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The Indian economy needs huge infrastructure development to sustain its growth and Indian companies are working on hundreds of huge projects like special economic zones (SEZs), power plants, airports, railway corridors, highways and bridges. Gandhinagar, the high tech capital is also the fastest growing Indian city.

Mrs. Sarita devi Age-31 yrs. vill.- Bihar

The construction industry is one of India’s largest employers. Thousands of construction workers who have to build the new apartments and offices live in squalor in roadside tents that sit uneasily among the city’s new glamour.

Mr. Sanjay bharwa Age-27 yrs. State- Bihar

Mr. pawan kumar Age-23 yrs. State- Rajasthan

“We build these buildings but when it’s complete nobody is going to let us in,”

Mr. Sambhu patel Age- 42 yrs. State- Gujrat

They are migrants from the decimated agricultural sector,escaping from poverty and disease at home they are sucked into a labour economy that is characterised by exploitative labour practices, unsafe working environments, inhuman living conditions with little access to basic amenities and almost complete social exclusion. They have little or no work security and their income varies according to seasonal or other fluctuations in the demand for labour.

sucess isn’t about’s about consistency. consistent hard work leads to sucess, greatness will come.

“when we build, let us think that we build forever�

Migrant workers move from project to project, labour camp to labour camp. There is no sense of a house or a room. Even within a camp, there is no specific place allocated since they work on shifts. All the family is working on the construction site, also women and children.

, Kohli is a migrant worker. He studied until eighth standard in a government school in Karuali, Rajasthan but had to start working to support his family. “Back then we had many aspirations – that we will turn out to be someone of importance, that we will study. Now, look at what we are doing,” he says when we ask him what he aspired to become, as a child. “Our father didn’t earn much, and children had to be married off. I saw our situation and realised that I need to earn first, that we should have money. We have to take all these things into consideration, right?” he shares. Now all his aspirations are for his children.. “The only thing I want is that they are able to study properly, whether they find a government or private job,” says Kohli, whose father was also a construction worker.

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

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