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Proficiency in Aviation English A Must to Become a Professional Pilot

Many students want to become a pilot and fly airplane internationally. But, do you know that apart from getting pilot training from an aviation academy, you also need to have proficiency in aviation English? If not, read this article and have in-depth information about aviation English and the way you can improve it easily.

Do you want to become a pilot? Do you know whether to pursue a pilot training course and to fly an international flight, you need to brush up your 'aviation English? A mandatory level of proficiency in 'aviation English' is a must for every pilot who flies civil or private aircraft on international rout.

If a pilot fails to develop proficiency in aviation English, his/her license is revoked. Directorate general of civil aviation (DGCA) has organized tests for pilots so that they become eligible to fly airplane. Many airlines have also made it mandatory for all new pilots to crack the language test as part of their commercial pilot license (CPL) training. So if you search for pilot training institute in India, make sure whether it provides aviation English training.

Aviation English: Aviation English contains the practical use of technical terms in order to communicate flight plans - taking off, landing positions between the air traffic controllers and pilots. With proficiency in aviation English, a pilot improves his vocabulary levels as well as enhance their pronunciation and diction. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which is an UN body codifies the standards for international air navigation. It has made mandatory for every pilot who aspires to fly in international routes to have English proficiency of Level Four. This skill is required to avoid communication gap between the pilots and air traffic controllers, which is the primary factor for accidents.

Level of English Proficiency: According to ICAO, there are six levels of English proficiency. Among them four are the qualifying threshold. In case one fails to qualify the test, he or she needs to undergo a twoweek refresher program and goes for the test again. Those pilots with proficiency level of four need to go for retests every three years. Whereas, if you acquire top score with level six proficiency, you don't need to appear for the test again. The implantation of such requirement helps improve the level of air safety. In addition to this, there are may domestic airlines that require the quality of English proficiency in pilots.

Pilot Training Academy in India: Many reputed pilot training institutes that offer pilot training courses in India, are committed to enhance their candidate’s proficiency in aviation English. Many of them offer English proficiency training to aspirants along with providing a range of private license courses with focusing on aviation English. Top courses that a leading aviation academy in India offers are private pilot license (PPL), commercial pilot license (CPL), cruiser, instructors rating, license renewal, license conversion, and many other flying programs.

So when you search for a pilot training institute in India, make sure whether it is registered with DGCA. A DGCA approved pilot training course provider in the country enables its candidates to become a professional pilot and fly international flight. You will be able to get jobs in domestic as well as international airline companies.

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Proficiency in aviation english a must to become a professional pilot  

Many students want to become a pilot and fly airplane internationally. But, do you know that apart from getting pilot training from an aviat...

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