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September 2012

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“BRING them in...LIFT them up...SEND them out”

MISSION UPDATE (Ruthann Mickelson) Fall is “Mission Rally” time in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS). Local mission societies will meet across the country to learn and grow in zeal for spreading the “Good News” to all nations. Our rally this year will be held from 9 am to 3 pm on Saturday, October 20 at Western Koshkonong Lutheran Church, a 15-minute drive from Abiding Shepherd. The theme will be LORD OF THE HARVEST. Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars!! Watch for further details next month. Another exciting October event is the “Media Outreach in World Missions Conference” at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota on October 12-14. Missionaries from around the world (ELS and WELS) will attend. Experts in media and innovation will present and help gather ideas of how to use mass media to spread the Gospel. Our former vicar, now Pastor Brian Klebig’s parents will both be presenters. To find additional information, check out

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Cristeen (Carpenter) and Theodore “Teddy” Taylor were married on July 28. God’s blessings to the newlyweds!

Michael & Matthew Priebusch were happy to help Pastor Abrahamson with a shipment of new tables. Thanks guys!

Thank you to everyone who contributed items for or worked at this year’s Rummage Sale. A total of $2,534.19 was raised. This amount is divided between Christian education and missions.

Pastor Abrahamson relaxes in his “Pastor Cave” (his office in the lower level) with new bookshelves in the background!

3 - September 2012

FYI… (Pastor Krause) Spiritual information… Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. (Exodus 34:14). Having just learned in a recent sermon from Pastor Abrahamson that this is a good kind of jealousy which God has for us and our relationship with Him, I will be true to my word (as promised last month) and begin answering my half of the worship questions in earnest. The plan is to give quick responses here and then direct you to more complete resources on our website There you will find PDF documents under the Adult Ministries tab of our homepage. Go to the page entitled “Worship Questions” to find these documents.

1> Worship fellowship - what are the principles God has established for who, or who we are not, to join with in worship? Many people believe it doesn’t matter. But God has set down several principles about worship fellowship. He does so to protect our relationship with Him and with each other. Please refer to document “Fellowship Sermon”.

2> Someone asked about fasting as a practice among Lutherans. We should note there are no Biblical rules about fasting. The closest thing to fasting rules are the dietary laws God gave to Israel in the Old Testament. However, even the nation of Israel never had a law making fasting a part of worship. That said, there are some benefits to regular fasting, both physical and spiritual. More information is provided on the webpage (same location as above). Check out the information from a Bible study we did on Holy Habits. It is the document entitled “Fasting”.

3> During our June topic of worship, I had discussed how our own synod had recently formed an ad hoc committee to look at some questions that came up about worship. The main question came from a by-law in our synod’s constitution having to do with establishing forms of liturgical The Lamb’s Pen - 4

worship within our synod. There was a question as to what exactly the by-law was saying so our synod president formed a committee to study the matter. I served on that committee along with five other ELS pastors and we came back with an answer that was presented to the synod at last summer’s convention. This statement is also in the Worship Questions file on the website. To see what the report says go to the file entitled: “Report of the Committee on Evangelical Lutheran Synod Worship”.

4> One more for this month… someone asked about speaking in tongues. We’ve studied this topic in the past, so let me give a brief and simple answer here by reviewing a few key points about spiritual gifts: there are three kinds of spiritual gifts - speaking gifts, serving gifts and sign gifts. Each were given for a specific purpose. Speaking gifts are for teaching and preaching of God’s word to His people. Serving gifts are a means to display our Christian love to each other in the body of Christ and to those outside the body. Sign gifts were given to provide important information to the early churches which they did not otherwise have. Sign gifts also were used to validate God’s messengers were actually delivering His message. The needs for speaking and serving gifts still exist so the Holy Spirit continues to provide us with those gifts today. But the need for sign gifts is long over. By the end of the first century the writing of the entire Bible was finished. In the completed Bible text God gives His church all the answers they need. The Bible has also replaced the sign gifts as the means to prove and verify God’s messengers. So by the end of the first century the need for the sign gifts came to an end and are no longer given. Some religions claim sign gifts are still given today, or that they can teach people how to get them, or that the sign gifts are a necessary part of one’s faith. But a thoughtful study of the appropriate passages makes it clear such claims are not true. For a review of gifts cf. Romans 12:6-8; 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4:11.

5 - September 2012

DIRECT MINISTRY AND MISSION SUPPORT The focus of our third quarter (July through September) Direct Ministry and Mission Support program is Friends of China (FOC). This program sends American workers to China to teach English as a second language. This year there are 61 teachers in seven cities. The teachers meet about 1,000 Chinese friends a week for Bible Studies and events to develop friendships. Micah Ricke (seen in the picture to the left in the red shirt) visited Abiding Shepherd last August to tell us firsthand about the amazing work being done in China through FOC. Please consider how you might support this program with a gift over and above your regular offerings. Gifts up to $500 per month will be matched by an anonymous donor. Please use the special envelopes located on the table in the lobby for your donations.

BETHANY LUTHERAN COLLEGE Bethany Auxiliary Supper & Program Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church Tuesday, September 4, 6:30 pm Men and women are invited to this meeting of the Bethany Auxiliary at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Madison. The evening begins with a salad supper at 6:30 pm followed by a musical program of chimes, piano and organ. Please call Our Saviour’s to reserve your spot (222-5151)!

Bethany National Auxiliary Day Mankato, Minnesota Monday, September 24, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm This is a wonderful opportunity to become better acquainted with the work Bethany is doing. There will be interesting presentations, their annual business meeting as well as a program of musical selections from fine arts students. Contact Abiding Shepherd’s office (839-3770) for further details. The Lamb’s Pen - 6

E.P.I.C. YOUTH MINISTRY (Pastor Abrahamson) Here we are, starting September, and another summer is in the books. At Abiding Shepherd, this was definitely an E.P.I.C. one! Even though we did not have many regular Sunday meetings this past month, many youth took part in church-wide Sunday events like the Mallards game and the racing at Angell Park. The highlight E.P.I.C. event of the month, even the summer, was the summer bash at the Freund pond. That night we rode the zip line, took the paddle boat for a stroll, did a little fishing, played some water basketball, worked on our volleyball skills, enjoyed food cooked over the campfire, and discussed our faith. The only negative to the night was that it had to end. Thank you so much to Holly and Richard for having us at their pond. Check out the pictures of the event on this page. As we move ahead into September, we will not have E.P.I.C. on September 2 as it is Labor Day weekend, but we’ll meet every Sunday the rest of the month. Clear your Sunday nights and be to church at 6:00 pm for E.P.I.C. Looking ahead, plans are in the works for a youth retreat the weekend of October 19 - 21. Watch the weekly worship folders and our Facebook page ( epicyouthwi) for all the information!

7 - September 2012

UNDER HIS WINGS: ABUNDANCE/EMPTINESS BIBLE STUDY WINGS (Women In God’s Service) offers a morning Bible study each Wednesday at 10 am. A new study begins on Wednesday, September 5 - Under His Wings: Abundance/ Emptiness. Join them as they study “David’s Dry and Weary Time”, “Naomi’s Times of Emptiness” as well as “Hannah, Remembered by God” and other Biblical examples of God meeting the needs of those He loves.

SAVE THE DATE! (Kathryn Banbury and Ruthann Mickelson) Sunday, November 18, 6:00 pm On Sunday, November 18 at 6:00 pm, WINGS (Women In God’s Service) of Abiding Shepherd will host an event especially for women - our first ever “Advent By Candlelight”. Details will follow in October. Please plan to join us!

SHAWL MINISTRY (Sue Bethke and Bonnie Anderson) Thursday, September 13, 6:00 pm Do you knit or crochet? Would you like to learn? If so, please join us on Thursday, September 13 at 6:00 pm at church for a barbecue dinner and an organizational/ informational meeting for the Prayer Shawl Ministry. The purpose of the group is to make prayer shawls for those in our congregation who are shut-in or hospitalized. It will also give us the opportunity to get to know each other better. If you have any questions regarding this endeavor, please call Bonnie Anderson at 221-0661 or Sue Bethke at 244-9011. We hope to see you there! The Lamb’s Pen - 8

UPCOMING EVENTS!! FALL PICNIC (Shawna Jobke) Sunday, September 9, 12:00 pm To celebrate the start of Sunday School, as well as many of the other Christian education programs, a fall picnic has been planned. Chef Ed has offered to prepare a pig roast! The church will provide the dessert as well as beverages. If you would like to join us, please sign up. (You do NOT need to have children in the Sunday School program to attend!). If you would like to bring a side dish to share, please add that when you sign up.

DINNER TOUR (Shawna Jobke) Saturday, September 15, 5:30 pm Plans have been made to visit the Essen Haus in Madison for some great German food on Saturday, September 15. Please sign up at church. The church makes a group reservation and each person is responsible for the cost of his or her own meal.

EUCHRE NIGHT AT ABIDING SHEPHERD (Sue O’Kroley) Friday, September 21, 6:30 pm    

You do NOT need to be an experienced player! You do NOT need a partner to come - many singles play. You do NOT need to commit to a full season of cards You DO need to be willing to have some fun!

Most folks bring a snack to share. If you would like to join or find out more, please contact Sue at 332-3622 or

9 - September 2012

FAMILY EDUCATION NIGHT (F.E.N.) STUDY (Pastor Krause) As summer winds down we are in the planning stages for our fall programs, including the Family Education Nights (FEN). Besides confirmation class being conducted during FEN, we offer an adult study. Supper begins at 6 pm (provided by church) and the study begins about 6:30 pm and lasts for approximately one hour. This year we will be tackling two subjects. The first four nights of our adult study will be led by Mr. Jon Meier who will be taking the class through the book of Jonah. When the Jonah study is complete then twelve sessions will be dedicated to going through DOING THE RIGHT THING. This study is summarized as follows… “Doing the Right Thing explores the ethical and moral breakdown that is assaulting culture from all sides. Through panel discussions, interviews, and student questions, this video study hosted by Brit Hume raises ethical issues in a compelling and fresh way, stimulating thought, discussion and action. The study encourages participants to examine how ethical and character issues relate to their lives at home, school and the workplace.” DOING THE RIGHT THING has six sessions. We will do half a session each FEN night. The schedule is as follows: Date






September 19 Jonah 1

November 7

September 26 Jonah 2

November 14 Doing the January 2 Right Thing 4

No Class

October 3

No Class

November 21 No Class

Doing the Right Thing 8

October 10

Jonah 3

November 28 Doing the January 16 Right Thing 5

Doing the Right Thing 9

October 17

Jonah 4

December 5

Doing the January 23 Right Thing 6

Doing the Right Thing 10

October 24

Doing the December 12 Doing the January 30 Right Thing 1 Right Thing 7

Doing the Right Thing 11

October 31

Doing the December 19 Supper & Right Thing 2 Christmas Decorating

Doing the Right Thing 12

The Lamb’s Pen - 10

Doing the December 26 No Class Right Thing 3

January 9

February 6

SMALL GROUP STUDY BEGINS (Eileen Karow) Starting in September, our Small Group Bible Study will look at the Gospel of Mark. There are several options for days, times and locations so members can find a group that fits their schedule. Please consider joining a small group and learn more about Jesus, the fulfillment of God the Father’s plan of salvation. We’d love to have you join! What a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with each other and grow deeper in God’s word. You are invited to sign up on the sheets that are posted at church and online.

BIBLE STUDY RESOURCES ON OUR WEBSITE! (Pastor Abrahamson) On the homepage of our website ( there is a new tab called “Bible Study Resources.” On that page you’ll find Bible studies written by Pastor Krause and myself, like the Daniel and Revelation Bible studies, as well as other study resources. The materials are there so you can review a study you’ve gone through, share one with others, or use a study for your personal devotions. While you’re there, please take a tour through the rest of our recently remodeled website!

11 - September 2012

AN OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE (Pastor Krause) Last year a number of our members helped pack meals for Kids Around the World (KATW). If you did not hear about this event, or are unaware of what this program is about, you can visit their website at There you will learn that Kids Around the World, Inc. is a faith-based 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and families who have been affected by war, poverty, illness and natural disasters. The goal of KATW is to reach children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help those who work with children. Our members, Mark and Karen Erdmann, are our local contacts for KATW and are involved in planning this year’s meal-packing event. I’m providing information in the hope that you will consider getting involved. We will be posting sign-up sheets here at church and via the e-newsletter, but for more information now, please can contact Mark at Here are the details for this year’s event… Setup:

Monday, October 8 - unloading and setup Tuesday, October 9 - setup and stage material (Need 20+ people each day for a couple of hours) Pre-Event: Tuesday, October 9 4 - 8 pm (Meal building opportunity for people who are unable to attend on October 10, also helps organizers make sure all sealers and scales are working. Event: Wednesday, October 10, 10 am – 6 pm This Year’s Goal: 500,000 meals for students at a Haitian school Place: Former APV Crepaco building (now Saljen Tool) 105 Industrial Drive, Lake Mills, Wisconsin What you can do… Watch for sign-up sheets or contact Mark directly to find out how you can be involved. Anything will be helpful (time or donations) as the cost for this year’s project is $125,000. They are hoping to gather 700 total volunteers to complete this project in the allotted time. The Lamb’s Pen - 12

The Lamb's Pen, September 2012  

You are invited to worship with us at Abiding Shepherd Lutheran Church, 406 W Cottage Grove Road, Cottage Grove, Wisconsin Sundays at 9 or 1...

The Lamb's Pen, September 2012  

You are invited to worship with us at Abiding Shepherd Lutheran Church, 406 W Cottage Grove Road, Cottage Grove, Wisconsin Sundays at 9 or 1...