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Case Study Transport The Problem Sheila Swift, HR Administration Manager for NCT was concerned at the sheer volume of records outpacing the available capacity: over 4,000 personnel records dating back to 2001 and five years worth of invoices creating a storage overspill. Sheila explained her concerns. “When I need to find a document in connection with an insurance claim, it takes me anything up to half an hour to find the relevant file and items with in it. Quite often it’s misfiled so the process takes even longer. There had to be an easier option so I began investigating alternatives.”

The Solution Nottingham City Transport is the principal bus operator in Greater Nottingham, providing a comprehensive network of services covering over 230,000 miles a week. Using 8.438m litres of fuel a year for 325 buses, NCT employs in excess of 1,100 staff, including 800 drivers. Substantial numbers of personnel records need to be retained for 6 years. Over 5,000 invoices from the accounts department are also retained. There were storage problems caused by a genuine paper overflow, together with a fire risk. Records were stored in a basement 3 floors down; constantly fetching boxes also raised health and safety concerns. With the basement full and no further areas to store files alternative arrangements needed to be considered. A potential office move and the need to keep rental costs down added to the need to consider other storage options.

NCT’s existing IT reseller had already scanned their accounts onto CDs and was the first port of call in searching for a solution. Invu Document Management was proposed. Sheila continued. “We started by looking at document storage providers such as Box-it but everything was boxed, barcoded and off site. I needed the information onsite for easy access but without the significant paperwork. We looked at another system but the cost was prohibitive. After the Invu demonstration we knew instantly it was what we needed. It was so simple and easy to use and gives direct access to files from your desk.” NCT purchased 15 licences of Invu which were installed in November 2008.

“It’s now about smart thinking and ease of access. A significant amount of time has been saved”. Sheila Swift, HR Administration Manager NCT

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Invu ensures our practice continues to be competitive and helps us to offer an excellent service to our customers.

The Benefits

Richard Stone, IT Manager Norton Peskett Solicitors

The Future

Reduce overheads Norton Peskett have 95 Invu users so that all staff have access. The practice store a range of documents in Invu including all closed client files, money laundering ID and all HR documentation for the practice employees. Richard explained “The installation of Invu software to all our staff was a positive experience. Since it uses applications that our staff are already familiar with, only limited training is required, before people feel comfortable using the system.” When new staff join it only takes 10 minutes to give them a brief overview of the search facility so that they can quickly access the system. Richard commented "With five branches around East Anglia managing two storage sites for the company was becoming impossible. Daily trips to the storage facilities meant that we couldn’t respond to client queries promptly, which was also becoming increasingly difficult as our company grew. Each branch closes around 100 files a week, all of which need to be archived.“

Share information The sharing of information is critical for all businesses and particularly for legal practices. With Invu all records can be accessed by every member of staff across departments and sites within the practice. Invu’s flexibility means that the system is easily configured for the needs of the practice. All staff can search and view records, editing rights are granted to a smaller number of users and the HR department store files in a restricted area for confidentiality reasons.

Communication simplified

Richard concluded “Invu has become an integral part of our practice. It helps us to share information quickly and simply, and means we can respond to client enquiries instantly. Document management has always been a burden for legal practices but with Invu we have utilised technology to deliver a solution to these issues. It also ensures our practice continues to be competitive and helps us to offer an excellent service to our customers.”

About Invu Invu develops software that incorporates document management, content management, workflow, automation and collaboration specialising in solutions for the mid-market and smaller businesses. Also known as the paperless office, Invu typically gives a return on investment in under six months, allowing companies to see efficiency savings in terms of both money and time. Invu specialises in solutions for the mid market and smaller businesses. Invu’s Open Search integration allows SharePoint users to fully utilise the benefits of WSS or MOSS whilst retaining the functions of specialist document and content management. Invu’s solutions enable automated scan, capture and management, processing and output transformation. Invu also integrates with all major accounting systems including Sage and IRIS, as well as ERP and CRM systems.

With ever more stringent regulations regarding identity fraud and data protection Norton Peskett now feel confi dent that Invu has significantly helped to streamline their processes. Photocopies of passports and other identity documentation are scanned in and stored in low resolution giving a clear audit trail and process. All closed client files can now be kept indefinitely with minimum cost and are instantly accessible. InvuServices ServicesLimited, Limited,The TheBeren, Beren,Blisworth BlisworthHill HillFarm, Farm,Stoke StokeRoad, Road,Blisworth, Blisworth,Northampton NorthamptonNN7 NN73DB 3DB Invu +44(0)(0)1604 1604859893 859893 f: f:+44 +44(0)(0)1604 1604859902 859902 t: t:+44

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