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17th & 18th July

30th June - 2nd July

A Cat in Paris


(Une Vie de Chat) (Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol, France 2011, 94mins) Oscar-nominated animation from France about Dino, a cat who lives with a little girl by day, and works for a jewellery thief by night. Stylishly drawn old-school animation that blends effortlessly with a cool Jazz-filled soundtrack. Showing in original or English language versions.

(Kim Ki Duk, South Korea 2011, HD, subtitled) While Kim Ki-Duk (3 Iron, Spring Summer Autumn Winter...And Spring) was shooting a suicide scene for his last film in 2008, his lead actress nearly perished and the incident triggered an emotional and creative breakdown for the director. As an act of self-administered therapy, Arirang takes playful liberties with the documentary form as Kim Ki-duk traces his experiences and mindset during this period of crisis. A unique, challenging and deeply personal look at the man regarded as one of Korea's greatest living directors. Un Certain Regard Award winner at Cannes.

29th, 30th June, 2nd 7th July

Prometheus 2D & 3D (Ridley Scott, USA 2012, AD, HD, 123mins) Ridley Scott returns to his ground-breaking Alien concept with this eagerlyawaited film following a team of explorers whose attempts to discover the origins of mankind leave them stranded in the darkest corners of the universe.

7th, 8th, 14th & 15th July

Mirror Mirror (Tarsem Singh, USA 2012, HD, AD, 106mins) Julia Roberts stars in this comic family film, loosely based on Snow White. An evil queen takes control of a kingdom, while the expelled Princess enlists the help of seven rebel dwarves to take it back. Also stars Sean Bean.

9th - 11th July

Monsieur Lazhar (Phillippe Falardeau, Canada 2011, 95mins, subtitled) After the tragic passing of their well-liked teacher, a school class is presented with his quickly-hired substitute: the mysterious and charming Algerian, Bachir Lazhar. Despite his own fight as an asylum seeker, his battle to win the class over seems just as much of a challenge. Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2012.

Sun/Sul 1

NY MET: The Ring Cycle Encores

Mon/Llun 2

Last chance to see the Met's spectacular productions on the big screen. Tickets £18 each.

Tues/Maw 3

30th June, 2.30pm -

Das Rheingold

1st July, 2.30pm - Die


7th July, 2.30pm - Siegfried 8th July, 2.30pm - Götterdämmerung

(Gareth Evans, Indonesia 2011, 100mins, subtitled) Young Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans gives the martial art film an injection of life, propelling the genre in a new and exciting direction. When a special police team enters a labyrinthine tenement building to crack down on a notorious drug lord, a rookie officer finds himself the last man standing, fighting to escape with his life. The distinctive and atmospheric Jakarta setting adds a compelling new dimension to this action-packed, bone-crunching, unrelenting odyssey.

13th - 19th July

Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson, USA 2012, HD, 94mins) Wes Anderson's film is an absolute delight from start to finish. Eccentric, witty and charming to the hilt, it follows two children who run away during the summer of 1965, prompting a peaceful island community to try to find them. Starring Bruce Willis, Ed Norton and Bill Murray. Parent and baby screening Thursday 19th 12pm

Sun/Sul 8

(4hrs 47mins, 1 intermission)

Mon/Llun 9 Tues/Maw10 Wed/Mer 11 Thurs/Iau12 Fri / Gwe 13

(David Cronenberg, France/Canada 2012, HD, 108mins) David Cronenberg's adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel star Robert Pattinson as a billionaire trader whose simple attempt to journey across Manhattan to get a haircut turns into a 24hour cross-town odyssey. Insulated from the chaos and violence of the city, his paranoia increases as the threats of the real world close in whilst a volatile exchange rate threatens to destroy his empire with every passing minute.

25th & 26th July

Sat/Sad 14

Sun/Sul 15 Mon/Llun 16 Tues/Maw 17 Wed/Mer 18

Thurs/Iau 19

12th July, 7.00pm

French Can-Can (Jean Renoir, France 1954, HD, 104 mins, subtitled) Renoir's digitally restored classic is one of the great colour films and an entrancingly exquisite musical. Jean Gabin is memorably marvellous as the impresario who plans to launch his latest club, the Moulin Rouge, with a reinvigorated version of the cancan. Boasting exhilarating dance sequences, wit, style and energy (even an appearance by Edith Piaf!).

27th July - 5th Aug

The Amazing Spider-Man 2D & 3D

Fri/Gwe 20 Sat/Sad 21

National Theatre Encore: Frankenstein (Recorded) Danny Boyle directs this classic tale starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Victor Frankenstein and Jonny Lee Miller as the creature. (150mins, no intermission, £15/£13)

Sun/Sul 22 Mon/Llun 23

20th July, 6.00pm


Glyndebourne: The Fairy Queen (Recorded)

Wed/Mer 25

A revival of Jonathan Kent's award winning 2009 production, The Fairy Queen is a magical brew featuring dazzling singing and dancing, flamboyant cross-dressing, a flying horse and a warren full of rampant rabbits! (4hrs 10mins, £15/£13)


Fri/Gwe 27

(Marc Webb, USA 2012, HD, AD, 136mins) A new reboot of the popular Marvel Comics character. Stars Andrew Garfield and

Film Society Presents:

Sat/Sad 28

11th July

Sun/Sul 29

Rat Catcher

Chariots of Fire

The Raid

Sat/Sad 7

(4hrs 18mins, 1 intermission)


31st July & 1st Aug

13th, 14th & 16th July

Fri/Gwe 6

(4hr 19mins, 1 intermission)

Rhys Ifans.

(Barry Sonnenfeld, USA 2012, HD, AD, 105mins) Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones team up again in this action-packed sci-fi that sees Agent J travelling back in time to stop an alien changing history.

Wed/Mer 4 Thurs/Iau 5

(2hrs 48mins, no intermission)

21st - 24th July

21st - 26th July

Men in Black 3 2D & 3D



(Hugh Hudson, UK 1981, HD, 123mins) Sparkling new restoration to celebrate the Olympic Games. Winner of four Academy Awards, this inspirational and compelling classic tells the story of two sprinters vying for gold in the 1924 Paris Olympic Games.

27th July - 1st Aug

The Angel's Share (Ken Loach, UK 2012, HD, 101mins) Ken Loach's bittersweet comedy won the Jury Prize at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. It follows a young Glasgow criminal who decides to turn over a new leaf but, after a visit to a Scottish whisky distillery, the route to a new life becomes increasingly clear…

2nd & 3rd Aug

Even the Rain (También La Lluvia) (Icíar Bollaín, Spain 2010, HD, 102mins, subtitled) Gael Garcia Bernal stars as a director determined to make a film about Christopher Columbus that shows the damage imperialism did to native populations. But in Bolivia, the troubled production of the film worsens when the privatisation of the local water supply by a multinational provides the catalyst for a full scale conflict.

(Lynne Ramsay, U.K. / France 1999, 94 mins.) A brilliant first film by this young Scottish director, capturing the beauty, terror and confusion of a 12-year-old boy growing up in the deprived Glasgow of the 1970s.

Mon/Llun 30

Tues/Maw 31

A Cat in Paris (English version) (PG) NY MET: Der Walkure A Cat in Paris (French version) (PG) Prometheus 3D (15) Prometheus 3D (15) Prometheus 3D (15) Prometheus 2D (15) Prometheus 2D (15) Prometheus 2D (15) Prometheus 3D (15) Prometheus 3D (15) Mirror Mirror (PG) NY MET: Siegfried Prometheus 3D (15) Mirror Mirror (PG) NY MET: Gotterdammerung Monsieur Lazhar (12A) Monsieur Lazhar (12A) Monsieur Lazhar (12A) Monsieur Lazhar (12A) Film Society Presents: Rat Catcher (15) National Theatre: Frankenstein Moonrise Kingdom (12A) The Raid (18) Mirror Mirror (PG) Moonrise Kingdom (12A) The Raid (18) Mirror Mirror (PG) Moonrise Kingdom (12A) The Raid (18) Moonrise Kingdom (12A) Moonrise Kingdom (12A) Arirang (12A) Moonrise Kingdom (12A) Arirang (12A) Moonrise Kingdom (12A) Moonrise Kingdom (12A) Parent & Baby Moonrise Kingdom (12A) Moonrise Kingdom (12A) Glyndebourne: The Fairy Queen Men in Black 3 3D (PG) Men in Black 3 3D (PG) Cosmopolis (15) Men in Black 3 3D (PG) Cosmopolis (15) Men in Black 3 2D (PG) Men in Black 3 2D (PG) Cosmopolis (15) Men in Black 3 3D (PG) Men in Black 3 3D (PG) Cosmopolis (15) French Can Can (PG) Men in Black 3 3D (PG) Film Society Presents: Effie Briest Men in Black 3 3D (PG) Men in Black 3 3D (PG) French Can Can (PG) Amazing Spiderman 3D (12A) Amazing Spiderman 3D (12A) The Angel's Share (15) Amazing Spiderman 3D (12A) Amazing Spiderman 3D (12A) The Angel's Share (15) Amazing Spiderman 3D (12A) The Angel's Share (15) Amazing Spiderman 3D (12A) The Angel's Share (15) The Angel's Share (15) Amazing Spiderman 3D (12A) The Angel's Share (15) Chariots of Fire (U)


Amazing Spiderman 2D (12A) Chariots of Fire (U) Amazing Spiderman 2D (12A) The Angel's Share (15) Thurs/Iau 2 Amazing Spiderman 3D (12A) Amazing Spiderman 3D (12A) Even the Rain (15) Fri/Gwener 3 Amazing Spiderman 3D (12A) Amazing Spiderman 3D (12A) Even the Rain (15)

25th July

Effie Briest (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, W. Germany 1974, 140 mins, subtitled) In small-town Prussia of the 1880s a lively young wife is imprisoned behind the creepy surface perfection of bourgeoisie society. This glittering film reflects that stifling world.

12.00pm 2.30pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 8.15pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 12.00pm 2.30pm 8.15pm 12.00pm 2.30pm 8.15pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 7pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 2.30pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 2.30pm 5.30pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 2.30pm ** 5.45pm 8.15pm 12.00pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 6pm 2.30pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 2.30pm 5.30pm 2.30pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 12.00pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 2.30pm ** 5.45pm 8.15pm 2.30pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 2.30pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 2.30pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 2.30pm 5.30pm 2.30pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 11.30am 5.45pm 8.15pm

12.00pm 2.30pm ** 5.45pm 8.15pm 2.30pm 5.45pm 8.15pm 2.30pm 5.45pm 8.15pm

** Silver Screening


Six month membership from April-August is just £30 and entitles you to free entry to all ten films in the season (equivalent to £3 per screening, saving an extra £30!) and a chance to choose the next season’s films. See for more details

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SUBTITLED AND AUDIO DESCRIBED SCREENINGS We are pleased to offer screenings subtitled in English for customers who are hard of hearing. Look for the symbol in the listing. Infra Red audio description is available on all titles with “AD” in the main synopsis.

3D Screenings £7.50/ Students £6.50/Cardi Cards £7/ Under 12s £6 Plus 75p for glasses (re-usable)


Dangosiadau 3D £7.50/ Myfyrwyr £6.50/ Cerdyn Cardi £7/ O dan 12 0ed £6 YNGHYD A 75c am sbectol (y gellir eu hail-ddefnyddio)

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July 2012 Cinema  

July 2012 Cinema

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