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Thais Oliveira Has A Unique Sense of Style

Thais Oliveira started her modeling career with participation in a modeling contest by Elite Model Management. She then traveled to Japan where she was the second Black model ever to work there as Japan has a very restricted modeling. Everyone was so impressed with her performance that she returned four times in a two year period.

She afterwards went to Hong Kong for her modeling assignment. She has worked for big houses such as Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Zuahir Murad, Vivienne Westwood, Issey Miyake and many others. She carries an aura that exudes style, grace and beauty. 

She says,” Being a model means being comfortable with yourself, and being happy.” When asked about some useful beauty tips, she replies,” Keep basic for everyday make up moisturizer, concealer, mascara and light blush.” For nights outs, she likes to work on her eyes and leave her lips nude. She does not like lipstick. 

In an interview, Thais Oliveira was asked about the first thing she notices on a woman, she replies,” Shoes.” She loves wearing nice, comfortable shoes and feels that she can never have enough of. One should make sure that shoes aren't worn out, and can walk comfortably in them. She suggests, “ Keep your heels in your bag, walk on flats.”

About Thais Oliveira Thais Oliveira is a renowned Black model who is regularly seen on fashion shows, runways, commercials and photo shoots. Her parents are her role model and they are proud of her achievements in the modeling sector.


Thais oliveira has a unique sense of style