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Sample Note-Taking Log for Tutoring Observations: Name of Tutor: Paul Vinhage Class/Level of Writer: ENC 1101 Time/Day of Session: 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

What was the assignment the writer was working on? I missed the first two minutes of the tutorial because I was trying to get set up, but the student was working on revising an old draft using the teacher's comments and suggestions from the tutor.

What specifically did writer need assistance with? The student needed help with revision. They needed mediation with the teacher's comments/suggestions on a previous draft. It seems that they've met together before? I'm not sure. The teacher commented that the student needs to analyze their quotes instead of dropping them in.

What are the major topics that were covered in the session? I’m not really sure‌that’s not a good thing.

What course readings or concepts connected to this session? Anne Frank, but I don't think that her diary was a required text.

What I saw

What I Thought

The student wants to analyze quotes.

Didn't seem to be any/much investigating in that

Student pulled up the assignment sheet and comments on an old draft. Tutor awkwardly reads the assignment to himself.

Here, I would have read it out loud or gotten the student to read out loud. The student is just hanging out on her phone, disengaged from her paper and the tutor.

There is no discussion of an "action plan", no agenda for what to cover during the appointment The tutor warns against generalized language. The tutor is talking a lot more than the student at this point.

Indirectly encourages her to use specific examples. Would have been more helpful if he just said that Not good!

The student is not taking notes. The paper is mostly in front of the tutor, not the student.

Not good!

Not good! The tutor is asking questions, but isn't encouraging a response from the student immediately. It is a question that is meant to be answered later. Forcing the student to work during the tutorial would probably be better at this point. The student says, "Oh, you can write on it." Nuh uh! Then the tutor writes on it. No no! Seemed to have conflicting agendas (the student and tutor)

Encourage that student to make notes herself. Hold that pen out to them. They would be hardpressed to take it. Makes them have more control over what they decided to include, etc.

Lots of silence here. The student seems passive. Tutor suggests other types of things that she could include instead of letting her come to that conclusion herself.

I try to direct the student with questions and let them figure out it, if possible

Imposes "writing rules" on her—contractions, mentions diction, more quiet reading Tries to fit in the entire paper, it seems. He reads the entire thing in phases stopping when he sees a problem NOW begins to set an agenda. Hasn't said one thing that the student did well yet

The paper is about 9/10 pages long. I would have told her there was no getting through all of it, and that we would need to focus on a specific issue.

What I saw

What I Thought

The student tried to look for comments on her paper on her phone, yet it didn't work so the tutor redirected the tutorial, still pushing to talk about quotes. Asks her what she thinks her thesis statement is

Good move

She doesn't answer the question, but instead says that the teacher told them to put a thesis in "each one" each quotation?

Not really sure what she meant by that

the tutor says that she should put a sentence in a particular place.

Ask her and let her decide. She sees you as an authority, so she's just going to accept everything you say

Starts to ask more open-ended questions


Restates what the student said in certain sections

This is also a good move; the student then knows you are comprehending them. Also, if you are getting something different than they are intended, that can be helpful too.

***At this point, I stepped away after 30 minutes to get in with another appointment to diversify my experiences.

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