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Prof. Nilanjan Chattopadhyay IMT Ghaziabad

Respected Sir The Alumni Relationship Committee would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation for your contribution. We are deeply grateful for your support. It is through the support of individuals like you that we are able to continue to make the bond between the institute and the alumni stronger and to think of new ways to keep the alumni engaged and aware of the activities at IMT Ghaziabad. As we continue with the year, Alcom will continue to make the alumni network stronger with every passing day. We would like to thank you again for your guidance and support. Sincerely, Alumni Relationship Committee IMT Ghaziabad

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Rajendra Nargundkar PGDM (IIMB), PhD (Clemson) Sr. Dean –Academics and Alumni Chairperson

Dear Alumni, It is my pleasure to be taking over as Alumni Chairperson. It is a pleasure because I did something similar in my role at IMT Nagpur (though my title there was Director) and enjoyed it. I am aware that a management institute is built through the work of its alumni, in addition to its faculty, staff and current students. Therefore, I will make every effort to strengthen our own relationship with each one of you. IMT Ghaziabad is launching a unique DBA program for those who want a flexible yet prestigious doctoral degree. This is in partnership with Grenoble School of Business, and we have planned alumni meets in September at various cities to discuss this (for those who might be interested) along with the usual agenda of getting to know you better. For more information on this you can email me at or I have interacted with both Nagpur and Ghaziabad alumni over the last three years, and the experience has been richly rewarding. I hope to bring more of you in touch with the institute and interact with you on a regular basis. My Alumni Committee team will support me in this endeavour, and I hope their enthusiasm will be infectious. They also have planned a series of events in Delhi and elsewhere round the year. So we will be in touch with more on this. Look forward to your support in all our initiatives as before. Page | 2


F REE D O M TO RE U N ITE An institution is as good as its alumni and we at IMT enjoy the privilege of having alumni who have been contributing a lot towards the success of their alma mater. Your efforts at IMT and beyond are the reason why we have the brand IMT and the only way to take IMT to greater heights is to build stronger bonds within the family. Five years ago the idea of Sampark was conceived to keep everyone connected to their alma mater. The success of Sampark has been only due to your cooperation and encouragement. The gratitude for the same can’t be expressed. Today Sampark wants to build a stronger alumni relationship. As change is the only constant, it is with this vision that Sampark would like to present to you this month’s edition. In our continuous efforts to build stronger bonds of the IMT alumni family, Sampark has decided to ring the changes. We want Sampark to be about you .Our vision is to make Sampark the medium through which you, Our Alumni, can know each other better. We strive to bring into focus the lives of our alumni from across the batches, to share their thoughts, vision, experiences and accomplishments with the alumni family. We want you to re-live the bygone days, when IMT was your second home, to remember all the people and the places which made IMT so special for you and also to know of the people who came in much before or much after you left, all of whom have left a unique footprint here at IMT. In our effort to achieve this, we seek your encouragement and support. We hope with this edition we can begin a new chapter in the life of IMT. Here’s to Freedom to Reunite.

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SUMM ER PLA C E M E N TS: A N IN VITA TIO N Let us work towards developing a rich network of enmeshed friends and coworkers. Your alma-mater, IMT Ghaziabad launches the Corporate Campus Confluence (3C) initiative. This step could help you help us, to build together a valuable conduit between IMT-G and your organization. It aims at cultivating a synergetic bond between the corporate and the campus. With this initiative, you can provide your organization with a fusion of corporate experience and nascent talent, equipped with the ability to address management issues. The students at the same time are privileged to learn from the valuable exposure of your organization. But when IMT-G talks about the learning, it does so with pride. You will be glad to know that IMT-G has proudly marched from strength to strengths. Its curriculum today takes the students along the functional breadths of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Systems. It also educates the students with business strategies applicable both, at national and international levels. With international projects and confluence today, IMT-G declares with pride that your alma-mater ranked first, even ahead of IIM’s, in international linkages. IMT Ghaziabad, has successfully continued its legacy of consistently standing out as one of the top ten business schools in India. The pan-India and International presence, partnerships with global universities, and most importantly the corporate liaison has been responsible for our success. You have a wonderful opportunity to unite your alma-mater with the industry. All together, PGDM’s 2012-2014 batch have students walking in from diverse walks of life: Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Science and beyond. More so, most students in the batch are equipped with the smarts of an industry-ready approach; 85% of them possess work experience. In addition to providing wealth of new knowledge and real-world experience, you and your organization can help your junior batch with additional benefits: your valuable mentorship. Come visit us for Summer Internships recruitment drive from September 24th, 2012 onwards. The Pre-Placement Talks runs from 3rd September, 2012 onwards. Contact Page | 4


Q & A LU M N U S IMT. There were a lot of formal and informal interactions as well as a lot of parties. Q. How has MBA helped your career?

ANKIT JAIN Mr. Ankit Jain is an alumnus of IMT Ghaziabad from the batch of 2006. He is currently working as Account Manager at Tetra Pak India Limited. Here is an excerpt from the interaction: Q. What were the most cherishing moments for you in IMT? Apart from the good mentoring and learning from the faculty members there was also a lot of learning from the batch mates. Like the current batch also had a lot of variety, for instance, there were people from textile background, IT background etc. There were a lot of people with a lot of experience and it was very helpful especially during presentations where a lot of viewpoints were shared in the classroom. The other thing was definitely the life at IMT. We really had a great time at

MBA, according to me is more about building the right attitude. We do not learn specific technical skills. We instead learn how to handle situations or how to look at the bigger picture in life.MBA gives you an opportunity to look at all the aspects of business and not only the ones related to your specialization. For instance if you are an IT engineer you look only at the IT part or if you are a production engineer you are concerned only with the production but MBA gives you the opportunity to ask questions with a much wider scope. Whether the product is marketable or not? Is the product profitable or not? Is this a sustainable business model? Is this an extendable business model. So I think what MBA gives you the most is the attitude. Q. Any change in IMT that you have observed? I can definitely see a much better batch profile. During my interaction with the first year students my Page | 5


Q & A LU M N U S answer session is that the batch has definitely improved which is a very good thing. Another thing I noticed was the new infrastructure which is coming up. I am sure it is going to add some new colours to the campus, some new facilities for everybody to interact and learn more.

opportunity to realise your potential which cannot always happen in a classroom environment. Chakravyuh, Passion and the other events put together form a very interesting combination.

Q. Any advice you would like to give to the current batch? The only advice I would like to give is that try to have maximum industry interaction. I know that it would make things hectic but you need to strike a balance between personal life and professional life. In the end if you understand the concept but you don’t know the practical application then you won’t be able to benefit from it. You need to understand how you can add value to the company in a practical way Q. If you were to name one thing which you miss the most what would it be? The thing which I miss the most is the college festivals because it serves as a very good platform to interact with not only your college mates but also students from other colleges and learn from them. It gives you an Page | 6


A L U M IN N E WS Mr. Sandeep Dhar , an alumnus of IMT Ghaziabad from the batch of 1988, is currently the CEO of TESCO Hindustan Service , Bangalore. Mr. Dhar has held several prominent positions in various organizations and has had an experience of over 20 years in Retail Banking and IT consulting. He spoke to the Times of India, in an interview last month about the recent Sandeep Dhar launch of an interactive virtual grocery store at the Gatwick Airport in U.K. , the technology which was developed by the TESCO’s Bangalore centre. The application is simple wherein about 500 popular products are displayed on a wall, each with a barcode which shoppers can scan with a smartphone. The mobile phone builds a virtual shopping cart. When users register for the app they mention the closest and most convenient store to them which gets the shopping cart and the items are delivered home. Mr. Dhar stressed on the importance of mobile commerce in today’s age and also the challenges faced in this domain. Mr. Sandeep Dhar also interacted with the students of IIM Kozhikode this month sharing with the students his insights on the topic of "Retail Innovations, including IT, CRM and SCM in Retail" He discussed the importance of identifying the customer and the challenge it offers in business to customer relationship management. He pointed out the specific issues that plague the retail industry where a ‘customer friendly’ stance will not suffice. He urged managers to turn ‘customer centric’ which involves playing an active and appropriate role in the entire life cycle of the customer. The students had a lively and thought provoking interaction with Mr. Sandeep Dhar.

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CHRONICLES O F IM T – A N IN TRO D U C TIO N When we speak of B-Schools, IMT is a brand. But what is different is that this brand has been created not only due to the hard work put in by the students, but also because IMT gives importance to living life to its fullest. Of course, dedication is essential when it comes to being successful, but IMT is a hub of all-round development. “IMT never sleeps” is the first fact told to every first year student by the second year senior. So here, in the chronicles of IMT we plan to focus on every batch of IMT in a chronological manner. And the areas of focus will include everything except for Academics and Placements. This is the one place where IMTians will come across the real story of making IMT a brand. If it wasn’t for our history, IMT would be like every other B-School. We would like to thank our alumni for making this brand and this family one of the most unique ones in the fraternity of B-schools. Sampark hopes to make this a platform to not only reconnect with your batch but also to let every other IMTian know the real story of IMT legacy and heritage. And again, to make this successful we would need your help. We start with the batch of 1982. Do send in your memories to us so that the IMT family can share and cherish them as well.

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WE LCOM E T O T H E E N TRE PRE N E U R STREE T … IMT‘s uniqueness comes from one word: “INNOVATION”. 99 Labels, Mast Kalandar, Mirus Pvt. Ltd are just a few examples. Building a successful venture is not as easy as it might seem after its success. It actually is a Herculean task! And alone, it may seem impossible at times. And this is where the entrepreneur street comes in. Entrepreneur street is where we appreciate the dedication and hard work of our Alumni. This is where ideas can be generated, dreams can be planned to become a reality, and success can be celebrated. It is not always about what the Alumni can give to the Alma Mater, it is the other way around as well. Every idea and every new start-up has the support of the 4,700 strong alumni base, which continues to grow year by year. Entrepreneur street is where we come together as IMTians and truly support each other. And to support, we need to know what is happening. Please contribute stories of new ventures, tips for the new start-ups, the true story of success of the brands built. Together, invincible strategies can be thought of. Together, we can learn. Together, we can grow.

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CA M PU S BU Z Z LEAGUE OF TITANS The Sports Committee of IMT Ghaziabad gave the sports crazy IMTians their dose of speed and action by kick starting the ‘League of Titans’- a five month long sports extravaganza filled with fun and excitement. Sixteen teams with interesting names like ‘Blietzkerg’, ‘Crack Smokin’, ‘D-generation’ etc. fought it out against each other in two events conducted this month- table tennis and football. Thrilling matches, nail-biting finishes and cheering audience were all in the making. The winner of the final football match was Senior Section E whereas in Table Tennis Junior Section B named Blietzkerg took the trophy. CONCEPTO.EXE As a popular television commercial rightly says, “An idea can change your life”. Concepto.exe, the annual event organised by the Entrepreneurship cell of IMT Ghaziabad provided a platform for the students to implement such out of the box business ideas and market them to their batch mates. The event saw seven teams setting up their ‘stalls’ at the basketball court , advertising their products and striving to attract the maximum number of customers. The first prize was bagged by ‘Shopeaze’- an online shopping website while finishing a close second was the room cleaning business venture aptly named “Live Life King Size”.

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C A M PU S BU Z Z ZEST The evening of 30th July saw students being drawn to the basket ball court by the strumming of an electric guitar and a voice crooning “Roadhouse Blues”. The stage was set for a night of music, dance and drama as the Cultural Committee of IMT Ghaziabad presented its first event for the new batch. It was a night of fun, food and frolicking as the students got a chance to let their hair down and be entertained by the performances put forth by their talented batch mates. SAHYOG The Make A Difference foundation at IMT Ghaziabad organised Sahyog on 15th of August.It was an event aimed at extending a helping hand to the deprived section of the society by distributing clothes to them. The chief guest Dr. Subhajit Bhattacharya initiated the act of kindness on behalf of IMT. Our alumnus Mr. Nishant Singh from the batch of 2012 was also a part of this initiative. The response was overwhelming and the smile on everyone’s faces was an instant and lasting reward for all the members of the MADF team.

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Compiled By: The Sampark Team Alumni Relationship Committee IMT Ghaziabad For any Queries or Suggestions Please feel free to mail us at

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Sampark Volume 6 Issue 2  

Second issue of the monthly newsletter of IMT Ghaziabad for its alumni.