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EXPRESSING OPINION Teacher: Fedwa Ben Abid I)

Expressing opinion or idea:

I think…

In my opinion…

I’d like to…

I’d rather… * I’d prefer..

The way I see it…

As far as I’m concerned…

If it were up to me…

I suppose…

I suspect that…

I’m pretty sure that…

It’s fairly certain that…

I’m convinced that…

I honestly feel that…

I strongly believe that..

Without a doubt…


• •

levels: 8th year basic & 1st year secondary

Examples: - I’m convinced that global warming will be a big problem in the future. - I honestly feel that if we didn’t have wars, the world would be a better place. - I strongly believe that exercising is very important to keep your body fit. And I’m pretty sure that you’re getting healthier because you take enough exercise. - I suspect that you can’t get on well with others because you get on their nerves. Without a doubt, you should change your behavior.

Expressing disagreement:

I don’t think that … Don’t you think it would be better..

I don’t agree, I’d prefer.. 

Shouldn’t we consider..

But what about…

I’m afraid I don’t agree…

Frankly, ii doubt if…

Let’s face it, the truth of the matter is …

The problem with your point of view is that…

Examples: - Let’s face it, the truth of the matter is children shouldn’t be in school for more than 5 hours a day. - The problem with your point of view is that children wouldn’t have enough time to learn.


Giving reasons and offering explanations:

To start with…

The reason why…

That’s the reason why…

Many people think…


Allowing for

Examples: - The reason why I believe all people are intelligent is because everybody can be gifted in doing certain skills. Considering that we can be successful at many levels: emotional, artistic, social, mechanical…, or even at one level, I think this is the best proof for our intelligence. - When you consider that friendship is vital, you’ll try to keep in touch with as many friends as you can. To start with, friends are important because they’re always there to give you a hand, to cheer you up and to comfort you.

the fact that… •

When you consider that…


A- Showing Total Agreement Exactly /

C- Showing Mild Disagreement


Absolutely. /


That's for sure.


I agree with you a hundred percent.


I couldn't agree with you more.


Can't argue with that.


Couldn't have said it better.


We see eye to eye on this. (idiom) (Meaning: we agree totally on this)



/ You’re right!

I totally agree with you.

B- Showing Partial Agreement -

You may be right.


You might have a point there.


Well, perhaps (you're right).


It may be so, but ...


I'm not sure if I agree with you totally there.

D- Showing Strong Disagreement -

I'm afraid I disagree with you.


I'm afraid I can't agree with you.


I couldn't disagree (with you) more.


I disagree completely.


You've got that wrong. (informal)


You're dead wrong. (informal)

Example: between 2 friends: -

Ann: Guess what? I've made an appointment to have a nose job next week.


Liz: A nose job? Are you for real?


Ann: Yeah! What's wrong with that? If I look better, I'll feel better.


Liz: I'm not sure if I agree with you totally there. Looks is not that important. What's important is your personality.


Ann: You're dead wrong, Liz! Looks is everything for a woman.


Liz: Well, I'm afraid we don't see eye to eye on this.

(*a nose job = cosmetic surgery on the nose