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June 2014

Not That Old And Loving It!

Not That Old And Loving It!

June 2014

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Eleven Ways To Beat The Aging Effects Of The Summer Sun


Three Ways To Bypass The Grocery Store For Healthier Foods





The Coolest Foods For Summer

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The Pros And Cons Of eBooks



You’re Not Just A Baby Sitter



8 Reasons Not To Borrow From Your 401k



How To Save Big On Your Grocery Bill


Taking A Break From Vegas in Great Basin National Park


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Improve The Appearance Of Your Entryway

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June 2014

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June 2014

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Beauty, Health & Fitness

Eleven Ways to Beat the Aging Effects of the

When you were younger, summer was likely your favorite season. Summer time is a season of ball games, picnics, vacations, and swimming trips. As you start to age, however, you may be looking at summer from a different perspective: the hot summer sun can wreak havoc on your skin. Use these eleven tips to keep the aging effects of the sun to a minimum, and look beautiful for many summers to come.

Summer Sun

Use Sunblock

Even when you head outside to tan, you should always wear a thin layer of sunblock to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. If nothing else, make sure to lotion your face and shoulders, which are most often exposed to the sun, whenever you plan to spend time outside. Less is More When it Comes to Make-Up Every girl likes to look good, but caking your face with thick concealers and powders can actually speed the aging process up. Try to avoid using foundation and heavy make-up around your eyes for everyday occasions. Use Natural Products When you do have to use facial products, stick

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June 2014

with all-natural products if at all possible. A wrinkle reducer fortified with vitamin A won’t completely eliminate wrinkles, but it can go a long way toward reducing the appearance of wrinkles and preventing more.

Wear Hats

Cute sun hats are always in style, and they are invaluable for protecting your face if you will be out in the sun for a few hours or more. Remember, occasional hat hair is a small price to pay for the preservation of your sensitive skin.

Drink Lots of Water

Your skin needs water to retain its smooth appearance and elasticity. Drinking plenty of water also offers a number of other health benefits, including relieving headaches, aiding in weight loss, improving digestive health, and even increasing energy and focus. Continued on pg. 10 Not That Old And Loving It!

Not That Old And Loving It!

June 2014

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10% Senior Discount


Commercial & Residential

We offer a variety of pest control services from trained professionals to meet your specific needs at home or work.

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June 2014



Blackburn Pest Control is a family owned business with over 25 years experience in the community. You can count on us to take care of your family’s pest control needs. With prompt and courteous service, we are here to protect the ones you love.

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Scorpion Control Pigeon Control German Roaches Rodents Bed Bugs Pest Control Termite Inspections Bee’s/Wasp Removal


Off Initial Service

Continued from pg. 8


Exposure to the sun doesn’t just affect your face; it can create sunspots and loosen the skin just about anywhere on your body. Getting 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least three days a week really helps tighten the skin on your arms, legs, and thighs, while strengthening your muscles and helping to prevent damage to your joints.

Eat Lots of Berries and Veggies Berries are full of diseasefighting antioxidants, which also fight free radicals that are responsible for skin damage on a molecular level. Vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and spinach are also good sources of different types of antioxidants, so make sure to load up on a variety of vegetables as well as berries.

Eat Healthy Complex Carbs

The complex carbs found in whole grains are vital for keeping you energized, and as anyone who has spent a day at the beach knows, the sun is great at sapping your energy. The USDA recommends making half your daily grains whole. Eat a bowl of brown rice or a sandwich on whole wheat bread before heading out in the sun to feel younger and keep your energy up throughout the day.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Lack of sleep is a leading cause of baggy eyes, wrinkly mouths,

and problems that can come from a lack of exercise. Getting plenty of sleep will also help elevate your mood and make you less prone to anger, so do whatever you can to get six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Your family, coworkers, and your own body will thank you.

Use Your Brain!

The most important way to keep looking and feeling young is to keep your brain active. People who regularly exercise their brains through reading and learning are less likely to succumb to conditions like Alzheimer’s, and more likely to have fuller, happier lives into their 70s, 80s, and even 90s. Read books and newspapers, work on crossword puzzles, learn a language or an instrument, or get involved with your local theater.

Keep Smiling

Stress and anger wreak havoc on your overall health, contributing to such problems as high blood pressure, mental disorders, and increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Keeping a good attitude is the best way to combat the effects of stress and anger. If you must have wrinkles, it is much better to have laugh lines than frown lines. +

Not That Old And Loving It!

Not That Old And Loving It!

June 2014

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Beauty, Health & Fitness

Three Ways To Bypass The Grocery Store For Healthier Foods

Diabetic Shoes Fit In Your Home Free In-Home Service Covered By 4 Medicare 4 Medicaid & Private Ins.

101 S. Rainbow Blvd. Suite 15 Las Vegas, NV 89145

(702) 629-6818

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June 2014

Many people are trying to find ways to buy healthy, local and organic food that isn't available in most grocery stores. Finding a supplier of healthy food is easier than ever as local and organic food industries grow. You have three great options for stocking your kitchen with healthy, organic and local food.

1) Farmers' markets.

Farmers' markets are nothing new. Farmers used to grow food for their family and sell their surplus at markets in the nearby town. Luckily, farmers' markets experienced a huge revival in the past ten years. Many cities have at least one farmers' market, which makes it possible to buy fresh, organic produce from your local region. You can choose from many different vendors for the best deals and freshest produce.

Open-air farmers' markets are a lot of fun to shop at. You can also rest assured that most of the vegetables are local and that more money goes directly to the farmer rather than middlemen.

2) Community-Supported Agriculture

If you want a box of fresh, seasonal produce every week, sign up with a CommunitySupported Agriculture (CSA). CSAs are great because you receive a constant supply of fresh vegetables throughout the growing season. CSAs are typically organic and local, though not always, so research before signing up. You can feel good about supporting the person who grew your food, too. When you buy a share in a CSA, you ensure a farmer's income even in a drought year. Not That Old And Loving It!

If you're an adventurous cook, you'll enjoy getting a mystery box of seasonal vegetables each week. It's also worth bearing in mind that you buy the risk of a low yield, meaning you will receive fewer vegetables despite the cost of your subscription. Conversely, you might receive an overabundance. Just have a plan to deal with possible surplus. You will get your share of the harvest, no matter the size!

3) Grow your own organic produce at home.

Are you a DIY aficionado with a flare for selfreliance? Growing your own vegetables is the way to go. Many urban gardeners have proven that even a small apartment and balcony can become a productive vegetable garden. If you have a small yard, devote some of it to a few intensely cultivated raised beds. When you grow your own food, there's no doubt about chemical sprays and local supply. Gardening your own organic food can be tough, but many networks and resources are available to help you tackle problems of soil fertility, pest control and productivity. Even growing a few pots full of dark, leafy greens in your windowsill will help you fill out meals with healthy ingredients. 

A Few Good Reasons to Bypass the Grocery Store

When you bypass the grocery store for your food supply, you give more money to independent farmers and local economies. Buying locally strengthens your regional economy and nearby rural economies, which is vital in the post-recession era. You also get to eat healthier because food is from a nearby source and therefore fresher. Most importantly, buying from alternative food suppliers is fun, healthy and delicious. +

Not That Old And Loving It!

June 2014

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June 2014

Not That Old And Loving It!

Not That Old And Loving It!

June 2014

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The Coolest Foods for Summertime Beauty, Health & Fitness

Every season brings with it traditional foods and recipes and summertime is no different. As the mercury climbs, the fare becomes lighter and cooler and time in the kitchen is replaced with time spent outdoors. Summertime is a great time to eat fresh, raw veggies and refreshing inseason fruits. Why not take advantage of all the cool, nutritious summer produce offerings and give your diet a healthy boost?


You should wear sunscreen as the first line of defense against the damaging rays of the sun, but did you know that the lycopene in tomatoes can help give you a little extra skin protection? Juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes are a summer treat. Include them in your summer salad, chop them and add them to eggs for breakfast, or put them on your hamburgers and sandwiches.


An iconic symbol of summer, melons such as watermelon and cantaloupe are a rich source of nutrients while, at the same time, containing large amounts of water. Thus, eating fresh melons help keep your body hydrated. In addition, they keep your mood stable and your memory sharp.


Also high in water content, cucumbers provide fiber and other nutrients. The old adage doesn’t say “cool as a cucumber” for no reason. Cucumbers actually have the ability to cool your body down. Slice cucumbers and eat them alone or add them to a raw salad.


Sharp, spicy, and sweet, radishes are known for their powerful blood cleansing ability. Eat them raw, add them to gazpacho, or chop them into summer potato or macaroni salads.

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June 2014

Not That Old And Loving It!


Packed with vital nutrients, blueberries make a wonderful treat for summer. Not only do they provide loads of vitamin C, but they also protect your heart by preventing arterial plaque from building up. In addition, blueberries help stabilize blood sugar.


They are full of fat, but don’t avoid avocados because of that. The mono-unsaturated fat contained in avocados helps remove cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease. Puree an avocado with a little salt and lemon juice to make a great dressing for your raw summer salads.


Not only are strawberries delicious, but they provide an impressive array of nutrients. Strawberries are a rich source of fiber, vitamin C, manganese, and many beneficial enzymes. Be sure to buy organic, however. Strawberries are one of the most pesticide-treated crops.


This prolific vegetable is plentiful in summer. And it’s full of vitamins A, B, and C. In addition, it is a rich source of trace minerals such as copper, phosphorous, and magnesium. Zucchini blossoms are also edible. Eat zucchini raw or stir-fried.

Summer is a good time to cool down and boost your nutrition levels with fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables. +

Not That Old And Loving It!

June 2014

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Entertainment & Food

The Pros and Cons of Ebooks Books are one of the oldest inventions known to man and have remained relatively unchanged until recent times. With the advent of computers — specifically tablets and smartphones — readers can now read digital books on a variety of different devices. Although some will find this technology advantageous and indispensable, there are several reasons why a reader may still prefer the same method of reading that has been used for thousands of years. Convenience The greatest advantage e-books have over traditional printed books is storage. E-readers such as iPads, Kindle’s, Nook’s, etc. are able to

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June 2014

store thousands of books in a tiny footprint. Compared to traditional books, you would have to fill up entire rooms to store that much reading material. E-readers take the hassle of finding space in your home and allow you to store as many e-books as you want on a single device.

Continued on pg. 20

Not That Old And Loving It!

Not That Old And Loving It!

June 2014

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Continued from pg. 18

Because you’re able to store so many e-books on an e-reader, portability is extremely easy. Gone are the days where you have to lug a backpack full of books. With e-books you are able to carry your entire library and not worry about forgetting that all-too-important book at home. This is a great advantage for students who have to use many textbooks or for travellers who enjoy reading on their vacation.

Another advantage of e-readers is that they do more than just allow you to read. You can look up words or phrases that you don’t understand and highlight material without permanently marking the book. If you find a particular passage interesting, you can send it to your friends and family via email or cut and paste it into a separate document for later use. E-readers are also relatively inexpensive when you consider all that they are capable of doing. Free Selections If you’re a fan of classic literature or would like to read some of the greatest works ever written, most public-domain e-books are 100% free. You’ll be able to download classic books at no cost that would cost you money if were you to buy their physical counterparts. These books range in a variety of topics and fans of all types of writing are certain to find something they’ll enjoy. You’ll literally be able to save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of these books. Since e-readers do more than just allow you to read, you can also download a plethora of free classic audiobooks and listen to them on your device. This is a great benefit for those that don’t have a lot of free time to read yet still want to enjoy great writing. It’s also convenient for those that are struggling to get through a difficult book. With an e-reader, you

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June 2014

will be able to listen to someone read classic books to you at no cost.

With all the money you’ll be able to save by reading free classic literature, your e-reader will pay for itself in no time. And if you’re a fan of physical books, you can use the money you saved to buy new books and continue to build your traditional library while still taking advantage of modern technology. Many longtime readers choose to go this route because they don’t want to completely abandon the printed word.

Pricing The biggest complaint from e-book consumers is the price they have to pay for a digital file. The vast majority of new e-books cost about as much as a printed book and the price is not expected to drop anytime soon. When you purchase a printed book, you have something tangible that you can hold in your hand and put on display on your bookshelf. When you purchase an e-book, all you have is an invisible file that is visible only when you decide to open it.

Unlike video- and music-streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, there is no subscription-based program available for fans of reading that encompasses a majority of books. Two popular services — Oyster and Scribd — offer hundreds of thousands of books for a monthly fee but unfortunately not all major publishers are on board. Until publishing houses agree to offer their collections on a subscription basis, consumers are forced to pay full price for their books.

Even with the demise of bookstores all throughout the world, there are still plenty of second-hand store-fronts that buy and sell

Not That Old And Loving It!

books at reasonable prices. Consumers are able to purchase books for less than a dollar and sell or trade-in their unwanted books. This is something that will never be possible with ebooks and until the price of digital reading is significantly reduced, purchasing printed books may be more cost-effective depending on the types of books you buy.

Nostalgia Most consumers that are able to purchase an ereader have spent the majority of their life reading traditional books. They are not accustomed to reading on a digital screen and are uncertain if they are willing to make the leap into a digital-reading lifestyle. Couple this with the fact that a lot of people already spend a large part of their day in front of a computer screen and it’s no surprise that some still prefer regular books. After a long day at work there is no better way

Not That Old And Loving It!

to unwind than with a good book. And if you work on a computer it’s a great way to relieve stress from your eyes and “unplug” for a few minutes. E-readers — while useful and practical devices — don’t offer the sanctity and comfort that printed words provide. And even though some e-readers mimic the look of real books, the technology is simply not as advanced as one would like it to be. Perhaps the best advantage regular books have over e-books is familiarity. Many readers have fond memories of curling up on the couch with their favorite dog-eared paperback during a rainy day. This is a relatively simple experience that many people have grown to love yet it can never be duplicated with an e-reading device. It’s memories like this that will always leave a place for printed books in the hearts of readers — as well as their bookshelf. +

June 2014

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Entertainment & Food

You’re Not Just a Babysitter your grandchildren of your full heart and soul.

Making a Genuine Impact in Your Grandkids’ Lives

Grandparents have a beautiful opportunity to influence the next generation each time parents ask, “Can you please babysit?” You’re far more than a babysitter. Your knowledge and wisdom have a big influence on the grandkids, whether you have a few hours or a few weeks to spend.

Make the most of this precious time by putting the grandkids at the center, respecting parental boundaries and expectations, and sharing your deepest values and beliefs. Grandparents are powerful role models for grandchildren, and the memories you make now influence the rest of their lives. Don’t Try to Compensate for Anything

As a grandparent, you may want to compensate for how you raised your kids (do things differently this time), or may see your kids’ parenting styles as wrong somehow and try to make up for that. Both attitudes rob

22 Simply55+

June 2014

When you worry over past mistakes or judge another person’s actions, you put yourself at the center of the relationship. Step back and let your grandkids be the center of a loving, supportive family circle. Pay attention to what they want and need. Offer guidance, seize teaching moments, and tell plenty of stories.

Take what you learned about parenting and simply do your best, and the grandkids will feel your influence. Let go of the past and live joyfully in this moment, and bring your knowledge and wisdom into the new relationship with your grandchildren. You already know that children grow up too fast— don’t waste this precious time with emotional battles. Respect Mom and Dad’s Boundaries

This is one of the hardest challenges of grandparenting: respecting boundaries. You’ve worked hard all your life and have extra money to spend; why not spend it on gifts for the grandkids? You have time to take trips to Disney World; why not jet-set with the little ones? Bedtime? No sugar? A new puppy? Mom and Dad have too many rules!

As your kids were growing up, you wanted them to respect you—to listen and follow the rules. Now, it’s your Continued on pg. 26

Not That Old And Loving It!

Not That Old And Loving It!

June 2014

Simply55+ 23

Not That Old And Loving It!

June 2014

Simply55+ 25

Continued from pg. 22


Auto Travel

Home Improvement & Lifestyle turn to follow the rules and set an example.

Influence your grandchildren by showing their parents respect. If you strongly feel a rule is harmful, discuss it with your kids rather than tossing boundaries out the window. Yes, you may know more about raising kids— but your kids are in charge now. Be grateful you raised them to be responsible and maintain family routines wherever possible. Openly Share Your Deepest Values and Beliefs

Instead of more toys, give grandkids your deepest values. Belonging, resiliency, optimism, peace and patience are lifetime skills and priceless gifts.

26 Simply55+

June 2014

Grandparents are the source of activities that parents don’t have time for—cooking together, assembling a model car, digging in the garden, camping, playing cards. Your kids may see the time you spend with grandchildren as babysitting, but you should see it as a chance to explore hobbies and make memories. Each activity is an opportunity to share core beliefs and discuss deep issues—or just have some fun and joke around.

You are important to your grandchildren. Whether you see them daily or only once in a while, use your time together as more than babysitting. Bring your full, open heart to the relationship and both you and the grandkids get a priceless gift. +

Not That Old And Loving It!

Not That Old And Loving It!

June 2014

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8 Reasons You Should Not Borrow from Auto Your Travel 401(k) Plan The 401(k) plan has largely replaced the traditional pension program, and that provides modern workers with both opportunities and risks. On the Home plus Improvement & Lifestyle side, the money in a 401(k) plan is totally portable, and it belongs to the employee not the employer. That means employees are free to change jobs and take their money with them. On the other hand, 401(k) plans place the burden of saving for retirement almost entirely on the employee. Employers might kick in a small percentage to encourage their workers to save, but those workers are responsible for making the right investment decisions and saving enough for a comfortable retirement. Making a mistake along the way could be devastating to the future security of the employee, and one of the biggest mistakes employees make is borrowing from their workplace retirement

28 Simply55+

June 2014

plans. Many workers think that borrowing from a 401(k) plan is a great way to pay off debt, put the kids through school and buy a house. After all, they are paying the principal and interest back to themselves, so what

could possibly go wrong. If you are laboring under that erroneous supposition, you need to look at eight reasons a 401(k) loan will cost more than you think.

#1 - You Defeat the Purpose of the Account

The 401(k) plan was designed to pay for retirement, and nothing Not That Old And Loving It!

but retirement. Using that money now to pay off your credit cards, buy a house or put the kids through college means you will have much less later when the time comes to retire. Even if you pay the money back within a couple of years, you could set your retirement plan back by years or even decades. The power of compounding means that every minute you are out of the market is one more minute you are not making money.

#2 - You Reduce the Power of Compounding

One of the things that makes 401(k) plans work so well is the power of compounding. If you withdraw money from your retirement plan or take out a loan, you lose not only that money but all the money that money would have made.

The power of compounding should not be diminished or underestimated. Missing out on even a few years’ worth of compounding could derail your retirement plan for many years to come.

#3 - You Will Pay the Same Taxes Twice

No one likes the IRS, and no one likes to pay more taxes than they need to. If you take out a loan from your 401(k) plan at work, Not That Old And Loving It!

you could end up paying the same tax bill twice.

#4 - You Could Face a Tax Nightmare If You Quit or Lose Your Job

If you separate from your employer, either voluntarily or involuntarily, you will need to pay back the money you borrowed from the 401(k) plan. If you took out a loan, you probably do not have the cash on hand to repay in full, and that could mean a real tax nightmare for you.

If you are unable to repay the amount you borrowed, the money will be treated as a distribution. If you are under age 59 ½, that means a 10 percent tax penalty right off the bat, along with ordinary income taxes on the amount you withdrew. If you don’t have the money to pay back the loan, you probably do not have the funds to pay those high taxes either. The problem is the IRS is likely to be much less understanding than  your former employer.

#5 - You Will be Selling Low and Buying High

Many people think that there is no harm in a 401(k) loan because the interest and principal they pay is paid back to their own accounts, but that is faulty logic. When you take out a 401(k) loan, you are selling your shares at current rates. When you repay Continued on pg. 30

June 2014

Simply55+ 29


Continued from pg. 29

the money, you will be buying shares at the prevailing rates on Auto Travel those days.

Since the overall trend of the stock market is an upward one, chances are good that the shares you buy in the future will be priced higher than the ones you when you first out the Home sold Improvement & took Lifestyle loan. That means you will have sold low and bought high, the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

#6 - Your Contributions May Be Suspended

Many 401(k) plans prohibit participants from making new contributions until the loan is repaid in full. That could mean you miss out on years’ worth of contributions and compounded growth. Jewelry • Coins Silverware • Military Items Watches • Memorabilia New & Used Guns Morgan Silver Dollars Gold Coins Fine Antiques



30 Simply55+

June 2014

The opportunity cost of those missed contributions could be very high, especially when it comes time to retire. If you retire with a 401(k) plan that is less than adequate for your needs, you will probably regret that old loan and wish you had found the money elsewhere.

#7 - You Will Pay More in Current Taxes

income. Taking out a loan and suspending your contributions raises your taxable income and your tax bill.

Worse yet, you may not realize how severe the tax bite is until you prepare your return. You could end up owing much more in taxes than you expected without the funds needed to pay the IRS.

#8 - The Fix May Only Be Temporary

Many people who take out one 401(k) loan end up going back to the well a second - and even a third - time. In fact, a study by Fidelity found that two thirds of people who borrowed from their 401(k) plan once went back for a second loan, and fully one quarter took out three or four loans.

If you are considering a 401(k) loan to pay off debt, you need to look at the source of that debt instead. Borrowing money from your 401(k) plan will not stop you from overspending on things you don’t need or charging too much on your credit cards. +

When you contribute money to your 401(k) plan, the funds are deducted from your taxable Not That Old And Loving It!

on Your Grocery Bills More and more people seem to be clipping coupons these days in an attempt to save money on groceries. Is it any wonder?  Prices seem to rise every day!  If you are feeling the pinch when it comes to your weekly grocery bill, a well-planned, simple strategy can add up to big savings on shopping day. The key to saving money on your grocery bill is to stack savings.  It requires a lot of work and organization, but if you are willing to make the effort, you can do it!  It helps to plan your grocery trips using websites such as Southern Savers or The Grocery Game.  You can look up weekly specials for all grocery stores and drug stores in your area, and the site automatically matches the sale items to available coupons.  It will also tell you exactly where to locate the coupon, including those that are available to print online.

In order to use this strategy, you will need to start picking up the Sunday newspaper weekly. Remove the coupon sections, label the top of each section with the name and date, and file it away.  For example, for the Smart Source coupons, you would simply write “SS 4/24/14” at the top.  Then, when your grocery website locates coupons for sale items in that particular booklet, pull it out of your file and clip the coupons. You can also view weekly grocery and drugstore ads online at Sunday Saver. This

Not That Old And Loving It!

site can be helpful if you forget to buy the Sunday paper, accidentally throw the ads out, or live in in area where grocery store ads are in the paper. Clip coupons for the types of items you use, and organize them in a threering binder.  You can purchase clear sleeves with pockets  to make viewing easy. Here are a few other quick tips: 

• Plan your weekly meals around the sale ads, not the other way around. • Travel the circuit. It’s often beneficial to shop different stores for different items. For example, you may decide to plan the main bulk of your weekly shopping around the Publix ad, but stop in at Kroger for your meat because you know they often mark it down on Tuesdays. • Likewise, buy non-food items that tend to be overpriced at the grocery store at alternative locations (Dollar General, Walmart, Walgreens).  Examples would be cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, dog food, dish soap, bath soap, and laundry detergent. • Be sure to look for specific grocery store coupons when entering the grocery store. There’s nothing better than being able to combine a sale item with a store coupon AND a manufacturer’s coupon! 

Happy Shopping! +

June 2014

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Auto Travel

Home Improvement & Lifestyle

Taking a Break from Vegas For a weekend break from Las Vegas, head to Great Basin National Park on the Utah border. A 300-mile drive north, this diverse and starkly beautiful natural area is everything Vegas isn’t. While Vegas is saturated with flashing neon lights, Great Basin has one of the darkest night skies in the United States, and is a mecca for star-gazers. Unlike Las Vegas, with its 40 million annual tourists, Great Basin gets an average of 80,000 tourists a year, mainly in the summer months. Also unlike Vegas, with its 24/7 shows, traffic, and nightlife, Great Basin gives visitors the opportunity to unwind in the deep silence and stillness of a natural environment. filled with dramatic scenery and wildlife, ranging from the windswept summit of Wheeler Peak, second highest mountain in the state, to the underground wonderland of Lehman Caves, and from 4,000-year old trees to fresh, vivid wildflowers each spring.Â

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Getting There Is Half the Fun

Great Basin is approximately 300 miles north of Las Vegas on U. S. Highway 93 and 50, roads running through some of the most austere and remote desert areas in the United States. Ninety miles north of Vegas on U.S. 93 are the lakes and wetlands of Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. Explore the rich history of the area, a traditional home of the Paiute tribe, with extensive remains of petroglyphs, pictographs, and religious structures, as well as a early pioneer dwellings. The two main lakes are open to fishing and non-motorized boats, and there are several hiking trails. Spring is prime bird-watching season, with common visitors and inhabitants including sandhill cranes, bald eagles, herons, and egrets.

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in Great Basin National Park For even more exotic flora and fauna check out Area 51 a few miles north. The town of Alamo and nearby Extraterrestrial Highway offer all the alien-themed memorabilia, decor, and UFO sightings a traveler could want. Caliente, a town with full services 93 miles north of Alamo on U.S. 93, has an imposing missionstyle railroad station and other historic buildings. Continue 23 miles north on U.S. 93 through Cathedral Gorge State Park with its dramatic eroded clay spires to the county seat of Pioche. Once a classic wild west mining town, where 75 gunshot victims were buried in the cemetery before the internment of the first Not That Old And Loving It!

person to die a natural death, Pioche now preserves its mining ghost town as a tourist attraction along with an historic main street and modern amenities including a museum, golf, and opera house.

Ely, 107 miles north of Pioche, and just an hour west of Great Basin, is the tourist hub of the area, with rides on restored steam locomotive trains, a local history museum, and the restored six-story Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall, with rooms themed after the celebrity movie stars who once visited. One hour east on U.S. 50 from Ely is the town of Baker, the gateway to Great Basin

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National Park, with accommodations, food, local crafts, and a casino.

Geography, Flora, and Fauna

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Great Basin Nation Park, established in 1986, takes its name from the unusual hydrological nature of the Great Basin of Nevada and western Utah. The Great Basin is what is called an endorheic area, meaning that rather

than flowing to the sea, rivers, streams, and rain drain internally, either sinking into the ground or flowing into salty lakes, the most famous of which is the Great Salt Lake. This austerely arid area looks from the air like a crumpled piece of paper in a camouflage design of pale greens and browns, with a hardpacked desert floor covered with pale graygreen sagebrush, hills carpeted with dark green pinyon and juniper trees, giving way to hardy pines, aspens, and spruces on mountain slopes. The iconic gnarled bristlecone pines, the world’s oldest living trees, some of which have survived for over 4,900 years, grow between 9,000 and 11,500 feet, often on exposed, rocky slopes. During the day, at lower elevations you will see lizards and the birds that prey on them. As dusk brings with it the pure blackness and profusion of stars blanketing the sky that can only be seen remote from the bright lights of

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big cities, the larger fauna wake up. Twilight and dawn bring out herds of mule deer, bighorn sheep, and pronghorn antelope, and in Lifestyle their wake, packs of coyotes singing in eerie choruses as they hunt, and an occasional rare mountain lion. Lucky visitors in remote campgrounds may catch a glimpse of the more elusive bobcats and ringtail cats (a smaller and more delicate species of raccoon, rather than a true cat).


Great Basin has four true seasons, with hot summers and cold, snowy winters. The 8,000foot altitude difference between the lowest and highest points in the park means that you can, to a degree, choose your weather by varying your elevation. A general rule of thumb is that every thousand foot increase in elevation corresponds to a three to five degree decrease in temperature. On a July day, when it is 85 degrees at the visitor center, the top of Wheeler peak might be a balmy 65 degrees.

Deserts cool off rapidly at night, meaning that even in the summer you need a warm jacket for day hikes and a sleeping bag that can handle freezing temperatures. Practically, to deal with the arid and quickly-changing climate conditions, you should layer quickdrying wicking fabrics and fleece and remember to drink plenty of water, even when you don’t feel thirsty. Continued on pg. 36

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Outdoor and Underground Scenery

Your outdoor adventures at the park can be as active or as sedentary and you wish. The 12mile paved Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive takes you up to 10,000 feet above sea level, passing from the high desert through pinyon-juniper forest to Alpine ecosystems, and ending above treeline with a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The summer-only gravel Baker Creek Road leads to a trailhead with access to wildflower meadows. If you want to get out of your car and explore on foot, you can choose among 14 designated trails, ranging from several short (.25 to 1.5 mile) nature trails to long day or short overnight hikes. If you are an experienced backpacker, free permits allow

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you to explore the backcountry at your leisure. Some of the best choices are the one-mile Lexington Arch Trail leading to a six-story limestone arch and the two 3-mile trails through the bristlecone pine forest. The strenuous Wheeler Peak Summit Trail, at 5 miles long with a 3,000-foot elevation gain, is quite steep and rugged, but rewards the experienced hiker with panoramic views from a summit 13,063 feet above sea level. In winter, consult with park staff concerning safety and access before exploring snowcovered trails on snow shoes or cross-country skis. You can escape inclement weather with a 1.5 hour guided tour of Lehman Caves, with their dramatic limestone flowstone, popcorn, stalactite, stalagmite, helictite, and shield formations. Check with the park staff for rangerguided activities from nature walks to star-gazing.

Accommodations: Lodging options range from historic and chain hotels an hour away in Ely to more basic accommodations in nearby Baker. The park has five campgrounds, one of which is open year round, and free backcountry camping. Especially in summer, campgrounds fill quickly; since spaces cannot be reserved, claim a spot as early as possible. + Not That Old And Loving It!

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Improve the Appearance of Your Entryway While people take great pains decorating the interiors of their homes, often times the most important exterior feature of a home falls well short of expectations. The front entryway strongly influences how guests will perceive the rest of your home. An attractive, wellmaintained entrance draws visitors in and sets the tone for what lies beyond. A weathered front door, crumbling steps, overgrown plants and insufficient lighting makes a home seem less than hospitable. Create a warm and inviting welcome for friends and family by making a few changes to your front entryway. Front Door Your front door serves as the focal point of your entryway. If you are not fond of your front door, replace it. Just make sure the door complements the exterior style of your home. A classic, six-panel wood door suits a Colonial or traditional ranch, but looks inappropriate with mid-century modern architecture. Price, security and energy efficiency are key factors to consider when purchasing a front door. In addition, you need to think about how much time you can spend on maintenance.

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Certain materials require more upkeep than others, so do your research and find one that works best for you.

Nothing beats the charm and versatility of a wood door. Front doors in a natural finish allow the beauty of the wood to take center stage. Paint-grade wood doors give you the option of personalizing your front door with color. Whether you go with an expensive solid wood or economical veneer over engineered wood, you will need to routinely seal or repaint the front door to protect your investment.

Steel doors fit the bill if security and strength are high on your priority list. Durable steel will not crack or warp when exposed to the elements. Constructed with a wood or steel inner frame, they contain foam insulation fill to improve energy efficiency. Standard steel doors can even cost less than a wood door system. Steel doors have a heat-applied protective finish, which minimizes the need for regular painting. If you want a front door that requires no maintenance and is impervious to weather

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extremes, a fiberglass door is a good option. Fiberglass doors mimic the look of natural wood and come in a variety of natural stains or designer colors. The fiberglass composite encases a network of wood framing and poly foam insulation. Keep costs down by going with a plain, paneled door system without windows or sidelights. If you are happy with your existing front door, make a simple change by updating it with paint. You can choose a color that complements your siding and trim or go bold by using a contrasting color. Choose exterior acrylic paint for its flexible and protective properties. Acrylic paint also dries faster and produces fewer harmful fumes than oil-based paint. Paint will not adhere to grease, dirt or rust, so clean and lightly sand the door surface before painting. Use a small synthetic roller to achieve a smooth, streak-free finish.

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The type of paint finish you choose will make a big difference. On weathered wood, stick with semi-gloss paint to minimize surface imperfections. Smooth-surface doors really shine with a high-gloss finish. Avoid using matte paint on entry doors. Oil from your hands will leave visible smudges on a matte door. If possible, consult the door manufacturer for prep and paint recommendations. Hardscape Put some effort into dressing up your front porch. Start by renting a power washer to remove dirt, algae and stains from your porch and walkway. Fill minor cracks with a concrete resurfacing product. Revive dull concrete by applying a subtle stain formulated for exterior surfaces.

Go one step further by topping the stair treads and end caps with natural stone veneer.

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UTILITIES Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson POWER • Nevada Power • NVEnergy 24 hour customer service 702-367-5555 Para servicio En Espanol 702-367-5554 Toll Free 1-800-331-3103 TDD 702-367-5080 Boulder City Utilities 702-293-9244 GARBAGE • Republic Services Inc 702-735-5151 Clark County Sanitation District 702-458-1180 City of Boulder City 702-293-9244 GAS • Southwest Gas Corp Customer General Offices 702-876-7011

DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES & PUBLIC SAFETY 486-4368 • 8am-5pm M-F 8am-4pm Sat. LAS VEGAS LOCATIONS 8250 W. Flamingo (near Durango) 2701 E. Sahara (at McLeod) 7170 N. Decatur (at Elkhorn) NORTH LAS VEGAS LOCATION 4110 Donovan Way (The Express office) Closed on Saturdays HENDERSON LOCATION 1399 American Pacific (at Stephanie) BOULDER CITY By appointment (only on Wednesday) 702-293-5673


SEWER • Clark County Sanitation 702-458-1180/800-782-4324

Once you have made the move, you can use your out of state drivers license for only thirty days until you have to get your new Nevada license.

TELEPHONE Century Link 702-479-7711 /800-201-4999 Vonage 877-756-3254


WATER • Las Vegas Valley Water District 702-870-4194 Henderson Water Department 702-267-5900 City of Boulder City 702-293-9244

CAT Bus 228-7433 • (CAT bus runs throughout the valley 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fare is $2 each way, and senior citizens and children ages 6-17 are eligible for reduced fares with a CAT reduced fare photo ID - 5 & under ride free.)

CABLE • Cox Communications 702-383-4000 /866-961-0027 Century Link/Prism 800-201-4999 Dish 800-823-4929 DirecTV 855-838-4388

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Cover your bare front stoop with a stylish fabric awning. It will add color to your entryway and protect waiting guests from the elements. Landscape Make sure your landscaping provides an attractive frame for your entryway year-round by using a combination of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubbery. Choose flowering trees that blossom during the spring and display fall color before the leaves drop. Annual flowers, ground cover and lowgrowing ornamental grasses add visual interest and depth to your entry landscape.Â

Select plants in scale with your entryway. Create a layering effect by positioning larger plants in beds on either side of the entry and stepping the plantings down in size as you move away from the house. Plant trandom groupings of flowers to achieve a casual, cottage feel. For a formal entryway, employ symmetrical plant placement and beds in simple geometric shapes to create order and balance. Lighting Lighting visually warms up your entryway and provides an extra level of safety and security. As with other exterior design elements, choose lighting that matches the period and style of your house. Home improvement centers carry a wide variety of

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porch and landscape fixtures to fit any budget.

Install an attractive ceiling pendant to illuminate the front door landing. Choose a wallmounted fixture if overhead lighting is not an option. Spend a little extra on solar path lights for the walkway to guide guests safely to your door. If you live in an area where security is a concern, use motion sensor lighting in conjunction with decorative lighting to discourage unwanted visitors. Little Extras The addition of accessories can take your entryway to the next level. Bring on the bling with stylish new hardware for your front door. A classic door pull, decorative door knocker and metal kick plate will make your entry the envy of the neighborhood.Â

Small touches such as distinctive address numbers crafted from wood, metal or tile make a big design statement. Address numbers not only help guests find your house, they are also a great way to express your design personality. Choose a sturdy mailbox that coordinates with your house color and other entry accessories. A monogrammed doormat and cheerful doorbell are the perfect finishing touches for your welcoming entryway. +

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The Benefits of Lifelong Learning for Adults 50-plus The pursuit of knowledge through lifelong learning—whether it’s learning how to dance, speak a foreign language, write a newsletter, improve your golf swing, or repair your car—has wonderful benefits for adults 50-plus: • Keeps your mind sharp • Improves memory • Increases self-confidence • Offers an inexpensive way to try something new • Saves money as you learn to “do it yourself” • Gives you a feeling of accomplishment • Helps you meet people who share your interests • Builds on skills you already have • Offers an opportunity to learn a new skill or trade and increase your income • Gives you a new interest that you can share with family and friends

Boomer Population • 77 million people were born between 1946 and 1964, which is defined as the baby boomer era (U.S. Census). • The first baby boomer turned 65 on January 1, 2011. • An American turns 50 every 7 seconds—that's more than 12,500 people every day (U.S. Census). • The senior age group is now, for the first time, the largest in terms of size and percent of the population in the U.S. This age group grew at a faster rate than the total population between 2000 and 2010, according to a 2010 Census brief.

JUNE is Men’s Health Month Preventive screenings — like routine physical exams and cholesterol screenings — can reveal health issues early, while they’re easier to deal with. Make small changes to your eating, exercise, and sleep habits to improve your fitness and overall well-being. And if you have a concern, even one that seems minor, don’t just walk it off. Learn to deal with stress by reaching out. By getting into the swing of healthy living, you can make good health second nature. Which is great, because personal wellness should be an everyday routine. 48 Simply55+

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