorders that have a lifelong effect on someone’s ability to interact socially and communicate. In the UK, around one in 100 adults is thought to be affected by autism, mostly men, caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Experts think the link with paternal age could be explained by genetic errors creeping into sperm production as men get older, which build up over time. In the latest study, researchers studied people born in Sweden from 1973 to 2001 and estimated the risk of psychiatric problems such as autism, bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and academic trouble. The study used several models to establish estimates of risk depending on the father’s age, including comparisons of siblings, cousins and


first-born cousins. It concluded there was a 3.5 fold higher risk of autism among children of fathers aged 45 and over, compared with dads aged 20 to 24 years old. Those born to older fathers had a 13-fold extra risk of ADHD, 24-fold higher risk of bipolar disorder, and double the risk of suicide attempts and substance abuse. There was also a higher risk of academic problems such as failing a grade and low attainment. Researcher Brian D’Onofrio, of Indiana University, Indiana, U.S., said: ‘Advancing paternal age is associated with an increased risk of psychiatric and academic morbidity, with the magnitude to risks being as large, or larger, than previous estimates.’ Dr

D’Onofrio added: ‘We were shocked by the findings. ‘The specific associations with paternal age were much, much larger than in previous studies. In fact, we found that advancing paternal age was associated with greater risk for several problems, such as ADHD, suicide attempts and substance use problems, whereas traditional research designs suggested advancing paternal age may have diminished the rate at which these problems occur.’ Previous studies have shown that fathers aged 50 and older are more than twice as likely to have a child diagnosed with autism than younger fathers, while some research suggests older mothers may also be more at risk. ONLINE


Sunday, 2 March, 2014


Oscars 2014: who will win, who should win A News Desk

S the dance numbers are perfected, the polythene seal is pulled back on the red carpet, and Jack Nicholson is given his annual respray and tune-up, one question about the Academy Awards lingers in the air, pertinent but unasked. What, in their 86th year, do the Oscars actually mean? Sensible answers could fall anywhere in between “diddly-squat” and “the nearest thing we have to an objective measure of quality in commercial cinema”. But in a year where two unusually strong front-runners, 12 Years a Slave and Gravity, offer equally impressive but wildly different accounts of what film can achieve, the question seems especially worth asking. Perhaps it’s healthiest to see the Oscars not as the last word on what matters in film, or even the first, but as the industry’s annual snapshot of itself at what it believes to be its best - a kind of communal selfie that will hopefully be looked back on with pride rather than through parted fingers. That’s why I hope 12 Years a Slave is named Best Picture on Sunday night, even though I think Gravity is, by a hair’s-breadth, the better film. Does that make sense? Maybe not. In another 86 years, we’ll know for sure.

Best Picture “It’s time.” That two-word slogan has appeared all over the campaign literature for 12 Years a Slave, reminding voters that a Best Picture win for Steve McQueen’s slave-trade drama would echo far beyond the photocalls and speeches. It’s a sharp tactic, but not a dishonest one: McQueen’s film just feels too important, both artistically and historically, for the top prize to go anywhere else. Will win: 12 Years a Slave Should win: 12 Years a Slave Best Director I’ve used the phrase “feat of direction” to describe Gravity before, and it’s that skin-prickling sense of a filmmaker being present in every frame and cameramovement that gives Alfonso Cuarón the clear edge in this category. That he hasn’t lost a single significant directing prize this awards season also helps. Will win: Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity) Should win: Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity) Best Actor Matthew McConaughey’s painfully spindly frame in Dallas Buyers Club is just the latest milestone in his ongoing career reboot. The Academy loves physically

I’d love to cast vIdya In my fIlm: farhan akhtar

Filmmaker-turned-actor Farhan Akhtar is so impressed with co-star Vidya Balan’s acting skills that he now wants to cast her in one of his future projects. “Vidya is such a ¬natural actor. I feel fortunate to have worked with her,” says the 40-year-old actor, who shared space with her in their recent film, Shaadi Ke Side Effects. “When I heard that I have been paired with her, I thought that I will really have to work hard to match her level, and subsequently it was a very good experience working with her,” says the actor, who made his foray into acting with Rock On!! (2008), adding, “Vidya is a very talented actor, and I would love to cast her when I make a film in future.” Akhtar has won all major awards for his performance last year in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Does he feel flattered? “It was ¬certainly overwhelming, but what’s more encouraging is what comes after that... the praise, love and adulation from ¬everybody around,” he says. HINDUSTAN TIMES

mIchelle obama to appear on tv serIes parks and recreatIon

transformative performances, and he’s given them one they can’t ignore. I far preferred Leonardo DiCaprio, whose performance in The Wolf of Wall Street draws on a rich tradition of corrupted American Dreamers dating back to the gangster pictures of the 1930s. But the bluster and bad language will have turned too many voters' stomachs for him to be a serious threat. Will win: Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) Should win: Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street)

The cast of hit series "Parks and Recreation" is getting a new member for a night: Michelle Obama. The first lady's office says Mrs. Obama will appear on the show's season finale due to air on April 24 in the States. The show's Twitter account said it's "time to get real about Pawnee's obesity." It's a reference to Pawnee, Ind., the fictional town where the show takes place, and the first lady's campaign against child obesity. Mrs. Obama won't be the first White House figure to appear on the show. Vice President Joe Biden made a cameo on the show in 2012. AGENCIES

Cate Blanchett has dominated all discussion of this category since last August, and it’s true that her performance in Blue Jasmine, complex, brittle and theatrically attuned, is a terrific piece of craft. But the nominations have also worked in her favour: her rivals seem mostly to be there on name-recognition grounds, and far better work from less-established talent was overlooked. Will win: Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine) Should win: Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)

'Jurassic World': vincent cast as the villain in new dinosaur flick

Best Supporting Actor Michael Fassbender towers over his rivals here, but he soured on the campaigning process after his hard work promoting Shame two years ago failed to bear fruit. It would be lovely if that kind of thing didn’t make a difference, but it seems likely that Jared Leto, who’s perfectly good in Dallas Buyers Club but even better at lunches and photocalls, will come out on top. Barkhad Abdi, who won the Bafta for his work in Captain Phillips, feels like a longer shot here. Will win: Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club) Should win: Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave) Best Supporting Actress In the Academy Awards’ history, only two actresses have won Oscars back-to-back: Luise Rainer and Katharine Hepburn. If Jennifer Lawrence wins again on Sunday for her scene-stealing work in American Hustle, she’ll be the third, and with the Golden Globe and Bafta already taken care-of, it looks increasingly likely. But it's Lupita Nyong'o, as 12 Years a Slave's field girl Patsey, whose performance burns itself onto your soul: it's probably too tough for voters to take, but she's the stand-out in an uneven group. Will win: Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle) Should win: Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave)

Jurassic World, Universal’s highly anticipated new installment in the Jurassic Park franchise, has just added a new castmember: Vincent D’Onofrio (Men in Black) will play the villain in the film. Directed by Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed) and due June 12, 2015, World also stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Park and The Lost World director Steven Spielberg is also on board as a producer. ONLINE

Lea Michele details final conversation with Cory in new song Singer/actress Lea Michele has detailed the last conversation she had with her late boyfriend Cory Monteith in the lyrics to her new song If You Say So. The brunette beauty was left heartbroken in July (13) when her Glee co-star and real-life partner died from a drug overdose, and she channelled her grief into her song writing. Michele opens the ballad with the words, "It's been seven whole days/ Seven whole days since you paralysed me", and goes on to sing, "It's been seven whole days since you lost your fight/ And I can't get the last words that you said/ Can't get those words out of my head/ Seven whole days/ Seven whole days and four words." In another line, she croons, "Was just a week ago, you said, 'I love you, girl'/ I said, 'I love you more'/ And a breath, a pause/ You said, 'If you say so'/ 'If you say so. If you say so.'" Discussing the meaning of the track, Michele tells America's Seventeen magazine, "It's about my last conversation that I had with him. "I spoke to a woman who lost her son, and she mentioned how grateful she was that the last words she said to her son before he died were, 'I love you.' Mine were that as well. (The song) is just about that. There are lots of

different emotions - if you could see this person again, what are the things you would want to say to them? It's a personal story." If You Say So isn't the only song on her debut album, Louder, which was written in Monteith's honour - You're Mine was also inspired by the Canadian actor.

She previously revealed You're Mine was a last-minute addition to the tracklisting, saying, "The album was done, and the label said, 'Do you want to add anything?' I was like, 'I might regret it if I don't'. It makes me so happy, this song. It makes me think so much of Cory... When I think if him, I play this." ONLINE

bono takes along hIs bed on tour U2 frontman Bono reportedly takes his own bed on tour with him so that he doesn't aggravate his bad back, which was operated on in 2010. The U2 rocker has played hundreds of shows worldwide with his band, but as he suffers from back problems he decided on his last tour to have the bed from his home in Ireland transported to all of the locations he was visiting. A popular tour manager from the United States, Stuart Ross, told the reporters, ''I know somebody whose job it was to drive Bono's bed from hotel to hotel on the last tour. Bono wanted to sleep in his own bed every night. NEWS DESK

salman brIngs back armaan The hostility between Salman Khan and Armaan Kohli that simmered through the seventh season of Bigg Boss is over. According to a source, yesterday, Armaan consented, in principle, to play Salman's second brother in Sooraj Barjatya's next which is expected to roll in June. The source added that the film revolves around three brothers and not two as is being speculated, and Neil Nitin Mukesh rounds off the trio. This will mark Armaan's comeback to the silver screen after 11 years. Rajkumar Kohli's son was last seen in J P Dutta's war drama 'LoC:Kargil'. MUMBAI MIRROR



Sunday, 2 March, 2014

Sa Breeze tO maiDen WOrlD cuP title S Dubai



PAKISTAN-INDIA SET FOR ASIA CUP FACE-OFF S Pervez QaiSer India and Pakistan clash in a Asia Cup match at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur, Dhaka (March 2) that promises high-voltage action despite the academic nature of the contest. This day/night match will start at 13.00 hours (PST). This encounter will be the 126th between the two teams in one day international cricket and 11th in Asia Cup. Pakistan have a good record against India in one day internationals. They have won 71 and lost 50 in 125 one day internationals played between the two teams. The remaining four matches did not produce a result. In 40 matches played under lights between the two teams, Pakistan have won 21 while India achieved victories in 19 matches. Pakistan also have a very good record over India at 'neutral venues'. They have won 38, lost 28 and abandoned two in 68 matches played against India on 'neutral' grounds. India have won six and lost three in nine matches played against Pakistan in Bangladesh. They have won five lost four and abandoned one in 10 matches played against Pakistan in Asia Cup. In last 10 matches played between the two teams, India have won six while Pakistan achieved victories in four encounters. The Champions Trophy match played at Edgbaston, Birmingham on June 15,2013 was the last one day international match between the two teams. Put in to bat Pakistan were bowled out for 165 in 39.4 overs. Pakistan batsmen capitulated in what began as a full game but was reduced to 40 overs a side after two rain intervals. Their total of 165 all out was adjusted to 167 because of the rain break during Pakistan's innings. India got off to a solid start in response, and it mattered little that the rain eventually brought the target down to 122 in 22 overs. India won in 19.1 overs by making 102 for two.

inDia-PakiStan in One DaY internatiOnalS: Summary of reSultS : Played Ind won Pak won n/r In India 30 11 19 In Pakistan 27 11 14 2 In emirates 26 7 19 In australia 7 4 3 In Bangladesh 9 6 3 In Singapore 1 - 1 In Canada 16 7 8 1 In Sri lanka 3 1 1 1 In england 3 2 1 In South africa 2 1 1 In Holland 1 - 1 total: 125 50 71 4 In asia Cup 10 5 4 1 day/night matches 40 19 21 last 10 matches 10 6 4 -

higheSt inningS tOtalS: India: 356-9 in 50 overs at Visakhapatnam 05-04-2005 Pakistan: 344-8 in 50 overs at karachi 13-03-2004 loweSt InnInGS totalS: India: 79 in 34.2 overs at Sialkot 13-10-1978 Pakistan: 87 in 32.5 overs at Sharjah 22-03-1985

higheSt inDiViDual ScOreS: India: 183 Virat kohli at dhaka 18-03-2012 Pakistan: 194 Saeed anwar at Chennai 21-05-1997

BeSt BOWlin PerFOrmanceS: India: 5-16 Saurav Ganguly at toronto 18-09-1997 Pakistan: 7-37 aaqib Javed at Sharjah 25-10-1991

largeSt marginS OF VictOrY: India: 8 wickets at dhaka 14-01-1998 8 wickets at melbourne 10-03-1985 8 wickets at toronto 16-09-1996 8 wickets at karachi 19-02-2006 8 wickers at Birmingham (d/l method) 15-06-2013 140 runs at mirpur 10-06-2008 Pakistan: 9 wickets at lahore 02-10-1997 159 runs at delhi 17-04-2005

narrOWeSt marginS OF VictOrY: India: 4 runs at Quetta 01-10-1978 by losing fewer wkts at Hyderabad (I) 20-03-1987 Pakistan: one wicket at Sharjah 18-04-1986 4 runs at Sharjah 23-10-1991


Lahore: Pakistan’s Young Ambassador for Youth Olympic Games 2014 Mahnoor Maqsood was honoured on Saturday by the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) at an impressive ceremony in a local hotel. POA President Lt Gen (R) Syed Arif Hasan was the chief guest on the occasion. The presidents and secretaries of National Sports Federations also attended the ceremony. The POA president formally presented to Mahnoor Maqsood the welcome letter from the IOC president, the IOC Certificate and Road Book on her appointment as young ambassador. Gen Arif congratulated Mahnoor Maqsood and Pakistan Swimming Federation for this unique honour. PreSS releaSe

OuTH AFrICA finally broke their under-19 World Cup jinx by beating crowd favourites Pakistan by six wickets in a predominantly one-sided final in Dubai. It had been a bowler's tournament all the way through and the final lived up to that billing as South Africa's seamers, led by Corbin Bosch, bundled out Pakistan for a paltry 131. South Africa were made to concentrate in their chase and it was their captain Aiden Markram who soaked in the pressure with an unbeaten fifty to steer his team home. It was fitting that the team that remained unbeaten went on to lift the title, thereby shedding the infamous 'chokers' tag associated with their seniors. This was South Africa's third appearance in the final of the u-19 World Cup and first since 2008. This was also the second ICC tournament title for the South Africans, including their ICC knockout title in Dhaka in 1998. Captains have been inclined towards batting first in Dubai. But when Markram lost the toss, it wasn't the worst thing for his team. Kagiso rabada was expected to be the main threat with his pace and bounce, but while he succeeded in asserting control, it was the medium-pace duo of Bosch and Justin Dill who ran through the top and middle order, nipping out more than half the side. The Pakistan batsmen kept the wicketkeeper Clyde Fortuin and the slips busy, pushing and poking at deliveries they would rather have left alone. To South Africa's credit, the bowling was disciplined and the ploy of making the batsmen play had paid off. Imam-ul-Haq and Sami Aslam were cautious but looked relatively comfortable in the first eight overs, aware that they needed to set themselves up for the long haul. But Imam pushed at one outside off off rabada and edged to the keeper Fortuin who took the first of his six catches. Dill struck in his first over, getting Aslam to edge to Fortuin. Bosch, very similar to Dill in terms of pace, dented Pakistan further with two wickets in an over. Saud Shakeel chased a wide ball and edged to slip, before Kamran Ghulam pushed at one that moved away, edging to Fortuin. The second wicket was a credit to Bosch for his probing line. Hasan raza punched Dill past mid-off and cover for a boundary but the bowler struck again the next

ball when raza nicked a short of a length ball to Fortuin. Bosch picked up another when Saifullah Khan half-heartedly pushed at one and edged to Fortuin, leaving Pakistan limping at 60 for 6. Dill and Bosch bowled 14 overs in tandem in a spell, conceded 26 runs and picked up five wickets. It was down to the firm of Zafar Gohar and Amad Butt to bail Pakistan out of trouble again, after they did so successfully against England in the semi-final. Gohar wasn't afraid to go over the top off the seamers, as Pakistan looked to make the most of the batting Powerplay. Sigwili broke the stand of 45 before Bosch rounded off the innings with an inswinging yorker to Zia-ul-Haq. The Pakistan bowlers managed to keep the top order under check for the first 12 overs at least, when they picked up two wickets. The seamers didn't give much in terms of width and bowled shorter lengths. Clyde Fortuin saw a short ball and looked to pull but the ball stopped on him and

PakIStan under-19S Sami aslam* c †fortuin b dill 16 Imam-ul-Haq c †fortuin b rabada 12 Hasan raza (2) c †fortuin b dill 15 Saud Shakeel c Bruwer b Bosch 4 kamran Ghulam c †fortuin b Bosch 0 ameer Hamza c & b Valli 12 Saifullah khan† c †fortuin b Bosch 1 Zafar Gohar c Bosch b Sigwili 22 amad Butt not out 37 karamat ali c †fortuin b Valli 1 Zia-ul-Haq b Bosch 0 eXtraS: (lb 2, w 9) 11 total: (all out; 44.3 overs) 131 fall of wICketS: 1-23 (Imam-ul-Haq, 8.1 ov), 2-39 (Sami aslam, 11.5 ov), 3-46 (Saud Shakeel, 16.2 ov), 4-46 (kamran Ghulam, 16.4 ov), 5-56 (Hasan raza, 19.2 ov), 6-60 (Saifullah khan, 22.4 ov), 7-72 (ameer Hamza, 29.1 ov), 8-117 (Zafar Gohar, 41.1 ov), 9-127 (karamat ali, 42.4 ov), 10-131 (Zia-ul-Haq, 44.3 ov) BowlInG: k rabada 10-1-26-1, n Sigwili 10-1-40-1, JG dill 10-2-29-2, C Bosch 7.3-2-15-4, y Valli 7-0-19-2 SoutH afrICa under-19S InnInGS ak markram* not out 66 C fortuin† c Hasan raza b amad Butt 1 J Smith lbw b karamat ali 9 G oldfield c †Saifullah khan b karamat ali 40 y Valli b Zia-ul-Haq 1 B dial not out 14 eXtraS: (w 3) 3 total: (4 wickets; 42.1 overs) 134 dId not Bat: d Bruwer, C Bosch, k rabada, JG dill, n Sigwili fall of wICketS: 1-10 (fortuin, 3.4 ov), 2-28 (Smith, 11.4 ov), 3-99 (oldfield, 32.1 ov), 4-100 (Valli, 33.1 ov) BowlInG: Zia-ul-Haq 9-2-27-1, amad Butt 6-0-30-1, Zafar Gohar 10-321-0, karamat ali 10-0-24-2, kamran Ghulam 6-0-23-0, Saud Shakeel 1.1-0-9-0 matCH detaIlS toss Pakistan under-19s, who chose to bat Series South africa under-19s won the 2013/14 ICC under-19 world Cup Player of the match C Bosch (South africa under-19s) Player of the series ak markram (South africa under-19s) umpires reJ martinesz (Sri lanka) and S ravi (India) tV umpire CB Gaffaney (new Zealand) match referee Gf labrooy (Sri lanka) reserve umpire enamul Haque (Bangladesh)

lobbed to short cover. South Africa gambled by dropping a batsman, Kirwin Christoffels, for an extra seamer and as a result Jason Smith got a promotion. He didn't look comfortable against spin and came forward to the legspinner Karamat Ali, but failed to read the googly. Pakistan captain Sami Aslam packed eight men inside the ring, including a slip and s short leg for the left-arm spinner Zafar Gohar. Gohar kept it tight, bowling a stump to stump line. Markram broke a boundary drought that lasted 57 balls when he drove Karamat down to long-on and the following over, Oldfield cut Gohar wide of backward point.

StakeS high in marquee claSh Dhaka aGenCIeS

India and Pakistan have won one match each, and have each lost a close game against Sri Lanka. It's a cliché to call this India-Pakistan meeting a virtual semi-final, but that, under the circumstances, might well ring true. Neither side has performed to anything like full capacity so far. India's bowlers didn't look particularly threatening even against Bangladesh, and Pakistan's top-order tardiness nearly cost them against Afghanistan. Both teams made match-turning errors against Sri Lanka. Ordinarily, as has been the case throughout the recent history of the two sides, this would be billed as a clash between India's batsmen and Pakistan's bowlers. Those are still the respective teams' strong suits, but an inexperienced middle-order might put India at a disadvantage in that particular mini-contest. Pakistan will also be playing an India side that could be a little low on confidence, having won only one out of their last nine completed ODI matches. A lot of Pakistan's batsmen looked good out in the middle in their first two games, but nearly all of them threw their wickets away with silly shots or, in the case of their captain Misbah-ul-Haq, a comedy run-out. After their match against Afghanistan, Misbah said the batsmen couldn't afford to keep repeating the same mistakes, but indicated he would keep faith in the same batting order. Fawad Alam waits in the wings, but it might be a little unfair on Sharjeel Khan or Sohaib Maqsood to single one of them out for two displays of collective carelessness. Zaheer Abbas, Pakistan's chief cricket consultant, said on Saturday that the rash shots might have been cases of the batsmen looking to get out of jail on a sluggish Fatullah pitch. The ball, he said, was likely to come on a little quicker in Mirpur. Pakistan's players trained on Saturday, while the Indians - barring Varun Aaron and Cheteshwar Pujara - didn't. Aaron bowled to a dummy batsman, with a circular target attached to the net behind off stump, while Pujara faced a group of net bowlers who were barely club class. Of the two, Aaron


seems likelier to play against Pakistan, with India perhaps looking to give their middle-order combination one more chance before making any changes. With no one talking to the media, though, this remains pure conjecture. Aaron hardly covered himself in glory against Bangladesh, and was left out for the allrounder Stuart Binny for the Sri Lanka game. Binny, in that match, was out for a duck and only bowled four overs. More than their respective displays, the shift in venue might prompt India to go back to having a genuine third seamer. Spinners have more or less similar records in Fatullah and Mirpur, but the quicker bowlers have done distinctly better at the Shere Bangla National Stadium. India have Aaron and Ishwar Pandey to choose between for that third seamer's slot, but the amount of time Aaron spent bowling on Saturday suggests he might have a role to play. Bhuvneshwar Kumar made an impressive international debut against Pakistan 14 months ago, and has looked good with the new ball so far in the tournament without having the wickets to show for it. He also seems to have worked on his death

bowling, and was particularly accurate with his yorkers against Bangladesh. That aspect of his game suffered against Sri Lanka, with dew making it difficult to grip the ball, but it will help India greatly if he can hit the blockhole consistently in this game. Ahmed Shehzad's gotten off to fine starts in both his innings so far, but he will want to make bigger scores than 28 and 50. Shehzad has the spiky hair and prominent eyebrows of Virat Kohli, and some of his shots suggest a comparable level of talent. There's no better way to prove that than making big score against India. If the pitch in Mirpur plays true to its history, India will want a genuine third seamer rather than a medium-pace-bowling allrounder. This means Varun Aaron might come back in for Stuart Binny, but the side is likely to remain unchanged otherwise. IndIa (lIkely): 1 rohit Sharma, 2 Shikhar dhawan, 3 Virat kohli (capt), 4 ajinkya rahane, 5 dinesh karthik (wk), 6 ambati rayudu, 7 ravindra Jadeja, 8 r ashwin, 9 Bhuvneshwar kumar, 10 mohammed Shami, 11 Varun aaron. PakIStan (lIkely): 1 ahmed Shehzad, 2 Sharjeel khan, 3 mohammad Hafeez, 4 misbah-ul-Haq (capt), 5 Sohaib maqsood, 6 umar akmal (wk), 7 Shahid afridi, 8 anwar ali, 9 umar Gul, 10 Saeed ajmal, 11 Junaid khan.


Sunday, 2 March, 2014

Zimbabwe players demand salary guarantee



HE Zimbabwe Professional Cricketers Association (ZPCA) has asked that the board set aside 25% of its revenue from participating in the World Twenty20 to guarantee the players' salaries over the next 12 months. The players have also rejected Zimbabwe Cricket's offer of arbitration on the issue. While the cricketers have not gone on strike again, they issued a demand that the problem of payments be resolved quickly and requested a discussion with ZC in Bulawayo on Monday. Both ZC and ZPCA agreed the money earned by board from the World T20 and will amount to US$8.9 million, of which the players demanded US$2.225 million for salaries over the next year. The ZPCA said it was "shocking and highly unacceptable that ZC has been failing to pay players and staff when they have been getting such huge amounts from ICC". ZC's offer was that each player participating in the World Twenty20 would receive US $11,500 and could earn bonuses of US $2700 per player if they won matches in the second round. The board made no mention of future payments but recommended a memorandum of understanding by end of May, when ZC would be negotiate with players for next season's contracts. The players rejected the board's offer of arbitration because they felt "ZC still has an obligation to convince us that they are still capable of being the custodians of the game of cricket in Zimbabwe and players salaries in particular". ZC had offered three arbitrators, including former board presi-

dent Alwyn Pichanick and former managing director Don Arnott, but the players said they "were not privy to how they chose these arbitrators and we questioned their impartiality". They insisted on following internal procedures first and would only go to arbitration if a judicial commission appoints the arbitrators. The players made their statement only after ZC had issued one in which it said the ZPCA had reneged on a previous agreement to go to arbitration if meetings between the two bodies were deadlocked. "ZPCA is not engaged in any industrial action. Franchise games are underway country wide and the national team is in camp in preparation," the ZPCA said in a statement. "ZPCA advised ZC that this matter must be attended to as early as possible and accorded the seriousness it deserves, otherwise we will not participate in any ZC organised event." ZC said it may have a claim on the players should a boycott be reinstated. The board's statement said: "Zimbabwe's participation at the ICC WT20 tournament was in terms of the current contracts between the ZC and the players and, that with ZC having paid the players all that it owed them, if their action led to ZC breaching its obligation with the ICC to play in the tournament, the players would be liable for the breach and ZC would claim from them any damages occasioned by their conduct." The situation is presently deadlocked because ZC wanted to hold Monday's meeting in Harare, where they say all their documents are. The ZPCA wanted the discussions to take place in Bulawayo and asked ZC to courier their documents to the city.


RECORD SIXTH WICKET STAND IN ASIA CUP S peRvez QaISeR Asghar Stanikzai and Samiullah Shenwari set up a new record for the sixth wicket in Asia Cup by adding 164 runs against Bangaldesh at Khan Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium, Fatullah, Dhaka on Saturday (March 1). The erased the previous best of 112 runs between Alok Kapali and Mahmudullah for Bangladesh against India at Karachi on June 28,2008. There were only three century partnerships for the sixth wicket in Asia Cup. Sri Lankan pair of Tilakaratne Dilshan and Sanath Jayasuriya put on 103 runs for the sixth wicket against India at Colombo on July 27,2004. Asghar Stanikzai and Samiullah Shenwari's 164-run stand was also fifth best sixth wicket stand in one day internationals. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Mahela Jayawardene holds the record of highest sixth wicket partnership in one day internationals. They added 218 runs for Asia XI against Africa XI at Chennai on June 10,2007. Asghar Stanikzai and Samiullah Shenwari's 164-run stand was Afghanistan's third best in one day internationals. Karim Sadiq and Mohammed Shahzad holds the record of highest ever stand for Afghanistan in one dayers. They added 218 runs for the second wickets against Scotland at Ayr on August 16,2010 while Mohammad Shahzad and Noor Ali Zadran put on 205 runs for the same wicket against Canada at Sharjah on Febraury 16,2010.


Tomas Berdych subdued Germany's Philipp Kohlschreiber 7-5 7-5 in the semi-finals of the Dubai Championships on Friday and will now face Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer in Saturday's final. "I'm really pleased with the way I handled today


because it was tough," Berdych said in a courtside interview. "I just need to focus on myself, because I need to bring my best tennis tomorrow," added the world number six after reaching a second successive Dubai final. Kohlschreiber served for the first set at 5-4 but Berdych then upped his game. Federer meets Djokovic later on Friday.


HIGHEST SIXTH WICKET STANDS IN ONE DAYERS: RuNS PAIR .....................................................................OPPONENt ......VENuE .................DAtE 218 M.S.Dhoni,/Mahela Jayawardene (Asia) .....Africa XI ...........Chennai ..............10-06-2007 188 Stuart Matsikenyeri/tatenda taibu (Zim) .South Africa ....Benoni ................08-11-2009 165 Brad Haddin/Michael Hussey (Australia) ..........West Indies .....Kuala Lumpur ...18-09-2006 165 Brendon McCullum/Craig McMillan (NZ) ..........Australia ...........Hamilton ............20-02-2007 164 Asghar Stanikzai/Samiullah Shenwari (Afg) ...Bangladesh .....Fatullah ...............01-03-2014

BEST STANDS FOR AFGHANISTAN IN ONE DAYERS: RuNS WKt ...PAIR .......................................................................OPPONENt ........VENuE .............DAtE 218* .2nd ....Karim Sadiq/Mohammad Shahzad ........Scotland ............Ayr ..................16-08-2010 205 ..2nd ....Mohammad Shahzad/Noor Ali Zadran .Canada ..............Sharjah ..........16-02-2010 164 ....6th .....Asghar Stanikzai/Samiullah Shenwari .Bangladesh ......Fatullah .........01-03-2014 144* .4th .....Nawroz Mangal/Samiullah Shenwari ....Scotland ............Sharjah ..........06-06-2013 141 .....1st .......Javed Ahmadi/Karim Sadiq .....................Netherlands .....Sharjah ..........31-03-2012

50% FOR WRONG LACES BUT 15% FOR OUTBURST, ASKS BOUCHER SpoRTS DeSK Mark Boucher, South Africa's former wicketkeeper, has called on the ICC to think about "what's important to the game and what isn't" when they sanction players for breaching the code of conduct. Boucher was referencing the discrepancies in the sanctions handed out to Faf du Plessis and David Warner during the ongoing series. In SuperSport's television build-up to the third Test match in Cape Town, Boucher said the ICC should "get its ducks in a row," when it comes to applying discipline. David Warner was fined 15% of his match fee for making what match referee Roshan Mahanama called "disrespectful," comments which "publicly denigrated an opponent," when he suggested to an Australian radio sta-

tion that South Africa had achieved reverse swing in Port Elizabeth through dubious means. Contrastingly, Faf du Plessis had to hand over 50% of his match fee for a second clothing violation within the last 12 months. Du Plessis took to the field in Port Elizabeth with green shoelaces instead of the white ones which are stipulated as the acceptable gear for Test matches. In November 2013, du Plessis wore shoes with a red tongue instead of a white one. Both those are in contravention with clause 2.1.1 of the ICC's code of conduct for players and player support personnel. Because they occurred within a 12-month period, the minimum fine of half the player's match fee, was imposed. Boucher said he thought du Plessis' offence was not in the same vein as Warner's and he could not understand why the South African was so harshly punished.


Peter Siddle has been set the task of relocating the yard of speed he has lost over the course of a taxing 18 months, after he was dropped from Australia's side for the decisive third Test against South Africa at Newlands. An ever-present member of the Australian pace attack since his recall to the team in Sri Lanka in 2011, Siddle had played 31 Tests out of 34 since that time. He missed two matches in the West Indies through injury in 2012 and a third against South Africa in Perth later that year, after he was left fatigued and carrying a hamstring niggle due to his exertions in the second match of that series in Adelaide. Otherwise Siddle has been a highly reliable component of the bowling attack, repeatedly breaking partnerships and complementing the other fast men in the manner of Merv Hughes. However the treadmill of back-to-back Ashes series plus the tour of South Africa had begun to wear on Siddle's pace. Australia's coach Darren Lehmann said he had preferred James Pattinson as a third quick in Cape Town for precisely that reason. The decision leaves Siddle with some work ahead to regain his place for Australia's next Test assignment against Pakistan in Dubai. "He's fully fit, we just wanted the extra pace and James gives us that," Lehmann said. "They're producing wickets which don't have much grass on them and take reverse, so we want the extra pace here and he's a fresh bowler, which is great. He's as keen as mustard. "Unlucky for Sids because he's done a great job for us over the last few Tests but we've gone for the extra pace. He'd like some more wickets obviously but it's the pace drop. We need him bowling 140kph and at the moment he's averaging 131, 132. He knows that, we've spoken to him and I'm sure he will be back bigger and stronger."


Sunday, 2 March, 2014

Federer roars back to beat djokovic DUBaI



OGER FEDERER rolled back the years to beat Novak Djokovic 3-6 6-3 6-2 in the semi-finals of the Dubai Championship on Friday, his first victory in four meetings with the world number two. Roger Federer rolled back the years to stun Novak Djokovic 3-6 6-3 6-2 in the semi-finals of the Dubai Championship on Friday, his first victory in four meetings with the world number two. Seventeen-times grand slam winner Federer predicted before the tournament that his best tennis was still to come, a suggestion that sounded far-fetched for a player who has slipped to eighth in the world, his lowest ranking since 2002. From midway through the second set, however, the 32-year-old Swiss dominated Djokovic who is still some way short of his 2011 peak when he won Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and Australian Open. "There was a buzz out there tonight. I was fully able to enjoy myself," Federer said in a courtside interview after setting up a final clash with Czech Tomas Berdych who beat German Philipp Kohlschreiber 7-5 7-5. "It's never easy against Novak. Today I had a difficult start that put me on the back foot but the crowd kept pushing me on. It's a quick court and I'm always going to play aggressively." Djokovic, 26, went into the

match having won nine of his previous 12 encounters with Federer. The Swiss, though, seized the opportunity to send a message to the tennis world that reports of his decline were premature. "This is a big step in the right direction for me, gives me a lot of confidence," said Federer. Such a statement looked unlikely in the

first set as Federer netted to give Djokovic a 2-0 lead. Serving for the set at 5-3, the Serb hit a lazy forehand into the net, shrugging his shoulders in disappointment as the capacity 5,000 crowd roared Federer's name. That put the veteran 15-30 up but he then clubbed a simple forehand into the net. Federer saved two set points, the sec-

ond after a prolonged rally that ended with him whipping a delicious lob and rushing to the net for a volleyed winner. But six-times grand slam champion Djokovic clinched the set with successive aces, rarely leaving the comfort of the baseline. Serving at 2-2 in the second set, Federer's sliced forehand drifted agonisingly


long to give his opponent a break point. Such was Djokovic's dominance at that point that many in the crowd saw it as an effective match point and the Swiss rose to the occasion with a searing backhand pass. "It's the stuff that sometimes decides matches and that's where you just need extra confidence or extra mental belief that you're going to win instead of losing," said Federer. He held serve before breaking for a 4-2 lead in a rain-interrupted game - the players leaving the court for only a few minutes - with a backhand bullet from the baseline. Fivetimes Dubai champion Federer secured the set with an ace as Djokovic's new coach Boris Becker looked on. Earlier this week, the Serb said Becker's prime responsibility was to improve his mental toughness after having lost four grand slam finals, two to world number one Rafael Nadal and two to Britain's Andy Murray, in 15 months. Djokovic's slide at the Aviation Stadium - he double-faulted in the first game of the final set to gift his opponent a crucial early break - implies his German coach has plenty of work to do. "He played the second part of the match better, was more aggressive and played all round the court really well," said the world number two. "I started making a lot of unforced errors in the second part of the second set, wasn't managing to move as well and he felt that was his opportunity." Berdych's victory over Kohlschreiber was his 11th straight win and took him through to a second successive Dubai final.




Bulgaria's Grigor Dimitrov edged second seed Andy Murray in a semi-final clash at the Acapulco International that finished in the early hours of Saturday morning to set up a title showdown against South Africa's Kevin Anderson. Wimbledon champion Murray won the opening set but the 22-year-old Dimitrov fought back to take the next two sets on tie-breaks to win 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 7-6 (7-3) with the clock ticking on. The number four seed had never won a set in their three previous meetings and needed close to three hours to beat the 26-year-old Briton, who was trying to reach his first final since undergoing back surgery in September. Murray, who suffered an early loss of serve in the final set, broke back with his opponent serving for the match at 5-4 but Dimitrov took control of the tie-break to close out the win. World number 21 Anderson, who lost to Marin Cilic in the Delray Beach Open title match last Sunday, reached his second final in as many weeks with a hard-fought 6-1 5-7 6-4 win against Ukraine's Alexandr Dolgopolov in the other semi-final.

QPR needed a Jermaine Jenas goal to secure a 1-1 draw at home to Leeds as their winless run stretched to five matches. The stuttering pre-season promotion favourites fell behind to Ross McCormack's 24th goal of the season. But midfielder Jenas ensured they avoided a fourth straight defeat when he slotted in the equaliser just before half-time. Underpressure Rangers manager Harry Redknapp came out fighting this week, denying suggestions his position is under threat while claiming their recent form is nothing more than a 'blip'. However, that blip was in danger of turning into a fullblown crisis when McCormack fired Leeds ahead with a deflected free-kick, just moments after he had missed a penalty. The visitors were gifted the chance to take a 10th-minute lead when Richard Dunne's clumsy challenge sent McCormack tumbling in the penalty area. But McCormack's spot-kick was a weak effort which Rob Green saved low to his left. However, the in-form frontman made amends four minutes later, from about 10 yards further out, with a curling free-kick which clipped the Rangers wall on its way past Green. Leeds, themselves looking to climb into the play-off picture, could have doubled their lead but Green denied Cameron Stewart and Connor Wickham, on his debut following his loan switch from Sunderland, fired wide.


SpoRTS DeSK Paris St Germain striker Edinson Cavani has recovered from a thigh problem and will return to the squad for Sunday's Ligue 1 home game with fifth-placed Olympique Marseille. The Uruguayan, who has scored 13 goals in 21 league appearances this term, has not played for four weeks. "He's available. He has done excellent work this week, he has trained with the squad since Wednesday," coach Laurent Blanc told a news conference on Saturday. "Should there be no problem during training this afternoon he will be in the squad for the Marseille match." Leaders PSG are five points clear of second-placed Monaco who visit St Etienne on Saturday.

SpoRTS DeSK Winger Adam Johnson believes Sunderland will have to beat the best team in the Barclays Premier League to seal Capital One Cup glory. The Black Cats face Johnson's former employers Manchester City in the final of the competition at Wembley on Sunday with Manuel Pellegrini's men currently sitting in third place in the league table, three points adrift of leaders Chelsea but with a game in hand. He has no doubts about the quality of the opposition he and his team-mates will face this weekend, but having played in City sides which have at times struggled to beat Sunderland, does not fear the challenge. Johnson said: "For me, they have the best squad in the league by far and it's going to be difficult, we all know that. "But we have beaten them once already this season and we have had quite a good record in recent years against them. "I remember being in the City side a few times coming here and struggling, so hopefully it will be like that again. "We all know it's a massive, massive task for us, but it's a cup final and so many times over the years, it's not as simple as everyone expects it to go." Sunderland have, in fact, beaten City on each of

their last four league visitors to Wearside, and came within five minutes of a famous victory at the Etihad Stadium in March 2012 when goals from Mario Balotelli and Aleksandar Kolarov snatched a draw for the home side. Johnson, who was introduced as a half-time substitute by then manager Roberto Mancini in that game, joined the Black Cats in a ÂŁ10million switch around five months later as owner Ellis Short spent big in a bid to end the club's seemingly perennial fight for top-flight survival. The England international showed only flashes of his undoubted talent during his first season back in the north-east, but has blossomed once again under new head coach Gus Poyet to the extent that he scored seven goals in as many games in January and February. Johnson's improvement went hand-in-hand with Sunderland's climb from the foot of the table, but he insists there is no secret to the progress made both individually and collectively. He said: "It's just been down to hard work for both. It hasn't been one thing with me personally. "With the team, we have been working on all sorts of different things really - our shape, our attacking, defending off the ball. "We have just been slowly putting it together piece by piece and it has started to show in our performances.

sports journalists honoured Lahore: Golden Star Cricket Club President and Tournament Committee of 2nd Rahber Cup Club Cricket Tournament Wasif Zaman announced awards for the best media coverage and gave away trophies to sports journalists. Aamir Raza Khan, Rana Azar Noor and H Shahbaz Ali took Shahid Sheikh Trophy, Furukh Aata Butt and Ikhlaq Aslam took Zahid Maqsood Trophy. Wasif Zaman said that the purpose of this activity was to pay tribute to great sports journalists as they played a major role for the development of sports in the country. PRESS RELEASE


LAHORE: Golden Star Cricket Club Captain Shahbaz Ali took Runners Up Trophy from PCB Domestic Cricket Director Intkhab Alam. PR

SPORTS Sunday, 2 March, 2014




he indomitable spirit that has characterised Afghanistan's sharp rise in world cricket hadn't glowed brighter than it did in Fatullah. Playing in the Asia Cup for the first time, Afghanistan not only defeated Bangladesh, the Test-playing hosts, they almost managed to sneak out a bonus point too. Bangladesh, who took 28 matches to register their first-win against a major country, were left embarrassed by a younger nation playing only its fourth match against a major team. Asghar Stanikzai and Samiullah Shenwari added 164 for the sixth wicket in 138 balls to lift Afghanistan from 90 for 5 in the 27th over to a strong 254 against Bangladesh. The Afghanistan bowlers then ensured they maintained the intensity and produced an all-round bowling performance to shock the hosts. The two batsmen had come together at a stage when Bangladesh spinners were busy closing all escape doors, but they went through a careful rebuilding phase till the 40th over, before exploding in the last 10 to amass 107 runs - easily their best performance in the final overs. The stand was broken on the penultimate delivery of the innings when Shenwari was run-out for 81, but Stanikzai stayed unbeaten on 90 off 103 balls. Bangladesh, who had a firm grip on the proceedings for 80% of the innings, fell apart in the last 20%. Rubel hossain was smashed for 40 in his last four overs, Abdur Razzak and Arafat Sunny were whipped for 25 and 19 in their last two and Ziaur Rahman was taken for 16 as Stanikzai and Shenwari hit 12 fours and four sixes in the last 10 overs, beating the 88 they scored against Scotland in 2009. Shenwari was the one who announced the change in momentum with consecutive boundaries off the last two balls of the 40th over, off Razzak. he reached his half-century, in 54 balls, with a sliced shot that raced to the point boundary and followed it up with a reverse-sweep. The best of his 11 hits to the boundary was the one that cleared it. Razzak, bowling from over the wicket, had

Scoreboard aFGHaNISTaN 2 Mohammad Shahzad† lbw b rubel Hossain 12 Karim Sadiq c & b arafat Sunny 21 Najibullah Zadran b arafat Sunny 90 asghar Stanikzai not out Nawroz Mangal run out (Naeem Islam) 24 Mohammad Nabi* c Nasir Hossain b Mominul Haque 7 S henwari run out (†anamul Haque/rubel Hossain) 81 0 Mirwais ashraf not out 17 eXTraS (b 1, lb 6, w 10) 254 ToTaL (6 wickets; 50 overs) dId NoT baT Hamid Hassan, Shapoor Zadran, Hamza Hotak FaLL oF WIcKeTS 1-6 (Mohammad Shahzad, 2.2 ov), 2-40 (Karim Sadiq, 11.6 ov), 3-43 (Najibullah Zadran, 13.4 ov), 474 (Nawroz Mangal, 22.2 ov), 5-90 (Mohammad Nabi, 26.5 ov), 6-254 (Samiullah Shenwari, 49.5 ov) boWLING: rubel Hossain 10-0-61-1, abdur razzak 10-1-570, arafat Sunny 10-0-44-2, Sohag Gazi 0.3-0-0-0, Nasir Hossain 2.3-0-8-0, Mominul Haque 10-0-38-1, Ziaur rahman 7-0-39-0 baNGLadeSH 1 anamul Haque† lbw b Hamid Hassan Shamsur rahman b Shapoor Zadran 0 Mominul Haque b Samiullah Shenwari 50

Mushfiqur rahim* lbw b Mohammad Nabi 23 Nasir Hossain c Samiullah Shenwari b Mirwais ashraf 41 35 Naeem Islam c Nawroz Mangal b Hamid Hassan 41 Ziaur rahman b Mohammad Nabi 0 abdur razzak run out (Najibullah Zadran) arafat Sunny c †Mohammad Shahzad b Shapoor Zadran 0 rubel Hossain c Nawroz Mangal b Mohammad Nabi 17 Sohag Gazi not out 2 12 eXTraS: (b 4, lb 2, w 6) 222 ToTaL: (all out; 47.5 overs) FaLL oF WIcKeTS: 1-1 (Shamsur rahman, 0.5 ov), 2-1 (anamul Haque, 1.6 ov), 3-69 (Mushfiqur rahim, 18.1 ov), 488 (Mominul Haque, 24.3 ov), 5-161 (Nasir Hossain, 38.6 ov), 6-165 (Naeem Islam, 39.5 ov), 7-165 (abdur razzak, 39.6 ov), 8-165 (arafat Sunny, 40.1 ov), 9-205 (Ziaur rahman, 43.6 ov), 10-222 (rubel Hossain, 47.5 ov) boWLING: Shapoor Zadran 8-0-39-2, Hamid Hassan 6.1-126-2, Karim Sadiq 2-0-9-0, Mirwais ashraf 9-0-51-1, Mohammad Nabi 9.4-0-44-3, Hamza Hotak 7-0-24-0, Samiullah Shenwari 6-0-23-1 MaTcH deTaILS ToSS: bangladesh, who chose to field Umpires: bF bowden (New Zealand) and Jd cloete (Sa) TV umpire cK Nandan (India)

Spirited AfghAniStAn Shock BAnglAdeSh seen Shenwari step out and bowled it wide outside off, but the batsman stretched out and connected beautifully to lift the ball to the sightscreen. Then Stanikzai, who had been the quieter of the two - he hit his first boundary off the 74th ball - joined in smashing a six and a four in the 44th over, bowled by Rubel. The first of the two shots brought

him his half-century. he also provided the perfect finish, hitting another set of a six and a four in the last over. The third delivery of the over was whacked over midwicket and the fourth, a wide full-toss, was sliced to deep point. By the time he finished, Stanikzai had hit six fours and three sixes to reach his career-best score. The confidence that had surged in the

Afghanistan innings oozed through their shots as what had been a slow pitch hardly made a difference. Length deliveries frequently disappeared into gaps at deep midwicket or covers and spinners' flight or flatter trajectory made no impact. Bangladesh's fielding too buckled under pressure as couple of easy catches were dropped while the ground fielding al-

lowed extra runs. The beating that the bowlers' figures took was sharply in contrast with the way they had started the day. Adding to the hosts' woes, Sohag Gazi suffered injury to his right-hand after bowling only three deliveries. The energy that had charged the Afghanistan innings spilled over to the their bowling. Shapoor Zadran generated enough pace in his first over to rattle the openers. he capped it off with a wicket off the fifth ball that cut Shamsur Rahman into half and sent his offstump cartwheeling. Bowling from the other end, hamid hassan surprised Anamul haque with his pace and trapped the opener lbw. The storm that had hit Bangladesh in the first innings was showing no sign of abatement. The hosts were down to 1 for 2.Bangladesh's chances of revival rested on their captain, Mushfiqur, and Mominul haque. The two set about scripting a recovery in much the same fashion as the protagonists of Afghanistan's innings: The defensive shots were interspersed with attractive hits to the boundary. Mominul, particularly, made sure any loose delivery didn't go unpunished, pulling and driving every time an opportunity presented. he reached his half-century in 71 deliveries and 68 for the third wicket. The partnership was broken by Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi when he beat Mushfiqur in flight and had him lbw. Mominul left 19 runs later, yorked by a Shenwari delivery. Bangladesh could have been in danger of folding too early had Afghanistan grabbed the numerous chances Nasir hossain offered. Bangladesh's stylish No. 5 was dropped four times - on 1, 4, 14 and 31 - before eventually getting caught for 41 by Shenwari, who had dropped him twice. By that time, he had added 73 for the fifth wicket. Although the required run rate had climbed to over eight an over, the partnership kept the hosts' hopes alive. That though changed soon as Bangladesh lost four wickets for four runs, three of them in three balls spread across two overs. A hard-hitting cameo from Zia-ur-Rahman, who hit 42 off 22 deliveries, avoided Bangladesh ignominy of handing the opponents a bonus point, but it just proved to be a flutter.

WArner And clArke PUT AUSTRALIA ON TOP Scoreboard aUSTraLIa 1ST INNINGS cJL rogers c Smith b Steyn 25 da Warner c †de Villiers b duminy 135 aJ doolan c Steyn b Philander 20 MJ clarke* not out 92 SPd Smith not out 50 eXTraS (w 5, nb 4) 9 ToTaL (3 wickets; 88 overs) 331 To baT Sr Watson, bJ Haddin†, MG Johnson, rJ Harris, JL Pattinson, NM Lyon FaLL oF WIcKeTS 1-65 (rogers, 13.3 ov), 2-138 (doolan, 31.3 ov), 3-217 (Warner, 57.4 ov) boWLING: dW Steyn 10.1-0-44-1, Vd Philander 19-2-66-1, M Morkel 17.5-2-69-0, JP duminy 9-0-37-1, KJ abbott 175-52-0, d elgar 15-0-63-0 South africa team Gc Smith*, aN Petersen, d elgar, HM amla, ab de Villiers†, F du Plessis, JP duminy, KJ abbott, Vd Philander, dW Steyn, M Morkel Match details Toss australia, who chose to bat UMPIreS: aleem dar (Pakistan) and HdPK dharmasena (Sri Lanka) TV umpire rK Illingworth (england) Match referee rS Mahanama (Sri Lanka) reserve umpire aT Holdstock

Cape Town aGeNcIeS

Ordinarily, a near run-a-ball 135 from David Warner, or the sidelining of Dale Steyn with a rare injury would be the defining moment of a day's play. Both of those certainly contributed to Australia's dominance on the first day of the series decider in Cape Town, but the image that will linger longer was the sight of Morne Morkel tenderising Michael Clarke during a brutal spell of short-pitched bowling. And of Clarke surviving, fighting through it and reaching stumps within sight of a century. If he should reach it, it will be one of his finest Test hundreds. Not for the class of his strokeplay but for his firstrate bloody-mindedness. The fact that Clarke survived Morkel's assault with

his wicket and bone structure intact was a victory for Australia, albeit a painful one, and by stumps the Australians had moved on to 331 for 3 and they had a well-settled Clarke at the crease on 92 alongside Steven Smith on 50. Their partnership had grown to 114 and although Morkel asked some more questions late in the afternoon with the second new ball, including jarring Clarke on the thumb with another short ball that led to a visit from the physio, South Africa managed no more than one wicket per session. They sorely missed Steyn, who limped off with a hamstring strain after bowling the first ball of his 11th over, and his ability to bowl for the rest of the match remained in doubt. Steyn's fitness is the stuff of legend - he has missed only one Test in the past five and a half years - but there could hardly be a worse time for him to succumb, with a series on the line. Initially it was he who probed Clarke early in his innings, but then it was Morkel who sustained an around-the-wicket line and peppered him with short deliveries that struck him all over the body. Much like South Africa's batsmen against Mitchell Johnson in the first Test in Centurion, Clarke knew what was coming but was unable to find a comfortable way of handling it. With no half-centuries in his past 11 innings, Clarke was searching for a purple patch, but not the kind that Morkel caused on his left forerarm after banging in a few short ones that left the Australian captain bruised. Worse for Clarke was the blow he took on the left jaw after he failed to get out of the way of another 147kph Morkel bouncer that ricocheted off his shoulder and up under the helmet, bringing the physio immediately on to the ground. Clarke remained at the crease, though, although he was lucky to survive the very next ball when another Morkel bumper lobbed off his gloves and narrowly missed the stumps while also evading the short-leg fieldsman.

the flAg Will StAy high Pakistan breaks world record of flag hoisting

LAHORE: More than 60,000 Pakistani students on Saturday shattered world record of hoisting the national flag simultaneously by most number of people. As per details, 60,000 youngsters queued up at Lahore’s National Stadium as part of Punjab Youth Festival in presence of provincial Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to shatter the record. The record was previously held by Argentina, where 49, 850 people had hoisted their national flags simultaneously. The representatives of Guinness Book of World Record, who were present at the occasion, validated the world record. On Friday, more than 5,000 school children had broken the record of the largest art class in the world. As many as 5,351 talented students of Beaconhouse set the record by sitting through the largest art lesson of the world at Punjab Stadium. The record was previously held by Chinese Taipei with 4,810 students. Besides the abovementioned records, Pakistani students have broken nearly two dozen other world records during the youth festival so far, including the formation of largest human flag. STaFF rePorT

Published by Arif Nizami at Plot # 7, Al-Baber Centre, F/8 Markaz, Islamabad.


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