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How to get a creative and effective logo design? Logo designing and brand identity are key factors in demonstrating your business potential at very first sight. When getting a logo designed most of the people face a dilemma of what there logo should look like. Most of the people end up having fake logos done by immature artist. Before we start on logo basics let’s have a look at some world’s best logo designs and summarize some basic facts about them.

As you could notice that blue and red are the most dominating color base for logo designs worldwide. Also, you’ll see that best logos have short names and not always the name demonstrate the product type. These logo designs have all sort of typography from combination of Upper and lower case letters to all in Upper case, all resulting in a harmony and soothing effect. That is the basic of any design; it should be well balanced and should have appealing aesthetic sense. In order to achieve an outstanding design a good graphic designer should do a lot of research work before coming up with a design. You should thoroughly understand the product, client’s need and there marketing strategy. For example when designing for a candy or sweet indulgence for kids, designer should focus on the audience i.e. the kids in this case. The designer should come up with kids’ friendly color and fonts in such case. On the other hand while designing for stuff like bouncing house, designer should understand that audience here are the parents and should come up with clean fonts and substantial design. Most of the time novice designers fail to make such distinction, which result in altered audience projection, hence affecting the business. Another important key factor about logo designs is their type. Most of the time designer fails to recognize that logo is not only used for online marketing but for offline marketing as well. So you should make a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) that can be easily printed on merchandize. These could be delivered in Ai, Psd or sometimes CDR format. While designing for web only, designers should emphasize on saving or delivering the image in .png extension, as these images are more clean and versatile At BestLogoShop.Com, we are continuously striving and evolving processes to deliver high quality designs to our customers with innovative and original designs. Unlike other designing firms we use all customized designs. We do not mix and match images from the web, rather we create each and every element of the design to provide 100% original designs to our customers. We at believe in Quality work, by providing these details about logo design we want our customers to continuously challenge us in providing effective and outstanding logo designs in the market.

How to design effective logo?  

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