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I’m Byron .I’m live in España. My favourite hobby is football. I’ve got tree sister. Her name is Raul, Ana and Elizabeth. My favourite band is Aventura. I’ve got all their CDs.

My best fried is Vicente. She’s thirteen years old and her birthday is on 3rd November. He’s got one brother. Her name is Carlos. He’s got a dog and a mouse. Vicente is tall and thin. He’s got fair hair and Braun eyes. Vicente and I go to the theam. It’s Granada futsala. Vicente’s favourite sport is fooball. He don’t cinema very often, but we watch DVDs at her house.

I’m sending you a photo of my favourite band, Aventura. The group has got one members. Aventura is on the photo. He’s hobby is listening the music. He’s 27 years old. He’s from Venezuela but he live in España.


my best friend