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Ability to apply credits to Pacific University’s MHA degree  

Professional networking opportuni es 

Execu ve format for working professionals 

Faculty with real‐world healthcare compliance experience 

18  credits (7 courses completed in 12 months) 




  Aurae Beidler, Program Manager  Graduate Cer ficate Program Healthcare Compliance  (503) 352‐7206 

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Compliance Cer fica on Board (CCB) Accredited University 

A 12-month blended online and synchronous cohort program designed for the working adult


Healthcare Compliance Graduate Certificate

Graduate Cer ficate Program  Healthcare Compliance  222 SE 8th Ave., Ste. 570  Hillsboro, OR  97123  503‐352‐7206   

Preparing students for leadership positions in healthcare compliance.

A program designed to meet your needs

      There have been drama c changes in healthcare policy and regula on 



over the past decade and as a result, compliance has become increasingly 


Course Title

important in the industry. Compliance professionals can have a profound im‐

Spring 2013

Introduction to Executive Leadership and Ethics in Healthcare

      Pacific’s graduate‐level healthcare compliance cer ficate program offers 

Spring 2013

Introduction to Healthcare Compliance

students the opportunity to learn and demonstrate a thorough understanding 

Summer 2013

Legal Aspects of Healthcare

Summer 2013

Privacy and Security

Fall 2013

Compliance Laws and Regulations

Fall 2013

Healthcare Compliance Practice: Auditing, Investigations, and Reporting

Fall 2013

Compliance Capstone Seminar

pact on a healthcare organiza on's success.  

of healthcare compliance topics and apply their knowledge through course  work and in industry se ngs.  The courses provide a comprehensive founda‐ on for students to become healthcare compliance professionals or for those  already working in compliance, to achieve a higher level of proficiency.  The  program curriculum is designed to meet accredita on requirements and pre‐ pare students to sit for the HCCA and AHIMA cer fica on exams. Comple ng  the cer ficate also enable students to enroll in the MHA program and a ain  the degree by comple ng an addi onal 30 credit hours beyond the cer ficate.  

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Educate current healthcare compliance professionals regarding trends 

Student Profile 

and regula ons in healthcare.  

This program is designed for students who: 


Prepare students for leadership posi ons in healthcare compliance. 


Empower students to engage in the applica on of knowledge and skills.  


Enable students to immediately apply the learned skills of compliance to  their professional work environment. 


Already have a baccalaureate degree 


Are currently working in healthcare 


Are interested in or are already working in a compliance posi on 


Are seeking promo onal opportuni es within the healthcare industry 

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