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In here you will find information about running, boxing and swimming. Also, you will read about athletes that practice these sports and the gear needed to practice each sport.

Index What running is.

Gear you need to practice it. A famous Runner. What boxing is.

Gear you need to practice it. A famous boxer.

What swimming is.

Gear you need to practice it. A famous swimmer.

What is


Running is a sport practiced alone or in groups.

A person who runs is a called a runner. The runner runs to reach a goal in a race. The runner who reaches the goal in less time wins the race.

To run you need Running shoes Running shorts

A shirt

A famous runner Nery Brenes is a famous runner from Limon, Costa Rica. He is 26 years old.

He has won several medals.

Recently he won a gold medal and became world champion.

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a sport practiced with a rival.

A person who boxes is called a boxer. A boxer fights another boxer (rival) in a ring. The fight is called a match.

The boxer who punches and knocks his or her rival wins the match.

To box you need Boxing


Boxing shoes

Boxing gloves

A famous boxer Hannah Gabriels is a famous boxer from Alajuela, Costa Rica. She is 29 years old. In her boxing career she has won 12 professional matches.

She is currently the Welter World Champion.

What is swimming?

Swimming is commonly an individual sport. Is it practiced in a swimming pool.

A person who swims is called a swimmer.

In professional swimming, a swimmer has to swim across a swimming pool in a certain amount of time to win.

To swim you need Swimming cap

Swimming googles

A Bathing suit

A famous swimmer Claudia Poll was a famous professional swimmer from Managua, Nicaragua. She is 40 years old. She won olympic gold medals for Costa Rica in 1996 and 2000.

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