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Would you like to know more about Vodafone B2000 LTE Router? Vodafone today announced the Vodafone B2000 LTE WLAN Router introduced successor to the popular Vodafone B1000 LTE router. Technically the Vodafone B2000 LTE Router meets again almost exactly the counterpart Telekom Speed box LTE Under the smart housing potters turn a product made by Huawei. More specifically, it is the Huawei B593. Here you can see where the differences and what its predecessor has been improved. As with the B1000, after the actual hardware puts the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. The B2000 Vodafone router is like the "Speed box LTE" by Telekom, identical to the Huawei B593u-12. Only the optical aperture is adapted to the design of the particular mobile provider and logo. Thus, the B2000 from Vodafone comes in white garb, while the telecom noble black on sets. Strikingly, the B2000 is similar to its previous version tremendously. The changes are more technical in nature and therefore there are some positive points. First, the eye is caught by the improved positive LTE Support. During the B1000 "only" a maximum of 50 Mbit / s, supported the B2000 Vodafone router now offers full support of up to 100 Mbps download speed and 50 Mbps transmission power. At least if it used the tariff and the reception conditions permit. Huawei has also broadened the network support. Rather than simply on the LTE800 band, the Vodafone B2000 can now also be used for LTE at 2.6 and 1.8 GHz. Finally, on board with a fallback to 3G or 2G. If when you have no LTE is available, switch to HSPA, GSM UMST or necessary. This was not yet capable of B1000. External antennas are still connected via SMA socket, in the event that the local reception conditions are not sufficient. A new feature is the telephony support, which was missing in the predecessor. But this more in the following section. The B2000 Vodafone router is launching ports for phones with them. The B1000 Vodafone router still had to combine it with a DSL router to a PBX via LTE or similar set up. VOIP is supported; moreover, there are 2 RJ11 Telefonbuchsten. Another is so far not known. Local wireless networks can use the Vodafone B2000 now also be operated with the modern WLAN standard 802.11n. That means up to 300 Mbit transfer rate. Unfortunately, there is support the 5GHz band, which the "Fritz Box 6840 LTE" offers. When WEP encryption, WPA and WPA2 are available. As an alternative to Wi-Fi's 4 LAN ports. Vodafone B2000 LTE Router is of course again in the typical white Vodafone design and the user interface is preconfigured for Vodafone. This Vodafone B2000 LTE

Router will become one of popular model in 4G LTE Router on the market. Vodafone to launch prices are known, but you can also just now the identical order Telekom Speed box LTE. Interesting to know that the unlocked Vodafone B2000 is not one of the “DSL replacement rates” should be available by telephone, but only to the “normal” mobile data tariffs. The team from Easy box and Turbo box is therefore not initially replaced, although a Easy box with integrated LTE is being planned, which will appear later in the year. Vodafone B2000 review is found in Welcome to our website to know B2000 price, and enjoy your shopping here.

Would you like to know more about Vodafone B2000 LTE Router?