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An organization founded in 2006, “Seeds of Hope” works with the local citizens and charities to provide modern day necessities to the impoverished communities around the world. Our school has also collaborated with this organization and an impressive exhibition was set up in the school premises on the 4th and 5th of October. IGCSE and IB students took pride in volunteering for this exhibition who were given a brief training session by Ms. Monica Bahl as to how to make the audience aware about climate change, and other global crises in simple layman terms. Also, panels displayed real life stories about people who wanted to bring a change by doing their bit. PYP, MYP, IGCSE and IB students along with the teachers took interest in the exhibition and surely were inspired to do their own bit. A ‘Suggestion Tree’ was put up along with the panels wherein teachers and students posted their views on how they liked the exhibition, how they gained knowledge through it and how they will do their bit to contribute to the society. It was truly a great privilege and a great opportunity for students to have this exhibition in our school.

DEC 2012

Basketball has always been my passion. I’ve been playing the sport since sixth grade with great fervor and I still continue to play it. Basketball is a great sport to play. Not only does it teach you how to play individually but also helps develop skills, as it is a co-operative team sport that requires co-ordination with every other team member. I joined Goenka in grade nine and have been part of the school basketball team since. The Goenkan basketball team has grown immensely in the past four years. Being the school basketball team captain, I take pride in using this opportunity to share my great experience in the basketball team in the CASMAX magazine. We have played quite a number of tournaments in the past four years, and it is evident that the team just keeps getting better with every tournament that we play. I hope that it continues to get better in the years that are to come as well. Recently we played The Shri Ram School in The Shri Ram Basketball Tournament. The Goenkan basketball team came together in a competitive spirit, full of vigour and energy. We managed to pull it off by winning two out of three matches and secured the third position. It was an extremely proud and a memorable experience for the team as a whole. I express my gratitude to my teammates and our coach, Mr. Amit, for guiding the team throughout the tournament and for helping us improve our game to this great extent. I hope our team keeps getting opportunities the way it does now and flourishes even further.

Basketball For Life Divyank Singh-Captain

DEC 2012

This year the football team was lucky enough to participate in two tournaments which took place in The Shri Ram School and Pathways World School. When we went to Shri Ram School we were really amazed at the support and enthusiasm shown by their students, they turned up for every game no matter if their school was playing or not.Our first match was against Bhawan Sawan School which we won by 2-0. The next game we played was against Amity International School which ended with a 0-0 draw. Unluckily Amity beat Bhawan Sawan 5-1 in another game. This meant that we would have to be satisfied with second place in the group which didn't allow us to progress further. In the Pathways Football tournament our team got off to a great start beating Pathways 5-0 and Modern Vasant Vihar 4-0. Our second day presented us with much tougher fixtures. Our first game which was against arguably the best team at the tournament, Shri Ram Phase 3 ended in a 0-0 draw. Our second game that day was a 1-0 win over The Heritage School. On the third day it became clear that we had to win by a fairly big margin to win the tournament, unfortunately things did not go to plan as two of our players got red cards against Heritage and were subsequently ruled out of the game on the final day. Partly due to this, our chemistry was not as great as it always is and we ended up losing 4-0 to Pathways. This ended our hopes of winning the tournament and we ended up finishing 3rd. Overall both these tournament really highlighted the progress made by the football team and the teachers involved over the years, I hope this continues for years to come.

Football Update

S C I E N A M I T E The year, 2012 has been declared as an amazing year for GDGWS. Keeping this in mind, the management at G.D. Goenka World School believes in creating awareness about the importance of scientific discoveries in our everyday lives. To move a step further in this endeavor, the school hosted the fourth Interschool Science Competition- Goenkan Scienamite 2012, on the 14th December, 2012. There were 13 schools that participated in this mega event, with their whole-hearted effort and aweinspiring confidence. The championship encompassed five exciting activities, out of which ‘junkyard’ an activity where beats were made with trash cans and hand made bass guitars turned out to be intense and was the only competition with quite a lot of people watching. We then had a twisted competition with a quiz to ‘Unravel the universe’ which gave an opportunity for four schools to score and place themselves on the list of the top three winners. The students of GDGWS also took part in this event but did not compete for the overall trophy. Amidst the cut throat competition, the overall trophy was lifted by Amity International School, Gurgaon, Congratulations to all the winners!!

G4 PROJECT Students of grade 11, exhausted after working so hard for their exams, were full of energy & vigor after hearing about the CAS trekking trip. The activity was scheduled right after the 4 day break the students got after exams. And this was seen as an opportunity to finally unwind and destress themselves and to get CAS hours at the same time. Packed with enthusiasm, IB-DP students were ready to take on the Aravlis in their trekking shoes along with their


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DEC 2012

pathways swimming meet

DEC 2012

The Pathways Swimming meet was held on the 8th and 9th of October. The Goenkan team went for the competition with only 13 participants .The meet lasted for 2 days during which 11 swimmers took part in the events held on the first day and 11 took part on the events held on the second day. This time, the team managed to win a whopping 34 medals with minimal practice and with the smallest team to ever take part in the meet . Also Aditya Rao, of grade 11, managed to win the ‘Best swimmer under-17 boys’ award, with 4 individual gold medals. Both of our boys’ relay teams also managed to win silvers medals in freestyle relay and medley relay. All our swimmers had an amazing time although we missed the company of the senior swimmers who passed out this year and also the juniors who had kept the atmosphere livelier the past few times. Our school is thankful to some supportive parents who requested for our participation in the meet. The parents also played a supportive role on these two days along with our coaches Mrs. Vijayshree and Mr. Naveen. The swimmers who made the team were- Aditya Rao, Srivattsan Ramesh, Arafat Rana, Saumya Chadha, Karan Yadav, Shashwat, Shitij, Mayuk, Vardhini Ramesh, Amrrita Sethi, Tanvi Chopra, Anathi Majeke, Wang.

DEC 2012



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