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season five the box tymor pump y blwch Andrew W. Clift and Gwenhyver Davies

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Andrew W. Clift and Gwenhyver Davies Petrified Petrified is an animation which is a model of story telling in brief. Little does a spooked guinea-pig know, when the full moon is out, the only thing to be afraid of is himself. A mild house-pet horror film! The animator, Andrew W. Clift graduated from UCA with a BA in animation and has been making films and animated projects ever since. He has created content for Channel 4 and Virgin as well as art foundation, Strange Cargo. He has made music videos for bands on record labels Vagrant Records and Rough Trade Records. The screenwriter, Gwenhyver Davies, read Philosophy at the University of Durham and is driven by ideas and their depiction in visual form. Based in Plymouth, Devon, she is the winner of the International Screenwriters' Festival Script 1 Competition 2009 and the American Gem Literary Festival 2008. Animeiddiad yw Petrified sy’n fodel cryno o'r cyfrwng adrodd straeon. Ni wyr y mochyn cwta ofnus, pan fo’r lleuad yn llawn, mai’r unig beth i ofni yw ef ei hun. Stori arswyd ysgafn am anifail anwes. Graddiodd yr animeiddiwr Andrew W. Clift o Brifysgol Aberystwyth gyda BA mewn animeiddiad a bu’n gwneud ffilmiau a phrosiectau animeiddio ers hynny. Bu’n creu deunydd ar gyfer Sianel 4 a Virgin yn ogystal â’r sefydliad Strange Cargo. Mae wedi gwneud fideos cerddoriaeth ar gyfer bandiau ar y labeli Vagrant Records a Rough Trade Records. Astudiodd y sgriptwraig, Gwenhyver Davies, Athroniaeth ym Mhrifysgol Durham ac mae’n cael ^ Sgriptwyr ei hysbrydoli gan y proses o gyfleu syniadau mewn ffurf weledol. Yn gweithio o Plymouth yn Nyfnaint, enillodd Gystadleuaeth Sgript 1 yr wyl ^ Ryngwladol 2009 a gwyl Lenyddol Americanaidd yn 2008

Yang Jian 84000 Beings

“When the Buddha sees a bowl of water, there are 84,000 beings inside it. My work is a video response to this poetic sentence.” According to Buddhist scripture, before drinking, monks and nuns must chant the mantra, “The Buddha sees 84,000 living organisms in this bowl of water, if I do not chant, it is as if I am eating them alive.” These micro-organisms were only seen by people after the invention of the microscope in the seventeenth century; thus the existence of this mantra is used to display the Buddha’s wisdom and respect for living creatures. Yang Jian was born in Fujian, China and is the third Chinese artist selected for the box by artist curator Wei Chen. ^ “Pan mae’r Bwda yn gweld bowlen o dd wr, mae ‘na 84,000 o fodau y tu mewn iddi.” Mae fy ngwaith yn ymateb mewn fideo i’r frawddeg farddonol hon. ^ Yn ôl cred y Bwda, cyn yfed, rhaid i fynaich a lleianod siantio’r mantra, “Mae’r Bwda’n gweld 84,000 o fodau byw yn y bowlen hon o dd wr; os nad wyf yn siantio, byddaf fel petai yn eu bwyta’n fyw.” Darganfyddwyd y bodau meicro hyn gan ddyn ar ôl dyfeisio’r meicrosgop yn yr ail ganrif ar bymtheg; felly defnyddir bodolaeth y mantra hwn i arddangos doethineb y Bwda a’i barch tuag at greaduriaid byw. Ganwyd Yang Jian yn Fujian, Tsieina a dyma’r trydydd artist Tsieineaidd i gael ei ddewis ar gyfer y blwch gan y curadur Wei Chen.

Timo Suomi Pokayoke Pokayoke is a story from Finland about Tuomas, a young man who has lost his parents in a tragic accident. Unable to understand his parents’ death, Tuomas begins to cause accidents and then photograph his victims. Suddenly he notices a dark figure in the background of his photos which appears to be following him. Soon he no longer knows whether he is the perpetrator or the victim… Poka-yoke is a Japanese term for a control mechanism or ‘mistake proofing’. Tuomas has felt powerless since his parents’ accident and he uses the camera as a mechanism to control the infliction of pain. The act of photographing becomes an act of violence, and the camera, his weapon. Pokayoke is the thesis film of director Mika Tervonen, producer Timo Suomi, cinematographer Aleksi Ahonen and sound designer Karri Neenberg from the Degree Programme in Film and Television at the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The short film was made in association with YLE Co-productions (The Finnish Broadcasting Company). Stori o’r Ffindir yw Pokayoke am Tuomas, dyn ifanc sydd wedi colli’i rieni mewn damwain drasig. Yn methu â deall marwolaeth ei rieni, mae Tuomas yn dechrau achosi damweiniau ac yn ffotograffu’r rhai sy’n dioddef yn eu sgil. Yn sydyn mae’n sylwi ar bresenoldeb tywyll yng nghefndir ei ffotograffau sy’n ymddangos i fod yn ei ddilyn. Yn fuan nid yw’n gwybod ai ef yw achoswr neu ddioddefwr y ddamwain… ^ ers damwain ei rieni ac mae’n defnyddio’r camera fel modd Term Siapaneaidd yw Poka-yoke am fecaniaeth reoli. Mae Tuomas wedi teimlo’n ddi-bwer i achosi poen. Daw’r weithred o ffotograffu yn weithred o drais, a’r camera’n arf. Pokayoke yw ffilm thesis y cyfarwyddwr Mika Tervonen, y cyfarwyddwr Timo Suomi,y sinematograffydd Aleksi Ahonen a’r dylunydd sain Karri Neenberg o’r Rhaglen Radd mewn Ffilm a Theledu ym Mhrifysgol Metropolia’r Gwyddorau Cymhwysol yn Helsinki. Gwnaethpwyd y ffilm fer mewn cydweithrediad ag YLE Co-productions (Cwmni Darlledu’r Ffindir).

Charlie Tweed Grains

A new series of three films through which Charlie Tweed examines methods of escape and self sufficiency. Each work focuses on a specific site and reimagines its past, present and future. In the first film, an anonymous group who appear to be influenced by ‘The Coming Insurrection’ (a French novel which imagines the imminent collapse of capitalism) set out their plans for capturing the Isle of Grain in Kent, harnessing its resources and enhancing its power. The second short film is set in Vorkuta in the Komi Republic, Russia. This film voices the plans of another secret group who seek to build a doomsday vault in the old mining tunnels of Vorkuta. The final film, Archimeters, is set in Ordos City in Inner Mongolia, China - a ghost town which has been lavishly built but remains empty. Charlie Tweed is a graduate of Goldsmiths who lives and works in London. Cyfres newydd o dair ffilm lle mae Charlie Tweed yn archwilio dulliau o ddianc ac hunan-gynhaliaeth. Mae pob darn o waith yn ffocysu ar leoliad penodol gan ail-ddychmygu ei orffennol, ei bresennol a’i ddyfodol. Yn y ffilm gyntaf, mae criw anhysbys sy’n cael ei ddylanwadu gan ‘The Coming Insurrection’ (nofel Ffrengig sy’n dychmygu dymchweliad cyfalafiaeth) yn cynllunio i ddwyn yr Isle of Grain yng Nghaint, gan harneisio adnoddau’r ynys a chynyddu ei ph_er. Gosodir yr ail ffilm fer yng Ngweriniaeth Komi yn Rwsia. Mae’r ffilm hon yn rhoi llais i griw dirgel arall sy’n ceisio adeiladu cromgell yn hen dwnneli cloddio Vorkuta. Gosodir y ffilm derfynol, Archimeters, yn Ninas Ordos ym Mongolia Mewnol, Tsieina - tref anghyfannedd sydd wedi cael ei chodi mewn modd crand ond sy’n aros yn wag. Graddiodd Charlie Tweed o goleg Goldsmiths ac mae’n gweithio yn Llundain.

Jordan Wood Pancho

A lively animated film by award-winning director and animator Jordan Wood. Maverick returns to the town of Big Whisker, seeking vengeance for the evil deeds of the town’s sheriff and his posse of cacti. The film features the spaghetti rock of Pancho Ballard and The Banditos. “Zombies aren’t common in music videos, so when we saw a brief requesting a western themed music video with a horror twist, we just had to get involved.” - Adam Comiskey, Director Production Company: PEW36 Animation Studios Director: Adam Comiskey Co-Producer: Holly Ward, Associate Producer: Jordan Wood Animators: Jack Bonnington, Matthew Campbell, Adam Comiskey, Ryan Herbert, Ed Muir, Dan Tyler, Robert Vaughan, Holly Ward, Jordan Wood. Ffilm animeiddiedig fywiog lle mae Maverick yn dychwelyd i dref Big Whisker, yn ceisio dial am weithrediadau cas siryf y dref a’i griw o gacti. Mae’r ffilm yn nodweddu roc sbageti Pancho Ballard a’r Banditos. “Ni welir Sombîaid yn aml mewn fideos cerddoriaeth felly pan welsom briff yn gofyn am fideo ar thema cowbois gydag elfen o arswyd, rhaid oedd ymateb” - Adam Comiskey, Cyfarwyddwr Cwmni Cynhyrchu: PEW36 Animation Studios Cyfarwyddwr: Adam Comiskey Cyd-Gynhyrchydd: Holly Ward, Cynhyrchydd Cyswllt: Jordan Wood Animeiddwyr: Jack Bonnington, Matthew Campbell, Adam Comiskey, Ryan Herbert, Ed Muir, Dan Tyler, Robert Vaughan, Holly Ward, Jordan Wood.

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