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Tracemyworld – a new dynamic and involving way to approach the sportspeople and future clients! Take advantage from our convenient promotional offer now! For further informations: Tracemyworld SA Via G. Lanz 1, 6850 Mendrisio Switzerland Tel. +41 91 646 11 83 Fax +41 91 646 45 84

The new dimension of outdoor activities

From Tracemyworld the new mobile application personalized for your company For smartphone iPhone, iPad and Android


The effective communication on the newest media – a worldwide trend Tracemyworld offers you an exclusive app for smartphone, to be customized especially for your company, with the big news regarding the integrated geolocalized services, which can be then offered for free to the company’s clients and the final consumers. The app includes also a unique and useful GPS recorder, which your clients can use during each journey; the GPS recorder will be at any time at their disposal also later.

The new dimension of outdoor activities

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With our app you can reach more than 60% of the overall smartphone market. The mobile app represents the ideal communication vehicle to reach the selected target, for the companies and their brands (with new geolocalized services, such as the stores’ location).

What offers you the mobile app? The new for your company customizable mobile app from Tracemyworld is a modern, rapid and interactive multimedia channel to communicate and advertise for mass market’s products. These are its characteristics: • To be downloaded directly from the main smartphone markets for iPhone, iPad and Android


The advantages for the company • Modern and rapid advertising media through emerging channels, easily accessible for the users • A good vehicle to acquire new clients and to improve customer fidelization • A cost effective marketing and sales instrument: a siingle application form multiple platforms • High visibility, thanks to the worldwide smartphone’s network • App contents updates (general info, new price lists, new products, ..) occurs through new app releases, without being invasive.

• It includes an integrated GPS recorder, to locate the position in real time • It allows the user to interact directly with the company’s products, the price offers and promotions and it offers also new additional geolocalized services – The big innovation! Company

Why the mobile app? Mobile apps are a new emerging worldwide trend in the communication and advertising in general. They allow you to advertise and get a big visibility for your company thanks to the distribution through the main worldwide channels as Apple Store and Android Market.





Shops and resellers



• Company’s profile and presentation • Represented and distributed brands • Complete online catalogue • Prices and conditions • Special offers and promotions

We deliver you the additional geolocalized services, such as: • Maps and navigation system to reach shops and distributors with your products or represented brands • Form for online orders



GPS Recorder


• GPS data recorder: to record and capture the most beautiful routes of your clients. It becomes so a free present that your company offers to their clients within the app.

The advantages for the user, for your client • Access directly from smartphone to all general company and products information • Stores and distributors localization in real time, with routes information • Opportunity to record the own journey’s routes.


Contents The app can be customized in line with the advertising and communication needs of your company, such as:







Tracemyworld App Mobile  

Tracemyword new smartphone

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