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‘The Ashes’ is an epic tale of two guys, Linked with same blood but different styles, Free spirit is JOEY, RYAN is serious and wise. Clueless of the storm approaching ‘em quiet, Sudden pause to the merrier part of their life, Other part is risky and brimming with fights, And some tricky business’ with their minds. I am your narrator and they call me ‘Time’.





As a custom the family meets at dinner table, Father is worried as it is long been so stable, Eyes sketching his care while Ryan slices the Apple, For bad phase, he knows, comes with no label, Even I sensed something very dark, slow and subtle. Joey’s mood as always doesn’t agree with the food, Finishes off quick and marched towards his room, He felt being followed and as if someone drooled, His crooning stopped and he loses his cool, Suddenly got abducted with a feeling of doom.

1. The Night was the usual , and family was having their supper at the dining. Suddenly the younger child said, “Someone is calling me mom… someone is there upstairs”. Rest of the family, didn’t believe him, and his brother called him a freak. 2. He climbed up the stairs and entered the corridor. Again he heard his name being called by a mysterious but known voice. 3. From the opposite end of the corridor he saw a shadow approaching him. He screamed out of fear, and before his parents could make to the site, he was GONE. 4. Having no answer about what just happened to his son, the father was facing lot many questions from his other child.


here it is for fun loving readers

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