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I stood looking out over the view from our nineteenth floor apartment, watching the sun fading over the building, reading the gently fading letters of my name Katelynn written across the window, I tried acting like I didn’t care that my mom was never around anymore, I guess when your dad is a professional Musician that you only see a couple times a year, and your mom is an actress, parenting isn’t exactly easy to achieve. I heard a ding from my computer I pulled up my I.M and smiled as I saw one blinking from my best friend Nate, he’s been my best friend since the first day of kindergarten. He was the only constant in my life. I was typing a message when the shrill sound of my mother’s laughter rang through the house. “Oh Katey darling are you in here?” I heard a slight knock at my bedroom door and my mother was walking in with her boyfriend. “Oh Katey, me and David have the best news to tell you.” I could hear the excitement dripping from my mom’s voice when she talked. “What is it?” I shut my laptop and turned around in my swivel chair to stare at my mom. She held her left hand out that had been taken over by the giant diamond ring sitting on her finger. “You’re engaged?” I hugged her. “Congratulations.” “Yes! David asked me tonight at dinner, it was so romantic.” I could see the love pouring out of her eyes. She looked at me and sighed. “David and I have decided to move to Spain, he has a cute little three bedroom cottage right outside Barcelona.” I looked at my mother terrified, if I moved to Spain I’d never see my dad, or Nate except for the court ordered holidays my dad had. I took a step back from my mom and fell down into my chair. “Mom we absolutely cannot move to Spain!” I felt a tear slide down my face. “I’ll never see Dad, or any of my friends in California, I hardly see them now.” I saw a slight change in my mom’s body language and looked at her, I couldn’t catch her eye she kept avoiding looking at me. “Mom…?” She sucked her teeth and put a hand on David’s shoulder, causing David to leave the room. My mom sat down on my bed and took a really deep breath. “Katey, you know I love you.” I could feel a but coming. “It’s just David and I want to start our life together, well together, David thinks it would be a great opportunity for us to grow as a couple if we move to Spain alone.” She looked at me watching my eyes for the slightest sign of emotion. Having an actress for a mom you learn to control your emotions, I looked at my mom and pretended to smile. “Oh that’s a great Idea mom you should absolutely do that.” My mom smiled and hugged me she got up and started heading for the door. “I knew you’d understand I love you Katey.” I stared at the back of her head as she walked out of my room; I waited till she was out of earshot before crying. I fell back onto my bed and hugged my pillow crying. My phone started to ring I looked down and it was Nate; I wiped my tears and answered the phone. “Hello?” My voice sounded scratchy and my eyes felt puffy. I started crying and I felt my voice fall out. “Nate I need you so bad right now.”

“Katey, what’s wrong?” I could hear the concern in his voice. “Are you ok?” I ran my hands over all the scars on my arms and started crying harder. “My mom is moving to Spain.” There was a pause on the other end of the line. “Wait just your mom is going, what about you?” I hugged my Pillow tighter and started bawling. “Katey I’ll have my mom look at plane tickets I’m really sorry… I’ll be out there first thing in the morning.” I felt a little better knowing Nate was coming. I tried to breathe normal and felt a sharp pain in my chest. I stepped out of the limo looking for the plane that my best friend Nate was on; I saw him and ran to give him a huge hug. “So how was your flight?” I smiled putting my head on his shoulder and walked to the limo. “I don’t think I could handle this without you Nate. I love you.” I had told Nate I loved him the first time in middle school when I had flown to Los Angeles to see my dad for Christmas, and now it came out naturally. “It was long lol I tried to fall asleep but I couldn’t.” He smiled and wrapped his arm across my shoulder; he stopped right in front of the door and looked at me. “Katey, are you…” He looked at me trying to find the words as we stepped into the limo. “You can ask me Nate.” I looked out the window as the chauffeur put Nate’s bags in the trunk. “I know you want to so go ahead.” I looked directly at him as he stumbled to find the words. “Are you okay?” I sighed and turned up the radio, we drove the entire way in silence. “Yeah…ugh cool thanks.” When I walked inside, the whole house smelled like apples, I breathed in the scent and headed for the kitchen. “Melinda are you in here?" Melinda was my dad’s house keeper. “Yes dear.” She was pulling an apple pie out of the oven she set it down and looked at me. “How are you holding up Mija?” She put a reassuring hand on my shoulder and I smiled trying to avoid the conversation in general. “Well, I’m going to put nates stuff away then I’ll come back down and help with dinner. Is mom going to be home for dinner?” I could feel the pit in the bottom of my stomach sink a little lower when I realized the answer to my question would soon permanently be no. “Ugh actually I think your mother said she was going to have dinner with David and his daughter tonight, so it’s just going to be you me and Nate.” “Alright I’ll be right back.” I threw myself onto the bed and kicked off my shoes. “Well it’s really roomy.” Nate laughed as I stared off into space. “Earth to Katey, hello?” he waved his hands in front of my face.

“Yeah sorry, I was thinking about my mom.” I grabbed the heart shaped locket that hung around my neck. “I’m sorry Katey…I really wish I knew what to say to make it better, I mean you’re the only real friend I’ve ever had.” “Maybe that’s because I saw you pick your nose in kindergarten so you have to be my friend!” I gave him a smile and opened a drawer to put his clothes away. “Do you ever leave the house?” He walked around the room looking over my collection of movies “God you have like the best movie collection ever!” he smiled and pulled a movie off the shelf. “Yeah it’s mostly just romantic or romantic comedy, and all my thrillers are over there.” I smiled and pointed to a small shelf by my t.v. “Katey...can I ask you something.” He looked at me then looked down. “Sure go for it.” I wasn’t really paying attention. “Ugh….well would you ever consider...” my phone started to ring; I looked down and recognized the New York area code “I’m sorry I have to take this, hello?” it was my ex-boyfriend Kyle. “Hey Katey, How’s Nate treating you?” I could hear laughter in the background. “How do you know Nate’s here?” I picked up my laptop and opened up a gossip site, there it was front page a picture of me and Nate hugging at the airport. “Oh never mind… Kyle I don’t want you calling me when you’re drunk.” I stood up. “I just wanted to know if you wanted to come over later and hang out.” Another round of laughter rang out. I walked away from Nate as to shield myself from the curious look he was giving me. “Kyle I can’t… I really can’t talk right now I’m a little busy so I’ll call you later okay?” I felt a tear fall down my face as I walked out onto the balcony. “Come on baby it was only a few beers mellow out a little please?” I ended my phone call. “Nate go back inside I’ll be there soon.” I sat down on the swing and hugged a pillow “Not until you tell me why you’re upset.” he was sitting next to me and I couldn’t bring myself to look at him. “You remember that guy Kyle I told you about?” I looked straight at the ground not wanting Nate to see the look of pain in my eyes. “Yeah, what about him?”

“That was him on the phone, during the last couple of months…” My voice faded out as Nate grabbed my hand and looked at me. “If you don’t want to talk about it, it’s fine.” I nodded my head. “I need to tell somebody, and you’re the only one I can trust.” I took a deep breath and continued explaining “During the last couple of months, Kyle has gotten really abusive; he’s started drinking and doing any kind of drugs he can get his hands on. When I don’t do something he wants to do, he hits me.” I gathered my knees to my chest and looked out on the city. “Katey, please tell me you’re not still with him.” he grabbed my hand and brought my face up to look at him. I couldn’t find my voice. “Kay, I know I wasn’t there to protect you from him in the past, but I promise he will never hurt you like that again.” I wiped my eyes and stood up. “I broke up with him this morning before I picked you up at the airport.” I walked inside and looked for a cd to play as Nate jumped onto the bed. My phone started to ring again. “Oh great its Kyle there’s a shocker.” I tossed my phone on the bed and Nate answered it. “Okay listen Kyle; you need to leave Katey alone it’s obvious she doesn’t want to talk to you anymore so take a fucking hint.” He clicked my phone off and set it back down. I smiled and kept looking through CDs. “Yes I found it!” I jumped up and started laughing. “Oh my god, Nate look at this.” I pulled a tiny box off a shelf and handed it to him. “What is it?” he looked at the box and I smiled “My memory box from when we were kids. I have every single thing you’ve given me ever since we met.” I looked through all the things I had and pulled out a guitar pick on a string. “Do you remember this?” I held up the necklace for him to see. “Oh god you kept that? I gave that to you the day you moved away.” he took it and smiled. “I know and you told me that as long as I kept it we’d always be best friends.” I smiled and kept looking in the box. “You better keep that forever.” He checked his phone as the door opened. “If I remember correctly you both like chocolate chip cookies with pecans?” We both laughed and took the cookies. “Oh, is it ok if I go for a walk before dinner?” Melinda looked at me and nodded her head.

A Beautiful Love Song  

A lovely book

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