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Pedagogy Class Notes ENC 1101 Thursday, June 27, 2013 • The students are here delightfully early. I don't know whether or not that's because they don't want want to be late, they are eager, or they are smart. • I'm pretty sure I accidentally unlocked the door, tried to open it, then sat back because the doors are stiff here. Another student walked up five minutes later and opened it. Embarrassing. • I'm glad I'm jumping in toward the beginning because my mentor hasn't developed a super close bond with his students just yet. • Started class by calling roll and asking students to freewrite a response to a prompt on the board. time warnings share what they wrote in their journal reassure the students that they aren't • Students broke into their groups for workshop, they get some time to talk amongst themselves, then I will go around and drift • I've been walking around the room talking to various groups about their issues when I would listen to the mentor he would immediately come into a space and ask a question-command it. I liked that, so I tried it later. It ended up getting the least talkative group going more • I felt like I really reached 2/3 students I feel like I did alright Monday, July 1, 2013 • Today, the mentor has conferences. I walked into one of the conference even into though I wasn't late • gave her small punctuation stuff, stylistic comments • then asked her how the paper was set up to get a quick feel for it • looked up the author with the student • she seems like she could use some more encouragement • She's really nervous and not confident • helped to expand her ideas well getting her to talk things out He couldn't draw some answers out of her, so he a got a little frustrated byt I'd do the • same thing • I would just encourage her to go home and think about those questions • I'd also encourage her to go to the Writing Center The mentor jumped into this conference without much non-academic talk--didn't warm her • up • I think conferences are supposed to connect you to the student, getting to know them on a personal level • I wouldn't want to say "best of luck" like my mentor does though because that encourages an external locus of control, right?

• My mentor's students are always so early. They are so cool! • A lot of students seem to be having a problem with finding the bigger picture in the end • and they are missing the point that they can compare and contrast--just not in ABAB format. Break out of the 5-paragraph rule! Tuesday, July 2, 2013 More conferences today! • Most students respond that they don't have great writing • he tries to get her to say why she ended up like that • how could he use transfer to help her with her writing? • practicing with her writing like she practices with basketball? • she plays basketball--therefore, she is a basketball player; she writes-therefore, she is a writer. • he just go around to something similar--getting her to say that it took a while to adjust to the new, more complex practice--he said, "Well, how do you write?" You build on it, making it more complex Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Freewrite: It seems silly, but I was unfairly judged every time I went into a McDonald's to order a Happy Meal and received a girl's toy! This was really unfair at the time. I always coveted the boy's toys. They had cool stuff that didn't require you to brush hair. It made me feel angry, put in my place, and part of a community I didn't willingly choose. They did this because I was/looked female. If they thought I looked like a boy, they would have given me one of those. Unfortunately, I have automatically assumed little girls like this and little boys like that, but from a twisted perspective. I worried about children who only exhibited qualities of one gender. Androgyny for the win! • Defining community--guided questions on a PowerPoint (I like that. Keeps you on target) • Defining identity--let out some info about yourself • The lesson links the concepts back to the reading--has interesting passages on the PowerPoint • Talking about race relations...I almost want them to get into a heated debate to see how he would deal with it. • I think he could link community back to their responses to the discussion. There we go. • got into groups to discuss community and • Talked about Trayvon Martin and that immediately got the students involved. That's knowing your audience. (Most of the students are from Florida.)

Thursday, July 4, 2013 HOLIDAY Monday, July 8, 2013 CLASS CANCELED Tuesday, July 9, 2013 Today, there was no freewrite. Instead, we talked about getting back the papers and what that meant for the students. My mentor decided that it was better that they receive the grades at the end of class--a popular move that I see with instructors. This as a student is annoying and perhaps more distracting than having the actual grade in my hand. Maybe professors do that so they don't have to see the dejected faces during class? They will have one more draft of this paper (community of writers) to turn in with the ePortfolio. My mentor also discussed his view on freshmen papers, grading, and his comment style. I think this is probably a good thing to do. In the past, I judged (and normally was close) what my grade would be from how the professor said the class did. If I matched that, I didn't feel as bad because I knew I was at least keeping with everyone else. If I surpassed that, I knew that I was head and that made me feel good too. Today, the class is watching a movie called Donnie Brasco. This is supposed to tie into the identity concept we have been talking about in class discussions and a little in their papers. Watching this movie is also training them to look for identity markers and changes in the main character Donnie so that they can do it for their ethnography papers. My mentor and I are planning for me to lead class discussion on Thursday. Wednesday, July 10, 2013 Again--we are finishing Donnie Brasco. We are going to talk about it at the end of class, probably to further develop their skills at looking for identity. After the movie, we all freewrote as a class. My freewrite: I am also a member of several communities including my South Carolina friends (although I'm transitioning out of that slowly), my family, my boyfriend, academia, Rhetoric and Composition, Florida friends, some online communities. Sometimes my language doesn't change as quickly between the communities and it causes another community to feel kinda "out of the loop." The mentor asked the students questions about the assigned reading. I like how he does this. He provides extra credit for those who answer the questions--more like a reading check. He picks students throughout any point in the course to answer. If they can't, he opens up the floor for anyone to take the EC. The class moved into a horseshoe shape in order to facilitate discussion. The mentor redirected the class from EC to getting more in-depth about the article, using specific quotes

to inspire thought. Students are picking up on the connection between discourse and belonging to a community, which is high-level stuff.

Thursday, July 11, 2013 I present to the class today on two separate articles: "Writing for Audiences" by Toby Fulwiler and "Writing Around Rules" by Mike Rose. My mentor sent me a PowerPoint with a list of possible discussion questions. I overheard a few of the students before class mentioning that they hadn't read. This is going to be a hard sell today. I just don't want to lose my patience or flounder up there. This is probably going to be uncomfortable for everyone! My mentor and I also discussed me leading an entire class next week (Thursday--yikes!) I'm nervous about discussing with the class from the shoes of a professor, but I keep telling myself that it's low-risk. I probably won't meet any of these people again after this class, etc, but telling myself those things hasn't been helping my nerves. ... It could have gone worse, but I seemed unprepared because I placed too much faith in the students wanting to talk. I couldn't draw a ton out of them, and I talked more than I wanted to. It was my first time though, so I'm not too upset, I guess. I wonder what my mentor will say about it. I do better with the one-to-one, I think, more than the class as a whole. I feel more in my element. I wonder if it would be different with my own class? Would I feel more comfortable if I chose the articles and designed the discussion from scratch? I guess we'll see next week. :( After my 10 minute discussion, we broke into groups to talk more in depth about audiences, rhetoric, and persuasion. I sat down with the first group, and they immediately asked me if I was nervous. I answered with a relieved, "Yes!" It was nice to tell them. Plus, thinking about it now, it's good to portray teachers (and future teachers) as normal people with jobs. I had a smaller discussion again on the Mike Rose article, and it went much better. I did very little talking. The students were already warmed up by talking in their own individual groups. I think I would like to start a class like that--put them into small groups. That will make it awkward for them for a little bit instead of me, then they are warmed up. I reap the benefits! I feel a little more confident now. It's also easier to discuss with them and teach when they are warmed up to you and like you. Monday, July 15, 2013 Today, my mentor allowed the students to register for classes in his class. (He knew they were going to try to register for them during class anyway.) Students are workshopping with their

first drafts of their student ethnographies. I walked around the room and helped students, answering questions. I feel like this is getting easier for me--to talk to the students and help them from a non-peer position. We went through a PowerPoint presentation on basic grammar terminology. We talked about comma splices. Tuesday, July 16, 2013 Students are presenting their ethnography presentations today. My mentor asked that I take notes as if I were grading their presentations. This is a low-risk situation, which I like because it gives students an introduction to presenting in college. If they do a great job, then they will receive half of a letter grade added to their paper. If they do "eh", it won't hurt them. If the students do very poorly, then the mentor will deduct points. Overall Notes: If I could help it, I would try to go over presentation techniques. Students need to understand that the presentation is separate from the paper. "I talked about" Students need to understand their audience. All that kinda went over their heads, I guess. Weston, FL Madison Did well on remembering facts Gives some orientation about what is in the city Tries to profile who goes to particular establishments Considers the audience of people who frequent establishments Suggested performance level: Poor She did not talk about language, specific interviews, or a small enough community. Female Athletics, Brittany B. Gave an overview of what she was going to talk about Immediately begins talking about discourse (that is what I want to hear) Distinguished between spoken and written. GOOD Body language: has points to help her, but doesn't read from the presentation Case study Suggested performance level: Great She was very thorough and narrowed her topic far enough to where she could do a good job. She also Volleyball, Rachel Gave an overview Basic and rules of the game Didn't really define the terms as well up front--that's the danger of picking your own community

A visual would have worked well Has an emphasis on the rules of the game and the positions. I want to know about the people themselves. Suggest performance: Medium She didn't touch on the language aside from the terminology. Too much terminology for someone to remember all of it during the course of a presentation Greek Life, didn't catch his name Stood behind the podium rather than the computer Seemed a little biased about the topic I think "Best experience you will have hands down!" How does he know? He hasn't had the experience yet Video: multimodal Still missing the language Suggested performance: Good Was more thorough, but I wish he would have gone into the language Basketball, Gabby presentation looks good body language getting into the community: recruiting process lets people know about the high risk seems that this community has a lot of self-reflection Suggest performance: Good Delivery was meh, but the content was good. Swimming, Robert brief history. effective tries to develop ethos in the topic compared the type of language between coaches of swimming and the swimmers Norms and customs Ideal member of the swimming community--but goes away from his specific community Suggested performance: Good Loved the emphasis on the language Karate, Halley the Powerpoint is hard to read overview (this is a really great idea to do) Interviews upfront Emphasis on the personal narrative of her karate instructor Tells the story through pictures Presentation could have used some additional organization I think. Performance Suggestion: Good

Interesting topic. Approached it differently from everyone else. I appreciate that but again more language I wished. CARE Summer Bridge Program, Guerline Bold topic. Good for her Used a Prezi--thank you. It's obvious she put effort into this Seemed more like a presentation on the program rather than the community Where is her interview? Suggested performance: Good Seemed like she needed to refocus though. Maybe this just isn't what I was looking for? Baseball Recruiting, Will History of baseball throws around some terminology but doesn't explain rules Hard to follow him because I'm not a fan of baseball and I don't know much about it. What is a 300? Lots of terminology. This presentation is good but the language is too exclusive I like that he talked about the difference between summer baseball and regular season I also like the diagram I like that he asked for questions Suggested Performance: Good Wednesday, July 17, 2013 Pentecostal Church, Jessica Began by defining denomination Language different types of ways of saying stuff to various audiences the Holy Spiritual is a language that you can't really understand I would like more specific information Suggested Performance: Okay I think she could have given more specific detail. Everything was kind of broad Karate, Kaitlyn Gives history of the field Has no notes and is giving dates and places and such without anything on the screen too. Impressed List of terms that makes it easier for students (and me) to remember and read on their own Human Weapon Very interesting visual Where is her interview? Suggested performance: Good

Facebook, Pauline Discussed various types of groups, secret, closed, and open (public) Lingo "Flaw" Special smiley faces language changed from facebook and in person memes I'd like to know more about the users--she said a little about the people but I want a profile of them! Suggested performance: Okay Water polo, Gina immediately jumped into the positions FSU boys team what is the wing? verbal or hand gestures--no written friendships don't go outside of the pool--good observation what does that mean though? what do you think it means? visuals would be nice to help her explain the types of plays confusing captured some of their lifestyle, I want to know more what is dirty dozens emphasis on the game itself and not the players :( Very interesting Suggested performance: Good Leach Recreational Center, Nick characteristics of the people who work out there picked someone who isn't necessarily part of the community Suggest performance: Bad Xbox Live with an emphasis on Halo, Carlos reading right off the powerpoint emphasis on Halo right now Halo can't touch this video HaloGod talks about the communication gave an example of the communication--very good idea terminology from the video--good incorporation and organization Suggested performance: Great Baptist Church, Ivey basic history of the baptist church purpose of baptist church terminology and video of the community communication (song) great Had to leave before the end of the presentation

Thursday, July 18, 2013 During this class, I taught for an hour. I covered a free write journal, revision tips, a discussion about syntax, and a "Speed Dating" exercise that my mentor asked me to complete. It was a crash workshop in revision. The students had two minutes to revise one paragraph of their choice from a recent paper. Then, the students flipped their attention to the other partner for another two minutes. After a total of four minutes, half of the class switched stations. I think that this presentation went very well. There was a weaker point in my presentation that I was aware of, however, I think I still got the students to begin thinking about how their syntax, organization, and punctuation affects the meaning of a message. Monday, July 22, 2013 Today, the class visited one of the computer rooms on campus, and my mentor presented on how to use GoogleSites to help the students with their ePortfolio. I presented on For them, it's just kinda easier to use GoogleSites for the purpose of this assignment. I spent most of this class period walking around and answering questions for students. I troubleshooted some technical problems for them. I really like working in the computer classrooms. Tuesday, July 23, 2013 -- Absent Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Today, my mentor and I had conferences. He also asked me to participate, so I'm sorry about the sparse notes. The following is a transcription of my handwritten notes (I needed my computer so that I could look at the student papers I responded to): Brittany: needed to focus more on a particular idea in her paper. "what" and "why" consider taking out what doesn't support her focus I offered up my e-mail to answer additional questions about Wix Gabby: opened the conference up with a question--good way let the student set the agenda focus up! she asked me a question about Wix :) Ivey: she spoke so quietly that I wasn't able to hear her Carissa: question about Wix--I was able to answer that :) got her to sign up for a Writing Center appointment for revising tips and learning to spot grammar issues she mostly led the conference by asking questions Jessica: was confused about my "hm" comment. hilarious and noted.

wanted clarification about the reflection Will: wanted to talk about a paper of his that I hadn't read talked about the organization of the ethnography paper Thursday, July 25, 2013 Conferences again today! I'm supposed to be helping out today, so I won't be able to type as much. Halley: said she had to rewrite a lot of sentences and "add more" sounds like analysis, so the mentor was encouraging had questions about the reflection My mentor asked the students to indicate the changes between the drafts by changing the color of the font for the ePortfolio. *****Remember to do this!!! This will save you so much time!!! Guerline: wanted clarification about some of my mentor's comments on her ethnography. she's digging for answers about what she should do for her revisions; he is giving it to her, but I think I would have asked her what she was thinking of doing, trying to steer her in the direction I thought was good. Carlos: I took over this conference because I knew the topic more than my mentor did. I think it went very well, actually. I answered specific questions and let him decide what he wanted to talk about. I also gave him some ideas of what he could be doing in his paper based off of my reading and the presentation he gave in class the week prior.

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