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The era post Slimane The impact of Hedi Slimane The pros and cons of this rebranding Strategy Why similar companies must rebrand so often?

1.Era post slimane: Saint Laurent Today Anthony Vaccarello, currently the creative director of Saint Laurent is an Italian-Belgian fashion designer who previously worked at Versace as well as designing his own eponymous line.

Anthony Vaccarello since 2016 till today ✓ Saint Laurent Revenues for 2017 are 1,501.4 million euros meaning an increase of 27% in revenues in comparaision with 2016 ✓ Adding a touch of modernity while keeping the DNA of the maison ✓ Known for creativity ✓ A certain freedom and independence in his work in order to express the brand identity of Saint Laurent ✓ His own unique version in perceiving women, and their freedom and this influences his artwork and creations

2. Impact of Hedi Slimane Price High-priced Shoes: 500 euros Bags: 1000 euros T-shirts: 350 euros Coats: 2000 euros

Promotion • Celebrity endorsement such as jennifer Anniston, Cara Delavigne • Social Media presence: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube • Magazines: Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire • Photography exhibitions • Events exemp: Met gala

Product • • • •

New Logo Changing the name Relaunch of Haute Couture Rock and Youth Culture in the design of the products • Slim and Monochromes silouhette • New range of product more practical and casual

Place • Refurbishment of the store and changing the interior décor a minimalist one with mirrors, black marble, raw concrete and glass • Online and offline with 143 stores around the globe

Saint Laurent Before Hedi slimane

Saint Laurent after Hedi slimane

3. The pros and cons of this rebranding Strategy

Pros • Significant

growth of the business in general: Revenues, number of stores, item per ticket. • Social Media growth: Saint laurent became one of the most searched for and followed brand after Hedi Slimane took control of the creative direction. • The brand image and DNA became clear and understood for the consumers​ • Minimalism trend​ • The brand became desirable and the products became overperforming • Changing the name made a huge controversy but was for the benefit of the brand afterall

•Big Confusion with the name of the brand since the cosmetic and beauty products remained with the YSL logo, unlike the rest of the products. •Many radical changes, and in human nature customers tend to have retention to changes and makes them lack trust in the brand


4. Why similar companies must rebrand so often?

4. Why similar companies must rebrand so often? • We are living in a world that is constantly changing, rebranding is crucial to keep up and be up-to-date with the change in the market in the customer behavior • One way to expend the brand and produce more products and more product lines • To differentiate and have a competitive advantage • In the case of brands like Saint Laurent, rebranding is essential to better communicate the brand DNA and image, be more consistant and coherent to the consumers

“My Idea of YSL Lies in the Attitude”—Anthony Vaccarello

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