Abhijeet's design portfolio (volume 1)

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Advertising Campaigns

Print Media Graphic Design &

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Brand Identity

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Interaction Design Page 23-30


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Fine Art


Illustrations Page 42 -51

Advertising Campaigns

Print Media Graphic Design &

Harvest Gold - Big Ideas, Healthy Bread

Page 3-6

( Mini Ad Campaign )

Coca Cola - Reality Bites

Page 7-13

( Major Ad Campaign )

Sleepwell - Embrace the Comfort

Page 14-16

( Illustrative Print Ad )

Lil’ Flowers - Handbag Design

Page 17

( Graphic Design )

61st Annual Art Exhibition - Poster Design ( Print Poster )

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HARVEST GOLD Big ideas begin with healthy bread Mini Ad Campaign This was a college assignment and I was supposed to make a Mini Ad Campaign on Harvest Gold Bread. The brief was to advertise the brand- Harvest Gold by focusing on its nutritional value. The bread showcased in the art works is Harvest Gold’s brown bread.

The Process of how the campaign’s layout was made. The layouts were led by both illustrations and photography.


The idea of the campaign is- ‘Big ideas begin with a healthy bread’. And while these greatest discoverers of all times like Einstein, Newton and Benjamin Franklin were busy creating history through their respective inventions, they were all eating healthy breads.

These press layouts show some hypothetical incidents like when the great Sir Issac Newton was busy eating his bread sandwich, an apple fell on his head and the gravity was discovered. Similarly, Albert Einstein discovered one of the most famous breakthroughs in the ď€ eld of physics which was the Mass -Energy Equivalence and he did it because he ate healthy bread. Hence, the Big Ideas began with Healthy Bread. (Print Ads)



The campaign basically communicates that to get big ideas and make great discoveries, all it takes is a healthy bread. Just have a healthy bread sandwich, a cup of tea and a pen, and you are all set to deliver.

This ad in particular shows when the great discovery of electricity happened, it’s discoverer - Benjamin Franklin was having his healthy bread sandwich. (Print Ad)



Cheers to growing up Major Ad Campaign

As the last of my college assignments, this Major Ad Campaign on Coca Cola gave me a challenge to create something absolutely out of the box and completely different from what had already been done by Coca Cola and still maintain it’s reputation as the leading brand of soft drinks. Even the tagline of Coke has been replaced in this campaign from ‘Open Happiness’ to ‘Cheers to Growing Up’.

The idea showcased here is that although energetic, Coca Cola still does not transform the person drinking it into a hulk. (Print Ad)


The idea behind the campaign is that although exceptional in it’s taste and stands out from the others, Coca Cola is still just a soft drink and not any supernatural drink. It knows it’s mortal limit and has no non-sense about it. All art works are both visual and typo led and try to communicate in a sarcastic yet humorous manner and hence the campaign gets it’s name“Reality Bites”.



(Print Poster) 20”x 30” Concept behind the poster on the left is that CocaCola can not make you a speedy super hero just because of the fact that it gives energy. If you want to run really fast, you’ll have to improve your athletic skills.

(Print Ads) These two press ads stress over the fact that although Coca- Cola is extremely energetic as it contains caffeine, but still it can neither make you a ninja, nor could it make one a sleep deprived insomniac.


With the idea-‘Coca-Cola does not give you wings’, this press ad again sarcastically points out that no soft drink can ever give you wings however light it may make you feel or whatever amount of energy it may give. There is no denying the fact that Coke is still not any supernatural drink and does nothing extraordinarily out of this world. (Print Ad)



These 4 illustrations extend the campaign by supporting the various ideas of posters and press ads. The illustrations were made like a step by step depiction of the idea to give more clarity to the concept. Further, these illustrations were animated as .gif images which could be used over digital media.



EMBRACE THE COMFORT Illustrative Press Layout

This was one of the major projects that I did during my internship at Rediffusion DY&R in the summer of 2013. The brief was to create an illustration to be used in a press ad, showing how comfortable Sleepwell mattresses can be. The concept was that the Sleepwell mattress is so soft and comfortable that it feels like it is actually hugging the person relaxing on it.

The concept execution began with illustrations from top view but it did not feel as if the bed was hugging the guy in fact it seemed as if some sort of a bed monster was holding him. The entire perspective had to be changed so as to show the relaxed expressions of the guy as if he was being embraced by a loved one.

The earlier illustrations were drawn from the top view. The ď€ rst one looked kind of scary and thus the mattress’ feel had to be changed. The changed version still did not seem right as the expressions of the guy were not visible from this perspective.



The nal execution took quite a lot of time but the end result was pleasing. The guy sleeping on the mattress actually looked relaxed and the mattress too seemed to be hugging him. With it’s header as ‘Embrace the Comfort’, the ad got released and earned lots of appreciation. (Print Ad)



HANDBAG DESIGN Graphic Design Lil' Flowers is a kid's boutique that has all kinds of stuff for kids and especially for girls of ages below 12 like accessories, clothes, toys etc. Lil' Flowers approached me and asked to design a handbag for them that would suit their business and brand image.

Keeping their business in mind, the designs were made using shades of yellow and pink, colorful stripes, oral designs and patterns, and of course teddy bears and dolls.



poster DESIGN Print Media The design of this poster is inspired by ‘Origami’ where art is created by folding papers. The rst design submitted by me was appealing enough to grab a lot of attention but had far too many paper foldings which made it look more crowded and less legible.

The later version of the design emerged as an improvement over the previous design and was a lot more subtle and legible. Number of colors used were reduced and the paper folds were minimalised which made the design more obvious and less distractive.

This was an academic assignment and the brief was to design a poster which could feature as the cover of the catalogue of 61st Annual Art Exhibition of College of Art. Print Poster 20”X30”


Brand Identity

Mentra Enterprises ( Corporate Identity )

Page 21-22


corporate identity Logo Design


Mentra Enterprises deals with the production of garments for export purposes. This project’s task was to create a logo for the brand ‘Mentra’ and use that logo to design their business card and letterhead.

The logo has been given a traditional theme suitable to the name i.e. Mentra. The logo uses the Hindi word "मं '' spelled as ‘mantra’.

Designing Brand Identity - Menta Enterprises This company has used a Hindi word as their brand name and therefore it was obvious for me to use Hindi alphabets in the logo as well. The logo consists of Hindi word “मं l '' which constitutes the negative space of the logo while the positive space has a traditional sort of design with shades of red and yellow symbolizing re, as most often mantras are enchanted for the divine in front of re.


Interaction Design

I-Run Music Player

Page 25-26

( Smart Watch Application )

The PEPSICO Apprentice

Page 27-28

( Mobile Microsite Design )

Password Tracker & Generator ( Mobile Application Design )

Page 29-30

I-RUN MUSIC PLAYER SMART WATCH application UI/UX Design I-RUN is a music player app specially designed to play music through a single touch of your iWatch as it would be connected to your iPhone or iPod Touch via bluetooth. I-Run’s music would also be stored in an online cloud where users can create their personal playlists and could listen to them any time they want even when their iWatch is not connected to the iPhone or iPod via bluetooth. This app could be very useful for runners and joggers who like to listen to music with their ear piece on during their running sessions as they won’t have to take out their phone or iPod every time they want to change the music. All they need to do is slide through their iWatch’s screen, update their music and they are ready to roll. This would save both their time and energy.


I-Run allows it’s users to go through their library by simply sliding through the iWatch’s screen or tapping on the top left corner on the playlist icon. While the user has selected his music track, the music player’s screen will be there on the iWatch all the time which could be changed by the three touch buttons. The three shortcut touch buttons placed at the bottom of the screen helps to shufe between the Home screen, I-Run App and the Clock.

The mobile’s version of the app works as an extraordinary music player and lets you create your playlists and save all your music online. You can even search for the latest releases by artists across the world, add them to your playlists, follow what your friends are listening to and so on. And of course it works like a normal music player as well and lets you nd your music tracks of specic genres, artists or tracks stored in your folders without any fuss.



MOBILE MICROSITE DESIGN Web Design ‘The PEPSICO Apprentice’ was a mobile microsite designed for the brandPEPSICO, which was a quiz contest for college students across India and the winners of the quiz got a chance to work for PEPSICO under their leader’s guidance for a day as an apprentice. The quiz had some easy and fun questions with four options which were set to a timer. More the person answered correctly, more was his/her percentile and hence a better ranking.

The logo unit of ‘The PEPSICO Apprentice’ and the website itself, both were designed using the PEPSICO blue. E-mailers and posters were also designed which were sent to the college students via e-mail which led them to the website.


This was an initiative by PEPSICO to make sure that the college students of India sees PEPSICO as a career destination. Hence, this microsite was targeted towards the students of most of the best colleges of India. More than 2 lakh students took part in the quiz and around 200 winners were selected who got a chance to visit the PEPSICO premises and work for a day to learn and explore under special guidance of their executives.


application design UI/UX Design

There won’t be a chaos with passwords anymore as this app would help you store all your passwords together so that you won’t have to re-enter or replace the password if you forget it. If you nd it difcult to create different passwords for different ID’s, this app could do wonders for you. According to the details lled in by you, the app applies permutations and combinations and gives you passwords easy for you to remember but hard for others to crack.

Sign In Screen

Introductory Screen


Home Screen

ID and Password Store Password Generator Screen Slide Screen Menu

Operating this app is really simple and fun to use. What users need to do is ll in their credentials and create their ID which would be linked to one of their master e-mail ID. Every action taken in the app would be notied to the master ID. The app allows user to store all their personal information of all their IDs and store them altogether so that they never get confused with their passwords. The app also has a slide screen which can help users manage their account more effectively.

Most often people nd it difcult to create a different password every time they create a new ID. This app’s special feature of ‘Password Generator’ is specically designed for them. All this feature requires is some of your personal information and interests to generate a unique password according to your requirement. What the app does is apply the laws of permutation and combination to generate literally thousands of new passwords every time.



Model Photography 1

Page 33-34

( Ray Ban Shoot )

Model Photography 2

Page 35-36

( The Mad Scientist )

Product Photography

Page 37-38

( Appy Fizz Shoot )

Candid Photography ( Nature & Travel Photography )

Page 39-41


MODEL PHOTOGRAPHY Digital Photography


Photographs which were used in the press layout.

This was a project of digital photography that involved both graphic designing and photography. The task was to choose an existing photography led campaign by any brand and manipulate it in our own style of photography and design. The campaign I chose to work on was RayBan’s ‘Never Hide’ campaign. For me it is still amongst the best of photographic ad campaigns which incorporates great artistic photography along with an equally brilliant art direction.

Ray-Ban Press Ad Tools used : Nikon D5200, Lens- AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm, Photoshop.




MODEL PHOTOGRAPHY Black and White Photography


A crazy fun photoshoot done in the college premesis, this was one of the photography projects where I was supposed to shoot a model and freedom was provided to take any theme of our choice. I chose to create my own comic character in a negative role. The photo shoot tries to portray ‘Mandark’, one of my beloved characters from ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’, when he grows up and becomes a mad, evil scientist. Doing a black and white shoot, the main stress was laid on the lightings and the expressions of the model so that it looked like a comic character came alive.

A series of portrait photographs clicked to capture the detailed expressions and fetures of the model. Tools used :

Tools used: Nikon D5200, Lens- AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm.


APPY FIZZ SHOOT Product photography Studio Photo Shoot An academic project where the task was to do a photo shoot of any product of our choice. I took Appy Fizz as my product to be shot. ‘A cool drink to hangout with’, as the tag line suggests, Appy zz comes as one of the coolest of brands. And thus, I wanted to shoot accordingly and make the shoot turn out to be cool as well. As Appy Fizz is a sparkling apple juice drink, I used elements like water splashes, ice, apples, green leafs with the Appy Fizz pack to give the shoot the correct tonality to it. The shoot came out to be a slight challenge for me as it turned out, splash photography is not that easy.

Appy Fizz Product Shoot Tools used: Nikon D5200, Lens- AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm. F-stop- f/11 Shutter speed 1/200 sec, ISO- 100, Focal length55mm


Either the photographer should have a proper mechanism which takes a perfect photograph of the splash on every click or, the more easy and cheaper way is to take a friend’s help. So, in the absence of those fancy equipments, I had to ask one of my friend to assist me for this shoot. His job was to keep dropping an apple slice into the glass full of Appy Fizz drink. With the camera set on a greater shutter speed my job was to get the coordination right and click at the right moment. Literally, the rst click of the shoot gave the best shot, but then it took around ten to fteen more clicks for me to get two more good shots.



Nature photography encompasses a wide range of subject matter which includes photography of ora, wildlife and landscapes. Having tried my hand in almost all kinds of photography, I ď€ nd that nature photography has its own charm.

Showcased are a few candid nature and travel photography clicked by me. Tools used: Nikon D5200, Lens- Nikkor AF-S 18-55mm.


I have always enjoyed traveling with a camera alongside me and always look forward for such traveling endeavors. I have visited a lot of different cities in India but the diversity that India has to offer makes me wanna travel even more.



Fine Art &


FINE ART WORKS BRUSH, COLOR & PAPER Contemporary & Commercial Art

Showcased are some of my paintings done in various mediums like watercolors and poster colors on paper.


“A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness, and some fantasy. When you always make your meaning perfectly plain you end up boring people” ― Edgar Degas

Inspired by Milind Mulick, I have always been fond of painting regardless of the medium, whether it may be acrylic, oil, watercolors or poster colors, but I have to admit that watercolors will be and has always been my favorite.

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” ― Pablo Picasso

If asked to spend a perfect vacation, brushes, colors, paper and a beautiful destination, that’s all I would wish.


An academic assignment where the task was to imitate a wildlife photograph and create three different versions of the painting. The rst being the colored one, second- the monochrome and the third- a pen and ink version of the same photograph. 10”X10” (each)


Photo-nish work. This art work is an exact imitation of a collage which was made by me as well. Medium: Poster colors on Paper 12”X18”


Commercial Art Poster Rajasthan Tourism

MediumPoster Colors on paper. 20�X30�



“A Degree Holder”Pen and ink on paper. 12”X15”



An illustration made on the topic “Chanakya”. Chanakya was an Indian teacher, philosopher, and royal advisor. Originally a professor of economics and political science at the ancient Takshashila University, Chanakya managed the rst Maurya emperor Chandragupta's rise to power at a young age. Tools used: Pen and ink on paper, watercolors. 12”X15”


An illustration on “Construction site”. Tools used: Pen and ink on paper 12”X18”

Illustration on“ICU of a Hospital”. Tools used: Pen and ink on paper 12”X18”


Abhijeet Pathak