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Calling all  sports  and  fitness  facili2es  and   studios  

Handle your  marke2ng,  take  bookings  &   Manage  your  facility  -­‐  The  Subscrip2ons   free  way  

Create all  your   Courses  and   Offerings  easily  

Manage all   rooms,  courts   and  pitches  

Let customers  book   classes  straight  from   your  own  website  

…and find  you  on   the  PlayEnable   MarketPlace  

Using PlayEnable  Plus,  you  can  also…  

Manage all  your   Members  &  Contacts  

Engage with     poten2al   customers  

But there’s  more,  using  the  same  tool,  you   can  also…  

Manage all  the   loca2ons    where  you   teach    

Manage all  your   staff  and  team   members  

Yup, and  you  don’t  pay  a  buck  in   subscrip2ons  !  J    

To signup  for  our  beta  and  to  learn  more,  just   mail  us:  

Pe plus demo  
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