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Supported Charities The staging of The Aberdeen Passion is being operated on a strictly non-profit basis. Everyone involved, with the exception of some professional support we needed to hire in, are giving their time and talents free of charge. Monies generated through ticket sales, as well as any financial donations, are being used to cover the costs associated with putting something on of this scale with any income generated by the project over and above this being distributed between two locally active charities which we feel live out the message of the passion story to the people of Aberdeen city & shire. We are very pleased that Teen Challenge (North East Scotland), part of the UK and Global Teen Challenge Ministries, one of the most successful outreach and drug rehabilitation programmes in the world, and Street Pastors (Aberdeen), an inter-denominational Church response to urban problems which engages with people on the streets to care, listen and dialogue with, are willing to associate themselves and their amazing work with The Aberdeen Passion. More information on both these charities can be found towards the end of this programme and we would stongly encourage you to find out more about their work by contacting them, visiting their stands in the Exhibition Centre foyer or going to their individual websites.

their side. Time and time again in the pages of the Gospels Jesus made a difference to people’s lives when they had no expectation that their life could veer away from the paths they had always known. After he encountered Jesus, an ordinary fisherman named Simon would discover that he had an amazing destiny in front of him. A woman caught in adultery and about to be stoned to death by a baying crowd was rescued and offered total forgiveness and a new way forward. Blind men could see and lame men could walk, a cheat and a liar like Zacchaeus the tax collector suddenly stopped caring about embezzling money for himself and was ready to give his ill-gotten fortune away. Jesus changes lives and thousands still make this same claim today in irreligious Aberdeen.


o, why will people be making their way to the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre this Easter to watch the Aberdeen Passion? Beyond the drama and spectacle in a story of betrayal, injustice, suffering and death people are still attracted to Jesus and the hope that twenty centuries later He is alive and able, irrespective of age, gender, status, sexual orientation, colour, creed or personal history, to change lives and bring hope, life, love, forgiveness, simplicity and a future into our complicated and often broken modern lives. His was one life given - for all.


The Aberdeen Passion 2012 Programme  
The Aberdeen Passion 2012 Programme  

Programme for The Aberdeen Passion 2012