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Ageing and Disability Task Force (ADTF) A task force is a group of people who take responsibilities to work together to achieve a very specific and clearly defined objective.. objective * Please check on slide show

Moving from Relief to Return and Early Recovery  To facilitate the transition from relief to early recovery in the flood response the Government of Pakistan and the Early Recovery Working Group (ERWG) led by UNDP introduced an Early Recovery Working Group Framework Framework..  This coordination framework is designed to separate humanitarian response to flood from the conflict response response..


 Eight Strategic Working Groups (SWGs) to be formed under the ERWG on prioritized ER sectors  Four Thematic Groups to be formed to mainstream cross cross-cutting themes Reference:: Early Recovery Working Group Plan for Flood Response in Pakistan March 1, 2011 information shared by protection thematic working group Reference

Co--chairs for SWGs Co Sector

UN Lead (?)

Government of Pakistan Lead

Food Security & Agriculture



Health and Nutrition





Min of Education

Public Health (WASH)









Off Farm Livelihood



Community Infrastructure



CROSS CUTTING THEMATIC GROUPS Environment: UNDP; Protection: UNHCR; Disaster Risk Reduction: UNDP; Gender: UN Women

Architecture of Protection Thematic Working Group The Protection Thematic Working Group is composed of of::  Two Sub Groups - Child Protection and GBV GBV;;  Two Advisory Groups - Housing, Land and Property and Information Management, Advocacy and Communications Communications;; and  One Task Force - Ageing and Disability Disability..

ADTF Contribution in Relief Humanitarian Response September 2010 – March 2011

I - Realizing a need of a Task Force within Humanitarian Country Response  To take into account the particular vulnerabilities and contributions of different groups within the population such as persons with disabilities and older persons      

Formed Secretariat Developed TORs, Joint Statement Conducted fortnightly ADTF Coordination Meetings Weekly Secretariat Meetings Allocating Time from working hours Sharing knowledge, experiences

II-- Representation in Clusters II  To target mainstream relief and recovery actors including local and international NGOs, UN agencies, government, etc

 Conducted Training of Trainers on National level  Conducted Trainings on Province Level (PSH, Multan)  Developed working relationship with Cluster Leads  Provided on time Technical Inputs on Strategic Documents (NDMA – Social Protection and WASH )  Shared existing IEC Material  Developed Check list

III-- Contribution in Protection Cluster III  To advocate humanitarian actors actors,, including local and national government stakeholders by using the umbrella of the UN Protection Cluster in Pakistan which has a cross cross--cutting role across all Clusters Clusters..  Contributing in Strategic Advisory Group (SAG)  Briefing in Protection Cluster Members about activities of ADTF  Providing Technical inputs in strategic documents

IV- Capacity Building and Information IVManagement  To steer the development and/or dissemination of guidelines and policy notes  Map of the existing resources in disability and ageing sectors  Organize trainings  Mapping of the ADTF Member’s expertise  Formation of working groups  Trainings of External Organizations (Save the Children and Shelter Cluster Members)  Presentation in GCM, ICCM, WASH, Shelter Clusters and GTF  Meetings with WHO, UN Women, UN Habitat, UNIFEM representatives  Meeting with Heads of ADTF Member Organizations  Blog Blog:: www www..agedisabilitytaskforce

Ageing and Disability Consortium – Bangladesh ( a success…)  Six International Organizations  Handicap International and Help Age International as Technical Partners

Supporting Implementation through Practical Solutions March – July 2011

Activities to Achieve Objective 1 • Objective: Emergency relief stakeholders (donors and implementing partners) have improved knowledge and understanding on disability and ageing issues in Pakistan 1.1Publication of comprehensive report . April Week 4


1.2 Events and conferences on age and disability

1.3 Age and disability issues are raised and discussed in cluster meetings through ADTF focal points

Activities to Achieve Objective 2 • Objective: Actors of the emergency response (Int (Int’’ & local NGOs, Agencies, Gov bodies and funding organisations) have increased capacity to include Older Persons and PwD into in their activities Publication of a technical guide on how to take into account OP and PwDs in emergency responses.. responses

Technical workshops conducted for NGOs and INGOs

Activities to Achieve Objective 3 Objective: The concerns and voices of all types of disabilities and older persons (gender sensitive) are more comprehensively represented in the design and implementation of the ADTF activities Individual Meetings organized with donors donors..


Conferences with donors

Our Contribution Leads to… Verifiable Indicators Objective I

 20 % or more Implementing Organization within the various appeals are including older persons and persons with disabilities within their emergency response projects (compare to previous appeals), within the 3 targeted clusters  Age and disability disaggregated data are included in at least 10 key agencies and INGOs assessment & activities’ reports for emergency response projects

Our Contribution Leads to… Verifiable Indicators Objective 2

 1 Report is developed and disseminated  At least 1 launching conference is conducted and attended by at least 20 persons  Regular inputs on Disability & Ageing issues are provided on at least 3 clusters/working groups, on a weekly basis

Our Contribution Leads to… Verifiable Indicators Objective 3

 3 technical guidelines are developed & disseminated  at least 3 technical workshop workshopss are conducted to support use of technical guidelines  At least 3 emergency / recovery donors actively enforce OP and PwD inclusion as outlined / defined in their proposal guidelines and strategy  At least 5 different types of disability disabled person’s organizations (DPO) are consulted on the elaborated technical guidelines  1 consultation workshop is conducted with DPOs for them to voice their opinion and concern and provide practical recommendations about current and future emergency response

Bridging the Gap…  Commitment of ADTF Member Organizations  Designated Focal Persons on National and International level can consistently attend working group meetings

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ADTF April 2011  

Ageing and Disability Task Force