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polio cripples three More in nWa


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Tuesday, 8 April, 2014 Jamadi-us-Sani 7, 1435 Rs 17.00 Vol IV No 279 16 Pages Lahore Edition


Army will preserve its honour at all costs: Sharif in wake of criticism of the armed forces in the recent days, chief of army staff general raheel sharif on Monday said that while the army respected all institutions, it would preserve its dignity and institutional pride “at all costs”. the statement was made during the army chief’s visit to the special services group headquarters in tarbela, the unit of former army chief and country’s president, gen (r) pervez Musharraf. story on page 03

Musharraf ordered to appear in Bugti Murder case or face arrest story on page 03

taliban infighting kills 15 overnight, 5 more on Monday Taliban website taken down 24 hours after launch stories on page 03

Baloch militants feel FC’s heat, 30 killed

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Iran seeks ‘explanation’ on guard’s killing from Pakistan

BJP puts ‘no first use’ N-policy in doubt india voters kick off world’s biggest election

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‘Not bug splats’: Artists use poster-child in Pakistan drone protest story on page 04

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

nA PAsses PAKistAn Protection bill in hAste mQm, ppp, pti, Ji, Jui-f Join hands against bill, demand opposition be taKen into confidence ISLAMABAD



HE National Assembly (NA) late on Monday approved the Pakistan Protection Bill 2013, Ordinance No 9 despite protests and walkout by the opposition parties. Soon after the bill was presented in the assembly by Federal Minister of Science and Technology Zahid Hamid, opposition parties, including government’s coalition partner Jamiat-e-Ulema Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), opposed the bill and walked out of the assembly. The opposition parties also tore the copies of the bill and tried to access the speaker’s dais; only to be blocked by government parliamentarians shielding the speaker. Under the Pakistan Protection Bill, trial of any case would not be in contradiction to Article 10 of the Constitution. Special courts would also be formed to ensure the speedy trial of terrorism-related cases. Any person convicted could also be kept in any jail across the country. After the bill’s ap-

Polio criPPles 3 more in nWA ISLAMABAD STAFF REPORT

Three more polio cases surfaced in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) on Monday after which the total tally of the affected has mounted to 43. The National Institute of Health (NIH) said that three children from Miranshah, the tribal headquarters of NWA, were found affected with poliovirus. Since January 1, 43 polio cases have been reported in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Most of the cases have been reported from the militancy-hit areas where anti-polio vaccination was restricted by the terrorists and children could not be administered vaccine.

KP oPP submits Privilege motion AgAinst imrAn KhAn PESHAWAR STAFF REPORT

Opposition parties in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly on Monday submitted a privilege motion against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan for threatening to dissolve the legislature. The privilege motion has jointly been signed by Awami National Party (ANP) parliamentary leader Sardar Hussain Babak, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) lawmaker Nighat Orakzai, Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) parliamentary leader Sikandar Hayat Sherpao and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) MPA Mehmood Khan Bhittani. The motion reads that on April 5 Imran Khan threatened to dissolve the KP provincial assembly. It stated that Khan’s statement was against democratic norms, amounted to an attack on the parliamentary process and attempted to intimidate members of the assembly. It further stated that the statement has breached the privilege of all the members of the assembly and the privilege of this the house. On April 4, Imran Khan had stated that he would rather dissolve the provincial legislature and call fresh elections than caving in to the “forward bloc’s blackmailing”. The warning had come hours after 14 PTI legislators handed their resignations from the assembly membership to the deputy speaker, Imtiaz Shahid.

proval, a joint interrogation team would investigate terrorism-related cases. OPPOSITION HUDDLES: Opposing the bill, Opposition leader Khurshid Shah said that that since the bill was of utter importance, it should not have been be passed in such haste. He wanted opposition be taken into confidence on the bill’s features, including the one which allows keeping people in custody for 90 days without warrants. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi cautioned that even if the government enforced its will in NA, it would never be able to get the bill passed from the Senate. While JUI-F opposed the bill on the grounds that it was a negation of constitutional spirit, MQM’s Farooq Sattar termed the bill extraconstitutional. Sattar, while offering the government the benefit of private members day, said that the government should talk to MQM about the bill. GOVT DEFENDS BILL: Minister for State and Frontier Regions Abdul Qadir Baloch called for a protective law to save the country from terrorism and sectarian violence. “The country is bleeding. We need to protect lives and property of our people and this needs a protective law,” he said during the discussion on the Protection of Pakistan Bill 2013 and the Protection of Pakistan (Amendment) Bill 2014. He said the situa-

Amended PPO AuthOrises POlice, FiA, Bl tO Act AgAinst terrOrists ISLAMABAD: With a Statutory Regulatory Order (SRO), the Interior Ministry has authorised the police, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Balochistan Levies (BL) to take action against terrorists under the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance (PPO). The PPO – approved by President Mamnoon Hussain last year – is a document that declares all peace-disrupting elements as ‘enemies of the state’, and states protection of life to be the state’s top priority. Despite resistance, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)-led government had also presented the controversial Ordinance in the National Assembly on April 2. According to the new amendment, joint investigation teams comprising police, armed as well as civil forces will be formed to interrogate terrorists. The SRO also stated that cases against terrorists can now be registered at any police station whether at the federal or provincial level. Earlier, the ordinance had a clause that said separate police stations will be designated for professional and expeditious investigations of specified crime. STAFF REPORT

tion started worsening from 1999 and two previous governments also lived with the same situation but enacted no law for protection. “Even today they are opposing the bill knowing well that this wave of terrorism has claimed the lives of 40,000 Pakistanis.” He mentioned the examples like release of Ajmal Pahari; the killer of 100 people as well as quashing

the cases against 8,000 people of a political party. “We are not enacting a law to kill the people. The country is bleeding and the government desires to protect the innocent people from the tyranny of extremists,” he added. He however stated that if this law can be made better, it should be done but it should not be opposed out rightly.

Baloch militants feel FC’s heat, 30 killed fc conducts operation in Khuzdar and Kalat, destroys six vehicles, seizes arms KHUZDAR/KALAT STAFF REPORT

At least 30 suspected Baloch militants were killed, 10 security personnel injured and several vehicles of miscreants destroyed as Frontier Corps (FC) conducted a targeted operation against outlaws on Monday. FC Balochistan spokesman Khan

Wasey said that the paramilitary force backed by other law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and the local administration launched the operation against militants in different areas of Khuzdar and Kalat districts of Balochistan. During the crackdown, exchange of fire took place when outlaws showed resistance. In FC and LEAs’ personnel retaliatory actions, more than 30 miscreants were reportedly killed while six of their vehicles were also destroyed. Security forces also seized huge cache of arms, including rocket launchers, hand grenades, heavy weapons and ammunition from

the militants. The FC spokesperson said that 10 security personnel also sustained injuries during the operation. He claimed that the targeted miscreants were involved in recent attacks on passenger trains, security forces and other vital installations in different parts of the province. Kalat and Khuzdar are considered to be the most sensitive districts of Balochistan. The situation in the area was tense as the clash between security forces and armed militants continued. Militants in the area have been targeting vital national installations and security forces for more than a decade in the area.

give rat poison to people if not subsidized flour, sc tells govt Justice KhawaJa says govt spending millions of rupees on festivals yet poor people deprived of inexpensive flour ISLAMABAD ONLINE The Supreme Court on Monday criticized the government for being unable to provide inexpensive wheat flour to the citizens. “What justification is left for a democratic government to stay at the helm of affairs if it cannot provide flour to the common man at subsidised rate,” said Justice Jawwad Khawaja during the hearing of a petition on rising prices of wheat flour in the country. Heading a three-member bench, Justice Khawaja said: “The dogs of rulers are eating jam. Land worth billions of rupees is being sold at throwaway prices. Millions of rupees are being spent on fairs. If you cannot give inexpensive flour to the poor, then give them rat poison. We cannot see the people dying this way. The federation

and the provinces should know it well that wherever there is breach of constitution and fundamental human rights, the SC will make necessary interference and will not spare any one.” The judge asked Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Atiq Shah to explain what steps the provinces had taken in this regard. “Tell us that if the provinces have also let the people starve to death after passage of the 18th amendment,” said Justice Khawaja to which Atiq told the court that orders had been issued to the Ministry of National Food. “A meeting was also held in this regard with them. We are ready to provide its report in chamber,” he said. In reply, Justice Khawaja asked what has been done practically in this regard. “How have these meetings benefited the poor nation? Is it the responsibility of the SC that it should tell when the poor are dying?” Attiq Shah replied it is the institution for providing relief therefore it could issue orders. Justice Jawwad exclaimed “enough is enough”, adding that the government should show compassion for the poor. “We have reports of Sindh and Punjab before us. The reports of remaining provinces should be provided as well”. The court sought a detailed reply from the federation and provinces on the price-fixing formula with regard to flour till April 14.


iran seeks ‘explanation’ on guard’s killing from pakistan fazli says paKistan responsible for maintaining security at its borders TEHRAN INP

Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli on Monday said Pakistan should explain the execution of an Iranian border guard by terrorist group Jaish alAdl in Pakistan. "We don’t officially confirm the martyrdom of one of the border guards," Fazli told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of Iranian governor-generals and governors in Tehran on Monday. "Pakistan is responsible for maintaining security at its borders and if the terrorists are sheltered in Pakistan's territories, the country should officially account for it," he added. Fazli said that based on a security agreement between the two countries, the Iranian and Pakistani officials have decided to increase cooperation to establish security at their joint borders, "but we still take Pakistan responsible for maintaining security at its borders". His remarks came after the four abducted Iranian border guards who were released and handed over to Iranian officials returned home on Sunday morning, two months after their abduction. Sources said on Sunday that the four have been released as a result of the efforts made by all concerned Iranian bodies and their pressures exerted on Jaish Al-Adl to release the abducted Iranian border guards, and added, "Consensus and cooperation of all the elders in the region rendered great help to this result." In the meantime, Ali Awsat Hashemi, governor-general of Sistan and Baluchestan province, has confirmed the death of one of the five border guards, Jamshid Danayee-Far, and said Iran is waiting for the body.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Army will preserve its honour at all costs, says gen sharif army chief says armed forces respect all institutions and will also preserve their dignity and institutional pride

analysts, political leaders reiterate need for mutual respect between govt and armed forces



N what is being taken as a veiled warning to the government in wake of criticism of the armed forces in the recent days, Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif on Monday said the army respects all the institutions of the country but it will also preserve its own dignity and institutional pride at all costs. Gen Sharif’s statement is most likely related to the treason trial of former army chief Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf. It was earlier reported that the army chief had advised the government to let Musharraf go abroad for his medical treatment and to look after his ailing mother. While addressing officers at the army’s Special Services Group (SSG) Headquarters in Tarbela, the army chief said Pakistan Army has contributed immensely towards national security and nation building and will continue to deliver on its mission. “The army never has and never will shy away from rendering any sacrifice in ensuring a formidable defence and security of the motherland,” he was quoted as saying in an ISPR press release. Last month, a special court indicted Musharraf on five counts of treason over his suspension of the constitution and imposition of Emergency in 2007, when he was trying to extend his rule. Musharraf’s indictment has broken an unwritten rule that the top ranks of the military are untouchable. He has pleaded not guilty and faces the death penalty if convicted. NOTHING AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT: Commenting on Gen Sharif’s statement, defence analysts dis-

tAlibAn Website tAKen doWn 24 hours After lAunch LAHORE: Less than a day after the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan launched – a website hosting videos, a magazine, and its leaders’ interviews and statements – it was mysteriously taken down. A news release issued by the information and publication wing of the TTP said Umar Media, the 'media wing' of the militant group, had sponsored the website. Deeper investigation into the domain’s registered records on Monday revealed that the website was hosted by a company from Punjab. The owner of the company said he had no idea who the client was. “The domain was registered in November 2013, and until yesterday, we had no idea as to what the content on the website would be.” “The order for the domain and the website were placed through an address from Karachi, and the client always used proxy servers to access the online administrative panel,” he said. “The address was apparently fake.” The TTP has waged a seven-year bloody war against the Pakistani state and was declared a banned outfit in August 2008. Umar Media was launched a few years ago and has been disseminating the TTP-related information and videos since. The website was launched during peace talks between the federal government and the TTP. Recently, the government released 19 prisoners as a goodwill gesture to the militants. The website contained the TTP flag, verses from the Holy Quran, statements and videos containing sectarian, hate and propaganda material, especially against security forces, a message of TTP deputy Shaikh Khalid Haqqani for the people of Balochistan, and pictures of slain TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud and his successor and current chief Maulvi Fazlullah. The website is now inaccessible and shows a ‘404 - Not Found’ error. The public DNS records which were updated on April 6 shortly before the website went down now list an inactive phone number and an address, most likely fake, from Buffer Zone in Karachi. STAFF REPORT

TARBELA: Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif boosts morale of Special Services Group commandos during a visit to the force’s headquarters on Monday. INP

pelled the impression that the army chief’s statement was a warning for the government, adding that it was apparently aimed at lifting the morale of troops. These views were expressed by former IB chief Masood Sharif Khattak, Brig (r) Mahmood Shah and senior journalist and TV commentator Syed Talat Hussain. Commenting on the issue, Talat Hussain said that the ISPR’s statement could be in response to the recent remarks made by

two federal ministers, Khawaja Saad Rafique and Khawaja Asif, separately in the National Assembly and in a television talk show. Hussain said that there were rumours that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wanted to adopt a Turkish model to deal with former generals. “There is a feeling in the army that despite its support for the continuation of democracy, the institution was being ma-

ligned,” he said adding that Gen Sharif may have found it more convenient to issue a statement instead of taking it up with the prime minister directly. On the federal ministers’ remarks, former IB chief Masood Khattak said, “Every state institution should try to avoid a clash or misunderstanding. The prime minister has taken a notice of the statements made by two ministers.” Pakistan is heading towards political

taliban infighting kills 15 overnight, 5 more on monday haKeemullah mehsud group’s commander shadeed mehsud, four others Killed in rocKet attacK in shaKtoi PESHAWAR STAFF REPORT

Clashes between two Taliban factions have left at least 15 dead, security officials and militant sources said on Monday, in a sign of the intense rivalries within the umbrella grouping. Fighting in the tribal areas broke out between supporters of Khan Said Sajna, a senior commander once tipped to lead the group, and those of former leader Hakimullah Mehsud who was killed in a US drone strike last November. A security official in Islam-

abad said that at least 15 militants were killed in an overnight clash between the groups along the border of North and South Waziristan. Another security official and two militant sources in North Waziristan confirmed the clash. Fighting broke out once again on Monday, killing a further five militants. “At least five people including a commander of Hakimullah Mehsud was killed in a rocket attack on a vehicle in South Waziristan,” a local security official said, naming the commander as one ‘Shadeed Mehsud.’ “The dead bodies were severely burnt in the attack carried out in Shaktoi area and complete identification of the militants was difficult,” he added. The second attack was confirmed by a militant source. The reason for the clashes was unclear. But the umbrella Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) group that was formed in 2007 has long been driven by infighting. Khan Said Sajna, head of his own faction, was a strong candidate to become TTP chief following Mehsud’s death. But the movement’s shura at the last minute elected Mullah Fazlullah, who hails from Swat and is believed to be hiding in Afghanistan.



maturity, however it seems that some people are still trying to instigate a clash, he said rejecting the notion that Gen Sharif’s statement was a warning by the army. Brigadier Masood Shah said that army was a very sensitive institution and the issue of Musharraf’s trial could hurt the sentiments of the common troops. “In my opinion, political government should be on the driving seat in general. But it does not mean that one should try to undermine an institution like army,” he said. However, he too denied the COAS’s statement as being a warning for the government, adding that there should not be any opinion which targeted army as an institution. RESPECT IS IMPORTANT: Commenting on Gen Sharif’s statement, Mutahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Faisal Sabzwari told Pakistan Today that it was the responsibility of all the state institutions to accord due respect to each other to safeguard the democratic system. “How could the dignity and respect of state institutions be ensured if ‘selective justice’ is accorded to a former army chief,” he questioned adding, ”If you want to try Musharraf under Article 6 of the Constitution, this trial should start from October 12, 1999 and not from Nov 3, 2007.” Moreover, Sabzwari argued, “Even if you want to save the skin of some blueeyed, the trial must include all abettors and facilitators. Why a single man is being tried and why all clauses of Article 6 are not being observed?” He said that no state institution including the armed forces should be targeted and no scapegoats should be made. He said for the sake of saving the democratic system, the dignity of all state institutions should be protected and preserved. Independent Member of the National Assembly (MNA) Jamshed Dasti said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had not learnt the lesson from his bitter past and was trying to confront the army again. Talking to reporters outside the Parliament House, Dasti said that if Musharraf was being tried in high treason case, then his predecessors should be also brought to court. He alleged that the premier and his cabinet did not give importance to suggestions and concerns of parliamentarians and took all decisions on their own. Pakistan Today made repeated attempts to get the government’s view on the army chief’s statement but Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid remained inaccessible.

musharraf ordered to appear in bugti murder case or face arrest QUETTA: An anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Monday ordered former military ruler General (r) Pervez Musharraf to appear before it on April 21, in a case relating to the murder of Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. Quetta ATC 1 Judge Tariq Ahmed directed the former military dictator to appear before the court otherwise his bail would be cancelled. "The court will issue warrants for his arrest if he fails to appear before it," counsel of Nawabzada Jamil Akbar Bugti, Sohail Rajput told reporters while quoting the remarks of the judge during the hearing. Meanwhile, former federal interior minister Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao and former Balochistan home minister Mir Shoaib Nowsherwani also appeared before the court. The court ordered both former ministers to reappear before it on April 21. STAFF REPORT

Taliban talks venue to be decided soon govt committee to taKe up polio vaccination issue with taliban PESHAWAR SAJJAD ALI While negotiators from both government and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are yet to agree on a venue for second round of direct peace talks, Prof Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, intermediary of Taliban committee, said on Monday that the meeting between Taliban leadership and government committee will be held in

Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in the next few days. Professor Ibrahim said that the location of the exact place and schedule of the meeting will be decided in next two to three days for which contacts were being made with the Taliban Shura. Expressing confidence over efforts being made for restoration of peace, Prof Ibrahim has vowed that talks will bring peace to the country. “Peace can only be achieved via negotiations and not military action.” POLIO VACCINATION ON AGENDA: According to Rustam Shah Mohmand, member of the government’s committee, government’s negotiators would take up the polio vaccination issue as one of their demands with Taliban leadership in the


next meeting with TTP. Shah said that government’s negotiation committee has made anti-polio vaccination part of the ongoing negotiations agenda with Taliban and it would be part of the discussion during the next meeting with the TTP’s Shura. He said that government had agreed to a phase-wise release of all prisoners against whom there is no evidence of involvement in militancy. Shah said that both the Taliban and government were holding each other’s prisoners but the exact number was not known. Shah added that the Taliban will be pursued for permanent ceasefire. According to FATA Secretariat officials, more than 250,000 children in the tribal belt have not been vaccinated since June

2012. On June 25, 2012, Mullah Nazir and Hafiz Gul Bahadar factions of militants – considered as pro-Pakistan – had imposed banned on polio vaccination in South Waziristan and North Waziristan respectively. They distributed pamphlets stating that polio and other foreignfunded vaccination drives in the tribal areas would not be allowed and had threatened health workers to stay away from polio vaccination campaigns. Not a single health worker has entered North Waziristan and some areas of South Waziristan and Bannu for almost two years after the ban put in place by the Taliban. The total number of polio cases reported from FATA is 31 of which 28 are from NWA and two from South Waziristan.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

bJP Puts ‘no first use’ nucleAr Policy in doubt I NEW DELHI AGENCIES

NDIA’S opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), widely tipped to form the next government, pledged on Monday to revise the country’s nuclear doctrine, whose central principle is that New Delhi would not be first to use atomic weapons in a conflict. Unveiling its election manifesto, the party gave no details, but sources involved in drafting the document said the “no-firstuse” policy introduced after India conducted a series of nuclear tests in 1998 would be reconsidered. Pakistan does not profess “no first use”. The BJP, which was in power at the time of India’s underground blasts, appears to be on the cusp of returning to government under the leadership of Narendra Modi, a Hindu nationalist many expect would adopt a muscular foreign policy. The BJP made no mention of reviewing nuclear policy in its manifesto for the previous elections in 2009. Opinion polls have consistently shown that the BJP will emerge as the biggest party in the five-week election that began on Monday. They suggest that, while the

Two aides to Modi have already said that if he becomes PM, India would get tougher in territorial disputes with China and more robust with Pakistan over attacks by militants based there

party is likely to fall short of the parliamentary majority needed to rule on its own, it would have the best chance to form a coalition government. Two aides to Modi said in the run-up to the vote that if he becomes prime minister, India would get tougher in territorial disputes with China and more robust with

us defence chief, in first, visits chinA’s AircrAft cArrier QINGDAO

Pakistan over attacks by militants based there. In its manifesto, the party said it would seek friendly relations with neighbours, but – without naming any country – vowed to “deal with cross-border terrorism with a firm hand” and take a “strong stand and steps” when required. India adopted a no-first-use policy at a time when it was under pressure from punitive embargoes by Western nations for its nuclear tests, but since then it has been unofficially accepted as a nuclear power. The United States struck a deal with New Delhi in 2008 to give it access to civilian nuclear technology as well as finance even while it carried on with its weapon program. The no-first-use policy was based on a premise that India would retaliate so massively against a nuclear strike that an enemy would not contemplate such a move in the first place. However, a source who advises the BJP said there has been significant debate in recent years about being bound to the policy given the advances of Pakistan’s nuclear capability. He said Pakistan’s nuclear inventory may have already overtaken that of its neighbour, and it has claimed progress in miniaturization of weapons for use on the

indiAn voters KicK off World's biggest election

battlefield. “Do we need tactical weapons? This issue was never raised and discussed because at the time it was not a concern,” said another source involved in drawing up the manifesto. ‘MAD’ DOCTRINE: Murli Manohar Joshi, head of a committee that framed the BJP’s nuclear policy, declined to spell out whether no-first-use could be discarded. “Read the manifesto,” he told a foreign news outfit. “It has to be in sync with geostrategic conditions.” There was no immediate reaction from the Pakistan government or its military. A former Pakistani national security adviser, retired Major General Mahmud Ali Durrani, said he would not be concerned if India revised the central tenet of its nuclear doctrine. “I don’t think it will be of great consequence,” he said. “The nuclear doctrine here is MAD (mutually assured destruction). If one side does it, the other side has enough to cause unacceptable damage in response.” Durrani said there was more concern in Pakistan about the “overall attitude” of Modi, who was chief minister of the western Indian state of Gujarat in 2002 when more than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, were slaughtered in mob violence.

‘not bug splats’: Artists use posterchild in Pakistan drone protest


US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel took a two-hour tour around China's sole aircraft carrier on Monday, in an unprecedented opening by Beijing to a potent symbol of its military power. The carrier visit came at the start of Hagel's three day trip to China, his first as defence secretary, and was described by one US official travelling with him as an apparently genuine gesture of transparency by the People's Liberation Army (PLA). Hagel's tour of the Liaoning gave him a close-up look at the carrier's flight deck, medical facilities and living quarters and also allowed him to speak directly with Chinese sailors. "We didn't see every space aboard the ship. But, yes, we felt this was an honest, genuine effort to be open about this brand new capability that they're trying to develop," said one US official, speaking on condition of anonymity. The official said Hagel was the first official visitor from outside China to be allowed on board the Liaoning, although that could not be immediately confirmed. The 60,000-tonne Liaoning, a Soviet-era vessel bought from Ukraine in 1998 and re-fitted in a Chinese shipyard, is seen as a symbol of China's growing naval power and ambition for greater global influence. The carrier has yet to become fully operational, however, and military experts say it could be decades before China catches up to the far superior and larger US carriers - if ever. The US official said PLA officers were aware of the challenges ahead. On more than one occasion the officers that were with us said, quite frankly, that they know they have long way to go in naval aviation," the official said. "It's a difficult military capability to develop and to perfect."


A group of Pakistani artists are hoping to generate “empathy” among US drone operators by placing giant posters of children meant to be seen from the air in the country's troubled tribal regions. The project, titled #NotABugSplat, has released a photograph, itself taken from the air with the use of a mini-helicopter drone, of a poster laid out in a field that shows the face of a girl who lost both her parents in one of the controversial strikes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. “Bug splat” is said to be a term used by drone pilots based in the US to refer to how victims look when seen through video cameras. “We tried to replicate as much as we could what a camera from above will see looking down,” said one of the artists of the collective, who did not wish to be named individually. “You will see how tiny people are and they look like little bugs, we wanted to highlight the distance between what a human being looks like when they are just a little


Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Khursheed Shah on Monday warned that the opposition would react if the government failed to secure the release of Ali Haider Gilani and Shahbaz Taseer. Speaking to reporters at Parliament House, Shah said it was imperative to take the military into confidence regarding the release of prisoners, even though the decision was to be taken by the government and not the army. He also expressed the fear that granting a free peace zone to the Taliban was dangerous. He said the Taliban had managed to get many of its prisoners released, but not a single person held in Taliban captivity was freed. Shah de-

manded the government apprise political parties of details of talks with the Taliban, adding that both sides should negotiate from a position of equality. Shah said the PPP was not against talks between the government and the TTP, adding that the former should not hold the opposition responsible in case the mediation failed. He claimed that in December 2000, Musharraf, who at the time was the chief executive of the country, had facilitated the granting of a presidential pardon to Nawaz Sharif and the incumbent premier would now return the favour. The opposition leader said the government had not held consultations over the Pakistan Protection Ordinance, adding that the ordinance would be opposed in case any contact was made.

dot versus a big face. “One hope is that it will create some empathy and introspection.” The Pakistani collective was set up with the help of French street artist JR, who plans to unveil portraits from around the world at the Pantheon in Paris as part of a project called “Inside Out”. The artists wanted to begin their project last year in the tribal region of North Waziristan, but were dissuaded by Shahzad Akbar, a lawyer who represents the relatives of drone victims, because of the dangers. Akbar, who founded the non-profit Foundation for Human Rights, instead distributed the posters to residents. “(They) put them on the roof so that when the drones are flying, the Americans will see these pictures of children ... People like it because it's a good waterproofing as well,” he said. The last drone attack occurred on December 26, 2013, killing three suspected insurgents. Reports in the US media have suggested the drone strikes have been temporarily halted since then to provide the Pakistani government a chance to have talks with Taliban aimed at ending their seven-year insurgency.

DIBRUGARH: Indians began voting in the world's biggest election Monday which is set to sweep the Hindu nationalist opposition to power at a time of low growth, anger about corruption and warnings about religious unrest. Voting began at 7am (0130 GMT) in six constituencies in tea-growing and insurgency-wracked areas of the northeast, an often neglected part of the country wedged between Bangladesh, China and Myanmar. "I want the government to reduce poverty and do something for the future of my children," said 30year-old tea plantation worker Santoshi Bhumej at a polling station in Dibrugarh in the state of Assam. The marathon contest, to be held over nine phases until May 12, got under way after a bad-tempered campaign which reached new levels of bitterness at the weekend. Religious tensions, an undercurrent to the contest which has mostly focused on development until now, burst into the open on Friday when the closest aide of Modi was accused of inciting sentiments. Amit Shah faces a judicial investigation after he reportedly told supporters to see the election as "revenge" against a "government that protects and gives compensation to those who killed Hindus". Rahul Gandhi, leading Congress into his first national election as scion of the famous dynasty, used the comments to underline his message that a victory for Modi threatens India's religious fabric. "Wherever these people (the opposition BJP) go they create fights. They'll pit Hindus and Muslims against each other," he warned on Sunday. The BJP said talk of "revenge" was normal ahead of an election and said the other remarks were taken out of context. The election will be the biggest in history and is a mind-boggling feat of organisation as voters travel to nearly a million polling stations. AGENCIES

AfghAn bombings Kill 18, inJure 9 KABUL: At least 15 civilians and three policemen were killed and nine others wounded in two separate attacks in Afghanistan on Monday. "A roadside bomb struck a bus at 6pm in Maiwand district, in which 13 people - all civilians - were killed and five others injured," Zia ul Rahman Durrani, a police spokesman for Kandahar province, said. "Locals were travelling from one village to another when the bomb hit their vehicle," Durrani said. Officials in Kandahar hospital said two of the wounded later succumbed to their injuries in hospital. In another attack in Herat, three police officers were killed and four others were injured after a roadside bomb hit their vehicle. "The police were patrolling in Shindand district when a bomb placed on a roadside hit their vehicle," said Abdul Raouf Ahmadi, a local police spokesman. Also in Kandahar, a suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden mini-van in front of a convoy of coalition forces. "The bomber exploded his mini-van targeting a US convoy in Maiwand district," an Afghan police spokesman said. The bomber died but nobody was hurt in the attack. "We can confirm an ISAF convoy was targeted by a vehicle-loaded today in southern Afghanistan, but no casualties were reported," a NATO spokesperson said. The attacks came two days after around 7 million Afghans cast their ballots to choose a new president. AGENCIES

Army helicoPter crAshes in bAlochistAn KALAT: A military helicopter crashed in Kalat town of Balochistan on Monday, but there were no casualties. According to ISPR, the helicopter made a crash landing due to some “technical reasons”. It said the pilot and the crew remained safe in the landing near FC camp in Kalat. STAFF REPORT

nawaz promotes five bureaucrats to grade-21 ISLAMABAD AGENCIES Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday promoted five Police Services of Pakistan (PSP) officials to Grade-21 and referred cases of six officers back to the Central Selection Board (CSB) for review. The promoted officials are Arif Nawaz, Muneer Chishti, Amlish Ahmed, Amjad Saleemi and Abdul Maheed. The cases of Altaf Majeed, Farooq Qureshi, Sain Bahar, Capt Tahir Naveed, Masud Afridi and Amir Hamza Mehsud were


sent back for review. Meanwhile, Nawaz also approved promotion of two customs officials, Robina Akhtar and Tariq Ahad Nawaz, to BS21, while the cases of Khawar Fareed and Fateh Sheikh were sent back to the CSB for review. Moreover, the PM approved the appointment of Amjad Ali Khan as the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) chief secretary, Arbab Shahzad as KP secretary, Qasim Niaz as States and Frontier Region secretary, and Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera as In-charge Privatisation additional secretary.

iqBAl mehmOOd tO heAd sindh POlice ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Monday appointed Iqbal Mehmood as the Sindh inspector general of police (IGP). Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has approved Mehmood’s appointment, who was earlier serving as acting Sindh IG. A notification has also been released in this regard. The appointment was made following the retirement of Sindh IG Shahid Nadeem Baloch. Differences surfaced between the federal and Sindh governments over the nomination which delayed the appointment for a long time. STAFF REPORT


Tuesday, 8 April, 2014



report jointly prepared by the Rawalpindi and Islamabad police has claimed that the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) was getting active support from hardliner religious seminaries to carry out terrorism in the twin cities. Fearing a strong backlash from the TTP in case of the failure of the ongoing peace talks, the federal government had directed the police to collect information about the sympathisers and supporters of the Taliban. The police prepared the report with the help of intelligence agencies. The report stated that the TTP was not alone whenever it carried out terrorism activities in the twin cities. “It (TTP) gets full support from the religious seminaries and worship places of the Deobandi school of thought.” The seminaries and worship places are used by the TTP terrorists for lodging and sheltering. The main seminaries that provided support to the TTP are: Jamia Darul Uloom Zakrya Basti Anwarul Madina, Sara-i-Kharbooza, Tarnol, led by its administrator Pir Azizur Rehman Hazarvi, and Jamia Khalid Bin Walid located at Shams Colony in Golra which is administered by Maulana Fazlur Rehman Khalil. It said Khalil was also the chief of Ansarul Ummah and a Jihadi commander. These two seminaries, according to the report, were used by the TTP as the central points of activities to carry out terror attacks in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Then there are scores of other seminaries and Jamia (central) mosques whose likeminded administrators are working in tandem with these two madrassas. Whenever the TTP planned to carry out a suicide attack in the twin cities, the last-moment support was provided to the attackers by the like-minded administrations of the seminaries and mosques located in the targeted areas. These seminaries in different parts of the cities have students from KP, Fata, South and North Waziristan, Bajaur, Khyber and Mohmand agencies, the report stated. The students were also being imparted Jihadi training in the main seminaries - Darul Uloom Zakrya and Jamia Khalid Bin Walid. Besides, religious seminaries and worship places managed by the Deobandis were also supporting the TTP through the administrators of the two main madrassas.

“In case of an army operation against the TTP, like-minded seminaries will be given the task to help TTP in carrying out attacks in the twin cities,” the report said. Besides, seminaries in the far-flung areas would be used by the terrorists as their sanctuaries. The report identified 20 such seminaries in Rawalpindi which would be used by the TTP attackers. These madrassas are located in the Cantonment, Tench Bhatta, Girja Road, Westridge, Dhamyal Camp, Saddar, Ittehad Colony, Khayaban-i-Sir Syed, Kashmiri Bazaar, Pindora, Sadiqabad, Pirwadhai, Chaklala and Dhoke Hasu. The report added that scores of students from Ummat-i-Islamia Public High School in the Jhand tehsil of Attock district had gone for Jihad with the TTP, adding nine of the students were currently stationed in Waziristan. The school principal Manzoor Hussain’s two sons - Mujahid Manzoor and Shahid Manzoor - used to preach Jihad to other students of the school. “Now the two are in Waziristan and engaged in Jihad along with the TTP.” The principal is a grade 18 officer of the agriculture department and was previously affiliated with the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI). Later, the JI cancelled his membership after he entered into a second marriage with a female teacher. “Two students of the school, Mohammad Usman and Abdul Mateen, were killed in Afghanistan,” the report stated, adding they had gone to Afghanistan after completing their matriculation. Two other students of the school, Imran Sattar and Hafiz Mudassir, carried out terrorist attacks in Jhand on January 28, 2010, and Korangi Ada on February 8, 2013. The report said the school was training the students of 9th and 10 classes for Jihad. A large number of people from North and South Waziristan have been migrating to other parts of the country after the army conducted air strikes on militant hideouts there. “Well-trained terrorists and their leaders and commanders can also slip out of the their hideouts in Fata and take shelter in the hilly areas such as Abbottabad, Kakul, Nathia Gali, Murree, Jat Alyot and Phagwari,” the report stated. They can later move to the twin cities and take shelter in the seminaries and then carry out terrorism activities. “In reaction to the possible army operation, Taliban can also use Pashto speaking scavengers and women to attack their targets.” The report said the TTP activists can also find supporters and sympathisers in the rural areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi such as Bhara Kahu and Adiala Road.

Punjab law minister assures complete security to Bilawal ASIF ZARDARI TO ACCOMPANY SON DURING PUNJAB VISIT LAHORE: Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Monday said that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari would be provided foolproof security during his Punjab visit. Talking to reporters, Sanaullah said he had never said the Punjab government would not provide security to Bilawal. About the statement of PPP Senator Rehman Malik regarding life threats to Bilawal in Punjab, Sanaullah said everyone knows how much truth the former interior minister speaks. He said no one can compete with Malik when it comes to telling lies. He said the government was serious in peace talks with the Taliban, adding that dialogue process is moving ahead in a positive direction. Meanwhile, sources said that Bilawal had planned to visit Punjab in March but he postponed the tour after getting life threats. Sources said

that in the wake of threats, former president Asif Zardari has decided to accompany his son to Punjab. Punjab PPP President Manzoor Wattoo has been tasked to arrange three public meetings for Bilawal in Punjab. In addition, Wattoo would also arrange meetings with leaders of various political parties in Lahore. INP





290C 150C


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310C 170C


Tuesday, 8 April, 2014











SPIRITUALLY HIGH: Women bring water in pots for annual bathing of the shrine of Bibi Pak Daman. ONLINE

Things have goTTen serious for Meera Court orders registration of case against film actor

EDUCATION FIRST STEP TOWARDS PROSPERITY Shahbaz Sharif says Daanish schools to provide free of cost quality education to poor LAHORE

LAHORE: A court on Monday ordered the police to investigate whether to bring obscenity charges against popular film actor Meera who was allegedly involved in a sex tape controversy. Starlet Irtiza Rubab, known by her stage-name “Meera”, has stated that a video purporting to show her and husband Naveed Pervaiz having intercourse was fabricated. The clip, which was released in January, went viral among Pakistani Internet users. Shabbir Ahmed, an office worker in Lahore, took the matter to court in February saying she should be charged with “spreading obscenity and adultery”. The couple has not attended any of the case’s 10 hearings so far. Judge Safdar Ali Bhatti in his order on Monday said: “As per law, the petitioner along with the application should go to the police station and the police station should take action in accordance with the law.” Meera’s lawyer Ahmed Faheem Bhatti said he would try to overturn Monday’s ruling in the high court. “My client has all along been denying that she was in the video and she has stated that it was a fake video,” said the lawyer. INP



solid policy has been adopted for promotion of education in the province as it is essential for realising the dream of progress and prosperity of the country, said Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif while talking to prominent singer and founder of Zindgi Trust Shehzad Roy on Monday. Shehzad Roy informed the chief minister about the efforts of the Trust for the provision of educational facilities to hapless children. The chief minister said that the Punjab government has adopted a solid strategy for spreading knowledge to every nook and corner of the province. He said that provision of educational facilities to the poorest children is the top priority of the government and special measures have been taken for this purpose. Shahbaz Sharif said that Daanish schools have been established for

providing free of cost quality education to the poorest of the poor children of far-flung areas of the province. He said that such children are also being provided free boarding and lodging facilities at these centers of education. He said that Daanish schools are playing an important role for curbing the trend of extremism in the society. He said that modern education is being imparted in these schools through smart boards. CM CHAIRS MEETING TO REVIEW PROPOSALS FOR IMPROVING HEALTH FACILITIES: Punjab Chief Minister

CDGL continues anti-encroachment drive LAHORE APP

The City District Government Lahore (CDGL) during a followup operation against anti-encroachments on Monday removed several illegal structures in various areas of nine towns of the city. The administration of towns following directions of DCO Dr Ahmad Javed Qazi participated in the operation and demolished illegally constructed shops, several pedestals and many other illegal structures at Rim Market Fort Road, Shah Alam Market, Yakki Gate, Zarar Shaheed Road, Canal Road, Kahna, Nishtar Town and Samanabad. The district administration also seized four truckloads of material. The administrations of towns have been directed by the DCO to monitor areas continuously where encroachments have been removed so that encroachers could not reconstruct illegal structures again.


Shahbaz Sharif presided over a high level meeting on Monday which reviewed various proposals for the improvement of public health facilities in the province. Advisor on Health Khawaja Salman Rafique, Provincial Assembly Members Ayesha Ghaus Pasha, Chaudhry Arshad Javed, Planning and Development chairman, health secretary and other officers concerned were present. The chief minister said that steps are being taken for providing modern healthcare facilities in the province and government is spending billions of rupees for development of the health

sector. He said that a modern 50-bed hospital has been constructed in district Muzaffargarh of South Punjab with the cooperation of Turkey. He said that free of cost medical facilities would be provided to the poor patients in the hospital. He said that state-of-the-art machinery has been installed in the hospital which will be run with the cooperation of private sector. The chief minister said that the hospital constructed for the people of the South Punjab with the cooperation of Turkey is a gift of the Turk government and would result in provision of modern treatment facilities to the people of this region.


Tuesday, 8 April, 2014

A LUCKY DAY FOR SAFMA SAARC renews SAFMA recognition as its associate body for three years LAHORE: The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation’s Council of Ministers has renewed the recognition status of South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) as an associate body for another three years. According to a SAARC Secretariat notification the SAARC Council of Ministers has taken this decision on recommendation of SAARC Standing Committee. Signed by SAARC Secretary General Arjun B Thapa, the SAARC Certificate will remain valid until March 31, 2016 and is renewable. PrEss rELEAsE




HE Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday ordered that Lady Willingdon Hospital should not be demolished. The Young Doctors’ Association and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Dr Yasmin Rashid had filed petitions saying the government planned to demolish a portion of the hospital for the Minar-i-Pakistan Interchange project. They had said that the demolition contravened Articles 14, 10-A, 9, 24, 23, 19-A, 16, 15 and 25-A of the Constitution. Today, the LHC ordered that the grounds of the hospital can be used for the construction of the flyover at Azadi Chowk, adding that renovation of the hospital should be done within 45 days after which a report should be submitted. Earlier in February, the LHC had extended the stay order against the demolition of a portion of the hospital falling in way of the project till that

LhC CoMes forward To save Lady wiLLingdon hospiTaL

date. Buildings on both sides of Ravi Road, from Timber Market to Taxali

swine fLu deaTh ToLL: 3 and CounTing Another man dies of swine flu LAHORE ONLINE

A 25-year-old man succumbed to swine flu at the Social Security Hospital on Monday. Deceased Zahid Abbas Shah was a resident of Manga Mandi. Few days back, he was admitted to the hospital’s isolation ward as a suspected swine flu patient after he complained of fever and cough. He had tested positive for H1N1. This was the third swine flu death during this year in Lahore. As per details, four people have died of swine flu in different parts of Multan.

find ThaT Man asap! LHC seeks report from Punjab IG on Badshah Khan case LAHORE ONLINE

Lahore High Court (LHC), Monday, sought report from Inspector General Police (IGP) Punjab Khan Baig in missing person Badshah Khan case. According to media reports, the court had summoned the heads of Inter-Services Intelligence and Military Intelligence on Monday. The heads of secret agencies assured the court for their full cooperation in the case. The defence secretary, Intelligence Bureau (IB) director general and deputy attorney general were presented before the LHC Rawalpindi Bench. The deputy attorney general apprised the court that a commission constituted to investigate the issues of missing persons is working for recovery disappeared persons. Justice Ebaadur Rehman asked that under which law, the commission was formed and what is the legality of commission in implementation of its decisions. Justice Ebaadur Rehman commission can only present recommendations in this regard.


Chowk, were being demolished except for the hospital building. Authorities had, however,

dismantled billboards from the hospital’s premises and removed the pavement next to the hospital’s boundary. Although the authorities had planned to acquire two kanals and 11 marlas of the hospital’s land (a mosque and washrooms have been built on the area), the court had granted a stay order considering the alleged contravention of law. The stay was first granted on January 30 by Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry. It was extended by Justice Abdul Sattar Asghar on February 6 who had also issued notices to the relevant authorities for reply and comments. According to the Young Doctors’ Association and the PTI leader, the hospital had been constructed on 120 kanals 83 years ago.

08 COMMENT Changing regional scenario

Tuesday, 8 April, 2014

Afghanistan elections and Pakistan One hopes its fallout does not adversely impacts us

Pakistan needs to have friendly relations with its neighbours


AkISTAn needs to have friendly relations with its neighbours to overcome the dire economic and security challenges it faces. As things stand Islamabad’s relations with all the countries sharing borders with it, with the exception of China, are less than friendly. Islamabad is therefore required to allocate a big chunk of its budget on defence at the expense of education, health and social development. India is still considered by the army as an existential threat. Pakistan continues to host millions of Afghan refugees and many more are likely to arrive in days to come in case of a bloody civil war in the neighbouring country. The karzai government however looked at Pakistan for years with suspicion. Tehran continues to complain that sectarian terrorists use Pakistan’s territory to launch attacks inside Iran. What is needed is to have cordial relations with all these countries. This would result in economic cooperation and increase in mutual trade, bringing prosperity to all. With the threshold of external threat coming down this would also lead to a significant reduction in defence expenditure. Cultivation of mutual confidence and friendly relations will enable these countries to jointly curb the menace of terrorism. Major changes are taking place in the region that can have consequences for Pakistan. The karzai era is over and Afghanistan is going to have a new administration. Is Islamabad prepared to deal with the changed situation with fresh solutions for old disputes? The six-week long electoral process has begun in India. There is a strong likelihood of BJP coming to power after a decade. The Hindu nationalist party has made it known that it would react more strongly to border incidents and acts of terrorism. The old demands for a speedy punishment for Mumbai attack masterminds and for MFn status for India are likely to increase. Does the government have any out of the box solutions for the disputes that continue to mar ties between the two neighbours? Pak-Iran relations which were already less than ideal further deteriorated after Pakistan’s policy shift on Syria and the presumed deal to sell arms, including shoulder fired anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles. The invitation by Iranian President to Prime Minister nawaz Sharif for Tehran visit has been accepted. Will he carry new ideas for removing Iranian complaints? Stock responses to the resolution of differences have not succeeded in the past nor is there any hope of their success in the future. The government must not be short of options. It is not enough to maintain, as Sartaj Aziz does, that doors cannot be closed to negotiation whichever government comes in India. What is required is to work out multiple options to win over the three neighbours with whom we have serious differences.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad Joint Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2204545 Web: Email:

Yasmeen aftab ali


HE question deals less with which candidate wins the presidential race and more with the legitimacy and acceptance of the election results by the multiethnic population of Afghanistan. The Afghan election system follows that of the French. There are a total of 11 candidates in the run and it is not possible for any one of these aspirants to get more than 50 per cent of total votes. This will mean the two candidates getting the highest votes will be pitted against each other in the second round. The process of declaring an ultimate winner can take a few months if one takes into consideration the disputes erupting as a result of ballot complaints. The second round of two leading contestants will take minimum six weeks from the date of the first, or even more. The question that is important here is whether or not the Uzbek, Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, nuristani, Pamiri, Aimak and others will accept the result or will Afghanistan descend into civil war. The latter is most likely. The apparent stronger candidate Abdullah Abdullah, previously karzai’s foreign minister, resigned and in 2009 had emerged as a serious contender to the Afghan President post. He garnered enough votes to make it to the second round. How-

ever, he does not command Pashtun support in Afghanistan. Hence, any opposing contender of his, assuming there is a second round will walk away with the Pashtun votes for the simple reason that Abdullah will not be acceptable to them. The Afghan national Security Forces are not strong enough to counter a full blown insurgency. Although in most areas, the local forces are responsible for maintaining law and order, the international forces do patrol to support them in certain areas upon request. Let us not forget a doggedly continuing insurgency continues in the eastern and southern part of Afghanistan as I write. Afghanistan is going to face shortage of investment, security back-up support, collapse on the front of transportation and reconstruction upon the international forces leaving its land. There will be a dire need to focus on long term sustainable programmes based on strengthening the economy. This can only follow a peaceful transition of power, or at least near peaceful. Afghanistan will no longer be recipient of heavy international aid to restructure its economy. It needs to develop production sectors, looking for markets to sell their wares inside and outside Afghanistan. But, as Pakistan’s example teaches us, economic stability relies on secure environment. killings, insurgency and related security instability can effectively make the capital take flight outside the borders. The Afghan ground will be fertile for Taliban with the international forces out of the picture. Russia, Iran and India will support the anti-Taliban forces; India’s investment in Afghanistan is a whooping US $2 billion in development aid and has a huge stake there. In 2011 both countries had signed an agreement to the effect that India will train and equip the Afghan Security Forces. Afghanistan’s importance for India is further emphasised by Rupakjyoti Borah and Pandit Deendayal in their article. “Afghanistan is important for India’s energy

security. Afghanistan is India’s gateway to energy-rich Central Asia – the US$7.6 billion Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-PakistanIndia pipeline is scheduled to start bringing natural gas from Turkmenistan to India by 2017… India has a big economic stake in Afghanistan. It owns the mining rights to three of the four blocks of the Hajigak iron ore deposits, west of the capital city of kabul, and has funded the construction of the 218 kilometre Zaranj-Delaram road in Afghanistan, which gives landlocked Afghanistan access to the sea via Iran. India uses the Iranian port of Chabahar to ferry supplies to Afghanistan because Pakistan refuses to give India access overland to Afghanistan.” (Published August 6, 2013) Iran on the other hand is using media in Afghanistan with an aim to gain stronger influence. “nearly a third of Afghanistan’s media is backed by Iran, either financially or through providing content, Afghan officials and media groups say. Iran spends $100 million a year in Afghanistan, much of it on the media, civil society projects and religious schools, says Daud Moradian, a former foreign ministry advisor who now teaches at the American University in kabul.” (Reuters, May 24, 2012) On the Russian front, karzai offered unequivocal support to Russia in it annexation of Crimea. Russia is viewed as a natural ally to Afghanistan in the changing geopolitical scenario. Russia has not forgotten Pakistan’s role in supporting USA vis-à-vis Russia in the 1980s. China has supported Pakistan principally, whereas Russia has done the same for India. A tricky situation by any given standard. Pakistan is in a noose. On the one hand it needs to deal with militant outfits on its soil. There are no two ways to go about it. On the other hand, in the evolving situation next door, with a next to impossible border to manage between the two countries, there is a strong chance of the Afghan soil being used to organise attacks within Pakistan by the militants rather than

the other way round. A report by Stratfor states, “Pakistan has hoped a negotiated settlement between the United States and the Afghan Taliban ending the insurgency in Afghanistan would eventually help Islamabad deal with militants on Pakistani side of the border.” (April 15, 2013) One interesting point the report raises is, “If the Afghan Taliban are not part of a broad-based coalition government in kabul, Pakistan will face serious difficulties in getting a handle on its own Taliban rebels. This explains why Pakistan has been pushing for a balance of power between the Taliban and anti-Taliban forces.” However, with Taliban not having participated in the 2014 elections, such participation is not possible. Being a militant group and being a politically organised party are two different things altogether. So what does Pakistan do? It has landed itself in a situation where they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. There is no perceived ally with which Pakistan can associate itself or rely upon to counter this situation. Allying itself with Saudi Arabia in this volatile situation may well lead to more complications for obvious reasons. The argument between the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ Taliban will not hold. Let us be clear that the standing between Pakistan and Taliban (earlier called the Mujahideen) is a different and difficult one than when created to counter Russian influence in Afghanistan. Policy making in Pakistan is divided owing to a mix of extreme right, right, moderate and left legislators. Author Mike Malloy rightly said, “Afghanistan – where empires go to die.” One sincerely hopes it does not drag down Pakistan with it. Yasmeen Aftab Ali a lawyer, academic and political analyst. She has authored a book titled A Comparative Analysis of Media & Media Laws in Pakistan. Her email is: and tweets at @yasmeen_9

Distracted by the peace process What really happened during the talks

Jonathan Cook


HERE was a mad scramble by Washington last week to prevent the seemingly inevitable – an implosion of the Middle East peace talks. In a last-ditch effort to stop Israel reneging on a promise to release a final batch of Palestinian prisoners, the US briefly threw in possibly the biggest bargaining chip in its hand: the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. With Israel still dragging its feet, an infuriated Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas submitted applications to join 15 United nations conventions, thereby reviving a campaign to win international recognition of Palestinian statehood. Although Washington will continue quietly arm-twisting the two sides a little longer, President Barack Obama is reported to be worried that US diplomacy is starting to appear “desperate”. The negotiations’ failure could prove an important clarifying moment, signalling the

Editor’s mail

effective demise of the two-state solution. Both the US and Israel have come to rely on the endless theatrics of the twodecade peace process. Settlement freezes, prisoner releases, rows about Palestinian Authority funding and, of course, intermittent negotiations have served as useful distractions from the main developments on the ground. For every settler home built, Palestinians lose territory needed not only for a state but also to keep individual families living where they are now. The innocuous term “settlements” conceals their true role: as Israel’s primary vehicle for ethnic cleansing Palestinians through dispossession and harassment. Washington welcomed Falk’s departure, calling him a “noxious” presence. But his warnings have been echoed by others, including Israeli and Palestinian human rights organisations. Falk’s findings were also confirmed by a usually circumspect group: European Union diplomats. A leaked joint report by EU consulates in the occupied territories observed that ethnic cleansing was advancing at an ever-accelerating pace in East Jerusalem. The diplomats’ immediate concern is a “conflagration” as Israel’s extreme right is allowed ever greater access to the supremely sensitive site of the Al Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City. Pushing to be given prayer rights there, the Israeli right hope they can eventually win from their government a partition of the site, as occurred earlier at the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron. There,

the settlers’ control has effectively turned the once-thriving centre of Hebron into a Palestinian ghost town. In East Jerusalem, Israel’s ethnic cleansing policies are at their most intense. As the EU notes, Palestinians have been starved of municipal funds, deprived of schools and blocked from commercial activity, and are leaving, heading for the greater security of West Bank cities. In recent weeks, Palestinians in sections of East Jerusalem have even discovered that, despite its claims to treat Jerusalem as its “unified capital”, Israel has stopped supplying them with water. Official data provide clues to Israel’s real intentions. This year’s first-quarter figures show that Israel sold more land to settlers for house building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem than it did for construction inside Israel itself. West Bank construction has more than doubled over the same period last year. Last week a knesset committee effectively stymied efforts to force the government to disclose how much it is spending on settlement construction. nonetheless, left wing legislators managed to extract partial treasury figures showing that the settlement budget has increased by at least $143 million over the past six months, during the height of talks with the Palestinians. In another sign of how Israel has been entrenching the settlements while paying lip-service to a peace process, the Israeli media revealed that 24 major infrastructure projects had been approved for the West Bank. They include more than $57 million

for new settler roads and the first planned train service linking the settlements to Israel. Israeli dispossession policies are not limited to the occupied territories. Foreign minister Avigodor Lieberman’s plan to redraw the borders to strip part of Israel’s large Palestinian minority of its citizenship received a major fillip last month. For the first time government lawyers rejected the opinion of international law experts and gave their blessing to what the liberal Haaretz daily called Lieberman’s programme of “ethnic cleansing” of its own citizens. If negotiations collapse, it should be clear that, while both sides were supposed to be talking, one side – Israel – was vigorously and unilaterally acting to further its goals. It now seems the Palestinian leadership will respond in kind, by pushing their bid for statehood at the Un. Israel has already threatened “punitive measures”, meaning things are likely to turn yet uglier. But the era of wishful thinking may finally be coming to an end – and that will be progress in itself. Jonathan Cook won the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His latest books are “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His new website is A version of this article first appeared in The National, Abu Dhabi.

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What is schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is one of the most common and severest mental disorders prevailing these days. It affects both men and women equally. This disease manifests itself in men earlier than in woman. It is more likely to appear in late adolescence. It a psychological disorder in which the individual’s thinking, emotions and behaviour are badly affected. The patient’s thinking gets

muddled and speech becomes incoherent. Perception and attention are shattered. Moreover, feelings become hollow and inappropriate. Basically the individual’s motor behaviour is distorted. A schizophrenic is divorced from reality and relies on hallucinations. Schizophrenia is the combination of two Greek words. Schizein means to split and phren means mind. In combination, it means the splitting of mind or the falling of mind into pieces. Eugen Bleuler explained this disease as breaking of associative threads. He


maintained that schizophrenic breaks with reality. The connection between words and thoughts is shattered. Hence, schizophrenia is a very severe mental disorder which encompasses all aspects of mental life. Thinking, perception, feelings and all observable activities are affected by it. The symptoms of schizophrenic patients are characterised by variation. As a result all patients do not show all symptoms. HADIQA JAMIL Lahore


Tuesday, 8 April, 2014

We need to talk about BJP’s manifesto Hindu


N raM

O official statement has come from the Bharatiya Janata Party to explain its strange decision to release, in the face of the Election Commission of India’s displeasure, its Manifesto on April 7, 2014 — the first of the nine ‘Poll Days’ constituting the 16th general election. Election manifestoes are no big deal. That’s the message seemingly conveyed by the party that, according to most opinion polls, will form the next coalition government in New Delhi, assuming of course that it can solve its ‘last mile’ problem by finding enough allies to connect to the magic number of 272 Lok Sabha seats. The big deal is the ‘Vikas Purush’ avatar of a former outlier, Chief Minister Narendra Modi, whose campaign machine has done everything in its power to obfuscate or draw attention away from the past, 2002 and all that. Who needs a Manifesto when there is MODIMANTRA, which actually heads the list of ‘Core Issues’ at the BJP’s official website, Who needs a Manifesto when there is the ‘Gujarat Model’ of governance, development, and social engineering that the rest of India needs to aspire to? (This message seems to fly notwithstanding the availability of a growing literature that reveals that when you look at various development and social indicators, Gujarat is no model State.) Message and reality What is clear by now is that the message is quite different from the reality: the BJP’s failure to unveil its Manifesto weeks after most other parties, national and regional, have come out with their mostly elaborate exercises is no small deal. So what’s the real reason for this negation of the very idea of an election Manifesto, which is meant to appeal to the heart and mind of voters? Fortunately, pro-BJP voices in the news media are more forthcoming than the party’s present high command. One of them, R Jagannathan, editor-in-chief of Network 18 group publications, tackles the question in a provocative opinion piece titled “Modi is the manifesto: Why BJP doesn’t need a hefty document.” At the end of the article, Mr Jagannathan comes to the real point: “Manifestoes can be constricting”; they can act as “a tripwire for a party that hopes to win and form a government.” In other words, an election Manifesto, if taken too seriously, can spell trouble for the future, especially when the party seems close enough to taking power. The less it reveals about – the more it camouflages – the ideology and character of the party, its real programme, policy agenda, and intentions, its stand on sensitive and highly divisive issues, the better. In the case of the BJP today, what evidently needs to be underplayed, if not kept out of public view, is the Sangh Parivar’s well-known repertoire of core issues: the concept of Hindutva; the project of building a Ram Temple in Ayodhya (on the grave of the Babri Masjid); the abrogation of Article 370, which confers a special constitutional status on Jammu & Kashmir; coming up with a Uniform Civil Code; banning religious con-

versions, cow slaughter, and so forth. The irony of it all seems to have escaped general attention. The BJP, after all, is a highly ideologised political entity. It is a member of a volatile family, the “Sangh Parivar,” which is “nurtured” by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the ideological or conceptual brain directing family affairs. To represent intra-familial relationships in this right-wing communal formation, there is no need to go to any external source. Here is how the History section of the BJP’s official website,, presents the relationships: “The Bharatiya Janata Party is today the most prominent member of the family of organisations known as the ‘Sangh Parivar’ and nurtured by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)…History is the philosophy of nations…the Sangh Parivar has a very clear…conception of Indian history…[The RSS] has no doubt about Hindu identity and culture being the mainstay of the Indian nation and of Indian society.” The BJP has come a long way since 1984, when it suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of a Congress that rode a sympathy wave to an unprecedented electoral triumph. The BJP’s highly ideological nature, its organisational strength, and the depth of reserves provided by its membership of the Parivar explain its resilience, its ability to re-invent itself in accordance with changing socio-political circumstances. Historically, it began to taste electoral success only after trading its vague and somewhat indeterminate right-wing platform of its

formative years (1980-1986) for the platform of aggressive Hindutva, adopted at its Palampur session in 1989. Core Hindutva issues A close look at the BJP’s election manifestoes from 1996, which began the era of the party bidding seriously for power at the Centre, shows a consistent pattern of fielding the core Hindutva issues, with 1999 constituting the sole exception. The language, the style, and the treatment of the issues vary but the core issues are embedded in the manifestoes. The ideologues evidently saw to this, despite the reported sporadic attempts of A.B. Vajpayee to moderate or soften the message. The BJP’s 1998 Manifesto is nothing if not outspoken on all the core issues. It speaks of “Sanatana Dharma [as]…synonymous with Indian nationalism” and commits the party to the concept of “One Nation, One People and One Culture.” It proclaims that “the evolution of Hindutva in politics is the antidote to the creation of vote banks and appeasement of sectional interests.” Asserting that “Shri Ram lies at the core of Indian consciousness,” it commits the party to facilitating “the construction of a magnificent Shri Ram Mandir at Ram Janmasthan in Ayodhya where a makeshift temple already exists.” It promises to “explore all consensual, legal and constitutional means to facilitate the construction of Shri Ram Mandir at Ayodhya.” As for the special constitutional status of Jammu & Kashmir, the party’s 1998 Manifesto issues a threat: “The BJP will abrogate Article 370 of the Constitution.” Fur-

ther, it proposes to “entrust the Law Commission” with the formulation of “a Uniform Civil Code based on the progressive practices from all traditions.” There was no BJP Manifesto for the 1999 Lok Sabha elections. Instead, the newly formed National Democratic Alliance came out with a “National Agenda for Governance,” which included none of the core Hindutva issues. But broad alliance considerations did not deter the BJP from fielding these highly divisive issues in its next general election Manifesto, which was titled “Vision Document – 2004.” It expresses fealty to “the philosophy of Integral Humanism as enunciated by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya” and to Hindutva, claiming that “Hindutva is not a religious or exclusivist concept” but is “inclusive, integrative…” Among the 2004 Manifesto’s highlights is reaffirmation of the party’s “commitment to the construction of a Ram Temple in Ayodhya,” if necessary through a judicial verdict but preferably through a process of speeded-up dialogue between parties to the dispute. The demand for the abrogation of Article 370 does not find a place in this Manifesto but the demand for “Autonomous Regional Councils for Jammu and Ladakh with adequate financial and administrative powers” does. Hardening stanCe The BJP’s 2009 Manifesto saw a hardening of the core Hindutva stance. It extols the “Hindu world view.” It includes a paean to the Ayodhya movement, which had been led by the party’s prime ministerial candidate, LK Advani, as “the biggest mass movement in India since Independence,” a movement that “initiated a powerful debate on cultural nationalism and the true meaning of secularism.” Claiming that “there is an overwhelming demand of the people in India and abroad to have a grand temple at the birth place of Shri Ram in Ayodhya,” it commits the BJP to exploring “all possibilities, including negotiations and judicial proceedings, to facilitate the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.” The 2009 Manifesto reaffirms the BJP’s commitment to the abrogation of Article 370. And it proposes, “as a first step,” to “set up a Commission to draft a Uniform Civil Code, drawing upon the best traditions and harmonising them with the modern times.” It is not as though the BJP did not do homework on its Manifesto for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. In fact, its preparations began earlier than other major parties, with the October 2013 launch of a website inviting suggestions from voters for its Manifesto. Given the historical background, it would be naïve to think that the failure of the BJP to come up with a serious Manifesto in time, on account of unresolved tensions between the old guard in the BJP Manifesto Committee and the aggressive Modi team, means the side-lining of core Hindutva in the event of the NDA forming the next government. Recent developments, including the Parivar’s highly communal campaign in Uttar Pradesh and Amit Shah’s inflammatory rhetoric addressing a Jat audience, are intimations that the BJP, “the most prominent member” of the family of Hindutva organisations, is not about to change its spots.

The risks of a nuclear Saudi Arabia Financial Times Nick Butler

Life in the Middle East never stands still. The inexorable progress of Iran towards some form of nuclear capability has not been halted by the negotiations which began at the end of last year and which have now run on for almost six months. In the absence of a deal others are assuming the worst. Unilateral direct action by Israel still cannot be definitively ruled out. Meanwhile, other countries are feeling the need to prepare their own deterrents. Having lost confidence in the umbrella of US security the Saudis are developing their own capabilities. The dangers for the region and for the world’s energy markets are enormous. The issue is set out in an excellent new paper for the Belfer Center at Harvard by Olli Heinonen and Simon Henderson. The Saudis’ explanation of their newfound interest in nuclear technology is that they want to use it to produce electric power and to converse oil supplies which can be exported. There is a core of truth in this of course – Saudi Arabia’s domestic oil con-

sumption is rising inexorably and is now more than 3 mbd, or 3,000 barrels a day. But, of course, this is exactly the argument used by Iran for its own nuclear research. Heinonen and Henderson believe the Saudis are preparing the way and giving themselves the option of being able to move beyond civil nuclear power to the point where they could within a matter of months produce some form of weapon. The country undoubtedly has the money to buy whatever is needed and they have close and dangerous allies within Pakistan, a country which is already a nuclear state. Scrutiny by the International Atomic Energy Agency is minimal (bizarrely the organisation spends more money monitoring Jordan) and the Saudis could go a long way down the path to nuclear capability without it becoming obvious until very late in the day. The prospect of nuclear weapons in the hands of the fragile government of Saudi Arabia is bad enough. The country is fundamentally unstable – held together only by force and by the flow of oil money to an ever growing number of citizens who have high expectations and low productivity. But

equally concerning is that any further conflict in the region – even at a level below the nuclear threshold – could shake the global energy economy to its foundations. Over time the world is moving away from dependence on Middle East oil. Improvements in efficiency, and the development of all sorts of alternatives from shale gas and tight oil to solar and wind will give consumers new choices. Pretty soon oil demand will peak globally – as it has already in the US, Europe and Japan. But the crucial point is that we are not there yet. It is common place to talk about oil and gas self sufficiency in North America and the potential for development of Chinese shale gas. The hard reality though is that neither will be achieved before 2020. In the shorter term there are new sources of supply gradually coming onstream – for instance in the Caspian, Brazil and West Africa. But in every case the pace of those developments is slower than promised. We cannot afford to misunderstand the fact that the positive prospects for the medium and long term do not remove the dependence of the oil market on Middle East exports for most of the next decade.

Saudi Arabia now produces about 11.5 mbd of which about 8.5 mbd are exported. That is a sixth of world oil trade. If Iraq fails to live up to the hype which promises production of 6 mbd by 2020 the dependence on Saudi will be even greater. Trade routes, especially through the Straits of Hormuz which take oil from other countries as well as from Saudi and Iran are also vulnerable. Over time less and less of that oil will flow westwards and more will go to Asia. That is strategically very significant, especially for China and India, but the world market for oil is singular and any disruption will have an impact on prices which will be felt right around the world. I do not know if the process of proliferation can be stopped. Much will depend on whether the US and Israel tolerate continued Iranian nuclear development to the point at which weapons can be developed within months. But the risks are very high. Energy security as Mr Putin has helpfully reminded us is not a matter of history. The importance of developing a wide range of alternative supplies should be a strategic priority for every nation which relies on imports.

Modi leaves himself room on Pakistan indian express c raja MohaN The BJP manifesto leaves some room for its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in the conduct of India’s relations with Pakistan, one of the most challenging accounts of the nation’s foreign policy. By avoiding inflammatory rhetoric on Pakistan in the manifesto, the BJP has sought to dampen the speculation around the world that Modi’s leadership of India will lead to an inevitable confrontation with Pakistan. For the moment, it would be unwise to assess Modi’s approach to Pakistan by using the traditional metrics of India’s domestic political discourse. After all, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a leader of the ‘Hindu nationalist’ BJP travelled to Pakistan twice in his six year tenure as prime minister. Dr Manmohan Singh of the “secular” Congress Party could not get himself do that journey even once in his ten long years as the PM. If the Congress party has selfimposed constraints on its Pakistan policy, the BJP allows a bit of flexibility to the prospective Modi government. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s diplomacy towards Pakistan in the second term of the UPA has been weighed down by the terror attack on Mumbai at the end of November 2008. Over the last few years, he struggled to strike a balance between the need to get the plotters of the attack to justice and the unavoidable imperative of engaging Pakistan. The Congress Party’s manifesto highlighted this dilemma by stating that it will “calibrate the dialogue” with Islamabad to the “delivery on accountability for 26/11 as well as dismantling of the infrastructure of terrorism on Pakistani soil”. The BJP certainly refers to increasing terror attacks in India by “Pakistan backed terror groups” and affirms “zero tolerance towards terrorism”. At the same time, it asserts that India “will pursue friendly relations” in the neighbourhood. It also insisted that “where required we will not hesitate from taking strong stand and steps”, without elaborating on what they might be. The BJP also argued that peace in the region “is essential for South Asia’s growth and development”. It accused the UPA of presiding over a drift in India’s relations with the neighbours. This broad framework, of course, lets Modi, if he indeed becomes the next prime minister, to make a fresh start with Pakistan on the nature and terms of a future dialogue. That of course has never been easy, especially when it comes to the connection between crossborder terrorism and dialogue with Pakistan. Across the border in Pakistan there are competing views about Modi. His negative image as a ‘Hindu extremist’ and a ‘Muslim-baiter’, some argue, would significantly limit the freedom of the civilian leaders in Pakistan to embark on purposeful dialogue with Modi. Others in Pakistan believe that as a strong leader Modi, much in the manner of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, may be more capable of taking initiatives. How the bilateral relations might unfold in the coming months would depend on the initial contacts between Modi and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. A major terror incident during the elections or immediately afterwards would, however, mean all bets are off. The writer is a distinguished fellow at the Observer Research Foundation and a contributing editor for The Indian Express.


Tuesday, 8 April, 2014


GPA's 'ficTiTious' Tender documenTs rAise eyebrows KARACHI



He state of affairs at Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) appears dubious as the port operator is carrying out maintenance dredging at the deeper-draft port on the basis of, what the sources claimed, ‘fictitious’ tender documents. The port authorities across the globe are required to conduct maintenance dredging on annual basis especially after the rainy monsoon season that leads to siltation at the ports' navigational channels the draught of which has to be maintained according to the size of the calling ships. The GPA too, on Feb 10, invited financial proposals from the bidders to dredge the Gwadar port's inner and outer channels, turning basin and berthing area, respectively, to the port's designed level of 13.8, 14.4, 13.8 and 14.5 meters. In total the qualified dredging firm would have to carry out 1.5 million cubic meters dredging at the deep-sea port which has, by and large, been handling captive public sector cargo belonging mostly to the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP). It was 2010, three years back, when last time maintenance dredging had been undertaken at the Gwadar port. Factors like inadequate government attention, inefficient operator, lack of business and the resultant scarcity of funds, the sources claimed, had rendered GPA unable to carry out regular annual maintenance dredging at the country's third largest strategic seaport. even this time while the GPA is all out to clear the port's navigational channel off siltation the Authority, the sources said, had prepared "fictitious" tender documents that give the GPA little or no leverage against the potential contractor. "In case the contractor failed to complete the works within the time period stated in the contract, or such extended period as agreed to by the GPA, then the contractor shall pay to the GPA a sum equal to Rs 1 million per day for all days beyond the agreed completion period, subject to a maximum of 5 percent of the

total contract price," reads Clause 11 of the tender documents available with Pakistan Today. The sources privy to the matter said the GPA had not put a termination clause in the document that, routinely, is enforced in case of the contractor's failure to complete the work assigned. "That means contractor can carry out its work after accepting 5 percent penalty and the 95 percent of payment will be released even if the contractor failed to complete the job in given time," they apprehended. Having been setbacked in 2010, the sources recalled, at the hands of then dredging company, Ms MeW (PVT) LTD, the GPA should have been more cautious in issuing tender documents. "MeW in last (2010) dredging contract had left the work incomplete that had put the GPA on its toes running from pillar to post to get the work completely done," they said. Karachi Port Trust and Pakistan Navy, the sources said, had obliged the GPA through sending their dredgers, naming respectively TSH Mehmoodul Hassan and Behr Kusha, to carry out the required dredging at Gwadar port. The sources recalled that the GPA had paid Ms MeW around Rs 350 million for the maintenance dredging project that was left incomplete at the end of the day. Further, what raised eyebrows about in the quarters concerned is the fact that the GPA drifted from the standard practice of holding a joint pre-bid meeting with all the bidders simultaneously. "Yes, they met

every bidder separately that puts to question integrity of GPA's Dredging Committee," confirmed a bidder, requesting anonymity. Moreover, the sources said, the GPA in the entire tender had not asked the bidders to detail specification of the dredger they would be employing after the award of contract. "The firms are qualified on the basis of documents they provide for the prequalification but the GPA never has asked to provide position of the dredger at the time of bidding," they added. In addition, the sources said, the GPA was to clarify that acceptable hopper capacity of the dredger must be 5000 cbm or above to complete the job on time and to avoid litigation subsequently. Also, the GPA had failed to mention in the tender documents that what should be the dumping distance of dredged material. "It must be written in the tender, so that the potential contractor could calculate the cost of fuel and time required for dumping," said the sources. Another sources went on to claim that the GPA had issued the tender as a "formality" and in fact had decided to award the millions of rupees contract again to a blueeyed dredging firm, Ms MeW (Pvt) Limited. The company's 1000cbm dredger, TSH Shahan, is said to have been anchored at Karachi Port's mooring to be mobilized to Gwadar as soon as the GPA awards contract to the firm. Despite repeated attempts of this reporter GPA chairman Dostain Jamaldini was not available for comments.

Macro-economic indicators show sustainable growth: Dar ISLAMABAD APP

MINISTeR for Finance Ishaq Dar has said the impressive macro-economic indicators, as monitored and assessed by international financial institutions, present a picture of sustainable growth and economic stability in Pakistan. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) gave a clean chit to the Pakistan's economic health, which led to the engagement with major financial institutions, he added. The minister was addressing a gathering of Canadian and Pakistani businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals at an interactive session organised jointly by the Consulate General of Pakistan in Toronto and Canada-Pakistan Business Council (CPBC), said a message received here from Canada on Monday. The briefing was attended by Canadian parliamentarians including Senator Salma Ataullahjan, MP John McCallum, MP Brad Butt, Ontario Minister for Research and Innovation, Dr Reza Moridi and MPP Dr Shafiq Qaadri. CPBC Chairman Bryon Wilfert, Pakistan's High Commissioner Akbar Zeb, Consul General Nafees Zakaria, President CPBC Samir Dossal and Ontario economic Department's Officials were among the notable participants. The minister said the economic performance would enable Pakistan to enter the international bond market after seven years of absence. He outlined the bold policy steps taken by the government to address the challenges of economy, energy crisis and security, which resulted in a promising outcome.

Dar shared the news about significant enhancement in foreign investments due to the restoration of investors' confidence at the back of strengthening of Rupee vis-avis US dollar and other currencies, high and speedy returns for venture capitalists. On tackling security, the minister said the government was determined to deal with the issue of extremism decisively and eradicate the menace. Pakistan wants to give peace a chance, he added. He regretted that despite Pakistan's sacrifices, colossal economic losses and sincere efforts, some were playing the blame game. He stressed that Pakistan was fighting the common enemy. He told the Canadians and Pakistani community that Pakistan was on path to economic recovery and cited economist Jim O'Neil's prediction that by 2050 it would be the 18th largest economy of the world. He was confident that with exploitation of hydrocarbon reserves and other natural resources, it could be achieved much earlier. The minister mentioned that the government was adhered to the 4es of the election manifesto, which were economy, energy, education and eradication of extremism. On Afghanistan, he underlined Pakistan's firm commitment to peace and stability. Pakistan recently enhanced its commitment to US$500 million in development and humanitarian projects, including a kidney centre for which he invited Canadian collaboration. MP John McCallum, the former chief economist, lauded Dar's briefing and expressed understanding that Pakistan indeed was full of potential.


IHC seeks reply from Petroleum Ministry, SNGPL MD ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court on Monday sought reply from the petroleum ministry and the Sui Northern Gas Pipe Lines Limited Managing Director by April 17 on a contempt plea seeking direction to implement the court orders with regard to the opening of CNG three days in a week. A single member bench of IHC comprising Justice Shoukat Aziz Siddiqui resumed hearing of contempt plea filed by CNG stations owners seeking initiation of contempt proceedings against MD SNGPL for not implementing court orders and issuing new schedule of supply of gas to CNG stations. He said the new schedule announced by the petroleum ministry and SNGPL to supply gas six hours in a day was the violation of court orders. Qamar Afzal further prayed that to direct SNGPL to implement the previous court orders of supply of gas in three days a week. On February 6, the High Court had ordered the SNGPL to provide the gas to CNG stations of the twin-cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi in three days a week. The CNG station owners stated in their applications that the CNG stations had already been under severe financial crunch and the three months gas closure had worsen their problems. APP

CORPORATE CORNER the SME Toolkit will help empower the local entrepreneurial community and hence enable economic progress.” SMEs play a crucial role in the growth of developing economies such as Pakistan, by contributing to employment, and, in some countries, more than 30 percent of the gross domestic product. PRESS RELEASE

shell Pakistan opens new station in multan Finance, Mortgage Finance to NUML employees on preferred rates and flexible terms & conditions. This special arrangement between AKBL& NUML will facilitate NUML employees with their long & short term financing needs enabling them to fulfil their dreams of better home, car, and living. The Signing ceremony was graced by Brigadier Azam Javed - Director General NUML, S. Tufail Khalil - Director Finance NUML, Mr. Qaiser H. Abbasi- Country Head Consumer Banking (AKBL), Mr. Sher Afgan Khanzada- Regional General Manager North and other Key executives from both the sides were present at the occasion. PRESS RELEASE

KARACHI: US Consul General Michael Dodman called on PIA Managing Director Junaid Younis at the airline's head office on Monday. PR

bank Alfalah and ifc Launch the sme Toolkit to support smes in Pakistan LAHORE: Bank Alfalah and IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, have launched the SME Toolkit in Pakistan, an online solutions platform, which provides value-added resources, including business advice, local and global best practices and opportunities, to both existing and potential SMEs to grow and improve their businesses. This launch is part of Bank Alfalah and IFC’s continued commitment to strengthen the SME sector in Pakistan, through holistic solutions that provide access to more than just financial services. The SME Toolkit, available for free at, offers tools and expert advice on how to start, run and grow a business, as lack of access to relevant information and expertise is one of the key constraints to the growth of SMEs in Pakistan. The platform covers a wide range of management areas including accounting, finance, human resources, legal issues, and marketing. Atif Bajwa, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bank Alfalah said, “We have been working in conjunction with IFC to introduce Non-Financial Advisory Services to SMEs in Pakistan, which will add significant value to them in managing their businesses. By providing SMEs with access to vital managerial tools and global learning resources, we are optimistic that

MULTAN: Shell Pakistan opened a new fuel retail site in District Layyah. The site is expected to serve thousands of commuters every day who use this major road connecting Karor Lal Esan with Layyah and Bakkar. Haroon Rashid, General Manager Supply and Distribution for Shell Pakistan said: “This inauguration is another demonstration of Shells’ commitment to providing world-class fuel retailing in Pakistan. By doing so, we continue to make high quality fuels and services available to our customers in Pakistan and to cater to the growing energy demands of the country.” PRESS RELEASE

Askari bank signs mou with numL ISLAMABAD: Askari Bank Ltd., (AKBL) and National University of Modern Languages (NUML) signed an MOU whereby AKBL will offer its Consumer Banking Products i.e. Credit Card, Personal Finance, Auto

ISLAMABAD: Hartmut Noack, Regional GM Marriott Hotels Pakistan, receiving Minister for Interior and Narcotics Control ChaudhryNisar Ali Khan on his arrival at the Islamabad Marriott. PR


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It's all about your love life today -- no matter how fast or slow it's felt lately. Things start to pick up between you and your sweetie -- or, if you're single, you are sure to catch someone's eye!

Someone is stepping up and trying to take what's yours -- but you can fight back with ease. In fact, you may be able to get others to do the dirty work for you if you play your cards right.

Your big brain is a wonder to behold today -- so show off a little! Your ideas are deeper than they usually are, and you should find that you've got a few new fans before the day is through.




You are feeling quite extravagant today -- so make sure that you're dealing with your people generously! It may be that you accidentally give someone just what they need for bonus karma.

Everything is lined up perfectly for you today -- expect a big achievement of some kind! If you feel uninspired, just poke your head out the door and you should see something to work toward.

It's vital that you remain flexible today -- otherwise, things are sure to get weird quickly. Your energy is best spent on projects that don't require too much collaboration, but a little is fine.




Your friends need you more than ever today -though nothing should be too much for you to handle. Make sure that you're asking them what they need and taking care to mind the details.

You need a greater challenge today -- so step up your game and see what you can find. Boredom is poison to you, and if your brain isn't actively engaged, you're sure to feel sick to your stomach.

You may find yourself wishing to be far away -- though your energy is terrific! Travel is in your blood, and now is a great time to make plans or to discover new ideas for future destinations.







Things are harder than you want them to be today, so make sure that you've got what you need to hunker down and get stuff done rather than having to seek out resources on the fly.

It's essential that you find a way to reach a compromise with a friend or coworker who is more than typically adversarial. Take a step back, look at the big picture, and pick the right path.

Your health is making life weird today -- though there may not be anything you can put your finger on. Try to get a check-up or, better, take a positive step toward better living.





How to play fill in all the squares in the grid so that each row, column and each of the squares contains all the digits. the object is to insert the numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once.

logs pear pines plate reform rejection respect reveal safe scandal skull squabble threat thrill vivid wastes west

Today’s soluTions

tRappEd IN dUmmy

cHEss black TO PlaY aND MaTE IN ThrEE MOVEs 8


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chess solution


1...Rxd4 2.cxd4 bxd4+ 3.Qxd4 Nxf3+ *


sudoku solution

1 wail (3) 2 denial (7) 3 the middle of the day (4) 4 dismiss (6) 5 privately (2,6) 6 Young bird of prey (5) 7 snail (9) 10 likely to spread epidemic disease (9) 12 sudden rush (8) 15 infantry unit (7) 16 being up to date in the knowledge required (2,4) 18 iranian language (5) 20 french novelist, defender of dreyfus, d. 1902 (4) 23 piece of turf (3)

ailment careless clinic clock confuse crease critic daunt decant detach detects dots false flight gravel ignore infect lean

crossword solution

1 lucky in making unexpected discoveries (13) 8 clown (7) 9 large stringed instrument (5) 10 blow over (4) 11 sensational (8) 13 hail (6) 14 italian brandy (6) 17 notorious (8) 19 german composer, d. 1750 (4) 21 spectral (5) 22 loving (7) 24 (of small children) accustomed to the potty (6-7)

woRd sEaRcH


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Guy spends 2 years building giant globe with colored matchsticks

8-year-old Brazilian miracle worker allegedly cures people of cancer, HIV


Now that we have Google Earth, world globes are almost obsolete. But there certainly is an undeniable old-world charm associated with them. Perhaps that’s what prompted sculptor Andy Yoder to spend the last two years building his own globe, entirely out of colored matchsticks. He painstakingly hand-painted thousands of matches individually and put them together to form a large model of our planet. Yoder’s son, Reddit user ‘yoderaustin’, explained that underneath all the matchsticks is a frame of foam and cardboard inside a plywood skeleton. Once the frame was ready and the painting was done, his father used wood glue to attach the matches to the skeleton. And in case you’re wondering – the ‘matchstick globe’ isn’t a potential fire hazard. Yoder had the good sense to douse the entire structure in a flame retardant chemical. Two years might seem like a long time to make a globe, but it took so long because he wanted to it to be accurate and it wasn’t easy to find the colors he wanted. What’s really special about Yoder’s globe is that it includes a bit of recent history – a re-enactment of what Hurricane Sandy looked like from outer space while it ravaged the Eastern American coast line. NEWS DESK

Adorable mini pandas take over Taipei

-year-old Alani Santos is a special little girl – she claims that she can channel the power of Jesus Christ to cure people of various illnesses. Hundreds gather at the San Gonzalo church just to get a glimpse of the miracle child and be healed by her touch. Incidentally, Alani’s father is a pastor at the same church. Pastor Aduato Santos, a reformed car thief, has fondly given his daughter the name ‘missionarinha’ or ‘little missionary’. Some of Alani’s healing sessions have been taped and uploaded on YouTube. One of the videos shows her healing a man who had been suffering from HIV for seven years. As the man stands with his head bowed, the pastor tells him: “You’re next. When the little missionary touches you, something will happen. You will be cured. You will feel the warmth.” As soon Alani puts her hand on the man’s head, he collapses on to the floor. The healing is then complete. The clips show several others bursting into tears after Alani touches them. Like this one old woman with crutches. Pastor Santos takes her up to the front of the hall, where Alani repeatedly touches her legs. After a while, the woman is in tears of joy as she slowly walks around the room without the crutches. Alani has been curing people in this manner for the past two years. She enjoys making people better, and wants to become a doctor when she’s older.

views people and they say they’ve been cured.” When asked about the most emotional part of the service at her father’s church, Alani said: “It’s the part when I pray and God performs miracles.” AGENCIES

Café asks £1,000 bed vibrates customers to to send you to sleep pay as much as they want Ditch the eye mask, ear plugs and incense sticks if you can’t get to sleep then what you really need is a vibrating bed. And soon you could own one for just £1,000 ($1,660) with the launch of a smart bed created by an entrepreneurial British designer. It has an inbuilt temperature control system, which can heat or cool varying parts of the bed and is perfect if sharing with a partner because it can control the temperature of each side separately. The bed has a built-in vibrating mattress that can be connected to an entertainment system to provide an additional sensations - such as experiencing every bump while racing on a games console. Katan has been working on the project for the past eight years, after having sleepless nights in his own bed. ‘I was fed up after buying a good quality, high end bed and finding it had lost firmness and was past its best after just a few years,’ he said. ‘I was having sleepless nights as it was so uncomfortable and I resented not being able to fix the problem. ‘After eight years of careful testing and design we have come up with a bed which is

Adorable papier-mâché pandas flooded the streets of Taipei, Taiwan to highlight the endangerment of these animals. Part of the “Pandas World Tour”, this urban intervention was as conceived in 2008 by WWF and has traveled around the world ever since. Each panda was sculpted by the French artist Paulo Grangeon, who practiced his craft for five years before working in Europe and California. 1,600 pandas were made for this exhibit— each one stands for a panda that can still be found in the wild, making us realize how few of them are left. AGENCIES

Tasty art exhibition for the puckish

A tasty art exhibition has been staged at a London gallery - made entirely from snacks. A total of 12,000 Twiglets, 54kg of Cream Crackers and 10kg of Mini Cheddars were used to make the 3D sculptures and celebrity portraits at White Space Gallery. Taking a week to put together, the Jacob’s Snack Happy exhibition celebrated the best of British and featured landmarks such as Stonehenge and the Angel of the North. The biscuits and crackers have also been used to make dozens of celebrity portraits including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Renowned food artist Nathan Wyburn, from Cardiff, spent 24 hours compiling the celebrity portraits. The wall art, signed with the snack he used rather than his name, included portraits of Cheryl Cole, Harry Styles, Twiggy, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. Mr Wyburn, 24, said: “A few mouthfuls went missing as part of the creative process but I’m delighted with the end result.” AGENCIES

“To see God working though people and their lives, that is very pleasing,” she said. “A lot of the time I touch people, sometimes I just pray and worship and the person is cured. I pray and God performs miracles. My dad inter-

The Pay-As-You-Feel Café in Leeds lets customers pay any amount they wish. The only catch is the food is past its sell-by date; it can’t be sold but is still perfectly safe to consume. Opened by chef Adam Smith, it aims to reduce food wastage by serving delicious and healthy meals cooked using ingredients discarded by other food establishments in the city. Besides offering a menu free of set prices, the café also has a ‘swap-shop’ facility where the public can donate waste food produce, and a vegetable garden where customers can help themselves to free food. Find out more about the café here. Isn’t this an economical way of putting ‘expired’ food to good use? NEWS DESK


not only comfortable but fun and reliable as well.’ The bed also has safety features which include a built-in emergency smoke alarm and fire detectors. ‘A key factor of the Balluga Sleep System is that it is all controlled via an app so when you travel you are able to take your preferred settings to anywhere that has the Balluga system - in essence taking your bed everywhere you go,’ said Mr Katan. The bed, which also includes features such as connecting to Wi-Fi, syncing to entertainment systems and projecting images onto the ceiling, will turn itself off when the occupant is asleep. It comes with a 20-year guarantee due to be sold via luxury brand VeryFirstTo from November 2014. ‘We wanted to bed to be something everyone can enjoy and be accessible,’ said Mr Katan. ‘It could be useful for those being cared for at home, as temperature can be controlled and it would be more comforting than having a hospital bed in the home.’ The Balluga bed will be featured at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham on 8 April as part of the British Inventors Stand. AGENCIES

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WoRking With aamiR not my goal: kangana K

ARTS 13 I am ready to be in a relationship: Parineeti Chopra


ANGANA Ranuat has impressed one and all with her performance in "Queen" and superstar Aamir Khan is no exception to it. While Aamir has expressed his desire to share screen space with the actress, she doesn't see it as her "immediate goal". Kangana says she has had a word about a future opportunity with Aamir, "but there is nothing concrete as yet". "We would definitely like to work with each other. But I don't think that as actors, that's the priority we have. Our goal is to do things that excite us and along the way if we find an opportunity, it'll be great! But I don't think that's the priority...that's not my immediate goal, "the actress told reporters here at the launch of Krux stationary products range Saturday. Kangana will next be seen in "Revolver Rani" releasing April 25.

John plays a killing machine in 'Rocky handsome' NEWS DESK In an interview to Mirror (December 30, 2013), hours before he flew out to Los Angeles to quietly tie the knot with girlfriend Priya Runchal, John Abraham had excitedly spoken about his next home production, Rocky Handsome. The actor described it as "Force to the power of 10". But he promptly laughed off the vision of another Hulk with tattooed biceps and a 12-pack saying, "This time Nishi (director Nishikant Kamath) wants a lean killing machine." Now Mirror has it that Rocky Handsome is an official remake of South Korea's highest grossing film of 2010 ,The Man From Nowhere. The stylised action-thriller follows the journey of a lone crusader, played by Won Bin, who goes on a murderous rampage against the drug mafia when the only person he cares for, a seven-year-old girl, is taken from him, along with her mother. "It's a universal story and its USP is the emotional connect between the protagonist and the child. We bought the rights and took it to John who loved it, so did Nishi," says Sunir Kheterpal, whose company, Azure Entertainment, is coproducing the film with John's JA Entertainment. While the original, one of the most critically acclaimed action films to come out of South Korea in the last decade, was a gritty piece of cinema, the Bollywood version will be more commercial and will have some song and dance thrown in.

NEW ‘GODZILLA’ TRAILER UNVEILED AGENCIES The clip sees Bryan Cranston demand the truth after the catastrophic damage done to large areas of America is wrongly framed as a natural disaster, reportedly. The `Breaking Bad` actor appears as scientist Joe Brody in the reboot, which also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. Also featuring in the upcoming science fiction project are Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn and Sally Hawkins. Hawkins has said she had a "mind-blowing" experience shooting the film. Gareth Edwards is directing the movie, following on from his previous success with `Monsters`. `Godzilla` opens on May 15 in the UK and May 16 in the US.

PFDC SUNSILK FASHION WEEK 2014 TO START FROM APRIL 10 LAHORE Staff RepoRt In the lead up to the 7th PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week [PSFW] being held from the 10 -13th of this month, the Pakistan Fashion Design Council reveal their participating designers, textile houses and highstreet brand list along with information on their corporate synergies. To this end, as announced earlier this February 2014, with their 7th consecutive prêt-a-porter Fashion Week, the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014 teams continue and further their commitment to three distinct platforms within PSFW with separate showcases by Luxury/Prèt designers, High-Street brands and Textile Houses over a period of 4

days, defining and presenting trends for 2014, focusing specifically on the regions' long hot summer months. During PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, expect Luxury Prèt collections at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014 from Akif Mahmood, Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio, Body Focus Museum, Deepak Perwani, Élan, Fahad Hussayn, House of Arsalan Iqbal, HSY, Karma - Pink, Khaadi Khaas, Maria B., Mohsin Ali by Libas, Muse, Nickie Nina, Nida Azwer, Republic by Omar Farooq, Rizwan Beyg, Saira Shakira, Sania Maskatiya, Shehla Chatoor, Teena by Hina Butt and Zara Shahjahan. In collaboration with Bank Alfalah, the PFDC will also be presenting the Rising Talent showcase comprising of 5 emerging designers. Indeed

Bank Alfalah’s patronage of the PFDC has grown from being a permanent banking partner to now working with the PFDC to nurture an entire generation of Pakistan’s emerging design talent, through this showcase. The PFDC also collaborates with the United Nations this year for a unique project as manifest in their collaborative showcase, “PFDC for Women Empowerment with UN”, where a panel of designers across Pakistan were invited to design and produce an indigenous version of the world’s most universally worn apparel, the T-Shirt, engaging regional craft in the form of colours, embellishments and embroideries. The T-Shirts showcased at PSFW will later be auctioned in Islamabad by the

United Nations and the PFDC, whose common and long-term goal is to raise awareness of the need to empower women from rural areas. In addition to the aforementioned showcases, the PFDC expands on popular demand their High-Street show platform to 3 days of afternoon High-Street shows featuring: Arooj Ahmed, Bareeze Man, BeachTree, Chenone’s Pareesa by Sahar Atif, Generation, Gul Ahmed, Ittehad, Kayseria Pret, MK Nation and Roodaba Omar, highlighting contemporary affordable ready-to-wear apparel. Day 4 of the afternoon shows will comprise of Textile Mill Voile shows featuring: Five Star Textile Limited, Lakhany Silk Mills, Nimsay Redefining Style by Nimra Textile and Warda Prints.


Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra put end to rumours of her dating anyone during her appearance at the finale of celebrity talk show ‘Koffee With Karan’ on Sunday (April 6). The ‘Ishaqzaade’ actress further said that she is ready to fall in love and get into a relationship. Parineeti Chopra made her Bollywood debut in 2011 with YRF’s ‘Ladies vs Ricky Bahl’ and later her breakthrough came with ‘Ishaqzaade’ in 2013, for which she won a National Award. Parineeti Chopra said, “I really want to be in love. I genuinely want to be in a relationship.” The actress has been linked with ‘Ladies vs Ricky Bahl’ and ‘Shuddh Desi Romance’ director Maneesh Sharma . Parineeti said she respects Maneesh. Parineeti said, “For me it is – for the lack of better word – cheap, when people say that you have got the film because you are in a relationship with Maneesh. For me Maneesh is like Adi (Aditya Chopra). I respect them both too much. They have given me my whole life. Maneesh and me is just wrong and my respect for him is something else. When Karan Johar pushed Parineeti Chopra further saying you can love someone you respect, the actress was quick to say, “Yeas but my feeling for Maneesh is totally different and I can’t explain it. There is no romance there because I have never thought of him like that.” Parineeti Chopra will be next seen with Aditya Roy Kapur in ‘Daawat-e-Ishq’. aGeNCIeS

SANIA MASKATIYA TO SHOWCASE, ‘KUAMKA: AWAKENING’ AT PFDC SUNSILK FASHION WEEK LAHORE: Hot of the runway with their acclaimed ‘Dancing Dolls’ capsule collection showcased in February 2014 in Karachi, the Sania Maskatiya team introduces a complete collection, “Kuamka: Awakening”, on Day 1 of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week.With this collection, the brand also debuts a capsule collection of their Menswear line. For ‘Kuamka: Awakening’, the Sania Maskatiya design team draw inspirations from the spirit of Africa through the use of African geometry, aesthetics, culture and landscape to capture a continental awakening. With signature custom designed Sania Maskatiya prints, the collection is based in a variety of fabrics including crepes, chamois and organza with sequined embellishments and structured cuts. The collection harnesses the raw energy, resilience and beauty of the African continent and embarks on a journey filled with vibrant colours, vivid earthy landscapes and natural imagery. Speaking about her collection for PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Sania Maskatiya said “Designing a new collection is always an exciting experience. It gives us the chance to experiment and implement new ideas; the process of seeing ones thoughts manifest into reality within a collection is always enthralling. I am particularly looking forward to our PSFW showcase as we bring our menswear to the ramp, which we have been designing and retailing at our stores since we launched as a brand, but have not until now, brought it onto the ramp.” pReSS ReLeaSe


Tuesday, 8 April, 2014

sri LAnkA set for heroes' weLCome Dhaka


SPORTS DESk Sachin Tendulkar has come out in strong support of Yuvraj Singh, who has faced plenty of criticism after a 21-ball 11 that sucked the momentum out of India's innings in the World T20 final against Sri Lanka on Sunday. Yuvraj, Man of the Series in the 2011 World Cup, has already lost his place in the ODI side, and his spot in the Twenty20 side is under scrutiny after a difficult World T20, but Tendulkar hoped Yuvraj would be a part of India's defence of the World Cup in 2015. "Yuvi, one off day cannot undermine your tremendous contribution in many sweet memories over the years. You may be down today but you are far from being out," Tendulkar wrote on his Facebook page. "I want you to know that there are many like me in India and across the world, who keenly look forward to you being a part of the campaign to defend the ODI World Cup title in 2015." There were reports that Yuvraj's house in Chandigarh was pelted with stones following the dismal performance in the World T20 final. Tendulkar urged fans to show their support for him. "Last evening, Yuvi had a tough day and he can be criticised. But he should not be crucified nor should he be written off. "I have been an admirer of Yuvi's indomitable spirit which has overcome many challenges, both on and off the field. "Knowing Yuvi's determination and ability to fight adversities, he will emerge stronger, proving his critics wrong, yet again."



RI LANKA'S returning World T20 champions will have an open-top parade from the Katunayake Airport to Colombo, upon their arrival from Dhaka on Tuesday, SLC has confirmed. The team is scheduled to arrive in the country at 3pm, with the parade to begin at 4pm. Tens of thousands are expected to line the streets, with the parade set to be conducted on a much grander scale than the reception for the Asia Cup winning team, one month ago. The team is yet to sign its contracts with the board, having departed after a tense standoff with officials, but SLC has offered the team a sum of US $1.5 million for the victory, even as negotiations are set to resume this week. The board had initially offered a participation fee of $500,000, a further $250,000 if the team were to reach the final, and another $250,000 for winning the tournament, but that pay structure had seemingly been rejected by the players, who wished to have a 12% cut of the ICC's tournament payment to SLC reinstated in their contracts. If the $1.5 million is accepted by the players, they will have received a figure roughly equivalent to 17% of the funds SLC is expected to receive from the ICC. Congratulations for the Sri Lanka team had poured in from around the world, with Jason Gillespie, Kevin Pietersen and Michael Vaughan among those voicing their appreciation on twitter. At home, a host of local celebrities

team manager said the team had themselves been singing and celebrating for hours after the victory. Sri Lanka also reclaimed the top ranking in Twenty20 cricket with the win, moving three


SPORTS DESk TOTTENHAM Hotspur's rapidly unravelling season took another twist on Monday with first team coach Tim Sherwood set to be replaced in the summer, according to media reports. The former England midfielder, a Premier League title winner with Blackburn Rovers, was handed an 18-month contract in December following the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas but results since have been inconsistent. Tottenham would not comment on a Sky Sports report that the 45-year-old Sherwood would be relieved of his duties in the summer, although more light should be shed on the matter later when Spurs host Sunderland in the Premier League. Ahead of that game, Sherwood himself

LAHORE: The Akmal brothers are getting into the habit of making headlines for all the wrpnf reasons. Memories of the traffic warden episode had not yet faded in people’s mind that Umar Akmal once again threw his temper tantrums. This time around he traded barbs with a security guard at the Qaddafi Stadium. According to sources in the PCB, Umar Akmal got into an argument over parking issues with a security guard at the Pakistan cricket headquarter. Sources also revealed that heated words were exchanged with a security guard as Umar Akmal wanted to enter the Qaddafi Stadium in his car but was not allowed to do so. WEB DESK

have joined the chorus. The victory sparked jubilation across the island, with fans' celebrations having stretched long into the night in several major centres, while Sri Lanka's

would not be drawn on the issue, telling Sky Sports: "I can't say much right now. What I can say is tonight is 'business as usual'. "I'm setting this team up to win a football match for the benefit of the club and the 35,000 Spurs fans who will come and watch. I'll speak at a later stage." Sherwood's future has been the source of much speculation since he publicly slated his team for a "lack of guts" after a 4-0 thrashing by London rivals Chelsea last month. Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal has been linked with the Tottenham job once his World Cup duties are over. "It's just one stage at a time and I've got six cup finals between now and the end of the season," former Spurs midfielder Sherwood told reporters ahead of the Sunderland match. "It's really important to me that we

show the fans something to make them optimistic about next season. "It was a case of just cracking on. But whatever decisions I make are my decisions. If I'm going to go down, I'll go down my way." Despite selling their best player Gareth Bale to Real Madrid in August, Tottenham were strongly tipped to challenge for a top-four finish in the Premier League after investing nearly 100 million pounds in new signings. Real Madrid are set to swipe Southampton defender Luke Shaw out from under th… However, the likes of Spain striker Roberto Soldado, Brazil midfielder Paulinho and Argentine youngster Erik Lamela have failed to gel, costing Villas-Boas his job before Christmas after heavy defeats by Man City and Liverpool. The straight-talking Sherwood, who was promoted from working with the club's under 18s, did initially make an impact with Tottenham maintaining their push for the top four - the standout result being a New Year's Day victory at Manchester United in which rejuvenated striker Emmanuel Adebayor scored. Performances have tailed off alarmingly though and Tottenham went out of the Europa League to Benfica in March and also suffered league defeats against Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool, virtually ending their hopes of qualifying for next season's Champions League. Before Monday's home clash with bottom club Sunderland the club were seventh in the table, eight points behind fourth-placed Arsenal with a game in hand.

Corey Anderson fit in time for iPL New Zealand allrounder Corey Anderson is expected to join his IPL team, Mumbai Indians, later this week, with his finger injury having healed well. Anderson had cut and dislocated the little finger of his of his right hand during the World T20. "There's no fracture, no break and we're very happy with how the injury is going," Anderson said, according to Fairfax NZ News, after seeing a specialist in Auckland on Friday. "The ligaments are all fine too; everything else is good to go. Everything went well and the news was all positive." Anderson was bought for $ 750,000 at the IPL auction in February, after an impressive few months in international cricket, during which he broke the long-standing record for the fastest ODI century. His participation in the tournament, however, was in doubt, after he hurt himself while attempting a catch against Sri Lanka. The IPL begins on April 16, in the UAE, with defending champions Mumbai Indians playing the opener against Kolkata Knight Riders in Abu Dhabi. SPORTS DESK


points clear after India had briefly become the top-ranked team during the tournament. Sri Lanka had held the top ranking since their 2012 World T20 campaign.

Eriksson to referee Bayern-United

SPORTS DESk Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson will take charge of the second leg of Manchester United's Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich in Germany on Wednesday. Eriksson was the referee who earned the wrath of Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini for his decision-making in City's 2-0 loss to Barcelona in the last16 first leg in February. Pellegrini was particularly unhappy that Eriksson awarded a penalty to Barcelona for a foul by Martin Demichelis on Lionel Messi that was shown to be outside the box, while he felt there was a foul on Jesus Navas in the build-up. Pellegrini said: "From the beginning I felt the referee was not impartial to both teams so he decided the game with a foul that he didn't whistle against and a penalty with Demichelis that was not a penalty it was outside the box. "He did not have any control of the game. He was on the side of Barcelona from the beginning until the end. "I think it was not a good idea to put a referee from Sweden in charge of such an important match, especially a referee who has made an important mistake against Barcelona in a previous match." Pellegrini appeared to be referring to the 2012 Champions League quarter-final when Eriksson was criticised by then-Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola for failing to award his side two penalties against AC Milan in the goalless first leg at the San Siro. Pellegrini apologised for his comments later the same week, claiming he did not intend to accuse the referee of bias or disparage Sweden. His apology was not enough to save Pellegrini from a UEFA sanction, with the governing body handing him a three-match touchline ban, one of which was suspended. Eriksson, 40, has been a professional referee for 20 years and has been selected for this summer's World Cup finals in Brazil.


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if it's not broke, don't fix it: henderson L


IVERPOOL midfielder Jordan Henderson has a simple mantra that he hopes will guide the Reds to the Barclays Premier League title this season - if something is not broken it does not need fixing. The 23-year-old played his part in the 2-1 win at West Ham on Sunday that took Brendan Rodgers' side back to the top of the table as captain Steven Gerrard converted a penalty in either half to see off the Hammers. Now Henderson just wants the team to keep up with their recent performances which has seen them string together an impressive run of nine consecutive wins, with fellow title contenders Manchester City the visitors to Anfield on Sunday. "We are really high on confidence," he said. "We have just got to keep working and training. We need to keep working hard and, as the cliche goes, then just take each game as it comes and keep doing what we are doing. We need to keep going out there and putting on good performances." The potentially pivotal victory in east London came despite neither of Liverpool's in-form forwards finding the back of the net. Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge have 49 league goals between them this season but Henderson believes the rest of the Liv-

erpool squad is capable of stepping up. When asked if the win was a sign of good team-work, the England international replied: "Yes it was. We have all been working really hard as a team all season. "We have been working really, really well - Luis did brilliantly for the first goal and for the second one, Lucas puts a great ball in for (Jon) Flanagan. "Overall we have to be delighted with

Umar Akmal, Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Amin strong candidates for T20 captaincy

LAHORE: Three young bloods of Pakistan Umar Akmal, Ahmed Shehzad and Umar Amin have been termed strong candidate for Twenty20 captaincy. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Najam Sethi has got an advice by board administrative committee regarding the issue. Earlier, the PCB wanted to give this important responsibility to senior all-rounder Shahid Afridi. But the committee members seemed against to give captaincy to the all-rounder as the board faced many problems due to the attitude of Shahid Afridi. STAFF REPORT

We had no choice but to sack Hughton: Norwich SPORTS DESk Norwich City had no choice but to dismiss manager Chris Hughton with just five matches left in the season with a change needed in a bid to stave off relegation, chief executive David McNally said. Hughton was sacked on Sunday, a day after his side slumped to a listless 1-0 home loss to West Bromwich Albion, a result that left them five points above the drop zone, having lost four of their last six Premier League matches. He has been replaced by youth team coach Neil Adams, who made more than 200 appearances for the club on the right wing but has not managed at senior level. Ominously, after next weekend's match with 18th-placed Fulham their final four games are against leaders Liverpool, last season's champions Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. McNally said Hughton, 55, "is one of the good guys in an industry where you swim with sharks" but it was the unanimous decision of the board to let him go. "Clearly it's a results business and four points from the last six games, particularly against peergroup clubs, hasn't been good enough," McNally told a news conference on Monday. "Seven away defeats consecutively, four defeats in six games, four points in six games is relegation form." The 48-year-old Adams said it took him about "two seconds" to accept the job, despite the magnitude of the task awaiting him. "I've got to put my stamp on it, I need to organise the way I want the players to play," he said.

the three points and our performance. We could have had a few more to be fair but, on the other hand, we dealt with the setplays and the aerial threat really well throughout the game." Skipper Gerrard, who took his tally of Premier League goals to 13 for the season with his brace, was also quick to praise the returning Lucas, who was introduced at half-time by Rodgers. "Lucas came on and deserves a special


mention," he told "I think there was a lot of pressure on him, the Brazil coach was there to watch him, he hasn't played much of late but he has worked his socks off to get fit. "The ball he played for the second goal, people have been raving about [Philippe] Coutinho all year and the passes he has made and for me that was right up there with Brazil's best and it helped up get the win. "I think it shows what we have got in this squad now. We have got a bit of everything, a bit of class and skill in Suarez, Sturridge and Coutinho but we have got some steel, we have got some lads who want to roll their sleeves up and dig in." West Ham put up a solid fight against their title-chasing opponents and levelled through Guy Demel's first Hammers' goal in first-half injury time. Having won six of their last nine heading into the clash, Sam Allardyce's side are all-but safe from the relegation battle and Ivory Coast international Demel is now looking forward to a trip to Arsenal next week. "It won't be easy to play Arsenal now," he said. "But it's the Premier League and I have never played an easy game, it's going to be tough, of course, we're playing against the big boys, but right now we find ourselves in a good spot, on a good path and we're going to try to do our best.

NADAL, SERENA RETAIN TOP SPOTS IN TENNIS RANKINGS SPORTS DESk RAFAEL Nadal and Serena Williams remain at the top in the men’s and women’s tennis rankings issued on Monday by the ATP and the WTA. Nadal has 13,730 points and Novak Djokovic is close behind on 11,680. Australian Open champion Stansilas Wawrinka of Switzerland is third on 5,760. Richard Gasquet climbed from 11 to 10 at the expense of Milos Raonic. Williams leads despite Charlestone upset: Williams has 12,375 points in the women’s rankings, and is almost 5,000 clear of second-placed Australian Open champion Li Na — who has 7,585. Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland is third on 5,980. She retained a healthy lead despite an unfamiliar early exit in Charlestone last week, losing to unseeded Slovak Jana Cepelova at the clay-court event. ATP top 10 as of April 7 (previous ranking in parenthesis): 1. (1) Rafael Nadal, Spain, 13,730 points 2. (2) Novak Djokovic, Serbia, 11,680 3. (3) Stanislas

Wawrinka, Switzerland, 5,760 4. (4) Roger Federer, Switzerland, 5,355 5. (5) Tomas Berdych, Czech Republic, 4,720 6. (6) David Ferrer, Spain, 4,640 7. (7) Juan Martin del Potro, Argentina, 4,260 8. (8) Andy Murray, Britain, 4,040 9. (9) John Isner, United States, 2,715 10. (10) Richard Gasquet, France, 2,635 WTA top 10 as of April 7 (previous ranking in parenthesis): 1. (1) Serena Williams, United States, 12,375 points 2. (2) Li Na, China, 7,585 3. (3) Agnieszka Radwanska, Poland, 5,980 4. (4) Victoria Azarenka, Belarus, 5,441 5. (5) Simona Halep, Romania, 4,695 6. (6) Petra Kvitova, Czech Republic, 4,370 7. (7) Angelique Kerber, Germany, 4,110 8. (9) Maria Sharapova, Russia, 3,961 9. (8) Jelena Jankovic, Serbia, 3,955 10. (10) Dominika Cibulkova, Slovakia, 3,720

SPORTS DESk Mick Newell has admitted that it is a case of "now or never" if he is to become England coach. Newell, the longest serving head coach in firstclass county cricket, will be interviewed for the England role sometime in the next couple of weeks and accepts that it will probably represent his final chance to gain the job he sees as "the ultimate." "It probably is a question of now or never for me," Newell told ESPNcricinfo. "I'm 49 now and, by the time England look again, I can see them thinking I may be too old. "It's likely to be at least three years before the chance comes around again, isn't it? I haven't been told when the interviews will take place yet, but yes, I have been asked for an interview and I expect it will be in the next week or two. Maybe even the end of this week." Newell has been with Nottinghamshire for 30 years, first as a player and then as a coach, and assumed the head coach role in 2002. The club has subsequently won the County Championship twice - in 2005 and 2010 - and won the YB40 trophy in 2013. He has previously been linked to the Bangladesh coaching role but withdrew, citing the difficulty of spending time away from his children. "I have a great job here at Nottinghamshire," he said. "But the England role is the ultimate for an English coach. I'm sure any coach will tell you they would love to work with the very best players their country has to offer." Newell is on a short-list for the England role that also includes the Lancashire coach, Peter Moores, the Sussex coach, Mark Robinson, the England limitedovers coach, Ashley Giles and the New South Wales and Kolkata Knight Riders' coach, Trevor Bayliss.

LEAGUE TO RULE ON CELLINO TAKEOVER SPORTS DESk THE Football League must decide whether to officially ratify the takeover of Leeds by Massimo Cellino at a board meeting on Thursday as questions remain over how long the Italian businessman will remain in control at Elland Road. Cellino is due to arrive in England from Sardinia on Monday to assume his role as chairman of the Yorkshire club after an independent lawyer overturned the Football League's decision to bar him from becoming an owner. The League had blocked Cellino's takeover on March 24, ruling the 57-year-old's conviction of tax evasion in a Sardinia court on March 18 disqualified him under its owners and directors test. Cellino secured a victory against that decision on Saturday following a successful appeal. Following six-hour deliberations at an appeal hearing last Monday, Tim Kerr QC initially reserved judgement and then announced he had overturned the League's decision after Leeds' defeat in the Saturday lunch-time kick-off at Wigan. Kerr's ruling ended a two-month wait for Cellino, whose company Eleonora Sport exchanged contracts with previous Leeds owner Gulf Finance House Capital to buy 75 per cent of the club's shares on February 7. Cellino, clear to complete his takeover, said he will now set about transforming Leeds into a Premier League force, but the saga has not yet run its course. The Italian's disqualification under the League's owners and directors test related to the nonpayment of import duties on his yacht, Nelie. He pleaded not guilty, but was convicted in a Sardinian court, fined of 600,000 euros (£500,800) and had the

boat confiscated. The League argued this could be considered dishonest under its owners and directors test, which bars any person from becoming owner or a director of a football club if they have "unspent convictions for offences of dishonesty". Cellino's lawyers said he was appealing against the Sardinia court's conviction and his legal team at the League hearing argued the agricultural entrepreneur had not yet been convicted due to the procedural nature of Italian law. Kerr disagreed and ruled Cellino had been convicted, but because the judge in Sardinia, Dr Sandra Lepore, had not yet given her written reasons for the conviction, the independent QC could not rule that


he had acted dishonestly. This specific offence of tax evasion, Kerr said, can involve dishonesty, or in Italian law a person can be convicted of failing to pay the tax without having done so dishonestly. But should Dr Lepore's report confirm that Cellino did act dishonestly when avoiding import duties, then the Italian would then be disqualified under the League's owners and directors test. "If the reasoned ruling of the court in Cagliari discloses that the conduct of Mr Cellino was such that it would reasonably be considered to be dishonest, he would become subject to a Disqualifying Condition. But that is not a matter that is before me," said Kerr.

SPORTS Tuesday, 8 April, 2014


aNdrEa PETkovIc WINs FamIlY cIrclE cuP TENNIs TITlE CHarLeSTON



NDrEA Petkovic ended a surprising week at the Family Circle Cup by winning her first WTA tournament in three years, outlasting Jana Cepelova for a 75, 6-2 victory Sunday. Petkovic was once ranked ninth in the world before several injuries slowed her progress and cost her much of the 2012 season. She entered this one seeded 14th, ranked 40th in the world and with few expectations about her first clay-court event of the season. Instead, Petkovic's powerful forehand and grind-it-out mindset helped her oust three straight top 10 seeds in No. 4 Sabine Lisicki, No. 9 Lucie Safarova and No. 6 Eugenie Bouchard on the way to the finals. The 26-year-old German used that same formula against Cepelova, a rising 20-yearold from Slovakia competing in her first WTA final. “I still have a long way to go for me and I have a lot of potential,” Petkovic said. “But I feel I'm on the right track.” Cepelova led 5-4 and was a point LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Najam Sethi disclosed on Monday that Big Three had offered Pakistan to join hands to form a ‘Big 4’ club, a private news channel reported. Sethi was speaking to media persons at the Lahore airport before flying to Dubai to attend International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting. “I will hold an important meeting in the session… In cricket scenario, currently there are eight countries at one side and Pakistan on the other side,” Sethi said. He revealed that Big Three (Australia, India and England) had offered Pakistan to join hands for formation of a ‘Big 4’ club. Sethi said Pakistan wanted to play with India. “We are keen to resume our cricket relations with India; it’s in our favour without which we can’t make money.” In February this year, the ICC approved suggestions incorporated in the "Big Three" plan. Pakistan and Sri Lanka did not vote in favor of the plan. Cricket boards of eight countries announced to support the plan. Pakistan has said that the Big 3 plan will have no affect on country’s cricket. About T20 captain Muhammad Hafeez’s resignation, Sethi said it was his personal decision. AGENCIES

away from capturing the first set. But Petkovic rallied to win that game and begin a run of eight in a row to take control of the match. “I have to let loose and play like I can,” she told herself. Petkovic was energized after winning the crucial game and quickly broke serve to move in front. She took the set a game later and continued her run to build a 5-0 lead that Cepelova could not overcome. For Petkovic, the victory was more

gratifying than her two other career WTA wins because of all her struggles. She was 177th in the world in March 2013 and was beaten in the second round of French Open qualifying, a loss that had her contemplating giving up the game. This “is a different feeling,” she said. “Now, I'm much more grateful. It's more rewarding.” Petkovic dropped to the ground when Cepelova's final shot landed out of play. She jogged to the net to hug her opponent,

Zaka asHraF dENIEs rEjEcTINg BIg-4 oFFEr LaHOre INP

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) former Chairman Zaka Ashraf has denied reports of rejecting 'Big-4' offer during his tenure. Ashraf affirmed that Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) chairman Srinivasan had offered Pakistan to join their consortium, to make it 'Big-4' including Australia, England and India. "We discussed the proposal thoroughly with former board officials and relevant stake holders. Later when we sat with other boards in an ICC meeting in Dubai, India refused to hold on its word on Big-4 and discarded the proposal," said Ashraf. The PCB should stick to its stance on Big3 and should not trust India on their words, insisted the ex-PCB chief. He added that he had briefed the media about all 'Big-3' developments, hence criticising his tenure for any miscalculated move was not appropriate.

FIFTH TWENTY-20 WORLD CUP IN A NUTSHELL S Pervez QaiSer A record number of 9684 runs were scored for the loss of 425 wickets at an average of 22.78 off 1284.4 overs at 7.53 runs per over in 35 matches in just concluded the fifth Twenty-20 World Cup in Bangladesh. The 16-nation tournament features, the 10 Test nations currently playing Test cricket along with Ireland, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Nepal, Netherlands and United Arab Emirates. The previous record of most runs and wickets in a single edition of Twenty-20 World Cup was 7881 runs scored for the loss of 348 wickets at an average of 22.64 off 986.1 overs in 26 matches of the inaugural Twenty-20 World Cup in South Africa seven years ago. The match between India and Scotland was abandoned with out a ball being bowled. In second Twenty-20 World Cup in England in 2009, 7625 runs were scored for the loss of 337 wickets at an average of 22.62 off 999.4 overs in 27 matches. All Test playing nations except Zimbabwe alongwith Holland, Ireland and Scotland were participated in this World Cup. As many as 7413 runs were scored for the loss of 346 wickets at an average of 21.42 off 984.3 overs in 27 matches of the third Twenty-20 World Cup in West Indies in 2010. The 12-nation tournament features, the 10 Test nations currently playing Test cricket along with Ireland and Afghanistan. A total number of 7448 runs were scored for the loss of 315 wickets at an average of 23.64

off 975.2 overs in 27 matches in the fourth Twenty-20 World Cup in Sri Lanka two years ago. The 12-nation tournament features, the 10 Test nations currently playing Test cricket along with Ireland and Afghanistan. The Netherlands is the only team who crossed 900-run mark. They scored 947 runs for the loss of 42 wickets at 22.54 off 121.5 overs in seven matches. Bangladesh who did not win a single match in Super 10, conceded the highest number of runs in this tournament. Their bowlers gave 972 runs off 132.5 overs with an economy rate of 7.31. Just two hundreds, one each by Pakistan's Ahmed Shehzad and England's Alex Hales and 37 fifties by 30 batsmen were scored while nine bowlers claimd a four-wicket haul in 35 matches in this mega event from March 16 to April 6. Each Team'S REPORT CARD IN TWENTY-20 WORLD CUP: Runs Wkts Overs Runs/ Runs Wkts Overs Runs/Scored Lost Avg Faced Over Given Taken AVG Bowled Over Sri Lanka: 807, 32, 25.21, 102.1, 7.89, 659, 39, 16.89, 99.1, 6.64 India: 867, 23, 37.69, 115.5, 7.48, 789, 39, 20.23, 114.1, 6.91 South Africa: 843, 32, 26.34, 100, 8.43, 841, 36, 23.36, 97.5, 8.59 West Indies: 725, 28, 25.89, 93.3, 7.75, 648, 37, 17.51, 96.4, 6.70 Pakistan: 593, 27, 21.96, 77.5, 7.61, 612, 26, 23.53, 78.3, 7.79 New Zealand: 432, 22, 19.63, 59.5, 7.22, 612, 26, 23.53, 79.2, 7.71 England: 643, 27, 23.81, 77, 8.35, 570, 15, 38.00, 65.2, 8.72 Australia: 597, 31, 19.25, 73.5, 8.08, 682, 21, 32.47, 79.4, 8.56 Netherlands: 947, 42, 22.54, 121.5, 7.77, 911, 43, 21.18, 121.3, 7.49 Bangladesh: 847, 42, 20.16, 123.1, 6.87, 972, 40, 24.30, 132.5, 7.31 Zimbabwe: 427, 15, 28.46, 53.4, 7.95, 420, 21, 20.00, 60, 7.00 Nepal: 416, 18, 23.11, 60, 6.93, 333, 20, 16.05, 52.3, 6.34 Ireland: 456, 14, 32.57, 54.2, 8.39, 479, 15, 31.93, 53.5, 8.89 Afghanistan: 358, 21, 17.04, 55.1, 6.48, 372, 14, 26.57, 52, 7.15 Hong Kong: 336, 26, 12.92, 56.4, 5.92, 411, 21, 19.57, 54.3, 7.54 Emirates: 390, 25, 15.60, 59.5, 7.53, 373, 12, 31.08, 46.5, 7.96 Total: 9684, 425, 22.78, 1284.4, 7.53, 9684, 425, 22.78, 1284.4, 7.53

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waved to the crowd and did a celebration dance as fans applauded. Petkovic earned $120,000 for her third career WTA victory, which was her first since winning in Strasbourg in 2011. Petkovic's victory closed a week of surprises at the Family Circle Tennis Center. Only one of the tournament's top 10 seeds made it through to the final four and it was the first time a WTA tournament included three semifinalists 20 years old or younger since Amelia Island in 2008. Cepelova had a stunning run of her own, topping world No. 1 Serena Williams on Tuesday night to set the stage for plenty more unexpected results. Cepelova became the Family Circle Cup's first unseeded finalist since Elena Vesnina in 2011. Cepelova didn't expect a long visit here, arriving without her coach, trainers and hitting partners. She typically ordered room service at the hotel and had to scrape around to find hitting partners to warm up before matches. “Before the tournament, if somebody told me you'll be in the tournament finals I would not believe them,” Cepelova said with a smile. “But it was a really nice week. Cepelova is also projected to move up some 30 spots in the rankings to around 50th in the world when the new list comes out next week, the WTA said. Petkovic won the title in her second appearance here. She had reached the round of 16 last year, but had to withdraw from a match against Caroline Wozniacki. She was on the phone with her father, Zoran, after the win.

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