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Home studio for Architect Abhiraj Joshi | Angela Bhutia | Julia Rubis | Srishti Malik

Client Profile • John Lewis, 35 • After 12 years of experience, decided to start his own

studio at home. • Has to visit the construction sites but most of the work is

done in the office. • Has meetings with his clients at home.

Requirements • A desk for working on his laptop & documents. • A shelf to keep files, books, drawings etc. • A sofa & coffee table for the clients to wait.

Proposed Layout of the Office

Orthographic View for Sofa

All dimensions are in cm

3D View for Sofa

Orthographic View of Coffee Table Material

East Indian Rosewood

3D view of Coffee Table

Requirement for Desk • Sufficient space for keeping drawings besides the laptop/PC. • Space for keeping small sketchbook & to be able to sketch without moving away from laptop. • Space for keeping stationery like pencils, erasers, ballpens handy.

Orthographic Views for Desk

All dimensions are in cm

3D view for Desk Material

High Density Natural Veneer

Orthographic View of Shelf

3D View of Shelf Material

High Density Natural Veneer


Home studio  
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