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About Us ENCO Industries was founded in 1994 as Environmental Container, providing DOT/UN approved waste packaging products brandishing the HazPack™ brand to meet the EPA’s mandate for regulated waste packaging. Today, ENCO Industries is a rapidly growing, privately held company that has evolved into a global provider of environmental control products and solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of industries and markets including government (defense), oil and gas, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical. The company’s synergistic products are sold through its various business units, providing hazardous and non-hazardous waste packaging, industrial container, spill control, and detection solutions that contribute to the safety and security of our environment.

A Leading Meltblown Sorbent Manufacturer

Oil Only Melt Blown Pads and Rolls come in a variety of weights and sizes. They can also be bonded or perforated for any job, spill, or day-to-day maintenance requirements.

Innovative Boom composition delivers exceptional performance utilizing UV resistant polyester netting and high tensile strength rope to help eliminate boom roll.

Pillows and Socks are extremely effective for water or land applications. Non-absorbing water Pillows float on water and our Socks are capable of rapid absorption while exhibiting superior strength.

55 Gallon Sorbent Drum covers are designed to catch drips and spills that can occur when dispensing various types of hydrocarbon material.

Hazmat Mats and Rolls are used to absorb very aggressive fluids such as acids and caustic fluids in addition to non-aggressive fluids. They are yellow in color to denote Hazmat or caution.

Sorbent Rail Mats are custom designed and are used to effectively manage drips and leaks in train maintenance areas.

Assorted Spill Kits DRUMS | CARTS | TRAILERS SpillCon’ Oil Spill Carts include a variety of sorbents to handle oil spills and other petroleum-based fluids while repelling water—an all inclusive solution for quick response! Wheeled containers move quickly to a spill site and fit easily through doorways and aisles. Our Oil Spill Carts can also be moved with a forklift and are lockable to protect contents.

Loose Granulars Granular Clay absorbents are available in the traditional coarse formula and the finer QuickSorb™ grind. Both are produced from the same high-quality absorbent minerals and are effective on oils, coolants, grease, water, and other liquid spills.

Solidifier Oil Solidifiers are composed of dry, high molecular weight poly-mers that have a porous matrix and large leophilic (strong affinity for oil rather than water) surface area. Once in contact with oil, the oil solidifies to form a physical bond with the oil.

Microbes Isolite™ is a unique porous ceramic pellet used as a biocarrier for microbes. It serves to remediate contaminated soil/groundwater when injected into man-made subsurface fractures.

Secondary Containment

Spill Pallet containment for IBCs and Drums are economical and portable. A low profile allows safe and convenient tank handling and dispensing.

SpillCon’s Hard Top Hazardous Drum Containment Units have a 75 gallon capacity and drain. Polyethylene Loading Ramp is also available.

Containment Berms stop spills

Snap-up support provides a sturdy

at the source. Collapsible wall model containment berm features rugged PVC sidewall assemblies for sidewall support.

side wall for excellent spill containment. The interior design boasts 100% useable space and meets U.S. regulations for spill containment.

Portable Containment Pillow and Onion Tanks are heavy-duty military/industrial type flexible fabric tanks. Collapsible and portable, they meet U.S. Federal Containment Regulations and are designed to accommodate potable and non-potable water. Custom sizes and valve assemblies available.

Response & Deployment SpillCon’s Response & Deployment products are extremely compact and easy to deploy. Cutting-edge technology ensures rapid response and containment of oil spills.

Safety Products A comprehensive assemblage of safety products combined with SpillCon’s high-quality environmental control products has you covered.

Spill Detection - Marine & Land Operating 24/7, the SpillWatch system is used for the detection of petroleum products including; crude oil, diesel/fuel oil, motor oil, lube oil, gasoline, and food oils near the water’s surface. A real-time alert enables immediate countermeasures. By limiting damage to the environment and reducing costs for remediation and clean-up assures an immediate ROI. SpillCon’s Oil in Water Monitoring Buoy ensures real-time data collection when an environmental condition requires monitoring. The buoy is designed to alert users when increased hydrocarbon levels occur, or when changes in water quality develop. A single point mooring allows for easy deployment and recovery. Best-in-class Corers collect multiple samples of virtually undisturbed sediment, including the sediment/water interface and overlying supernatant water. An innovative hydrostatic damping system is at the heart of the system that slows the penetration rate down to approximately 1cm/s, eliminating the typical bow wave seen by other, less sophisticated corers. Detection






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