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The New Generation of Environment Friendly Diapers

The New Generation of Environment Friendly Diapers! Responsible parents always want to find the best possible product for their child. This also means looking for a diaper that is gentle to the baby’s skin and health, while providing a perfect fit that makes the baby feel comfortable and increases the freedom of movement. Furthermore, being considerate to the environment has become increasingly important to consumers and today parents choose products that not only care for their child but also preserves the environment. Bambo Nature is one of the most environment friendly diapers on the market. It is manufactured in a production facility where 95 % of all production waste is recycled. Furthermore, Bambo Nature is labeled with the Nordic Eco-label, the FSC label and it is dermatologically tested. Bambo Nature is available in 6 sizes to suit all ages from birth until your child is fully potty or toilet trained and no longer needs a diaper.

Bambo Nature is a new generation of environment friendly diapers that come with many exciting features. The new features on Bambo Nature are: ¡¡ Softness: Bambo Nature is upgraded with an even softer textile-like back and top sheet that makes the diaper feel like soft clothing on the baby’s skin ¡¡ Thin: Bambo Nature is thinner than ever before, but has the same performance as always ¡¡ Perfect body fit: Bambo Nature has been shaped to fit a baby’s body perfectly. This minimizes the risk of leakage and makes the diaper comfortable to wear, while creating greater freedom of movement Bambo Nature’s other excellent features cover:

¡¡ Flexible side panels ¡¡ Breathable textile-like backsheet ¡¡ Super absorbent and a top dry system that

ensures a fast absorption and a dry surface

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The Nordic Eco-label on Bambo Nature is your guarantee for an environment friendly product. Some of the strict requirements that baby diapers have to fulfill in order to be eco-labeled are: ¡¡ Contain no optical brighteners or perfume ¡¡ A maximum limit for production waste created in the manufacturing process ¡¡ No use of moisturizing lotion ¡¡ Must contain renewable raw materials The FSC label on Bambo Nature is your guarantee that the fluff in our products comes from sustainable forestry, where more trees are planted than felled. Bambo Nature is dermatologically tested. This is our assurance to you that the product does not cause skin irritation or allergy.

BR480/UK/03.2013/Abena Grafisk

Bambo nature product manual  

Bambo nature product manual

Bambo nature product manual  

Bambo nature product manual