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Case Study Tourism & Wine Production The Problem Business growth has led to mounting paperwork, required to submit timesheets and these are retained, for as long as 8 years. Together with large volumes of supplier invoices, it was becoming documents quickly and securely.

The Solution After a demonstration of the software Buckfast no contest. As soon as we saw Series 6, I knew instantly that this was what we needed,” commented Leigh Searle, (the IT Manager). “The user interface, being so similar to the look and feel

Set on the edge of Dartmoor, Buckfast Abbey stands proud as the only English medieval monastery to have been restored and used again for its original purpose – a living community dedicated to following the Benedictine Rule. Since 1882, Benedictine monks have supported themselves through a variety of means, including beekeeping, land management, wine production and hospitality. Today the Abbey attracts almost half a million people a year and This includes on-site conference facilities, guest houses and the production of Buckfast’s famous honey and tonic wine.

“For me, there was no contest. As soon as we saw Invu Document Management, I knew instantly this is what we needed.”

of course being built on a .NET framework made choosing Invu especially easy! In 2006 Buckfast purchased 10 licenses of Invu Document Management for the accounts department, where the problems were most acute. Success here would be followed by deployment throughout the rest of the business. timesheets and invoices followed. This was carried out using network-enabled photocopiers to bulk scan and send to a users Invu Intray for indexing. Within 12 months this process had allowed over 25,000 timesheets to be stored. Documents are immediately text-searchable, so that any user (permission settings allowing), can immediately bring back information, for query or audit. This functionality means that employee’s timesheet scan be instantly recalled by a quick search on the payroll number or name.

Leigh Searle, IT Manager Buckfast Abbey

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We’re now far more in control of our information using Invu.

Leigh Searle, IT Manager Buckfast Abbey

The Benefits

The Future

Since the implementation of Series 6, Buckfast Abbey has

In the future Invu will be rolled out across the whole business, ranging from HR documents and correspondence, to the delivery notes for the wine and all details held linked to their

the speed with which information is now readily available. “Invu has more than met our initial requirements,” Leigh

solution soon to be rolled out across the organisation, Invu promises to make that target a reality.” And Leigh is not the only person to have seen the initial Buckfast Abbey, the space savings have been marked. “In the relatively short time that we have been using Invu, I have knowledge that this information is securely held within a simple repository, readily accessible even to remote users. “The OCR capabilities of the system have in particular been very good. Now if a boiler were to need replacing for example, and we can’t remember when it was purchased, nor the details of the supplier, we can search the Invu system via the word “boiler” and everything we need would be in front of me in seconds. You simply wouldn’t know where to start using a paper-based system. We’re now far more in control of our information using Invu.” The need to physically handle documents has of course also more productively.

deployment can be done remotely, allowing Leigh to have far greater control over this process. “With the growing pressure to keep documents for a number of years, and with space at a premium, it was necessary for us to address these issues,” added Leigh. “The support and the software have been excellent, and having already seen Invu will continue to meet those needs in the long-term.”

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