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Who’s Pulling Whose Strings? Street Spectacle Workshops Fancy Getting Involved? Finger Puppet Flash Mob Workshops What do hundreds of finger puppets look like dancing through the streets? The tiniest of puppets can have the biggest impact when combined with dance and music. We invite children to take part in our Abhainn Rí Festival spectacle workshop that fuses craft and making with dance and performance. Suitable for 5 to 12 years old. All workshops are free // Booking is essential to save disappointment

Materials Playground The Materials Playground is a costumemaking workshop with a twist. Create fantastical imagined costumes with fashion designer Joan Brennan at our Abhainn Rí Festival up-cycling workshop. Transform old to new with hands-on opportunities to explore a variety of media that can be used to experiment, create and realise costumes for the Who’s Pulling Whose Strings Spectacle. This workshop is suitable for 12yrs old +

Whimsical Worlds and Performing Puppets The Whimsical Worlds and Performing Puppets workshop focuses on the craft of street theatre, both the physical making and performing. Not only will participants create puppets but also bring them to life in Who’s Pulling Whose Strings Street Spectacle. Transform spectacle floats and construct oversized props that will excite and capture the imaginations of all the spectators. Suitable for 14 yrs old +

The Giant Puppet Team Who’s Pulling Whose Strings is cooking up a showstopper and this is it! This giant puppet will tower over crowds and amaze spectators; the building of this puppet is hands on. Not only will professional street theatre artists guide you through the process of building a large-scale puppet but you will also learn to guide these huge artworks through crowded streets safely. Fancy being on the Giant Puppet team? Suitable for 14yrs old +

Finger Puppet Workshops // Friary, Callan Wed 24th or Thur 25th or Fri 26th or Sat 27th July // 10:00am (5–7 yrs old) & 12:30pm (8–12yrs old)

Materials Playground // The Workhouse, Callan // 10:00am – 4:00pm / Mon 15th – Fri 19th or Mon 22nd – Fri 26th July

Whimsical Worlds and Performing Puppets // Friary, Callan // 10:00am – 4:00pm Beginning Thur 4th July until Sat 20th July

The Giant Puppet Team // The Co-op, Callan/ 10:00am – 4:00pm // Mon 15th, Tue 16th, Wed 17th, & Tue 23rd, Wed 24th, Thur 25th July

Flash Mob Workshops His & Hers Fitness Studio, Westcourt Business Park, Callan // Wed 30th July or Thur 1st or Fri 2nd August // 11:00am (5–7 yrs old) & 12:30pm (8–12yrs old)

Touching the Sky Workshop

Capture The Magic

Creating a Scene

We are very excited to welcome StageCraft Ireland to Callan for the Abhainn Rí Festival this summer. Fancy learning to Stilt Walk? If you think you are brave enough to try your hand at some physical theatre come and join us in Callan this summer. Only a few places available on this workshop so sign up fast to save disappointment. One group will spend four days mastering this craft! Suitable for 14yrs old +

Develop film documentary skills and capture the story of Who’s Pulling Whose Strings as it unfolds. Be a fly on the wall in the studios as puppets come to life for the first time, capture hundreds of rehearsing finger puppets, record the wobbly start of stilt walkers, first rehearsals to Showtime! This is a guided workshop but there is plenty of room to let your own ideas and creativity shine. Suitable for 12 yrs old +

Nooks, alleyways, windows and doorways will be transformed into street puppet booths. Non-traditional puppet booths will pop up all over Callan on Spectacle Day. The Creating a Scene workshop will focus on puppet making, story telling and creating a Scene! Learn to craft small hand held puppets that will capture the imagination of both young and old. This workshop is suitable for 14yrs old +

Touching the Sky Workshop // Friary, Callan // 11:00pm – 2:00pm // Mon 29th, Tue 30th , Wed 31st July and Thur 1st August

Capture The Magic // Friary, Callan // 10:00am – 4:00pm // Wed 31st July, Thur 1st, Fri 2nd, Sat 3rd and Sun 4th August

Creating a Scene // Friary, Callan // 10:00am – 4:00pm // Mon 29th, Tue 30th, Wed 31st July and Thur 1st August

And there’s More We invite you to make the ordinary, extraordinary! As the spectacle unfolds we will bring you more creative and quirky workshops that are designed to dress the streets of Callan. Like us on Facebook and be the first to hear of the many pop up workshops we have up our puppet sleeves.

Abhainn Rí Festival Spectacle Day 4th August 2013 / Callan Town Centre 1:00pm – 9:00pm / Spectacle Performance 5:00pm Join us on Sunday August 4th for the Abhainn Rí Festival Spectacle Day. We invite you to spend the day enjoying free family activities like crafty workshops, drawing fun, street food, face painting and live music to name a few. As the day turns to evening let the Abhainn Rí Festival Workshop participants wow you with their incredible Puppet Extravaganza; Who’s Pulling Whose Strings? The atmosphere will continue into the night with music, street food and lively banter.


Who’s Pulling Whose Strings Needs You Central to the Abhainn Rí Festival is participation – So get stuck in with a variety of workshops, help out or join us for an afternoon to see what it’s all about. We also need puppet-sitters; face painters; performers and general all round street theatre enthusiasts! We invite you to cook up a showstopper of a street theatre spectacle that will put Callan firmly on the map this summer.


Workshop bookings & Volunteer info: 087 649 4758


This event listing is compiled for informational purposes only and is correct at time of publication. Event listings may be subject to change by the organisers and readers are advised to contact the organisers directly for the most up to date information.

Abhainn ri spectacle workkshops 2013  
Abhainn ri spectacle workkshops 2013