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Graphic Design Fundamentals Year 01 FdA DGC Alex Beaumont

Sector - Food & Drink Target Audience - Experiencer R esearch I deas






Persona. A persona for the target audience has been formulated. This gives a specific figure to base the message and design style on. Below is the persona of an Experiencer. Typical Person - Jamie -

Age: 21 British Lives: East London, Flat share Studies: Photography Job: Part time job in independent coffee shop Travel: underground, cycle, bus

- Risk taker - Gambler - Enthusiastic Interests & Hobbies - Music: Dubstep, Reggae - Social: Enjoys eating out with mates, chilling, underground clubs, one-offs, exclusive - Apple products; macbook, iphone - Fashion; Likes to be individual - Enjoys: Art, exhibitions, trying new things, food & drink, tattoos Background - Parents working class, help out when can. - Been travelling around Europe, gap year


Rekorderlig International Company. Since 1999 it has been created from pure spring water from Vimmerby, Sweden. Rekorderlig is a worldwide company and is stocked in most supermarkets and many pubs, bars and restaurants.

Its high end premium design style sets it apart from many other cider brands, and has a sense of modesty and pride about its company and taste. An iphone app has been developed as a ‘cider finder’ to locate stockists of their products for the consumer. The brand comes across as proudly Swedish and proud to share it globally.

Their minimalistic branding styles feature white or light backgounds, using the colour of the drink itself to enhance and give a fresh, appetising look. The labels of the bottles/cans are very similar in structure and have a handmade feel, with small illustrations to depict what is inside.

The website pages use the drink colours as backgrounds, with a liquefied interactive page selection bar. Bottles are displayed next to a different woman depending on flavour.


Giraffe National Company. Born in 1998, Giraffe now has restaurants all over the country. It serves foods from all over the globe and music from around the world.

It is marketed as somewhere relaxed where people can grab a coffee or freshly cooked food at any time of day, with the music setting you anywhere in the world. They have an organic feel to their design style, with loose fonts and simple illustrations, which convey a relaxed mood. Different promotions are constantly being updated and advertised but do not seem forced.

Their website is packed with animations and interactive sections which work really well with the natural, hand-made style. The colour palette also portrays their brand with earthy tones. QR codes are used, as well as offers available on apps such as vouchercloud.

Leaflets, posters and other handouts again have a handmade, organic feel to them. A combination of serif and sans serif fonts are used in conjunction with the company logo to give an individual identity.


Cafe 1001 Local Company. Cafe 1001 coffee shop and DJ bar is located on Dray walk, off Brick Lane in the Old Truman Brewery. They have a selection of international DJ’s and live musicians performing every day at the cafe.

Fresh food and drink is served 7 days a week, with a stall like area out the front with seating. Inside is dimly lit, with a chilled atmosphere, and lounging sofas. Wi-fi connection is available for those with laptops and there are areas to sit with tables. The only bad feedback from the place is that it gets packed! The style of this place is clearly aimed at students/young outgoing people. There is an arty and underground vibe to the area, as you would expect in the Brick Lane surroundings. Local artwork is splashed on the walls with a mix of contemporary and vintage.

Their website is very abstract, with random objects from the cafe displayed. The combination of Impact Label headings and hand written elements give a creative and expressive feel, showing you instantly what the cafe is all about.

Although popular there is not much large scale advertising of the cafe, but more discreet logos on flyers and handouts. Dingy colours on some flyers reflect the atmosphere of the seated area.


The mapping for both the bar and the festival are really clear, but the festival one has 3D hand drawn elements. The company also uses a lot of watered down, pastel colours in its materials.

The Big Chill hosts a festival every year in Herefordshire, bringing in big names and a large crowd. Cafe 1001 could create their own festival in the brick lane area. It would have a similar festival atmosphere but within the surroundings of an urban area, which is more Cafe 1001 style. The small festival could showcase local music, artists, food and drink.

Cafe 1001 Competitors

The Big Chill Bar.

Local Company. Just 6 years old and Located virtually opposite Cafe 1001, The Big Chill Bar has a very similar atmosphere. The only difference being the large outside undercover seated area. It now considers itself part of the fabric of brick lane with inside lounging areas.

“It’s a place to have a drink and a delicious burger after shopping, or a place to drink and have a delicious burger after nothing, or to party with one of our resident DJ’s when the sun goes down.” It opens 7 days a week, including market sundays where they have DJ’s on all day long. It has a slightly more vibrant vibe to Cafe 1001, in the sense that it is lit more and not so grungy.



The outside courtyard has a canopy covered area for people to enjoy the mood outside. The music sets a good atmosphere, being played in this area and spreading down the street, bringing more people in. It is a great spot to meet people with a festival vibe.

Cafe 1001 Competitors

Vibe Bar.

Local Company. Established in 1995 Vibe Bar is again located close to Cafe 1001, and is one of the EastEnds longest running and popular drinking locations. It is quite a large venue with 4 rooms and an outside courtyard area.

Vibe Bar is also host to the Brick Lane music festival each September; “an event which recognises music, diversity and culture around East London and is put together by local venues in the area.” One interesting feature is the Sunday Vibe Cuts, which happens every Sunday in the courtyard, available for mens and womens hair cuts while sipping on a beer and listening to music! Vibe Live features DJ’s and MC’s performing most nights of the week, with open mic night Mondays.



Client, Message & Target Audience Sector - Food & Drink Client - Cafe 1001 Target Audience - Experiencer Message - Cafe 1001 Festival. Create awareness of local art, food and drink in the area of cafe 1001. Possible Formats/ Ideas:

Logo - Festival logo, incorporating main elements.

Wrapping Paper -Unzippable Invitation - Ticket sold in the form of a party popper, when exploded, shot contains wrist band.

Badge - Built in camera to record event for Wall personal experience - Anyone can paste what they want and memory of event. Signage - Beer label/sign tastes onto it. For example; of drink, try before you comments,feedback, Map - Directions around the buy! artwork, photos. festival, from arena to stalls. Include line up. Podcast QR code - Line up artists - Linking to festival Greeting Card previews, example of website. Can be the type of vibe at the incorporated into - Free food & Drink sample tokens inside festival other formats. to promote local stalls. ipod/iphone App Wristbands - Map, stalls, line up, - Festival Band. Under Grid System - Layout of festival. details, information and over 18. Everything suspended above ground (stages, Bottle Labels Promotional Material floor, stalls). Above - Cafe 1001 own brewed - Flyers, handouts, water/visuals, gives cider/beer posters, freebees. the illusion of floating or levitating.


Bottle Label

Festival band



Initial Ideas


Concept Challenges Festival Band





- Doesn’t help you find your way, helps you get lost. - It is written backward, or so you need a mirror to read it. - Map is revealed from reverse when held up to the light.

Headband Ankleband Fingerband. Discreet. Armband

Exaggerate - Extra Long/Wide. Allows space for greater detail or imagery. - Wraps around multiple times. Is unique and can be seen easier. - Very thin. Discreet, as if its secret or exclusive. Distort - Sweat band. - Shape: zigzag, wavy, torn edge, skewed. - Material: Plastic, Fabric, Wood, Metal, Metallic material. - Embossed/Debossed. - Glow in the dark. - Bottle opener attached to band.

Wishful Thinking - Built in sound recorder - Record personal experience of festival. - Holographic map pop out. - Light up. - Tracker built in to keep track of crowds. For both security and safety of numbers.

Exaggerate - It folds into a really small package so is easy to carry around. - A map is projected onto the entire side of a building central to the festival. - Thousands of maps are pasted on one wall or all around the festival like graffiti. A guerilla mapping effect.

Distort - Map folds into a bag for carrying items bought from stalls. - Map is in the form of a temporary tattoo rather than conventional materials. Can be stuck to any part of the body. The person will then not loose their map or way. - Map is merged with the line up sheet.

Wishful Thinking - 3D map. Can be projected from object or wall. Gives you virtual directions. - Teleport device! - Built in compass.


Stepping Stones Festival Band


EP – Extract a principle

EP – Extract a principle

- Wraps around multiple times. Up length of arm or leg. Acts as a decoration as well as identification. Some people choose to continue wearing bands even after festivals, M2M – Moment to Moment this would stand out against others and spark conversation, promoting - The line up on the band could be read next festival. like a watch, with the text along the - On a thicker band the line up could be width of the band, opposite to the displayed, rather than having to carry festival name/date. around a separate line up sheet. - Could be a round cylindrical shape, - A fabric band is very long lasting, like rope, more like a bracelet than again which could promote future Cafe band. 1001 events. Details could be threaded on, perhaps in beads, rather than printed directly on. FD – Focus on the difference - Rubber is flexible but may come off easily, which would not be suitable for - The shape or width or length a permanent band. distorted. Unusual and more

- A map that requires the user to be instinctive or interactive. - Fold down really small for transport. If no pockets, could be tucked into socks or other items of clothing.

interesting. - The material of the band. - Added details included rather than just the name and year of the festival,

M2M – Moment to Moment

- If the map were in the form of a temporary tattoo the wearer would not loose it. It would work beat - The material is not conventional, some thing original that the wearer can keep applied to the forearm, but no doubt people will experiment with as a memento or souvenir. the positioning, its all down to them. - Rather than a personal map there The transfer should last the duration could be several large ones of the festival but be removable strategically pasted or projected onto afterwards. buildings/structures. As brick lane is With a built in compass the user full of wall space this would be would always know the direction effective. Visuals could also be they are facing, making it easier to displayed within the map, or it could navigate their way around the be a virtual tour. festival. The user could simply point in the direction of north for example and be directed to the north stage.

FD – Focus on the difference

PA – Positive Aspects - More visible if the band wraps around multiple times. A glow or light up band would also help when dark - The idea of a built in tracker to track the movements of crowds between, and when at separate areas. Would be a method of crowd control or management. Could also give a rough idea of numbers before an act or predict stock levels for stalls.

PA – Positive Aspects - Less chaos if everyone has a map on them at all times. Prevents confusion and missing acts/performances/events. - With a line up built into the map users will have all information in one place rather than multiple sheets. It will also make for less printing and excessive waste.


Concepts Festival Band


Concept 1

Concept 1

- Embossed rubber band. - Glow in the dark sections. Either the lettering or the space around it allowing the lettering to be revealed. - Features festival name and year held Concept 2 - Machine manufactured. When moulded small tracer is moulded - Multi-wrap around band. Can be inside for monitoring. Will be wound around any visible arm part, exclusive to this festival. Could be upper or lower, as long as visable and used to track festival goers, crowds of practical. people and predict their movements, - Made from a fabric material, one stock levels needed and in which areas which does not irritate skin and which need more staff, etc. the ink will not run from. It must be able to support a vivid colour. - Acts as decoration and a memento from the festival.

- A few large maps are projected onto building walls, spread out so there is always one nearby. - Can show you where you are at the time, so what map you are looking at. - If used in conjunction with the tracer band could be used to find lost people or friends. For example if the band had an ID number, this could be typed in and show a live dot on the map. - Live updates from the festival could be displayed. Like who is playing when, new products on show/sale and performances.

Concept 3 - Wider paper band, which could be plastic coated for a longer life. - Main line up is displayed on the band for convenience, and so acts are not missed. - The inside of the band contains a short survey for the festival for feedback. Bands would be posted into boxes at the end if the person chose to. Maybe a freebie given away if posted. - Overhang of band could show one food and one drinks coupon which could be punched and redeemed. This would promote the local food and drink stalls and help give them awareness in the area.

Concept 2 - The map is in the form of a temporary tattoo or body transfer. - Allows the user to have a map on them at all times. - The festival goer has the freedom of placement of the tattoo, practical or not! - An original idea which would be a first at the festival. - Non permanent so will wash off after the festival, but made to last the duration. - A transfer could come included with the wristband or ticket.

Concept 3 - A card map with the line up displayed either on the front or the reverse. - A small compass would be built into the construction, in the centre or a corner. - Card can be folded around the compass, creating a pocket sized package which can be carried around easily. Alternatively could be tucked into another item of clothing.


Prototypes Festival Band

Concept 1 Thick band to represent the rubber material. Font from logo used for the date of the festival. Date on the 10th January creates 1001 in the date, linking to the name cafe 1001. Black and white fits with company logo. Band cut into giving debossed effect. This would work well if text was filled with a glow paint. Does not stand out as original, too much like other festival bands.

Concept 3

The wider band with the line up featured worked well. Tear off vouchers were included at the end which can be redeemed for one item of cafe 1001 food and one drink. A small survey could be printed on the reverse side for feedback at the end of the festival.

Concept 2 Multiple wrap around in different styles. Top is one length of band connected at each end. This doesn’t stay on sufficiently. Rounded ropelike band has no space for details unless tabs made to hang off. The last has more space but it takes up too much space on the arm itself, and edges get in the way.


Prototypes Map Concept 2 The temporary tattoo idea is very practical and looks interesting with the enlarged 3D illustrations. All the information needed can fit onto an arm transfer, with both line ups, and details of stalls at the festival. Only black and white is needed for this map.

Concept 1 The projected map and line up could be displayed in a building mapping way, using the structure of the building itself. One example is the side of the building in the small square area of the festival. The window alcoves make good areas to project onto, with the 2 area line ups on either side and the map in the centre two, which could move and light up, etc.

Concept 3

The compass map concept would also work, but may not be necessary for a small urban festival such as this one. A QR code is included in the corner for access to further information via smart phones, perhaps leading to a festival app. The map folds around the central compass, making it pocket-size for easy storage.


Festival Identity Logo





impact label Impact label typeface used in website and can be used in some text for the festival, such as the line up.




After trying out a few ideas for a festival logo I think simple works best for this logo. The single F signifies that it is the festival side to the brand. The F lines up with the original text and the emphasis is still on the cafe logo itself, which is important for easy recognition of the festivals host.

The 3 splashes of colour used on this web page work well together. These will be used for the colour in this otherwise black and white festival.

Flicks and splats of paint are regularly used in the brands identity. it shows an artistic flair to the brand and this will also work well for the festivals identity, for handouts etc.


Innovative Idea For the final festival band I included the main graphic elements from the festivals identity. The band features a line up of the main artists/acts playing but others will be displayed on the map or elsewhere around the festival. The food and drink, tear-off tabs are included after the sticky pad so can be accessible when worn.

Festival Band


The reverse side has a feedback section to be completed after the festival. This can then be posted into a collection box and a festival souvenir redeemed. These can then be processed for improvements to following events.

Feedback good average improve

- 1 - 2 - 3


performances artwork layout navigation

LINE UP 12.0013.0014.0015.0016.0017.0018.0019.0020.0021.00-

unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown

f d

further comments _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ Please post in collection box for souvenir.

d f


Innovative Idea Map

12.00 - unknown 13.00 - unknown 14.00 - unknown 15.00 - unknown 16.00 - unknown 17.00 - unknown 18.00 - unknown 19.00 - unknown

20.00 - unknown 21.00 - unknown 22.00 - unknown 23.00 - unknown 00.00 - unknown 01.00 - unknown 02.00 - unknown


12.00 - unknown 13.00 - unknown 14.00 - unknown 15.00 - unknown 16.00 - unknown 17.00 - unknown 18.00 - unknown 19.00 - unknown







The festival map was created in the style of a temporary tattoo. Included is all the main elements of the concepts, such as the line up, 3D illustrations, logo and other information. I labelled each area: 1001, being the urban area virtually next to Cafe 1001, and 1002, which is a grass area further up the road. A small key shows other details important to the map. The line up’s have different schedules next to each area, in text big enough to read when printed. The map is designed to be 100mm x 80mm, which is the optimum size that I found use able and wearable.


Evaluation The concept of this festival is a celebration of local arts, food and drink. The host, Cafe 1001, will locate the festival around their urban area, in the heart of Brick Lane. The large concrete area between the road and the cafe will be one area, 1001. The other area will be situated further up the road in a large grass area, where more stands, stalls and stages will be based. Its locality and format of the festival should appeal to a range of people, but especially the Experiencers out there who want something new and different. Other material and formats which could be created in a similar design style are: Flyers, posters, banners, flags, stickers, tickets, stage background and visuals. The originality of the two items designed should give the festival that creative flair that the brand embraces and set it apart from other festivals.


Beaumont.A.GDF Project  

LCC YEAR 1 , FDA DGC project.