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Dear Mr. Abhay K, Poet, It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to Literati, the Annual Literary Festival of IIT Delhi. In spite of being a technological institute, there exists a perfect amalgamation of creativity and a passion for literature amongst the students in college. Your work is popular amongst students here and many of us would be honored to have an opportunity to meet you. For a glorious weekend in the month of September, the atmosphere in IIT Delhi becomes one brimming with the scent of books and the words of famous personalities. Multiple competitions and workshops are conducted to further promote the literary culture amongst college students, under the guidance of eminent literary enthusiasts. Having mastered the art themselves, they set out to catapult this festival into unexplored intellectual realms. We would be honored to host you at our campus for this festival and sincerely believe that your presence would uplift and provide a fresh vibrancy to this festival. Hoping to hear a favourable response,

Invitation to poet Abhay K. from Literati, IIT Delhi  

Invitation to poet Abhay K. to judge the poetry festival 'Kavyalaya', a signature event of 'Literati' Lit Fest of IIT Delhi