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Abe Schwartz Objectives: To write compelling copy and concepts for all forms of media. To help products get sold. EXPERIENCE: Petrol A dv ertisin g 2007 - 20 09 -Wrote all forms of copy (teaser and tag lines, re-titles, subtitles, A/V scripts, full campaign concepts from pre-launch to post launch, Web concepts, outdoor and guerilla concepts, etc.) for myriad IP’s including though not limited to: Taken, The 11th Hour, Drillbit Taylor, Gone Baby Gone, A Shot in the Dark, Saints Row 2, DeBlob, Red Faction: Guerilla, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw, Champions Online, Hellboy: The Videogame, Area 51: Blacksite, Time Crisis 4, Dragon Ball Z, Deer Hunter Tournment, Prototype, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Stargate Worlds, Custom USB, Falken Tires, etc., etc. -Wrote the title for the globally acclaimed video game, Call of Duty: World at War. -Wrote the concept that became the FX show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s “Mac vs. PC” TV campaign. -Contributed to landing UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) as a client, as well as to many of their marketing materials. Bad B atch 2008 - Pr ese nt -Wrote, directed, produced, and acted in a feature length comedic motion picture. -Currently in post-production. TBS 2005 -Contributed to the creation of Seinfeld and Friends-themed promotions. -Created myriad trivia questions and answers, jokes. Vanilla C ok e 2004 -Contributed to the development of an American Idol-inspired online game for consumers/Web surfers, as well as an online comic book. -Wrote character traits, dialogue, jokes, song lyrics.

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-Assisted in creating the Web-based game for the full-length motion picture, 13 Going on 30. -Wrote character traits, dialogue, jokes, story elements. Studi oC om -Contributed to the pitch to land Sprite as a client. -Wrote dialogue for Mr. Thirst character.


AAF N ation al Stud ent Co mp etition 2003 - 20 04 (American Advertising Federation) -Wrote broadcast spots for Penn State chapter’s 2003 Toyota Matrix and 2004’s Florida Tourism campaigns. -Worked as a member of the Creative, Account, Media, and Public Relations divisions. EDUCATION: The Pe nnsyl vani a Stat e U niver sity 2001 - 20 05 University Park, PA - B.A. in Communications (Media Studies/Advertising) SOFTWARE KNOWLEDGE: Microsoft Office, Final Draft, Final Draft A/V, Movie Magic Screenwriter

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Bad B atch 2008 - Pr ese nt -Wrote, directed, produced, and acted in a feature length comedic motion picture. -Currently in post-production....

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