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Aayu Clinics 1645 A. W School St, Chicago, IL 60657 P: 773.227.3669, F: 773.687.8366

Aayu Clinics aims to provide a stunning customer experience with concierge-level health services to a discerning clientele. We offer immediate and primary care and are adding multispeciality services including women’s health, high-performance sports medicine, dermatology and aesthetics, GI, ENT and orthopedics. Our current services besides medical care and wellness include complex laceration repairs, IV fluids, joint and trigger point injections, fracture care and travel medicine. A significant portion of our customer base are young professionals families who live in the Roscoe Village, Lincoln Park and Lakeview Neighborhoods. We are in the trendy Lakeview area and expanding to downtown and other areas in Chicago. Aayu Clinics currently owns and operates a clinic providing primary and immediate care, women’s health and sports medicine in the Lakeview area. The company expanded its office space from the initial 3,300 SF in April 2012 to 12,500 SF in August 2014.

Aayu Clinics

Our Philosophy Aayu Clinics, Lakeview Immediate Care Clinic follows a patientcentric philosophy, which ensures that we deliver care that makes the health and safety of our patients a top priority. We treat each patient like we would want our own loved ones to be treated. At Lakeview Immediate Care, we don’t believe that patient-centric care begins and ends at your first appointment. Instead, we provide evidencebased medicine with a conservative, pragmatic approach every step of the way until you are without pain or illness. Our convenient hours and accessibility will put you at ease; our emphasis on patient-centric care will help you heal.

About Us Medical care should not end after one appointment. We take the time to follow up with you in the days following to effectively monitor your progress and address any questions you have, what to expect as you heal, or discuss any potential complications. Aayu Clinics and Lakeview Immediate Care delivers its comprehensive services from the patient perspective. Doing so determines our course of action, from diagnosis to recovery. This commitment to the patient, continues throughout their journey to wellness.

The Position All of us are discerning when it comes to care for ourselves or our family — we treat each patient like we would want our own loved ones to be treated. We seek out outstanding providers who share our vision of building the practice. We also believe competence and

teamwork are a talent that should be commensurately rewarded. We believe that mid-level providers are the new disrupters who can take healthcare to the next level. At our practice, incentives are similar for physicians and mid-level providers. We follow an innovative productivity model that rewards individual effort and dedication.

We place a strong emphasis on practice building. We value your relationship with the patient and the practice is designed to help you build, grow and deepen these relationships. Outstanding mid-level providers at Aayu Clinics similar to physicians, are provided resources and incentives to build their practice and panel of patients who follow up with them. You must possess the strong desire to improve your knowledge and skills. We are looking for a few outstanding physicians who: 1. value the patient's welfare above all else. If you have done what is right for the patient, you have done what is right for the practice

2. want to build their own practice where patients want to return to see them 3. are enthusiastic about adding to their personal quality and value with learning new procedures and CME 4. understand the coding and billing process or have an appreciation for its importance and willingness to learn 5. enjoy a work-life balance

Benefits and Compensation Benefits Insurance Health, Dental, Vision, 401K, Life, AD&D coverage for all full time associates CME for full time providers with a commitment to work with us Vacation time is very important. If you are a full time provider with a commitment to work with us for 18-24 months, we will cover your expenses for a week at the location of your choice anywhere in the world. You can choose to take family or friends. The company provides stay, travel and board are covered by the staff. PTO is available up to 2 weeks in a calendar year

Compensation We use the work RVU system (wRVU) to estimate productivity. In the wRVU system outstanding and productive mid-level providers can practice primary and urgent care, work with specialists in the new multi-specialty clinic and enjoy compensation at a level similar to physicians. Practice building is closely related to higher productivity and compensation.

E/M Collectible wRVU*

Base at 72 hours/pay period

RVU Bonus

Base plus RVU













































* For E/M wRVU estimates performed on a quarterly or semi-annual basis that above the mid-point between tiers (500 wRVU above lower tier, the compensation calculation for base wRVU would be an additional sum equal to the average of the two tiers. [For example, if E/M wRVU is 7200, Annual RVU Bonus will be {($74,750+$97,000)/2 = $91,500}] wRVU attributed to midlevel provider supervision = 20% of wRVU from cases seen by mid-level providers supervised by the attending physician

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