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TENNIS TRAINING Tennis training and fitness have to be done together in order to maximize the training results. It will teach players the right technique for the ground strokes, volleys, serves but without a good fitness level players cannot shine.

Tennis exercises >>>Important part of fitness training for tennis is strength training. This is very important to prevent injuries at any level. >>>Tennis training and fitness both work on aerobic capacity of the player.

Specific cardio training will help the players to improve their endurance and this will make them a lot better on match situation. A good aerobic capacity allows players to be more intense through all the duration of a match and also it will help them to recover better between points and after the match. Flexibility training is another important part that should be done every day at least after practice. A good flexibility level allows the players to reach balls in extreme positions but also helps them to prevent injuries that could occur on the court. Fitness training means the training of all those capacities, strength, agility, aerobic, flexibility. All this needs to be part of a tennis training program and it needs to be done on a consistent basis. At a high level fitness training should represent at least one-third of the total practice time during the week. Fitness training needs to be maintained while players are on tournament because the complexity is to keep improving all the time and one of the biggest mistake is to work on the fitness part and then to stop while the players are on tournaments. This will lead the players to come back from their tournaments with a lower fitness level.

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