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“Those who lose dreaming are lost.” — Australian Aboriginal proverb To our good friends and cherished guests in Australia & New Zealand, Let me start by saying I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and well and in good spirits. I also hope you’re beginning to see some encouraging signs of a return to normal life in your part of the world. For an inveterate traveller like myself — having built my life around a belief that travel makes the world a better place — being obliged not to travel for a period of time has been both a challenge and an honour. The past few months have also been a reminder that travel, especially travel of the kind enjoyed by people of my generation and younger, is an incredible privilege, a privilege unprecedented in human history. And that has only made me more determined, as the world opens up again, to make my travel count like never before. I know many of you share this same unquenchable thirst to truly experience the world, to meet its people, learn its ways, to understand what makes each of us different and yet all of us in many ways so alike. I know, when the time is right, people like you and I will once again be exchanging knowing looks and kindred-spirit smiles on remote airstrips and aboard splendid expedition ships, laughing with new friends around a fire at the end of an unforgettable day in another ancient land, saluting the sun as it slides below the horizon. In the meantime, I think we are all discovering that great travel, like so many of the most important things in life, begins at home. Everyone knows the feeling of talking to a foreign visitor in our own country who has seen more of it than we have. The time has come — or is soon coming — to set that right. There is so much adventure awaiting us in our own lands. And especially in yours! The world has looked on in envy and admiration at the success of Australia and New Zealand in traversing this pandemic. And our envy and admiration doesn’t end there. For many years now, the quality of the luxury travel experience in Australia and New Zealand has been a beacon for the most discerning travellers from around the world. The relaxed welcome, the clean air and clear light, the outdoor lifestyle, incomparable landscapes and unique cultures, ancient and contemporary… this brochure showcases them all and does a wonderful job of conveying the inspiring travel experiences A&K has delivered in Australia and New Zealand for decades. Enjoy exploring. Stay safe, dream global and, for the time being at least, travel local.

Geoffrey Kent Founder, Co-Chairman & CEO of the Abercrombie & Kent Group of Companies @geoffrey_kent

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A&K’s Australia & New Zealand Where will your journey take you? Abercrombie & Kent has been crafting exquisite luxury adventures in Australia and New Zealand for more than 30 years. With A&K, you can choose your own adventure — physical, intellectual, cultural — from an incredible palette of natural and enhanced ingredients: tropical islands, vast red deserts, windswept beaches and snow-capped mountains. Glaciers and fiords, world-class wineries and sumptuous regional produce. Otherworldly golf courses, bracing eco walks, private cycling tours and bragworthy fly fishing. Swimming with whale sharks, or relaxing in front of an open fire, gazing out over Kings Canyon, the Marlborough Sounds or the Southern Ocean. Whether you want to go behind the scenes at the Melbourne Theatre Company or escape into the backcountry of the New Zealand Alps, visit the studios of acclaimed contemporary artists or walk the sacred lands of the world’s oldest continuous culture in the company of an elder, meet the maker of your next favourite varietal wine or the maestros of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, A&K can make it happen, tailoring a remarkable journey just for you, filled with unforgettable moments and ample time to relax and recharge, right here in our two incomparable island nations.






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Why Choose A&K in Australia & New Zealand Abercrombie & Kent has been creating inspiring luxury adventures in Australia & New Zealand for more than 35 years with the same care and attention that has made A&K the benchmark for luxury travel in more than 100 countries around the world. We take travellers into the true heart of a destination, in extraordinary style and comfort, with authentic local insight, unforgettable experiences and encounters, and exclusive access privileges. Vast Experience A&K was founded in East Africa in 1962 and has operated luxury journeys for inbound visitors to Australia and New Zealand for more than 35 years. We have also been crafting incredible experiences specifically for Australian and New Zealand travellers, and the ways we like to travel, here and abroad, for decades.

Unmatched Expertise Unlike other operators, we recruit, train, and manage our own full-time staff, and orchestrate every aspect of your journey with precision and flexibility, down to the finest detail.

Dedicated Journey Designers & Quality Inclusions Our dedicated Australia & New Zealand Journey Designers are travel experts who create impeccably-balanced journeys designed to flow seamlessly from start to finish. We use only hand-picked and deeply-researched accommodation, whether high-end luxury hotels, intimate boutique inns or independently-owned lodgings, and weave quintessential destination experiences into every journey.

Expert Guides and Local Heroes A&K’s guides are the industry’s very best, blessed with extensive local knowledge and the ability to bring a destination to life. We also use local personalities and authorities in many destinations, whether a published local historian or esteemed curator, the local rock star and football champion who can tell the true stories of the Yawuru people of the West Kimberley, or the founding member of The Sapphires who is now Principal of a Yarra Valley school for indigenous girls.

Luxury Specialists A&K’s ‘niche’ is luxury travel and luxury travellers, we know what the most discerning, enlightened and inquisitive travellers expect when they travel, and from their travel, and we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations.

Personalised Journeys A&K specialises in tailor-made private travel and flexible small group journeys. All of the journeys in this brochure can be booked as designed and shown here, or personalised to suit your specific preferences and circumstances. Your A&K Journey Designer will get to know you as an individual, whether through direct contact or through your travel agent, to make sure your journey is everything you want it to be.


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Local Presence & Access Privileges A&K works tirelessly to design adventures you won’t see from any other travel company. When you travel with A&K, we don’t just take you to the front of the line, we take you into the places not typically open to visitors — behind the scenes of an important national treasure, into the workshop of a local artisan, or out to the field with an ecologist to see how rare or endangered species are being protected. This kind of unencumbered access to the authentic heart and soul of a place — to the people and sites that exist far beyond the reach of the average traveller — is something we aim to deliver on every journey we create, whether to Australia's or New Zealand’s most iconic luxury travel destinations, or to more off-the-grid and under-the-radar places and experiences.

Safety and Peace of Mind The health and safety of our guests is always our priority. As in every A&K destination, our team here in Australia and New Zealand provides 24-hour on-ground support. With A&K, you are always in safe hands. If the unexpected occurs, we have resources at the ready and you can rely on us to go the extra mile to ensure your wellbeing, to bring you home if we need to or allow you to safely continue your journey.

Are You an A&K Traveller? A&K travellers are motivated by meaning and purpose, and travel to genuinely connect with people and places. If any of the following sounds like you, you’re probably an A&K traveller already, or will be soon: • Is why you travel and how you travel as important to you as where you travel? • Do you like to fully experience a place or culture and not merely visit or see it? •D o you want to be fully immersed in a destination or an experience and not just there as a spectator? • Do you want to be involved in the design of your journey, working with experts in a co-creation process to bring your dreams to life? • Are sustainability and the social impact of travel important to you? Do you think local communities and ecosystems should share in the benefits of travel? • Do you like to seek out local insights, experiences and expertise when you travel, to eat at the places in-the-know locals prefer and do the things the locals do? • Do you prefer services and experiences that have a human scale? Would you rather talk to a trusted expert than a call centre? • Are beauty and authenticity important to you? Do you prefer the artisanal to the industrial, the original to the reproduction? • Do you seek out the whispered secret, the quiet truth, inside knowledge rather than listening only to the wisdom of crowds? • Do you travel for what it means to you and brings to you personally, not what it says about you to others? • Do you travel in the hope that it makes you a better person – in mind, body and spirit – and may even help make the world a better place?



Safeguarding Your Health on Your A&K Journey For nearly 60 years, A&K has defined the art of providing security and comfort in the world’s most inspiring destinations. We put your health and wellbeing first wherever we take you, leaving you free to explore with the peace of mind that comes with having the world’s foremost travel experts at your side. Our more than 55 local offices work tirelessly with our partners behind the scenes. A&K’s local staff have longstanding relationships with our suppliers, including restaurants, hotels, boats, transportation providers and venues. These partners know our exacting standards and have been fully vetted by our staff to make sure they comply with all local regulations regarding health and hygiene.

We’re adhering to best practices for cleanliness and disinfection. We follow the guidelines established by the leading health experts (including the World Health Organization) to minimise any opportunity for coronavirus exposure during your journey. We’ll have hand sanitiser readily available, ensure enhanced cleaning in hotels and restaurants, sanitise vehicles at every arrival and departure (with a focus on high-frequency touchpoints such as door handles).

We follow the health and safety protocols required for your journey. All protocols involving physical distancing, vaccinations, masking, testing and other safety practices are carried out in accordance with up-to-date local regulations and service provider requirements, and are clearly communicated both before and during your journey.


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Our Resident Tour Directors, local guides and staff work together to help safeguard your wellbeing. In addition to being experts in your region’s culture, history and wildlife, your guides are fully versed in your destination’s health regulations as well as A&K’s practices and protocols. Working alongside other A&K staff, they oversee the many procedures that go into making your journey safe, from confirming a restaurant is freshly cleaned before you arrive to ensuring your luggage is always handled appropriately between destinations.

All guides and staff follow rigorous health and safety procedures. Everyone involved in running your journey — from the guides you travel with to the drivers, baggage handlers and others behind the scenes — observes a strict, round-the-clock health and safety regimen, including regular staff health and temperature monitoring. A&K staff wear masks and additional personal protective equipment based on local regulations and conditions.

We facilitate in-country COVID-19 testing and provide round-the-clock support. A&K’s worldwide network of local offices has the contacts and knowledge to support you throughout your journey, from coordinating COVID-19 testing (for travelling between countries and returning home) to answering any questions you have during your journey. Our local offices are experienced in handling any situation and have the contacts and knowledge to support guests 24/7.

Abercrombie & Kent meets or exceeds the travel industry’s latest global health and safety protocols. Safe Travels is established by the World Travel & Tourism Council.



Discover Australia & New Zealand on a Journey Just for You Your ideal journey starts with a dream, and a deep desire to experience a part of the world in a new way or for the first time. And our Journey Designers are here to create itineraries perfectly suited to your style, your interests and your budget. Seamless, ready-to-travel suggested journeys In this brochure, and in more detail on our website, you will find a range of suggested itineraries exclusively designed by our experts. Each element of each itinerary is carefully considered in terms of guest enjoyment, travel logistics, and how it fits in the overall pace and flow of the journey. Each one is travelled and tested, to ensure we present the destination in the best possible manner in seamless style and comfort. These suggested journeys are all designed to give you an incomparable travel experience and are operated on a private basis for you and your travelling companions. Each is ready-to-book and ready-to-travel on dates to suit you.


Find your inspiration Decades of in-country expertise means our Journey Designers can curate exceptional activities and experiences for you that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. In each destination, a list of some of these unique experiences is featured. Some of these also appear in our suggested journeys, but they can also be pieced together to form the framework for your own bespoke adventure.

No two holidays are the same Our suggested journeys are just that, suggested. Should you need to deviate from the proposed route, add a different focus or start from scratch, our Journey Designers are poised to start the conversation with you, or your travel specialist, to craft the holiday of your dreams. It’s simple, tell us where and

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how you’d like to travel and we’ll create or curate a journey to match, with as much or as little direction from you, and drawing on the expertise of locals from our offices throughout Australia & New Zealand. By tailor-making your journey with an A&K Journey Designer, you are assured a unique experience from booking to boarding and beyond.

Itineraries you won’t find anywhere else With our unrivalled knowledge, A&K can create journeys that feature iconic destinations and perfect pacing, all seamlessly orchestrated for the luxury traveller. These are journeys that unfold with the narrative flow of a good book or a great film. Our approach and network advantages also bring practical benefits, including tailored transfer and flight routings to

Four Steps to Your Inspiring Journey

1. 2. 3. 4. allow for extra time exploring, and longer stops in the places you most want to see.

Tell Us About Your Ideal Journey It starts with an A&K Journey Designer, who works with you or your travel agent to open your eyes to the possibilities of travel with A&K — a world of inspiring destinations and exclusive insider access. Make Your Journey Your Own The Journey Designer, creates a detailed proposal for your journey, complete with touring, hotels and insider access activities arranged specially for you, refining the itinerary until it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Let Us Handle the Details Your journey is planned — now it’s time to sit back and let us finalise the details, as well as provide all the information you need to prepare for your journey. Travel with Around-the-Clock A&K Support Once you arrive at your destination, we manage everything behind the scenes, leaving you to enjoy every inspiring moment for as long as you travel with us. This is travel as it is meant to be.

Genuine, cultural immersion

Experience the Journey of Your Dreams

We ensure every one of our journeys includes authentic cultural encounters. Imagine visiting a community in Arnhem Land in the company of a friendly local — your A&K guide — who grew up in the area and has probably known some of the locals here their entire life. They make warm introductions to local traditional artists, and suddenly you are witnessing them in action creating extraordinary works. Next up you are visiting an ancient rock art site, with our guides offering the kind of insight into local culture that can only come from deep knowledge and in this case countless generations of lived experience. The result is a journey that reveals the real spirit of the people, and the place, in a way you’ll never forget.

Contact A&K at 1300 851 800, visit or speak to your travel agent to start planning your bespoke journey today.



Truly Luxurious Accommodations That Inspire, Enhance & Delight The quality of the accommodation we use is one of the many things that sets an A&K journey apart. On all handcrafted tailor-made and small group journeys, we select only the most remarkable hotels, boutique lodges and luxury small ships, each of which must combine superior service, a sense of place, local character and unanticipated luxuries. Award-Winning, Iconic Properties When luxury is what you’re looking for, there’s no reason to settle for second-best. Our local experts choose only the very best properties in a given destination. In many cases, their choice will be the undisputed local favourite, synonymous with five-star style, often a Condé Nast Traveler Gold List or Travel + Leisure World’s Best property. But the choice might also be a whispered secret, a better option, a small but perfectly-formed boutique property with a certain significant atmospheric, experiential or locational advantage.

One-of-a-Kind Locations When considering your accommodation, our experts look at more than just the rooms. Wherever possible, we arrange for you to stay close to the places you most want to see, close to the people you’ll most enjoy meeting, and close to the experiences you’ll most enjoy discovering. We’ll choose the right option from within the region’s best properties, whether historically iconic, coveted high-design or supremely located on the edge of a wilderness.

Stylish Expedition Vessels and Small Ships Our commitment to luxury doesn’t stop at the water’s edge. When it comes to cruising with A&K, step aboard knowing you’ll experience the same comfort, service and style you would on land, all while discovering the beauty of life on the water.

Longitude 131°, Uluru


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Eichardt's Private Hotel, Queenstown

Arkaba Walk, Flinders Ranges Minaret Station, Wanaka

Azur Lodge, Queenstown Aboard Le Laperouse




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Discover wild and beautiful landscapes, a rich history and a relaxed island lifestyle.


Separated from mainland Australia by the 240-kilometre stretch of Bass Strait, Tasmania is a land apart. Hobart, the state capital, is the second oldest city in Australia. It sits on the banks of the glassy Derwent river with the lofty peaks of Mt Wellington rising up in the background. There’s plenty to see including Salamanca Markets and the Cascade Brewery and the waterfront is a favourite spot for many.

Not to be missed

A guided or self-drive exploration of Tasmania is a great way to get to know the island. Dense rainforests, mountain peaks and great lakes are all easily accessible by car with some world class walks and hiking on offer. It can be a few hours drive between the main attractions, but it’s well worth the effort. Other places to take in include the white-sand beach at Wineglass Bay, the world's best little town, Strahan, and the Tarkine wilderness.

• Tour the gourmet havens of Bruny Island and the Huon Valley

• Be indulged at Tasmania’s luxury coastal sanctuary, Saffire Freycinet • Discover the bizarre and brilliant at MONA • Get a behind-the-scenes experience at the AKP supported Raptor Refuge – exclusive to A&K • Tee off at one of Australia’s top golf destinations, Barnbougle • Embark on a small group guided walk along the iconic Bay of Fires • Explore pristine beaches and secluded coves • Stay at the architect-designed Bay of Fires Lodge



Tasmania Extraordinary Experiences Our local presence in Tasmania allows our Journey Designers to include exceptional activities and experiences that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Here are just a few examples.

Raptor Refuge Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy is proud to support Tasmania's Raptor Refuge. Exclusive to A&K guests, you can enjoy an inspirational behind-the-scenes experience where you are invited to observe how precious, and endangered, birds of prey are being rehabilitated and returned to the wild.

Bruny Island & Huon Valley Tour Board a ferry to scenic Bruny Island where you’ll discover artisan cheeses at the Bruny Island Cheese Company, followed by a wilderness cruise at Adventure Bay. Embrace the tranquillity of the Huon Valley and its vineyards as you laze over a locally-sourced lunch, followed by a visit to one of Tasmania's oldest orchards to sample craft ciders and meet the people who make them.

Quoll Patrol Discover the wilderness, wildlife and tastes of Tasmania. With Forester kangaroos as your dinner companions, enjoy the ambience of campfire dining with a four-course dinner, featuring a wonderful 'after dark' wildlife show which focuses on the antics of the eastern quoll in its natural habitat.

MONA Discovery Hop aboard a fast ferry to MONA, Hobart's breathtaking and utterly brilliant museum. Lose yourself in the contemporary collection of art and antiquities that never fails to inspire and challenge. Afterwards, enjoy a private, vineyard tour of Moorilla with wine tasting before a delicious two-course lunch of seasonal local produce with matched wines at MONA's stellar restaurant.

Call A&K on 1300 851 800 to find out more about incorporating an extraordinary experience into your Tasmanian journey.


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Tasmania Suggested Itineraries Here are some samples of popular tailor-made journeys that can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Tasmania in Style 7 days from $3,770 per person twin share Hobart – Freycinet National Park – Hobart Discover the extraordinary sights, sounds and tastes of Tasmania on this leisurely self-drive journey from Hobart to Freycinet National Park. Spend two days exploring the attractions of Hobart at your own pace before revelling in the stunning beauty of Freycinet National Park from the intimate seclusion of Saffire Freycinet, dominated by the pink granite peaks of the Hazards.

Flinders Island Active Discovery 5 days from $2,420 per person twin share Flinders Island Experience the history and picturesque landscapes of Flinders Island on an unforgettable active adventure. Guided by expert locals, be immersed in charming coastal hideaways and breathtaking mountain scenes, exploring each day on foot or by bike. Bed down each evening at Flinders Island Gourmet Retreat at Cooma House, an idyllic coastal guesthouse located on the doorstep of Mount Strzelecki National Park.

Wildlife & Wandering: Maria Island 6 days from $2,990 per person twin share Hobart – Maria Island – Hobart Explore World Heritage Listed Maria Island, renowned for its natural beauty and unspoilt tranquillity. Travel with local guides, walking along pristine beaches and through ancient blue gum forests by day and by night, savouring gourmet local fare. Uncover fascinating history and observe an abundance of rare birds and captivating wildlife.

Visit, talk to your Travel Agent, or call 1300 851 800 to get the conversation started with an A&K Journey Designer.



Tasmania Hotels & Resorts Below are some of our preferred accommodation options, hand-picked for you.

Saffire Freycinet

MACq 01

Freycinet Peninsula


This intimate sanctuary on Tasmania’s East Coast delivers sophisticated coastal style and inspiring experiences. Overlooking the Hazards Mountains and the pristine waters of Great Oyster Bay, the hotel sits cleverly within its natural surrounds. Each of the 20 luxurious suites is bright and spacious maximising the view, some with private courtyard and plunge pool. An exclusive day spa and famed restaurant Palate, with its gourmet menus and matching wines, are major drawcards.

The ultra-exclusive MACq 01 on Hobart’s Waterfront is one of the newest on the scene and its storytelling theme reveals local characters, past and present, with 114 rooms telling 114 stories. Informally luxurious, the white cypress clad exterior is a nod to Nordic design boasting views over the Derwent River and Mount Wellington. Dining in Old Wharf Restaurant showcases the bountiful local seafood while sharing a drink by the circular open fire in the Lounge is a storyteller’s delight.

Saffire Freycinet, Freycinet Peninsula MACq 01, Hobart


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Saffire Freycinet, Freycinet Peninsula MACq 01, Hobart




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Deserts, gorges, beaches, whale sharks, and the lovable quokka hiding in the scrub.

Western Australia

A world away from its East Coast counterparts, Western Australia is vast and remote with unspoilt beaches and a spectacular coastline, diverse terrain and endless blue skies offering plenty of chances to get away from it all. And there’s plenty of cultural excitement too with a rich sporting heritage, vibrant art scene and inventive food and wine from boutique providores. Perth, the state’s capital, ranks in the world's top 10 most liveable cities. With 19 stunning beaches and an impressive cityscape, it is a city that is equal parts cool and cultured. Nearby Fremantle offers a chance to discover the maritime and colonial history of the area, whilst on a boat tour of nearby Rottnest Island, you can also seek out the quokka, a lovable little scrub-living marsupial. To the south is Margaret River, spellbinding culinary destination and world-renowned wine area. In the north of the state lies Ningaloo Reef for up close encounters with the mighty whale shark. Broome, famous for its white sandy beaches that provide a dramatic backdrop for camel rides, and the Kimberley, a vast, untouched wilderness of rugged escarpments, coral reefs, tidal waterfalls and a rich indigenous history.

Not to be missed • Discover the wonderful wildlife, captivating coastlines and haunting historic sites of Rottnest Island • Enjoy exploring the world class wineries of Margaret River • Swim with the majestic whale shark or humpback whales • Fly over the stripey sandstone domes of the Bungle Bungle • Watch sunrise over the Timor Sea and sunset over the Berkeley River • Swim in a secluded waterhole and hike to Casuarina Falls • Ride a camel along Cable Beach at sunset • Witness Broome's beautiful 'Staircase to the Moon' as a full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay • Admire amazing wildflowers in one of the largest floral shows on Earth • Gain insight into the modern cultured pearling process



Western Australia Extraordinary Experiences Our local presence in Western Australia allows our Journey Designers to include exceptional activities and experiences that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Here are just a few examples.

Discover Rottnest Island This remarkable destination is packed with beautiful beaches, endemic flora, and the famous quokka, a rare marsupial found here. Learn a little about the island’s past with visits to a number of historic sites before enjoying the fantastic Quokka Walk, taking you to the heart of this creature’s habitat.

Margaret River Rambling Spend three days walking through the Margaret River region, one of Australia’s most spellbinding culinary destinations and worldrenowned wine area. Keen ramblers and foodies can revel in fine dining and gourmet picnics with plenty of wine tastings along the way and picture postcard coastal scenery.

Swim with Whales Sharks The pristine Ningaloo Reef offers the chance to snorkel or scuba dive with the dazzling marine life of Australia’s western coast. From April to July, you may even get to swim alongside whale sharks, one of the largest known species of fish. Between August and October, spy humpback whales on their migration south to Antarctica.

Soar Over the Bungle Bungle Range Take a scenic flight over one of the most fascinating geological landscapes in Western Australia, the stripey beehive domes of the Bungle Bungle. From the air, marvel at huge rolling ridges of rock and endless expanses of rippled ochre red earth.

Call A&K on 1300 851 800 to find out more about incorporating an extraordinary experience into your Western Australian journey.


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Western Australia Suggested Itineraries Here are some samples of popular tailor-made journeys that can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Pristine Waters of Ningaloo Reef 6 days from $4,595 per person twin share Perth – Ningaloo Reef – Perth Take your front-row seat at one of the most biodiverse reefs in the world, Ningaloo Reef. Fly over Cape Range National Park to your luxury wilderness camp. Come face-to-face with incredible marine life. Swim with whale sharks (Apr-Jul) or spot humpback whales (Aug-Oct).

The Kimberley: Beaches & Boabs 7 days from $4,570 per person twin share Kununurra – El Questro – Broome Travel deep into one of the world’s most pristine and remote wilderness areas, the Kimberley, where spectacular gorges, rugged ranges, cascading waterfalls and endless beaches define the landscape. Be spoiled by the warm outback hospitality at El Questro Homestead and marvel at the contrasting white sand and turquoise sea from your luxury beachfront hideaway, Cable Beach Club.

The Gourmet South West 7 days from $2,900 per person twin share Margaret River – Pemberton – Albany Welcome to the South West, where mouth-watering produce, worldclass wine and ancient forests hide around every corner. Taste the very best of Margaret River’s wineries, restaurants and providores. Discover Albany’s incredible past. Western Australia has never been more enticing.

Visit, talk to your Travel Agent, or call 1300 851 800 to get the conversation started with an A&K Journey Designer.



Western Australia Hotels & Resorts Below are some of our preferred accommodation options, hand-picked for you.

Como The Treasury Perth COMO The Treasury is an elegant urban hotel located within Cathedral Square, in the heart of Perth. Standing alongside the iconic St George’s Cathedral, the hotel is housed in the 19th century State Buildings which played an important role in Perth’s history, serving as a post office, land titles office and state treasury. A meticulous restoration has revealed a grand Victorian-era façade, while contemporary style permeates the 48 rooms and suites. Accommodation is large, with rooms ranging from 55 to 120 square metres. Each functions as a serene retreat decorated in neutral tones with limed oak furniture, pale travertine, and bronze and leather trim. Dining options include the rooftop restaurant, Wildflower, serving a menu revolving around the indigenous six seasons, and Post, an all-day osteria serving Italian classics, while the Treasury Lounge and Bar provides an elegant location for afternoon tea and evening drinks. Wellbeing is at the core of the COMO Shambhala Urban Escape where guests can enjoy a comprehensive range of holistic therapies as well as a pool and gym.

Sal Salis

The Homestead at El Questro

Ningaloo Reef


Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef is an exclusive beach safari camp nestled in the dunes of the Cape Range National Park. With just fifteen eco-luxe wilderness tents and one honeymoon tent hidden amongst the dunes overlooking Ningaloo Reef, Sal Salis provides a unique place from which to explore Western Australia’s coral coast and one of Australia’s best kept natural secrets. The attraction lies in the coral reef, just a few metres off shore, and its colourful corals and marine residents. Ningaloo is also acknowledged as the best place in the world to swim with the world’s largest fish, the Whale Shark. The eco-luxe safari camp has all the key comforts needed for a relaxing and memorable stay: comfortable beds, en suite eco-bathrooms, delicious locally sourced food, a generous self-serve bar and impeccable service.

At 700,000 acres, El Questro is one of Western Australia’s largest and most loved tourism destinations. At El Questro Homestead, guests enjoy luxury, contrasted by the rugged Kimberley landscape. The Homestead (catering for a maximum of 20 guests) is an exclusive retreat cantilevered over the magnificent Chamberlain Gorge and featuring a swimming pool and tennis court.

The Homestead at El Questro, Kimberley


1300 851 800 | AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND

Take a gourmet picnic to a pristine rock pool, share a bottle of Champagne by a cascading waterfall or explore the station on one of the Homestead’s complimentary tours. A stay at El Questro Homestead includes all gourmet cuisine and selected beverages and selected tours.

COMO The Treasury, Perth

Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef Zebedee Springs, El Questro, Kimberley

COMO The Treasury, Perth

Sal Salis, Ningaloo Reef The Homestead at El Questro, Kimberley



Kimberley Cruise: Australia’s Last Frontier May 6, 2022 | 13 days from $18,915 (was $20,940) Limited to 148 guests on exclusively chartered, all-balcony ‘Le Laperouse’ Cruise for 10 nights with A&K’s award-winning Expedition Team onboard modern and luxurious, all-balcony ‘Le Laperouse', exclusively chartered by A&K. Embark on a shore-hopping exploration of far-flung islands, stunning tidal waterfalls, biodiverse coral reefs, riverine mangrove forests, and visit historic Aboriginal sites, cavernous coastal gorges, towering mountain ranges and view exotic wildlife.


1300 851 800 | AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND

Cruise Highlights • Cruise for 10 nights on an exclusively chartered voyage with A&K and uncover the breadth and charm of Kimberley’s rugged coast • Begin your journey with a two-night stay in the outback beach town of Broome, known for its white sands, turquoise surf and spectacular sunsets • Discover ancient rock art during off-the-beaten-path excursions to Freshwater Cove and Bigge Island • Take off on an included helicopter tour of Mitchell Falls with its tumbling cataracts and pristine freshwater pools • Discover the Kimberley coast’s labyrinth of coves, valleys and gorges with Zodiac excursions, exploring the mangrove-dotted Hunter River and the canyons and twin falls of King George River • Soar over the beehive domes of the Bungle Bungle Range on a fixed-wing flightseeing adventure

Talk to your travel agent, visit our website, or call 1300 851 800 to find our more about this Luxury Expedition Cruise. 1300 851 800 | WWW.ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM.AU



1300 851 800 | AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND

Discover Australia's outback, a land of colour and contrast.

Northern Territory

Vast and uncompromising, the Northern Territory is blessed with an abundance of outstanding natural environments. It’s a land that ebbs and flows with the seasons, a region of contrast and colour, where change is the only constant. Introduce yourself to iconic wonders such as the World Heritage National Parks of Kakadu and Uluru-Kata Tjuta (Ayers Rock and the Olgas). The flora and fauna is fascinatingly diverse with desert blooms and lotus lilies suddenly flowering amidst the dust and rock. There is all manner of wildlife too including the fearsome saltwater crocodile and the elegant brolga. The indigenous Aboriginal people hold a deeply spiritual connection to the land that dates back hundreds of thousands of years. Walks in the desert in search of bush tucker, visits to the ancient rock art galleries dotted around the region or storytelling sessions around the campfire are just some of the ways to experience it. These are highlights of any NT journey.

Not to be missed • Witness the ever-changing colours of Uluru and Kata Tjuta • Set sail on a ‘ship of the desert’ with a sunset camel ride • Get up close to the striking wilderness and culture of the Top End • Cruise through waters teeming with saltwater crocodiles, birds and barramundi • See Australia’s best Aboriginal rock art and meet local artists • Journey to another world in Arnhem Land • Enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience under a canopy of stars shining brightly without the distraction of city lights • Swim under waterfalls and in the clear, natural pools of Litchfield National Park



Northern Territory Extraordinary Experiences Our local presence in the Northern Territory allows our Journey Designers to include exceptional activities and experiences that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Here are just a few examples.

The Field of Light at Uluru The sun setting to the music of a lone didgeridoo, enjoy gourmet canapés and sparkling wine, watching 50,000 glass spheres gently come to life. Savour three courses infused with bush tucker flavours as the resident star talker decodes the night sky, before exploring the sparkling Field of Light.

Outback Floatplane Discover the true natural wonders of the Northern Territory on a spectacular floatplane flight over Darwin and the floodplains that border Litchfield National Park before landing on Sweets Lagoon. Experience heart-pumping action on a supercharged airboat through wetlands and monsoonal rainforests before enjoying a relaxing cruise on the lagoon's pristine waters.

Sunset Turtle Tracks Skim over the tropical, turquoise waters of the Timor Sea to Bare Sand Island and discover the nesting grounds of the Australian flatback and Olive Ridley turtles. Special permission is granted by the Kenbi Traditional Owners, and your visit includes a guided turtle nest viewing followed by sundowners.

Visit Sacred Arnhem Land Enjoy a rare opportunity to view Aboriginal rock art in Arnhem Land. Trace Aboriginal history through some of the finest galleries depicting hunting images and scenes of the first European settlers etched in the stone escarpment. Visit the Gunbalanya Aboriginal community for an opportunity to meet traditional local artists.

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Northern Territory Suggested Itineraries Here are some samples of popular tailor-made journeys that can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Australia’s Red Heart 7 days from $3,725 per person twin share Alice Springs – Kings Canyon – Uluru Explore the spirit of the Red Centre on this inspiring adventure. Delve into the rugged heart of the West MacDonnell Ranges with your private guide. Admire ancient landscapes from the rim of Kings Canyon before descending into the Garden of Eden, a natural spring waterhole surrounded by ancient and exotic plant life. Be aweinspired by the size and majesty of Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

Top End Rock Art & Wilderness 7 days from $8,350 per person twin share Darwin – Kakadu – Arnhem Land – Mary River – Darwin Immerse yourself in the ancient cultures and impossibly beautiful wilderness of Australia’s Top End. Venture into rugged terrain teeming with native wildlife and birds. Unearth the stories of ancient rock art. And stay on the coastal floodplains of the Mary River, on the edge of Kakadu National Park.

Remote Kakadu Glamping 3 days from $4,550 per person twin share Darwin – Kakadu – Darwin Explore one of the jewels of the Top End – World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park – on an exclusive glamping adventure. Discover a pristine wilderness teeming with native birds and wildlife. Admire extraordinary Aboriginal artists at work and learn the stories of the dreamtime as told in ancient rock art galleries.

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Longitude 131°, Uluru

Northern Territory Hotels & Resorts Below are some of our preferred accommodation options, hand-picked for you.

Longitude 131°

Tiwi Island Retreat


Tiwi Islands

With views of Uluru from the end of your bed, Longitude 131° delivers a new era of outback luxury lodging. The Dune House combines restaurant, lounge and help-yourself bar while up on the Dune Top, guests can rock-gaze in between cooling dips in the plunge pool. Contemporary pavilions feature commissioned indigenous artworks, a premium bar and the option to sleep under the stars. Tempting as it is to hunker down here, venture beyond the lodge for signature excursions exploring the wilderness of Uluru-Kata Tjuta.

Often referred to as ‘The Islands of Smiles’, the Tiwi Islands are home to idyllic Tiwi Island Retreat. Set on a sandy beach lined with towering coconut palms, the retreat has a small pool, an expansive deck, shared bathrooms and 18 comfortable, coastal-styled rooms. Guests of Tiwi Island can revel in explorations off the beaten track and away from the crowds, experiencing pristine natural landscapes, a range of activities and indigenous culture. From relaxing by the pool to amazing outback adventures, world renowned fishing and indigenous art and cultural tours, there is something for everyone.

Kings Canyon Resort

Bamurru Plains

Watarrka National Park

Mary River

Kings Canyon Resort is an oasis ideally located between Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Alice Springs. Sensitively designed, the resort has been built to blend harmoniously with the surroundings – the spectacular Watarrka National Park. All rooms are tastefully decorated, spacious and comfortable, with separate en suite bathrooms. The Deluxe Spa rooms include a spacious spa bath and picture windows providing scenic views. Private balconies offer magnificent views of a rocky escarpment which is dramatically lit at night.

The focus of a stay at Bamurru is the camp environment and the wildlife to which it is home. Each of the 10 safari suites is designed to blend with the surrounding landscape which allows guests to appreciate the sights and sounds of the bush, whether it is the raucous cacophony from the bluewinged kookaburras as dawn breaks or the sound of a full grown buffalo splashing its way through the floodplains. Without modern distractions, the focus here is on creature comforts - a supremely comfortable bed, 100% cotton bedlinen, large soft bath towels, a high pressure shower and plenty of space to just breathe.


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Longitude 131°, Uluru

Tiwi Island Retreat, Tiwi Islands Bamurru Plains, Mary River

Tiwi Island Retreat, Tiwi Islands

Kings Canyon Resort, Watarrka National Park

Kings Canyon Resort, Watarrka National Park Bamurru Plains, Mary River




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Enter a world of rainforests, golden sands and pristine islands.


Queensland is a rugged and sprawling amalgam of landscapes, including the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest and the vast outback. White sandy beaches grace almost the entire coastline and a string of islands and coral atolls dangle just off shore. Brisbane, the state capital brims with style, whilst situated to the north of it, the Sunshine Coast is a favourite stop, with destinations such as Noosa Heads promising stellar surf, scenic trails and boutique shops. Travel north and you'll be tempted by one tropical island after another until you hit the cluster of 74 that makes up the Whitsunday and Cumberland groups. Back on dry land, you’ll enter a place where rainforest, mountains, and rivers unite. Green sugarcane fields are everywhere. Cairns has rainforest hills and villages to explore. And there’s a harbour full of boats waiting to take you to the Great Barrier Reef for a snorkel or dive amongst myriad colourful fish and multi-hued corals. Savvy travellers head north to Port Douglas, gateway to the Daintree rainforest.

Not to be missed • Discover the Daintree’s rich biodiversity • Journey off road along the Bloomfield track from Cape Tribulation to Cooktown • Access the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef at Lizard Island • Explore a private tropical garden oasis located in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest • Discover Queensland’s Scenic Rim on a self-drive journey • Stay at luxury resort qualia on the secluded northernmost tip of Hamilton Island

Join our guides on a Queensland adventure and find out for yourself why it's "beautiful one day, perfect the next". 1300 851 800 | WWW.ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM.AU


Queensland Extraordinary Experiences Our local presence in Queensland allows our Journey Designers to include exceptional activities and experiences that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Here are just a few examples.

Heart Island Reef Experience Enjoy an exhilarating helicopter flight to Heart Island before discovering the Heart Reef up close. Spot wildlife, snorkel in the lagoon and explore aboard a glass-bottomed boat.

A Private Tropical Oasis Visit a private tropical, botanical garden in the heart of Queensland’s Daintree Rainforest, recreating microcosms of rainforests from the four continents of the world, and preserving the world's most unique plant species. Learn about the intrinsic link between rainforest plants and cultures, and be entranced by the endless natural beauty on a fascinating guided tour of this tropical oasis.

Island Golf Tee off on Australia's only 18-hole championship golf course on its own island. Hamilton Island Golf Club is located on Dent Island, alongside Hamilton Island, in the magnificent Whitsundays, offering some of the most spectacular views and settings of any golf course in the world.

Aboriginal Walkabout Travel with a guide through the ancestral country of the Kuku Yalanji people around Daintree and down to Port Douglas. They will share the stories, history, culture and traditions of their people, show you the way of the land, and take you to many culturally significant sites. A fantastic interactive experience that is perfect for families.

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Queensland Suggested Itineraries Here are some samples of popular tailor-made journeys that can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Scenic Rim Discovery Hike 8 days from $4,935 per person twin share Brisbane – Scenic Rim Stay at luxurious Spicers Hidden Vale, savouring a flavourful feast at Chef Hatted Homage restaurant, before an active adventure through southeast Queensland’s Scenic Rim, set at the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and surrounded by World Heritage Listed Gondwana Rainforest. Bed down in comfortable Spicers lodges and cabins after daytime explorations amidst breathtaking native landscapes.

Cairns to Cape York: FNQ Adventure 8 days from $3,165 per person based on 4 adults Cairns – Cooktown – Laura – Lockhart River – Bramwell – Punsand Bay – Cairns Discover the scenic and cultural wonders of Far North Queensland on this adventurous self-drive odyssey from tropical Cairns to idyllic Cape York, Australia’s northernmost tip. Be immersed in the breathtaking Daintree Rainforest, explore the rugged beauty of remote cattle stations, marvel at the turquoise waters of the Arafura Sea and be welcomed onto traditional lands by an indigenous host who gives privileged access to ancient rock art sites and shares a treasure trove of stories about the land, its spirits and the Dreamtime.

Outback & Island Escape 7 days from $6,795 per person twin share Cairns – Mount Mulligan – Orpheus Island – Townsville Contrast Queensland’s rich outback spirit with the pristine natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, discovering the untamed wilderness of Mount Mulligan, a working cattle station, and the rich marine life of tropical hideaway, Orpheus Island. Travel back to the Gold Rush era, visiting the Hodgkinson goldfield before a scenic helicopter flight along a coastline of virgin rainforest and over breathtaking blue waters to your island escape complete with a private beachfront and a wealth of snorkelling, fishing and diving opportunities.

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Queensland Hotels & Resorts Below are some of our preferred accommodation options, hand-picked for you.

qualia Great Barrier Reef Meaning a collection of deeper sensory experiences, qualia is a world class luxury resort situated in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef on the pristine and secluded northern tip of Hamilton Island. qualia’s sun-drenched northern aspect provides the ideal location to appreciate the pristine natural surrounds, with a choice of 60 individual pavilions, some incorporating private plunge pools. Or, experience the uncompromising luxury and privacy of the Beach House with its own guest pavilion. Additional facilities at this exclusive adults-only resort include two pools, a library, private dining room, two bars and restaurants, a fitness centre and Spa qualia.

InterContinental Hayman Island Resort Great Barrier Reef InterContinental Hayman Island Resort welcomes a new era of immersive luxury in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef inviting you to discover the breathtaking beauty of the Whitsundays, iconic private island experiences and sacred moments of connection with family, friends and yourself. From the moment you step off your helicopter or luxury catamaran, you will discover an idyllic destination of privacy and pampering; where 168 rooms, premium suites, villas and residences await alongside five restaurants and bars, soulful spa treatments, a destination-inspired activity collection and more.

Lizard Island Great Barrier Reef Lizard Island, Australia’s northernmost island resort on the Great Barrier Reef, is a one hour scenic flight over the reef from Cairns. Interiors reflect pared back luxury and sit as one with the beauty of the tropical beach backdrop. Its 40 suites and villas are understated and elegant with a feeling of contemporary beach chic and glorious views of Anchor Bay or Sunset Beach. The island boasts 24 pristine private beaches, perfect for picnicking and snorkelling in the turquoise waters where coral and marine life are abundant. Dining on Lizard Island is simple and relaxed, with menus inspired by the freshest local produce.

InterContinental Hayman Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef


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Windward Pavilion, qualia, Great Barrier Reef

InterContinental Hayman Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef

Windward Pavilion, qualia, Great Barrier Reef

InterContinental Hayman Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef



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From the buzz of Sydney to the eucalypt-laden Blue Mountains.

New South Wales & ACT

In New South Wales you’ll enjoy the big city buzz of Sydney and its famous harbour. Or relaxing amongst the free-spirited beach vibe of Byron Bay. Hike through the tranquil Blue Mountains, discover a gourmand's paradise in the enchanting Hunter Valley, or journey to the island paradise that is Lord Howe. In Sydney, national parks, harbour and sun-drenched beaches are all around. Wherever you look, there is an amazing view – ocean, forests or spectacular skyscapes alongside iconic landmarks. The city is also home to cosmopolitan clubs, lively bars, eclectic dining, festivals, museums and world-class art galleries. Beyond the city, the Blue Mountains National Park is packed with excellent hiking trails and abundant wildlife. North of the city, the Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s oldest premier wine growing regions. Further afield is Lord Howe Island, a UNESCO World Heritage listed paradise where you can experience some of the world’s best day hikes, snorkelling on a coral reef, and much more.

Not to be missed • Enjoy a Sydney Symphony Orchestra performance followed by a meet and greet with the musicians • Experience a behind-the-scenes tour at Taronga Zoo • Cruise round the harbour or take a tour of the Sydney Opera House to learn the stories, history and magic of the world-famous landmark • Be part of your own operatic performance on stage with Opera Australia at the Sydney Opera House • Appreciate abundant flora and wildlife encounters on a nature walk through the unrivalled scenery of the Blue Mountains • Mount up for a scenic ride across Wolgan Valley's grassy plains • Enjoy a private picnic overlooking mountain ranges and vineyards in the Hunter Valley • Snorkel above colourful coral and fish in Lord Howe's glittering waters



New South Wales Extraordinary Experiences Our local presence in New South Wales allows our Journey Designers to include exceptional activities and experiences that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Here are just a few examples.

Sydney Harbour Coastal Walk and Cruise Join a charming local couple for a day out exploring spectacular harbour wonders. Enjoy Sydney's most scenic harbourside bushwalk followed by a privately hosted BBQ lunch. Then take to the water, boarding their 'gentleman's cruiser' for a private tour past Sydney Harbour's bays, beaches and waterfront properties.

Feed the Fish at Lord Howe Island Walk across golden sands and wade into the sparkling water at Ned’s Beach to hand feed a colourful kaleidoscope of fish along a fringing coral reef. You will instantly be surrounded by a feeding frenzy of mullet, wrasse, garfish, Silver-drummer, spangled emperor and kingfish.

Seaplane to Cottage Point Travel in spectacular style by seaplane to Cottage Point Inn, perched on the water's edge in the heart of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, where an unforgettable dining experience awaits. After a leisurely lunch see Sydney’s icons from the air, flying over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House before landing at Rose Bay.

See a Different Side of Sydney Discover Sydney differently on an exploration of one of its fastest changing inner city precincts. Formerly characterised as a slum area, Chippendale has undergone an incredible urban transformation, and is now known for its incredible architecture, heritage buildings, internationally recognised contemporary art galleries, and flourishing culinary scene.

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New South Wales & ACT Suggested Itineraries Here are some samples of popular tailor-made journeys that can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Kangaroo Valley Private Retreat 3 days from $25,000 – Exclusive use for up to 14 guests Kangaroo Valley Experience a wonderful getaway at a remarkable and secluded luxury residence located on the south coast of NSW. An architectural masterpiece with breathtaking views of Kangaroo Valley, the property offers a fully serviced escape, and a chance to unwind in private luxury with up to 14 friends or loved ones. Explore the stunning South Coast and Southern Highlands region, enjoying a host of outdoor pursuits. Savour the local produce and wines which the area is famous for or simply relax on the estate.

Sydney & Lord Howe Island 6 days from $4,745 per person twin share Sydney – Lord Howe Island – Sydney Base yourself at Sydney's most exclusive harbourside address, The Langham Sydney, nestled in the historic Rocks district. Cross the iconic bridge to the Northern Beaches for a surprising coastal bush walk and lunch in a private home. Contrast Sydney’s urban delights with an intimate stay at Capella Lodge on World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island for a getaway to remember.

Canberra Revealed 4 days from $1,335 per person twin share Canberra The perfect mid-week interlude or long weekend getaway, this short break in Canberra reveals the nation’s capital through new eyes. See what makes the city tick from politics and art to history, nature and fine dining. Go behind the scenes at Parliament House with below-decks and behind-the-scenes access and savour seasonal flavours and small-batch gins at an exclusive tasting event. You’ll be amazed by what awaits.

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Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

New South Wales Hotels & Resorts Below are some of our preferred accommodation options, hand-picked for you.

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley Greater Blue Mountains Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is a chic conservation retreat, located 2.5 hours’ drive from Sydney in the World Heritage-listed Greater Blue Mountains region. Nestled amongst 7,000 acres of protected wilderness and surrounded by two national parks, the resort immerses guests in nature and re-invigorates the soul. Occupying just one per cent of the total land area, 40 freestanding Federation-style villas showcase spectacular views, each with a private swimming pool, double-sided fireplace and expansive verandah. The Main Homestead features various dining settings including the Wolgan Dining Room; the Country Kitchen, the Valley Bar & Lounge and a walk-in wine cellar. Inspired by the natural environment, the food philosophy celebrates seasonal, organic produce sourced from regional farmers and vintners. The menu changes seasonally and many ingredients come from the resort’s very own kitchen garden. The resort’s unique blend of native wildlife, dramatic landscapes and heritage can be explored through a range of epic outdoor activities including hiking, four wheel driving, mountain biking and horse riding along hidden trails, sparkling creeks and epic ridgelines. Guests are also invited to get hands on with important conservation work. For those seeking relaxation, the One&Only Spa is the perfect place to reconnect with yourself with a pampering spa treatment or outdoor yoga session. This is Australia at its finest.

Capella Lodge Lord Howe Island Inspired by the Australian beach house and refreshingly off-grid, Capella Lodge is Lord Howe Island’s premium retreat. It is the only island accommodation that commands spectacular views of the ocean and awe-inspiring twin peaks, Mounts Gower and Lidgbird. A sense of barefoot luxury extends from the nine contemporary suites featuring island-themed artworks and kentia palm fringed decks. Innovative fine dining showcases a bounty of local seafood and fresh regional produce. Activities include mountain walks, relaxing on white sandy beaches and exploring the world’s southernmost coral reef.


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Byron at Byron, a Crystalbrook Collection Resort Byron Bay Byron at Byron sits within 18 hectares of untouched subtropical rainforest just a short stroll away from Tallow Beach and the Byron Bay Golf Club. Here, you have endless opportunities to discover the unique beauty of the north coast. Enjoy unparalleled comfort and service throughout your stay choosing from 92 lavish suites, each with its own private veranda surrounded by lush flora. Interiors are airy and expertly furnished with plenty of space. Enjoy a sprawling outdoor pool and spend mornings at the tennis court or gym. The restaurant is another highlight with delicious seasonal menus that showcase the best local produce.

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island Byron at Byron, Byron Bay

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island Byron at Byron, Byron Bay




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Awe-inspiring scenery, a wild coastline, a premier wine region and the country's culinary capital. Victoria ticks all of the boxes.


Travel in Victoria is astoundingly diverse. Within its borders lie 35 national parks that encompass every possible terrain you could imagine. You can travel to Victoria’s rainforests, its mountain ranges, the sunbaked outback and along its coastline, where waves crash dramatically onto rugged sandstone. Melbourne, the state’s capital, is full of cosmopolitan streets that are lined with fashionable cutting-edge restaurants. You can hop on its iconic trams to admire the Victorian architecture, be immersed in the vibrant arts scene or access world-class sporting venues. Further afield, one of Victoria’s top attractions awaits. The Great Ocean Road offers a clifftop coastal drive that is unsurpassed. We’ll arrange a hire car and bespoke self-drive itinerary that shows off the best of the coastline. We can also arrange tours to the mountains of the Grampians National Park, the rolling vineyards of the Yarra Valley, or to explore the culinary delights of the Mornington Peninsula.

Not to be missed • Take to Melbourne's laneways and uncover their epicurean secrets • Savour the ultimate in wining and dining at the Yarra Valley's Oakridge Estate • Join a chef in the kitchen to delve deeper into the Mornington Peninsula's culinary highlights • Drink in spectacular views and crashing waves on one of the world's most iconic drives along the Great Ocean Road • Discover Melbourne’s past and present through the eyes of its First Nations people • Unwind in natural hot springs on the Mornington Peninsula • Explore the many museums, galleries & art houses • Visit boutique fashion houses, local jewellers & meet with local designers



Victoria Extraordinary Experiences Our local presence in Victoria allows our Journey Designers to include exceptional activities and experiences that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Here are just a few examples.

Unwind on the Great Ocean Road Experience the very best of the Great Ocean Road, including a chance to say hello to eastern grey kangaroos at Anglesea golf course, a short walk at Kennett River where you are almost guaranteed to spot koalas, and an unforgettable scenic flight over the Twelve Apostles, Moonlight Head, Cape Otway Lighthouse, Gibson's Steps and Loch Ard Gorge.

Children of the Dreamtime Gain unique access to traditional lands at Worawa Aboriginal College, educating young indigenous women from around Australia in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. Experience an emotive welcome to country before an interpretive walk where Aboriginal guides impart information on their relationship to the land, traditional uses of plants and historic insight to the achievements of important Aboriginal leaders and change-makers.

Explore Melbourne's Bluestone Laneways & Indigenous Heritage View the quirky street art of Melbourne's famous bluestone lanes and marvel at the historical sights on this city tour. Alternatively, embark on a private cultural journey discovering Melbourne’s various Aboriginal nations, clans and significant sites accompanied by an indigenous guide.

Mornington Peninsula Wine & Culinary Tour Sample unique wines and fresh artisan food as you discover all the culinary delights the Mornington Peninsula has to offer. Enjoy private barrel-room tastings, a lunch with matched wines, and time to explore the serene coves and beaches at leisure.

Call A&K on 1300 851 800 to find out more about incorporating an extraordinary experience into your Victorian journey.


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Victoria Suggested Itineraries Here are some samples of popular tailor-made journeys that can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Gourmet Secrets of Victoria 5 days from $4,080 per person twin share Melbourne – Yarra Valley – Mornington Peninsula Indulge in an epicurean exploration of Victoria’s best-kept secrets. Uncover treasures tucked away in the laneways of Australia’s culinary capital. Experience a cornucopia of exceptional food and wine in the Yarra Valley. And savour the flavours from orchards, olive growers and cheesemongers in the Mornington Peninsula.

Great Ocean Road to the Grampians 7 days from $1,140 per person twin share Apollo Bay – Port Fairy – Dunkeld Embark on one of the country’s great road trips when you head for the spectacular Great Ocean Road. Take a breather in charming Captains at the Bay in Apollo Bay, and explore some of the many highlights of this scenic region. Hug the spectacular coastline journeying through Port Campbell and the historical maritime hub of Warrnambool, on the Shipwreck Coast with the opportunity to witness the legendary Twelve Apostles, before relaxing in Port Fairy at chic boutique bolthole the Drift House. Head inland to the breathtaking Grampians and the award-winning Royal Mail Hotel.

Melbourne Uncovered 5 days from $2,920 per person twin share Melbourne Explore Australia’s capital of culture on this enchanting journey. Gain an insider’s perspective on architectural tours of Melbourne’s atmospheric arcades and alleyways, famous street art and monumental landmark buildings. Be invited into the private home of passionate art collectors to explore their large and varied collection of contemporary works, and savour an epicurean exploration of Pt Leo Estate, with wine tastings, lunch and strolls through the world famous Sculpture Park.

Visit, talk to your Travel Agent, or call 1300 851 800 to get the conversation started with an A&K Journey Designer.



Jackalope Hotel, Mornington Peninsula

Victoria Hotels & Resorts Below are some of our preferred accommodation options, hand-picked for you.

Jackalope Hotel Mornington Peninsula Set on a pristine vineyard in the world-renowned Mornington Peninsula wine region, intoxicating rural acreage frames a luxury hotel, unique in both destination and design. A new standard in Australian luxury accommodation, Jackalope Hotels’ debut property promises an experience to remember, delivering a delicate interplay between the ideal and the surreal. Rooms range from 38-85 square metres with floor-to-ceiling windows and private terraces connecting guests to the stunning surrounds. King-sized beds and rain showers are standard, while select rooms feature black, deep-soak Japanese baths. Overlooking the hotel’s 30-metre infinity pool, Jackalope’s signature suites, Lairs, feature loft ceilings, a terrace overlooking the vines, double-sided indoor/outdoor fireplace, kitchenette, bar and wine cellar. Jackalope offers immersive food and wine experiences delivered through its two restaurants, cocktail bar, winery and cellar door. Set under the arresting canopy of a slowly twinkling 10,000-globe chandelier, the hotel’s headline dining act, Doot Doot Doot, presents the region’s finest produce paired with a daring selection of single vineyard wines. Just one hour from Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula offers some of Australia’s best food and wine, golf, adventure and leisure activities. Over 50 cellar doors dot the rolling hills nearby while the region’s beaches, natural hot springs, and national parks deliver the perfect mix of coast and country.

Park Hyatt Melbourne Sophisticated and contemporary, Park Hyatt Melbourne offers an exclusive sanctuary in the heart of Melbourne. It is the perfect base from which to explore this beautiful city and surrounding areas. Overlooking a district awash with Victorian architecture, the rooms are havens of luxury amidst the bustle of historic Melbourne, featuring Madrona panelled walls and rich furnishings with a hint of Art Deco. Room amenities reflect the hotel's exceptional standards and include plush beds, beautiful furniture and Italian marble bathrooms with deep soaking tub and walk-in shower. The sleek radii restaurant & bar is a dining experience unlike any other, offering creative, contemporary cuisine, whilst the Park Club Health and Day Spa offers the ultimate escape with a 60 minute deep relaxation massage for your complete indulgence.


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Jackalope Hotel, Mornington Peninsula Park Hyatt, Melbourne

Jackalope Hotel, Mornington Peninsula Park Hyatt, Melbourne



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With its rugged red outback, dramatic coastline, world-class vineyards, and historic towns, South Australia packs a punch.

South Australia

There is certainly plenty of space when you visit Australia's third largest state. You can explore stunning landscapes, including the vast wilderness of the Flinders Ranges, sample world-famous wines and epicurean delights, and explore dramatic coastlines. This region is easy to explore on your own, or accompanied by one of our experienced guides. South Australia is perhaps best known for the Flinders Ranges. When you think of the Australian outback – this is what you’re imagining. The largest mountains in the state, they date back some 540 million years. We’ll arrange a guide to take you to Wilpena Pound, a natural amphitheatre of red sandstone that makes this national park famous. The third largest island in Australia, unique Kangaroo Island is a conservation hub, home to seal and penguin colonies and, as its name suggests, kangaroo. Alternatively if you're looking to access world-class vineyards in one of the most picturesque wine regions in the world, the Barossa Valley north of Adelaide features more than 150 wineries and around 80 cellar doors.

Not to be missed • Immerse yourself in the rugged Flinders Ranges on a guided hike • Camp under the stars in luxury swag tents • Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the d’Arenberg Cube, a must for wine connoisseurs • Pedal through the Barossa Valley on a private cycling tour • Meet boutique vintners for wine tastings • Discover Kangaroo Island’s extraordinary landscape • Explore Adelaide's burgeoning laneway bars and incredible restaurants • Gain a bird's-eye view of Australia's largest lake, Lake Eyre on an unforgettable scenic flight • Visit Australia's famous underground town, Coober Pedy



South Australia Extraordinary Experiences Our local presence in South Australia allows our Journey Designers to include exceptional activities and experiences that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Here are just a few examples.

Support Arkaba's Sustainability Project Stay at eco-friendly Arkaba and take part in a conservation initiative to help re-introduce the endearing marsupial, the western quoll, to South Australia. Also join one of Arkaba’s field guides to learn more about their sustainability projects, and enjoy an exclusive evening trek to view nocturnal wildlife.

'Make Your Own Blend' Enjoy a Penfolds 'Make Your Own Blend' Tour – an immersive experience for any budding winemaker. After a winery tour and tastings, guests are invited to the Winemakers Laboratory to try their hand at making their own wine from Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre, just like Penfold's celebrated Bin 138.

Ultimate McLaren Vale Head out of town into the acclaimed McLaren Vale, one of Australia's oldest and most acclaimed wine regions, and meet some of its celebrated winemakers. Visit some handpicked estates where you’ll have a private tour and tasting before a two-course gourmet lunch in the avant-garde d’Arenberg the Cube with spectacular views overlooking the rolling hills of Willunga.

Australia’s Native Sea Lions Up Close Appreciate the amazing habits of Australia’s endangered sea lion on a guided tour of a colony at Seal Bay. There will be plenty of time for photos as these playful and endearing pinnipeds shelter in the dunes, bask on the sand or surf in the ocean.

Call A&K on 1300 851 800 to find out more about incorporating an extraordinary experience into your South Australian journey.


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South Australia Suggested Itineraries Here are some samples of popular tailor-made journeys that can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Flinders Ranges to the Fleurieu 8 days from $7,015 per person twin share Adelaide – Flinders Ranges – Adelaide – Fleurieu Peninsula Explore the spirit of Outback Australia on a guided hike unveiling layers of history hidden within the Flinders Ranges. Traverse ancient landscapes and experience deluxe swag camping and gracious hospitality. Then, discover the extraordinary coastal, scenic and culinary experiences of Fleurieu Peninsula, including the internationally renowned McLaren Vale wineries.

Boutique Barossa & Kangaroo Island 7 days from $5,410 per person twin share Adelaide – Barossa Valley – Kangaroo Island – Adelaide Toast the magnificent wines, epicurean delights, and natural beauty of the Barossa Valley. Cycle with your guide through some of the region’s oldest vineyards. Finish your adventure in South Australia by visiting Kangaroo Island, with its dramatic landscapes and native wildlife found nowhere else on earth.

Murray River Eco Experience 7 days from $4,630 per person twin share Renmark – Murray River – Paringa Discover South Australia’s rural Riverland district and the mighty Murray River on an eco-experience like no other. Combine a multiday walking and houseboating experience with a luxury riverside retreat to reveal the Murray’s stunning ever-changing landscapes of ochre-coloured sandstone cliffs, ancient red gum forests, floodplains and small river towns.

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The Louise, Barossa Valley

South Australia Hotels & Resorts Below are some of our preferred accommodation options, hand-picked for you.

The Louise


Barossa Valley

Flinders Ranges

Food, wine, luxury accommodation and a warm welcome await at The Louise Barossa Valley. Ideally situated in the heart of the legendary Barossa wine country, The Louise offers absolute luxury and inspired design with breathtaking vineyard views. The fifteen suites each have private terraces, soft contemporary furnishings and spacious en suites. Each suite is designed to cocoon and pamper, with large comfortable beds, deluxe linens, outdoor rain showers, generous bathrooms and spa tubs amongst the luxurious touches. Private terrace are the ideal spots from which to enjoy glorious Barossa sunsets, whilst gas log fireplaces keep the large lounge rooms cosy as evening sets in.

With some of the most spectacular landscape in outback Australia, the team at Arkaba blend their passion for conservation with immersing guests in the story of the country: 600 million years of geological history, 24,281 hectares of private wildlife conservancy that you share with just a privileged few others and a wealth of wildlife. The resident chef creates bush inspired cuisine and the homestead has a cellar of premium South Australian wines. Other facilities include a library, a large stone fireplace and an open bar. Expert field guides pull together the incredible geological history, wildlife and pastoral heritage of this region with explorations of the property and a chance to take in the sights and sounds of the bush.

Mayfair Hotel



Kangaroo Island

The chic Mayfair Hotel offers glamour in the heart of Adelaide's CBD. Situated in a heritage listed 1930s building, the hotel's stunning neo-gothic façade is in stark contrast to the recently built adjoining Jewel Box wing, so named due to its diamond-shaped metal clad exterior. Art Deco interiors complement the building's original layout and are defined by a soft palate of slate, taupe and ivory illuminated by crystal lamps and large mirrors. Modern amenities are as usual, with LED televisions, on demand movies, Wi-Fi and touch-screen telephones in all rooms and suites. Mayfair's central location makes the hotel an ideal base to explore the city's local attractions and events, whilst its restaurant showcases local produce, wines and artisan treats.

Stranraer is a beautiful 1920s farmhouse offering bed and breakfast accommodation, and is ideally located for exploring the many highlights of Kangaroo Island. Enjoy all the comforts of home as you explore this enchanting Australian island. Rooms are comfortable and private with an airy feel benefitted by exceptional views. Fabulously fresh daily menus are prepared by the owners and served in the formal dining room. The property is located on a 1290-hectare estate where prime lamb, wool and grain are produced. Bird watchers will be delighted to find two large lagoons on the grounds, adding to the enchanting country experience.


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The Louise, Barossa Valley

Arkaba, Flinders Ranges Stranraer, Kangaroo Island

Arkaba, Flinders Ranges

Mayfair Hotel, Adelaide

Mayfair Hotel, Adelaide Stranraer, Kangaroo Island




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Immerse yourself in Maori culture, soak in geothermal waters, and sample award-winning vintages in New Zealand’s oldest wine region.

New Zealand – North Island

New Zealand's North Island is best known for its Maori heritage, dramatic landscapes, charming cities, outdoor pursuits and world-class food. Explore Rotorua's geothermal areas and discover the unique culture of New Zealand's Maori people. This is a place where the astonishing power of what lies beneath comes to the surface, whilst on the island of Mokoia you’ll listen to stories of the local Maori people, sharing their triumphs, tragedies, loves and losses.

Not to be missed

Hawke’s Bay is one of the highlights of the North Island. It’s New Zealand’s oldest wine region and remains a top wine producer whilst its main city, Napier, is renowned for its Art Deco architecture.

• Savour artisan flavours on Waiheke Island

Cosmopolitan and energetic, New Zealand's capital Wellington has an edgy creative vibe fuelled by great food, wine and craft beer. See museum highlights, indulge in a private gourmet immersion and take a fascinating behind-the-scenes film studio tour.

• Seek cliff-top adventures at The Farm at Cape Kidnappers

The Bay of Islands is the ultimate maritime playground. Blessed with sheltered coves and white-sand beaches, it’s the perfect place for boating, fishing and dolphin spotting.

• Lose yourself in Tolkien’s world on a tour of Hobbiton • Witness Rotorua's boiling mud pools and world-famous geysers • Meet New Zealand’s endangered kiwis at the AKP supported National Kiwi Hatchery Aotearoa • Join the crew of an America’s Cup yacht to sail Auckland Harbour • Discover a fly-fishing paradise on the world-famous Tongariro River • Embark on a scenic helicopter ride over high peaks and volcanic craters • Play world renowned golf courses at Kauri Cliffs and Cape Kidnappers • Dig your own hot pool metres from the Pacific Ocean at world-famous Hot Water Beach on The Coromandel Peninsula



New Zealand North Island Extraordinary Experiences Our local presence in New Zealand allows our Journey Designers to include exceptional activities and experiences that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Here are just a few examples.

Te Papa Behind the Scenes The Taonga Maori Tour takes you to the heart of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Your hosted cultural tour will weave you through the Maori exhibition spaces displaying New Zealand's unique history through stories and objects, as well as provide behindthe-scenes access to Maori taonga (treasures) close up.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing For some of the most dramatic landscapes you will ever see, lace up your walking shoes for a privately guided hike on The Tongariro Alpine Crossing in Tongariro National Park, one of New Zealand's most spectacular tramping tracks. This 19.4 km walk is renowned for its barren yet beautiful 'moon like' volcanic landscape, unusual geological features, and views of the surrounding countryside below.

America's Cup Yachting Experience Take the helm of an America's Cup superyacht on an exhilarating sailing adventure in Auckland's beautiful Waitemata Harbour. Trim the sails, work the grinders or simply sit back and marvel at the capability of your sleek vessel and the yachties who crew it.

Meet The Endangered Kiwi Bird Gain a fascinating insight into New Zealand’s iconic endangered kiwi at the Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy supported National Kiwi Hatchery Aotearoa. See the incubation room, hatchery and nursery where this extraordinary project is increasing the kiwi count.

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Witness the Iconic Hole in the Rock on a Heli-Adventure Experience New Zealand’s Hole in the Rock up close on this thrilling helicopter experience. Soar over this dramatic icon, enjoying a privileged chance to land on the island surrounded by towering cliffs and spectacular views of Cape Brett, pairing perfectly with included lunch at nearby Paroa Bay winery.

Encounter the Cape Kidnappers Gannet Colony at Sunrise Watch the sun rise out of the ocean as you enjoy an up-close encounter with the renowned Cape Kidnappers gannet colony. Spellbound by the natural beauty and these charming birds, enjoy a delicious breakfast as the sun begins to kiss the bay below.

Experience Taupo’s Renowned Trout Fishing Legacy Experience the scenes of Lake Taupo on a trout fishing cruise, with the chance for keen anglers to try catching these local treasures. Enjoy your catch prepared onboard for a delicious snack, or simply sit back and take in the landscapes as you drift along.

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New Zealand North Island Suggested Itineraries Here are some samples of popular tailor-made journeys that can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Connoisseur’s North Island 8 days from $8,035 per person twin share Waiheke Island – Taupo – Hawke's Bay Fishing, wine and gourmet food — this exclusive self-drive journey through New Zealand’s North Island has it all. Discover firsthand why the Tongariro River is the country’s fly-fishing capital. View the world’s biggest mainland colony of gannets at Cape Kidnappers. And experience a thrilling jet-boat ride at the thunderous Huka Falls.

Family Adventure to Middle Earth 6 days from $5880 total based on 2 adults + 2 children travelling Auckland – Rotorua Magical, thrilling and extraordinary: this family adventure to Middle Earth is unparalleled. Wander through ‘the Shire’ at the Hobbiton movie set. Explore hidden crater lakes by helicopter. Embark on a catamaran safari. Meet the endangered kiwi bird and experience the earth’s true power in Rotorua.


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New Zealand Golfing Getaway 9 days from $8,785 per person twin share Bay of Islands – Cape Kidnappers – Queenstown This journey is a golf enthusiast’s dream travelling from the North Island to the South playing four of the country’s finest courses. Test your skill on clifftop fairways and lightning-fast greens, immerse yourself in the country’s finest fresh produce and epicurean delights, and enjoy nights are spent in elegant style at three of the country’s most outstanding lodges – The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs, the Farm at Cape Kidnappers and Queenstown’s Azur Lodge.

Wellington & Martinborough Epicurean Escape 5 days from $1,780 per person twin share Wellington – Martinborough – Wellington Escape to cosmopolitan Wellington on this self-drive epicurean escape. Discover Wellington’s thriving arts scene, romantic harbour setting and diverse culinary delights, and explore the historic Martinborough wine region, sampling some of the renowned local drops.

Bay of Islands Coastal Escape 5 days from $3,220 per person twin share Explore the fairytale coastal landscapes of New Zealand’s Bay of Islands on this idyllic escape. Sail through the glistening bay, uncovering hidden island wonders on a shared catamaran cruise. Enjoy panoramic views on exhilarating aerial explorations paired with luxury vineyard dining. Based at the secluded garden haven of Donkey Bay Inn, this indulgent escape offers the perfect dose of romance and relaxation.

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New Zealand North Island Hotels & Resorts Below are some of our preferred accommodation options, hand-picked for you.

Night Sky Cottage

Regent of Rotorua



Replace with: Set in a hectare of native and protected Manuka flora, this fully self-contained eco-cottage delivers a new level of luxury not offered elsewhere in the Tongariro National Park and Ruapehu Region. The Cottage is fully self-contained and furnished with European flair. There is a cosy wood fire, open plan lounge and dining area with skylights for all day sun and night-time stargazing plus a fully equipped kitchen. Two rooms feature luxury king size beds and a bathroom with side-by-side free standing baths and a large shower. A covered full width deck with outdoor furniture and a BBQ is the perfect place for taking in the beautiful surroundings and just a short walk away is a private decked picnic area with stunning views of Mt Ruapehu.

Escape the ordinary in Regent of Rotorua, a designer boutique hotel offering stylish luxury accommodation, a restaurant, and a wine and cocktail bar, all with a touch of glamour. An oasis of understated contemporary elegance amidst the exciting attractions and experiences Rotorua has to offer. Step out of your room or suite and stroll to the vibrant restaurant hub and lakefront area, or simply stay in, relax and indulge in the luxury facilities. Each of the rooms and suites in this central city hotel is exquisitely designed featuring contemporary décor and there is free unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. An outdoor thermal heated swimming pool, thermal mineral pool and mini gym make the Regent of Rotorua the perfect Rotorua escape.

Solitaire Lodge Rotorua Solitaire Lodge, one of New Zealand’s premiere luxury lodges, enjoys breathtaking views over Lake Tarawera, with lush natural bush and the backdrop of a volcanic landscape. Styled with comfort in mind, all nine luxurious suites feature panoramic views over Lake Tarawera’s still, deep waters. Freestanding baths allow views over the lake while soaking. Complimentary mini bar, fruit and snacks are also at hand. Cuisine at the lodge is a highlight and focuses on local seafood, regional produce and pickings from the kitchen garden. Menus change daily to entice the expectations of today’s contemporary palate and dinners showcase New Zealand’s finest regional wine varieties with specially paired recommendations. Easy lake access allows exploration of surrounding waters, secluded private bays, a three hour hike to a 65-metre waterfall and natural thermal hot springs in which to soak and unwind. Embark on an adventurous scenic helicopter flight over the surrounding volcanic landscape, catch a good sized rainbow trout for dinner, or explore tranquil waters in a kayak or motorised dinghy. The lodge is also the perfect place to simply relax, indulge and rejuvenate, left in the capable hands of your warm, friendly Kiwi hosts.

Solitaire Lodge, Rotorua


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Night Sky Cottage, Ohakune

Regent of Rotorua, Rotorua Solitaire Lodge, Rotorua

Night Sky Cottage, Ohakune

Regent of Rotorua, Rotorua Solitaire Lodge, Rotorua



Eagles Nest, Bay of Islands

Eagles Nest, Bay of Islands

The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs, Matakauri Lodge

The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs, Matakauri Lodge

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers, Hawke's Bay

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers, Hawke's Bay


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Eagles Nest, Bay of Islands

New Zealand North Island Hotels & Resorts Below are some of our preferred accommodation options, hand-picked for you.

Eagles Nest Bay Of Islands The Bay of Islands in New Zealand’s Northland is the worlds’ ultimate maritime playground where the lure of water is an ever-changing backdrop to the worlds’ ultimate retreat... Eagles Nest. Culinary resources, including fabulous resident chefs, a superb wine cellar and fresh locally sourced foods, create memorable dining experiences in your own villa. Spa therapists are available for exquisite in-villa treatments and a resident personal trainer can help maintain or enhance your regimen. And the Bay of Islands is world-renowned for every water sport known to man. Let the talented concierge team tailor a specialised itinerary to suit your interests and maximise your enjoyment in this breathtaking region. Sited and designed to maximise and enhance the views, large windows open to the sea and subtropical landscapes, seamlessly connecting the outdoors to their interior spaces. Consistently elegant, simple style with eclectic, informal interiors perfectly enhance inspirational views. You will feel like you are on your own private island yet still have the infrastructure of the charming and historic village of Russell just two minutes away. The five ultra-luxurious villas are superbly decked out in muted greys and whites blending indoor and outdoor living with huge windows that invite the seascape in. Totally secluded, each villa is surrounded by lush greenery and has a private hot tub, and all but one has its own infinity pool. Each boasts a fully equipped kitchen and fireplace for the colder months, along with a home cinema and music system. Winner of the World's Leading Boutique Villa Resort in 2018, Eagles Nest awaits.

The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers

Matauri Bay

Hawke’s Bay

The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs rests on 6,000 acres of untouched coastline with views of the Cavalli Islands and Cape Brett. With three pristine private beaches, Kauri Cliffs is experiential travel at its best. Activities abound with an award-winning golf course, immersive local heritage tours, bountiful fishing, and a spa sanctuary hidden within native forest. Accommodation is offered in 22 suites set in outlying cottages, as well as two and four-bedroom owner’s cottages.

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers sits atop rolling farmland and rugged cliffs that give way to vast sea views. Its 22 generous suites and fourbedroom Owner’s Cottage deliver comfort and awe-inspiring views, with private balconies, walk-in wardrobes and luxurious bathrooms. This unique property also boasts the awarded-winning Tom Doak-designed golf course, an eco-sanctuary, and a working farm. The Farm at Cape Kidnappers delivers exclusive guest experiences including Can-Am Exploration, Kiwi Discovery Walk and wildlife tours. 1300 851 800 | WWW.ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM.AU



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Be in awe of dramatic landscapes; towering mountains, fiords, formidable coastlines, volcanoes and lakes.

New Zealand – South Island

With spectacular glaciers, coastlines and a mountain railway, New Zealand’s South Island promises adventures at every turn. Ride on the world-famous TranzAlpine from Christchurch to Greymouth. Come face-to-face with a dramatic glacier. And discover the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown.

Not to be missed

You may choose to traverse the South Island from coast to coast unlocking a hidden world of sweeping landscapes, extraordinary wildlife and worldfamous wine. Marvel at Milford Sound from the skies. Witness wild fur seal colonies. Linger in cellars of world-class wineries. Visit magnificent castles in Dunedin and get up close to the wildlife of the Otago Peninsula.

• Cruise the blue waters through the magical Queen Charlotte Sound

With all this landscape to enjoy, it's easy to forget the cities too. Discover Christchurch’s British colonial architecture, Dunedin, known as the Edinburgh of New Zealand with its rolling hills, as well as bohemian Nelson, the sunniest place in the country. Whatever your interests are, we can arrange unforgettable experiences.

• Witness Milford Sound from above on a private helicopter tour • Land amongst the ancient ice floes of the Fiordland glaciers • Savour world-class wines in Central Otago • Drive the rugged and untamed West Coast • Discover spectacular Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers • Sign up for an adrenalin rush in Queenstown • Kayak the Abel Tasman National Park’s crystal clear waters set against a backdrop of lush native rainforest • Heli-ski on private, back-country slopes • Travel on the Coastal Pacific train along the rugged South Island eastern coastline accompanied by soaring mountain and ocean views



New Zealand South Island Extraordinary Experiences Our local presence in New Zealand allows our Journey Designers to include exceptional activities and experiences that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Here are just a few examples.

Routeburn Track Experience one of New Zealand’s great walks on a guided hike to the Routeburn Falls Hut. Walk alongside magnificent Routeburn River, and through a beech forest rich in birdlife, with stunning mountain views.

Exclusive South Island Wine Experience Take a private tour of Gibbston Valley Wines in one of the world's southernmost wine-growing regions. You will be guided around the country’s largest wine cave and enjoy private tasting sessions, as well as a delicious two-course lunch accompanied by expertly paired wines.

Glacier Heli Adventure Drink in the spectacular landscapes of the South Island's West Coast on a private helicopter adventure over snow capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, and ancient river valleys. Stand atop a remote glacier, and fly the length of majestic Milford Sound before descending into Fiordland Lodge for your delicious lunch of crayfish, freshly caught by hand during a stop on a remote beach en route. Continue by air over the pristine landscapes this area is famous for before returning to Queenstown.

Otago Peninsula Eco-Experience Enjoy a full day discovering the beautiful scenery of the Otago Peninsula on the southern edge of Dunedin's harbour. Hike to clifftop viewpoints, marvel at extraordinary rock formations and get up close to the yellow-eyed penguin, Hooker’s sea lion, fur seals and the royal albatross.


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Tee Off on a Queenstown Heli Golf Experience Nestled at 1,370 metres up in the Southern Alps is the ultimate altitude golfing experience. Soaring to your tee by private helicopter flight, land on this spectacular stage and take a swing at the unique par 3 course, the picturesque panoramas of Queenstown below.

Be Charmed by Constellations in Tekapo’s Dark Sky Reserve One of the world’s largest Dark Sky Reserves, be captivated by the sparkling night sky on this enchanting experience. Embark on a journey 13.8 billion years in the making, learning from experts as they combine science, Maori heritage and fascinating multi-media installations.

Enjoy a Farm-to-Table Epicurean Education in Hapuku Indulge in an unforgettable cooking class at Fiona Read’s familyrun Hapuku Cooking School, creating a selection of stunning dishes using produce from the thriving farm around you. Enjoy your flavourful local fare over a long lunch matched with delicious regional wines.

Call A&K on 1300 851 800 to find out more about incorporating an extraordinary experience into your New Zealand South Island journey.



New Zealand South Island Suggested Itineraries Here are some samples of popular tailor-made journeys that can be personalised to your individual requirements.

Best of the Marlborough Sounds 7 days from $3,560 per person twin share Blenheim – Bay Of Many Coves – Blenheim Kia ora, and welcome to Marlborough, New Zealand’s premier wine region and an adventurer’s dream, with the intricate waterways and breathtaking mountain landscapes of the Marlborough Sounds. Relax in true luxury, staying amid the rolling vineyards of Marlborough Lodge and find a luxurious bush paradise at Bay of Many Coves.

New Zealand: Alpine Adventure 7 days from $10,415 per person twin share Queenstown – Minaret Station – Blanket Bay – Queenstown The alpine scenes of New Zealand are truly breathtaking, the magnificent mountain peaks and rolling valleys beckoning travellers to explore from the world over. Immerse yourself in this spectacular region with stays in luxurious Minaret Station a wilderness paradise accessible only by helicopter, and award-winning Blanket Bay, set amid the marvels of Lake Wakatipu. A journey for those with an adventurous heart, enjoy opportunities to hike, horseride, cycle and ski amongst some of New Zealand’s most unforgettable high-altitude landscapes.

South Island Discovery 8 days from $5,040 per person twin share Christchurch – Mt. Cook – Ahuriri Valley – Queenstown New Zealand’s South Island is home to sweeping landscapes, extraordinary wildlife and world-famous wine. Discover the spectacular Ahuriri Valley, carved out by millions of years of glacial movement, with a stay at The Lindis, where luxury is in harmony with the land. Admire magnificent Milford Sound, and set out on active explorations of rare wilderness. Conclude the experience in Queenstown where adrenalin-pumping extreme adventures contrast with a dynamic dining and arts scene.


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Queenstown to Wanaka: Wilderness Escape 5 days from $2,510 per person twin share Queenstown Witness the natural wonders of Queenstown and nearby Wanaka on this 5-day escape. An active discovery, immerse yourself in the setting of the renowned Routeburn Track, hike magnificent Mount Iron and kayak picturesque Lake Wanaka, immersing yourself in the region’s beauty from every angle. Paired with an artistic appreciation of the quaint town of Cromwell, know for its local art and handicrafts, while staying in a luxurious lakeside haven, this is a truly unforgettable adventure.

West Coast Glacier Experience 8 days from $3,495 per person twin share Christchurch – Franz Josef – Queenstown With spectacular glaciers, coastlines and a mountain railway, New Zealand’s South Island promises adventures at every turn. Ride on the world-famous TranzAlpine from Christchurch to Greymouth. Come face-to-face with a dramatic glacier. And discover the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown.

South Island Family Discovery 10 days from $11,310 total based on 2 adults + 2 children travelling Christchurch – Mt. Cook – Wanaka – Queenstown Embark on this self-drive discovery of New Zealand’s spectacular South Island, road tripping from Christchurch to Queenstown. You’ll uncover a kaleidoscope of active experiences, wildlife encounters and natural wonders from Mount Cook/Aoraki to Lake Wakatipu and Mt Aspiring National Park, bedding down each night in some of the region’s best luxury havens. Exploring by boat, kayak, and zipline to name a few, you’ll see the island from every angle on this journey sure to surprise and delight.

South Island Uncovered 10 days from $8,045 per person twin share Nelson – Kaikoura – Queenstown Discover the best of New Zealand’s South Island from every angle on this unforgettable self-drive escape. Journey from charming Nelson to the adventurer’s paradise of Queenstown, immersing yourself in breathtaking lakeside landscapes, magnificent national park panoramas, divine dining experiences and stays at some of the island’s most luxurious lodges.

Visit, talk to your Travel Agent, or call 1300 851 800 to get the conversation started with an A&K Journey Designer.



New Zealand South Island Hotels & Resorts Below are some of our preferred accommodation options, hand-picked for you.

The George

Hotel Montreal



A member of Small Luxury Hotels, this luxury five-star boutique hotel is the best in Christchurch. Its quiet and spacious rooms exude a chic, contemporary style, and many have views overlooking Hagley Park and the River Avon. The George is a few minutes’ walk from the top city attractions and is renowned for its specialised focus on dining with its award-winning restaurant 50 Bistro. The Residence is a luxury threebedroom villa attached to the hotel by a walkway with private gardens, ideal for up to six guests.

Overlooking Cranmer Square and situated close to Hagley Park, this luxurious all-suite hotel is small and contemporary. The 26 beautifully appointed rooms are spacious, each with a comfortable lounge area and a generous balcony overlooking the croquet lawn. Argentinean influences are reflected in the menus at The Polo Bar & Restaurant where robust meals and world class wines are dished up. Explore Christchurch’s lively bars, cafés and restaurants and its cultural centre which are all just a short walk away.

Eichardt’s Private Hotel Queenstown This historic Queenstown icon, situated in a premium lakefront position, provides fine accommodation in seven luxurious hotel suites at the heart of the vibrant café and restaurant precinct. Eichardt’s sets its own standard for gracious, luxury accommodation with the confident strokes and flawless symmetry that is the hallmark of New Zealand designer Virginia Fisher, married seamlessly with every amenity you would expect in a world-class hotel. The hotel’s parlour offers guests the ideal setting for breakfast, with awe inspiring views over Lake Wakatipu. Evening cocktail service with complimentary whisky selection is enjoyed amidst a background of exquisite antiques and objets d’art. A further four apartment suites and a three bedroom Residence (each just moments away from the main building) offer superb flexibility in accommodation for families, groups or couples. For those who demand the height of excellence, The Penthouse is the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. Overlooking the shores of Lake Wakatipu and surrounds, The Penthouse tops the iconic Eichardt’s Private Hotel in pure indulgence. Eichardt’s iconic Bar and popular restaurant The Grille complete the offering in the elegant style associated with the various accommodations. Having Queenstown’s best loved dining destinations onsite will satisfy even the most discerning foodie or cocktail connoisseur! Cap off your stay in Queenstown with a charter cruise aboard Eichardt’s own luxury yacht, Pacific Jemm. Glide along Queenstown’s idyllic Lake Wakatipu enveloped by the towering mountain ranges, whilst sipping cocktails and feasting on canapés.

Eichardt’s Private Hotel, Queenstown


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The George, Christchurch

Hotel Montreal, Christchurch Eichardt’s Private Hotel, Queenstown

The George, Christchurch

Hotel Montreal, Christchurch Eichardt’s Private Hotel, Queenstown



Azur Lodge, Queenstown

Matakauri Lodge, Queenstown Hulbert House, Queenstown


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Azur Lodge, Queenstown

Matakauri Lodge, Queenstown Hulbert House, Queenstown

Azur Lodge, Queenstown

New Zealand South Island Hotels & Resorts Below are some of our preferred accommodation options, hand-picked for you.

Azur Lodge Queenstown Azur is a contemporary luxury lodge overlooking some of the most spectacular scenery in New Zealand, and consists of nine private villas, with open plan living. The bathtub is set in a bay window allowing an indoor/outdoor experience. The floor to ceiling windows frame the uninterrupted views of Lake Wakatipu and the mountain ranges. Rates include a private transfer to/from the airport and transportation to the local downtown area, just five minutes from Azur. Full breakfast, afternoon tea and pre-dinner drinks and canapés are also included. Queenstown has a wide range of dining experiences and the Azur team will assist with recommendations. Alternatively, guests can dine in fine style in the privacy of their own villa, ordering from an extensive list of local restaurants. Azur is known for its privacy and discretion with staff who pride themselves on genuinely connecting with their guests and sharing their local knowledge to ensure a unique and memorable experience.

Matakauri Lodge

Hulbert House



Situated on Lake Wakatipu and offering stunning views of The Remarkables mountain range, Matakauri Lodge is a Relais & Châteaux property offering luxury accommodation in 12 exclusive suites and a four-bedroom Owner’s Cottage. With clean lines in glass, stone and timber, Matakauri’s own take on luxury is understated and welcoming, styled by acclaimed interior designer Virginia Fisher. Superb food and wines are part of the experience and the service exemplary. Located just seven minutes’ drive from Queenstown, it is within easy reach of several ski fields, charming vineyards, and all the adventure sports and outdoor activities for which the town is famous.

Immerse yourself in a sense of timeless elegance at Hulbert House, a boutique hotel, housed in a beautifully restored Victorian villa dating back to 1888. Steeped in authentic history, Hulbert House offers a luxury, boutique accommodation experience. Situated just a short walk from Queenstown’s vibrant city centre, the hotel is imbued with a sense of serenity. Its six uniquely designed suites offer stunning views overlooking Lake Wakatipu or the Skyline Hill. Your stay includes a complimentary breakfast, refreshments during the day and pre-dinner drinks and canapés before you stroll into town to one of the many restaurants and bars. Also included is free Wi-Fi and carparking with direct street access on three sides, and use of complimentary e-bikes.




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Australia & New Zealand Small Group Journeys W

hen it comes to inspiring travel, a small group makes a big difference. Our Small Group Journeys are intimate, immersive, expert-led, shared adventures with a fine balance of guided activity and breathing room, allowing time and space for more exploration and selfdiscovery. Small groups of 6–12 guests also means more one-on-one interaction with your guide, and allows A&K to reserve splendid accommodations that might not be an option for the typically larger groups travelling with other companies.


f scheduled departure dates don't work for you, or you would prefer to travel privately, please talk to your A&K Journey Designer or your travel agent about a journey tailor-made for you. Please visit for more information and full itineraries.





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Tasmania: Wine, Wildlife & Wilderness 11 DAYS FROM $11,795 DEPARTURE DATES: 15 OCT, 24 Nov 2022, 7 Feb & 25 Mar 2023 *Note: Some departures may operate on modified itineraries.

See for up-to-date departure dates, availability and pricing.


xplore the very best of the Apple Isle on this captivating small group journey which combines culture, history, wilderness and a healthy dose of adventure. Marvel at the myriad spectacular landscapes and heritage listed natural wonders, from Lake St Clair and Cradle Mountain to Flinders Island and Freycinet National Park. Taste the cornucopia of epicurean delights from award-winning whisky to Bruny island’s celebrated cheeses. Dive into Tassie’s thriving creative scene, from lauded Mona to Risby Cove Gallery and the art town of Sheffield. And bed down in complete luxury, with stays at some iconic Tassie lodgings from MACq01 and Verge to Cradle Mountain Hotel and renowned Saffire Freycinet. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS


Flinders Island


See inspirational conservation work up close on a privileged insider access visit to the AKP-supported Raptor Refuge


Discover pristine wilderness and a rare convict heritage on a cruise of the Gordon River in the Premium Upper Deck

Cradle Mountain Strahan


Take a private charter flight to picturesque Flinders Island for a day of epicurean indulgence and untamed landscapes

Ta s m a n i a


Freycinet N.P.


Admire rare natural wonders at Lake St Clair and Cradle Mountain National Parks Join Risby Cove Gallery curator for a fascinating insight to the gallery’s eclectic collection of work by local artists Typically features a small group size of 12-14 guests 1300 851 800 | WWW.ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM.AU


Day 1: Arrive Hobart. Arrive into Tasmania’s charming capital to a warm A&K welcome. Transfer privately to your accommodation at MACq 01 Hotel, and this evening join your A&K Resident Tour Director for a welcome briefing and dinner at Old Wharf Restaurant in your hotel, celebrating Tasmanian produce and locally caught seafood. MACq 01 Hotel | Meals: D Day 2: Hobart | Inspiring Art & Conservation Insights. Today head southwest towards the beautiful Huon Valley and the small town of Kettering, where you will be treated to A&K’s exclusive insider access to the inspirational Raptor Refuge. Supported by Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy, the refuge rescues and rehabilitates injured birds of prey, and your private tour takes you up close to the aviaries to observe the work being done with recovering birds and those being prepared for release back into the wild. From wedge-tailed and sea eagles to goshawks, kestrels and falcons, there are many locally threatened species which pass through the refuge and which you will have the opportunity of seeing. This afternoon, visit the breathtaking and utterly brilliant Museum of Old & New Art (Mona), with free rein to explore the permanent collection of contemporary art and antiquities and temporary exhibitions. Enjoy lunch at The Source Restaurant, perched atop the Mona site with sweeping views. Return to Hobart in style aboard Mona’s fast ferry where you have seats in the Posh Pit, enjoying drinks and canapés on the private deck with breathtaking harbour views. MACq 01 Hotel | Meals: BL

forest of towering gum trees and leatherwoods to Hogarth Falls. Keep an eye out for the elusive platypus. Tonight, head down to Risby Cove on the Strahan waterfront for a personalised tour of Cove Gallery with the curator. Admire the eclectic collection of works by accomplished Tasmanian artists housed within the converted, century-old sawmill workshop. Savour dinner at Risby Cove Restaurant, with views of the marina through the floor to ceiling windows. Strahan Village | Meals: BD Day 5: Franklin – Gordon Wild Rivers National Park | Heritage River Cruise. Board the award-winning Gordon River Cruise for a unique opportunity to experience this World Heritage Wilderness Area from the water. Your guided exploration, with Premium Upper Deck inclusions, starts at Macquarie Harbour and drifts up the Gordon River. Cruise across to notorious Hells Gates, named by convicts to signal the point of no return. Pass fish farms en route and learn about the local industry farming salmon and ocean trout. Stop to wander amongst the largest swathe of temperate rainforest on earth, home to thousand-year-old trees, and explore the ruins of Sarah Island, once the largest boat building settlement in the British colonies. Cruise back to Strahan and transfer by road to Cradle Mountain National Park, enjoying a 3-course ‘Mountain Rock’ dining experience at Altitude Restaurant. Cradle Mountain Hotel | Meals: BLD

Day 3: Hobart | Bruny Island Epicurean Exploration. This morning take the ferry from Kettering over to Bruny Island where stunning views, epicurean delights and rare wilderness awaits. Taste your way across the island visiting some of the renowned artisan producers including award winning cheese from Bruny Island Cheese Company, Get Shucked’s famous oysters, handcrafted chocolate and fudge and delicious honey. Balance your feasting with some active discovery, visiting The Neck lookout, and a short walk through the surrounding rainforest keeping an eye out for the rare white wallaby. MACq 01 Hotel | Meals: BL

Day 6: Cradle Mountain | Ancient Wonders & Devil Encounters. This morning set out on one of Tasmania’s most impressive walks to picturesque Dove Lake, located at the foot of Cradle Mountain. Afterwards, enjoy an unforgettable encounter with the mysterious Tasmanian devil with the opportunity to observe these extraordinary animals up close. Return to your hotel and visit the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Gallery, located right next door, showcasing the wilderness around Cradle Mountain and the stories of Tasmania through photographs, art installations and film. Cradle Mountain Hotel | Meals: BLD

Day 4: Strahan | An Immersion into Local Art. Journey northwest to Strahan, stopping en route at Lake St Clair National Park to hike amid spectacular wilderness. Lunch is at leisure before wandering through the

Day 7: Sheffield & Launceston | History & Art. Travel northeast to Launceston by road, stopping in the quirky rural art town of Sheffield en route. Wander through the village admiring outdoor installations, giant murals as well

80 1300 851 800 | AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND

as galleries and studios. This evening dinner is at the award-winning Stillwater Restaurant on the shores of the Tamar River. Hotel Verge | Meals: BD

Inspiring Accommodations

Day 8: Flinders Island | Wild & Untamed. Transfer by private charter aircraft from Launceston to Flinders Island for a full day exploring. Taste local whisky and gin on a distillery tour before a coastal discovery of picturesque Trousers Point, the island’s most celebrated and widely photographed beach. A gourmet seafood lunch showcases the local catch before continuing to Walkers Lookout for panoramic island views and a visit to the Furneaux Museum. Enjoy a beach walk and afternoon tea before your return charter flight to Launceston. Hotel Verge | Meals: BL

Saffire, Freycinet Defined by its subtle but chic interiors, a fluid architectural design, and luxuriously appointed suites featuring the best in design and furnishings.

Day 9: Freycinet National Park | Iconic East Coast Wilderness. Transfer southeast to Freycinet National Park and your luxurious lodge, Saffire. Spend the rest of the day soaking up the natural wonders which surround you relaxing at the lodge or embarking on one of the many activities on offer. Saffire | Meals: BLD Day 10: Freycinet National Park | Design Your Day. Your last day on the Apple Isle is yours to navigate. Choose your own adventure from the spectacular selection available to you at Saffire.

MACq01 Hotel, Hobart Offers informal luxury set on an historic waterfront location.

Strahan Village Charming cottage accommodation in a tranquil setting on the waterfront.

Cradle Mountain Hotel Stylish, comfortable rooms nestled within alpine wonderland.

Hotel Verge, Launceston Sophisticated, central hotel with spacious, well-appointed rooms.

> Experience an unforgettable culinary encounter and learn some of the secrets of beekeeping with a visit to the onsite Saffire apiary. > Don a pair of waders and visit a working oyster farm located in a beautiful setting with views of the Hazard Mountains. Includes a tasting of freshly shucked oysters straight from the lease. > Choose from 2 guided walks, either a coastal stroll along the beach with an indigenous guide Mick Quilliam, or join a knowledgeable guide for a relaxed two-hour tour exploring the Freycinet Peninsula with stunning views of the Tasman Sea as well as glimpses of Wineglass Bay. This evening, enjoy a farewell dinner at the lodge, toasting your unforgettable journey and new friends made along the way. Saffire | Meals: BLD Day 11: Freycinet National Park – Depart Hobart. Enjoy a leisurely morning before departing Freycinet National Park for the return shared transfer to Hobart Airport and your onward flight. Meals: B

Customise this Journey Talk to one of our expert Journey Designers or your travel agent about booking this tour as a private journey for your own small group with family or friends. Or, if you would prefer to travel privately, find out more about creating the perfect bespoke tailor-made journey based on this itinerary. 1300 851 800 | WWW.ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM.AU



*Note: Some departures may operate on modified itineraries.


1300 851 800 | AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND

Traditions of the Top End An Air Safari 8 DAYS FROM $10.595 DEPARTURE DATES: 5 Aug, 8 Oct 2022 & 30 Apr 2023

*Note: Some departures may operate on modified itineraries.

See for up-to-date departure dates, availability and pricing.


e spellbound by the ancient wonders of Australia’s Top End on this immersive 8-day air safari. From the tropical capital of Darwin to the storied plains of Arnhem Land, led by local guides you’ll take a deep dive into Aboriginal lore and traditional stories of living on the land. Be captivated by the majesty of Kakadu on land and by river cruise, and be immersed in this biodiverse region with a glamping safari in Mary River at breathtaking Bamurru Plains. An all-encompassing adventure, this journey will see you humbled by history, enthralled by picturesque landscapes and enchanted by a kaleidoscope of wildlife. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS Be led by local experts on a guided exploration of Litchfield’s landscapes and storied rock art Stay at Bamurru Plains on an immersive glamping adventure


Davidson’s Arnhemland Safari Lodge Bamurru Plains

Explore the ancient landscapes of Arnhem Land with privileged access to this indigenous homeland Discover the thriving ecosystems of Mary River on an airboat safari Admire Arnhem Land from the air, soaring the over the ancient escarpments


Cruise on the East Alligator River with an Aboriginal guide, learning history and captivating local lore ARRIVE/DEPART AIR

Typically features a small group size of 6–10 guests, travelling in your own private plane 1300 851 800 | WWW.ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM.AU



1300 851 800 | AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND

Day 1: Arrive Darwin. Arrive into Darwin to a warm A&K welcome and transfer by private vehicle to your accommodation, Mindil Beach Casino & Resort, Set among tropical beachside gardens around a lagoon. This afternoon meet your group of fellow travellers and enjoy a two hour guided city tour of Darwin. Highlights include historic Fanny Bay Gaol, Government House, Stokes Hill Wharf, St Marys Cathedral, the Botanical Gardens and the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT, housing an impressive Aboriginal art collection and Cyclone Tracy display. This evening enjoy a welcome dinner and drink. Mindil Beach Casino Resort | Meals: D Day 2: Darwin | Indigenous Discovery. This morning, meet your expert indigenous guide for a captivating immersion into indigenous culture on a private full day Litchfield experience. A true wonder of the Top End, Litchfield National Park is possibly the Northern Territory’s best kept secret covering 1,500 square kilometres, of dramatic landscapes sheltering lush waterholes, misty waterfalls and monsoonal vine forests. Get a hands-on education of bush tucker and medicinal traditions, learning of the bush resources in season. Take a refreshing walk to a picturesque waterfall, your scene for a flame-grilled lunch of ocean-caught barramundi, marinated kangaroo and crocodile eye fillet, before returning to your hotel. Mindil Beach Casino Resort | Meals: BL Day 3: Darwin – Arnhem Land | Welcome to the Homeland. This morning, transfer by charter aircraft to your accommodation on Mt Borradaile in the indigenous homeland of Arnhem Land. Davidson’s Arnhemland Safaris Lodge is located on an exclusive lease of 700-square kilometres of pristine wilderness in northwest Arnhem Land. Nestled against the Arnhem Land escarpment, this landscape of rugged ranges fringed by idyllic billabongs allows an immersion in unique ecosystems teeming with birdlife and crocodiles as well as bush food and medicinal plants. Valleys, overhangs and caves carved out by an ancient sea have been occupied by Aboriginal people for over 50,000 years with worldclass galleries of rock art, occupation and burial sites. Arrive to a warm welcome, before enjoying a short walk to see the famous Rainbow Serpent, where you will start to learn about the local rock art, the geology of the area and some of the local bush tucker. Following lunch, there is the chance to enjoy one of Davidson’s included activities. Try your hand at barramundi fishing, enjoy a walking excursion to view the magnificent galleries of Indigenous rock art, take a dip in a natural swimming hole or simply sit back and relax poolside at the lodge. Davidson’s Safaris Arnhemland Safari Lodge | Meals: BLD Day 4: Arnhem Land | Design Your Day. Wake up to a strikingly beautiful landscape of rugged ranges fringed by idyllic billabongs, floodplains, paperbark swamps and monsoonal rainforests. After a leisurely breakfast, continue your exploration of Arnhem Land with your choice of the included activities available.

Day 6: Mary River National Park | Design Your Day. A choice of activities is on offer today, or alternatively you may choose to simply relax and enjoy your spectacular surrounds. Bamurru has over 300 square kilometres of private concession waiting to be explored. So large is the property that there are four distinct habitats: floodplains and wetlands full of magpie geese and big crocs; stunning melaleuca forests, savannah woodlands where you might bump into brumby, buffalo, dingo and wallaby; and finally a riverine environment abundant in fish, crocodiles and diverse birdlife. > Go on an airboat safari across the floodplains. Feel the rush as you skim the surface at speed, then float in silence listening to the sound of nothing but the bush and the surrounding wildlife. > Experience an open-top game drive, one of the best ways to witness the variety of wildlife in this diverse environment including wallaby, crocodile, wild horses, buffalo and some of the 236 bird species. > Head out on a guided walking safari, learning the Indigenous uses for the various plants and animals, and how wildlife can be tracked. Return to the lodge this afternoon to enjoy sundowners on the deck before a sumptuous dinner of bush-inspired recipes. Bamurru Plains | Meals: BLD Day 7: Mary River National Park | Top End Safari. Start today with an exhilarating flight to Jabiru for a private tour of Kakadu National Park. Explore the landscapes and ancient Aboriginal rock art at Ubirr, one of Kakadu’s most breathtaking Aboriginal art sites, in your custom-built safari vehicle led by a knowledgeable local guide. Then embark on a cruise on the East Alligator River through pristine wilderness. Led by an Aboriginal guide, uncover the secrets and history of one of the richest biological regions in the national park. Stop at the Bowali Visitor Centre for an engaging look at the history and traditions of the land, before arriving back at the lodge in time for sundowners and canapés before your farewell dinner. Bamurru Plains | Meals: BLD Day 8: Mary River National Park – Depart Darwin. Depart this morning after breakfast, flying by private charter to Darwin airport, where you will transfer to your onward flight. Meals: B

Inspiring Accommodations

Mindil Beach Casino Resort Premium hotel and resort accommodation set among tropical beachside gardens around a lagoon just moments from the CBD.

> Enjoy sundowners as you cruise along a billabong viewing a kaleidoscope of plants and wildlife as the sun sets over the floodplains painting Mt Borradaile in magnificent colours. > Choose from a range of guided walking tours exploring the rainforest areas, savannah woodland, or incredible catacombs learning about the region’s rich indigenous history and ecosystem. > Take a 4WD excursion into the savannah landscapes, woodland areas and rainforest, each with its own distinct array of flora and fauna.

Davidson’s Safaris Arnhemland Safari Lodge Davidson’s cabins are simple and comfortable, and designed to embrace the sounds of the bush and the cool morning breeze.

Enjoy a dinner of freshly prepared cuisine amidst a relaxed atmosphere at Mt Borradaile’s dining room, the social hub. Davidson’s Safaris Arnhemland Safari Lodge | Meals: BLD Day 5: Arnhem Land – Mary River National Park | Regional Discovery Begins. A final morning spent at Davidson’s before boarding your private plane this afternoon for the charter flight to the wildlife haven of Bamurru Plains. Arrive to a warm welcome and transfer to your safaristyle bungalow which gives you an immersion in the sights and sounds of the surrounding bush. Situated on the edge of Kakadu National Park, Bamurru Plains has exclusive access to floodplains and savanna woodland located along Mary River. This evening, you may like to take a river cruise in search of crocodiles, or embark on a quad bike safari before savouring a sundowner drink in breathtaking surrounds. Bamurru Plains | Meals: BLD

Bamurru Plains Featuring just ten safari bungalows each boasting views over the wetlands, allowing immersion in the bush, while also enjoying luxurious touches.

Customise this Journey Talk to one of our expert Journey Designers or your travel agent about booking this tour as a private journey for your own small group with family or friends. Or, if you would prefer to travel privately, find out more about creating the perfect bespoke tailor-made journey based on this itinerary. 1300 851 800 | WWW.ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM.AU



1300 851 800 | AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND

Gourmet Secrets of New Zealand 11 DAYS FROM $11,280 DEPARTURE DATES: 13 Nov 2022, 16 Feb & 21 Mar 2023

See for up-to-date departure dates, availability and pricing.



mbark on an indulgent journey of New Zealand as you’re wined and dined in some of the most picturesque locations across the country. From cultural capital, Wellington to the scenic South Island, where you can indulge in the freshest seafood straight from the waters of the Marlborough region. Renowned for its wines, experience blending your own signature bottle of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc before travelling south to the quaint coastal town of Kaikoura. Immerse yourself in nature’s playground with a memorable stay in Hapuku Lodge and enjoy a unique farm-to-table cooking experience with a New Zealand MasterChef finalist. Close-up encounters with New Zealand’s diverse marine-life and a decadent progressive dinner in Queenstown round off this journey of the senses. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS


Wellington Blenheim


Learn the art of winemaking on a behind the scenes tour of a Marlborough winery Be whisked away on a breathtaking helicopter ride for a picnic atop Mt Fyffe with 360-degree views of the surrounding mountain range, Kaikoura Peninsula and Pacific Ocean Stay in a luxury tree house nestled in the canopy of a Manuka Grove in Kaikoura, a world renowned eco-marine area


Forage for fresh produce and enjoy a hands-on culinary experiencewith renowned chef Fiona Read Queenstown


Enjoy a breath-taking, up-close encounter with the Giant Sperm Whale on a whale watching cruise in Kaikoura Indulge in a progressive dinner at three iconic and hidden gems around Queenstown showcasing fine wine and delectable food Cruise privately through Lake Wakatipu’s secluded coves, mountain ranges and inner harbour aboard the Pacific Jemm Typically features a small group size of 6–8 guests 1300 851 800 | WWW.ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM.AU


Day 1: Arrive Wellington, New Zealand. Arrive in Wellington, where a warm A&K welcome awaits. You will have the afternoon to explore the city at leisure after settling into your harbour view room at QT Wellington. Enjoy a welcome dinner with your fellow travellers at Hot Sauce, QT’s signature restaurant. QT Wellington | Meals: D

Tree House, or by the fire with a glass of wine. For something more active, walk to the nearby beach or bike ride along a Hapuku trail. Join your group early evening for sundowner drinks and canapes before enjoying a delicious dinner, made with produce sourced from the lodge’s own garden, free-range chickens and olive grove. Hapuku Lodge | Meals: BLD

Day 2: Wellington – Picton – Blenheim | Seafood Indulgence. After breakfast, enjoy VIP lounge access on the Interislander ferry ride across Marlborough Sounds to Picton, built around a sheltered harbour with an attractive seafront dotted with cafés, restaurants, and galleries. Upon arrival in Picton enjoy a private seafood cruise as you marvel at the beauty of Marlborough Sounds. Keep an eye out for a rich variety of birdlife and wildlife that flourish in this natural paradise. Visiting salmon, oyster and mussel farms, you’ll gain a fascinating insight into local aquaculture as you sample fresh seafood including Regal salmon, Cloudy Bay clams and greenshell mussels, paired with a refreshing glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Arriving back at Picton Wharf, continue on to Blenheim where you have an evening at leisure. Hotel d’Urville | Meals: BL

Day 5: Kaikoura | Reconnecting with Land and Sea. This morning, enjoy a hands-on farm-to-table cooking class at Hapuku Kitchen with renowned chef and former MasterChef finalist, Fiona Read. Forage in the garden for fruit, vegetables and herbs before returning to the kitchen with your harvest to prepare the dishes under Fiona’s guidance. Your morning concludes after dining on your creations, washed down with wine and beer from some of Fiona’s favourite local winemakers and brewers. This afternoon, experience an unforgettable up-close encounter with Kaikoura’s abundant marine life. Enjoy your cruise from the comfort of the Captain’s Cabin situated on the upper deck in the wheelhouse, the perfect vantage point to spot a rich variety of whale species as well as dolphins, New Zealand fur seals and royal albatross. Return to your lodge this evening for dinner. Hapuku Lodge | BLD

Day 3: Blenheim | Winemaker for a Day. With over 100 wineries in the region and a host of primary food producers, cafés, and restaurants, Marlborough is an epicurean delight. After breakfast, enjoy a tour of select vineyards and a working winery where you’ll learn about the winemaking process and create your very own signature bottle of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Afterwards, enjoy a gourmet platter lunch and a guided wine tasting. You’ll have the remainder of the afternoon at leisure before dinner at a local restaurant. Hotel d’Urville | Meals: BLD Day 4: Blenheim – Kaikoura | Immersion in Nature. After a leisurely breakfast, continue your journey south to the quaint coastal town of Kaikoura. On arrival, experience an unforgettable heli-picnic on top of Mt Fyffe. Wash down your locally prepared picnic hamper with a bottle of Marlborough wine as you soak up the breathtaking 360-degree views of the mountain ranges, Kaikoura Peninsula and the surrounding ocean. Back on land, transfer to Hapuku Lodge, your luxury accommodation for the next two nights. Sitting snuggly at the base of the spectacular Kaikoura Seaward Mountains, beautiful Hapuku Lodge provides a luxurious base from which to explore this stunning area. Spend the remainder of the afternoon at leisure soaking up the breathtaking views from your elevated 88 1300 851 800 | AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND

Day 6: Kaikoura – Christchurch | From Coast to Garden City. After breakfast, travel by road to scenic Christchurch, stopping en route for lunch and a wine tasting at organic winery Black Estate. Arrive into Christchurch with some time at leisure, before an afternoon visit to the Riverside Market, a vibrant indoor farmers market where a chef will take you on a guided tour to sample local delights as you go before a delicious dinner in a nearby restaurant. The George | Meals: BD Day 7: Christchurch | Touch of France in Akaroa. Today , travel over the breathtaking Banks Peninsula for a full day tour to Akaroa, the only town in New Zealand settled by the French. This picturesque region was formed following violent volcanic eruptions over 6 million years ago, while the town of Akaroa itself sits in an ancient volcanic crater. You’ll have the opportunity to wander around the charming 175-year-old French harbourside village of Akaroa with its museums, art and craft shops and studios before enjoying lunch at an award-winning cafe. On the journey back to Christchurch, visit the cheese factory at Barry’s Bay, the Little River Art Gallery and, if time permits, Vince’s Gemstone Museum. The George | Meals: BL

Day 8: Christchurch – Queenstown | Journey for the Tastebuds. Continue your journey south today with a short flight to Queenstown, the adventure capital of New Zealand. Visit Zenkuro Sake, New Zealand’s first and only Sake brewery where you will learn the process of Sake making, followed by a tasting of their award-winning range. Continue to The Rees, located on the shores of beautiful Lake Wakatipu. This evening, take part in an indulgent progressive dinner hosted at a selection of iconic and hidden gems around Queenstown showcasing fine wine and delectable food. The Rees | Meals: BD Day 9: Queenstown | Whisky and Wine. This morning, witness the spectacular vistas of the Wakatipu Basin on a scenic drive from Queenstown to Cardrona driving on the Crown Range, the highest main road in New Zealand. Visit the Cardrona Distillery and learn the whisky-making process from grain to glass before a stop at the iconic Cardrona Pub. From there, descend into the charming Gibbston Valley, a world class Pinot Noir region. Enjoy wine tasting and a lunch at some of the region’s top local wineries. The remainder of the day is at leisure to explore Queenstown’s eclectic shops and diverse range of dining options. The Rees | Meals: BL Day 10: Queenstown | Design Your Day. Continue your exploration of Queenstown and Design Your Day with your choice of activities:

Inspiring Accommodations

QT Wellington Just steps away from Wellington Waterfront, QT Wellington offers a colourful fusion of expressive and luxurious art, technology, and indulgence.

Hotel d’Urville, Blenheim One of Blenheim’s finest landmarks, featuring just 11 luxury suites.

Hapuku Lodge, Kaikoura Luxury boutique accommodation with mountain and coastal views.

The George, Christchurch Intimate boutique hotel located in the heart of Christchurch.

The Rees, Queenstown Sophisticated otel situated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu.

> Enjoy an exhilarating jetboat experience on the Dart River deep in the heart of the world-renowned Mt Aspiring National Park. > Starting in the historic gold mining village of Arrowtown, pedal your way by e-bike along the Arrow River Trail downstream to the Kawarau River. Finish your ride with a wine tasting at Gibbston Valley Winery. > Visit the Thomas L Brown Gallery, a former cheese factory originally built in 1912 and converted into a studio and gallery by renowned artist Thomas Brown in 1992. The perfect end to a memorable day, enjoy a cruise aboard private charter, Pacific Jemm as you explore Lake Wakatipu’s secluded coves and towering mountain ranges, private beaches, and a vibrant inner harbour. Soak up the stunning sunset views with drinks and canapés before dining on a gourmet BBQ prepared by the Head Chef. The Rees | Meals: BD Day 11: Depart Queenstown. After breakfast, transfer to Queenstown Airport where your gastronomic adventure comes to an end. Meals: B

Customise this Journey Talk to one of our expert Journey Designers or your travel agent about booking this tour as a private journey for your own small group with family or friends. Or, if you would prefer to travel privately, find out more about creating the perfect bespoke tailor-made journey based on this itinerary. 1300 851 800 | WWW.ABERCROMBIEKENT.COM.AU


Australia & New Zealand Small Group Journeys

Outback S.A. Adventure: An Air Safari

The Shores of the Southern Ocean



DEPARTS 7 APR, 28 APR, 2 AUG 2022, 7 MAR & 11 APR 2023

DEPARTS 8 SEP, 27 OCT 2022 & 30 MAR 2023



This unforgettable journey by private charter plane into outback South Australia reveals the raw landscapes of the Flinders Ranges, from the air and at ground level, and a wealth of extraordinary natural wonders all the way to the Eyre Peninsula. You’ll get a unique insight to the state’s rich pastoral heritage visiting outback stations and meeting the characters who reside there. And by night, call atmospheric pubs and hotels home. Delight in the myriad tastes of South Australia from ‘feral fare’ and home brew at the Prairie Hotel to world’s finest seafood at Port Lincoln. This adventure is sure to remain with you long after you’ve toasted your final outback sunset. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS

• Contrast vast, red desert landscapes and shimmering salt lakes with pristine beaches and sparkling seas • Meet local characters in atmospheric towns and hear their colourful tales

Delve into a cornucopia of epicurean delights, rare wildlife, sophisticated artworks and coastlines battered by the great Southern Ocean on this exclusive 9-day air safari from South Australia to Tasmania. On this extraordinary journey only made possible by chartered flights, you will dine on Port Lincoln’s daily catch and meet the fishermen who haul it in. Admire abundant wildlife and epic landscapes on Kangaroo Island. Visit workshops and studios where painters, sculptors and potters create singular works of art and learn about bees from an apiarist. You’ll banquet ocean to table and paddock to plate on the region’s finest produce from local farms, providores and the bountiful ocean, washed down by some of the country’s best wines and home-distilled beverages toasting the beauty of our rare southern land on this unique air safari. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS

• Discover one of South Australia’s signature sparkling vineyards with a private tasting

• See extraordinary Wilpena Pound from the air and on foot

• Take part in a seafood masterclass with wine pairings hosted by chef Kris Bunder at his Port Lincoln marina home

• Marvel at ancient fossils and extraordinary geological formations

• Cruise Coffin Bay on an oyster appreciation with an expert local guide

• Appreciate the changing colours of Lake Eyre, from the air

• Live the paddock to plate experience over lunch on an ethically sustainable beef farm

• Sleep underground in Coober Pedy and see South Australia’s most remote town • Participate in a seafood masterclass with leading Port Lincoln chef • Travel in an intimate group of no more than 7 guests in your own private plane


1300 851 800 | AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND

• Visit studios and workshops to see artists at work using locally-sourced natural materials • Travel in an intimate group of no more than 9 guests in your own private plane

Queensland Outback: An Air Safari

Top End & Kimberley: An Air Safari



DEPARTS 5 APR, 14 JUN, 19 JUL & 23 AUG 2022

DEPARTS 26 AUG 2022, 14 JUN, 12 JUL & 1 AUG 2023



Journey in exclusive company on a privately chartered aircraft through Queensland’s raw and rugged landscapes following in the footsteps of Australia’s Outback pioneers – the Duracks, Sidney Kidman and Banjo Paterson to name a few – names etched into our pastoral history. Soak up the outback spirit from Quilpie and Winton to Longreach and Mount Mulligan, dining in traditional pubs and on homestead verandahs with gidgee fires burning and mulga scrub beyond. Learn about the legendary Aussie stockmen who are so vital to station operations and be amazed by 95-million-year-old dinosaur relics. You’ll bed down in luxurious tented camps, country homes and homesteads. This unique air safari is a grand tribute to the Aussie outback spirit sure to stay with you long after you return home. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS

• Travel in an intimate group of no more than eight guests in your own private plane • Experience station life with the owners of Moble Homestead

From tropical Darwin to the waterfalls and waterholes of Litchfield National Park and the striking geological wonders of the Bungle Bungle Ranges, be led by local guides as you hear traditional stories of living on the land and witness 50,000 years of history in indigenous rock art. Experience life on an outback cattle station and behold the breathtaking beauty of Arnhem Land as you ease back into the modern world in laidback Broome. This immersive adventure will leave you in awe of the stark yet ethereal beauty of the land. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS

• Travel in an intimate group of no more than ten guests in your own private plane • Be led by locals on a guided exploration of Litchfield’s landscapes and storied rock art • Witness indigenous history with locally guided explorations of ancient Arnhem Land and admire it from the air, soaring the over the ancient escarpments

• Hike the Grey Range, a special part of the Channel Country

• Enjoy a scenic helicopter flight over picturesque Bullo River Station - a working cattle property on half a million acres

• See the world’s largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils in a purpose-built museum

• Capture spectacular aerial views of the Bungle Bungle Range, Argyle Diamond Mine and the Ragged and Carr Boyd Ranges

• Discover Longreach with Dan Walker, local character and fifthgeneration pastoralist • Learn about the history and heritage of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ • Explore historic Mount Mulligan cattle station and heritage site



Australia & New Zealand Small Group Journeys

Outback to the Reef

Red Centre: Outback Wanderings



DEPARTS 6 AUG, 5 SEP, 8 OCT 2022 & 22 APR 2023

DEPARTS 17 OCT 2022 & 8 MAY 2023



Contrast Queensland’s rich outback spirit with the pristine natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and the remote Cape York peninsula on this adventure which combines the ancient landscapes and untamed wilderness of Mount Mulligan, a working cattle station in the Atherton Tablelands, with the rich marine life of tropical hideaway, Lizard Island. An exhilarating helicopter trip from Horn Island to Roko Island in the Torres Strait reveals hundreds more pristine islands and beaches as well as the region’s rich pearling heritage. Travel by a combination of private 4WD vehicle, charter aircraft and helicopter maximising your time spent in each destination.

Be dazzled by all that the Red Centre has to offer on this inspiring adventure. Delve into the highlights of Alice Springs and the rugged heart of the West MacDonnell Ranges. Witness extraordinary Kings Canyon and its Garden of Eden. Finally, be left in awe of the red jewel in Australia’s crown, Uluru, with a stay at celebrated luxury camp, Longitude 131°, on this journey sure to leave you spellbound.


• Admire raw pastoral landscapes from above on your private charter flight north through northern Queensland to Horn Island • Discover the outback spirit of Queensland at historic Mount Mulligan cattle station and heritage site • Discover blissful Roko Island in the Torres Strait, one of Northern Queensland’s best kept secrets, and learn all about pearling history from an expert at the resident pearl farm • Take to the air by helicopter over the ‘Tip of Australia’, and marvel at the hundreds of stunningly pristine islands in the Torres Strait • Be enchanted by the underwater delights of idyllic Lizard Island on diving and snorkelling adventures including a private turtle tour • Typically features a small group size of 8-10 guests


1300 851 800 | AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND


• Discover the beauty of the outback from dazzling heights on a morning hot air balloon ride in Alice Springs • Marvel at jaw-dropping views of majestic Uluru and the surrounding landscape from your luxury accommodation at Longitude 131° • Walk the base of majestic Uluru, and be immersed in the internationallyrenowned installation Field of Light • Dine under starry southern skies with an astronomer pointing out the sparkling constellations • Enjoy a BBQ lunch at a family-owned ranch in Curtin Springs • Hike the extraordinary scenic rim of Kings Canyon • Typically features a small group size of 10-12 guests

New Zealand: Alpine Winter Wonderland 8 DAYS FROM $7,995 P.P. TWIN SHARE DEPARTS 25 JUL, 22 & 30 AUG 2022 CHRISTCHURCH –AORAKI/MT.COOK – QUEENSTOWN

Experience the beauty of winter on New Zealand’s South Island as it transforms into a snowy wonderland, home to breathtaking landscapes, adrenalin pumping winter-activities and world-famous wines, dominated by the rugged beauty of the snow-covered Southern Alps. Over eight days journey from the “Garden City” of Christchurch to the adventurer’s paradise of Queenstown. Explore the captivating Aoraki/Mt Cook region and admire magnificent Milford Sound by air and water, as the sprinkling of snow accentuates the majesty of its peaks. Witness nature at its most resplendent in the scenic Mt Aspiring National Park and the ruggedly beautiful Remarkables mountain range on this winter wonderland adventure. JOURNEY HIGHLIGHTS

• Enjoy a breathtaking helicopter ride over Aoraki/Mt Cook and Franz Josef and Tasman glaciers, and some high-altitude champagne during an ice landing. • Be mesmerised by the incredible night sky in the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve • Take a scenic flight to Milford Sound then cruise its pristine waterways • Relax in a Japanese inspired onsen flanked by the soaring snow-capped peaks of the Remarkables • Spend a day indulging in food and wine at some of Central Otago’s top vineyards • Witness the untouched wilderness of the Dart River on an exhilarating jet boat ride • Helicopter to a private plateau to try your hand at snowmobiling • Typically features a small group size of 8-10 guests



A Rewards Programme for Repeat Travellers Experience the Marco Polo Club Created to recognise and reward our most loyal guests, the Marco Polo Club® is open to everyone who travels on three or more journeys with Abercrombie & Kent. Marco Polo Club members enjoy benefits including special discounts, priority waitlist for sold-out journeys, a members-only onboard reception on A&K Luxury Expedition Cruises, and a variety of exclusive communications and events. To learn more about A&K’s Marco Polo Club, visit


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Celebrate Family and Friends At A&K, we’re all about creating lasting memories for you, your family and your friends, spending time away together in the world’s most special places. A&K Celebrations Take your family or friends to extraordinary heights on a captivating tailor-made journey to inspire seasoned travellers and curious young minds alike. Whether you’re making up for lost time after a spell apart or celebrating an important milestone, making school and university holidays more memorable or simply taking the opportunity to reconnect and experience life-changing adventures and encounters in extraordinary places, a holiday with family or friends is a special event that should be cherished. And A&K recognises that time is a precious commodity and places great importance on the value of shared special moments between family members. An A&K holiday not only allows treasured time with your tribe but it also enables everyone to switch off from the everyday, encounter new things, learn more about the world (and yourself), and make lifelong memories.

Multi-Generational & Family Holidays Travelling with your extended family – whether it’s with your grandchildren, kids, parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle or siblings – can be a hugely rewarding experience. It offers an opportunity to reconnect, and bond over the excitement of shared discoveries and experiences. Snorkelling with majestic green sea turtles on the Great Barrier Reef, sand dune cycling on Kangaroo Island, or hand-feeding fish at Ned's Beach on Lord Howe Island – these adventures create lasting, collective family memories. Our Journey Designers can tailor design a multi-generation journey or family holiday designed with the right balance of activities, culture and relaxation to appeal to everyone.



TAILORMADE TRAVEL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND) Tailormade Travel Terms and Conditions for Bookings made in Australia or New Zealand for travel in Australia or New Zealand. Please ensure that you read all of the Conditions below. In particular, we draw your attention to the following Clauses: • Clause 2 – Basis of Contract • Clauses 3.1 and 3.2 – Quotations and Deposits • Clause 3.5 – COVID-19 Acknowledgment • Clause 4.1 and 5.1 – Price Policy and Final Payment • Clause 7 - Cancellations by the Customer • Clause 8 - Force Majeure and Material Alterations by A&K • Clause 9 – Obligations and Liability • Clause 16 – Travel Advisories and Warnings Payment of a Deposit indicates your acceptance of these Conditions. A contract is formed once the Customer has paid the Deposit. 1. Definitions “A&K” means Abercrombie & Kent (Australia) Pty Ltd ACN 005 422 999. “ACL” means the Australian Consumer Law set out in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. “Booking” means a Customer’s acceptance of a Quotation as informed to A&K, subject to these Conditions. “Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions. “Contract” means any agreement for the provision of Services by A&K, and the provision of the Travel Arrangements, to the Customer. “Customer” means a person, jointly or severally if more than one, acquiring Services from A&K, or acquiring Travel Arrangements.

“GST” has the definition given in A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (“Act”) or any amending legislation, and includes any similar value– added or consumption tax. “Material Alteration” means a material change to the Travel Arrangements as reasonably determined by A&K. Examples of a Material Alteration may include, but are not limited to, the following alterations, when made before departure: a change of flight time by more than 12 hours, a change of airport (except between airports serving the same city), a change of destination or a change to a lower standard accommodation, and/or price. “Products” means individual components of Travel Arrangements, including but not limited to accommodation, airfares, meals, transport, cruises and tours. “Quotation” means A&K’s quotation provided to the Customer in respect of proposed Travel Arrangements. “Refundable Amounts” means the amount/s paid by a Customer to A&K in respect of a particular service the subject of amendment or cancellation, less any unrecoverable costs incurred by A&K and any Retainable Amounts. “Retainable Amounts” means any Amendment Charge, any Cancellation Charge, and any other amount unrecoverable by A&K or identified in a Quotation as retainable. “Services” means the booking and payment services provided by A&K in relation to the Travel Arrangements, and the delivery of the Travel Arrangements which are directly controlled by A&K, but does not include delivery of any Products provided or to be provided by Suppliers. “Suppliers” means the parties that are responsible for providing the individual Products.

“Departure Date” means the date scheduled for the Customer to depart at the start of the Travel Arrangements.

“Supplier Fees” means any amounts payable by the Customer to a Supplier, including but not limited to amounts payable to the Supplier in the event of amendment or cancellation.

“Deposit” means an amount payable by the Customer to A&K at the time of Booking, as set out in a Quotation.

“Tax Invoice” means a tax invoice which complies with the definition contained in section 29 – 70 of the Act or any amending legislation.

“Force Majeure Event” means unusual and/or unforeseeable events, beyond the control of A&K or the Suppliers, that affect the ability of A&K to provide the Services or the ability of the Suppliers to provide Products, including, but without limitation, acts of God, flood, drought, earthquake, extreme weather or other natural disaster, epidemic, pandemic or significant risk to human health such as the outbreak of disease (including but not limited to COVID-19 and any disease caused by a new strain of the coronavirus), terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, or breaking off of diplomatic relations, nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom, any law, guidance or advice issued, or any other action taken by a government (local or national) or port, border, river and/or aviation authority (local or national) or other public authority, collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident, or interruption or failure of utility service.

“Travel Arrangements” means the travel arrangements made by A&K including all Products.


2. Basis of Contract 2.1 The Conditions apply exclusively to every Contract for Services by A&K to the Customer and cannot be varied or supplanted by any other condition unless expressly accepted in writing by A&K. 2.2 Acceptance: Payment of a Deposit indicates the Customer’s acceptance of the Conditions. A contract is formed once the Customer has paid the Deposit. 2.3 Different Products may have specific terms and conditions, Deposit requirements and cancellation charges applicable to the Products. These will be communicated in the Quotation or prior to the Customer making a Booking. 2.4 Customers who book with A&K are also bound by the terms and conditions of any relevant Suppliers (Supplier T&Cs) insofar as they relate to Products and

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Travel Arrangements, and the Customer accepts and agrees that: (a) it is the Customer’s responsibility to read and understand the Supplier T&Cs as provided to them or where access is made available to them; and (b) in the event of an inconsistency between these Terms and any Supplier T&Cs, these Terms will prevail to the extent they relate to any Contract between a Customer and A&K. 3. Making a Booking For Your Travel Arrangements 3.1 Quotations are valid for a period of 7 days. 3.2 Deposit – a Deposit of 10% of the total cost set out on the Quotation or $500 per person (whichever is the higher amount) and full names of all Customers as per passports are required to secure a Booking. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information it provides. There may be an additional Deposit depending on the policies of the Supplier of Products. Any additional Deposits will be advised at or before the time of making a Booking. 3.3 Requests to make a Booking within 45 days before the Departure Date (for Tailor made) and 60 days for (Small Group Journey) must be accompanied by full payment and may be subject to an urgent processing fee, in addition to any applicable Supplier Fees. 3.4 A minimum length of 3 nights of Travel Arrangements is required. 3.5 COVID-19 Acknowledgement - Prior to making a Booking, the Customer must sign an acknowledgement attesting to their fitness to travel and agreeing to comply with all health protocols as directed by A&K staff during their Travel Arrangements. If the Customer is making a Booking on behalf of a group of individuals, all members of the travelling party above 18 years of age must sign an acknowledgement. For individuals under 18 years of age, a Parent or Guardian must sign on their behalf. The Customer must not travel if they test positive for COVID-19 during the 14 days prior to departure; standard cancellation terms will apply. The Customer must maintain adequate physical distancing and frequently wash or sanitize hands during their Travel Arrangements. Masks are required to be worn in accordance with local regulations and recommended to be worn at all times in vehicles, indoor spaces, and any outdoor spaces where physical distancing is not possible. Noncompliance with these measures will result in not being able to continue on the Travel Arrangements. The Customer voluntarily assumes all risks and related expenses in the event that they or any member of their travelling party require testing, quarantine or become infected with COVID-19. 4. Price Policy 4.1 Prices are valid for the period until 31 March 2022. All prices shown herein are per person in Australian Dollars unless otherwise specified. Prices shown are indicative only and usually for travel during the low season. ‘From’ prices are the lowest prices for the Products we believe are available based on known costs, and information available from Suppliers at the time of establishing those prices. Prices do not include

TAILORMADE TRAVEL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND) commercial flights, vary across date ranges, are subject to availability and to change due to factors including currency exchange rate fluctuations fuel levies, tax changes, or any other changes in connection with the Travel Arrangements. Please contact A&K for best available price for your preferred travel dates. Prices are subject to the Quotation provided. 4.2 Travel Arrangement prices set out in a Quotation are for the entire package of Products, and itemised component costs cannot be given. 4.3 Prices per person may be based on Products being booked for all Customers in the Booking, and accordingly Customers must travel together throughout the Travel Arrangements, unless variations are explicitly agreed. 4.4 Surcharges – the price of the Travel Arrangements is subject to the possibility of surcharges. Surcharges may be incurred (without limitation) in connection with: currency exchange rates, increases in Product prices, fuel levies, scheduled airfares, hotel, cruise and ground transportation charges, entrance fees, government imposed charges and taxes, and any other increases in connection with the Travel Arrangements. 4.5 Where there is any change in the costs incurred by A&K in providing the Services, A&K may vary its price to account for such change by notifying the Customer, whether or not the Customer has made full payment. 4.6 Changes in the Australian Dollar – the financial commitments A&K undertakes in order to offer the prices mean that prices cannot be reduced or refunded if the Australian dollar strengthens. 4.7 Products not Utilised – no refunds are made in respect of Products booked but not utilised, for example, flights, accommodation, meals and sightseeing excursions. 4.8 Goods and Services not Included – the following are excluded from the Travel Arrangements price: International Airfares, arrival and/or departure taxes, fuel levies and surcharges, passport and visa costs, travel insurance, personal expenditure including drinks, laundry, room services, meals and gratuities, unless expressly included. 4.9 Prices set out in a Quotation include GST. Prices for the supply of the Travel Arrangements and the Services exclude any other taxes, duties or imposts imposed on or in relation to the Travel Arrangements and the Services in Australia or overseas. The Customer is liable to pay any amount of GST imposed on any Product.

6. Amendments by the Customer 6.1 A&K will endeavour to assist if the Customer requests an amendment to the Travel Arrangements up to 45 days (for Tailor-Made) and 60 days (for Small Group Journeys and Luxury Lodges) prior to the Departure Date subject to the following: a) Amendment Charge – fees may apply to any Customer requesting a change to a confirmed Booking or Contract. b) Additional Charges – all other expenses incurred by A&K may also be payable by the Customer at A&K’s discretion. c) Any charges arising from a request for an amendment are payable by the Customer whether or not A&K is successful in confirming the requested amendment. d) Late Amendments – amendments made by the Customer within 45 days (for Tailor-Made) and 60 days (for Small Group Journeys and Luxury Lodges) of the Departure Date are treated as cancellations and re-bookings. Cancellation charges apply as detailed below. 7. Cancellations by the Customer 7.1 The Customer must give A&K notice if the Customer intends to cancel any Travel Arrangements. 7.2 Charges – Unless otherwise agreed by A&K and the Customer in writing, the following cancellation charges, excluding international airfares, are payable by the Customer based on the number of days prior to the Departure Date A&K receives notice of cancellation. Tailor-made

8.1 A&K and, where applicable, any relevant Supplier, shall be excused from performance of their respective obligations under these Conditions to the extent that it is prevented from acting due to circumstances amounting to a Force Majeure Event, for as long as such circumstances last and affect such performance. 8.2 To the maximum extent permitted at law, A&K is not liable to the Customer or any third party in any way whatsoever to the extent provision of the Services, or availability of the Products or any part of the Travel Arrangements, is impacted by a Force Majeure Event. 8.3 Where a Force Majeure Event occurs, if A&K seeks to rely on clause 8.1, it must: (a) give immediate notice to the Customer stating the nature of the event, and its likely duration (if known to A&K), and the effect of the Force Majeure Event on its ability to perform any of its obligations under these Conditions; and (b) use all reasonable endeavours to mitigate the effect of the Force Majeure Event on the performance of its obligations. 8.4 If A&K considers the provision of its services to a Customer, or a Product or the Travel Arrangements or any party of a Product or the Travel Arrangements, is or will be impacted by a Force Majeure Event, it may:

Amount or Percentage of Travel Arrangements Price Payable

46 days or more

10% cancellation fee or $500 per person (whichever is higher)

45-31 days prior

50% cancellation fee

30-15 days prior

75% cancellation fee

(c) subject to Clause 8.5, offer the Customer alternative Travel Arrangements of comparable standard as may be appropriate in the circumstances; or

14 – 0 days prior

100% cancellation fee

(d) elect to offer the Customer, at A&K’s discretion:

(a) suspend or terminate the Agreement by written notice to the Customer; (b) cancel the Travel Arrangements or any part of the Travel Arrangements;

(i) travel credit with A&K in the sum of the Refundable Amounts; or

Small Group Journeys Percentage of Travel Arrangements Price Payable

61 days or more

10% cancellation fee or $500 per person (whichever is higher)

5. Payment

60 – 46 days prior

50% cancellation fee

5.1 Final Payment – unless otherwise agreed in writing, the final payment must be received by A&K no later than 45 days (for Tailor-Made) and 60 days (for Small Group Journeys and Luxury Lodges) and 90 days (for True North Products) prior to the Departure Date.

45 - 0 days prior

100% cancellation fee

5.3 If you pay A&K by credit card, a surcharge will be added to the total price. The current surcharge for all credit cards is 1.5% of the total price.

8. Force Majeure and Alterations by A&K

Days prior to Departure Date

Days prior to Departure Date

5.2 Where a Booking is made less than 45 days (for Tailor-Made), 60 days (for Small Group Journeys and Luxury Lodges) and 90 days (for True North Products) before the Departure Date, full payment must be made at the time of the Booking.

7.4 A&K may treat a Booking as cancelled and levy cancellation charges if the Customer does not pay the balance of the Travel Arrangements price 45 days (for Tailor-Made), 60 days (for Small Group Journeys and Luxury Lodges) and 90 days (for True North Products) prior to the Departure Date.

The Customer agrees the sums referenced in the cancellation provisions above are not a penalty and represent a genuine pre-estimate of the loss and damage to which A&K will be subject in the event of such cancellation. These include, amongst other costs but not limited to, fees charged by hotels and travel suppliers to A&K for cancelled bookings. 7.3 Additional Charges – the Customer may further incur Supplier Fees for cancellation, including flight providers, over which A&K has no control. These charges can vary up to the amount paid.

(ii) a refund in the sum of the Refundable Amounts. 8.5. If a Customer accepts an offer made by A&K under clause 8.4(c): (a) Unless otherwise agreed by A&K in writing, A&K may charge the Customer, and the Customer must pay, the Amendment Fee; and (b) the Customer will be liable for and must pay any relevant Supplier Fees. 8.6 A&K must use reasonable endeavours to ensure Travel Arrangements proceed as booked by the Customer. However, the Customer acknowledges and agrees: a) delivery of the Products and certain parts of the Travel Arrangements are matters out of A&K’s control or influence; and b) A&K, or any Supplier, may alter any part of the Travel Arrangements, including programme itineraries, arranged activities and sightseeing, accommodation



TAILORMADE TRAVEL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND) and transport, where reasonably necessary due to matters beyond their control other than a Force Majeure Event, without liability. Such alterations may occur after the final itinerary has been issued. 8.7 Where A&K alters any part of the Travel Arrangements subject to Clause 8.6(b), it must endeavour to ensure any alternative arrangements substituted in place of the affected Travel Arrangements are of a comparable standard. 8.8 Material Alteration – if A&K, or any Supplier, makes a Material Alteration to the Travel Arrangements other than as a result of a Force Majeure Event within 45 days of the Departure Date for Tailormade (60 days for Small Group Journeys and Luxury Lodges, 90 days for True North Products) for any reason other than the circumstances described in clause 8.3, A&K will give notice to the Customer within a reasonable time. The Customer will have the choice to accept the Material Alteration, or accept comparable Products offered by A&K (if applicable), or receive a full refund of all monies paid by the Customer less any unrecoverable costs. The Customer must notify A&K of its choice within seven days of the offer. If A&K does not hear from the Customer within seven days, A&K will assume that the Customer has chosen to accept the Material Alteration. 8.9 Refunds related to a Material Alteration or Force Majeure Event – subject to clauses 8.4 and 8.8, and without prejudice to any obligations it has at law, A&K will refund the Customer the Refundable Amounts within a reasonable time after cancellation. However, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that in certain circumstances, a refund will be delayed if A&K requires the refund to be processed by a Supplier. 8.10 Claims and Refunds – In circumstances other than those relating to a Material Alteration or Force Majeure Event, refunds are not made for any missed Services, except for verifiable extenuating circumstances. Please see Clause 9 relating to our obligations and liability. For claims to be considered, they should be received in writing within 30 days of the termination of the Travel Arrangements and be accompanied by supporting documentation and/or a statement from the local destination management company verifying the claim. Any adjustment considered will be based on the actual price of the services involved and not on a per diem basis. Adjustments will not be made for unused sightseeing trips or meals. 9. Obligations and Liability 9.1 Booking Agent – A&K acts as an agent for the Suppliers of Products and accepts no liability for any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay or irregularity that may arise to any Customer or third party resulting from the Customer’s or third party’s use of the Products, unless recoverable from A&K on the failure of a statutory guarantee under the ACL. A&K makes reasonable enquiries to determine that Suppliers provide appropriate Products, but A&K is not responsible for the Products or their standard. 9.2 Except as the Conditions specifically state, the Agreement does not include by implication any other term, condition or warranty in respect of the quality, merchantability, acceptability, fitness for purpose, condition, description, specification or performance


of the Travel Arrangements or Services or any contractual remedy for their failure. 9.3 Nothing in these Terms restricts, limits or modifies the Customer’s rights or remedies as a consumer against A&K for failure of a statutory guarantee under the ACL. 9.4 Loss – To the maximum extent permitted at law, A&K is not liable for and accepts no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss, financial loss, consequential loss, loss of enjoyment, pain and suffering, damage, injury, accident, delay or irregularity occasioned to the Customer. 9.5 COVID-19 – A&K is not liable for and accepts no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss, financial loss, consequential loss, loss of enjoyment, pain and suffering, damage, injury, accident, delay or irregularity occasioned to the Customer as a result of: a) local quarantine restrictions, government-imposed travel restrictions, or other laws, regulations or orders imposed by governmental authorities; b) any failure of a Customer to comply with local quarantine restrictions, government-imposed travel restrictions, or other laws, regulations or orders imposed by governmental authorities; c) a Supplier refusing to provide the Products to a Customer on the basis that the Customer has failed to comply with the Supplier’s reasonable directions, or local quarantine restrictions, government-imposed travel restrictions, or other laws, regulations or orders imposed by governmental authorities;

medical professionals) to identify whether they have any pre-existing medical conditions or health issues (whether known or unknown) that may preclude, delay, affect or interfere with the Travel Arrangements. 9.9 Insurance - A&K strongly recommends that all Customers insure themselves against loss of Deposit, cancellation charges, medical and repatriation expenses, personal injury and accident, death, loss of personal possessions or baggage, and any other foreseeable loss, expense, cost, damage or liability related to the Travel Arrangements. A&K expressly excludes liability to the Customer or any third party for any loss, expense, cost, damage or liability arising from or in any way related to a Customer’s failure to obtain suitable travel insurance. 9.10 The Customer acknowledges and accepts that different places, countries, facilities, vehicles and Suppliers may have lower standards of safety, labelling, warnings and precautions than in Australia. The Customer is responsible for maintaining personal diligence and safety notwithstanding the level of standards. A&K is not liable for any loss, damage, injury or death that could be avoided if the Australian standards were to apply. 10. Notice 10.1 A notice by the Customer must be in writing, and may be delivered by hand, sent by prepaid mail, sent by facsimile or sent by electronic means such as e-mail to the address or number specified. 10.2 A notice is treated as given to A&K, when:

d) a Supplier refusing to provide the Products to a Customer on the basis that the Customer has not met the health and safety protocols applied by the Supplier or its authorised agents (including, but not limited to, if the Customer develops or presents with symptoms of COVID-19);

a) if hand delivered, when delivered;

e) a Customer developing or presenting with symptoms of COVID-19 prior to departure or at any point throughout the Travel Arrangements, and refusing to comply with a reasonable direction by A&K or a Supplier to seek medical care; and

11. Governing Law

f) a Customer providing inaccurate or misleading information on its COVID-19 Acknowledgment Form at or before the time of making a Booking. 9.6 Nothing in the Conditions is to be interpreted as excluding, restricting or modifying the application of any relevant State or Federal legislation which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified. 9.7 Medical Conditions – the Customer must notify A&K of any pre-existing medical conditions that might reasonably be expected to affect the Travel Arrangements. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that A&K will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the Customer as a result of any pre-existing medical condition or health issue of the Customer that may preclude, delay, affect or interfere with the Travel Arrangements. 9.8 Health Issues – It is the Customer’s sole responsibility to: a) obtain any vaccinations or take any other health precautions applicable to the country or region of travel; b) take all steps reasonably necessary (including, without limitation, the consultation of appropriate

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b) if sent by prepaid mail, when received or within 48 hours after posting, whichever is the sooner; c) if sent by email or facsimile, on confirmation of successful transmission.

11.1 These Conditions are governed by and are to be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria and Australia. 11.2 Each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunal of Victoria and Courts entitled to hear appeals from those Courts and Tribunals. 12. Privacy Information 12.1 Any personal information that A&K obtains from the Customer, or about the Customer from its representative, is necessary for A&K’s business purposes or providing the Customer with A&K’s Travel Arrangements, Products and Services, and may be used in answering any queries the Customer may have, considering the Customer’s application for credit or to become a Customer, performing internal administration and operations, developing, improving and marketing A&K’s Services, and related purposes. 12.2 A&K’s Privacy Policy details why A&K collects this personal information, who A&K may disclose it to (including whether A&K is likely to disclose it to overseas recipients), and the main consequences (if any) if A&K does not collect the personal information of the Customer. A&K’s Privacy Policy also contains information about how the Customer may seek access

TAILORMADE TRAVEL TERMS AND CONDITIONS (AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND) to, or correction of, the personal information held about the Customer, and A&K’s complaint resolution procedures.

risk of personal injury, death or property damage that may arise out of events like those advised or warned against.

12.3 A&K will not disclose any personal information to any other party without the consent of the Customer except to the Suppliers, a related entity or adviser of A&K or where A&K is otherwise required by law to do so.

17. Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

12.4 A&K’s Privacy Policy is available at or by request to A&K by phoning +61 3 9536 1800 or via email at

17.1 You must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member to earn Qantas Points. A joining fee may apply. Membership and Qantas Points are subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer Terms and Conditions, available at Meal Codes B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner

13. Miscellaneous 13.1 A&K’s failure to enforce any of these Conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of any of A&K’s rights. 13.2 If any Condition is unenforceable it shall be read down to be enforceable or, if it cannot be read down, the condition shall be severed from the Conditions without affecting the enforceability of the remaining conditions. 13.3 A&K reserves the right to correct any errors or omission in its published materials and to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time as a result of any material change to legislation or regulations or change to A&K policies. Amended Terms and Conditions shall automatically be effective upon being posted by A&K to the website or by providing Notice to the Customer. 14. Photography or Recording During Travel 14.1 A&K reserves the right to take photographs or video or audio recordings during the operation of any Travel Arrangements or part thereof and to use them for promotional purposes during the Travel Arrangements and thereafter. 14.2 By making a Booking with A&K, Customers agree to allow their images and/or voice to be used in such photographs, video and recordings. 14.3 Customers who prefer that their images and/or voice not be used are asked to identify themselves to an A&K representative at the beginning of their Travel Arrangements. 15. Travel Documents 15.1 Travel documents will be issued after final payment has been received. Travel documents may include special conditions including restrictions such as baggage size and weight limits. Travel documents are not transferable. All airline tickets must be issued in the name of the passport holder and some carriers will deny carriage if the name varies and the booking may be cancelled. It is the Customer’s responsibility to collect all travel documents prior to travel. 16. Travel Advisories and Warnings 16.1 It is the responsibility of the Customer to be informed about the most current travel advisories and warnings by referring to the relevant State or National Government’s website of your home country. In the event of an active Travel Advice against travel to the specific destination location(s) of the trip, should the Customer still choose to travel, notwithstanding any travel advisory or warning, the Customer assumes all



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A deep-rooted consideration for the natural world infuses each and every Abercrombie & Kent journey. A&K believes passionately that travel should both respect the natural environment and benefit the peoples whose lands we visit. For over 30 years, A&K has been intimately involved in the support of these communities, their environments and their ecosystems. Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP), guided by Vice Chairman Jorie Butler Kent, facilitates our commitment to socially and ecologically responsible travel worldwide, as well as helping our guests to become actively involved in these efforts. Every Abercrombie & Kent office plays an important hands-on role in its community, proudly sponsoring projects directly benefiting the local people and environment.

AKP helps protect the endangered kiwi National Kiwi Hatchery Aotearoa at Rainbow Springs Nature Park in Rotorua is helping to increase numbers of the beloved icon of New Zealand, one of the most unusual birds in the world. The endangered kiwi was on the brink of extinction, but conservation in action is now bringing it back. Since 1995, National Kiwi Hatchery Aotearoa has hatched more than 1,800 kiwi chicks. AKP has been supporting their remarkable work since 2009.

AKP Supports Tasmanian Raptor Rehabilitation The one-of-a-kind Raptor Refuge south of Hobart is doing incredible work taking in injured birds of prey and rehabilitating them for return to the wild. Threatened by power lines, farming, habitat loss and wind farms, more than a hundred raptors are killed each year and there are less than 120 breeding pairs of wedge-tailed eagles left in Tasmania making them a threatened species. At the refuge, large flight aviaries, veterinary facilities and an educational centre provide a solid foundation for the important conservation work being undertaken.

For more information on AKP projects around the world, and how you can support or visit them, see:



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