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Huawei E5331 mobile WiFi hotspot brings many benefits to market Huawei E5331 Mobile WiFi is a high-speed packet access mobile hotspot. It is a multi-mode wireless terminal for SOHO and business professionals. You can connect the E5331 3G WiFi Router with the USB interface of a computer, or connect the E5331 with the Wi-Fi. In the service area of the HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM network, you can surf the Internet and send/receive messages/emails cordlessly. The Huawei E5331 is fast, reliable, and easy to operate. Thus, mobile users can experience many new features and services with the E5331. These features and services will enable a large number of users to use the E5331 and the average revenue per user of operators will increase substantially. And more, The Huawei E5331 3G WiFi Router is 'plug and play'. When the device is connected via USB to a computer or laptop, the modem will install and make itself into a LAN adapter. In addition, its Wi-Fi hotspots ready, just with the click of a button. The special feature about The Huawei E5331 it needs not be connected to USB to be able to use WiFi. Instead the device can be separately as a mobile Wi-Fi access point / Hotspot. For advanced settings and password changes it has an easy and user friendly web interface. The Huawei E5331 gives you the freedom to be connected on the go where ever you go. It allows you to connect to the INTERNET on the move via USB cable or Wi-Fi network using HSDPA / HSUPA up to 21 Mbps downstream and 5.76 Mbps upstream. . Additionally, the Huawei E5331 3G WiFi Router also supports quad-band GSM, so the device be used virtually any part of the world you go. The mobile operator claims the MiFi offers affordable, fast and secure Wi-Fi. The E5331 is available for low cost and can provide Wi-Fi for up to five devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, simultaneously. Allows up to 8 users to connect to the Huawei E5331 3G WiFi Router at a time. Mark Brewer, Head of Mobile Broadband Devices at Three said, “As the leading network operator in mobile broadband, we’re delighted to be able to offer our customers a cheaper alternative to getting online, without having to compromise on speed.” The Huawei E5331 MiFi features an LED screen, one button connection and a four and a half hour battery life. Three touts a theoretical download speed of up to 21.1Mbps using HSPA+. Mark Mitchinson, executive vice president at Huawei said: "Huawei’s family of

mobile Wi-Fi products is among the best kept secrets in the wider consumer market; gadgets which offer portable and personal Wi-Fi connectivity that can be shared across multiple devices and people.""The Huawei E5331 Value MiFi brings these benefits to a much wider market, supported by Three’s exceptional 3G data network." Now we are promoting this Huawei E5331 MiFi mobile WiFi hotspot, you can get surprise gift if you buy it, welcome to

Huawei E5331 mobile WiFi hotspot brings many benefits to market