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EUROPE The continent at its most refined and most authentic, from the dazzling cities of the Grand Tour to more emerging destinations and hidden gems, with exclusive access, insights and experiences. 2020 – 2021 TRAVELS


Eilean Donan Castle, Scottish Highlands













Italy 24 France 28 Spain 30 Portugal 32 The Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg 34 Croatia 36 Turkey 38 Greece 40 Luxury Barge Cruises 42 UNITED KINGDOM & IRELAND


England 56 Scotland 58 Ireland 60 Luxury Rail Journeys 62 CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE


Hungary 76 Austria 76 Czech Republic 76 Germany 78 Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania 80 Russia 82 Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia 90 NORTHERN EUROPE


Denmark 102 Norway 102 Iceland 102 LUXURY EXPEDITION CRUISING








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“I will take you by a dear dirty back way, Miss Honeychurch, and if you bring me luck, we shall have an adventure.” — E.M. Forster, a Room With a View Dear Traveller, I have long considered myself a citizen of the world — born on safari in Zambia, raised in Kenya, schooled in England and serving Her Majesty in the Mediterranean and Middle East before embarking on an international polo career and building a global travel company that has allowed me to spend many wonderful decades exploring all seven continents. It is now my privilege to call Europe home — specifically Monte Carlo, a fabulous base from which to explore the Continent, albeit a distant second to being on an Abercrombie & Kent journey anywhere in Europe. A&K may be best known for taking the world’s most discerning travellers to the world’s most exotic destinations, but we also pride ourselves on bringing new perspectives to places you already know and love. Some of our most extraordinary journeys are in Europe, many are in this book, and many more are waiting to be created just for you as bespoke itineraries inspired by the experiences and encounters described herein. Don’t be deterred by talk of over-tourism — which has indeed compromised some of the great European cities at certain times and is a genuine problem for less fortunate travellers. The good news for Abercrombie & Kent guests is you don’t need to throw the Bellini out with the bucket list. With the benefit of A&K’s local knowledge and contacts, experts who know when, where and how to travel in any region or season, you can skirt the maddening crowds and queues and still enjoy the great cities of the Grand Tour, enhanced by exclusive and outside-hours access to palaces, museums and basilica, dining in splendid villas and ancient cellars, enjoying private audiences and unforgettable performances. Even more importantly, our travel experts are always uncovering emerging destinations and new experiences, often in the margins between countries and continents and across cultures. Some of the most fascinating journeys and moments in this book are in the Caucasus, behind the old Iron Curtain, to the Baltic capitals, the Nordic countries, or in beautiful, less-visited, yet still emblematic cities like Coimbra in Portugal or Tallinn, Estonia. And every A&K European journey, whether in this book or as yet still in your imagination, is designed to allow you to relax into a place and enjoy a more authentic European pace, where your encounters are more likely to be with locals than with other travellers, and where — if you’re lucky — you’ll have an adventure. Because to us how you travel and why you travel is as important as when and where you travel. At A&K, we understand real travellers are driven by curiosity, by a spirit of adventure, by the desire to see further and to learn more. If that sounds like you, I hope you find the inspiration for your next adventure here. Enjoy exploring!

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A&K’s Europe Where will your journey take you? Europe is a treasure trove of dazzling cities and sophisticated cultures, enchanting rural scenes and sparkling coastlines, each country with its own unique heritage, history and architecture, promising endless fascination for discerning travellers. Whether it’s a gourmet journey around Italy, a walking tour through the south of France, an epic adventure in Iceland or a train trip through Scotland, there is a destination and style of journey to suit every individual traveller. While choosing a destination can provide a pleasurable challenge, accommodation options are myriad — iconic establishments vie with charming country inns and seductive contemporary hotels rival the intimacy of river cruise vessels. Ensuring the perfect blend of elements for the individual traveller is what A&K does best.

ICELAND Reykjavik




SPAIN Madrid




















Amsterdam London























Ankara Athens






Western & Southern Europe: Pages 16 — 47

Central & Eastern Europe: Pages 68 — 93

United Kingdom & Ireland: Pages 48 — 67

Northern Europe: Pages 94 — 109

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Why Choose an A&K Journey Abercrombie & Kent takes you to the heart of a destination in extraordinary style and comfort, with authentic local insight, unforgettable experiences and encounters, seats at the best tables, and exclusive access privileges. THE LEADER IN LUXURY TRAVEL EXPERIENCES FOR OVER 50 YEARS For over half a century, Abercrombie & Kent has been a pioneer in the world of luxury travel, redefining the notion of what is possible on holiday and delivering travel experiences that change the way travellers see the world and see themselves. We’ve made it our business to specialise in destinations and itineraries that are extraordinary, creating exquisite adventures handcrafted to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning travellers.

OUR PEOPLE A&K works tirelessly to design adventures you won’t see from any other travel company, backed up by the most robust support network, including over 2,500 handpicked staff in our 56 offices in more than 30 countries around the world. Unlike other operators, we recruit, train, and manage our own full-time staff, orchestrating every aspect of your journey with precision and flexibility, down to the last detail. Whether it’s the seamless flow of an A&K itinerary or the prompt attention paid to an unexpected request, you can be sure that our global family is the driving force making it happen.

LOCAL PRESENCE & PRIVILEGES When you travel with A&K, we don’t just take you to the front of the line, we take you into the rooms in the palace not typically open to visitors, on an exclusive tour with the best historian in the region. This kind of unencumbered access to the authentic heart and soul of a place — to the people and sites that exist far beyond the reach of the average traveller — is something we pride ourselves on and ensure we deliver on every journey we create, whether to Europe’s most iconic luxury travel destinations, or to more off-the-grid and under-the-radar places and experiences.


EXPERT LOCAL GUIDES It is often said that a guide can make or break a special journey. We agree. A&K’s guides are the best in the world and deliver superlative experiences in every destination. All are blessed with extensive knowledge and the ability to bring local attractions to life. Multilingual and well-travelled, each possesses insight into diverse attractions and cultural interactions throughout the region, enlightening you in every locale with insider information that adds depth to your journey.

EXCLUSIVE GUARDIAN ANGEL AND CONCIERGE RAIL SERVICE In Europe, A&K’s Guardian Angels can be onhand to provide 24/7 support and on-the-spot planning during a Private Journey. And our

exclusive Concierge Rail service makes getting around Europe by train a breeze, with escorted transfers, seat reservations and luggage service/porterage available in many cities.

SAFETY YOU CAN TRUST With experience comes excellence and reliability, and with A&K this translates to peace of mind and security. The safety of our guests is always our priority. Our network of local offices and long-established relationships in this region, and in every region in which we operate, allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of local dynamics and developments. If unexpected events occur, A&K has resources at the ready, and you can rely on us to go the extra mile to ensure your wellbeing and allow you to safely continue your journey.

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Santorini, Greece



CHOOSE YOUR TRAVEL STYLE With Abercrombie & Kent, you can select from a range of handcrafted private and small group journeys. SEAMLESS, READY-TO-TRAVEL PRIVATE JOURNEYS We have extensively researched every journey in this brochure and every destination to which we travel. Each element of each itinerary is carefully considered in terms of guest enjoyment, travel logistics, and how it fits in the overall pace and flow of the journey. The result is the journeys you see in this brochure, each one travelled and tested, to ensure we present the destination in the best possible manner in seamless style and comfort. These journeys are all designed to give you an incomparable travel experience, each is operated on a private basis for you and your travelling companions, each is ready-to-book and ready-to-travel as it appears in this brochure, and many include ‘Design Your Day’ options on specified days in particular cities, giving you the freedom to select an experience best suited to you.

BESPOKE PRIVATE TRAVEL SERVICE — DISCOVER EUROPE ON A JOURNEY MADE JUST FOR YOU A&K also offers a Bespoke Private Travel Service, and any of the destinations and itineraries included in this brochure can be adapted, amended and/or extended to meet your individual interests, requirements and budget. Whether we’re working with your travel agent or directly with you, our Travel Specialists take the time to understand your ideal holiday, how you like to travel and the kinds of activities and experiences that will make your trip most meaningful to you. Then we create or curate a journey to match, with as much or as little direction from you as you want to provide, and drawing on the expertise of locals from our offices throughout Europe.

EXQUISITE SMALL GROUP JOURNEYS A&K also offers an exclusive portfolio of small group journeys to a variety of the world’s and the region’s greatest luxury travel destinations, as well as journeys to more emerging and off-thebeaten track destinations. These are expert-led shared adventures, with intimate group sizes of no more than 18 guests, and guaranteed departures from the first two guests booked. Each of these journeys has been designed to ensure the right balance of guided activity and breathing room, the time and space for selfdiscovery in a destination, with local encounters and exclusive access to many attractions only available to a small group.

See page 8 for more information.

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DISCOVER EUROPE ON A JOURNEY MADE JUST FOR YOU True luxury bespoke travel means seeing Europe exactly how you want to see it, on an itinerary fashioned for you by the region’s foremost experts. THE ULTIMATE IN INSPIRING TRAVEL IN EUROPE


Our Bespoke Private Travel Service allows you to experience A&K’s hallmark blend of insider access and style throughout Europe on an itinerary created for you and your family or friends. Our Travel Specialists, all dedicated travellers in their own right, work closely with you or your travel professional to create a made-to-order journey of a lifetime, optimised to make sure you get the most out of every moment.

With our unrivalled knowledge, A&K can create journeys that feature iconic destinations and perfect pacing, all seamlessly orchestrated for the luxury traveller. These are journeys that unfold with the narrative flow of a good book or a great film. Our approach and network advantages also bring practical benefits, including tailored transfer and flight routings to allow for extra time exploring, and longer stops in the places you most want to see.



NO TWO HOLIDAYS ARE THE SAME Starting with a conversation, we’ll craft the holiday of your dreams. Much of this is in the planning and in our understanding of what you want to achieve in your holiday. Tell us where and how you’d like to travel. We’ll listen carefully, build your itinerary from scratch and tweak it until you’re 100% satisfied. By tailor-making your journey with an A&K travel specialist, you are assured a unique experience from booking to boarding and beyond.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Four steps to an inspiring bespoke journey 1. Tell Us About Your Ideal Journey It starts with an A&K Travel Specialist, who works with you or your travel professional to open your eyes to the possibilities of travel with A&K — a world of inspiring destinations and exclusive insider access.

GENUINE, CULTURAL IMMERSION We ensure every one of our journeys includes authentic cultural encounters. Imagine strolling the market of a little-known village alongside a friendly local — your A&K guide — who grew up just down the street and has probably known some of the vendors here her entire life. She makes warm introductions and suddenly you are taking a bite of some perfectly ripened fruit picked just that morning. Our guides offer the kind of insight into local culture that can only come from being a local. The result is a journey that reveals the real spirit of the people, and the place, in a way you’ll never forget.

2. 3. 4.

Make Your Journey Your Own The Travel Specialist creates a detailed proposal for your journey, complete with sightseeing, hotels and insider access activities arranged specially for you, refining the itinerary until it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Let Us Handle the Details Your journey is planned — now it’s time to sit back and let us finalise the details, as well as provide all the information you need to prepare for your journey. Travel with Around-the-Clock A&K Support Once you arrive at your destination, we manage everything behind the scenes, leaving you to enjoy every inspiring moment for as long as you travel with us. This is travel as it is meant to be.

Experience the Journey of Your Dreams Contact A&K on 1300 851 800, visit or speak to your travel professional to start planning your bespoke journey today.

A&K’S TRAVEL SPECIALISTS Our Travel Specialists regard travel not as an occasional diversion, but as a calling that stimulates the mind and nourishes the spirit. Exceptionally well-travelled individuals with an average of more than ten years’ travel industry experience, each is an expert in their chosen region of the world. They understand travel planning at a level even the most fastidious travellers never consider, and know creating a luxury bespoke private journey for you isn’t just about choosing hotels and arranging visits to museums or knowing the best time to see a landmark — it’s about giving you the kinds of uniquely inspiring experiences you may not even know exist, local encounters made possible by A&K’s longstanding connections in the region.

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CELEBRATE FAMILY AND FRIENDS At A&K, we’re all about creating lasting memories for you, your family and your friends, spending time away together in the world’s most special places. Whether you’re gathering to celebrate a special milestone — a big birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or wedding — or simply a family get-together, we recognise that shared experiences are the most memorable and we know how to tailor the journey to suit every dynamic. Our Travel Specialists can create magical moments for every generation travelling. Imagine watching your children or your parents as a herd of elephants emerges from the African bush; the wonder on a child’s face at their first iceberg on an Antarctic expedition; the fun of a hands-on pizza-making session in Rome; or the friendly sibling rivalry on a mountain bike excursion in Chile.

A&K FAMILY MOMENTS IN EUROPE Europe provides the perfect backdrop for creating shared memories that will last for generations. A few of our current favourite family activities and itineraries include: • Cruising the waterways of Britain or France in a luxury barge with an onboard chef — a relaxing and indulgent way to explore rural Europe together, cycling and walking along towpaths, visiting charming villages, gardens, golf courses and vineyards • Norway is a wonderful destination for winter action — dog sledding, snowmobiles and reindeer sleigh rides — or a family adventure inside the Arctic Circle to see the unforgettable Northern Lights • The gorgeous and family-friendly Croatian coastline offers some of the most scenic cycling, snorkelling, hiking and kayaking you can imagine. Charter a luxury yacht and explore at your own pace • Italy is synonymous with family and boasts arguably the most family-friendly food culture on earth; A&K can organise pizza-making classes in Rome, visits to gelatarias and chocolateries, and a gladiator experience for your budding Maximus Decimus Meridius.

A&K MILESTONE CELEBRATIONS The ultimate way to holiday is to take up residence in your own fully-staffed villa or aboard your own luxury vessel. You decide who the guests are, and you set the daily timetable. A&K has access to extraordinary European properties and some very special vessels, perfect venues for a milestone celebration or a multi-generation family adventure. A Tuscan villa, an Irish Castle, your family’s own chalet in the Swiss Alps, the fairy-tale base for an unforgettable ski holiday, a French château, private yacht charter along the Croatian coastline, an Imperial Suite on the Golden Eagle from Moscow, or a luxury expedition cruise around the Greek Isles or the coast of Italy on the new, all-balcony ‘Le Bougainville’… whatever takes your fancy, A&K can create special European experiences and itineraries that you and your loved ones will celebrate forever.

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TRULY LUXURIOUS ACCOMMODATIONS THAT INSPIRE, ENHANCE & DELIGHT The quality of the accommodation we use is one of the many things that sets an A&K journey apart. On all handcrafted private and small group journeys, we select only the most remarkable hotels, boutique lodges and ships, each of which must combine superior service, a sense of place, local character and unanticipated luxuries. AWARD-WINNING, ICONIC HOTELS


When luxury is what you’re looking for, there’s no reason to settle for second-best. Our local experts choose only the very best hotels in a given destination. In many cases, their choice will be the undisputed local favourite, synonymous with five-star style, often a Condé Nast Traveler Gold List or Travel + Leisure World’s Best property. But the choice might also be a whispered secret, a better option, a small but perfectly-formed boutique property with a certain significant atmospheric, experiential or locational advantage.

When considering an hotel, our experts look at more than just the rooms. Wherever possible, we arrange for you to stay close to the places you most want to see, close to the people you’ll most enjoy meeting, and close to the experiences you’ll most enjoy discovering. We’ll choose the right option from within the region’s best properties, whether historically iconic, coveted high-design or supremely located on the edge of a wilderness.



STYLISH EXPEDITION VESSELS AND SMALL SHIPS Our commitment to luxury doesn’t stop at the water’s edge. When it comes to cruising with A&K, step aboard knowing you’ll experience the same comfort, service and style you would on land, all while discovering the beauty of life on the water.

Dromoland Castle, Ireland

Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, Russia

Enchanté Barge, France Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

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See, Do, Stay, More explained The journey begins in your imagination. We hope the ideas in this book — which are just a sample of A&K’s almost limitless luxury travel options within Europe — inspire you to start planning your own adventure. Working with our experienced Travel Specialists you can build your own A&K itinerary including destinations and experiences you will remember forever. To help you on your way, look out for these sections in the following pages:


Witness the wonders of the continent with the unparalleled experience our experts offer. In every corner of Europe, there are iconic places that reveal a distinctive heritage and cultural vision. See places, spaces, sites and sights you’ll cherish forever.


Exceptional activities, exclusive opportunities. Every journey is designed with you in mind. The examples you’ll see throughout this book are just a taste of what our well-connected local teams can arrange.


Luxury takes centre stage when it comes to the accommodation available on all our private journeys. This carefully curated collection of luxurious hotels offers you, our guests, a little something extra every time you check in.


Each region in Europe has so much to offer, and so much to experience. Extend your journey and gain a truly in-depth view into the rich diversity of the continent.



The Northern Lights, Iceland

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Basilique de Notre-Dame, Lyon, France



WESTERN & SOUTHERN EUROPE Discover dreamy landscapes and sparkling coastlines, regal architecture and ancient landmarks, rich gastronomic traditions, dazzling artworks, charming villages and the world’s most sophisticated cities on journeys alive with history in western and southern Europe.

NETHERLANDS Amsterdam Brussels




San Sebastian Porto PORTUGAL Lisbon

SPAIN Madrid

Lyon Arles

Ljubljana SLOVENIA Zagreb CROATIA BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA Florence MONTENEGRO Istanbul Rome Podgorica









From the Iberian Peninsula in the west to the riches of the Anatolian Peninsula in the east, the lowlands of the Benelux countries in the north to the sparkling Mediterranean waters in the south, there’s a wealth of history and culture to discover. Savour culinary masterpieces and world famous art in Spain, vibrant hillside villages and the characteristic fortified wines of Portugal. In France, see the grand avenues and iconic monuments of the ‘City of Lights’, and the sun-drenched landscapes of Provence. Explore medieval castles and colourful canals in the Netherlands, or the cultural riches of Belgium and Luxembourg. Get lost in the marvellous Renaissance cities of Italy and learn the secrets of its varied culinary traditions.

Float through the azure waters of the Adriatic along the glorious coastline of Croatia, and explore the picture postcard lakes and forests of Slovenia. Admire Mostar’s famous bridge in Montenegro, and the open-air museums and ancient monuments of Greece and Turkey. Wherever you wander in this star-studded part of the world, you’ll visit famous museums and marvel at iconic landmarks, be immersed in millennia of history and bowled over by extraordinary art and architecture. And you’ll become intimately acquainted with the individual gastronomic attractions of every country you visit bringing home enduring memories and a greater appreciation of the world.

DISCOVER WESTERN & SOUTHERN EUROPE ON A JOURNEY MADE JUST FOR YOU The following suggested journeys, recommended places to visit and extraordinary experiences are just a taste of what you can see and do across this region. Please visit to find more inspiration for your next unforgettable journey, or contact our Travel Specialists who will work with you to create a memorable bespoke journey.

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View of the Colosseum, Rome, Italy


Some of the region’s foremost sights and locations. ROME, ITALY From the mighty Colosseum, where gladiators once clashed, to the Vatican, where Michelangelo adorned the Sistine Chapel, Rome inspires at every turn. The Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and far more await the traveller seeking classic sights, zesty food, fine wines and a taste of la dolce vita. PALERMO, ITALY Pay a visit to Palermo, capital of the island paradise Sicily. Explore cavernous cathedrals housing royal tombs, or enjoy an opera in the famous Teatro Massimo. Marvel at the glittering Byzantine mosaics within the Norman Palace and Palatine Chapel, and gaze in awe at the Baroque architecture and Gothic palaces this beguiling region is famous for. LYON, FRANCE World Heritage-listed Lyon is a city overflowing with history and iconic architectural landmarks. A gastronome’s dream, explore this mecca of eateries and indulge in perfect pastries, rich cheeses and the traditional tarte Lyonnaise. Meander through local markets, marvelling at the fresh produce and tantalising treats. Boasting an impressive offering of local wines, Lyon is a true epicurean adventure. 18

Palatine Chapel, Palermo, Sicily

COIMBRA, PORTUGAL Portugal’s medieval capital for over a century, Coimbra, is an animated city steeped in history. Visit the university’s beautiful Baroque library Biblioteca Joanina, or explore the awe-inspiring architecture of ancient monasteries and towering cathedrals. Browse the bustling markets, sample tantalising street food and lose yourself in its atmospheric cobbled laneways.


SAN SEBASTIÁN, SPAIN This culinary hot spot on Spain’s Basque coast is framed by golden beaches and wooded hillsides. It boasts grand architecture, a dynamic surf culture and an array of festivals and cultural events. It is also second in the world for the highest number of Michelin stars per square metre with a vibrant pintxos tradition and lively bar scene.


Pintxos, San Sebastián, Spain

Coimbra, Portugal

Lyon, France

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS Golden Age waterways lined by tilting gabled buildings are the backdrop for Amsterdam’s treasure-filled museums, vintage shops and creative dining and design scenes. Dive into art appreciation with a visit to the famed Museum District or settle in with a sundowner overlooking the picturesque canals.

Island of Hvar, Croatia

ISLAND OF HVAR, CROATIA Drop in to Hvar for a taste of idyllic island life. Wander in awe around the historic hilltop fortress and main square anchored by the Renaissance-era Hvar Cathedral. Or, stroll through the fragrant lavender fields and stretch out in the sun to relax on one of the islands many beautiful beaches.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

ISTANBUL, TURKEY Intriguing Istanbul is where Asia and Europe collide. The skyline is dominated by minarets and mosques, while in the heart of the walled Old City lies the labyrinthine Grand Bazaar, where you may meet local artisans, sip Turkish coffee and haggle over the price of onyx jewellery or silk carpets.

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Exceptional activities curated by A&K’s travel experts. AFTER HOURS — ST MARK’S BASILICA, ITALY Explore St Mark’s Basilica blissfully free of the typical crowds on an after-hours tour. Marvel at the magnificent façade before stepping inside, admiring the beautiful Byzantine altarpiece and treasured mosaics illuminated in all their glittering glory. Then follow your guide into the crypt where St Mark himself is believed to rest. TASTE THE WINES OF TUSCANY, ITALY Overlooking the beautiful Bargino countryside, a visit to Antinori nel Chianti Classico introduces you to the iconic Antinori family and their winemaking legacy. Be immersed in the delicate production process and admire the innovative architecture of the cellar before a truly memorable tasting.

Basilica di San Marco, Venice, Italy

Antinori nel Chiant Classico, Tuscany, Italy



EXPLORE MOUNT ETNA BY JEEP, ITALY Travel by private jeep with your expert guide and see the lava flow, craters and grottoes of Sicily’s iconic Mount Etna. Get the chance to scale this mighty volcano which still sends out wisps of scalding steam from its peak standing at 3,329 metres above sea level. Afterwards, enjoy a light Sicilian lunch in a local vineyard over a chilled glass of Etna Rosso wine.

Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy


Flamenco lesson, Spain

Citroën tour of Paris, France

TOUR PARIS BY NIGHT, FRANCE Explore the iconic sights of the French capital as the sun sets, cruising about the city in your own piece of French history, a Citroën 2CV. Escorted by an expert local guide, gain an in-depth understanding of the history behind some of the city’s most famous monuments. LEARN FLAMENCO, SPAIN Experience the living heritage that is flamenco. Begin with a warm welcome at a local studio, including a glass of wine and a Spanish tapa, as you listen to an expert guitarist and a singer. Then, take to the floor with a top instructor and learn some of the dance’s simpler steps, along with tips for playing the castanets. CULINARY EXPLORATION OF LISBON, PORTUGAL Satisfy your inner epicurean on an evening of culinary indulgence, beginning your tour with a Portuguese aperitif before exploring the famed Mercado da Ribeira market. Sample some of Portugal’s finest cheeses and smoked hams from Manteigaria Silva and enjoy petiscos (Portuguese tapas), with tantalising samples on offer from some of the region’s top restaurants.

ADMIRE MASTERPIECES OF THE DUTCH GOLDEN AGE, NETHERLANDS Immerse yourself in Dutch art and history with a visit to the monumental Mauritshuis and the remarkable Rijksmuseum. The two world-renowned artistic institutions showcase iconic works from the likes of Rembrandt and Vermeer, sharing the stories of the Netherlands from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

Girl with a Pearl Earring, Mauritshuis, Netherlands

Manteigaria Silva, Lisbon, Portugal

LOCAL VILLAGE ENCOUNTER, TURKEY Join local villagers for a traditional Turkish dinner in a family garden. After a visit to a mosque you’ll sit down to a meal cooked from fresh produce and learn more about life along the Aegean coast. During the evening, artisans will be on hand to show you the intricacies of silk carpet weaving.

Village experience, Bodrum, Turkey

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Our preferred accommodation choices hand-picked for you. HOTEL HASSLER, ROME, ITALY Sitting adjacent to the Spanish Steps, this perfectly located luxury hotel is minutes from the iconic Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum. The property plays host to two restaurants, Michelin-starred Imàgo and Hassler Bistrot both offering incredibly sophisticated fare. Sip a sundowner at the elegant rooftop bar as you gaze at the spectacular city views afforded from the outdoor terrace. HOTEL LUTETIA, PARIS, FRANCE Hotel Lutetia is an iconic landmark in Paris’ vibrant Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the only grand luxury hotel on the Left Bank. Originally opened in 1910, the Art Nouveau hotel has recently relaunched after a multimillion dollar refurbishment delivering an authentic Parisian experience in 184 Art Deco guest rooms and an eclectic mix of bars and restaurants, including the Michelin-starred Brasserie Lutetia, and the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre. HOTEL LA PEROUSE, NICE, FRANCE Enjoy stunning Bay of Angels views from one of the 51 elegantly decorated rooms at Hotel La Perouse. Just steps from the harbour and wondrous Old Town, and boasting a relaxing private beach, the location is an enviable one. Savour Provençal cuisine showcasing fresh seasonal produce at the in-house restaurant, dining on a picturesque patio surrounded by fragrant lemon trees.

Hotel La Perouse, Nice, France



Hotel Hassler, Rome, Italy

Hotel Lutetia, Paris, France

Hotel Maria Cristina, San Sebastián, Spain

WESTERN & SOUTHERN EUROPE HOTEL MARIA CRISTINA, SAN SEBASTIÁN, SPAIN The grande dame of San Sebastián hotels, Hotel Maria Cristina is located in the historic city centre overlooking the Urumea River just a short walk from the beach. Surrounded by gardens, the hotel boasts 107 guest rooms and 29 suites, each devoted to the classic, opulent style of the Belle Epoque. Sweeping city, sea and river views are a feature. The oversized bathrooms finished in refined Pyrenees marble are stunning. The hotel restaurants offer the finest Basque cuisine and excellent service in an enchanting atmosphere. SIX SENSES, DOURO VALLEY, PORTUGAL Six Senses Douro Valley presents a superbly renovated 19th century manor house set high on a hill overlooking the vine-covered rolling hills of the heritage-listed Douro Valley. Each of the 57 rooms and suites marries elegant style with the history and heritage of the area. With the hotel offering a spectacular spa, delicious restaurants, an astonishing wine library and sparkling swimming pools, expect a truly indulgent stay.

Six Senses, Douro Valley, Portugal

THE WESTIN EXCELSIOR, FLORENCE, ITALY With the Piazza della Signoria and Uffizi just steps away, The Westin Excelsior, Florence sits at the centre of Florentine culture. Take in vibrant flavours and sweeping views in SE·STO on Arno, the hotel’s glass rooftop bar and restaurant, and relax amid seven centuries of Italian history within one of the 171 elegant guest rooms and suites. BELMOND GRAND HOTEL TIMEO, TAORMINA, ITALY Sophisticated living set in the heart of Taormina, Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo serves up enchanting views towards Mount Etna and beyond. Staying in one of the 71 luxurious rooms and suites, relax in the outdoor swimming pool, bask in the manicured gardens, savour sensational cuisine and fuel your imagination while enjoying cocktails on the Literary Terrace. ARGOS HOTEL, CAPPADOCIA, TURKEY Once a monastery, the award-winning Argos offers 51 individually appointed rooms and suites spread over several natural stone mansions and cave spaces, some boasting breathtaking views of Pigeon Valley. The hotel’s Seki Restaurant serves a variety of local and international dishes and you can enjoy a wide selection of wines, produced from the property’s own vineyards and stored in the underground cellar.

The Westin, Florence, Italy

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo, Taormina, Italy

Argos Hotel, Cappadocia, Turkey

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ROME TO VENICE: A CONNOISSEUR’S ITALY 12 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Long a destination for world travellers, Italy first became fashionable as 17th century Europeans embarked on their Grand Tour. Today, she is as beguiling as ever with extraordinary repositories of art and architecture, a long and fascinating history, dreamy landscapes, rich cultural traditions and a celebrated cuisine, all of which will mesmerise on this exceptional private journey. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Enjoy privileged private access to the Vatican Museums before the crowds arrive Take in masterpieces by Caravaggio and Bernini at Rome’s most important private art collection Discover picture-perfect walled towns in Umbria and Tuscany Sip world-class Sangiovese and admire innovative architectural design at Antinori nel Chianti Classico View the stunning illuminations of the indoor mosaics of St Mark’s Basilica Day 1: Arrive Rome. A warm welcome to the Italian capital and transfer to your hotel. Hassler Hotel Day 2: Rome. Absorb yourself in ancient Rome with a privately guided tour starting at Capitoline Hill. Stroll around the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, the imposing Colosseum and adjacent Arch of Constantine. Afternoon at leisure. Hassler Hotel | B

Day 3: Rome. Cross the Tiber River for an unforgettable private visit to the Vatican Museums before official opening hours. Amidst the extraordinary collection of art and antiquities, the most breathtaking masterpiece remains Michelangelo’s frescoed ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. Later visit the Basilica of St Peter before an afternoon to immerse yourself in some of Italy’s finest artworks at the wonderful Borghese Gallery. Hassler Hotel | B Day 4: Orvieto. Stroll the picturesque streets of hilltop Orvieto and visit the Cathedral. After lunch explore the ancient underground network of caves and continue to World Heritage listed Assisi. Hotel Nun Assisi Relais and Spa | B Day 5: Assisi. Visit the beautiful 13th century Basilica di San Francesco and the Gothic Church of Santa Chiara. Hotel Nun Assisi Relais and Spa | B Day 6: Florence. Wind your way through the glorious Tuscan countryside pausing in Pienza to taste Pecorino cheese. Arrive in Siena in time for a walking tour of the Piazza del Campo.

Admire Siena’s Duomo and continue to Florence. The Westin Excelsior Florence | B Day 7: Florence. Dive headlong into Renaissance Florence at the Uffizi Gallery whose treasures include works by the great Italian masters. Spend time in the Duomo and the Galleria dell’Accademia to admire Michelangelo’s ‘David’. Later, meet a member of the restoration team at the Basilica of Santissima Annunziata, where important preservation work is being supported by A&K Philanthropy. The Westin Excelsior Florence | B Day 8: Chianti. Admire the walled towns, fortified villas and a rich panorama of rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves in the Chianti wine region stopping off in some of the prettiest towns before a tour of the famous Antinori winery. The Westin Excelsior Florence | B Day 9: Ravenna. Art enthusiasts prepare to be dazzled by the mesmerising Byzantine mosaics and Christian art in Ravenna’s museums and churches. Arrive in Venice this afternoon. Hotel Luna Baglioni | B

Trevi Fountain, Rome



Days 10-11: Venice. Be thoroughly seduced on a sensory overload of ‘la Serenissima’. Admire the Gothic exterior and the incredible Tintoretto ceiling of the Doge’s Palace before heading to the Rialto bridge to visit the market and the Frari church, where Bellini’s ‘Madonna and Child’


and Titian’s Assumption altarpiece are housed. Cover the complete gamut of Venetian art at the dazzling Accademia and visit the glassmakers of Murano and the lacemakers of Burano. An exclusive after-hours visit to St Mark’s Basilica is sure to be unforgettable. Hotel Luna Baglioni | B Day 12: Depart Venice. Transfer to the airport for your departure flight. B

PRICE From $18,160 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $34,620. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Michelangelo’s ‘David’, Florence

Orvieto Cathedral














Quintessential Chianti scenery

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Syracuse Old Town


JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Absorb the rich Moorish and Byzantine architectural heritage of Old Palermo View ornate Sicilian Baroque architecture in Noto, Ragusa and Modica Explore Mt Etna by jeep and hike towards the top

10 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Closer to Africa than Rome, Sicily’s successive waves of conquerors have each left their mark on this sunny open-air museum with its Greek temples and Norman churches, Baroque palaces and dramatically located cliff-top villages. Lush mountains, sundrenched plains and sandy beaches are a backdrop to the bustling cities of Palermo and Syracuse while its cuisine is a rich blend of styles.

Taste the best of Sicily’s fusion cuisine at local providores, cafés, gelaterias and trattorie Savour Sicilian wines at a vineyard on the slopes of Mt Etna Day 1: Arrive Palermo. Welcome to Sicily where you are met and transferred to your luxury hotel in the heart of the city. Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa Day 2: Palermo. Begin your adventure at Monreale, on the outskirts of Palermo, to see the stunning cathedral and cloisters. Return to the Duomo in old Palermo, intriguingly built on the site of a Muslim mosque. In the Quattro Canti, admire the 12th century San Cataldo Church with its Moorish-style architecture and La Martorana Church, decorated with beautiful Byzantine mosaics. Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa | B




Day 3: Segesta. Explore the rugged west of Sicily starting off at Segesta, one of the island’s finest surviving Greek temples. Continue along the coast and visit a wonderful wine cellar for

a tour and tasting before arriving at your hotel which boasts spectacular views over the temples of Agrigento. Villa Athena | B Day 4: Agrigento. Rise early and visit the 2,000-year-old Temple of Concordia before the crowds then visit the fascinating Valley of the Temples, one of the most significant archaeological sites in Sicily. The afternoon is yours to relax. Villa Athena | B Day 5: Piazza Armerina. Continue to the southeastern corner of Sicily pausing in the graceful old town of Piazza Armerina. Admire the stunning mosaics at the Villa Romana del Casale and in Caltagirone, the pottery capital of Sicily, stroll through the historic town centre to browse the shops and stalls selling the beautiful ceramics. Arrive into Syracuse later this afternoon. Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel | B Day 6: Syracuse. A day to explore the timeless beauty of Syracuse, once described as “the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all”. Take in the magnificent 5th century BC Temple of Athena and the archaeological park. Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel | B Day 7: Noto. Explore the glorious Baroque towns of Sicily’s southeast. Admire the splendid cathedral in Noto, the medieval centre of Modica and hilltop Ragusa. Pause for refreshments along the way enjoying local delicacies from artisanal chocolate and nougat to gelato and caciocavallo. Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel | B Day 8: Taormina. Travel north to Castelmola, a tiny hamlet with sensational views. Continue to Taormina for a walking tour. Visit the Greek

Theatre, originally built by the Greeks and rebuilt later by the Romans. Overlooking the surrounding countryside and Mt Etna, views from the amphitheatre are spectacular. Enjoy the rest of the day at leisure. Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo | B Day 9: Etna. Explore the area around Mt Etna, Europe’s biggest active volcano, by jeep. Pass local villages and explore a lava cave by torchlight. Hike to the top of the Sartorius craters to admire the views and reward yourself with lunch in a local winery before returning to Taormina. Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo | BL

Mosaic, Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Armerina

Day 10: Depart Catania. Transfer to Catania Airport for your departure flight. B

PRICE From $11,070 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $20,670. AD


Our complete range of ready-to-travel A T I C AM SE private journeys canROME be viewed on our AL A FI CO website and all can be personalised to your AS T individual requirements. TYR











2 3




Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo

Ancient Greek theatre ruins, Taormina

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PARIS TO THE CÔTE D’AZUR 12 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY From the grand museums and monuments of Paris where you’ll discover the cultural secrets of the ‘City of Light’, travel south to the Rhône where the delights of Lyon await. Follow the river into sunny Provence and the glittering Côte d’Azur to follow in the steps of some of France’s most famous artists. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Admire some of the world’s most famous masterpieces in the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre Explore the streets of Paris in a classic Citroën 2CV Get under the skin of France’s sophisticated second city, Lyon Savour the star attractions of Lyonnaise cuisine Soak up the magical light in Arles, the city of Van Gogh and Gauguin Day 1: Arrive Paris. Arrive into the French capital and transfer to your reimagined historic hotel on the Left Bank. Hotel Lutetia Day 2: Paris. Discover the bohemian side of Paris today starting with the impressionist masterpieces at the Musée d’Orsay. Stroll through the Latin Quarter exploring the narrow alleyways and winding streets with your guide

as you learn about the evolution of Parisian architecture. Amble through the stunning Luxembourg Gardens and on to the Centre Pompidou with sunset drinks overlooking the Marais. Hotel Lutetia | B Day 3: Paris. Discover the extraordinary Louvre this morning on a specially curated visit taking in some of its famous collection such as the ‘Venus de Milo’ and da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’. Time on your own this afternoon before a nostalgic evening tour of the city in a classic Citroën 2CV. Hotel Lutetia | B Day 4: Lyon. Travel south today by rail to Lyon before checking in to your Relais & Châteaux accredited hotel. Villa Florentine | B Day 5: Lyon. Discover France’s second city on a guided tour through the cobbled streets of ‘Vieux Lyon’ and past the remains of Roman theatres and the Basilique de Notre-Dame. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts and finish up in the covered market, where you’ll savour local delicacies stall by stall. Villa Florentine | B

Day 6: Avignon. Journey south by high speed train to Avignon and transfer to your charming hotel situated at the foot of the Palais des Papes. La Mirande | B Day 7: Avignon. Discover this vibrant Provençal town on a walking tour taking in the Clock Square and the 14th century Palace of the Popes. La Mirande | B Day 8: Arles. Arles has a strong Gallo-Roman heritage with a wealth of classical antiquities which are highlighted at the state-of-the-art Museum of Ancient Arles. Time to wander through the city’s shady squares and sun-baked streets appreciating the magical light which so inspired van Gogh. La Mirande | B Day 9: Aix-en-Provence. Travel east to Nice via Aix-en-Provence to visit the Musée-Atelier de Paul Cézanne. Hotel La Perouse | B Day 10: Nice. Admire the show-stopping views of the city and bay from the top of Castle Hill before exploring the historic Old Town. Visit the colourful Cours Saleya, whose flower, fruit and vegetable stalls are a photographer’s dream. Later, visit the Musée Matisse and the Musée Marc Chagall. Hotel La Perouse | B

Saint-Paul de Vence



Day 11: Saint-Paul de Vence. Spend a day in medieval Saint-Paul de Vence. Visit the Fondation Maeght, a privately-owned modern art museum housing one of Europe’s most

Pont Alexandre III bridge, Paris


important collections, and the Rosary chapel, a Matisse masterpiece. Hotel La Perouse | B Day 12: Depart Nice. Transfer to Nice airport for your onward flight. B

PRICE From $15,900 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $30,510. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.


Basilique de Notre-Dame, Lyon












Pont Saint-Benezet, Avignon

Parisian fromagerie

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JOURNEY AROUND SPAIN 14 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Get an intimate impression of this extraordinary country visiting its most iconic spots and discovering its warm and friendly culture, imposing palaces, remarkable art works, a colourful history and mouth-watering food. You’ll travel at a leisurely pace through stunning sun-drenched landscapes with plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere in the vibrant, buzzing cities.

The Moorish fortress, Alhambra, Granada

JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Admire the striking architecture of Gaudí in Barcelona Taste the finest sherries in a Jerez bodega Savour San Sebastián’s tasty pintxos on an insider’s gourmand experience Explore the famous vineyards of the Rioja Attend an equestrian performance at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art Day 1: Arrive Barcelona. Welcome to the Catalan capital and transfer to your neoclassical hotel. El Palace Hotel Days 2-3: Barcelona. Spend two days getting to know the city. Marvel at the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudí: the Casa Milà with its wave-like façade; the impressive but still unfinished La Sagrada Familia basilica and Parc Güell. Explore the medieval Gothic Quarter including the Barcelona Cathedral and Picasso Museum. El Palace Hotel | B Day 4: Madrid. Travel by rail west to the Spanish capital. Discover this vibrant, sophisticated city on a privately guided walking tour or admire the treasured artworks of the famed Museo del 30


Prado. Join a local connoisseur on a fun tapas tour. Hotel Orfila | BD

streets of Barrio de Santa Cruz and enjoy the afternoon at leisure. Alfonso XIII Hotel | B

Day 5: Design Your Day Madrid. Plan your day to suit. Choose a trip into the countryside to the fortified city of Toledo or enchanting Segovia. Or discover another Madrid neighbourhood on a mouth-watering food tour of the ‘literary quarter’. Hotel Orfila | B

Day 10: Jerez. Venture south to Jerez, famed for its sherry and brandy. Explore the old town and visit the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art to see an equine performance. Savour a drop or two at a local sherry bodega. Return to Seville. Alfonso XIII Hotel | B

Day 6: Granada. Transfer to the railway station for the train to Córdoba, one of Spain’s oldest cities. Head out on a walking tour through the Jewish Quarter and admire the Mezquita before travelling on to Granada. Hospes Palacio de Los Patos | B Day 7: Granada. Spend a morning exploring the Alhambra with an outstanding local guide. Hospes Palacio de Los Patos | B Day 8: Seville. Travel to Seville via Ronda where you explore on your own. Admire the breathtaking views, stroll the narrow streets and visit the bullring, one of the oldest in Spain. Alfonso XIII Hotel | B Day 9: Seville. Take in the breathtaking 15th century cathedral. Admire the famous Moorish tower, La Giralda, and visit the 14th century Alcazar palace. Wander through the narrow

Flamenco dancing

Rioja wine region

Day 11: San Sebastián. Fly north to Bilbao and visit the world-famous Frank Gehrydesigned Guggenheim Museum. Visit the historic Old Town and travel to San Sebastián, Spain’s culinary capital. Join a local guide for a tasty pintxos tour. Hotel Maria Cristina | BD Day 12: San Sebastián. Head to the fishing village of Getaria to visit the Balenciaga Museum. Enjoy the remainder of your day at leisure. Hotel Maria Cristina | B Day 13: Rioja. Head south to the scenic Rioja wine region and visit the striking Marqués de Riscal winery, also designed by Gehry, and another inside the walled town of Laguardia. Return to San Sebastián. Hotel Maria Cristina | B

















Jeff Koons’”Puppy” at the Guggenheim, Bilbao


Day 14: Depart Bilbao. Transfer airport for onward flight. B

PRICE From $18,310 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $34,635. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

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PORTUGAL REVEALED 12 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Storied cities, sun-drenched scenes and friendly locals are just part of the reason Portugal is one of Europe’s hottest destinations right now. Amongst its vibrant cities, whitewashed villages and Moorish walled towns, admire architectural tributes to the country’s most celebrated navigators, savour hearty Portuguese cuisine and see what makes the perfect port.

JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Gaze upon white-domed cathedrals and meander through grand plazas and narrow cobblestone lanes in some of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful cities Savour the best of Lisbon’s culinary delights on an evening foodie tour Explore quaint hilltop towns overflowing with World Heritage sites Visit leading wineries in the Douro Valley, one of the oldest wine regions in the world Wander through Porto’s atmospheric Ribeira neighbourhood Day 1: Arrive Lisbon. Welcome to the Portuguese capital and transfer to your hotel in the bohemian Bairro Alto neighbourhood. Bairro Alto Hotel

Six Senses Douro Valley



Day 2: Lisbon. Explore the Belém district crowned by the magnificent Jerónimos Monastery. Visit the iconic Belém Tower and pause to sample the country’s famous custard tarts. Stop by the National Coach Museum before an evening of culinary indulgence at the Mercado da Ribeira. Bairro Alto Hotel | B

Rabelo boat on the Douro River, Porto

Day 3: Lisbon. Travel to Monserrate and tour the wonderful gardens of the palace then continue to Sintra, a World Heritage site, to visit the National Palace. Bairro Alto Hotel | B Days 4-5: Évora. Travel to Évora to explore this museum city whose roots date back to Roman times. Visit the Pousada de Loios and admire the spectacular glazed tiles before wandering past the Roman Temple and the 12th century cathedral. Continue to the ‘Chapel of Bones’. M’Ar De AR Aqueduto | B Day 6: Coimbra. Make your way towards Tomar whose historic centre is best experienced on foot. Explore the 12th century Castle-Convent of Christ and stroll through the Renaissance town to Portugal’s oldest working synagogue. Arrive at your palace hotel in the whitewashed medieval town of Coimbra later today. Quinta das Lágrimas Hotel | B Day 7: Coimbra. Delve into Coimbra’s rich past at the World Heritage listed university, Portugal’s oldest. Then stroll through the narrow streets to the Mondego River admiring the Bishop’s Palace and Cathedral en route. Quinta das Lágrimas Hotel | B Day 8: Douro Valley. Journey north into the breathtaking Douro Valley stopping in the bustling town of Viseu near the famous Dao vineyards. Explore the city at your own pace and arrive at your reimagined manor house hotel mid-afternoon. Six Senses Douro Valley | B

Day 9: Douro Valley. Explore the terraced vine-clad landscape stopping at a hand-picked winery for a tasting of port and local table wines. Visit picture-perfect Pinhão and admire the historical glazed tiles of the railway station. Take a private boat this afternoon along the Douro River. Six Senses Douro Valley | B Day 10: Porto. Transfer to Porto, Portugal’s vibrant and colourful second city teeming with medieval relics, soaring bell towers, extravagant Baroque churches and stately Beaux-Arts buildings. Intercontinental Porto – Palacio das Cardosas | B Day 11: Porto. Wind your way through the city’s narrow cobbled streets admiring the richly coloured tiles on every street corner. Explore the quayside of the fascinating Ribeira district, and some of the city’s most beautiful monuments. Round off your day with a port tasting at one of the famous riverside lodges. Intercontinental Porto – Palacio das Cardosas | B

Pena Palace, Sintra

Day 12: Depart Porto. Transfer to the airport for your onward flight B



From $11,470 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $21,755. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.












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TREASURES OF THE LOW COUNTRIES 13 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Alluring Amsterdam, beautiful Brussels and illuminating Luxembourg, cities and states full of awe-inspiring architecture, spectacular landscapes and intriguing local icons. Wander through magnificent museums brimming with classic works, sample spectacular local sweets, and admire impressive medieval castles as you lose yourself in all the wonders this region has to offer. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Drink in the work of the most iconic Impressionist artist on a guided visit to Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum Cruise the tree-lined Amsterdam canals on a private boat Be awestruck by Brussels’ Grand Place, one of Europe’s most ornate market squares Explore magnificent medieval quarters and Gravensteen, the 12th century castle of Ghent Wander the compact city centre of Luxembourg, admiring the beguiling Cathedral Notre Dame, Solidarity Monument and the Grand Ducal Palace Day 1: Arrive Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A warm A&K welcome and transfer to your hotel. Hotel Pulitzer Day 2: Amsterdam. Delve deeply into Dutch art at the iconic Van Gogh Museum and revel in the history of Rembrandt, exploring his home and creative epicentre. Hotel Pulitzer | B Day 3: Amsterdam. Tour Amsterdam’s historic city centre before cruising the

famous canals on a private boat, admiring the city’s stunning architecture. With Dutch masterpieces aplenty, explore the beautiful Rijksmuseum. Hotel Pulitzer | B Day 4: Amsterdam. Explore the beautiful landscapes and awe-inspiring architecture of Delft, and uncover the history of Vermeer, painter of the famous “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. Discover gorgeously Gothic Den Haag, marvelling at the wonderful works within the Mauritshuis Museum. Hotel Pulitzer | B Day 5: Amsterdam. Explore Gelderland, visiting the Kroller Muller Museum where the collection of vibrant works by van Gogh is certain to impress. Transport yourself to fairy tale landscapes, wandering incredible sculpture gardens before visiting the nation’s largest moated castle, Kasteel de Haar. Hotel Pulitzer | B Day 6: Bruges & Flanders, Belgium. Travel to Bruges via Antwerp. Immerse yourself in intriguing art history on a guided tour of Rubens House, celebrating the renowned Baroque master, and the Museum Mayer van den Bergh, home to the collection of art dealer and collector Fritz Mayer van den Bergh. Hotel Dukes’ Palace | B

Day 7: Bruges & Flanders. A day for divine architecture, journey with your expert guide, passing the Church of the Holy Blood, and the Market Square with its soaring belfry towers. Constructed wonders will amaze as you explore the medieval city hall, the Church of Our Lady and historic Old St John’s Hospital. Brewmasters can enjoy a guided tour of De Halve Mann Brewery. Hotel Dukes’ Palace | B Day 8: Ghent. Travel to Brussels via the Flemish jewel of Ghent, transported to earlier times as you admire magnificent medieval architecture, resplendent cathedrals and splendid 12th century castles. Hotel Amigo | B Day 9: Brussels. In this city bursting with cultural charm, marvel at the magnificent Grand Place, home to the iconic Manneken Pis bronze, the monument to Art Nouveau architecture, Horta House, and the most spectacular city views, atop the Atomium. Hotel Amigo | B Day 10: Brussels. Explore the magnificent Oldmasters Museum, with an afternoon to explore the cobbled streets and immerse yourself in the bustling city culture. Hotel Amigo | B

Amsterdam, the Netherlands



Day 11: Luxembourg. Journey to Luxembourg via impressive Vianden Castle. Discover Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, and lose yourself in the medieval ambience, labyrinthine streets and towering Gothic architecture. Le Royal Hotel | B

Bruges, Belgium

Kasteel de Haars, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Day 12: Luxembourg. Take an immersive tour of Luxembourg City’s World Heritage listed centre. Visit the Cathedral Notre Dame, see the spectacular Solidarity Monument and the Grand Ducal Palace (summer) or picturesque Grund, in the Alzette Valley (winter). Le Royal Hotel | B Day 13: Depart Luxembourg. Transfer to the airport for your departure flight. B

PRICE From $15,015 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $29,115. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.


Le Royal Hotel, Luxembourg

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands











2 1


Vianden Castle, Luxembourg

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

BEST OF THE BALKANS: SLOVENIA TO CROATIA 11 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Beautiful cities, dramatic mountain scenery, pristine lakes and golden beaches, this journey covers it all. You’ll discover Baroque architecture in abundance, flavoursome cuisine and robust wines plus ancient walled cities and emerald green forests. From Slovenia to Croatia and the sparkling Dalmatian coast, there is also the opportunity to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Stroll across the famous bridges of Ljubljana Float across the glacial waters of Lake Bled on a traditional Slovenian gondola Hike the scenic trails of Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site Visit the famous lavender villages on Hvar island Discover Split’s ancient Roman history 36


Day 1: Arrive Zagreb, Croatia — Ljubljana, Slovenia. Enjoy a warm welcome into Zagreb and transfer directly across the border into Slovenia and its petite capital Ljubljana. Grand Union Hotel Day 2: Ljubljana. Explore the architectural and culinary highlights of the capital on foot today. Characterised by its beautiful Baroque architecture, you’ll also discover cobbled streets, dainty bridges, old churches and plenty of green spaces. The 900-year-old

Ljubljana Castle towering above the city is a highlight, accessible by funicular railway for panoramic views. Grand Union Hotel | B Day 3: Design Your Day Zagreb, Croatia. Discover scenic Lake Bled on a pletna cruise to the picture-postcard island where the charming Church of the Assumption’s 15th century belfry looms above the trees. Recharge with tea and Bled’s famous cream cake before a stroll around the lake and on to Bled Castle. Afterwards enjoy one of these Design Your Day activities: wine tasting in Bled Castle or a visit to the town of Radovljice and its famous gingerbread museum. Both options include a stop at a local restaurant for lunch (payable locally). Return to Zagreb. Esplanade Zagreb Hotel | B Day 4: Zagreb. Admire the city from a panoramic viewpoint this morning before strolling around the Upper Town taking in St Mark’s Church, City Hall, Parliament, St Stephen’s Cathedral and Ban Jelacic Square. Esplanade Zagreb Hotel | B Day 5: Plitvice Lakes. Journey south to Split stopping on the way for a hike in the beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park where you’ll be dazzled by some of Croatia’s most stunning scenery. Vestibul Palace | B Day 6: Split. Awake to the sound of church bells and Klapa singers and take to the streets on

Kolocep, one of the Elaphite Islands, Croatia

a walking tour of this lively seaport where you’ll discover, amidst a maze of medieval streets, the imposing Palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Taste local produce later at the lively “Green Market”. Vestibul Palace | B Day 7: Hvar. A day cruising the stunning Dalmatian coast to the beautiful island of Hvar. Soak up picturesque Hvar Town before lunching in a nearby olive grove. Discover the old lavender road and visit a dairy farm to taste the local goat’s cheese. Vestibul Palace | BL Day 8: Design Your Day Dubrovnik. On your journey south visit Mostar, Bosnia for a walking tour of the old town and its famous bridge. Or meet the oyster producers and winemakers of the Peljesac Peninsula. Hotel Excelsior | B Day 9: Dubrovnik. Discover this jewel of the Adriatic on a walking tour of the old town. Stop by the Franciscan and Dominican Monasteries,

Ljubljana, Slovenia

the Rector’s Palace and Cathedral with time at leisure to further explore. Hotel Excelsior | B Day 10: Elaphite Islands. A day on the water cruising to the Elaphite Islands, a picturesque archipelago where you’ll stop at local fishing villages, beaches and admire monasteries and Renaissance churches. Hotel Excelsior | B Day 11: Depart Dubrovnik. Transfer to the airport for your onward flight. B

PRICE From $10,875 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $20,200.












Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Split, Croatia

Lake Bled, Slovenia

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TREASURES OF TURKEY 11 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY A melting pot of cultures, Turkey is fascinating and exotic. With a 10,000-year-old history, it is one of the oldest continually inhabited regions in the world. Discover its rich history, culture and beautiful landscapes as you journey from the delights of Istanbul to Gallipoli and on down the Aegean coast exploring archaeological sites before flying into the interior to the magical fairy chimneys of Cappadocia.

JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Wander through Istanbul’s oldest and largest covered market, the Grand Bazaar Remember the fallen at the WWI cemeteries at Gallipoli Experience quintessential Istanbul from a ferry on the Bosphorus Marvel at the extraordinary ancient Greek city of Ephesus Stay in a boutique hotel carved into the rock Day 1: Arrive Istanbul. Arrive into the city straddling two continents and transfer to your hotel in Sultanahmet, just steps from the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace. Four Seasons Sultanahmet Days 2-3: Istanbul. Visit the most important landmarks of the old city including Hagia Sofia, the Basilica Cistern, the ancient city walls, the Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora and the historic Pera District. Soak up Ottoman history in the beautiful Topkapi Palace which overlooks the waters of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. Visit Galata and Karakoy districts and watch the sun set over the Bosphorus as you cruise by ferry to Kadikoy market. Four Seasons Sultanahmet | B

Churches of Goreme, Cappadocia



Day 4: Gallipoli. Drive west to the Gallipoli Peninsula, site of the infamous World War I campaign. Time at Anzac Cove is certain to inspire emotion as you visit some of the

city in the Eastern Mediterranean. Dating back to 6000 BC, it was a vast and important seaport during the Hittite Empire and one of the cities settled by the Ionians. Enjoy special access to the Terrace House excavations where beautiful mosaic floors and frescoed walls have been unearthed, followed by the museum and the Temple of Artemis. Your hotel boasts marvellous views over the Aegean. Swissotel Büyük Efes | B Day 7: Cappadocia. Fly to Kayseri in Cappadocia where the remarkable ‘fairy chimneys’ create a truly unique landscape. Explore the extraordinary rock-carved churches of Goreme, with their Byzantine wall paintings. Argos in Cappadocia | B Day 8: Cappadocia. Today, visit the ‘underground city’ at Kaymakli, one of the enigmatic cellar villages, whose network of rock-carved subterranean tunnels and hallways, storage and sleeping cells, air shafts and chapels is over 40-metres deep. Later, visit a pottery workshop in Avanos. Argos in Cappadocia | B Blue Mosque, Istanbul

impressively maintained Commonwealth military cemeteries including Lone Pine. Cross the Dardanelles by ferry and onwards to the enigmatic ruins of Troy. Spend the night in Yesilyurt village on the slopes of Mt Ida. Manici Kasri Boutique Hotel | B Days 5-6: Izmir. Over the next two days discover Assos, an important centre in Greek and Roman times, whose city walls are amongst the best preserved in Turkey. Marvel at the ancient ruins of Pergamum, perched high above the plains, and wander past the theatre, temples, palaces, the renowned library and the Asclepion. Explore Ephesus, the best-preserved classical

Day 9: Istanbul. Fly back to Istanbul. This afternoon, explore the Dolmabahce Palace, the largest and the finest example of the Ottoman New Baroque in the city, and the Maritime Museum with time to wander through the chic Nisantasi district. Four Seasons at the Bosphorus | B Day 10: Istanbul. Today, explore the mosques and bazaars of master architect Sinan. Visit Suleymaniye Mosque, undoubtedly the most dignified building in the city, the glorious Rustem Pasha Mosque, another Ottoman delight, the Spice Market and the famous Grand Bazaar. End the day with a private cruise on the Bosphorus. Four Seasons at the Bosphorus | B Day 11: Depart Istanbul. Transfer to the airport for your onward flight. B

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Ruins of Ephesus

PRICE From $13,115 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $24,640. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements. BLACK SEA




















Anzac Cove, Gallipoli

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ANCIENT WONDERS OF TURKEY & GREECE 16 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Embark on a journey around the ancient world as you discover its most renowned monuments and archaeological sites. Unpeel layers of history and witness the influences and cultural achievements of successive civilisations. Wander through timeless landscapes drenched in sunshine and dine out on the fresh and simple flavours made famous throughout the Mediterranean. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Trace the history of Istanbul through its Imperial, Byzantine and Ottoman periods Marvel at the open-air museums and fairy chimneys of Cappadocia Soak up the sun-kissed Turquoise Coast and its ancient monuments Combine scenery, flora, fauna and ancient history in the Koycegiz River Delta Discover the charms of Nafplio, Greece’s littleknown seaside gem Day 1: Arrive Istanbul, Turkey. Arrive into the city straddling two continents and transfer to your hotel. Park Hyatt Istanbul Days 2-4: Istanbul. Three days to explore this magical city. See the timeless Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, the 6th century Basilica Cistern and Hippodrome. Follow the ancient walls to the Chora Church and take a ferry on the Bosphorus. Explore the grounds, terraces

and halls of the Topkapi Palace and visit the 19th century Dolmabahce Palace and Maritime Museum. Gaze at the magnificent Suleymaniye Mosque and wander through the Grand Bazaar. Park Hyatt Istanbul | B Day 5: Cappadocia. Fly to Kayseri and immerse yourself in Cappadocia’s extraordinary landscapes. Marvel at the ‘fairy chimneys’ and explore the rock-carved churches of Goreme. Argos in Cappadocia | B Day 6: Cappadocia. Optional hot air balloon flight (additional cost) before visiting the ‘underground city’ at Kaymakli. Learn about the time-honoured traditions of rug weaving and pottery before visiting local vineyards. Argos in Cappadocia | B Day 7: Ephesus. Fly to Izmir and on to Ephesus. Wander the streets of this ancient site, one of the world’s most impressive. Visit the Temple of Diana, the theatre, Library of Celsus and the newly excavated Terrace Houses. Continue to Bodrum. The Marmara Bodrum | B

Day 8: Bodrum. A day of exploration in this charming Aegean city starting at the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum and a special visit to the Institute of Nautical Archaeology. Later, enjoy a market visit and cooking class. The Marmara Bodrum | BL Day 9: Göcek. Travel along the Turquoise Coast to Göcek visiting the ancient sites of Stratonicea and Caunos along the way. D-Resort Göcek | B Day 10: Rhodes, Greece. Transfer to Fethiye port for a ferry ride to Rhodes which you’ll discover on a walking tour of the UNESCO World Heritage listed old town. Kokkini Porta Rossa | B Day 11: Rhodes. Venture to the lovely village of Lindos known for its clifftop acropolis. Admire the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia and the 14th century Castle of the Knights of St John. Kokkini Porta Rossa | B Day 12: Corinth Canal. Fly to Athens where you are met and transferred to the seaside town of Nafplio via the Corinth Canal Bridge. Nauplia Palace | B

Rhodes, Greece



Day 13: Nafplio. Explore ancient Epidaurus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which became famous during ancient times for its unique healing practices. Continue to Mycenae, the Homeric city of Atreides. Nauplia Palace | B

Cappadocia, Turkey

Epidaurus, Greece

Day 14: Athens. Immerse yourself in the ancient wonders of Athens. Start at the Acropolis and its incredible remains, in particular the Parthenon. Breathe in spectacular views and visit the ancient Agora. Hotel Grande Bretagne | B Day 15: Athens. Embark on a food tour visiting markets and artisan producers to taste local delicacies. Hotel Grande Bretagne | B Day 16: Depart Athens. Transfer to the airport for your departure flight. B

PRICE From $18,355 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $33,810.

The Marmara Bodrum, Turkey

Hagia Sophia mosaic, Istanbul, Turkey

Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements. BLACK SEA ISTANBUL







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The Parthenon, Athenian Acropolis, Greece

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Amsterdam canals

Exploring the waterways of Scotland




A&K has a fleet of 17 beautiful hotel barges at its disposal. If you are looking for a European holiday with a focus on fine food, good wines, beautiful landscapes and an exciting new destination each day without ever leaving home, then a slow-paced cruise on some of Europe’s most beautiful inland waterways is for you. It is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to discover rural Europe, without the crowds and in great comfort, while immersing yourself in the gastronomy, culture and history of the regions you pass through.

La Belle Epoque

Regional cuisine



The exclusive vessels we recommend all have charming cabins with private facilities, central heating/air-conditioning and portholes/windows. Cabin sizes vary from cosy and compact to ultra-deluxe staterooms comparable to top hotel rooms. All offer exceptional service with distinctive dining and include spacious lounges and sundecks, some with Jacuzzi. Your biggest choice is whether to charter a whole barge with a group of friends or family, or join other like minded individuals. Cruises depart on a Sunday, are six nights in duration and operate from March to October.

One of the major highlights of any European sojourn is the cuisine. On board, your chef is a master whose gastronomic creations guests often rate as well as those in top restaurants. The vessel’s pantry is supplemented with fresh produce bought from lock-keepers’ gardens or local markets. Each morning, a crew member goes ashore to collect fresh breads, croissants and pastries while your coffee brews. Lunch will be a selection of salads, pâtés, quiches and cheeses, with a four or five-course dinner each night. Enjoy regional specialities and the finest wines handpicked from the cellar.

Wine tasting in Burgundy

Classical music in Germany



Excursions into nearby villages or the surrounding countryside are either a quick journey in the barge minibus or just a short walk from the mooring. Touring may include the magnificent châteaux of the Loire Valley, wine tasting in Burgundy, an ancient abbey in the southwest or a Gothic church in Franche-Comté. All excursions are included but are entirely optional.

For those who prefer a holiday with a specific focus, there are select itineraries designed to cater to unique interests. These may be for golf or garden lovers, opera-goers, wine connoisseurs, antique collectors or families travelling with children. Most are available to whole boat charters only.

WHAT’S INCLUDED Each barge cruise is for six nights and includes: • Comfortable accommodation in air-conditioned, en suite staterooms or suites • Gourmet meals prepared by the on board chef, fine wines and an open bar • Daily escorted excursions to places of interest and private wine tastings in air-conditioned minibuses

• Local return transfer from designated meeting/drop off point • Bicycles and, on most hotel barges, an on-deck spa pool • Attentive service from an experienced crew — Captain, chef, tour guide, and hosts/hostesses 130 0 851 8 0 0 | ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM . AU


LUXURY BARGE CRUISES Here is a selection of our most popular barges.


From Paris and Alsace-Lorraine in the north, to the Canal du Midi in the sun-drenched south, the canals and waterways of France are picture postcard destinations for the luxury barge traveller. There are vineyards in their thousands to visit, walled cities to explore, plus countless châteaux, charming villages and colourful markets. Our French barge cruises operate in Burgundy, the Canal du Midi, Alsace & Lorraine, the Loire, Gascony, Bordeaux, Champagne, Paris and Picardy.





As featured on the BBC’s ‘Rick Stein’s French Odyssey’, Anjodi has a well-planned interior incorporating African hardwoods and shining brass to create a warm onboard feel, reminiscent of a classic yacht. Four cleverlydesigned cabins, feature en suite facilities, hardwood panelling and brass portholes. A spacious sundeck offers comfortable loungers and a spa pool.

Enchanté is a state of the art, double-decker hotel barge that has been built to the highest standard and tastefully furnished in a contemporary style. She provides luxurious accommodation for up to eight guests in four equally spacious twin or double-bedded suites, the largest of any hotel barge on the Canal du Midi and with superbly appointed bathrooms.




Finesse is a double-decker hotel barge built with luxury in mind. Guests can relax in the saloon, gazing out of the panoramic windows or settle into the demonstration galley, watching the chef preparing gourmet meals. Outside, unwind on the sun deck or enjoy the alfresco dining area and spa pool. 44



Renaissance is very spacious with a beautifully-appointed saloon evoking the atmosphere of a timeless French manor house. Outside, the large forward deck includes a covered roof extension with a circular table for alfresco dining, comfortable hardwood sun loungers and a heated spa pool.

While France offers the greatest number of barge cruises in Europe, there are other destinations which lend themselves perfectly to this type of holiday: the waterways and charming cities of Belgium; the Moselle River, Germany; the Netherlands — its art, grand museums and tulips; Italy’s Venice and the River Po; the Caledonian Canal, Scotland; the royal River Thames in England and the Shannon in Ireland.


La Nouvelle Etoile’s elegantly appointed saloon provides a truly sophisticated canal cruise experience. Boasting four generous cabin suites, an elevator and an exercise room, this hotel barge is lavishly equipped including en suite bathrooms and an expansive sun deck with a hot tub. Bikes available.


Spirit of Scotland features a bright and spacious saloon and dining area with picture windows, a separate bar, and an integral forward wheelhouse giving views of the cruise route ahead. Outside, there are separate relaxation areas and a heated spa pool, as well as a covered dining terrace and upper sun deck.


Hotel barge Panache has been fitted out in traditional yacht style with brass and mahogany fittings and comfortable cabin accommodation. Panoramic windows in the saloon let in plenty of natural light and there are six generously sized suites. The spacious sun deck and heated spa pool are the perfect places to unwind. Bikes available.


Magna Carta is one of the finest and most luxurious barges in the British Isles today with an ambience to match. There are four spacious suites, under-floor heating, spa pool, upper deck saloon and dining area. Your onboard chef produces a range of mouth-watering regional specialities. 130 0 851 8 0 0 | ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM . AU


Aeolian Islands, Italy

Puglia, Italy

Villa del Balbianello, Lake Como, Italy





Extend your journey, and deepen your appreciation of the region. AEOLIAN ISLANDS, ITALY Rising out of the cobalt-blue seas off Sicily’s northeastern coast, are the UNESCO-protected Aeolian Islands, a seven-island archipelago offering a wealth of opportunities for relaxation and adventure. Stunning waters provide sport for swimmers, sailors, kayakers and divers, while trekkers can climb spitting volcanoes, and wine connoisseurs can sip honey-sweet Malvasia. Château de Chenonceau, Loire Valley, France

PUGLIA, ITALY Forming the heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia is a region on the rise with travellers who appreciate the quiet, laidback charms of its Baroque towns — known for their white-washed buildings and conical trulli houses — as well as its ancient farmlands, picturesque olive groves, medieval castles and hundreds of miles of spectacular, sun-drenched Mediterranean and Adriatic coastlines. MILAN & THE LAKES REGION, ITALY Milan, in northern Italy’s Lombardy region, is home to some of the most iconic design houses in the world. In summer, film, music and art festivals abound in city theatres and palazzi, lakeside gardens and historic villas. It also serves as a perfect gateway to the idyllic Lakes Region, a popular holiday spot since Roman times, thanks to its enduring, beguiling beauty where urbanites trade the cosmopolitan grind for morning markets, sailing, cycling, and long lunches.


Santorini, Greece

LOIRE VALLEY, FRANCE Not merely a river basin, but a cultural landscape of France, the Loire Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From cities such as Orléans, once liberated by Joan of Arc, to iconic castles like the Château de Chenonceau and Château de Chambord, it is history waiting to be explored. MONTENEGRO This small country, to the south of Croatia, has dramatic mountains, superb beaches and medieval architecture. The tiny islet of Sveti Stefan is its most photographed asset with 15th century stone houses interlaced with evergreen trees forming part of a luxury resort. Another highlight is Kotor, a city built by medieval sailors and traders, with a picturesque bay flanked by mountainous ridges, and an Old Town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


GREEK ISLANDS Immerse yourself in Cycladic charm as you relax and enjoy island life with its multi-hued beaches and glorious sunsets. Unlock the secrets of Santorini’s ancient past with a visit to Akrotiri, which some people believe is the site of the legendary lost city of Atlantis. Enjoy Mykonos with its labyrinthine streets and chic, lively nightlife, and marvel at the archaeological treasures of uninhabited Delos.

MALTA A destination steeped in history, Malta packs glorious variety into its small archipelago. You’ll find awe-inspiring ancient archaeology, and lose yourself in the lavish majesty of the co-Cathedral of St John. Home to prehistoric temples, fossil-studded cliffs, and dreamy lagoons for the avid diver, it’s a true Mediterranean marvel.

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Trafalgar Square to Big Ben, London, England



UNITED KINGDOM & IRELAND Explore the British Isles in all their majesty — London to Bath, Edinburgh to the Highlands, Dublin to County Cork — immersing yourself in the time-honoured cultures and traditions that helped shape the Western world.

Isle of Skye

Inverness SCOTLAND

Glasgow NTHN IRELAND Belfast


IRELAND Cong Killarney




Dublin WALES


England, the “green and pleasant land”, is both eccentric and intriguing with a long and storied history witnessed firsthand in its extraordinary monuments. The rich and glorious past has given way to a newfound energy in vibrant cities where fashion and fine dining compete with historic attractions. From Stonehenge and Tower Bridge to Eton and Oxford, England is loaded with cherished icons set against the backdrop of some of the world’s prettiest countryside. Scotland is a land steeped in history. A lonely white croft at the foot of a mountain trail. A 13th century castle dominating a tiny tidal island. A peaty carse where knights once rode into battle on horseback. There are many delights packed into this compact country. Any journey

ENGLAND Oxford London Bath Sussex

to Scotland is packed with adventure and romance. Heritage architecture marked by the sands of time. An abundance of delicious fresh local produce foraged from the surrounding wilderness and vast swathes of land, coloured by the seasons. Ireland is an endlessly endearing destination for its historic traditions as much as its love of Guinness. The Irish are legendary for their warm hospitality and their easy-going attitude which is enthusiastically welcoming in charming country pubs, local market stalls, distilleries and shops across the country. Discover its wild, unspoilt landscapes and dramatic coastline as well as its world famous golf courses and a rich artisanal heritage.

DISCOVER THE UNITED KINGDOM & IRELAND ON A JOURNEY MADE JUST FOR YOU The following suggested journeys, recommended places to visit and extraordinary experiences are just a taste of what you can see and do across this region. Please visit to find more inspiration for your next unforgettable journey, or contact our Travel Specialists who will work with you to create a memorable bespoke journey.

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Pulteney Bridge, Bath, England


Some of the region’s foremost sights and locations. BATH & THE COTSWOLDS, ENGLAND Located about 160 kilometres due west of London, Bath is one of the loveliest cities in all of England and the site of the country’s only natural hot springs, prized for their restorative powers since the time of the Celts. Nearby, in the southwest, the idyllic Cotswolds region is known for its rolling hills, winding rivers, picturesque cottages and peaceful villages where many old homes are constructed with the famed Cotswold stone, a honey-coloured limestone found only in local quarries.

Westminster Abbey viewed from Victoria Tower Gardens, London, England



LONDON, ENGLAND England’s energetic capital, London, boasts a history dating back to Roman times and has been home to the British Royal Family since at least the 11th century. Chock full of iconic attractions, both ancient and modern, it is also an important centre of the arts, boasting some of the world’s most notable galleries and museums plus three world class orchestras, the Royal Opera House and the annual Proms season of musical events.

UNITED KINGDOM & IREL AND SUSSEX COUNTRYSIDE Historic Sussex in England’s southeast is a picture postcard of charming landscapes and rolling green hills. Visit the childhood home of Anne Boleyn on a journey to Hever Castle, stay in historic Gravetye Manor, where 35 acres of flourishing gardens surround a magnificent stately home, and discover the ancient woodland and lowland heath of the South Downs National Park. SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, SCOTLAND Scotland is the most mountainous region of Great Britain. The beautiful Highlands are an untamed landscape of mountains, lochs and heathery glens, historic castles and famous battle sites. Don’t miss its famous distilleries and the chance to taste some of the world’s finest single malts.

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND Edinburgh is the stately and sophisticated capital of Scotland, graced with rustic medieval and Gothic architecture. Looming over the city is majestic Edinburgh Castle, home to Scotland’s crown jewels. Wander down the Royal Mile and discover the splendid Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s official residence in Scotland. ISLE OF SKYE, SCOTLAND Connected to Scotland’s northwest coast by bridge, lose yourself in the remarkable scenery of the Isle of Skye. Explore the indented coastline of peninsulas and narrow lochs, witness cascading waterfalls at Fairy Pools, and traverse historic mountain trails leading to breathtaking views of the incredible highland landscape.

SOUTHWEST IRELAND & THE RING OF KERRY Comprising Counties Cork and Kerry, this postcard-perfect region is lush with verdant hillsides, craggy coastlines and rustic roads. The Ring of Kerry is a scenic route set atop cliffs that overlook the Atlantic, circuiting the Iveragh Peninsula from Killarney to Dingle Bay and beyond.

Scottish Highlands

Hever Castle, Sussex, England

The ‘Old Man’ of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

Ross Castle, Killarney, Ireland

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Blenheim Palace, England


Exceptional activities curated by A&K’s travel experts. VISIT BLENHEIM PALACE, ENGLAND Discover World Heritage listed Blenheim Palace, a monumental, heritage-listed stately home in Oxfordshire, principal residence of the Dukes of Marlborough and ancestral home of Winston Churchill. Peek into the gilded state rooms with their priceless collections of portraits, tapestries and furniture, and frolic through the formal gardens, full of exotic flora, fine art and statuary.

Glyndebourne Opera Festival, England



SECURE TICKETS TO GLYNDEBOURNE, ENGLAND Gather in the world-renowned Glyndebourne auditorium for what can only be explained as no ordinary opera. From May through to August, immerse yourself in truly awe-inspiring operatic performances. Plan the perfect interval with a picnic in the gardens or explore exceptional art and exhibitions as part of the prestigious programme.

UNITED KINGDOM & IREL AND SEE THE COLLECTION AT THE ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM, ENGLAND The world’s first university museum, the Ashmolean houses an impressive range of classic art and ancient archaeological artefacts. Dive into the world-famous collections, drinking in the historic exhibitions from Egyptian mummies to ceremonial Samurai armour and appreciating the creative genius behind the contemporary art. TASTE SCOTCH WHISKY, SCOTLAND In Edinburgh, join an expert at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, to learn more about fine single cask, single malt whiskies purchased for members directly from top distilleries throughout Scotland. Relax and sample some of their finest malts in a private tasting room usually reserved for members.

Whisky tasting, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Scotland

VISIT EDINBURGH CASTLE, SCOTLAND Commanding a ridge above its namesake city, Edinburgh Castle houses the Honours of Scotland (the country’s crown jewels) as well as the iconic Stone of Destiny and the richly decorated Royal Palace. Ask A&K about the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, a thrilling, once-a-year display of martial music performed on the castle’s esplanade. EXPLORE KILLARNEY NATIONAL PARK In County Kerry, at the foot of Macgillycuddy’s Reeks — the highest mountain range in Ireland — lies the 26,000-acre Killarney National Park. Visit Ross Castle or Muckross House and Gardens, or venture forth in search of the region’s only wild herd of native red deer, amid soaring mountains and ancient oak woods.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Killarney National Park, Ireland

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Our preferred accommodation choices hand-picked for you. GRAVETYE MANOR, SUSSEX, ENGLAND Built in 1598, historic Gravetye Manor offers 17 beautiful rooms and suites combining old world charm and modern-day luxury. Named after trees that grow on the estate, each room is adorned with freshly picked flowers from the 35 acres of flourishing gardens surrounding the manor. The Michelin-starred restaurant serves up homegrown or locally sourced fare, offering a truly exceptional gastronomic experience. THE BLOOMSBURY, LONDON, ENGLAND This perfectly located luxury hotel occupies a restored Georgian building just a short walk from the British Museum, Covent Garden and London’s lively Soho. The hotel provides a range of sophisticated rooms and suites and includes a refined restaurant serving locally sourced British fare, afternoon tea and seasonal al fresco dining. There’s also a 1920s-style cocktail bar and elegant lounge inspired by Bloomsbury’s literary past. OLD BANK, OXFORD, ENGLAND The independently owned Old Bank, centrally located on Oxford’s famous High Street, is a breathtaking statement in design. The 5-star hotel has 43 luxury bedrooms, many with unrivalled views of the city’s most famous landmarks. The hotel’s Quod Restaurant showcases delicious European cuisine and an eclectic collection of modern art by young British artists such as Sandra Blow and Damien Hirst.

Gravetye Manor, Sussex, England

THE BALMORAL, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND The Balmoral sits at a design crossroads where Old Town meets New, a legendary hotel and landmark clock tower that pays homage to the history and heritage of Scotland. Look up to Edinburgh Castle, savour Michelin-starred dining, French-Scottish bistro fare, awardwinning afternoon tea and a serene urban spa at the city’s most majestic spot.

The Bloomsbury, London, England



KINLOCH LODGE, ISLE OF SKYE, SCOTLAND Standing tall on Scotland’s spectacular Isle of Skye, the family-run Kinloch Lodge is home to some of the country’s best food, courtesy of Chef Director Marcello Tully, whisky on tap and breathtakingly beautiful landscape views. The historical hotel prides itself on delivering quintessential highland hospitality in a truly stunning natural setting. CULLODEN HOUSE, INVERNESS, SCOTLAND This elegant ivy-clad hotel, originally a 16th century Jacobean castle, boasts 28 charming bedrooms each uniquely decorated in understated comfort and offering scenic highland views. Enjoy the modern Scottish restaurant and library bar or lounge with a roaring fireplace. Explore the estate’s 40 acres of gardens and trails, partake in a game of croquet or tennis, or relax in a dungeon sauna. DROMOLAND CASTLE, LOWER SHANNON, IRELAND The magical 450-acre estate of Dromoland Castle has been welcoming guests since the 16th century. From the imposing baronial façade to the opulent interiors, you’ll find a world of historic grandeur underpinned by the finest modern comforts. With a tranquil spa, world-class golf course, indulgent dining, fabulous views and beautiful bedrooms, this is a place to feel at home.


Old Bank, Oxford, England

The Balmoral, Edinburgh, Scotland

Kinloch Lodge, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Culloden House, Inverness, Scotland

Dromoland Castle, Lower Shannon, Ireland

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Iconic Tower Bridge and the Thames, London


JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Meander through Covent Garden to the National Gallery on a walking tour Walk in the footsteps of literary greats in Oxford, the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’


Admire the impressive Roman legacy and stunning Georgian architecture of Bath

Innovative, artistic and historic, it is not hard to see why London is one of the most visited cities in the world and on this journey you’ll take in its most recognised landmarks — time-honoured and recent — and explore the glorious English countryside where honeycoloured villages, rolling green hills and imposing castles await.

Put yourself on the Downton Abbey set at Highclere Castle Visit Winston Churchill’s home, Blenheim Palace Day 1: Arrive London. Welcome to the British capital and transfer to your hotel in the heart of Bloomsbury. The Bloomsbury Hotel Day 2: London. Explore London on foot strolling through Covent Garden to the National Gallery which tells the story of European art, masterpiece by masterpiece. Head to the Wallace Collection, which displays wonderful works of art collected in the 18th and 19th centuries. Optional evening performance at the Royal Opera House (additional cost). The Bloomsbury Hotel | B Day 3: Oxford. Head for the university city of Oxford by way of the idyllic Cotswolds where thatched cottages and quaint villages dot the rolling countryside. Old Bank Hotel | B

Highclere Castle



Day 4: Oxford. Your local guide will introduce you to the numerous literary

Roman baths, Bath

Day 7: Bath. Discover the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, often regarded as one of the loveliest cities in all of England. Visit the Roman Bath complex and splendid Bath Abbey and be sure to admire the magnificent Palladian architecture of Royal Crescent and the Circus. The Gainsborough Bath Spa | B

summer months you may choose to attend a performance at the Glyndebourne Opera Festival (additional cost). Gravetye Manor | B

Day 8: Highclere. Travel eastwards into Hampshire to Highclere Castle, famously known as Downton Abbey. Discover the lavish rooms where much of the period drama was set and explore the beautiful parkland and stunning gardens. Continue to your glorious manor house hotel in the heart of Sussex. Gravetye Manor | B

From $9,315 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $21,615.

Day 9: Sussex. Discover 700 years of history at nearby Hever Castle, a delightful medieval moated property where Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, grew up. In the early 1900s, it was purchased by the Astor family, who restored the then-dilapidated building to its former glory. The splendid rooms contain fine furniture, tapestries, antiques, an important collection of Tudor paintings and two prayer books inscribed and signed by Anne Boleyn herself. If you are travelling during the

giants, historical figures and world-famous architecture that has made this university city so famous on a walking tour ending at the prestigious Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology. Old Bank Hotel | B

Day 10: Depart London. Transfer to London Heathrow for your onward flight. B


Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.











Day 5: Oxford. Embark on a visit to historic Blenheim Palace, one of the grandest private residences in Britain, and the birthplace and home of Sir Winston Churchill. After a guided introduction to the palace, there is time to explore on your own. Old Bank Hotel | B Day 6: Bath. Travel southwest to the spa town of Bath. The Gainsborough Bath Spa | B

Royal Crescent, Bath

The National Gallery, London

Hever Castle, Sussex

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A SCOTTISH SOJOURN 11 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Embracing the northernmost part of the British Isles, Scotland is wild and untamed. Its landscape of lochs and heathery glens, famous battle sites and fast-flowing rivers provides a dramatic background to historic castles, whisky distilleries and ancient ruins. Its rival cities too are an intriguing contrast: Edinburgh with its captivating history and vibrant Glasgow where festivals, museums and the live music scene create a cultural buzz. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Be captivated by the royal fortress of Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, the Queen’s Official Residence in Scotland Savour the finest single malts on some exclusive distillery visits Admire the collection of fine art, porcelain, tapestries and gardens of Floors Castle, home of the Duke of Roxburghe Take one of the great railway journeys of the world, aboard the Jacobite steam train Discover Glasgow, Scotland’s cultural capital Day 1: Arrive Edinburgh. Arrive into the Scottish capital and transfer to your hotel. The Balmoral Day 2: Edinburgh. Uncover the rich history of Edinburgh at the castle and head down the Royal Mile to St Giles Cathedral and Holyrood Palace, the Queen’s Official Residence in Scotland, which you’ll visit if the royal family is not in residence. Admire the eye-catching Scottish Parliament Building next door. The Balmoral | B

Day 3: The Scottish Borders. Spend the day in the bucolic Scottish Borders. Visit breathtaking Floors Castle and its significant gardens. Explore the romantic ruins of Dryburgh Abbey, the final resting place of Sir Walter Scott, and his fairy-tale home Abbotsford. Wander through charming Melrose and its ruined abbey. The Balmoral | B Day 4: Central Highlands. Head north into the highlands. Cross the Forth estuary and admire the three iconic bridges. Continue past Perth upstream to Dunkeld. Venture into the heart of whisky country with an introduction to the ‘water of life’ at Edradour Distillery. Pass through picturesque Pitlochry and stop to visit the white-turreted Blair Castle, home of the Duke of Athol. Culloden House | B Day 5: Inverness. Visit Culloden Moor, one of Scotland’s most poignant historic sites, where Bonnie Prince Charlie was defeated in 1746. Continue to Cawdor Castle and learn about its link with Shakespeare’s Macbeth as you explore. Later a private tour of the Johnstons of Elgin woollen mill introduces you to Scotland’s highlyprized cashmere. Culloden House | B

Day 6: Isle of Skye. Travel to the west coast via Loch Ness and the Valley of Glen Sheil. Admire the famous view of romantic Eilean Donan Castle, one of Scotland’s most photogenic. Cross the bridge onto the Isle of Skye. Kinloch Lodge | B Day 7: Isle of Skye. A day to explore Scotland’s largest and most majestic island. Start with a visit to the Talisker distillery on Loch Harport. On the west coast, explore Dunvegan Castle and its impressive water gardens. Home of the chief of Clan McLeod, it is the only Hebridean castle still occupied. Visit Portree and the iconic ‘Old Man’ of Storr rock formations. Kinloch Lodge | B Day 8: Fort William. Travel by ferry to board The Jacobite steam train for the 67-kilometrelong ride along the final section of the West Highland Railway. Inverlochy Castle | B Day 9: Western Scotland. Drive through the Pass of Brander into the Argyll landscape and Clan Campbell territory. Visit Inveraray Castle, home to the Duke of Argyll, and admire its richly decorated interiors. Through the wooded Trossachs, Loch Lomond beckons and you follow its ‘bonnie banks’ south, ending in the port city of Glasgow. Kimpton Blythswood Square Hotel | B




Day 10: Glasgow. A day to absorb Scotland’s largest city. Marvel at the largest medieval cathedral in Scotland and discover the university

Eilean Donan Castle, Loch Duich

Glasgow University Cloisters columns

Whisky tasting

Highland cow, Isle of Skye

district with its fine architecture. Admire ‘House for an Art Lover’, the building that Charles Rennie MacKintosh famously designed in 1901. Or visit the impressive Riverside Museum of transport. Kimpton Blythswood Square Hotel | B Day 11: Depart Glasgow. Transfer to Glasgow airport for your departure flight. B

PRICE From $14,575 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $27,965. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.
















The Jacobite steam train

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Classic Irish landscape

BEST OF SOUTHERN IRELAND 9 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Explore the Emerald Isle from east coast to west. From the Georgian architecture of Dublin to Cork and its Titanic heritage, the scenic Ring of Kerry and the Irish Lake District. You’ll be captivated by the raw landscapes and wild coastlines, quaint villages and country pubs, the folk music and dance and of course the whiskey — best drunk out of Waterford crystal! JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Wander through the famous sub-tropical gardens of Ilnacullin Get an insider’s introduction to crystal at the world-famous Waterford factory Journey along the famous Ring of Kerry coastal road Indulge in a chocolate tasting at the family owned Skelligs chocolate factory Stay in country manor houses, a Georgian townhouse hotel and an 800-year-old castle 60


Day 1: Arrive Dublin. On arrival in Dublin you are met and transferred to your elegant hotel in the heart of Georgian Dublin. The Merrion Hotel Day 2: Dublin. Embark on a city adventure beginning at Trinity College, Ireland’s oldest university. See the world-famous Book of Kells, the world’s most famous medieval manuscript, and the Old Library, which houses 200,000 antiquarian texts and the oldest surviving harp in Ireland. Continue to St Patrick’s Cathedral and its memorial to Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels. Afternoon at leisure. The Merrion Hotel | B

Day 3: Waterford. Head out of town to Kilkenny, Ireland’s best-preserved medieval town, to visit the castle and St Canice’s Cathedral. Admire the flourishing pottery and textile design at Kilkenny Design Centre and then gain an appreciation for Waterford crystal at the largest cut-glass factory in the world. Continue to Cork and your hotel. Hayfield Manor | B Day 4: Cork. Spend time exploring the muchloved covered English market overflowing with superb fresh produce. See St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, an impressive example of Gothic Revival architecture, and drive east to Cork Harbour where the Titanic was last seen before its fateful maiden voyage. Nearby, visit the Old Distillery in Midleton, where many brands of spirit are produced, including Jameson’s whiskey. Hayfield Manor | B Day 5: West Cork. Explore the region today travelling through picturesque Kinsale, along the coast to Clonakilty and Skibbereen to Bantry Bay. Later, take a ferry to Garinish Island, home to the famous sub-tropical gardens of Ilnacullin where there is time to admire the Italianate paradise. Return to the mainland and drive through wild and windswept landscapes over the Caha Mountains to Killarney. This evening sit down to a convivial home cooked meal with a local family. The Europe | BD

Trinity College library, Dublin

Day 6: Ring of Kerry. Take one of Europe’s best-loved coastal drives, the Ring of Kerry, following the Iveragh Peninsula, through mountain and moorland scenery to the Ring of Skellig and St Finian’s Bay. Stop in at the family run Skelligs Chocolate Factory for a sample or two before a short climb to admire the view. The Europe | B Day 7: Lower Shannon. Venture into the charming village of Adare, with its thatched cottages, quaint coffee houses and antique shops before arriving in Limerick. Visit the Hunt Museum which has a wonderful collection of antiquities, ranging from the Neolithic period to the present. This afternoon take a short river cruise from Killaloe along the River Shannon. Dromoland Castle | B Day 8: Cong. Travel north to the Irish Lake District to the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher where large colonies of seabirds can be spotted. Take a dramatic drive though the Burren, the largest karst landscape in Europe, around Galway Bay, famed for its oysters. Dromoland Castle | B


Day 9: Depart Lower Shannon. Your journey ends with a private car transfer to Shannon Airport. B

PRICE From $12,110 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $23,240. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your NORTHERN individual requirements. IRELAND













Dromoland Castle, Cong

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Belmond Royal Scotsman




A journey on Belmond Royal Scotsman revives the romantic age of rail travel in Scotland. 40 guests travel through Scotland’s breathtaking countryside in luxurious cabins. Exceptional one- to seven-night journeys give you the chance to do much more than simply admire the stunning scenery. Take part in activities such as clay pigeon shooting, Highland safaris, fishing and golf, and enjoy visits to traditional whisky distilleries, local castles and grand country estates. Life on-board is relaxed and indulgent, with gastronomic dining and the convivial atmosphere of celebrating with friends. THE CABINS There are 15 twin, three double and four single State Cabins. All have a private bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet, high-quality toiletries and fresh towels. Lined with rich marquetry, each has been designed to offer the ultimate in luxury travel. Facilities include lower beds, a dressing table, a full-length wardrobe, individually controlled heating, ceiling fans, opening windows and a cabin service call button. DINING The mahogany panelling and rich upholstery that adorn the two dining cars, Raven and Swift, set the scene for an unforgettable on-board dining experience. Belmond Royal Scotsman’s on-board chefs create dishes using the freshest seasonal local produce. ENTERTAINMENT Enjoy traditional Scottish entertainment after dinner in the Observation Car, including storytelling from a clansman or a performance by local musicians. OBSERVATION CAR The splendour of the Observation Car provides the perfect backdrop to Scotland’s stunning scenery. Views may be admired from the comfort of the interior, or from the open-air verandah.

TASTE OF THE HIGHLANDS | 3 DAYS Journey into the heart of the Scottish Highlands, visiting enchanting sites of natural beauty, whisky distilleries and a country estate with traditional outdoor activities. PRICE PER PERSON (TWIN & SOLO): FROM $5,430

WESTERN SCENIC WONDERS | 4 DAYS Take a ride on the country’s wild side visiting some iconic sites: Loch Lomond, Ben Nevis, the Isle of Bute, a guided tour of Mount Stuart and a choice of tour to Glenfinnan Monument or the Steall Waterfall. PRICE PER PERSON (TWIN & SOLO): FROM $7,905

CLASSIC SPLENDOURS | 5 DAYS This classic Scottish Highlands tour takes you through some of the country’s finest scenery. Visit Rothiemurchus Estate and enjoy a guided tour of Glamis Castle and gardens. PRICE PER PERSON (TWIN & SOLO): FROM $9,905

Please contact your A&K Travel Specialist for further information and any promotional offers that may apply. Solo Traveller cost applies to a single bedded cabin. 130 0 851 8 0 0 | ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM . AU


Belmond Grand Hibernian




Belmond Grand Hibernian is Ireland’s first ever luxury touring train, lifting travel in the Emerald Isle to dazzling new heights. The train takes 40 guests in contemporary style on journeys to discover the beauty of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Excursions include visiting remote areas and exclusive attractions such as ancient castles, famous whiskey distilleries and vibrant cities. THE CABINS Savour the glorious scenery from the comfort of your private cabin. The train offers 16 twin cabins, some of which interconnect, ideal for families and friends travelling together, and one is suitable for guests with limited mobility. Each beautiful carriage is named after an Irish county and boasts its own colours and fabrics. All cabins have a Georgian air of elegant luxury and include private en suite facilities with shower. DINING The richly upholstered dining cars, Sligo and Wexford, set the scene for an unforgettable on-board dining experience. Talented chefs conjure up culinary creations influenced by the regions the train traverses, with an emphasis on fresh and flavoursome local produce — wonderful artisan cheeses, superb smoked fish and smooth Irish whiskeys. ENTERTAINMENT After a sumptuous dinner on the train, local musicians inspire guests to leap to their feet and dance in the Observation Car or listen to tales of Irish folklore and local legends. OBSERVATION CAR Kildare, the saloon-style Observation Car, provides the perfect place to soak up Ireland’s enchanting scenery. Take a seat in a comfy armchair, with a glass of fine Irish whiskey or a pint of local stout from the bar, and lose yourself in the vistas through the large windows.

TASTE OF IRELAND | 3 DAYS From the buzz of Belfast to the artisanal delights of Waterford, explore the highlights of Northern Ireland. Visits included the award-winning Titanic Experience and Curraghmore House, home to generations of the Waterford family. This journey includes a black cab excursion in Belfast.

LEGENDS AND LOUGHS | 5 DAYS Discover the most memorable sights of the Republic of Ireland on this four-night journey, taking in a whiskey distillery, the celebrated Blarney Castle, the spectacular Lakes of Killarney, breathtaking Connemara National Park and charming Galway.



GRAND TOUR OF IRELAND | 7 DAYS Combine the three and five-day journeys for an unforgettable seven-day experience. Travel the length and breadth of Ireland, including a city tour or time at leisure in Dublin on the fifth day. PRICE PER PERSON (TWIN & SOLO): FROM $15,555

Please contact your A&K Travel Specialist for further information and any promotional offers that may apply. Solo Traveller cost applies to a single bedded cabin. 130 0 851 8 0 0 | ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM . AU


St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, England

Shambles Alley,York, England





Extend your journey, and deepen your appreciation of the region. CORNWALL, ENGLAND Mystical home of King Arthur, this duchy in England’s southwest is breathtakingly beautiful with a rugged coastline, wild beaches, charming seaside villages, historic ruins and lost gardens. Explore the heath covered Isles of Scilly, take a scenic coastal walk to a local pub or visit the extraordinary Eden Project, a dramatic global garden housed in tropical biomes. YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND Scenic valleys and vibrant villages characterise charming Yorkshire. Soak up the soaring natural beauty of its famous dales, the rugged sandy beaches of the coast, the stunning landscapes of the North York Moors and the Lake District. Or explore the cosmopolitan charm of Leeds and York’s ancient cobbled streets.

Sunset over Hartland Quay, North Devon

DEVON, ENGLAND Devon offers quintessential British country charm. Its rippling, beach-fringed landscape is studded with historic homes and Gothic cathedrals, national parks, vibrant cities and wild moors. Here you can hike a rugged coast path, take a scenic boat trip, or get lost in hedge-lined lanes. WALES Wales, famed as ‘Castle Country’, with more castles per square kilometre than anywhere else in the world. Explore its rugged coastline and revel in the Celtic culture. Discover the coastal capital of Cardiff or seek out Snowdonia National Park and its hiking trails, expansive lakes, and mesmerising glacial landforms.

Carnarvon Castle, North Wales

GIANT’S CAUSEWAY, NORTHERN IRELAND A World Heritage site steeped in legend, gaze in awe at the immense Giant’s Causeway, the vast basalt columns tumbling down into the Atlantic Ocean. A geological marvel, admire the tens of thousands of hexagonal-shaped pillars, standing tall for over 60 million years and a breathtaking sight to all who witness its beauty. BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND The newly vibrant capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast, has shaken off its troubled past to emerge as one of northern Europe’s most happening cities. Stroll the cobbled streets of the buzzing Cathedral Quarter, lament the infamous Belfast-built liner at the Titanic museum and admire glorious Victorian architecture.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Albert Memorial Clock, Belfast, Northern Ireland

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St Petersburg, Russia



CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE Discover stately Budapest, Vienna and Prague; tsarist treasures in St Petersburg; restored architecture in Berlin; the extraordinary cultural heritage of the Baltic capitals; breathtaking landscapes of the Caucasus, and enjoy insider access to the region’s most iconic places. Tallinn ESTONIA BALTIC SEA



St Petersburg RUSSIA






Krakow Prague CZECH REP. Munich Vienna Budapest AUSTRIA HUNGARY



Discover stately Old World charms in five quite distinct Central European nations. Explore the stylish cities and medieval treasures of Poland, one of Europe’s most underrated destinations. Admire the breathtaking alpine landscapes and cultured cities of Austria. Soak up the romance of the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, and the Czech craft beer scene. Seek out the big cities, romantic towns, and some of the continent’s most beautiful scenery in Germany, or immerse yourself in Hungary and its stunning capital, Budapest. Wherever you are, enjoy insider access and the remarkable history, art, alpine landscapes, classical music and fine cuisine which the region is so famous for. Russia has always fascinated with its sense of intrigue: Moscow and its iconic Red Square; the


Kremlin and its former links with the KGB and St Petersburg, whose opulent palaces, fabulous art-filled galleries and ornate bridges make this, the ‘Venice of the North’, a living museum. The neighbouring Baltic States of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia offer some of Europe’s most surprising travel experiences, each with their own distinctive cultural traditions and heritage. Explore medieval towns, crumbling castles and enchanting forests. Sharing breathtaking landscapes, warmly welcoming people, charming capital cities and a hearty food scene, the Caucasus countries of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia promise adventure aplenty: sip wine in the world’s oldest vineyards; visit ancient Christian churches in Armenia and admire ultra-modern architecture in Azerbaijan.

DISCOVER CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE ON A JOURNEY MADE JUST FOR YOU The following suggested journeys, recommended places to visit and extraordinary experiences are just a taste of what you can see and do across this region. Please visit to find more inspiration for your next unforgettable journey, or contact our Travel Specialists who will work with you to create a memorable bespoke journey. 130 0 851 8 0 0 | ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM . AU


Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic


Some of the region’s foremost sights and locations.

Upper Belvedere Palace, Vienna, Austria

Orchestral performance, Berlin, Germany



PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC One-time seat of the Habsburg Dynasty, and today capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is home to the Estates Theatre, where Mozart conducted the premiere of Don Giovanni, and the elegant, 14th century Charles Bridge. Its Jewish quarter, once a walled ghetto, further reveals the city’s complex legacy. VIENNA, AUSTRIA A city with marvellous flair, Vienna, is synonymous with the music of Mozart and Strauss, and claims among its many attractions the Hofburg and, Schönbrunn Palaces, the Kunsthistorische Museum and the nearby Vienna Woods. BERLIN, GERMANY Surviving turbulent times in the 20th century, Berlin has steadily become a must-see destination for travellers interested in its historic past and vibrant present. With a dazzling and versatile arts scene, it is home to three world class opera houses, the Philharmonie concert hall and Museum Island where five museums are devoted to archaeology and art.


Red Square, Moscow, Russia

Gergeti Trinity Church, Georgia

MOSCOW, RUSSIA Moscow is Russia’s historical, political, economic and spiritual heart, having withstood invasions, civil war and revolution. It remains a sought-after destination, home to the Kremlin, Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral and the Bolshoi Theatre and Ballet.

Peterhof Palace, St Petersburg, Russia

ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA Founded by Peter the Great in 1703 on the Neva River, St Petersburg combines Russian and European cultures and traditions in the most extraordinary way. Replete with splendid museums and galleries and art projects the city is utterly enchanting and the Hermitage a veritable treasure trove.

GERGETI TRINITY CHURCH, GEORGIA Explore this magnificent 14th century monument, surrounded by breathtaking natural views. Also called the Holy Trinity Church, it sits atop a mountain near Mount Kazbegi, one of the highest and most beautiful peaks of the Caucasus. Travel by car or on foot, following a serpentine mountain trail to reach your historic destination. TALLINN, ESTONIA Estonia’s capital is one of the best preserved medieval towns in northern Europe. Situated on the northern coast, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, this compact city is an exciting mix of old and new and easy to explore on foot.

Tallinn, Estonia

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Franz Liszt Academy, Budapest, Hungary

Jubilee Synagogue, Prague, Czech Republic





Exceptional activities curated by A&K’s travel experts. TAKE A PRIVATE TOUR OF THE FRANZ LISZT ACADEMY, HUNGARY The Franz Liszt Academy of Music is the flagship of Hungarian musical education, and the most prestigious concert venue in Budapest. Founded in 1875 by the composer Franz Liszt, this attractive Art Nouveau building is home to several valuable books and manuscripts from his private collection, not to mention the most prestigious music university operating in Hungary. Soak up the rich atmosphere as your eyes are drawn to the stunning frescoes, Zsolnay porcelain and grand chandeliers at this extraordinary concert venue. VIEW PRAGUE’S JEWISH QUARTER, CZECH REPUBLIC In Josefov, Prague’s historic Jewish Quarter, the Old New Synagogue, Europe’s oldest, is still active. Visit it as well as the birthplace of one of the city’s most famous sons, writer Franz Kafka. Stop at the Jewish Museum to view the largest collection of Judaica in Europe and pause to reflect at the Old Jewish Cemetery, one of the oldest in Europe

Museum Island, Berlin, Germany

Bolshoi backstage experience, Russia

Amber Room, Catherine Palace, Russia

EXPLORE BERLIN’S MUSEUM ISLAND, GERMANY Nestled in the River Spree, explore the aptly named Museum Island’s marvellous galleries. Tour the Pergamon and its vast collection of ancient artefacts, or discover the Neues Museum and its extraordinary Egyptian antiquities. Museum Island also boasts impressive architecture; including the Berlin Cathedral with its vast dome and extravagant Neo-Baroque interior. GO BACKSTAGE AT THE BOLSHOI, RUSSIA Attend a performance at Moscow’s worldfamous Bolshoi Theatre or the prestigious Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg. Discover the history and heritage of each iconic venue on an exclusive guided backstage tour. You can wander the historic halls, admire the ornate props used for performances, and examine the elaborate costumes used by the incredible artists.

St Petersburg canals, Russia

AMBER CRAFTSMEN AT WORK, THE CATHERINE PALACE, RUSSIA Learn from the masters in the workshops of the Catherine Palace how the panels in its worldfamous Amber Room are designed and fitted. See how meticulously each panel is produced using Baltic amber, an exacting process that takes decades to complete.

YUSUPOV PALACE AND CANAL CRUISE, RUSSIA Tour St Petersburg’s Yusupov Palace and learn about the intrigue surrounding Rasputin, a shadowy figure who lingered behind the scenes of the political turmoil which culminated in the Russian Revolution of 1917. Afterwards take a canal-boat cruise of the islands which make up this spectacular city.

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Our preferred accommodation choices hand-picked for you. ROCCO FORTE HOTEL DE ROME, BERLIN, GERMANY Located on historic Bebelplatz, Hotel De Rome was once the headquarters of the esteemed 19th century Dresden Bank, its 148 luxurious rooms and suites marrying heritage design with elegant contemporary furnishings The hotel boasts an indoor swimming pool within the former jewel vault and a relaxing rooftop terrace, showcasing stunning views of Berlin’s most iconic sights. FOUR SEASONS PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC With luxuriously appointed rooms and suites boasting breathtaking views over the Vltava, Four Seasons Prague is the epitome of riverside elegance. Enjoy sumptuous seafood prepared before your eyes at the in-house CottoGrudo restaurant, and savour classic cocktails and impressive wines at the opulent bar and lounge. Relax in the tranquil vitality pool or refresh yourself with a treatment in the spectacular hotel spa. FOUR SEASONS GRESHAM PALACE, BUDAPEST, HUNGARY An Art Nouveau landmark on the Danube River, Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest gracefully combines vintage architecture and design with a youthful exuberance and modern amenities. Of the Hotel’s 179 generously proportioned guest rooms, including 19 suites with vaulted ceilings and private step-out balconies, many offer views of intimate interior courtyards, the Old City or the sparkling Danube. The hotel’s SPA harnesses Budapest’s renowned heritage in wellness.

Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome, Berlin, Germany

Four Seasons Prague, Czech Republic

HOTEL SACHER SALZBURG, AUSTRIA The Hotel Sacher Salzburg is the grande dame of Salzburg’s hotels situated on the banks of the Salzach River within close proximity to the city’s main attractions. Its 109 rooms and suites combine the historical traditions of the region with modern luxuries, and boast impressive views over the old town of Salzburg. Dine in its selection of restaurants, cafés and confiserie (confectionary café) for a truly indulgent stay.

Four Seasons Gresham Palace, Budapest, Hungary




Hotel Sacher Salzburg, Austria

Hotel Telegraaf, Tallinn, Estonia

The Grand Palace Hotel, Riga, Latvia

HOTEL TELEGRAAF, TALLINN, ESTONIA One of Tallinn’s few boutique hotels, Hotel Telegraaf is located in the city’s picturesque old town, occupying the 19th century former telegraph building. The hotel’s 83 rooms and suites combine classic and Art Deco touches and most feature views over the medieval old town. A fine Russian restaurant plus a spa complex, complete with Finnish sauna and indoor pool, complete the amenities.

FOUR SEASONS HOTEL, MOSCOW, RUSSIA Just steps away from Red Square, the Kremlin and the State Duma, the Four Seasons Hotel Moscow boasts 180 luxury hotel rooms and suites. The hotel’s décor incorporates elements of the 1930s Russian constructivist design of the original Hotel Moskva which are bright, airy and contemporary. Other facilities include the signature restaurants and a chic destination spa.

THE GRAND PALACE HOTEL, RIGA, LATVIA Located in Riga’s old town, the hotel was built in 1877 and converted into a boutique hotel in 2000. The elegant rooms are comfortable with contemporary decorative touches and en suite bathrooms with heated floors. Dine at the French-inspired Orangerie Restaurant, the club-like Pils Bar or the open-air terrace in the summer months. Leisure facilities include a fitness centre, health club, sauna and steam bath.

FOUR SEASONS LION PALACE, ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA With the entrance guarded by two marble lions, the historic Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace sits within the walls of a 19th century royal residence, offering 183 luxury guest rooms and suites in Russia’s cultural capital. Dine like a tsar in one of the three tantalising restaurants serving Asian, Italian and classic Russian fare, or treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon in the award-winning spa.

Four Seasons Hotel, Moscow, Russia

Four Seasons Lion Palace, St Petersburg, Russia

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A TALE OF THREE CITIES 9 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY On this journey, you’ll become acquainted with Eastern Europe’s three most cultured capitals — Budapest, Vienna and Prague. Each of these elegant cities has a rich history, revealed by your expert guides, much of it explored on foot. From music to art and architecture, special experiences are included to add a delightfully different flavour. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Uncover two sides of the Hungarian capital — Buda and Pest Visit a renowned Viennese coffee shop, an important imperial tradition Venture inside Hungary’s most famous musical university, the Franz Liszt Academy, and admire its valuable manuscripts and the concert hall Go behind the scenes of Prague’s famous Municipal House and Strahov Library Choose to explore the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace and gardens or Klosterneuburg Monastery Day 1: Arrive Budapest, Hungary. Arrive into the Hungarian capital and transfer to your hotel. Four Seasons Gresham Palace Day 2: Budapest. A city of two personalities, start in the old imperial enclave of Buda on

the western bank of the Danube. Cross the graceful Chain Bridge on foot and ascend by funicular to Castle Hill which towers over the Danube. Meander through the cobbled and colourful streets and visit the Matthias Church. Four Seasons Gresham Palace | B Day 3: Budapest. Contrast the more vibrant, populous Pest starting at the market hall. Visit the Great Synagogue, the largest in Europe, and its Jewish Museum. See the vast Heroes’ Square and St Stephen’s Basilica, the city’s largest church. Later, venture inside the Franz Liszt Academy on a private tour. Four Seasons Gresham Palace | B Day 4: Vienna, Austria. Travel with A&K’s Concierge Rail service to Vienna. Take a walking tour of this elegant city visiting the Hofburg Imperial Palace, St Stephen’s Cathedral and the famous ‘Ringstrasse’. Attend a performance at the Vienna State Opera (additional cost). Hotel Sacher | B

Day 5: Design Your Day Vienna. Explore the Austrian capital your way. Choose between a tour to Schönbrunn Palace, the summer home of the Habsburgs, or a scenic drive through the Vienna Woods to picturesque Klosterneuburg and its Augustinian abbey and winery. Hotel Sacher | B Day 6: Prague, Czech Republic. You will be transferred to the railway station to board your train to Prague. Four Seasons Prague | B Day 7: Prague. Explore the ‘Golden City’ of Prague on foot starting at the Old Town Square with its network of narrow streets that make-up the heart of the city. Visit the Jewish Quarter, birthplace of Franz Kafka, the Jewish Museum, which houses the largest collection of Judaica in Europe, the Old-New Synagogue and the Jewish Cemetery. Later, focus on Prague’s musical heritage when you tour the Neo-Classical Estates Theatre, venue for the premiere of Mozart’s Don Giovanni in 1787. Later step inside the Art Nouveau Municipal House which is home to the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and the glorious Smetana Concert Hall. Four Seasons Prague | B

Prague skyline, Czech Republic



Day 8: Prague. Start off at Hradcany Castle, the seat of Bohemian kings and holy Roman emperors. Visit the richly endowed Cathedral of St Vitus and the Basilica of St George. Amble along the Golden Lane, a row of tiny

Budapest, Hungary

Astronomical clock, Prague, Czech Republic

Johann Strauss statue, Vienna, Austria

Franz Liszt Academy, Budapest, Hungary

16th century houses, and visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Loreto, an important place of pilgrimage. Lastly explore the Strahov Monastery with a private tour of its ornate library. Afternoon at leisure. Four Seasons Prague | B Day 9: Depart Prague. Transfer to Prague Airport where your journey ends. B

PRICE From $10,220 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $18,730. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.









HUNGARY Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria

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CONNOISSEUR’S PRAGUE, SAXONY AND BERLIN 11 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Immerse yourself in extraordinary highlights of European history on this captivating journey from the Bohemian city of Prague to beautiful Berlin. Explore museums brimming with artefacts and antiquities, discover rich tapestries of cultural heritage and stand in awe of ornate Baroque architecture, from lofty castles and cathedrals to resplendent royal palaces. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS

Discover the extraordinary antiquities, artefacts and awe-inspiring architecture of Museum Island

Days 2-3: Prague. Over two days explore Prague’s rich history. Tour the city’s Old Town and Jewish Quarter with your expert guide, admiring the iconic astronomical clock, before an introduction to the city’s rich Jewish heritage. Cross the elegant Charles Bridge, drinking in panoramic views. Discover historical Hradcany, Prague’s architectural castle district, visiting World Heritage listed Prague Castle and richly decorated cathedrals. Finish with a visit to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Loreto and the Strahov Monastery, enjoying a private tour of its lavish library. Four Seasons Hotel Prague | B

Day 1: Arrive Prague, Czech Republic. A warm A&K welcome and transfer to your hotel. Four Seasons Hotel Prague

Days 4-5: Dresden, Germany. Travel by rail north across the border to Dresden. Take a tour among the soaring spires and stately buildings of the city’s Old Town. Explore the impressive

Lose yourself in the heady history and aweinspiring architecture of Prague’s Old Town Marvel at the rich legacy of classical music in Leipzig, the birthplace of Wagner and home to the Bach Museum Explore bustling Potsdamer Platz, once bleak and bisected by the Berlin Wall, now a bold symbol of contemporary Berlin

Bust of J.S. Bach, Leipzig, Germany

Zwinger Complex, the stunning Church of Our Lady and Dresden Castle, home to the New Green Vault and its collection of beguiling Baroque treasures. You may also enjoy a captivating performance at the Semper Opera (additional cost). Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski Dresden | B Days 6-7: Leipzig. Journey to Leipzig, stopping en route to admire the city’s monument to the Battle of the Nations and spectacular panoramic views from the observation platform. Arriving in Leipzig, visit the Bach Museum, the composer’s former family home turned dedicated gallery. Continue exploring the city’s constructed treasures, including the striking Renaissance town hall, and the historic St Nicholas Church. With an afternoon at leisure,

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany



Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

lose yourself in the enthralling ambience of the city. Steigenberger Grandhotel Handelshof | B Day 8: Berlin. Journey to Berlin via Potsdam, residence of the Prussian kings and German Kaiser. Visit Cecilienhof Palace, and the colourful castle and gardens of Sanssouci, summer residence of Frederick the Great. Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome | B Days 9-10: Berlin. Tour bustling Potsdamer Platz, once bisected by the Berlin Wall, now a vibrant urban district. Visit iconic ‘Checkpoint Charlie’, and explore the wartime ruins of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Revel in the architecture of the Reichstag, home of the

German parliament boasting a stunning Norman Foster-designed dome. Tour the aptly named Museum Island starting with the Pergamon and its vast collection of ancient artefacts. Investigate the Neues Museum, containing Egyptian antiquities, and bask in the majesty of Berlin Cathedral with its vast dome and extravagant Neo-Baroque interior. Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome | B

Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements. BERLIN


Day 11: Depart Berlin. Transfer to the airport for your departure flight. B









From $10,630 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $19,820.







Strahov Monastery, Prague, Czech Republic


Inside the dome, The Reichstag, Berlin, Germany

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Tallinn skyline, Estonia

CAPITALS OF THE BALTIC 10 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY This journey focuses on the three Baltic capitals — Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius — each with its own distinctive cultural tradition and heritage. Tallinn, capital city of Estonia, is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in northern Europe, while modern Vilnius in Lithuania is a melting pot of cultures and religions. Latvia’s Riga has a fascinating collection of Art Deco architecture and the impressive Rundale Palace. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Uncover ancient remedies in Europe’s oldest apothecary Discover Tallinn’s maritime history at the interactive Estonian Maritime Museum Wander amongst artworks at the Sigulda open air sculpture park Go behind the scenes at the majestic Latvian Opera Put yourself on location at Rundale Palace, viewing film scenes from War and Peace Day 1: Arrive Tallinn, Estonia. On arrival into the Estonian capital you are met and transferred to your hotel, a former telephone exchange. Hotel Telegraaf 80


Days 2-3: Tallinn. Spend two days exploring the highlights of this charming city, including the Upper Town, where the Parliament buildings are located, the onion-domed Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the 14th century tower of the Toompea Castle, and the Lower Town featuring Europe’s oldest pharmacy, the 15th century Raeapteek. Stroll through the seaside village of Pirita and the convent ruins, as well as the palace and parkland district of Kadriorg. Also visit the Estonian Maritime Museum in the seaplane harbour which has a variety of displays including a 1936 Lembit submarine, a centuryold icebreaker Suur Tõll, a full-scale replica of a World War I era Short 184 seaplane and the wreck of the wooden ship Maasilinn dating to the 16th century. Hotel Telegraaf | B

Weaving traditional Lithuanian linen

Day 4: Riga, Latvia. Head south to the seaside resort of Pärnu, with time for a stroll along the beach, or around the medieval town. Cross the border into Latvia and continue your journey, stopping to visit the sculpture park at Sigulda. Head into the countryside tonight for dinner at Kungu Rija, a charming restaurant in a traditional Latvian log barn. Hotel Grand Palace | BLD Days 5-6: Riga. Spend two days acquainting yourself with the Latvian capital on foot. Explore the medieval and romantic Old Town and the Art Nouveau enclave known as Quiet Riga. Visit the Dome Cathedral, Liv Square and the Convent Yard of the Holy Ghost before continuing to St Peter’s Basilica and the Town Square. Explore the Central Market, and enjoy a special behind-the-scenes tour of the majestic Latvian Opera. Hotel Grand Palace | BL/B

Old Town, Riga, Latvia

Day 7: Vilnius, Lithuania. Continue south to Lithuania today stopping en route at Latvia’s most beautiful palace, Rundale Palace. A special behind-the-scenes War and Peace tour is included at the castle where scenes from the BBC’s production were filmed. Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square | BLD Days 8-9: Vilnius. A walking tour introduces you to the city’s many architectural delights. Admire the incredible Vilnius Cathedral and the Presidential Palace at Vilnius University, learn about the tragic history of the Jewish Ghetto, before continuing to the shrine of the Gates of Dawn and the Amber Gallery Museum. Visit the 14th century island castle at Trakai, built in the middle of one of the region’s most picturesque lakes. Head into the countryside to Kernavé,

Rundale Palace, Latvia

a small settlement in the picturesque Pajauta Valley. Known as Lithuania’s Troy, prehistoric remains have been excavated here and it is listed as a major UNESCO World Heritage site. Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square | B


Day 10: Depart Vilnius. Transfer to the airport for your departure flight. B




PRICE From $10,325 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $19,715. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.







Trakai Castle, Lithuania

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JEWELS OF RUSSIA 10 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Russia is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most intriguing and fascinating destinations and on this journey you’ll experience it through the grand monuments, world-class museums and impressive galleries of its two most important cities, Moscow and St Petersburg. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Amble through Moscow’s magnificent Red Square and admire the onion dome of St Basil’s Ride like a local on the Moscow metro Get a different perspective of St Petersburg from the canals Marvel at some of the world’s great treasures in the Hermitage and Fabergé Museums Fall under the spell of the magnificent Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin Day 1: Arrive Moscow. Arrive into the Russian capital and transfer to your hotel. Four Seasons Hotel Moscow Days 2-3: Moscow. Discover Moscow’s most iconic sights. Start off in Red Square with its famous landmark, St Basil’s domed cathedral, and Lenin’s Tomb. Ride like a local on the Moscow metro, renowned for its ornate stations.

Admire the 16th century Novodevichy convent and its cemetery. Explore the Kremlin, a massive fortified complex that is the official residence of the President and houses the important Assumption, Annunciation and Archangel Cathedrals. The Armoury Museum is another unmissable highlight with its collection of the Tsar’s jewels. Four Seasons Hotel Moscow | B Day 4: Design Your Day Moscow. Admire the world’s largest collection of Russian art on a guided visit to the Tretyakov Gallery. Then explore your way with a choice of outings. Art enthusiasts will relish a visit to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art which houses Impressionist and post-Impressionist works. Or, visit the Moscow Space Museum. Or, descend 65 metres underground to the Cold War Museum, one of the most restricted Soviet military zones. Four Seasons Hotel Moscow | B Day 5: Sergiev Posad. Venture out of Moscow today to visit Sergiev Posad (still referred to as Zagorsk), one of Russia’s most important

Fabergé eggs

religious and historical landmarks. Return to Moscow railway station for the high speed Sapsan train to St Petersburg. Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace | BD Days 6-7: St Petersburg. Admire Russia’s most regal city with its columned cathedrals and pastel palaces. Start off at the Peter and Paul Fortress, the oldest building in the city which sits on its own island on the Neva Delta. Visit St Isaac’s Cathedral, the largest Orthodox cathedral in the city, and enjoy a private cruise through the canals. Prepare to be amazed when you set foot in the Hermitage Museum, one of the world’s most famous. Commissioned by Catherine the Great as a winter palace, the museum now houses the

Winter Palace, St Petersburg



St Basil’s Cathedral and the Spasskaya Tower, Moscow

largest collection of paintings in the world. Your guide will navigate you through the highlights. Also, visit the newly opened Fabergé Museum and see the stunning collection of eggs and glittering objets d’art. Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace | B

Day 8: St Petersburg. Head out of the city today to Tsarskoe Selo, more commonly known as Pushkin. You’ll be dazzled by the beautiful Russian Baroque Catherine Palace, and the sumptuous décor of the Great Hall and the

world-famous Amber Room. Time to wander through the park and formal gardens. Back in St Petersburg, visit the Museum of the Defence and Siege of Leningrad, a small memorial dedicated to the darkest days in St Petersburg’s history. Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace | B Day 9: St Petersburg. Another palace to amaze and inspire when you visit Peterhof, the summer palace of Peter the Great. Inspired by Versailles, the lavish décor of the buildings is rivalled only by its famous Grand Cascade of fountains and gilded figures. Return to the city by hydrofoil and your final stop is at the ornate Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood. Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace | B Day 10: Depart St Petersburg. Transfer to the airport where your journey ends. B

PRICE From $12,750 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $23,980. Catherine Palace, St Petersburg

Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.











Moscow Metro




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MS Volga Dream

WATERWAYS OF THE CZARS 12 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Visit Russia’s star attractions, Moscow and St Petersburg, and take a unique cruise on MS Volga Dream, a delightful way to explore the lakes, rivers and canals that connect the two cities. Elegant, with only 50 comfortable and well-equipped cabins, MS Volga Dream is the most intimate cruise ship in Russia with outstanding personalised service. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Explore the Kremlin and be dazzled by the ornate gems in the Diamond Fund Ride like a local on the famous Moscow metro See the world’s greatest collection of Russian art at the Tretyakov Gallery Cruise Europe’s longest river, the mighty Volga Fall under the spell of the magnificent Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin 84


Day 1: Arrive Moscow. Welcome to the Russian capital and transfer to your hotel. Ararat Park Hyatt Day 2: Moscow. Explore Europe’s largest city on a half day privately guided tour. Visit the Kremlin, the Assumption and Archangel Cathedrals, the Armoury Museum and the Diamond Vaults where the dazzling crown jewels of the Romanovs are on display. You’ll also visit the Square of Four Cathedrals and the Tretyakov Gallery, the foremost repository of Russian fine art in the world, containing

more than 170,000 works by Russian artists. Ararat Park Hyatt | B Day 3: Moscow. Morning visit to historic Red Square. Admire the colourful onion-shaped domes of St Basil’s Cathedral and view the Impressionist paintings at the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum. This afternoon, board the MS Volga Dream and begin your journey. Enjoy scenic views as the ship sets sail. MS Volga Dream | BD Days 4-8: Cruising the Volga. The next five days are spent on board. Touring during the cruise includes a walk around the architectural treasures of Uglich, dating from the 10th century, a choral recital in the Church of the Transfiguration, and a tour of the churches of Yaroslavl, the oldest city on the river. Sail on the White Lake and dock in Goritsy to tour the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery. Founded in 1397, it was formerly northern Russia’s largest monastery. Cruise Lake Onega to tiny Kizhi Island for a walking tour and see the open-air Museum of Architecture before navigating the Svir River to Svirstroy, a small and charming rural hamlet. Experience life in this quaint wooden village and try the local “pirozhkie” (pies). MS Volga Dream | BLD

Friendly smiles aboard

Day 9: St Petersburg. Arrive in St Petersburg where you disembark. A private guide will accompany you to Petrodvorets, Peter the Great’s flamboyant palace, and the Peter and Paul Fortress, built by Peter the Great as protection against the Swedish navy during the Great Northern War. Belmond Grand Hotel Europe | B Day 10: St Petersburg. Spend the morning in the incredible Hermitage Museum before exploring the Fabergé Museum and its remarkable treasures in the afternoon. Rated one of the world’s most valuable collections, don’t miss the Imperial Coronation Egg made in 1897, one of the most famous pieces on display. Belmond Grand Hotel Europe | B

Church of the Transfiguration, Kizhi Island

Day 11: St Petersburg. Visit Catherine Palace and its famous Amber Room before lunch and folkloric entertainment. Afterwards, return to St Petersburg and visit the opulent Church of the Spilled Blood and St Isaac’s Cathedral. Belmond Grand Hotel Europe | BL




Day 12: Depart St Petersburg. Transfer to the airport for your onward flight. B









From $11,500 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $19,030.



Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Yaroslavl Assumption Cathedral, Yaroslavl





Church of St Dmitry on the Blood, Uglich

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The Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle onboard restaurant



GOLDEN EAGLE LUXURY TRAIN This is Russia’s only fully en suite private train and it travels to some of the world’s most remote and fascinating regions, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia. You’ll see incredible landscapes and experience unique cultures all from the comfort of a luxury hotel on wheels. The Golden Eagle comprises three categories of cabin. All feature turn-down service and a cabin attendant on call 24 hours a day. WHAT’S INCLUDED • Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner daily

FURTHER TOUR INCLUSIONS • Pre-departure champagne reception

• Generous drinks allowance, including wine, with lunch and dinner

• A brass band performance on departure

• Inclusive drinks packages for Gold Class and Imperial Suite guests

• On board doctor and medical facilities

• A Gala Caviar dinner on board the train

• Experienced Tour Managers

• Optional in-cabin breakfast to start the day

• No tipping policy

• In-suite dining for Imperial Suite guests

• Arrival and departure transfers & luggage porterage

• Dining experiences in local restaurants

• Exclusive steam haulage at Lake Baikal

• Stimulating on board lectures and activities

• Private classical concerts in Irkutsk and Kazan

• Live musical performances each evening

• Pre & Post tour accommodation

IMPERIAL SUITES Imperial Suites are the most spacious cabins (11 sq m) available on board with a large and luxurious double bed, lounge area with dressing table, private en suite with power shower and underfloor heating, individual air-conditioning and well stocked complimentary mini-bar. A private guide and chauffeured car service in selected cities for off-train excursions along the way are all standard plus a welcome bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne on embarkation. Laundry service is included.

GOLD CLASS Gold Class cabins are well-proportioned (7 sq m) and have a private en suite bathroom with separate power shower cubicle and underfloor heating, bathrobes, slippers and luxury toiletries. Individual air-conditioning, large picture window, a double lower bed and a single upper bed are provided. Complimentary tea, coffee and mineral water are available at all times as are drinks from the standard bar list in the Bar Lounge Car. Laundry service is available at an additional charge.

SILVER CLASS Silver Class is the most compact of the cabins (5.5 sq m) and features a small double lower bed and a single upper bed, individual airconditioning and a large picture window. The Silver Class Cabins have a private en suite with washbasin, toilet and ‘wet room’ style shower, bathrobes, slippers and luxury toiletries. Complimentary tea, coffee and mineral water are available at all times. Laundry service is available at an additional charge.

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GOLDEN EAGLE LUXURY TRAIN Here is a selection of sample itineraries aboard the Golden Eagle Luxury Train.

Journey along the shore of Lake Baikal

Kazan, Russia

TRANS-SIBERIAN EXPRESS | MOSCOW – VLADIVOSTOK | 15 DAYS MOSCOW – KAZAN – YEKATERINBURG – NOVOSIBIRSK – IRKUTSK – LAKE BAIKAL – ULAN UDE – ULAAN BAATAR – VLADIVOSTOK Undoubtedly the world’s greatest railway journey, the Trans-Siberian Railway runs like a steel ribbon across the world’s largest country connecting east and west from Moscow over the Urals to Yekaterinburg, across the magnificent and endless steppe and alongside the shores of Lake Baikal, the world’s largest freshwater lake, into Mongolia and through the Russian Far East to conclude in Vladivostok on the western shores of the Sea of Japan. 2020 DEPARTURE DATES: MAY 3, 16*, 31, JUN 13*, JUL 26, AUG 8*, 23, SEP 5* PRICE (GOLD CLASS): FROM $32,300 PER PERSON TWIN SHARE. SOLO TRAVELLER FROM $47,070.

*Operates in reverse

St Petersburg, White Nights season

Lounge Car

LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN | MOSCOW – ST PETERSBURG | 12 DAYS MOSCOW – VLADIMIR – SUZDAL – PETROZAVODSK FOR KIZHI ISLAND – MURMANSK – KIRKENES (NORWAY) – NIKEL MURMANSK – ST PETERSBURG Experience an incredible rail journey during the celebratory White Nights season crossing deep into the Arctic Circle by private train. Incomparable cities, remote communities, dramatic fjords, abundant wildlife, serene forests and stories recounting a turbulent history await you on this adventure of a lifetime. A tour that will be a photographer’s dream, what better way is there to experience the land of the midnight sun than by private train? 2020 DEPARTURE DATES: FEB 1*, DEC 29 PRICE (GOLD CLASS): FROM $23,070 PER PERSON TWIN SHARE. SOLO TRAVELLER FROM $33,070.

*Operates in reverse 88


Terracotta Warriors, Xian, China

Restaurant Car

SILK ROAD | BEIJING – MOSCOW | 21 DAYS BEIJING – XIAN – DUNHUANG – TURPAN – ALMATY – TASHKENT – SAMARKAND – BUKHARA – MERV – ASHGABAT – DARVAZA – KHIVA – KARA KUM DESERT – VOLGOGRAD – MOSCOW Retracing one of the most important trading routes of ancient civilisation, the Silk Road follows in the footsteps of such legendary figures as Alexander the Great and Marco Polo. This epic journey travels across five countries through areas only accessible by train. A condensed 13-day journey, Taste of the Silk Road, is available for those short on time travelling between Almaty and Moscow. 2020 DEPARTURE DATES: APR 13, OCT 1 PRICE (GOLD CLASS): FROM $50,760 PER PERSON TWIN SHARE. SOLO TRAVELLER FROM $73,375.

Cabin service

Mount Ararat, Armenia

CASPIAN ODYSSEY | YEREVAN – ALMATY | 16 DAYS YEREVAN – LAKE SEVAN – DILIJAN – TBILISI – TELAVI – GORI – UPLISTSIKHE – MTSKHETA – BAKU – CROSS THE CASPIAN SEA – ASHGABAT – DARVAZA GAS CRATER – KHIVA – BUKHARA – SAMARKAND – TASHKENT – ALMATY Explore the countries on both the eastern and western shores of the Caspian Sea — Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. With their location at the crossroads of trade, religion, language and the arts, these countries are home to fascinating modern cultures as well as some of the world’s most ancient and timeless architecture. 2020 DEPARTURE DATE: SEP 24 PRICE (GOLD CLASS): FROM $44,610 PER PERSON TWIN SHARE. SOLO TRAVELLER FROM $65,070.

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ANCIENT CROSSROADS: AZERBAIJAN, GEORGIA & ARMENIA 17 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Journey to the heart of the Caucasus on an extensive exploration which reveals three countries whose history and culture became intricately entwined with movement along the great Silk Road. Framed by dramatic valleys and rugged mountain scenery, the region abounds with medieval villages, vineyards and ancient monasteries plus a rich handicraft legacy, flavoursome cuisine, distinct musical traditions and diverse architectural styles. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Discover the futuristic architecture of cosmopolitan Baku on the shores of the Caspian Sea Gain insight to the traditional crafts of the Caucasus in silk studios, pottery workshops, stained-glass ateliers and carpet factories Taste Georgia’s finest wines in the birthplace of viticulture Appreciate the rich polyphonic vocal traditions of Georgian music Admire Khor Virap monastery set against biblical Mount Ararat Day 1: Arrive Baku, Azerbaijan. Arrive into the surprising Azerbaijan capital and transfer to your hotel. Four Seasons Baku Day 2: Baku. Start your discovery of this sophisticated city at Martyr’s Lane memorial where views are outstanding. Wander the cobbled alleyways of the Old Town, pause at

Shirvanshah’s Palace, the 12th century Maiden Tower and the distinctive Zaha Hadid-designed Heydar Aliyev Centre. Four Seasons Baku | BL Day 3: Sheki. Travel to Shamakhi in the Caucasus foothills. Visit the 10th century Juma Mosque, meet a family for yogurt making and a home hosted lunch. Stroll past workshops in the handicraft centre and continue to Sheki. Sheki Palace Hotel | BLD Day 4: Sheki. Start your discovery of this Silk Road town at the farmer’s market. Marvel at the khan’s summer palace, the upper caravanserai and the 12th century church in Kish. Visit a stained-glass workshop and see silk scarves being decorated. Sheki Palace Hotel | BLD Day 5: Tsinandali, Georgia. Arrive in Kakheti, the birthplace of viticulture and winemaking. Stop off at the 16th century citadel in Gremi before lunch and wine tasting. Watch traditional Georgian dishes being prepared and tour the historic Tsinandali estate and winery. Radisson Collection Hotel Tsinandali Estate | BL

Day 6: Tbilisi. Travelling to Tbilisi, stop en route at the Bodbe Nunnery and Sighnaghi, famous for its wine and carpet making. Meander through the narrow streets before lunch with a local family. Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace | BL Day 7: Tbilisi. Walk through the cobbled streets of the old town. See the most important churches, an old synagogue, residential architecture and Narikala Fortress. Pause at the Sulphur Baths and museum. Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace | B Day 8: Kazbegi. Visit early medieval churches and cathedrals before arriving into Kazbegi where views are breathtaking, especially from your hotel. Rooms Hotel Kazbegi | B Day 9: Kazbegi. Hike or drive up to the beautifully situated 14th century Gergeti Holy Trinity Church and visit a felt making studio. Rooms Hotel Kazbegi | BL Day 10: Tbilisi. Visit the ancient rock hewn town of Uplistsikhe, an important centre of pagan worship, and Gori, the birthplace of Stalin. Lunch is in the atmospheric brick cellars of Château Mukhrani. Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace | BL

Old City and Flame Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan



Day 11: Tbilisi. Visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral and meander through Dry Bridge market. Take a walking tour through the cobbled streets of the Sololaki district and pop in to neighbourhood bars and cafés. Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace | B

Geghard Monastery, Yerevan, Armenia

Gergeti Trinity Church, Georgia

Day 12: Yerevan, Armenia. Cross into Armenia this morning and stop at the Haghpat monastery before arriving in the spa town of Dilijan. Continue to Lake Sevan on your way to Yerevan. Grand Hotel Yerevan | BL

Day 16: Yerevan. Drive to Khor Virap, one of Armenia’s most beautiful monasteries, and visit the 13th century Noravank monastery complex. Return to Yerevan for a traditional Armenian dinner with folk music. Grand Hotel Yerevan | BLD

Days 13-15: Yerevan. Spend three days in and around the Armenian capital. Tour the city and visit Cafesjian Modern Art Museum. Pore over stalls at the Vernissage flea market and visit Etchmiadzin Cathedral and museum. Wander through the ruins of the famous Zvartnots Cathedral, visit the Genocide Museum and memorial, the Geghard Monastery for a special vocal performance and the Hellenistic Temple of Garni. Take part in lavash making, savour traditional fare over a barbecue lunch and taste world famous Armenian brandy. Grand Hotel Yerevan | B/BL/BL

Day 17: Depart Yerevan. Transfer to the airport for departure flight. B
















From $13,540 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $22,245.





Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Sunrise view of Mt Ararat, Armenia

Shilda winery, Kvareli, Georgia

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Krakow, Poland





Extend your journey, and deepen your appreciation of the region. KRAKÓW, POLAND Long a part of the important east-west trade route, Kraków and its Main Market Square and Jewish District still welcome travellers with a wide array of goods, cafés and shops. For those seeking to honour history, be sure to visit the site of the former Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp and the Oskar Schindler Factory. WARSAW, POLAND Poland’s capital city, birthplace of Chopin, endured systematic destruction in World War II. It has been gloriously rebuilt and reborn with a fresh new confidence. The Old Town, Royal Castle, Wilanow Palace and Lazienki Park are but a few of its many attractions and it boasts an edgy art scene and curious museums marking its tumultuous past.

Warsaw, Poland

MUNICH, GERMANY Munich, the capital of Germany’s largest state, Bavaria, is an important centre of European culture with a history dating to the Middle Ages. A cosmopolitan city, it is prized for its galleries, outstanding museums, theatres, opera, breweries and a vibrant market scene. SALZBURG, AUSTRIA Birthplace of Mozart and setting for ‘The Sound of Music’, Salzburg is as lyrical as it is historic. Located in northern Austria, amid vistas of the Eastern Alps, Salzburg offers visitors well-preserved examples of medieval and Baroque architecture and an Altstadt (Old City) worth exploring.

Munich, Germany

Salzburg, Austria

SWITZERLAND Switzerland, with its shimmering, turquoise lakes, towering mountains and chocolate box villages, is a country that inspires awe and stirs the soul. From glittering Lake Lucerne to the Aletsch glacier, the iconic Matterhorn and the Eiger, the country’s natural wonders are, indeed, wonders and ripe for adventure in all seasons. Contrast its picture perfect mountain resorts with medieval Bern, cosmopolitan Zurich, Germanic Basel and graceful Lausanne and you have the perfect European getaway.

Zermatt, Switzerland

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The Northern Lights



NORTHERN EUROPE Delve into the vibrant Nordic cultures of northern Europe: Norway’s rich Viking history and spectacular fjords; the elegant culture, cuisine and hygge of Denmark; Iceland’s untouched glacial and geothermal grandeur; the lakes, mountains and architecture of Finland and the Swedish archipelago with its sophisticated cities and chic Scandi design.



Lofoten Islands


ICELAND Gullfoss Reykjavik

Trondheim Ålesund NORWAY Flåm Bergen





DENMARK Copenhagen

Occupying the western half of Scandinavia and spiking up into the Arctic Circle, Norway is known for its amazing and varied scenery dominated by its famously rugged mountains and deep fjords. It’s one of the best places to see the Northern Lights and the country’s capital, Oslo, is the fastest-growing in Europe with an exciting food scene, music and culture. Denmark boasts epic coastal landscapes, impressive museums, some of Europe’s finest dining and an impeccable design ethos. Its bike-friendly capital Copenhagen is a vibrant city with a beautiful old centre, an amazing array of museums, quirky street art and some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe. Dramatic year-round, Finland is a land of lakes, mountains and forests with a healthy


sauna culture. Expect endless daylight in the summer months and long winter nights when the Northern Lights are at their best. The vibrant capital Helsinki is a showcase of modern architecture and design. Visually arresting, Iceland has year-round appeal. Raw landscapes are what Iceland does best with dramatic fjords, thermal fields, mountains, volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls at every turn plus a small and compact capital and a paddock to plate food scene. Made up of thousands of coastal islands, inland lakes and high mountains, Sweden is blessed with an extraordinary natural beauty, a rich cultural heritage and a 700-year-old cosmopolitan capital city, Stockholm, with a world class culinary scene.

DISCOVER NORTHERN EUROPE ON A JOURNEY MADE JUST FOR YOU The following suggested journeys, recommended places to visit and extraordinary experiences are just a taste of what you can see and do across this region. Please visit to find more inspiration for your next unforgettable journey, or contact our Travel Specialists who will work with you to create a memorable bespoke journey.

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Copenhagen, Denmark


Some of the region’s foremost sights and locations. COPENHAGEN, DENMARK Copenhagen is the largest city in Scandinavia, and Denmark’s charismatic capital. Do as the locals do and explore the charming cobbled streets by bike, immersing yourself in the city’s cultural buzz. A mecca of museums, Michelin-starred restaurants and awe-inspiring architecture, Copenhagen is sure to surprise and delight. OSLO, NORWAY The beauty of an Oslo getaway can be found in its stark contrasts. Balance all the excitement of a capital city, its chic cafés, bars, galleries and boutiques, with beautiful majestic mountains and sparkling seas. A must for history buffs is the Viking Ship Museum, where the history of Scandinavia’s legendary seafarers takes centre stage. 96

Oslo, Norway

BERGEN & THE FJORDS, NORWAY Bergen is a thriving city in a stunning natural setting. Nicknamed “The Gateway to the Fjords,” due to its close proximity to both the Sognefjord, the city’s longest and deepest, and the Hardangerfjord, it boasts picture-perfect landscapes of spectacular waterfalls, gorgeous glaciers and lush mountainsides.


REYKJAVÍK, ICELAND Fronting the shores of Iceland’s west coast, the port hub and capital of Reykjavík is a small city big on character. Established around AD 870, it is believed to be Iceland’s first permanent settlement. Today, Reykjavík welcomes guests with its unique architecture, modern design and seaside-chic atmosphere.

NORTHERN EUROPE GLACIER LAGOON, ICELAND One of Iceland’s most incredible natural gems, the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is filled with icebergs that calve from the leading edge of a glacier. Embark with an expert Zodiac driver and crew on a private excursion to see the true meaning of “ice blue” and the other dazzling colours that dance off the jagged ice in the sunlight. THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, ICELAND The powerful Gullfoss waterfall, the explosive geothermal Geysir, and the monumental Thingvellir National Park — Iceland’s Golden Circle landscapes showcase world-renowned natural wonders and humbling historical sites. Rich in culture, riveting heritage and spectacular Nordic scenery, a visit to this glacial wonderland will take your breath away.

Fjords of Norway

Reykjavík, Iceland

Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

Gulfoss Waterfall, Iceland

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Royal Danish Opera House, Copenhagen, Denmark


Exceptional activities curated by A&K’s travel experts. GO BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE ROYAL DANISH OPERA HOUSE Experience behind-the-scenes insight on a guided tour of the architecturally resplendent Royal Danish Opera House, designed by Danish architect Henning Larsen. Admire the marble-clad foyer and its sweeping views of Renaissance Copenhagen before exploring the extensive backstage facilities and the vast, inspiring auditorium where dramatic performances are delivered.

Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway



EXPLORE THE NATIONAL GALLERY AND THE VIKING SHIP MUSEUM IN OSLO, NORWAY Discover Norway’s largest collection of art, architecture and design at the newly opened National Gallery, Oslo. Home to almost 400,000 pieces including the Edward Munch expressionist icon The Scream, it’s a mecca of masterful works. If you are intrigued by Viking history, explore the Viking Ship Museum and admire the worlds best-preserved Viking vessels.

NORTHERN EUROPE RIDE THE ICONIC BERGEN TO FLÅM MOUNTAIN RAILWAY, NORWAY The Flåm Railway (or Flåmsbana in Norwegian) is a 20-kilometre-long engineering marvel, transporting you from the picturesque mountain plateau at Myrdal Station to the rushing fjord by the village of Flåm. Lose yourself in the magnificent scenery with rivers cutting through deep ravines, waterfalls cascading down snow-capped mountains and charming farms clinging dizzily to sheer slopes. RELAX AT THE BLUE LAGOON, ICELAND Located not far from Reykjavík, the Blue Lagoon is a massive man-made pool filled with steaming hot geothermal seawater drawn from nearly 2,000 metres below the surface. Soak at leisure in its soothing, mineral-rich waters, or ask your guide about other, more secluded springs to privately explore.

Flåm Railway, Norway

TRAVERSE A GLACIER BY SNOWMOBILE, ICELAND Be reinvigorated by the thrill of exploring Langjökull glacier, Iceland’s second largest, by snowmobile. Criss-cross the glacier’s snowy expanse, following your expert guide and venture into ice caves all the while admiring the beauty of your chilly surrounds. CHASE THE NORTHERN LIGHTS There are few phenomena that capture the imagination like the Aurora Borealis. A seasonal wonder, the Northern Lights appear at high latitudes on dark nights from September to March, and lucky stargazers can witness anything from an ethereal green glow on the horizon to scarlet streaks shooting across the sky.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Snowmobiling, Iceland

The Northern Lights

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Hotel Skt Petri, Copenhagen, Denmark


Our preferred accommodation choices hand-picked for you. HOTEL SKT PETRI, COPENHAGEN, DENMARK Located in the heart of Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter, Hotel Skt Petri offers a refined sense of laid-back luxury. With spacious rooms and suites designed in an effortless Scandinavian style, the hotel boasts two sumptuous restaurants, a Moët & Chandon Tea Wonderland and a delightful garden courtyard from which to enjoy alfresco dining or a sophisticated sundowner admiring the historical Copenhagen architecture. HOTEL CONTINENTAL, OSLO, NORWAY Located between the shops and restaurants of Aker Brygge and the Royal Palace in old Oslo, the historic Hotel Continental offers warm service with classical elements that combine cleverly with contemporary design. 155 rooms and suites each have their own unique character, décor, soft furnishings and hand-selected art. Molton Brown amenities complete the indulgence. 100


Hotel Continental, Oslo, Norway

NORTHERN EUROPE BERGEN BORS, BERGEN, NORWAY Hotel Bergen Bors is one of Bergen’s most stylish hotels, located in the city’s reinvented former Stock Exchange in the heart of the city. The hotel’s 127 rooms offer a perfect blend of timeless, immaculate décor and historic detail. With one of the city’s best restaurants that prioritises fresh local produce, a café, a spacious gym and a fabulous location, Bergen Bors is the place to stay in Bergen. HOTEL BORG, REYKJAVIK, ICELAND Hotel Borg has become one of the key landmarks of Reykjavik. Located right in the heart of the city and overlooking the beautiful square of Austurvöllur, this historic building has 99 elegant rooms and suites decorated in Art Deco style all offering modern amenities. The hotel is within easy walking distance of the city’s major attractions, shops and restaurants. HOTEL RANGÁ, HELLA, ICELAND Hotel Rangá is perfectly located to discover the natural wonders South Iceland has to offer, from the Golden Circle in the west to the Glacier Lagoon in the east, and the iconic Northern Lights. The hotel hosts 52 luxuriously appointed rooms and suites as well as a restaurant serving gourmet Nordic fare, overlooking Iceland’s extraordinary East Rangá River. With an onsite observatory, guests can enjoy a night of stargazing, in awe of the twinkling night sky.

Bergen Bors, Bergen, Norway

Hotel Borg, Reykjavik, Iceland

Hotel Rangá, Hella, Iceland

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NORDIC ADVENTURE: DENMARK, NORWAY & ICELAND 13 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY Immerse yourself in spectacular Nordic landscapes, Scandi art and design and grand castles on this two-week journey to the capitals of northern Europe. Visit important museums, stroll through stunning waterfront neighbourhoods, cruise through pristine fjords and admire Mother Nature at her most dramatic. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Explore the Kronborg castle of Shakespeare’s Hamlet Experience the extreme conditions endured by Norway’s polar explorers at Oslo’s Fram Museum

famous Christiansborg Palace and the Little Mermaid. Disembark at The Royal Danish Opera House for a private tour backstage and visit the National Museum. Continue to the Tivoli Gardens with time to soak up the festive atmosphere. Hotel Skt Petri | B

Ride the iconic Bergen and Flåm mountain railways for breathtaking scenery

Day 4: Helsingør. Venture behind the walls of Elsinore’s Kronborg Castle, immortalised by Shakespeare in Hamlet and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then admire the extensive collection of modern and contemporary art at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Hotel Skt Petri | B

Appreciate the glacial beauty of Langjökull’s thick ice sheet from inside an ice tunnel

Day 5: Oslo, Norway. Transfer to the airport for your flight north to Oslo. Hotel Continental | B

Admire some of Northern Europe’s most significant art works at the Astrup Fearnley and Louisiana museums of modern art and KODE Bergen

Day 1: Arrive Copenhagen, Denmark. Welcome to the Danish capital and transfer to your landmark hotel. Hotel Skt Petri | B Days 2-3: Copenhagen. Two days in this cosmopolitan city starting with a cruise through the canals of Nyhavn. Look out for the

Day 6: Oslo. Explore Norway’s compact capital admiring views of the Royal Palace. Wander down to the harbour and seek out Munch’s masterpieces in the newly opened National Gallery. Cruise the Oslo fjord and admire the Opera House from the water. Hotel Continental | B

Day 7: Oslo. More opportunity to explore with a ferry ride to the Bygdoy peninsula and the impressive Fram Museum which tells the story of Norwegian polar exploration. Afterwards tour the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. Hotel Continental | B Day 8: Bergen. Board the scenic Bergen Railway, Northern Europe’s highest stretch of track, to Myrdal. Transfer to the Flåm Railway and travel through some of the country’s most magnificent scenery to the village of Flåm where you cruise through Naeroyfjord to Gudvangen. Transfer to Bergen. Hotel Bergen Bors | B Day 9: Bergen. Step outside on a walking tour of Bryggen Wharf, admiring the colourful, crooked wooden houses and old Hanseatic wharf. Continue through the city before a guided visit to the KODE museum. Hotel Bergen Bors | B Day 10: Reykjavik, Iceland. Fly to Reykjavik and relax on arrival with a rejuvenating dip in the Blue Lagoon. Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik | B

Flåm Railway, Norway



Day 11: Golden Circle. Soak up the incredible landscapes, powerful geysers and extraordinary waterfalls of the Golden Circle. See Gulfoss, Iceland‘s most famous waterfall, the Geysir geothermal area and Thingvellir National Park, home of the oldest parliament in the world. Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik | B

Copenhagen, Denmark

Day 12: The Highlands. Today’s adventure includes Hraunfossar and Barnafoss waterfalls before a snowmobiling expedition to the Langjökull ice caves and into the icecap on foot. Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik | B Day 13: Depart Reykjavik. Transfer to the airport for your onward flight. B

PRICE From $24,380 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $45,835. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.







Kronborg Castle, Helsingør, Denmark




Viking Ship Museum, Oslo, Norway





The Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, Iceland

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LAND OF ICE & FIRE 7 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY With its rugged, volcanically-active terrain, few countries showcase the activity of Mother Nature better than Iceland. Its landscapes are jaw-dropping, with dramatic fjords, mountains, volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls aplenty. Stay in intimate boutique properties that range from log cabin-style lodges to sophisticated Art Deco city hotels and enjoy fine, seasonal Icelandic cuisine. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Admire breathtaking landscapes under the glow of the Midnight Sun Sink into the mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon Watch rainbows dance above the majestic twotiered Gullfoss waterfall Explore the Thórsmörk valley by super jeep Savour seasonal Icelandic cuisine Day 1: Arrive Reykjavik. Arrive into the Icelandic capital where you are met and transferred to the hotel. Hotel Borg

Day 2: Reykjavik. Compact and stylish, Reykjavik is easy to navigate. A private city walking tour includes the 19th century Parliament House, Reykjavik Cathedral, the impressive steel and glass-framed Harpa concert hall, and the whimsical Hallgrímskirkja church, which towers over the city. This afternoon, head to the mineralrich geothermal Blue Lagoon, where the waters are said to have wonderful healing qualities. Be sure to take a relaxing and rejuvenating dip in the warm milky-white waters before returning to the city. Hotel Borg | BL Day 3: Golden Circle. Today is a tour of the Golden Circle, Iceland’s foremost attraction, with its stunning landscapes, powerful geysers and extraordinary waterfalls, including Gullfoss,

Strokkur Geysir

Iceland’s most famous, which plummets 32 metres down to the canyon below. Visit Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the only place in the world you can view both the North American and European tectonic plates. Hotel Rangá | BL Day 4: South Shore. Head out this morning to explore some of the most beautiful spots on Iceland’s South Shore: jaw-dropping waterfalls, black sandy beaches, the basalt sea stacks of Reynisdrangar, the 60 metre-high

Seljalandsfoss waterfall



Stunning Icelandic landscape

Seljalandsfoss waterfall which flows from the famous Eyjafjallajökull glacier, and Skógafoss waterfall, widely considered Iceland’s most beautiful. At the end of the day, return to the hotel. Hotel Rangá | BL

Day 5: Landmannalaugar. Another superjeep trip today across lava fields, black ash and scoria deserts to Landmannalaugar, passing Hekla volcano en route. This region is breathtaking, with black ridges and

contrasting mountains of green, red, yellow and orange. Highlights include the Ljótipollur crater lake and an opportunity to take a dip in the Landmannalaugar natural pools. Hotel Rangá | BL Day 6: Thórsmörk. A dramatic adventure today, travelling into the rugged Thórsmörk valley by super-jeep. Surrounded by high mountains, majestic glaciers and birch woods, it is a truly breathtaking part of the world. On several short hikes, you’ll explore Thórsmörk’s chief attractions, including the crater glacier, Gígjökull, the narrow canyon of Stakkholtsgjá with its beautiful waterfall, and the Gljúfrabúi waterfall. Hotel Borg | BL Day 7: Depart Reykjavik. Transfer to the airport for your departure flight. B

PRICE Reykjavik

From $11,510 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $21,770. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements. NORWEGIAN SEA



The Blue Lagoon






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Snæfellsnes Peninsula

ICELAND & THE NORTHERN LIGHTS 7 DAYS | PRIVATE JOURNEY This journey takes you to one of the most visually breathtaking countries in Europe to see the Northern Lights. Best seen during the winter months, when the temperatures are low and the night sky is clear and black, the Aurora Borealis lights up the sky in varying shades of green, pink and blue, sending out an eerie, otherworldly glow. You’ll visit locations outside of Reykjavik where the raw landscapes provide the best opportunity of viewing. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Seek out the Northern Lights in the Icelandic night sky Discover the underground treasures of Iceland’s volcanoes when you descend into a lava tube Get up close to the thundering waterfalls of the Golden Circle Walk along a black sand beach on the North Atlantic Bathe in the mineral-rich geothermal Blue Lagoon Day 1: Arrive Reykjavik. Arrive into the Icelandic capital where you are met and transferred to your Art Deco hotel. Hotel Borg Day 2: Reykjavik. Compact and stylish, Reykjavik is easy to navigate. A private city walking tour includes the 19th century 106


Parliament House, Reykjavik Cathedral, the impressive steel and glass-framed Harpa concert hall, and the whimsical Hallgrímskirkja church which towers over the city. The afternoon is at leisure to further explore, shop, visit a local coffee house or relax at the hotel. Hotel Borg | B Day 3: Snæfellsnes Peninsula. An adventure today to the Snæfellsnes peninsula, famous for the glacier and volcano that inspired Jules Verne’s fictional Journey to the Centre of the Earth. The peninsula is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with sandy beaches on one side, mountains on the other and the towering glacier above. Explore the 8,000-year-old Vatnshellir lava tube, the Gerduberg wall of basalt columns, and the black pebble beach of Djúpalónssandur, once one of the most prolific fishing villages on the peninsula and now deserted. Continue to Borgarfjörður and your accommodation. Hotel Husafell | BL

Lutheran church, South Shore

Day 4: Golden Circle. Discover the Golden Circle region, one of Iceland’s major attractions and a showcase of the very best the country has to offer — beautiful landscapes, powerful geysers and a most magnificent waterfall. Start off at the UNESCO World Heritage listed Thingvellir National Park, an area of incredible scenery, and site of the oldest existing parliament in the world. Visit the Geysir area, home to several hot spouting geysers. The most famous is Great Geysir, but the most energetic is Strokkur which spouts every few minutes to a height of 40 metres. Finally, head to Gullfoss waterfall, Iceland’s most famous, which plummets 32 metres down to a canyon below. Skálakot Manor Hotel | BL Day 5: South Shore. Explore the South Shore, well known for its scenic beauty, waterfalls and endless black sandy beaches. First stop is the 60-metre-high Seljalandsfoss waterfall, whose water flows from the famous Eyjafjallajökull

Reynisdrangar sea stacks

glacier. Continue to the extraordinary basalt sea stacks at Reynisdrangar and wander along the black sand beach. Finish the day at Skógafoss waterfall, one of Iceland’s most beautiful. Skálakot Manor Hotel | B Day 6: Reykjanes Peninsula. Visit Reykjanesskagi, a small headland in the country’s far southwest. A region of intense geothermal activity, the dramatic, rugged landscape here features volcanic craters, caves, lava fields and hot springs. Highlights include Kleifarvatn Lake, the colourful sulphuric deposits of the Seltún geothermal area, the Krýsuvíkurbjarg cliffs and their abundant birdlife, as well as the mineralrich geothermal Blue Lagoon, whose waters

Puffin, Snæfellsnes Peninsula

are said to have wonderful healing qualities. Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating dip in the warm milky-white waters, before returning to Reykjavik. Hotel Borg | BL Day 7: Depart Reykjavik. Transfer to the airport for your departure flight. B

PRICE From $10,935 per person twin share. Solo traveller from $20,710. Our complete range of ready-to-travel private journeys can be viewed on our website and all can be personalised to your individual requirements.










Gullfoss Waterfall

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Stockholm, Sweden

Lofoten Islands, Norway





Extend your journey, and deepen your appreciation of the region. STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN The Swedish capital, Stockholm, is built on an archipelago, earning it the title, “Venice of the North.” Its Vasa Museum, Royal Palace and City Hall offer historic and architectural appeal, as does Gamla Stan (Old Town), with its narrow cobblestone streets perfect for strolling. LOFOTEN ISLANDS, NORWAY On the edge of the Norwegian Sea, far above the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands are a rare wilderness outpost, an idyllic paradise of rolling green pastures, picturesque villages, majestic mountains, surf-swept beaches and deep fjords.

Ålesund, Norway

Tromsø, Norway

ÅLESUND, NORWAY A picturesque port town on the west coast of Norway, Ålesund stands at the entrance to the Geirangerfjord. Known for the vibrant Art Nouveau architectural style in which most of the town is rebuilt, bask in the panoramic views of Ålesund’s surrounding archipelago and fjords from the magnificent Mount Aksla lookout. TROMSØ, NORWAY Located 400 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, the small but lively city of Tromsø bills itself as Norway’s gateway to the Arctic, the starting point for extraordinary expeditions led by explorers like Roald Amundsen. Surrounded by icy fjords and snowcapped craggy peaks, the city and surrounds is perfectly placed to witness the Northern Lights.

Helsinki, Finland

HELSINKI, FINLAND Finland’s capital since 1917, harbourside Helsinki is the country’s political, intellectual and cultural centre. Fiercely independent and avant-garde artistic traditions have encouraged a vibrant design scene with a culinary ethos to match. Visit world beating museums and galleries, architectural masterpieces and the 18th century sea fortress Suomenlinna. ROVANIEMI, FINLAND Almost totally destroyed during World War II, today Rovaniemi is a modern capital city known for being the “official” home town of Santa Claus, and a prime destination for viewing the magnificent Northern Lights. It’s home to Arktikum, a museum and science centre exploring the Arctic region and the history of Finnish Lapland.

Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Finland

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A&K delivers the finest luxury expedition cruise experience in the world. Backed by more than 30 years of expedition cruising experience, every exclusively chartered A&K voyage is led by an awardwinning Expedition Team, features all-balcony staterooms and a maximum guest complement of 199 (148 on the smaller vessels), and includes all excursions, beverages, gratuities and more. Below is a selection of expedition cruise in this region.




13 days from $18,835* per person twin Embark on a comprehensive itinerary that explores nearly the entire navigable coastline of Italy and visits its most unique ports.

10 days from $16,660 per person twin Experience the wide diversity of Greece on a single itinerary that spans Knossos in Crete, Rhodes, Santorini and lively Mykonos, exploring historic sites and natural marvels.




24 days from $45,575*per person twin Cruise the full extent of the legendary Northwest Passage against a beguiling show of flora and fauna, history and culture.

15 days from $21,720* per person twin Marvel at geological wonders and the majestic polar bear on a voyage to the magnificent Arctic islands.

15 days from $21,985* per person twin Explore breathtaking locales from the fjords of Iceland to glaciers and archaeological sites across Southern Greenland’s stunning coastline.

13 days from $20,280* per person twin Set out on the most sweeping of Baltic cruises, immersed in the cultures of grand, historic cities in Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Russia.


2021/2022 departure dates now available. Please see our website for details. *The prices shown here include early booking discounts on certain departures. Those discounts are subject to availability and may be withdrawn or reduced at any time.



Handcrafted small group journeys to the world’s most exquisite destinations – emerging and eternal. In addition to our portfolio of private journeys, A&K also offers a range of small group journeys across the globe. Below is a selection of what is available in this region. Please visit our website for more details on these and other A&K small group journeys in Europe, or to request a copy of our Small Group Journeys brochure.



13 days priced from $13,400 per person twin 4 departures across May, June, July & September Relive the rich, and often turbulent, history of four central European countries — Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary — on this fascinating cultural journey.

13 days priced from $9,495 per person twin 4 departures across May, June, September & October This unique journey to the heart of the Caucasus — Georgia and Armenia — offers a surprising taste of old world Eastern European charm. Discover thousands of years of history, stunning scenery and a rich cultural heritage.




16 days priced from $17,990 per person twin 4 departures across May, September & October Contrast colourful histories and a beguiling mix of cultures in this combination of two fascinating European destinations. Immerse yourself in the thousands of years of history in Malta, and in the even more ancient heritage of Turkey.

13 days priced from $44,920 per person twin Departs March Explore two countries forever linked to the great Moorish culture that ruled them from the eighth to the 15th century. Featuring private charter flights between destinations.

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Experience Authentic Boutique Style on Connections Boutique Group Journeys Combining the best of A&K expertise and style with authentic experiences and hand-picked boutique hotels, Connections Boutique Group Journeys invite you on an immersive quest into the heart of the world’s most captivating locales, with a maximum group size of just 24 guests. GO BEYOND THE GUIDEBOOK FOR AUTHENTIC DISCOVERY

Explorers who really want to know a destination don’t take the word “experience” lightly. Neither does A&K, and it’s why we created Connections Boutique Group Journeys, which offer deeply immersive experiences — the kind that take you beyond the guidebook — in the most captivating neighbourhoods, enjoying specially tailored activities and dining experiences. Every journey is anchored by stays in boutique accommodations: one-of-a-kind hotels that put you in the heart of the places you most want to be; it also features groups of no more than 24 guests led by an A&K Resident Tour Director.


Every Connections Journey is designed to bring you to the beating heart of the places we visit, and we look to our Boutique Connections to take you there. Immersive travel at its finest, these authentic, exclusive and engaging local interactions not only reveal the distinct culture of a place, they connect you to it in unexpected and unforgettable ways.


Intimate, charming and brimming with stories, the boutique hotels we select for every Connections Boutique Group Journey add a unique dimension to your travel experience. Whether it’s Ireland’s historic Markree Castle, Munich’s family-run Platzl Hotel or Venice’s centrally situated Hotel L’Orologio, we seek out properties with just the right blend of heritage, character, location and scale.


On a Connections Boutique Group Journey with A&K, we don’t just bring you to the bustling seaside of Ston in Croatia — you sample fresh-caught oysters and a refreshing glass of wine with a local fisherman. Boutique experiences like this are what set A&K apart from any competitor, and speak directly to our extensive and long-established ties everywhere we operate. Our 56 offices in more than 30 countries — six in Europe alone — work tirelessly to design boutique experiences you won’t find anywhere else. 112



Connections Journeys feature groups of no more than 24 guests on every departure, and that makes an important difference in how you experience your destination. Small groups allow for more intimate access to places and experiences that larger groups can’t manage.


Experience the same authentic boutique ambience of our land journeys on the only small-group river cruising experience available in Europe. Connections European River Cruise Journeys take you through the very heart of the continent along the Rhine, Main, Danube and other great rivers of Europe, with city stays in boutique hotels, the chance to dine and go ashore in an exclusive group of no more than 24 guests and A&K’s unmatched local access and expertise.


• Joining a welcoming Puglian chef in her home on Sicily, Puglia & the Amalfi Coast, where you learn to prepare regional dishes and then feast on them together, just as Italian families do • Taking a lesson in the lively sport of dogsledding from an expert instructor, and then trying your hand as musher with your own dog team on the new Northern Lights of Lapland • Spending time in the workshop of the master porcelain makers of Delft on Cruising Holland & Belgium in Bloom, observing as masterpieces are fired and painted • Experiencing dinner and a captivating flamenco performance at a private palace in Seville on Spain: Seven Cities, arriving via an enchanting horse-drawn carriage ride • Exploring a Nuremberg art bunker that sheltered paintings from destruction in World War II while travelling on Prague & the Blue Danube Get a taste of the A&K Connections experience.

2020 Land Journeys SICILY, PUGLIA & THE AMALFI COAST 11 days priced from $9,850 per person twin Featuring Palermo, Taormina, Matera, Naples and Capri 10 departures across May, June, July, September & October.

ITALY: JEWELS OF THE NORTH 10 days priced from $10,140 per person twin Featuring Milan, Como, Turin, Rapallo, Cinque Terre, Parma, Verona and Venice 9 departures across June, July, September & October.

SWITZERLAND & THE ITALIAN LAKES 11 days priced from $12,745 per person twin Featuring Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken, Zermatt and Stresa 9 departures across May, June, July, August, September & October.

CROATIA: JEWEL OF THE COAST 9 days priced from $6,660 per person twin Featuring Zagreb, Split, Brac, Dubrovnik and Kotor 13 departures across May, June, July, September & October.

GREECE: ATHENS & THE AEGEAN 10 days priced from $10,025 per person twin Featuring Athens, Oropos, Crete and Santorini 7 departures across May, June, July, September & October.

SPAIN: SEVEN CITIES 10 days priced from $8,945 per person twin Featuring Barcelona, Granada, Ronda, Seville and Madrid 11 departures across April, May, June, July, August, September & October.

PORTRAIT OF PORTUGAL 9 days priced from $7,965 per person twin Featuring Lisbon, Nazaré, Coimbra, Douro Valley and Porto 6 departures across May, June, July, September & October.

ICELAND: GEYSERS & GLACIERS 10 days priced from $14,955 per person twin Featuring Reykjavík, Húsafell and Siglufjörður 8 departures across June, July, August & September.

NORTHERN LIGHTS OF LAPLAND 9 days priced from $12,960 per person twin Featuring Helsinki, Rovaniemi and Saariselka 11 departures across December 2020, January, February & March 2021.

RUSSIA: TREASURES OF THE TSARS 10 days priced from $7,965 per person twin Featuring Moscow, The Golden Ring, Suzdal, St Petersburg, Peterhof and Pushkin 8 departures across May, June, July, August, September & October.

2020 River Cruises CRUISING HOLLAND & BELGIUM IN BLOOM 9 days priced from $7,675 per person twin Featuring Amsterdam, Arnhem, Zeeland, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, Delft and Keukenhof 2 departures across April & May.

PRAGUE & THE BLUE DANUBE 11 days priced from $11,005 per person twin Featuring Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Dürnstein, Melk, Salzburg, Nuremburg, Regensburg, Cesky Krumlov and Prague 5 departures across April, May, June, September & October.

SWITZERLAND & THE RHINE 11 days priced from $13,035 per person twin Featuring Amsterdam, Aalsmeer, Cologne, Cochem, Koblenz, Rüdesheim, Heidelberg, Strasbourg, Lucerne and Zurich 4 departures across May, June, September & October.

SCOTLAND & IRELAND: STORIES & LEGENDS 12 days priced from $10,475 per person twin Featuring Edinburgh, St Andrews, Inverness, Belfast, Roscommon, Strokestown and Dublin 8 departures across May, June, July, August & September.

Reserve your place on one of these inspiring journeys now. Call Abercrombie & Kent on 1300 851 800, visit or contact your travel professional for more information. 130 0 851 8 0 0 | ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM . AU


THE BEST WAY TO FLY: WITH A&K ABERCROMBIE & KENT HAS LONGESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIPS WITH A WIDE RANGE OF PARTNER AIRLINES. This works to your advantage in a number of ways: • Our Travel Specialists and dedicated Flight Desk know which flights work best for your particular itinerary and which can save you time in the air • We offer competitive airfares in conjunction with any of our holidays in any class of travel • You can choose from a wide variety of carriers and earn mileage credits with your preferred airlines (where applicable) Talk to your A&K Travel Specialist about our Flight Desk service.

Fly to Europe with one of our preferred partner airlines

EARN QANTAS POINTS ON LUXURY TRAVEL EARN 1 QANTAS POINT FOR EVERY $1 SPENT ON ELIGIBLE ITINERARIES*. Abercrombie & Kent guests can earn Qantas Points when booking a luxury holiday. Qantas Frequent Flyer members will earn 1 Qantas Point for every dollar spent on an A&K land itinerary of seven nights or more (excludes taxes and credit card fees)*.


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many other rewards available through Qantas Frequent Flyer.

Start exploring today, book your qualifying holiday and you could be closer to your dream reward, whether it be a flight to an exotic destination, a shopping voucher or one of the

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A REWARDS PROGRAMME FOR REPEAT TRAVELLERS EXPERIENCE THE MARCO POLO CLUB Created to recognise and reward our most loyal guests, the Marco Polo Club® is open to everyone who travels on three or more journeys with Abercrombie & Kent. Among the club’s benefits is a 5% discount on almost any new booking made within nine months of returning from an A&K journey. This discount also applies to any immediate family member(s) travelling with the Marco Polo Club member. And solo travellers are entitled to a 50% discount on most single supplements booked at any time. Marco Polo Club members also enjoy recognition in other ways with a place on the priority waitlist for sold-out journeys, a members-only onboard reception on A&K Luxury Expedition Cruises, and a variety of exclusive communications and events. To learn more about A&K’s Marco Polo Club, visit

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Restoring artwork at the Basilica of Santissima’s Giambologna Chapel, Florence




BE A PART OF TRAVEL THAT CHANGES LIVES Make a deeper local connection on your next journey with a visit to an Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy project. TRANSFORMING TRAVEL The travel industry is in the midst of a transformation toward greater equity and sustainability. Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP) is dedicated to positively impacting lives and livelihoods in the communities where our guests travel. We are equally committed to ensuring guests learn about our philanthropic investments as an integral part of their travel experience.

SHARING A JOURNEY THAT MATTERS While an A&K journey reveals all kinds of inspiring experiences, our guests often find their visit to an AKP project the most stirring. You’ll find these unique opportunities on many of our journeys, affording a wealth of interactions and insights you won’t find anywhere else. Whether celebrating a newly opened school or the beauty of an ecosystem brought back from the brink, these visits forge memories that last a lifetime.

BUILDING ON A SOLID FOUNDATION Established in 1982 under the guidance of A&K Vice Chairman Jorie Butler Kent, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy is dedicated to giving back to the vibrant communities we’re so privileged to share with our guests. Our local offices seek out and support grassroots projects in these communities, and we’re now deeply involved in more than 40 education, conservation, healthcare and community enterprise projects in 22 countries. For example, in Florence, AKP funds are helping to restore the Basilica of Santissima Annunziata’s Giambologna Chapel to its former glory. Guests can visit the chapel with one of the restorers and learn about the meticulous work being undertaken. In Iceland, Húsavík Whale Museum houses an extensive collection of whale skeletons. AKP support has helped build a new wing for the skeleton of the largest animal known to have lived on earth, the blue whale. The exhibit is now open to the public.

SUSTAINING AN UNMATCHED LOCAL PRESENCE With full-time, locally based coordinators serving our partner communities in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, India, Peru, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, AKP is fostering philanthropic commitments unprecedented in the travel industry. Focused on making the most of our efforts in the field, these community development professionals are also uniquely qualified to share these projects with you, our guests. If you’d like to meet one of our Philanthropy Coordinators and experience an AKP project firsthand, please contact A&K or your travel agent to arrange a site visit on your next journey. Abercrombie & Kent makes a donation to AKP on behalf of every guest travelling.

For more information on AKP projects around the world, and how you can support or visit them, see 130 0 851 8 0 0 | ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM . AU


EXPLORE MORE OF THE WORLD IN A&K STYLE EUROPE Luxuriate in the Continent’s pageant of dazzling cities, enchanting rural scenes, dramatic mountainscapes and sparkling coastlines; from the Arctic North and Scandinavia to the Mediterranean South, from the Sceptred Isles to the splendours of Central and Eastern Europe.

SUJATA RAMAN Regional Managing Director A&K Australia & Asia Pacific I hope the journeys in this brochure have piqued your interest and inspired you to explore more of the world with Abercrombie & Kent. We offer luxury private and small group travel experiences — including rail journeys, river cruises, great walks, safari adventures and polar expeditions — to destinations in more than 100 countries across the globe. On an A&K journey, you’ll be backed every step of the way by more than 2,500 expert local staff in 56 A&K offices, ensuring you’ll always travel in effortless style and comfort, even in some of the world’s most remote locations.

INDIA & THE ORIENT Wonder at the different worlds unfurled across a vast continent. From the ancient empires of Central Asia, and the sensory adventure that is India, to the millennial powerhouse of Modern China and the alluring lands of the Far East, Asia is a kaleidoscope of colours and cultures.

AFRICA, ARABIA & PERSIA Explore the Mother Continent and her near eastern neighbours, from the incredible wildlife of Southern and East Africa, home of the safari and birthplace of A&K, to the living histories of Egypt and Morocco, the Arabian Peninsula and Persia, birthplaces of civilisations.



Setting the standard for comfort and service in small group travel, these shared adventures to the world’s great destinations feature guaranteed departures, the finest hotels, and insider access to revered sites, often before the crowds arrive. With expert local hosts and small group sizes (maximum 18), these are journeys to the heart and soul of a destination.

Discover the Promised Land for the modern experiential traveller, where the New World and the pre-Columbian past meet in larger than life landscapes, vibrant cities and otherworldly ecosystems; from Patagonia to the Amazon; the festivals of Mexico to the peaks of the Andes; the wildlife of the Galapagos to the nightlife of Buenos Aires.



Unscripted journeys through the High Arctic, realm of the polar bear, the legendary Northwest Passage, and to Antarctica on incredible expedition vessels, with on board enrichment programmes and shore excursions with expert guides and naturalists. Also includes cultural cruises in the Mediterranean region, Japan and beyond.

Adventure and luxury begins on your doorstep, from the Red Centre to the golden beaches and azure waters of the coast; World Heritage rainforests and rich pastoral lands; glaciers, geysers, fiords and alpine peaks; with modern, cosmopolitan cities and world class lodging, fishing, hiking, golfing, food and wine.

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