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Rebekah Smith asks what 3D has to offer horror When it comes to the topic of 3D, I’m

moment it begins whilst keeping you

‘why was this in 3D?’ will emerge.

really not sure what to make of it -

constantly guessing. An anonymous

However, I think the key question to

perhaps this is because it’s too early

banker wakes up one morning in a

explore will be ‘what did 3D add to

to make a judgement on it. I don’t

concrete cell and all that is in the cell

Iron Doors?’ This is, in fact, a

love it and I don’t hate it. I didn’t enjoy

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Avatar but I did have fun watching the

maggots, a ceiling light and a huge

many other 3D films in addition to

dire Piranha 3D. An upcoming

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cinema release of a 3D film never

memory of where he is or how he got

be useful to dwell upon in the future,

tends to excite me, however Iron

there; unpredictable twists, turns

as surely for a film to be in 3D there

Doors in 3D certainly has. We were

and red herrings all follow.

must be a purpose? Perhaps I’ll be

originally going to screen it in 2D but director Stephen Manuel informed us that a new 3D version was available. I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of the film and its use of this technology after the screening. The film is a claustrophobic German film shot in English, which hooks you in from the

For a film which is low on plot and big set-pieces this is compelling stuff as it is instead a much more intimate film, and quite similar to the Cary Elwes portion of Saw (minus Jigsaw). I imagine that the talking point after the screening will be the 3D aspect of the film and conversations such as

convinced and warm more to 3D when it is used in a way to create depth instead of just having things popping out at the camera... let the debates begin at around 5pm!

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emobadger Waiting at Birm New Street to pick up my delayed friend from Liverpool, then it's off to #Abertoir2010 for a horrorific time! DJDellamorte Right, about to venture up to the Abertoir fest - see some of you at the bar! :) m_hardwick At #abertoir2010 !!! Wine flowing already :) @abertoirfest sheffhorrorfest @AbertoirFest Have a great first night Abertoir'ers. We'll be there on Friday... #Abertoir2010

Review: Dead Hooker in a Trunk Review: Siren By Nia Edwards-Behi

By Rebekah Smith

I watched Dead Hooker in a Trunk when I

This year at Abertoir we have been very

screened it in February at Ghouls on Film, a

selective with regard to what we want to

one day horror event. A sensation across the

screen to our audience. We are very keen on

pond, the film lives up to its hype thanks to the showcasing ‘different’ types of horror films. powerhouses Jen and Sylvia Soska. Their

Different is obviously an incredibly broad word

enthusiasm and dedication seeps through

but in this context we mean with regard to

every inch of the film which they not only star

moving away from screening the limp and dull

in, but also wrote, produced and directed it. A

same old same old formula. Tonight we have

great exploitation throwback, the four lead

the world premiere of the tremendous Siren.

roles – The Badass, The Geek, The Junkie and

This is a different type of feature because it is

The Goody Two-Shoes – drive what is a funny, a sexy horror, which is quite similar to Dead riveting and surprisingly touching story. The

Calm and Wild Things but feels a lot more

Soska sisters and their collaborators have a

realistic and believable than those Hollywood

very bright future ahead of them.

films. Directed by Andrew Hull (who artdirected underrated horror film P2), the film tells the story of couple Ken and Rachel who, whilst on a sailing trip in Tunisia, answer an

dpm74 First film of Abertoir done, many more to go!

Review: The Violent Kind

(apparently) innocent distress call from a

By Nia Edwards-Behi

stranded young woman. However, their

The Violent Kind is the sort of film I shouldn’t

relaxing weekend quickly becomes a mind-

curt194 Cleaning hasn't really got very far. Still, I'm looking forward to mutant girls squad at midnight #abertoir2010

really like: it’s messy, has a bonkers ending

blowing orgy of sex, gore and betrayal as the

Hellbound_Heart Dream Home was grisly & innovative, and also had a heart. Very impressive #Abertoir2010

and prominently features Tiffany Shepis’ legs. couple desperately try and escape the ‘siren’ Somehow, The Butcher Brothers make it work. alive. The film is beautifully shot, nicely paced This film the good kind of bonkers mess (and,

and features excellent performances from all

thankfully, Shepis is a very likeable actress). A

of the cast and crew – oh and lots of naked

nice twist on a gang film, a home-invasion


plotline is mixed with a possession tale, and its strong cast keeps the film going, hurtling toward its insane conclusion.

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Daily Picks By Nia Edwards-Behi

and Sandra Martin. I’m really Looking forward to hearing

Today I think I’m most excited Hugues talk about the film, as he’s going to be chatting with about introducing more people to the wonderful Dead us via Skype! Hooker in a Trunk. It’s fast becoming an indie classic, so catch it while it’s hot!

This evening an Abertoir staple – the mystery grindhouse film is given a new

Djinns is the latest in a string

twist as we’ve invited

of excellent, original horror

funnymen Nicko and Joe to

films emerging from France,

host the event: so this year

and it’s directed by Hugues

there’ll be double the laughs!

Today’s Schedule Dead Hooker in a Trunk


Set in beautiful Vancouver, four friends set out on an everyday errand and end up in a fight for their lives when they discover a body in their trunk. Iron Doors


A young man wakes up in a cellar with no windows, an eerie neon light and a huge vault door

Yesterday’s Audience Vote Countess Dracula

We Are What We Are

made of impenetrable steel. The race is on to find a way out... The Violent Kind


Dream Home

Troubled Cody (Cory Knauf), a second-generation member of a violent and notorious biker gang, rides out with his friends to a party at a farmhouse located deep within the redwood forest. Their plans are quickly ruined when another malicious gang turns up. But what they want is far worse than just picking a fight…. Siren

Mutant Girls Squad



Escaping the city for a weekend away, company man Ken and his girlfriend Rachel meet up with an old friend, the exotic and worldly Marco. Their plan is simple - tour the local coast for a relaxing weekend in the wilderness. Things hit a snag when Marco spots a beautiful young girl, the sultry and seductive Silka, waving for help off the shore of one of the many secluded islands. But if anyone needs help now, it’s them...

A question for the Soska Sisters (Dead Hooker) Who is your horror inspiration?




Trapped in a sand storm and isolated from their commander, a group of French Foreign Leigion soldiers run into Algerian rebels. As they seek shelter in an uncharted village another, invisible, threat comes out from the desert - the Djinns. As their ranks are decimated, they’ll face the longest night of their lives. Midnight Mystery Grindhouse

S: My parents were really supportive of our interest in horror. It was through my mom's massive Stephen King collection that we first



A long-standing Abertoir tradition our extremely popular Mystery Grindhouse promises to be a film so terrible and cringe-worthingly bad that we encourage you to shout and laugh. This year we welcome comedians Nicko and Joe to provide a live commentary aimed at destroying what little shreds of credibility this mystery film ever held!

experienced the horror genre - and it was awesome. J: I'd have to say Stephen King, in a big way. Being allowed to read his work at

For more details, buy your Festival Programme at the festival reception

an early age really shaped my sense of humor. Despite the often horrific and terrifying content of his novels, his horror always had moments of levity and dark humor. I just accepted that as what horror is supposed to be. See the full interview in the Abertoir Programme

Abertoir Daily - Day 2  

Abertoir Daily - Day 2