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At Eagle Brook, we believe that what we do in kids’ ministry is as important as what we do in “big church.” Our desire is for our kids’ areas to be vibrant, exciting, fun and most of all, relevant to your kid’s life. From the smallest baby to the growing 5th grader, we want them to learn and see that God loves them and that he has a plan for their life. So dig in a little deeper to learn more about EBC’s two ministries for kids— Kid-O-Deo (birth-K) and Club K-Rock (grades 1-5).



Kid-O-Deo is where you’ll find real teaching that is relevant to your Kid-O’s life, in language that they can understand, in an environment that they’ll love. We love teaching your kids about God—that he loves them, that he created them and that the stories in the Bible are REAL. We want to tell the amazing story of how Jesus willingly gave his life for us. We pray that your Kid-O will understand the incredible love that God has for him or her. We whole-heartedly believe that Kid-Os can make a genuine decision to live for Jesus and be saved if they choose to accept this forgiveness and grace.


Grown-up church is for grownups. Kid-O-Deo is for kids.

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What It looks like - - - - - -

Kid-O-Deo is divided into two areas: nursery and preschool. The nursery is for EBC’s littlest ones—birth to 36 months old. They’ll crawl, climb and be cuddled. Ages 24 months and up will also get relevant teaching on their level that will not only prepare them for when they grow bigger and move over to the preschool side of Kid-O-Deo, but will introduce them to God’s stories and the love of their Creator.

..... Preschoolers (ages 3-kindergarten) will enjoy both small and large group styles of learning. During large group they will jump and worship with their little voices, hands and feet. They will listen to and learn real stories from the Bible, stories about real people that really happened. Following large group they’ll head back in to their age-specific room for small group time, where they’ll learn more about the lesson and where they can ask questions and pray with their small group leader.Kid-O-Deo is where your Kid-O will learn and be loved.

Got questions? Contact the Kid-O-Deo staff at 651.429.9227.


grades 1-5

Club K-Rock is the coolest club around. We think teaching your kids about God, and allowing them to have fun at the same time, is incredibly important. So in this club, we do things a little differently. We believe that creativity and innovation help kids learn about God in fresh, exciting ways that will stay with them lifelong. They’ll learn virtues that they can apply to their lives right away as they see how God wants to make kids more patient, kind, responsible, friendly and loving.


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What It Looks looks like - - - - - - - - - -

Club K-Rock starts out with free hang time in the rockingest clubhouse around. There are video games, table games, a popcorn bar, basketball hoops and lots of friends. The game room is open 15 minutes prior to the start of service and 15 minutes after the end of the service.

But the games and fun are just the beginning. Most important to us is teaching kids about the God who loves them. All grades gather in large group for high energy worship, relevant teaching, video lessons and interactive fun. It is our prayer that your kid will have a rockin’ good time, learn more about who God is and how much he loves him or her.


Other Things to Know - - - - - - - - - Check In, Security & Screened volunteers Our hope is that your Kid-O and elementary kid will be fully engaged while they are with us, but we want you to be ensured that they’re safe too. Parent Security Tag

Every week at check in, your family is assigned a random, 3-digit alpha-numeric code that is printed on the child’s name tag as well as your security tag. You will need to present this security tag to gain entrance to the Kid-O-Deo or Club K-Rock areas at pick-up time, and you will also need to present the tag that matches the code on your child’s tag in order to exit the classroom with him or her. We will NOT release any child without a matching security tag. The other purpose for the code is in the case of an emergency or if you need to be reached to pick up your child before the service ends. In that circumstance, this code will be displayed below the side screens in the worship center. We also want to make sure you know that ALL of our volunteers have been screened and trained in safety, fun and Jesus. They’re here because they have a heart for the kids. So go enjoy your service while the kids enjoy theirs.


3-digit alphanumeric code Kids Security Nametag


The Lesson that Never Ends We LOVE teaching your child about God and his love for us. But we truly believe that what you do at home is far more influential than what we can do once a week. We think it’s so important, in fact, that we created resources for you to help make those messages stick. • Kids’ Car Talk—Each week in the program you’ll see ministry-specific questions (one for Kid-O-Deo and one for Club K-Rock) about that week’s message. Use it as a chance to chat with your kids (maybe as you wait to get out of the parking lot!) about what they learned at their service. • Krazeology—Krazeology is a partnership between you and Kid-O-Deo that offers you tools and resources to help you grow up “5 G Kid-Os.” Although Krazeology can take different forms, one of the most familiar Krazeology items will be our interactive game board. Your Kid-O will receive a game board seriesspecific so you can continue the weekend lesson at home.


• K-Rock Record—This weekly newsletter is a great way to connect during the week with your kid about what they learned at Club K-Rock. It is filled with memory verses, questions, riddles, wacky facts and details about that week’s Bible story. (As well as what’s coming up the next weekend!) If you sign the K-Rock Record and your kid returns it, he or she will get a cool prize!

Volunteer - - - - - -

You can volunteer too. Yes, you! There are several ways to get involved with either Kid-O-Deo or Club KRock. (You will need to complete a background check and volunteer orientation before you begin serving.) Kid-O-Deo Room Volunteer (nursery) Cuddle, snuggle and care for the littlest ones on the nursery side of Kid-O-Deo in either our infant, crawler, walker, toddler or 20-36 months rooms. Kid-O-Deo Small Group Leader (preschool) Lead in one of our preschool rooms (Pre-K1, Pre-K2 or Kindergarten), where you’ll join the Kid-Os for large group and also lead and teach them in small groups back in their age-specific room. Kid-O-Deo Team Lead Coordinate and assist other volunteers during the weekend services with room needs or getting volunteers plugged in to Kid-O-Deo. (This role does require some weekday hours, with scheduling and e-mails.) Kid-O-Deo Teaching Lead Do you love to sing and tell stories? Get on stage and lead the preschool Kid-Os in large group! Club K-Rock Volunteer Interact with the kids and assist with the weekly Club K-Rock service!









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