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ABERTOIR A massive selection of films, events, guests and socialising await everyone at the fifth Abertoir Horror Festival - the National Horror Festival of Wales! We have grown incredibly since our humble beginnings, and owe it all to the continued enthusiastic support of every one of you! In addition, the Film Agency for Wales have been tremendous in supporting Abertoir, and it is because of their generous help that we are able to put on such a big festival and keep the ticket prices so small!

Wednesday 10 November Dydd Mercher 10 Tachwedd 5.00pm

Countess Dracula plus talk by Dr Kate Egan


We Are What We Are plus Intercambio


Dream Home


sponsored by the Lampeter Confucius Institute

Mutant Girls Squad

So thanks for coming, sit back, enjoy the festival, and have a bloody good time!

Gaz Bailey Festival Director

Thursday 11 November Dydd Iau 11 Tachwedd 12.45pm

Dead Hooker in a Trunk plus The Familiar


Iron Doors 3D


The Violent Kind plus Glow


Siren plus Q&A


Djinns plus Q&A


Mystery Grindhouse with Nicko & Joe’s Bad Film Club

Friday 12 November Dydd Gwener 12 Tachwedd

Sunday 14 November Dydd Sul 14 Tachwedd







Short Film Competition Part Two


Amer plus talk by Dr Mikel Koven




The House on Haunted Hill The Damned Live in Concert with support from Zombina & the Skeletones

The Silent House The Cat & the Canary with Live Piano Accompaniment


Robin Hardy Q&A plus Wicker Tree preview


Rare Exports plus Closing Ceremony

Saturday 13 November Dydd Sadwrn 13 Tachwedd 11.00am

Short Film Competition Part One


Filmmaking Masterclass with Nicholas David Lean


18+ / T&C apply

Vampire Hunting with Gavin Baddeley


Vampires plus Q&A


A Warning to the Curious

Two Ghost Stories by M R James




Abertoir Festival Pass

I Spit on Your Grave

Tocyn Gwyl Abertoir 18+ / T&A yn gymwys

For just £47.50 (a saving of over £85) you can get free access to all Abertoir films and special events plus collect a 10% bar discount! Call or visit the Box Office to get your Abertoir Festival Pass today.

Am £47.50 yn unig (arbediad o dros £85) gallwch gael mynediad i holl ffilmiau a digwyddiadau arbennig Abertoir yn ogystal â manteisio ar ostyngiad o 10% yn y bar! Galwch heibio neu ffoniwch y Swyddfa Docynnau heddiw i godi eich Tocyn Abertoir Arbennig!

Special Guests ROBIN HARDY Robin Hardy is an author and film director, whose acclaimed film The Wicker Man has become legendary throughout movie history. Often asked to preside at festivals across the world, he also attends entire festivals dedicated to The Wicker Man. Early in his long transatlantic career, Robin won the Grand Prize at the New York Film Festival for his film Workability. A decade later he won the Grand Prix at the Paris Festival des Film Fantastique et Science Fiction for The Wicker Man, which went on to win the award for Best Horror Film from the American Academy of Science Fiction and Horror Films in Hollywood. In 2006, Robin released his book Cowboys for Christ. As part of this tour, he came to Aberystwyth, and on the back of this, Abertoir was born. Now, five years on, we welcome Robin back to Abertoir to talk about his new film The Wicker Tree and give us a sneak preview of his latest work.

GAVIN BADDELEY Gavin Baddeley is an author, occult journalist and broadcaster who has written a number of highly acclaimed books such as Lucifer Rising, Dissecting Marilyn Manson, Goth Chic and The Gospel of Filth in which he collaborated with Cradle of Filth vocalist Dani Filth.

Special Events 3 Films

In 1995, Gavin was ordained as an honorary priest in the Church of Satan and is considered quite an expert on the subject of the Devil, even being asked to deliver a lecture on the subject at Cambridge University. He regularly appears in press and television as a consultant for stations such as Channel 4 and the BBC, as well as being featured in major UK newspapers such as The Independent. Last year, Gavin came to Abertoir to present a highly entertaining talk on Werewolves, while this year he returns again for a history of hunting those most elusive creatures of the night, Vampires.

NICHOLAS DAVID LEAN Writer, Director and Producer behind the exciting new psychological thriller Hard Shoulder which is due for release early 2011, Nicholas David Lean has been an author, poet, and screenwriter for nearly fifteen years. He has nine completed feature screenplays to his credit, over a dozen short films, and has developed three featurettes with morally engaging and confrontational themes ready to go into production. A filmmaker now also contributing to various magazines, he has a tenacious, self-starter attitude which he engages in motivational address as a way to inspire other filmmakers.

HUGUES MARTIN Hugues Martin had directed music videos and advertising for several years before devoting himself to writing and directing the movie Djinns with Sandra Martin. He is currently working on several new projects with such diverse themes as the war movie, swashbuckler and fantasy film.


Gwesteion Arbennig JOHN ENGEL A film producer, screenwriter and director, John has worked with such renowned filmmakers as Brian De Palma, Tim Burton, Neil Jordan, Martin Campbell, Joel Schumacher, the Taviani Brothers, Gale Anne Hurd, Larry Franco, and many more. A member of the Directors Guild of America, John is currently involved as a producer or screenwriter in various film projects at different stages of development.

THE DAMNED Legendary British punk rock group The Damned will be tearing Aberystwyth apart in this special live concert! Formed in London in 1976 during punk’s initial days, they were the first punk rock band from the UK to release a single (New Rose), an album (Damned Damned Damned), to have a record on the UK music charts, and to tour the United States. From their first gig as an opening act for the Sex Pistols, The Damned quickly earned respect in the music scene, and there is no doubt that their music and attitude still reverberates with all the energy of that original 1976 line-up. The current line-up is David Vanian (Vocals); Captain Sensible (Guitar & Vocals); Pinch (Drums); Monty Oxy Moron (Keyboards) and Stu West (Bass).

Special Events 3 Films


Zombina and the Skeletones have been wrenching 100% pure rock n’ roll genius from the very pits of their tortured, vampiric souls since 1998. As a live band they’re the bloodiest and funnest cult experience you can have short of sacrificing yourself to some goat headed deity in the woods on St. Swithen’s Night. On record they’re the ‘Beatles of Horror’, with ‘hit’ packed albums such as Taste the Blood of Zombina and the Skeletones, Halloween Hollwerin (sic), Monsters On 45 and Death Valley High a must in any self-dissecting ghoul’s collection...

CHRISTOPHER GRANIER-DEFERRE Christopher Granier-Deferre graduated from Goldsmith’s College with a degree in English and Drama. After a brief stint as a Stage Manager he moved into film and worked as an Assistant Director for, among others, James Ivory, George Lucas, Michael Radford, Ismail Merchant, Gerard Krawczyck and the Hughes Brothers. More recently Christopher was a Production Manager on the Warner Bros. picture Syriana. Life as a Producer began for Christopher in 1998 with the multi-award-winning short film Le Bell Boy. This led him to serving as an Associate Producer to the maverick Humbert Balsan on Rembrandt van Rijn. Most recently he produced Marek Losey’s debut feature The Hide, and exec produced Mes Amis, Mes Amours, based on the hugely successful novel by Marc Levy.

TEREZA SRBOVA Going from an early modelling careera, Tereza’s passion was always about acting. Her first big break was landing a part in David Cronenberg’s highly acclaimed film Eastern Promises, where she played Kirilenko. Her acting career has since taken off in a big way, starring in a number of well known films such as St Trinians, Eastern Promises and Inkheart. Her latest role is as the seductive yet vengeful Silka in Andrew Hull’s new film Siren.


Special Events

The Damned Live in Concert

The Wicker Tree

A preview with Robin Hardy

With support by Zombina & the Skeletones Friday 12 November Dydd Gwener 12 Tachwedd


Sunday 14 November Dydd Sul 14 Tachwedd


3 Films

Legendary British punk rock group The Damned will be tearing Aberystwyth apart in this special live concert!

Formed in London in 1976 during punk’s initial days, they were the first punk rock band from the UK to release a single (New Rose), an album (Damned Damned Damned), to have a record on the UK music charts, and to tour the United States. From their first gig as an opening act for the Sex Pistols, The Damned quickly earned respect in the music scene, and there is no doubt that their music and attitude still reverberates with all the energy of that original 1976 line-up. The current lineup is David Vanian (Vocals); Captain Sensible (Guitar & Vocals); Pinch (Drums); Monty Oxy Moron (Keyboards) and Stu West (Bass).

In 2006, director Robin Hardy came to Aberystwyth for a talk about his new book Cowboys for Christ. His appearance was the entire reason Abertoir was born. Now, on our fifth anniversary, and on the closing day of the festival, we are honoured and privileged to be welcoming Mr Hardy back to the stage to talk about his latest film The Wicker Tree and screen footage from his brand new film.

With support by Abertoir favourites, Zombina and the Skeletones!

Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man is an iconic film, and has stood up to the test of time better than any other film from its period. His latest film is not a sequel, but more of a reimagining of the themes of the original, centring on a deeply Christian couple who leave America to preach door-to-door in Scotland. After being welcomed to Tressock, the border fiefdom of the sinister Lachlan Morrison, they realise their hosts’ intentions are not entirely honourable…

Bydd y grŵp roc pync Prydeinig The Damned yn ymosod ar Aberystwyth yn y cyngerdd byw arbennig hwn! Ffurfiwyd y band yn wreiddiol yn Llundain ym1976 yn ystod dyddiau cynnar pync ac mae’r band yn llawn egni hyd heddiw! Fe’u cefnogir gan ffefrynnau Abertoir, Zombina a’r Skeletones!

Although so often misinterpreted as horror, both films in fact owe more to the fantasy genre than anything else. Horror itself also stems from fantasy, and with Abertoir’s new position in the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation, we feel we can justify bending our rules this one time! Yn 2006 daeth y cyfarwyddwr Robin Hardy i Aberystwyth i roi anerchiad ar ei lyfr newydd Cowboys for Christ a dyma pryd y sefydlwyd holl syniad Abertoir! Mae’n fraint ac yn bleser felly croesawu Mr Hardy yn ôl i’r llwyfan i siarad am ei ffilm ddiweddaraf The Wicker Tree sy’n seiliedig ar themâu ei ffilm eiconig wreiddiol The Wicker Man.

£16.50 (£15) / £18 on the day

Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl



Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl

The Cat & the Canary

With live piano accompaniment by Paul Shalcross

Sunday 14 November Dydd Sul 14 Tachwedd


A classic silent horror film adaptation of John Willard’s 1922 black comedy play of the same name. Directed by German Expressionist filmmaker Paul Leni, this highly influential film follows the story of Annabelle and her family who must spend the night in their uncle’s haunted mansion where they are stalked by a mysterious figure. Meanwhile, a lunatic known as “the Cat” escapes from an asylum and hides in the mansion. Director Paul Leni was known for blending expressionism with humour and this film was extremely influential in the “old dark house” genre of films popular from the 30’s through to the 50’s. It was also a very early horror entry for Universal Studios and is considered the cornerstone of Universal’s school of horror. We are delighted to welcome back silent film pianist Paul Shallcross, who will be playing a score specially commissioned by the Abertoir Horror Festival. Addasiad ffilm arswyd fud glasurol o ddrama gomedi ddu 1922 John Willard o’r un enw. Gyda’r gwneuthurwr ffilm o’r Almaen Paul Leni yn cyfarwyddo, bu hon yn ffilm hynod ddylanwadol o’i chyfnod. Mae’n bleser gennym groesawu’n ôl y pianydd ffilmiau mud Paul Shallcross, a fydd yn chwarae sgôr a gomisiynwyd yn arbennig ganŴyl Arswyd Abertoir.


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl

Digwyddiadau Arbennig

A Warning to the Curious Two Ghost Stories by M R James

Saturday 13 November Dydd Sadwrn 13 Tachwedd


Filmmaking Masterclass With Nicholas David Lean

Saturday 13 November Dydd Sadwrn 13 Tachwedd


3 Films

Live in our theatre, this is Robert Lloyd Parry’s acclaimed one-man show featuring two delightfully creepy tales, in candlelight, by the author of some of Britain’s finest ghost stories.

Nicholas David Lean, screenwriter, director, and producer behind the gritty soon-tobe- released psychological thriller Hard Shoulder gives a 90 minute presentation on screenwriting for the low-to-no budget filmmaker.

“Storytelling at its finest . . .” The Stage Lost Hearts features one of James’s most memorable black magicians, the predatory scholar Mr. Abney. It is paired here with one of James’ most poignant and personal works: in A Warning to the Curious, inspired by the author’s holidays in Aldeburgh, a young archaeologist is haunted and hunted by the guardian of an ancient treasure. The English seaside has never looked so menacing. Suitable for ages 13+ 100 minutes including interval

This presentation discusses the perils of production for new directors and producers looking to break into the industry with narratives ranging from thriller-led action to the new wave of ‘torture porn’ horror.

A History of Vampire Hunting With Gavin Baddeley

Saturday 13 November Dydd Sadwrn 13 Tachwedd


Acclaimed journalist, author, occult historian and Reverend in the Church of Satan, Gavin Baddeley comes back to Abertoir to take us on a tongue-in-cheek journey through the history of hunting those toothsome pests. Bydd y newyddiadurwr, awdur, ac hanesydd yr ocwlt Gavin Baddeley yn dychwelyd i Abertoir i’n difyrru unwaith eto!

Bydd Nicholas David Lean, sgriptiwr, cyfarwyddwr, a’r cynhyrchydd y tu ôl i’r ffilm ias a chyffro seicolegol Hard Shoulder yn rhoi cyflwyniad 90 munud ar sgriptio ar gyfer y sgrîn fawr. Mae’r cyflwyniad hwn yn bennaf ar gyfer cyfarwyddwyr a chynhyrchwyr newydd sy’n gobeithio torri i mewn i’r diwydiant.

Yn dangos yn fyw yn ein theatr, dyma sioe un-dyn poblogaidd Robert Lloyd Parry yn nodweddu dwy stori ysbryd arswydus, yng ngolau cannwyll, gan awdur rhai o straeon ysbryd gorau Prydain. Dim yn addas ar gyfer plant o dan 13 oed.

£10 (£8)

Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl




you’ve never seen! By Tristan Thompson




The Addiction, Abel Ferrara’s unconventional ‘vampire’ film was nominated for several awards during its release in 1995. Written by Ferrara’s regular writing partner Nicolas St John, whose screenplay is quick to dispel any concepts of romance within the vampire ethos and aligns vampirism as a drug addiction while exploring the moral degradation of the lead character Kathleen Conklin (Lili Taylor) after she is attacked and bitten and then begins to display vampire-like symptoms. Bravely filmed in stark black & white cinematography, drenched in sublime and disturbing imagery. The Addiction, artistically pretentious maybe, but certainly an extraordinary provocative piece of filmmaking!

Demon Planet – or better known as Planet of the Vampires (1965). Mario Bava’s glorious pulp sci-fi movie is a mesmerizing explosion of colour & style. Based upon the novella One Night of 21 Hours by Renato Pestriniero. The crew of a spaceship, stranded upon a volcanic planet, discover the ruins of an alien space-craft with giant skeletons! Malevolent alien beings are forcing the dead to return to life as vampire beings. Despite the futuristic settings & ray guns Bava still manages to deliver an atmospheric gothic chiller!

Fearless Vampire Hunters….or Pardon me, but your teet are in my neck….or perhaps more simply Dance of the Vampires (1967). Roman Polanski’s wonderful pastiche of the Hammer Horror vampire movie is actually an off-key comedy that has some terrifically grim and macabre moments! The fearless vampire killers are Professor Abronsius (Jack MacGowran), a delightfully dotty elderly Van Helsing character, and his half-wit assistant Alfred (a comic performance from Polanski) as they travel to snowy wastes of Transylvania to battle Count Von Krolock (Ferdy Mayne). Dance of the Vampires also introduces a Jewish and a homosexual vampire! Though poorly received at the time, this is, without hesitation, one of the most beautifully shot, atmospheric vampire movies of all time!

B The Blood Splattered Bride – written & directed by Vincente Aranda, this 1972 Spanish exploitation version of Sheridian Le Fanu’s Carmilla is smothered in softcore sex, voyeuristic lesbianism, smut and sadism! Alexandra Bastedo plays Carmilla, who is introduced to us buried in the sand, breathing through a snorkel, with her breasts protruding from the surface. Unsurprisingly, censorship issues plagued this movie throughout and heavily cut prints were distributed throughout the US and the UK. A promotional Up-Chuck-Cup was distributed to US cinema patrons! The tribute to the wonderfully lurid title was paid in Tarantino’s Kill Bill!

C Crime-fighters – oh yes, even classic 70s TV crime-fighting duo Starsky & Hutch encountered a vampire in the form of John Saxon in a 1976 episode! Even Huggy Bear didn’t know what to say! Directed by Bob Kelljan, who helmed the Count Yorga movies.


of Vampire Movies

E Erotikill – US video title to Jess Franco’s infamous 1973 The Bare Breasted Countess (The Loves of Irina) where mute vampire Countess Irina Karlstein (played by the enigmatic Lina Romay) performs fellatio upon her unsuspecting victims to gain her ‘life essence’. With the video revolution this became one of Franco’s most widely seen films. The Bare Breasted Countess exists in variety of vastly different versions across the world usually with varying degrees of pornography content – no definitive cut exists. Daniel White’s hauntingly melancholic music score (Black Countess) was later swiped for Rollin’s Zombies Lake. Despite a meteoric rise in popularity with the introduction of DVD, Jess Franco is still a very acquired taste. The Bare Breasted Countess is not misunderstood nor underrated…but it is one of Franco’s most beautiful cinematic messes!

G Ganja & Hess – breaking away from the surrounding slew of more familiar Blaxploitation horror movies, Bill Gunn’s super-cheap 1973 art-trocity Ganja & Hess is an clever, stylised & atmospheric attempt on the more familiar cinematic vampire themes & other religious imagery. Duanne Jones (Night of the Living Dead) plays Dr Hess Green who sprouts fangs when he’s stabbed with an ancient Myrthian dagger. Despite brave artistic intentions, Gunn’s movie was plopped onto the grind-house and drive-circuit where it was universally (and critically) misunderstood. Hack-job editing and a dozen generic movie-title changes (Blood Couple, Black Evil, Black Vampire, Double Possession to name but a few!) would, over a number of years, eventually attract a cult audience and some critical recognition!




Hopping Vampires – as popularised in Hong Kong horror cinema, more notably the films of Sammy Hung, Encounters of the Spooky Kind (1980) and Mr Vampire (1985). The eerie image of a slow motion ‘hopping vampire’ bouncing towards you is as nightmarish & macabre as it is surreal. Base upon Chinese mythology the Geung-Si (or Chiang-Shih, or Jiangshi) the vampire is basically a reanimated corpse whose rigormortis-stiffened limbs are rigid and he can only move by hopping…thus the “Hopping Vampire”.

Kung-Fu Vampires – Indeed ‘Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting’ in 1974…even Hammer Horror! Having once produced a series of beautiful gothic horror chillers, 70s Hammer were struggling for direction within a cinema market that was constantly evolving, becoming increasingly more daring & diverse! Hammer teamed up with the Shaw Brothers for The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires. Looking thoroughly confused Peter Cushing returns as Van Helsing while theatrical actor John ForbesRobertson plays an instantly forgettable Count Dracula. Despite an inventive blend of slow-motion zombies, kung-fukicking, blood & nudity, this would become Hammer’s last hurrah for Dracula! The film did relatively well in Britain but the US had to wait six years for a release…by then the great Hammer had fallen!

The Night Stalker – it was within this 1971 TV movie when Darren McGavin was introduced to us as Carl Kolchak, investigative reporter, who, throughout his 20 episodes TV series, seems to stumble across all things supernatural (werewolves, vampires, ghosts, zombies, aliens and even Aztec Cults). Based upon a Richard Matheson script, The Night Stalker has Kolchak hunting for a night-time killer with super-human strength who is revealed to be a vampire. A further 1972 TV movie followed, The Night Strangler, before the TV series launched in 1974.

I I was a Teenage Vampire – well not quite but this really should have been the title of the AIP produced Blood of Dracula (1957). Producer Herman Cohen had just completed I Was a Teenage Werewolf & I Was a Teenage Frankenstein. Blood of Dracula follows similar teen-angst backdrop as Sandra Harrison is sent off to an all-girls school where she falls under evil hypnotism by a sinister chemistry teacher and transforms into a blood monster. Released in the UK as the less commercial sounding Blood is My Heritage. “In her eyes desire…in her veins…the BLOOD OF A MONSTER!”

J Jean Rollin – watching a Jean Rollin movie at 2am and you’ll emerge into dawn hours questioning yourself whether you’ve dreamt the experience! French art filmmaker Jean Rollin embraced the concept of vampirism in the late 60s with a startling series of increasingly bizarre and beautifully surreal horror movies. Rape of the Vampire (1968, actually two films pieced together), The Nude Vampire (1969) & Requiem for a Vampire (1971) was amongst his early output. Fascination (1979), starring the beautiful Brigitte Lahaie, is now hailed as a masterpiece but originally had a fractured release due to producer/distributor conflicts. Largely ignored by the critics and with limited exposure throughout Europe and the US, the prolific Rollin maintained a living by occasionally directing hardcore porn (as Michel Gentil) and some ropey horror assignments (Zombies Lake anyone?). With his work rediscovered and presented within Rollin’s original versions (largely thanks to UK’s Redemption Video in the 90s) Jean Rollin emerged from obscurity and received some long overdue critical recognition.

L Lileth Silver – clad in a skin-tight cat-suit that would of made Michelle Pfeiffer yowl, super-cool assassin machine-gun spitting Lileth Silver (played by former Redemption Video cover girl Eileen Daley) is the star of Jake West’s 1998 stylish debut Razor Blade Smile! Proudly delivered with a barrage of blood, boobs & machine-guns & Goth fetish imagery, Razor Blade Smile arrived at a time long before Brit horror movies were universally considered trendy! Refusing to abide by long established rules set in vampire cinema, Lileth Silver welcomes us with “I bet you think you know all about vampires…believe me…you know f**k all!”

M Mamuwalde – or better know as Blacula (1972). Black Action cinema had it own host of horror icons, Blackenstein (1972) and Dr Black, Mr Hyde (1975). William Marshall plays Blacula, once an African prince named Mamuwalde who is bitten by Count Dracula in 1780 and then emerges in LA 200 years later! Audience-friendly horror-movie clichés, soul music and a colourful script ensured box-office returns. A 1973 sequel, Scream Blacula Scream, had Mamuwalde resurrected in a voodoo ceremony.

O Outer Space Undead – Colin Wilson’s 1976 horror novel The Space Vampires about a race of intergalactic travelling vampires who are discovered in an asteroid belt and let loose upon the earth was brought to cinematic life by Tobe Hooper in the spectacularly bad Life Force in 1985 (the screenplay neatly adapted to tie in with Halley’s Comet’s last passing). Impressive John Dykstra optical effects and the constantly nude Mathilda May couldn’t save this £25,000,000 budget belly-flop (nor Hooper’s career) that amounted to nothing more than Plan 10 from Outer Space!

P Peter Vincent “The Great Vampire Killer” – Roddy McDowall relished playing washedup late night horror movie host Peter Vincent in Tom Holland’s Fright Night, a stylish 1985 vampire thriller (though there is a fan-boyish Famous Monsters humour… it doesn’t quite lapse into the realms of horror-comedy). After years of doing battle with the undead, horror actor Peter Vincent is spending his twilight years as a horror film host when he’s approached by a troubled teen claiming his neighbour is a vampire. Fright Night has always been a fan favourite and is looking forward to a 2011 remake with David Tennant playing Peter Vincent! Tommy Lee Wallace directed the 1988 sequel, Fright Night 2. “Apparently your generation doesn’t want to see vampire killers anymore, nor vampires either. All they want to see slashers running around in ski masks, hacking up young virgins!”





Queen of Blood – 1966 AIP sci-fi shocker set in the year 1990 (!) has a space mission to Mars to rescue a crashed spaceship. The only survivor is an alluring green skinned alien woman (Florence Marly) with glowing eyes and vampire tendencies! Colourful pulp sci-fi written & directed by Curtis Harrington when Roger Corman acquired impressive special effects space footage from an obscure 1959 Russian movie Niebo Zowiet. Stars Basil Rathbone, John Saxon, Dennis Hopper and Forrest J Ackerman.

Undead Vs the Outlaw – or better still, Billy the Kid Vs Dracula (1965). Classic 60s B movie hokum sees John Carradine return to the Dracula role for the first time since Universal’s House of Dracula in 1945. Filmed in ‘Shockorama’ and released as a co-feature with Jesse James vs Frankenstein’s Daughter. Of course Carradine would yet again play the count again in 1979 in Nocturna, Granddaughter of Dracula!

X-Rated Vampires – by no means the first hardcore vampire movie, 1979’s Dracula Sucks (Lust at First Bite / Dracula’s Bride) showcased the legendary talents of 70’s porno stars John Holmes, Seka, Jamie Gillis and Annette Haven, even Reggie Nalder appears as Van Helsing (hiding behind the pseudonym of Detlef Van Berg). Released in hard & soft-core versions with the soundtrack showcasing Bela Lugosi’s voice taken from radio plays.

“A deathless witch who devours men turns the Milky Way into a Galaxy of Gore”

R Revenge of Dracula – horror cinema has seen plently of ‘returns & revenges’ of Dracula – however this is the alternative title to Al Adamson’s nonsensical cult favourite Dracula Vs Frankenstein. J. Carrol Naish played Dr Frankenstein while Zandor Vorkov is a groovy looking Count Dracula with a signet ring that zaps people while an appallingly ill looking Lon Chaney is a mute axe murderer. Dracula Vs Frankenstein was released in 1970 but was filmed over a number of years and knowing Al Adamson’s working method probably started out as something completely different! Why would Famous Monsters editor Forrest J Ackerman want to be credited as ‘Technical Consultant’?

S Spermula – critically acclaimed French surrealist sci-fi soft-core movie from 1976. Starring Dayle Haddon & Udo Kier. The elaborate art-deco sets and French-styled eroticism would indicate that Spermula takes itself too seriously…on the planet Spermula the Spermulites, a race of beautiful vampire virgins, plan to make mankind their slaves by….fellatio!!

T Tomb of Dracula - Marvel’s long running Tomb of Dracula 70s comic was subjected to an awful anime adaptation in 1980 by Japanese animation studio Toei. Televised in North America as Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned. Marvel were quick to disown the lightweight adaptation leading to long-term unavailability thus elevating it’s legendary status among fans…think along the lines of Star Wars Holiday Special!


“Two Terrific Terror Hits – Terror-tainment!”

V Vampira – dressed in black, with her long black hair, arched eyebrows, pale skin and a 17” waist - Vampira was the sensual image that personified sex & death! Actress & model Maila Nurmi found fame (of sorts) as the first TV horror movie host when she became the dark-hostess of KABC-TV’s regular late night horror movie slot in 1954. Though limited footage still exists, her introduction would usually open with Vampira gliding down a dark corridor drenched in dry-ice and result in a piercing scream where she would then introduce the evening’s film. She was a sensation and spawned countless imitators from Vampira 2 to Elvira. Nurmi retained the name & image once various TV contracts dried up and she found herself eventually starring in Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space (don’t question her business savvy…she refused to say any lines!). Vampira was brought to life again in 1994 by Lisa Marie in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood. Maila Nurmi died in 2008.

W Werewolf vs the Vampire Woman (1972) – Fifth in the series of Paul Nachy’s (Jacinto Molina) Count Waldermar Daninsky werewolf movies. Following Fury of the Wolfman in 1970 Daninsky is returned to life after a silver bullet is removed from his corpse, after a brief killing spree he returns to his ancestral home, where he helps two stranded young women who are researching a local legend about a vampire queen. Predictably the vampire queen is resurrected from her tomb after being drenched in blood. Amongst the many blurbs the original ad-mats recommended “See it with someone you hate” “No vampire is going to suck your blood… don’t be afraid…this isn’t Dracula’s house!”

Y Yorga – Robert Quarry played the titular bloodsucker in Count Yorga, Vampire in 1970, a Transylvanian vampire prowling modern day 70s urban Los Angeles. Although the character was originally conceived as a character in a proposed soft porn venture called The Loves of Count Iorga, Vampire by producer George Macready it was Quarry that persuaded him to make it as a legit horror film. A surprise success, AIP financed the sequel The Return of Count Yorga in 1971.

Z Zoltan...Hound of Dracula – well of course Dracula had his own faithful hound! Dracula’s Dog from 1977 has family man Michael Pataki terrorized in the remote woodlands during his summer vacation by a pack of fanged mutts. Reggie Nalder turns in a creepy performance as the resurrected vampire slave while slowmotion photography and some crisp optical lighting does an effective job of making the dopey Dobermans look fairly demonic. It turns out that Pataki is the last in the bloodline of the great Dracula family, to which he responds…“I’m gonna sue all those people who’ve been making Dracula pictures without my permission!”

Tristan Thompson is the author of THE ILSA CHRONICLES (a study of the ILSA SHE WOLF OF THE SS movies) & BLAZING MAGNUMS (a review guide to classic Italian Cop-Crime movies of the 70s). A regular writer for IS IT UNCUT (Midnight Media) & a contributor to the Sex Gore Mutants website. Tristan has been working with FAB Press on the UK festival circuit since 2003.

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Jorge Michel Grau

Ho-Cheung Pang

UK 1971, 93mins

Mexico 2010, 90mins, Subtitled

China 2010, 96mins, Subtitled

Wednesday 10 November Dydd Mercher 10 Tachwedd


Wednesday 10 November Dydd Mercher 10 Tachwedd


3 Films

Based on the true story of Elisabeth Bathory (Ingrid Pitt), the eighteenth-century Transylvanian Countess who indulged herself in an orgy of murder and vampirism.

The ageing Countess discovers by accident that the blood of young virgins has an unnatural restorative effect on her celebrated beauty. Years later, she becomes engaged to a handsome young Hussar and is forced to repeat vile atrocities with ever-increasing regularity to hold off old age. With introduction by Dr Kate Egan. Yn seiliedig ar stori wir erchyll Elisabeth Bathory (Ingrid Pitt), Iarlles o’r ddeunawfed ganrif a ddilynodd lwybr llofruddiaethau a fampiriaeth mewn ymdrech i osgoi’r proses heneiddio.

Already being heralded as the new Let the Right One In, this Mexican film is a powerful and compelling look at cannibals in a modern-day society. After a middle-aged man dies in the street, he leaves his widow and three sons destitute. The devastated family is confronted not only with his loss but with a terrible challenge - how to survive. As cannibals, they have always existed on a diet of human flesh consumed in bloody ritual ceremonies... and the victims have always been provided by the father. Now that he is gone, who will hunt? Who will lead them? How will they feed their horrific hunger?

Wednesday 10 November Dydd Mercher 10 Tachwedd


Screening kindly sponsored by the Lampeter Confucius Institute Probably the first horror film about the sub-prime mortgage crisis, this enjoyably violent film tells of a frustrated prospective home-buyer who will do anything to reduce the price of a Hong Kong apartment she has her eyes on… Mae’n debyg mai dyma’r ffilm arswyd gyntaf am yr argyfwng morgeisi - yn adrodd hanes menyw sy’n fodlon gwneud unrhyw beth i gael y pris i lawr ar fflat yn Hong Kong…

Ceir yn y ffilm bwerus a gafaelgar hon gip ar ganibaliaid mewn cymdeithas yr oes fodern. Ar ôl i ddyn canol-oed farw yn y stryd mae’n gadael ei weddw a’i dri mab mewn tlodi. Mae’r teulu’n gorfod wynebu eu colled ond hefyd sialens ofnadwy - sut i oroesi…

Short Film

Short Film

Antonello Novellino, Spain 2010, 15mins, Subtitled

Jan Doense, Netherlands 2003, 7mins



Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


Dream Home


In a village in Eastern Europe, beset by soldiers, its people seek different strategies to survive. But gradually the situation is complicated to limits that were never suspected.

Night has fallen. A thunderstorm approaches. In a lonely house a young woman mourns her deceased husband. In the cemetery across the street the shape of a man rises from his grave...

Mewn pentref yn Nwyrain Ewrop sydd o dan reolaeth milwyr, mae’r pentrefwyr yn edrych am wahanol strategaethau i ymdopi. Ond yn raddol mae’r sefyllfa’n mynd yn drech na’u hymdrechion gorau.

Mae wedi nosi. Mae ‘na storm ar y ffordd. Mewn tŷ unig mae dynes ifanc yn galaru am ei gŵr sydd wedi marw. Yn y fynwent gyfagos mae siâp dyn yn codi o’r bedd ...


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl

Ffilmiau Nodwedd

Mutant Girls Squad Noboru Iguchi Yoshihiro Nishimura Tak Sakaguchi

Dead Hooker in a Trunk

Iron Doors 3D

Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska

Stephen Manuel

Canada 2009, 92mins

Germany 2010, 80mins

Japan 2010, 90mins, Subtitled Wednesday 10 November Dydd Mercher 10 Tachwedd


Thursday 11 November Dydd Iau 11 Tachwedd


3 Films

From Kurosawa and Ozu through to modern day directors such as Yôji Yamada, Japanese cinema has also been renowned for its subtle expression of human emotions and family drama. If you are a connoisseur of this unique heritage of cinema, then we recommend renting Rashomon and staying far far away…

Yes, this is the ultimate in Japanese splatter, teaming up three of the country’s leading gore experts: Noboru Iguchi (Robo-Geisha, The Machine Girl), Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl) and Tak Sakaguchi (Death Trance, Versus, Samurai Zombie). Rin is a seemingly normal Japanese high school girl. However, after witnessing her mother’s face blown into bits and her father’s severed head falling into her birthday cake, Rin’s dormant mutant abilities are suddenly awakened transforming her into a brutal killing machine…. Going on the run, she encounters a group of girl mutants including one who can grow a chainsaw from her body, and another one who can grow tentacles from her fingers. The team hone their skills to take revenge on the Japanese population and transform the country into a mutants only zone. Think X-Men with tentacles… Dyma un o ffilmiau mwyaf erchyll a gwaedlyd Siapan, oddi wrth dri o’r cynhyrchwyr mwyaf blaenllaw ac arbenigol ym maes y ffilm arswyd. Nid yw hon ar gyfer y gwangalon!


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl

Set in beautiful Vancouver, four friends set out on an everyday errand and end up in a fight for their lives when they discover the body of a dead hooker left in their trunk. Led by a sexy, impulsive Badass (Sylvia Soska), her distant Geek twin sister (Jen Soska), their bible thumping, Jesus-loving ‘Goody Two Shoes’ friend (CJ Wallis), and a chaotic, rockstar Junkie pal (Rikki Gagne), the group has to put aside their differences to dispose of the body before they’re next. Thrown into their own personal purgatory, they face off against persistent police, a sleazy motel manager, chainsaw wielding triads, and a brutal serial killer. All the while they are followed by a mysterious Cowboy Pimp (John Tench) who wants to claim the corpse for his own. Will they uncover the truth behind the body and be able to stand up to their demons? Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life filled with gun fights, violence, blood, guts, gore, and goats!

Thursday 11 November Dydd Iau 11 Tachwedd


A young man wakes up in a cellar with no windows, an eerie neon light and a huge vault door made of impenetrable steel. The room is empty, except for a dead rat and a mysterious rusty locker he doesn’t have the key for. The man thinks he’s the victim of a particularly cruel practical joke, but soon he realises he’s going to die of thirst and hunger if he doesn’t quickly figure out how to escape. However, it seems there’s no way out… Mae dyn ifanc yn deffro mewn seler heb unrhyw ffenestri a drws cadarn sydd ar glo. Mae’n tybied efallai bod rhywun wedi chwarae jôc creulon arno, ond yn fuan mae’n sylweddoli ei fod yn mynd i farw o newyn a syched os nad yw’n ffeindio ffordd i ddianc…

Short Film

The Familiar Kody Zimmermann, Canada 2009, 22mins

Sam has always been obsessed with vampires from the time he was a child. On Sam’s 21st birthday, a mysterious gentleman offers him a peculiar career choice: become an assistant to a real life Vampire. Intrigued and enthusiastic, Sam takes the job but soon realizes that it is not so cool or pleasant to serve his master’s corrupt and neurotic behaviour. £5

Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


Feature Films

The Violent Kind The Butcher Brothers USA 2010, 96mins

Thursday 11 November Dydd Iau 11 Tachwedd


3 Films

Troubled Cody (Cory Knauf), a secondgeneration member of a violent and notorious biker gang, rides out with his friends to a party at a farmhouse located deep within the redwood forest. At the end of the wild evening, things take a turn for the worse when Cody’s ex-girlfriend Michelle (Tiffany Shepis) is discovered wandering aimlessly and covered in blood, screaming and convulsing. Cody and the others desperately try to get help for Michelle while stuck in the middle of nowhere, but their plans are quickly ruined when another malicious gang turns up. But what they want is far worse than just picking a fight…. The Violent Kind is a rare film, blending genres and twisting expected storylines to give a memorable and fun film. We dare you to guess the ending. Dyma ffilm anghyffredin sy’n cyfuno genres ac yn cyflwyno gwahanol straeon annisgwyl er mwyn cyflawni ffilm gofiadwy ac hwyliog. Y cwestiwn yw - a fedrwch ddyfalu’r diwedd?


Siren Andrew Hull UK 2010, 86mins

Thursday 11 November Dydd Iau 11 Tachwedd


Escaping the city for a weekend away, company man Ken and his girlfriend Rachel meet up with an old friend, the exotic and worldly Marco. Their plan is simple - tour the local coast for a relaxing weekend in the wilderness. Things hit a snag when Marco spots a beautiful young girl, the sultry and seductive Silka, waving for help off the shore of one of the many secluded islands. But if anyone needs help now, it’s them... Siren is a terrifying tale of lust and revenge set on an abandoned island in the Mediterranean.

Short Film


Lee Burgess, UK 2010, 15mins

In the Valleys of South Wales a lonley spirit lingers in the dark, searching for his lover.

Yn dianc o’r ddinas am y penwythnos mae cwpwl yn cyfarfod â hen ffrind - ac mae pethau’n dechrau mynd o chwith. Dyma stori iasol am chwant a dial wedi’i gosod ar ynys anghysbell ym môr y Canoldir

Yng nghymoedd De Cymru mae ysbryd unig yn crwydro yn y tywyllwch, yn edrych am ei gariad.

Mae’n bleser mawr gennym groesawu’r cynhyrchydd Christopher Granier-Deferre ar gyfer sesiwn C&A yn dilyn y ffilm.


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


We are delighted that producer Christopher Granier-Deferre and actor Tereza Srbova will be joining us for a Q&A session after the screening.


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl

Ffilmiau Nodwedd



Mystery Grindhouse


Hughes Martin, Sandra Martn

With Nicko & Joe’s Bad Film Club

India 2010, 90mins

France 2010, 103mins, Subtitled

Thursday 11 November Dydd Iau 11 Tachwedd


Thursday 11 November Dydd Iau 11 Tachwedd


3 Films

The North African desert of The Sahara 1960. Soldiers from the French Foreign Legion are sent on a rescue mission in the desert. Trapped in a sand storm, isolated from their commander, they run into Algerian rebels. As they seek shelter in an uncharted village another, invisible, threat comes out from the desert - the Djinns. As their ranks are decimated, they’ll face the longest night of their lives. Quite comparable to The Keep, this splendid French horror film continues to promote the recent originality coming out of French cinema. We are excited to welcome director Hughes Martin to speak after the film. Anialwch y Sahara - 1960. Anfonir criw o filwyr allan i’r anialwch ar ymgyrch achub ond maent yn cael eu dal gan storm tywod ac yn gorfod wynebu pob math o fygythiadau. Dyma ffilm arswyd wych, hynod wreiddiol, o Ffrainc.

A long-standing tradition in the Abertoir schedule is our extremely popular Mystery Grindhouse. A film so terrible and cringeworthingly bad, that we have to clean our screens after showing 90 minutes of pure crap. Well, this year will be no exception, and we are delighted to welcome comedians Nicko and Joe who will provide a live commentary to destroy what little shreds of credibility this mystery film ever held. For the first time the shackles of polite cinema etiquette are discarded as the audience are encouraged to jeer, heckle and participate with the film creating a unique interactive cinema experience. As we know, nothing is as much fun as watching a bad film with friends but, then again, nothing can be more soul destroying than watching one alone... “Taking the piss out of such movies in the rowdy, bear-pit atmosphere that Nicko and Joe encourage is, I think, a way of reclaiming some of the time we’ve lost to all those bad films…I suspect this goes to the heart of the Bad Film Club’s appeal.” Time Out Un o draddodiadau rhaglen Abertoir yw ein Mystery Grindhouse hynod boblogaidd. Dyma ffilm sy’n wirioneddol wael a llawn sothach! Eleni mae’n bleser gennym groesawu’r digrifwyr Nicko a Joe a fydd yn darparu sylwebaeth fyw i’ch difyrru. Anogir y gynulleidfa i wawdio a gwneud hwyl am y ffilm gan greu profiad sinema rhyngweithiol gwir unigryw!


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl

Free Am ddim

Sajit Warrier

Friday 12 November Dydd Gwener 12 Tachwedd


Joy Mittal, the arrogant CEO of H.W.L.S, in a hardnosed decision to repair his scandal ridden work record, and prove his ability to emerge as a pioneering leader in times of financial crisis, fires all the employees from his London office. Amongst the sacked employees is Ruby Herminson - an alluring, sophisticated, career-driven woman, with whom the married Joy is having a long affair. Joy fires Ruby along with the rest of the people he considers expendable. After a trying day, Joy wraps up some paperwork and tries to head home, but soon realises that the only possible way of leaving the office is the one he least bargained for. Cornered in a deserted office, Joy discovers the monstrosity of the gruesome supernatural force in the building, which is hell-bent on extracting revenge for his ruthless actions. A film that caused controversy in India, this is a fascinating movie that plays out in realtime. Dyma hanes rheolwr ffroenuchel sy’n diswyddo’r holl staff o’i swyddfa yn Llundain ond yn fuan mae’n dod ar draws rhyw rym goruwchnaturiol yn yr adeilad sy’n mynnu cael dial am ei weithrediadau didostur. ‘Roedd y ffilm hon yn un ddadleuol yn India ond yn un afaelgar tan y diwedd.


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


Feature Films


Wake Chad Feehan

Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani

The House on Haunted Hill

France/Belgium 2009, 90mins Subtitled

USA 1959, 75mins


USA 2010, 110mins

Friday 12 November Dydd Gwener 12 Tachwedd


Friday 12 November Dydd Gwener 12 Tachwedd


3 Films

Driving to a wedding in LA through the Mojave Desert, Paul and Adrienne pull off the highway and into Roy’s Motel and Café. This roadside artifact proves to be a strange and surreal place with an unsettling mix of travellers, who force our couple to discover the horrifying secret hidden between them. Directed by the producer of the excellent All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. Yn gyrru i briodas trwy’r anialwch mae cwpwl yn troi oddi ar y ffordd i aros mewn gwesty sy’n troi allan i fod yn lle estron a swreal gyda chymysgedd od o deithwyr yn aros yno. Cyfarwyddir y ffilm gan gynhyrchydd y ffilm ragorol All the Boys Love Mandy Lane.

A unique homage to giallo, this visual trip through the aesthetics of the genre taps into its very psyche. Following the girl Ana through three phases in her life (childhood, adolescent and adult), it is a film driven by the experience of being seen. Bolstering a fabulous soundtrack taken straight from the original movies, the attention to detail is phenomenal and perfectly captures the feel and even editing style of the original classic giallo pictures. This screening will have an introduction by renowned giallo expert Dr Mikel Koven. Yn deyrnged unigryw i giallo, dyma daith weledol trwy aestheteg y genre. Gyda thrac sain gwych a gyda steil sy’n seiliedig ar y ffilmiau giallo clasurol gwreiddiol. Ceir cyflwyniad gan yr arbenigwr yn y maes, Dr Mikel Koven.


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl



Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl

William Castle

Friday 12 November Dydd Gwener 12 Tachwedd


What Abertoir festival is complete without our unofficial patron saint Vincent Price making an appearance? A rich millionaire (Price) invites a group of people to his mansion with the promise that if they survive the night, they will receive $10,000. Castle was a fond lover of gimmicks, and frequently employed a number of surprises for the audiences who attended his films. However, we do stress that this particular screening is so frightening that you should only attend if you’re sure you can stand it… we wouldn’t want to have to remove you now would we? Nid yw Abertoir yn gyflawn heb ymddangosiad gan ein nawddsant answyddogol Vincent Price! Mae miliwnydd (Price) yn gwahodd criw o bobl i’w blasdy gyda’r addewid os ydynt yn goroesi’r nos byddant yn derbyn $10,000. ‘Roedd Castle yn hoff iawn o gimigau yn ei ffilmiau gydag ambell i syrpreis ar gyfer ei gynulleidfa – nid yw’r ffilm hon yn eithriad!


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl

Ffilmiau Nodwedd


Exorcismus Manuel Carballo Spain 2010, 99mins

Saturday 13 November Dydd Sadwrn 13 Tachwedd

3 Films Vampires Vincent Lannoo Belgium 2010, 88mins, Subtitled

Saturday 13 November Dydd Sadwrn 13 Tachwedd


Brilliantly funny mockumentary focussing on a family of modern-day vampires living in Belgium. Bored with immortality, they spend their time going about their ordinary lives: attending classes on blood-sucking, eating illegal immigrants, children and handicapped folk, and taking every advantage they can to suck out of the country’s social system. Samson, a seventies throwback, lives his 55th year like he’s forever 20. Grace, an eternal teenager bent on being human again, keeps committing suicide. While George, the patriarch, manages as best he can, heading the eccentric family and its on-going squabbles with the neighbouring vampires… We look forward to the film’s producer John Engel joining us after the screening for a Q&A session. Ffilm ddogfen hynod doniol am deulu o fampiriaid yr oes fodern yn byw yng ngwlad Belg. Maent yn treulio eu hamser yn ymgymryd â thasgiau cyffredin bob dydd ond… Mae’n bleser mawr gennym groesawu cynhyrchydd y ffilm John Engel i Aber ar gyfer sesiwn C&A yn dilyn y ffilm.


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


Fifteen-year-old Emma Hawkins seemed like a pretty typical teenager until recently. She was restless, tired of the demands of her overprotective parents, sick of having to watch her younger brother all the time, hoping to get away somehow and have a life of her own. Suddenly, Emma’s life changes in an unexpected way as she starts having frightening fits. Although her parents attribute her behaviour to psychological problems, Emma senses that something much darker is hiding inside her, waiting for it’s time to break into the world. Desperate for answers, her parents have tried every medical test they can, but no real answers have surfaced. In the Hawkins housing complex, the residents are getting frightened. Strange things have been happening that they don’t understand. The source of the horror is in the Hawkins family. Their daughter Emma is getting sicker by the day. Desperately reaching for help, the family relies on a priest who begins to visit Emma every day. He begins hypnosis sessions with her in order to help her relax so she can better express what is troubling her. Although he wants to reassure the family that all is well, he too is getting more and more frightened. There is something dark and terrible inside Emma that won’t be hiding for much longer. Starring Stephen Billington and Abertoir favourite Doug Bradley. Oddi wrth gynhyrchwyr REC dyma hanes mech ifanc sy’n ceisio dianc rhag ei rhieni er mwyn byw ei bywyd ei hun. O fewn amser mae hi’n dechrau synhwyro bod rhywbeth tywyll yn cuddio y tu mewn iddi … gyda Stephen Billington a ffefryn Abertoir, Doug Bradley. £5

Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


Feature Films

I Spit on Your Grave

The Silent House

Steven R. Monroe

Gustavo Hernández

Paul Leni

USA 2010, 107mins

Uruguay 2010, 80mins, Subtitled

USA 1928, 82mins

Saturday 13 November Dydd Sadwrn 13 Tachwedd


Sunday 14 November Dydd Sul 14 Tachwedd


3 Films

The new remake of Meir Zarchi’s controversial 1978 cult horror film. A beautiful woman from the city, Jennifer Hills, rents an isolated cabin in the country to write her latest novel. Soon, a group of local lowlifes subject Jennifer to a nightmare of degradation, rape and violence. Left for dead, she returns for vengeance, trapping her male attackers one-by-one… Dyma ragolwg arbennig ar ffilm nad yw’n cael ei rhyddhau tan mis Chwefror 2011, sef ail-addasiad newydd o ffilm arswyd ddadleuol 1978 Meir Zarchi.


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


The Cat & the Canary

Sunday 14 November Dydd Sul 14 Tachwedd


With expert direction and camerawork, this is a film guaranteed to make you jump out of your seat. Not content with a regualr setup, The Silent House goes one further, and that’s because it was shot in just one single take. With great attention paid to the production values, and a true maturity to handle the shocks, this is a technical, visual and atmospheric achievement unlike any other in horror history.

A classic silent horror film adaptation of John Willard’s 1922 black comedy play of the same name. Directed by German Expressionist filmmaker Paul Leni, this highly influential film follows the story of Annabelle and her family who must spend the night in their uncle’s haunted mansion where they are stalked by a mysterious figure. Meanwhile, a lunatic known as “The Cat” escapes from an asylum and hides in the mansion.

Laura and her father arrive at a remote cottage on the eve before their contract to renovate it begins. Dank, dark, gloomy and bereft of electricity - forcing the pair to rely on battery lanterns and candles – they sit and wait alone while the house owner heads out for food. He leaves them with only one instruction: Don’t Go Upstairs. When her father does just that to investigate some strange noises, Laura’s stark staring fright night commences… Strong, compelling and mesmerising, The Silent House is a remarkable exercise in spine-chilling terror.

Director Paul Leni was known for blending expressionism with humour and this film was extremely influential in the “old dark house” genre of films popular from the 30’s through to the 50’s. It was also a very early horror entry for Universal Studios and is considered the cornerstone of Universal’s school of horror.

Gyda chyfarwyddo a gwaith camera arbenigol, mae’r ffilm hon yn sicrhau y byddwch yn neidio allan o’ch sedd! Dyma gyflawniad technegol, gweledol ac atmosfferig sy’n wahanol i unrhyw ffilm arall yn hanes y genre. Ffilm aeddfed a chynhwysfar ac yn enghraifft wych o arswyd ar ei waethaf!

Addasiad ffilm arswyd fud glasurol o ddrama gomedi ddu 1922 John Willard o’r un enw. ‘Roedd y ffilm hon yn hynod ddylanwadol ym maes y ffilmiau “old dark house” oedd yn boblogaidd o’r 30au tan y 50au.


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl

We are delighted to welcome back silent film pianist Paul Shallcross, who will be playing a score specially commissioned by the Abertoir Horror Festival.

Mae’n bleser groesawu’n ôl i’r Ganolfan y pianydd ffilmiau mud Paul Shallcross, a fydd yn chwarae sgôr a gomisiynwyd yn arbennig gan Ŵyl Arswyd Abertoir.


Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


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Rare Exports Jalmari Helander Finland 2010, 80mins, Subtitled

Sunday 14 November Dydd Sul 14 Tachwedd


3 Films

In the depths of the Korvatunturi mountains, 486 metres deep, a team of experts are drilling for something. When a herd of reindeer is brutally ripped apart and children start to disappear, it appears the Christmas stories of Santa could not be more wrong. Stylish, award-winning film with a brilliantly warped sense of Tim Burton-esque humour.


Visit for photographs uploaded live throughout the festival!

Yn nyfnderoedd mymyddoedd y Korvatunturi mae ‘na dîm o arbenigwyr yn tyllu am rywbeth. Pan mae anifeiliaid a phlant yn dechrau diflannu ymddengys nad yw straeon y Nadolig am Santa yn gwbl gywir. Ffilm gomedi ddu afaelgar a chlyfar.

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Find our group Abertoir Horror Festival £5

Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl


AffiliAted MeMbers ier

al Laug

c by Pas

Conor McPherson

Philip Ridley

Tom Shankland






inem 2009 www.c er octob

november 2009

Faye Jackson

Roland Vranik

Anno Saul




Hélène Cattet & Bruno Forzani










Filming the 2010 Abertoir Horror Festival trailer

3 Films

DIRECTOR Nicholas David Lean

‘ZOMBIE MICK’ Rebecca Herod


‘ZOMBIE MIKE’ Alistair Kirton

1st A.D. Tim Galvin



ZOMBIES Daisy Falconer Nathan Barnard Johnny Davies Paul White Jo Kluth James Griffiths Danny Hurst Ben Austin Sophia Disgrace Vicki Kong

PRODUCERS Rebekah Smith Niall Urquhart ‘THE HERO’ James Fisher SOUND RECORDIST Owen Hindley CLAPPER BOARD ASSISTANT Macca Nicholls ASSISTANT TO D.O.P. Andy Edwards PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Johnnie Oddball Josie Tenger DATA WRANGLER Tobie Lang MAKE UP ARTIST (FOR ‘THE HERO’) Amanda O’Shaughnessy SFX MAKE UP ARTISTS Shanaz Shakir Jennifer Thomas Stacey Holman Jess A’Court Cecilia Herlin Gemma Northeast POST –PRODUCTION Colin Arnold POST –PRODUCTION SFX Ollie Simmonds


ORIGINAL SCORE Louise Hitchings EQUIPTMENT SUPPLIED BY Non-Multiplex Films STILLS Dave Brassington MAKING OF DIRECTOR Nick Hayman MAKING OF PRODUCER Louisa Seaton And a very special thanks to Colin Arnold and his team at The Surgery Productions, Drew Cullingham, Jon Abraham & Tina Lockett, Robert Kennedy, Greenwich Yacht Club, Greenwich Council, Max Barber, The Mystery Machine, Film Agency for Wales, Julian Bushell, Gaz Bailey. Watch the trailer online at

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Free to Pass Holders Yn rhad ac am ddim i’r sawl sydd â Thocyn Gwyl

Short Film Competition Abertoir celebrates the third year of its short film competition. With over twelve hours of short films submitted, we’ve now narrowed the selection to just twenty-four films. From this year, entrants have the exciting prospect of having their films considered alongside winning short films chosen at other film festivals across Europe. Now a member of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation, Abertoir is delighted to be awarding the winning short film (subject to criteria) a nomination for the Méliès d’Or decided each year at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival.

3 Films





As always the audience decide. Come along to both screenings and rate your favourite! Part One - Saturday 13 November, 11am Part Two - Sunday 14 November, 11am

Cystadleuaeth Ffilm Fer

La Terrible Malediction


StĂŠphane Papet

Andrew W Clift

Belgium 2010, 11mins

UK 2010, 3mins

3 Films

Les Bessones del Carrer de Ponent


Marc Riba, Anna Solanas

Jordan Wood

Spain 2010, 13mins

UK 2010, 4 mins

Bloody Hands



Timo Suomi

Finland 2009, 7mins

Finland 2010, 15mins

The Hairy Hands


Ashley Thorpe

Louis Paxton

UK 2009, 11mins

UK 2009, 9mins


Short Film Competition

Without Natalia Andreadis UK 2009, 4mins

3 Films


Julius Amedume UK 2009, 15mins

Peter Hengl Austria 2010, 6mins

Dead Hungry Will Bridges UK 2009, 10mins

Deep Space Love

Nelly et Lio

Alan Bennet

Etienne Langlois, Eric Reynard

Austria 2010, 9mins

Zombeer Rob van der Velden, Barend de Voogd Netherlands 2008, 12mins



Canada 2010, 11mins

Manual Prรกctico del Amigo Imaginario Ciro Altabas Spain 2009, 19mins

Cystadleuaeth Ffilm Fer

Stand & Deliver

White Body

Gus Alvarez

Kayla Parker

UK 2010, 9mins

UK 2009, 1min

3 Films


The Elemental

Oliver Kracht

Robert Sproul-Cran

Spain/Germany 2010, 9mins

UK 2009, 12mins

Morris & the Other

The Auburn Hills Breakdown

Edwin Rostron

Geoff Redknap

UK 2007, 4mins

Canada 2008, 16mins

Hotel Infinity


Amanda Boyle

Sebastian Marka

UK 2004, 9mins

Germany 2010, 19mins





Rebekah Smith caught up with this year’s masterclass screenwriter to discuss his forthcoming film Hard Shoulder and his future projects RS: Hard Shoulder - your directorial debut - is scheduled for release early next year. How was your first experience of life in the directors’ chair?

set. I’ve learnt many valuable lessons on this project and the mistakes I made are now consigned to history. Hopefully I’ll get another chance to direct something to ensure those lessons have purpose.

NDL: In May 2008 Hard Shoulder was no more than a concept readying for development, the result of an acrimonious internal feud with myself towards the conclusion of a major domestic upheaval in my own life. The story basically became a way for me to offload my own deeprooted and frankly self-destructive feelings about why my marriage had come to such an unexpected end.

RS: The inevitable and cliche final question - what other projects do you have in the pipeline?

Moving into the production of Hard Shoulder was initially dream-like. The fulfilment of a number of years of graft, toil, and wishful thinking finally coming to a head with real people on real sets, delivering lines that a mere eighteen months earlier had only existed in my head, was very exciting. To say it’s bizarre is really an understatement of immense proportions. But, as with all things requiring temperance, I was swiftly brought down to earth by the practicalities and needs of filmmaking. Being a writer, director, and producer of your first feature film, and on a film no less that requires large set builds, immense quantities of film stock, daily processing, regular attention to an ensemble cast, daily script rewrites, and a myriad of other duties, time is not your only enemy – burnt out is the other. RS: It sounds like a whirlwind and a steep learning curve. How long did it take to shoot? NDL: We were on a very strict eighteen day schedule, which in hindsight was incredibly stupid. Cramming a digital film shoot into that sort of timeframe is hard enough, let alone trying to accomplish that when you’re dealing with film. A few technical issues that were completely unexpected and required intervention from Panavision and Technicolour essentially put us a whole five days adrift and the ‘reshoot’ became a sad but inevitable consequence. Nevertheless there was still an immense amount of work to do and, thankfully, none of the re-shoot requirements involved the set so we at least had to finish at Three Mills Studios in the allotted time. A few very close and respected friends of mine advised me to at least try to enjoy the experience, but in all honesty the time flew so fast, and I had so much to contend with, both practically, financially, emotionally, and creatively, that I barely had time to think about the experience except in review. RS: Is there anything you would have done differently in retrospect? NDL: Looking back, there are a number of key things I would do differently next time; selection of key personnel, their levels of experience, and the humility of their bearing being a big one. There are always going to be occasions when you just don’t get on with people and on the tight-knittedness of a film set there just is no place for egos and one-upmanship. I suppose the benefit of hindsight is to prepare you to avoid mistakes next time you find yourself on a film

NDL: Its all very much up in the air at the moment. I say that because I have a slate of six projects, three of which are imminently ready to go into production. Unlike my contemporaries I spent a good amount of years preparing material without time or era constraints that would have universal themes and great stories, so that should the day come when I got a chance to direct something I would be ready. As a consequence I have three projects – Hotel Caledonia, Infected and Resurrected that are currently being packaged for production in 2011 and 2012. Hotel Caledonia, my £4.5m opus has a significant listing on IMDB and, to be fair, has secured itself a bit of a cult following which in itself has been very gratifying. It follows an international group of backpackers into the wilds of Scotland as they embark on a season of hospitality and bar work in a run-down guest-house. But the owners of the hotel are not the type to be messed with. It is pitched as ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Fawlty Towers’, clearly a horror-comedy, and is essentially the story of an underdog striving to emulate his fallen father as a hero figure. It is the sort of story that most boys especially can identify with. My father was my biggest role model, so in a way it is my struggle to reach a place that I know he would be proud of. Infected is a £3.5m film I am coining as an ‘eco-horror’, about lost children, roaming big cats, foot and mouth virus, and the battle to survive in a landscape that kills everything that ventures into it. That project is well into the latter stages of development and is actively seeking funding to partner some very interesting and well known US and UK A-list stars. It is an intelligent sci-fi horror that has significant UK distribution interest and co-production partners lining up in USA and Canada. Resurrected is the smallest budget on my slate at £1m, and is a creature feature / mythological horror that brings ancient Greece firmly and boldly into the modern era in a The Relic meets Tomb Raider sort of way. It has been written and preliminarily cast to bring a couple of top headliners in to act as pillars for a generally unknown cast of newcomers. I am creating an opportunity for young actors that I feel is, in the main, sadly avoided by many filmmakers who, instead of looking for talent on their doorsteps, immediately and often despairingly reach out to well established cast when the need for such is clearly absent. A cinematic experience with a young, talented cast in a solid, exciting, dynamic, and explosive story can do just as well if not better than bigger budgeted pictures with household names. Just look at Final Destination for a case in point.


Diolgelu a dathlu ein hetifeddiaeth sain a delweddau symudol Safeguarding and celebrating our sound and moving image heritage



Nia Edwards-Behi fired some quick questions at Dead Hooker in a Trunk directors Jen & Sylvia Soska Sylvia


Who is your horror inspiration? My parents were really supportive of our interest in horror. It was through my mom’s massive Stephen King collection that we first experienced the horror genre - and it was awesome.

Who is your horror inspiration? I’d have to say Stephen King, in a big way. Being allowed to read his work at an early age really shaped my sense of humor. Despite the often horrific and terrifying content of his novels, his horror always had moments of levity and dark humor. I just accepted that as what horror is supposed to be.

Nia’s Page

What’s your favourite type of horror film? I’m a sucker for the artful ones that have great kill sequences and characters. Like American Psycho and Let The Right One In beautiful films.

What was the first horror film you saw? Poltergeist and it scared the shit out of me. My mom didn’t want me to be scared, so she watched it again with me this time making jokes about the film to ease its horrific aspects. It’s a treasured memory and probably the reason why I like humour mixed in with my horror.

What’s your favourite horror soundtrack? Probably the one from 28 Days Later the music was so much a part of the film experience and story telling. The ‘Into the House/In a Heartbeat’ track is my favorite - I find it highly romantic.

Who is your favourite horror villain? Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. He’s the best homicidal sociopath ever - so well dressed.


What’s your favourite type of horror film? That’s a hard one. I like all kinds, but if I had to pick one kind that I’d take over others, I’d pick a musical or comedic horror. Evil Dead or Rocky Horror or Phantom of the Paradise. I’d even take Suicide Club to see some fucked up kills and story and still get treated to the musical stylings of Rolly Teranishi.

What was the first horror film you saw? Poltergeist. I had a clown that had to from that day on be locked in my closet. And I avoided any room with a TV in it.

What’s your favourite horror soundtrack? I really loved the Suicide Club soundtrack.

Who is your favourite horror villain? Patrick Bateman. Definitely Patrick.

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We couldn’t have done it without the following people and organisations No matter where you have come from, it would have been impossible without our fabulous audience and the support of the fans who came in previous years. Every one of you has made this festival grow, so from everyone here: thank you! A big thanks to our guests for making it all the way to Wales. And in particular, we’ve received fantastic support in the planning stages of this year’s Abertoir, so huge thanks to Paul Davis, Frazer Lee, Joseph Alberti, Jonny Davies, Peter Stevenson, Mikel Koven, Kate Egan, Russ Hunter, Alan Hewson, Louise Amery, Rachel Scurlock, Nerys Hughes, Martin Barker, Vincent Price, Justin Richards, Thom Leaman, Harvey Fenton, Tristan Thompson, James Plumb, Tessa Williams, Patsy Moffett, James Bradbury-Willis, Rob Nevitt, Colin Arnold, Karolina Grushka, Holly Dacre-Davis, Chris Smith, Denise LeMay, Wei Zheng, the Confucius Institute, the Film Agency for Wales, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and all the Arts Centre staff.

Abertoir is an Aberystwyth Arts Centre festival


Gareth Bailey Festival Director Rhys Thomas Fowler Festival Coordinator (Sales & Marketing) Nia Edwards-Behi Festival Coordinator Rebekah Smith Festival Coordinator (Submissions)


Brochure Design: Rhys Fowler for Aberystwyth Arts Centre


Abertoir Horror Festival 2010 - Programme  

Its here! Abertoir 2010 kicks off on 10th November. Take a look in here to see what's on.

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