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3 JUNE 201

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We have successfully moved into our new 50,000sq ft warehouse and offices, at Sprint Point, Coventry, that more than doubles our warehouse capacity. The new facility underlines the investment that is being made


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Abena is the First and Only Producer of Incontinence Pads to Attain the Nordic Eco-label


material must come from renewable materials. At Abena we are aware of our social and environmental responsibility and therefore, it is only natural that we live up to this criterion and are able to call us the first producer of incontinence pads to be certified with the Nordic Eco-label!


The Nordic Eco-label was created by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 1989, with the purpose to provide an environmental labelling system that contributes to sustainable consumption and production. The demands to Eco-labelled products are higher than the demands put into environmental legislation by the Danish government.

LB694 - Abena Grafisk

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Following on from our last Bulletin where we advised of the children’s nappy becoming thinner we are pleased to announce that we will be streamlining our current range of products and in the coming months Bambo Nature will be the only range of nappies Abena will produce and will be phased in gradually. The packaging will be updated with a fresh new design and as previously advised using the latest technology the new Bambo Nature nappy will appear thinner which will create a better fit and allow children more freedom of movement. However, there is no change to the quality or materials used to make this product, and importantly, there is no change to the absorbency capacity of this product. The Bambo Nature range will also continue to have the Nordic Swan accreditation. Abena have also decided to follow the current market trend for patterned back of ration Gene dly Diapers sheets and therefore our new nappy will also feature a new unisex w e N n The ent Frie nm design. NB please be aware that the new Bambo Nature Brochures Enviro are now available upon range will have brand new product codes. As Abena is request please contact continually trying to minimise the impact our products have on the environment our Bambo Nature nappies also carry the FSC Label which guarantees that the fluff used in to request your copy. our products is sourced from sustainable forestry, where more trees are planted than felled. UK-G

Con Wa % of Alldle-to-Cradle s 95 conwaste Recycle - The Cra ers. The g from Abena duction baby diape foil wrappin from the s and Own Pro

Preserving the Environment is Important for Abena

Bambo Nature


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requirements for the UK. Our Product Managers will be contacting you to discuss either your likely requirements for a concept or understand from you the products that you would like to see us make available to you. You are welcome to visit our new offices and to see our new warehouse facility – just contact Catherine with the dates when you are able to come. It would give us the opportunity, during your visit, to talk through with you ways that you believe that we may be able to help you grow the sales of Abena products. Thank you for your on-going support that is appreciated by us all at Abena UK and we wish you continued success.

... From Abena UK

We now have an informative flyer on how Abena attempts, and continues in its endeavours, to preserve the environment. We have included a copy of the flyer in this edition of the bulletin for your interest and if you would like to receive more hard copies or an electronic copy by email, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team.

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in the UK by our owners and it was therefore fitting that our CEO, Preben Terp-Nielsen, was present at the opening to ‘cut the ribbon’ for us. There are investments being made throughout the Abena Group and not least in a team of highly experienced Global Category Managers based in Denmark. The Global Category Managers cover ranges of key concepts such as Continence Management, Fitting Products, Protective Wear, Skin Care, Gloves, Catering Disposables. Cleaning Products, Paper and Plastics. The Global Category Managers will work closely with the Abena UK Product Managers to ensure that we have a range of products for each concept that best matches the

Contact us on 02476 854 800 or email

Follow us on twitter @abenaUK

Abena Bulletin June 2013

Abena Bulletin June 2013


Black Nitrile Gloves

Focus on... Examination Gloves

As you are aware the Abena examination gloves are available in three different materials: Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl. In this quarter’s ‘Introducing’ section we would like to highlight to you our New Black Nitrile Examination gloves.These gloves are available as a powder free version only and come in sizes X-Small to X-Large. They are approved for food handling; they have micro-textured fingertips for additional grip and also have a minimum length of 240mm. As with our blue or white Nitrile examination gloves, they are suitable for nursing tasks, especially tasks involving contact with blood, other bodily fluids, and the handling of medicines such as hormone cream. Product Code


Abena’s extensive experience with the development of gloves helps you select the best glove for specific needs. All of our disposable gloves are classified as medical gloves and comply with all the requirements of the EN455 standards and the CE labelling. Our boxes have colour coding to assist in distinguishing between the sizes.


Per pack

Packs per case

per pallet


Nitrile Glove X-Small PF






Nitrile Glove Small PF






Nitrile Glove Medium PF






Nitrile Glove Large PF






Nitrile Glove X-Large PF





The most important parameter when choosing disposable gloves is the intended application of the glove, and in turn the need for protection against various risks. All gloves are available in different colours and as either powdered or powder free versions.

The boxes have colour coding, so it is easy to distinguish between sizes.







Shampoo Cap with Conditioner: This is a fantastic product designed to be used without water and is therefore an ideal solution for many situations, particularly for persons who are bedbound. It can be used at room temperature or heated in a microwave for 15-20 seconds (in the packaging) for increased comfort.The cap is impregnated with shampoo and conditioner, it is placed on the head and the hair is massaged inside the cap for 1-3 minutes where after it can be taken off and discarded. There is no need for rinsing, the person’s hair can then be left to dry naturally or dried and styled using hair appliances as desired. The benefits of using this product, especially for a bedbound person, is that it is so easy to use, mess-free and leaves the person with the sense of wellbeing that naturally comes along with feeling clean and fresh - After all, we all (ladies in particular) hate having a ‘Bad Hair Day’!

For a PLE SAM FREEse contact plea ustomer our C es Team. Servic

Product Code 491917

This product does not need any special handling after use and can simply be disposed of with normal household waste. Description


Qty per Pack

Shampoo cap

32 cm


Quantity per Case 30

Nitrile Gloves:

Latex Gloves:

Vinyl Gloves:

For quick cleaning tasks Nursing tasks For tasks involving blood or other bodily fluids Handling food Handling medicines, including cyostatica (chemotherapy) and hormone cream

For quick cleaning tasks that do not involve contact with strong chemicals Nursing tasks For tasks involving blood or other bodily fluids Handling food

For quick cleaning tasks that do not involve contact with strong chemicals Not recommended for nursing tasks involving contact with blood or other bodily fluids Handling non-greasy food

For people who are allergic to latex

Contact us on 02476 854 800 or email

Follow us on twitter @abenaUK

Contact us on 02476 854 800 or email

Follow us on twitter @abenaUK

Abena Bulletin June 2013

Event/ Exhibition news We have recently participated in three very successful events, Learning to Change, Kidz in the Middle and ACA. We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand and for their help and support.

Upcoming Exhibitions: Come and see us at our next exhibition:

RCN - Stand 21, ACC Arena & Convention Centre Liverpool, 28th & 29th November 2013


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At our new premises in Coventry we have a brand new Boardroom fully equipped with Video Conferencing facilities, Interactive Whiteboard, Ceiling Mounted Projectors,

Presentation facilities with Wireless Presenter Remotes’ to aid a smooth presentation and full network connection. We also have two smaller Training Rooms available side by side with removable partition wall to enable them to become one larger room also equipped with Interactive Whiteboard and Ceiling Mounted Projector. All of these rooms and facilities are accessible to our Distributors for meetings, seminars and the like at no charge – subject to availability. If you would like to make use of our facilities

Meet the Team... Currently working within the IT department my main responsibilities are Web development, Social Media Warren Barnett, interaction and creating Web & Social Media reports for the NHS. I am Development Manager also responsible for producing various marketing material along with the Abena Bulletin Newsletter. After being with Abena for over a year now I have had the pleasure of visiting our hugely impressive Head Office in Denmark. I have also transferred location with Abena UK to our new premises in Coventry and assisted with our very successful Open Day which some of you may have attended. My hobbies are playing local football and running, I have various 10k and half marathons planned this year and one day would love to take part in the London Marathon. Please feel free to follow us on Twitter @AbenaUK or like our Facebook page Abena UK - Continence Management Solutions.

for a day, or even an hour or two, please contact Deborah Parsons by email:

Further news / Updates: Abena Incontinence Pad Trial Update – in conjunction with the Incomaster macerator from Haigh. An established name in the provision of disposal solutions to the healthcare market, Haigh Engineering’s leading products from their Sluicemaster range work with all leading pulp and pad suppliers. The Incomaster processes 4 small or 2 large pads in under 2 minutes, functions quietly and offers costs savings compared to yellow bags. With a reduction in odour, cross infection and utility bills, the benefits are clear. A recent evaluation took place at a Lincolnshire Nursing Home to demonstrate the effectiveness of Haigh’s Incomaster in conjunction with Abena’s incontinence products. A vast improvement in patient comfort resulted together with enhanced efficiency in working practices, approximately 27% cost saving per year on incontinence products and payback within 10 months of installing the Incomaster.

In our next issue: Bed Protection Contact us on 02476 854 800 or email

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