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Self-Retaining Retractor System A Solution for continuous retraction and unimpeded access to surgical sites

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Self-Retaining Retractor System

Faster Deployment Malleable hinges allow the retractor to adjust to the patient’s anatomy quickly and easily. No thumbscrews to adjust or to obstruct the procedure.

TLC retractors provide surgical site retraction to replace the manual retraction of surgical assistants. Compared with manual retraction, TLC retraction is continuous, lower profile and always gentle to significantly increase the surgeon’s visualization, organization and control of the surgical site. TLC retractors and stays come in a variety of shapes and sizes to cover a broad spectrum of surgical procedures.

Increase Control Surgeons know and control the tissues forces, on the tissue, as the retractor is precisely positioned around the surgical site.

TLC Retractor Stays


Sharp Tip (5mm) Universal


Blunt Tip (12mm) Universal


Blunt Tip (12mm)


Sharp Tip (5mm)


Semi-Blunt Tip (5mm)


Sharp Tip (3mm)


20mm 3-Finger Rake

Stay Stops Eliminate Slippage Ribbing on stays provide a secure fit into the retractor frame, eliminating any slippage and disengagement.

Lower Profile Increase control and exposure of even the smallest surgical sites.

Selected stays available in 4, 8 or 50 packs TLC Retractor Frames 14”


0” TLC 200

TLC 300

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TLC 400

TLC 500

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TLC 700

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TLC Self-Retaining Retractor System  
TLC Self-Retaining Retractor System